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did u hear about the malec spoilers ppl saying there is a fight?? what do u think

I DID the info is a little all over the place and i got a glimpse of what ppl were talking about. TBH i am pretty intrigued because if it’s taking place how I think and if the context that was provided for the line is true, then I can really see Magnus telling Alec to get out over the incident with the Shadowhunters being killed and the Downworlders being so angry because Alec doesn’t get it why this is happening – this oppressive conflict that’s been going on for centuries.

This is what I really, really hope is going to be addressed in 2B and while I don’t…quite trust that they’ll do it or do it well, based on this tidbit it looks promising? But it’s impossible to tell from such little information. Anyway, my ideal scenario is for them to show that while Alec and Magnus are in fact in a very loving relationship, there’s still a world of racial politics that divides them and a lot that Alec doesn’t get (understandable, considering the society he was raised in, but equally understandable for Magnus to get upset about it and/or call Alec out on it).

As someone in an interracial relationship, we really do navigate these conversations and situations as part of it. So I think it would be really important to see it played out thoughtfully on screen and to show that if you’re in a loving relationship with someone – esp someone who holds privilege over you – you have every right to call them out on their privilege and be heard. And if your partner is respectful and caring and genuinely loves you, they’ll listen and learn better.

When Arashi spins laughter... and actual spins (Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.03.2017)

└ The guests are ice-skaters and have Arashi take on the challenge of giving a ‘winning’ ending pose after taking spins in a chair.

First up…

Exuding stoicness as expected of our youngest.

And he pulls off a cool pose… albeit a little totteringly.

You didn’t only make US see stars then Jun-kun. (^_^)

Our next contestant tries to build up his inner reserves…

And his expression just speaks a thousand million words… (^_^)

Before he absolutely kills me with his ending pose!

And shipper in me tried to be more focused on Sho-kun… I tried really.

And although Masaki’s a literal blur, his hairstyle makes him look so kakkoi~~

And that ending Chinese gongfu-like pose! (^_^)

Then comes our cheater Neener.

… who while looking “nervous”, attempts to bribe / bully / kick the staff into spinning him at less than half the speed of the others. (HAHAHAHAHA~)

Though it hardly yields the desired outcome.

… as he totally feels the dizziness and nausea.

Last but DEFINITELY not the least… our sassy Riida with a helluva lot of SASS with a capital ‘S’!

You just KNOW he’s got something up his sleeve with THAT smirk on his lips…

Sasuga Onee Ohno-san~~

Did you ever really doubt the outcome?

And just a final shot of them all in their spin outfits.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.03.2017



Those Banquets seem fun once the music started :D

It must be so cool spending the night with all those amazing people!

jungkook in I NEED U mv…. poor bruised up baby ; v ;  [original tweet]

This boy is killing me today


There was once I was talking to Nino on the phone, and that kid suddenly said, “Riida, you’ve always been guiding us like this, truly, thank you… No matter what we say every day, in our hearts our Riida’s definitely the best! We won’t switch you with anyone! Are you listening? You’re not dozing off are you?” - Ohno Satoshi

Astro when you defend them when they were being criticized

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“Eunwoo is so damn talented, I don’t see you debuting so why are you on his case when he is doing so much better than you in everything??”

You would be holding poor Eunwoo  from the side and he would keep his head down, listening to everything you’re saying to defend him with and be super proud of you while you were at it, trying to hide his smile but also still recovering from the backlash poor babe.

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Psh excuse me holdup. I don’t know why you think you can criticize him when my man can dance better than you managing the decisions in your life so you better step off before i hip hop dance on your face.”

Rocky would be shocked but also super proud when watching you that once the bitter person leaves feeling embarrassed and sassed, he would immediately embrace you so hard.

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This kid wouldn’t even be hurt by criticism because he’s highkey sassy and fabulous because he knows he’s damn talented but when you unleash your sass on the bitter person, he will enjoy every bit of it and instigate even more until the person stutter between their words from you two ganging up on them.

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Sanha 15 but he ain’t gonna let nobody embarrass him in front of his gf, he would go the maximum sassy to set that person straight until they lose track of what they were going  to comeback at him, and he would would look at you with a thumbs up and be like ‘Nah babe it’s cool.” but inside he would be an embarrassed hot mess for having you to see him belittled.

You: Sanha are you ok?

Sanha: HAHAH BABE No Im good REALLY :D!!

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“You suck at dancing.”


Literally embarrass both you and him. But soon after he dances for real and shuts up the person real good. 

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JinJIn would just challenge the person the rap battle when they said he couldn’t rap. The other members would be cheering him on and he would diss the other person and thier family and life choice and all that they love so hard, everyone including him would later feel bad for the opponent. 

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“Did I go to far??”

Sanha: (laughs) uhhh….alittle. Savage Hyung


“No! No, we can’t do without you!”



Shingure is life

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I just saw your pic girl and omg you look ecstatic!! BTS is my fave group and you having the ability to be so close with em must have been awesome! what was being around namjoon, hoseok, and jimin like? they're my faves in the group so I'm super curious to see hear how they were like with you ^^

argghhh i am so sorry for the late reply! ive been very busy! haha i feel so bad :( ahh thats so cool! bts is also my fave group! it was mind blowingly awesome! i cant believe there real people!

namjoon oh my god hes my ultimate so being able to talk to him was unreal ! hes a very good listener! he always looked me in the eyes when i talked to him! he was so focused! hes so genuine and really cares about his fans! i talked to him the longest out of bangtan! he couldve been resting or doing something else! but he took the time to talk to me! maybe because he could tell i was a huge fan of him! hes also a very funny and carefree guy! he likes to make people laugh! when he was filming for the mv he put on some green glasses and started doing flailing his arms doing a wierd dance! hes a blast man. he doesnt care what others think! i remember i tought him how to do the bro handshake that all the guys do in la ( you know what im talking about lol) he was so excited to learn it haha . were both like “wassup”! haha hes really open to learn new things! he’s a cool laid back guy! even nate said so himself when i talked to him! he said namjoon was the coolest haha. he was so thankful i was a fan haha! he was surprised when is showed him my album for him to sign! he was like “wow thank you so much” i was so happy , he was also very curious! asking me things like “how did u find out about bts?” ” how do you know kpop” haha it was amazing overall hes a very sweet fun guy! he’s everything i wanted him to be and more! he makes so happy i wish i could be with him every single day! so overall he’s very chill when he wants to be , but he has a goofy side wich i love ( oh and btw he says ” OH REALLY” alot lol i noticed that when talking to him! hehe ) btw hes really fucking tall and his body is like sex on a stick OH LAWDDD :p

jimin is a cutie! hes very cute and dorky ! even thought he doesnt look like it he definetly is! i didnt get to say much to him because his english isnt very good :( but he tries his best! :) his engrish very cute! he seemed sorta shy around me ! but he was very nice! i think us fans have alot more to learn about jimin! :) overall i would say he was very sweet and tried his best to talk in english! and when i spoke korean phrases to him he was surprised! haha they all were! to me he likes to listen! he likes his hyungs alot! he shows alot of affection its sweet , tbh hes way more obedient than kookie faaar more actually haha  so overall he was very cute and sweet , but shy ! kookie was in his own little world sometimes hehe actually when they had a break to stop filming , ther was a floatie in pool and kookie got on it and layed out in the pool on it FULLY CLOTHED MAY I REMIND YOU and he just layed there , he couldve fell in fully clothed but he didnt really care lol everyone was laughing the staff tried to help him out of the pool haha hes so silly! he almost fell

hoseok oh my god this kid , hes actually really good at english! woah man! he’s seemed really excited to talk to me in english! he was surprised i knew about kpop! i complemented him on their performance of tvxq’s something! he was very happy i watched! he said ” oh wow thats cool! very hard dance dance is hard” HAHAHA HIS ENGRISH IS THE BEST OMFG he really seems like how he is on tv very goofy and upbeat! he was so cheery the whole time i talked to him! hes definetly not a shy guy! he likes to talk alot! haha hes goofy and thats what i love about him hes so positive all the time! i remeber when i talke to him i said ” jhope! your my hope! ” and he pointed at me and said ” OH YEAH HOPE I AM HOPE ” hehee his eyE SMILE IS LIFE OMFG. i told him my favorite song from the album was just one day! and he was like “oh haruma! oh yes!” then we both started singing it! haaha he laughed after words ! talking to jhope was so much fun! he really a great person to talk to! i would say hes the happy virus of the group! he really likes to make people laugh and feel good! he’s such an amazing guy! so overally talking to jhope was the most fun! i ( their all fun and amazing tho dont get me wrong) so overall he was very talkative and funny !

thanks you so much for asking this question! feel free to ask anymore if you would like! thanks so much! <3333 sorry again for the late reply!