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U seem to have the ins on the DEH fandom and I'm bedridden so. Do u have any long DEH fic recs?

I have a few that I enjoy reading that are pretty long. But please, please for the love of god be sure to read their tags just in case there might be something that may trigger you. This is very important dear lime.

1. “You know they’re gonna think you’re lovers right?”
A amazing DEH fic that always leaves me in suspense and wanting more every time a new chapter comes out. I think its actually one of few fics that made me cry?? Very good read. ‘Not Yet Finished’

2. “Eulogy”
I have yet to actually catch up on this one, but its a really good one from what I recall. I need to look more into it, but I love it aaaa. ‘Not Yet Finished’

3. “Words Fail”
Another fic I have yet to catch up on but the writer is amazing and the fic is just as good and man oh man someone help Evan and Connor please these poor boys. ‘Not Yet Finished’

4. “The trees that surround Hughes boarding school”
It has its good humor, its angst, and the characters are super well written. Just as they are in the first fic suggested, and pretty much every other fic. Please sit and read. Just trust me, you’ll enjoy this one a lot. ‘Not Yet Finished’

5. “The Desperate Type”
I’m going to be totally honest with you and say this fic was so hard for me to read. Not because its badly written, because its so well written and gets so deep into pain and is so good at explaining things and the entire concept of the idea is just so…so dark?Another fic that got me to cry, but its good, I love it. ‘Is Finished’

6. “Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a oneshot and heres why”
A series of really nicely written oneshots. There isn’t a lot of them but so far I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them. 

7. “If you were found”
One of the first DEH fics I read. I like the idea of it, its a good concept like many of the others. ‘Not Yet Finished’

8. “Could you maybe calm down?”
I just really love this fic and I’m not sure how to explain why? We’re kinda getting into the fics that haven’t been updated in awhile. But its still a nice read. ‘Not Yet Finished’

9. “Dear Evan Hansen Drabbels”
Little shorts written by @neglectedrainbow who by the way also wrote the first fic. A good writer I really look up to them. Good little shorts.

10. “The Tree ‘Accident’”
My own DEH fic. Its a very short fic, each chapter is short. Second DEH fic I had ever written so its really not even the best fic ever. But I think its still a good read if you want something small.

And there you go, ten good fics to get into or just to read in one day while sic. Hope this helped dear lime.

ok so I promised viktuuri baby headcanons and I’m here to deliver

this is pretty much a thread on twitter, but I’ll consolidate it here for convenience:

  • I hope Viktor and Yuuri become really embarrassing co-coach dads to their adopted daughter one day.
  • They’d probably name her Lyuba, because she’s the embodiment of their life and LOVE. Plus Lyuba Katsuki sounds really cute.
  • Viktor is a fan of L words after all, so I’m like 99.9% sure he’d give his kid a name beginning with L.
  • Nicknames: Lyubochka, Lyubov (thanks @3ubra).
  • I feel like she’d somehow have Viktor’s exact personality and heart-shaped smile despite being completely adopted.
  • Physically, she looks like Yuuri’s mom (which is part of the reason why they adopted her).
  • ((but her hair ends up wavy as she gets older, she has multiple beauty marks scattered on her face, and a tooth gap. She’s an absolute charmer))
  • Anyway she’s a horrible, spoiled heathen that makes Yuuri go prematurely gray because he is definitely the overprotective hover dad.
  • Meanwhile, Viktor is the free spirit papa that interprets her brattiness and tantrums as “self expression” and spoils her ten ways to Sunday.
  • ((they both spoil her though, let’s be real. Yuuri just tries to be subtle about it))
  • (((he isn’t)))
  • Obviously when she’s a kid, she clings to Viktor and favors him while saying awful things like “I don’t like daddy, he’s sooo boring.”
  • Yuuri’s heart breaks a lot but Viktor is there to pick up the pieces and Lyuba has him wrapped around her finger so he doesn’t mind being walked all over… :,)
  • ((tbh the only reason she’s so callous is because kids are kinda cruel until they learn other people have feelings too))
  • Because she’s a lot like Viktor, she also picks up on Yuuri’s moods really easily (which is why she’s so good at manipulating him into getting what she wants)
  • But my point is, when Yuuri has bad days and Viktor isn’t there and even Makkachin can’t help, Lyuba kinda just crawls into his lap and cheers him up…
  • She’ll push a picture she drew of their whole family into Yuuri’s face or yank at his face and ears until Yuuri gets out of his head and looks at her, and she just grins this huge ol’ smile that reminds Yuuri of Viktor so bad his heart melts and he can’t help but return it…
  • Then when Lyuba knows Yuuri is giving her his undivided attention, she babbles stories to take his mind off the bad thoughts……. :,,,,)
  • Later when Viktor comes home, he finds Yuuri asleep on the couch with Lyuba sprawled on his chest and Makkachin curled over Yuuri’s feet.
  • (Also Lyuba definitely has a Swar*vski crystal tiara tangled in her hair because you know she would)
  • This is Viktor’s phone lock screen if this wasn’t already obvious.
  • Lyuba goes on to skate and be a world champion and makes her dads proud, both as coaches and as parents
  • (Yuri is probably her ballet instructor)
  • Speaking of Yuri, he babysits occasionally when he’s not busy and is a terrible terrible influence, teaches her how to prank her fathers and push the other kids into the sand lol.
  • Yuri is the favorite uncle. Yuuri thinks it’s cute up until he realizes how bad of an influence Yuri is.
  • Viktor is like “but Yuuri they’re getting along so well!” And Yuuri is like “This is not the kind of getting along I wanted!!”
  • Yuuri has a three page list in small font of recommended activities for them to do while he and Viktor go out. Yuri chucks it in the trash.
  • Mila babysits too, and she’s the only one Yuuri knows he can actually trust with his child (hell if he could raise Lyuba with Mila, he would).
  • Georgi tried to babysit once, but Lyuba bullied him about his hair so much, the he cancelled early an went home crying.
  • Yakov and Lilia are the only two “babysitters” that are stern with her, and Lyuba actually behaves herself around them.
  • Yakov is also convinced that Lyuba is Viktor’s secret love child because she is far too much like him to be just adopted.
  • He tells all his conspiracy theories to Lilia, who finds holes in all of them.
  • Yuuri’s parents adore her to pieces: they insist they bring her to Japan for the coming of age ceremonies, and dress her up for every holiday.
  • Mari looks after her if everyone else is busy, and Lyuba really likes her aunt Mari’s piercings.
  • Minako wants to immediately raise her into the next skating prodigy, which Yuuri protests.
  • Chris and Phichit mail her extravagant gifts all the time.
  • In general, Lyuba grows up pretty well known in the entire worldwide skating community as the child of two of the greatest male figure skaters in history.
  • Of course when she’s older, Lyuba’s affection is a lot more even, she loves both her fathers equally and if she approaches one individually, it’s just because he handles the problem better than the other one would.
  • She’s actually really embarrassed by how bratty she was as a kid. Yuuri and/or Viktor often recount stories while she screeches at them to stop.
  • Even Yuri tries to embarrass her sometimes. “You may be a world gold medal champion, but I changed your diapers.”
  •  Yuri, tossing back a flask: “I let you vomit on me so your dads could go on a date and get some action at a hotel, as if they were still in their honeymoon period.”
  • Lyuba, covering her face: “Oh my god please stop.”
  • She apologizes to Yuuri for being such a jerk as a kid and Yuuri is like, “I married your papa, I signed up for this.”
  • Viktor: oh Lyubochka don’t worry, your daddy likes being bullied and bossed around ;)
  • Lyuba: I want to die immediately
  • Yuuri: *already ascending*
  • He’d be the horrible parent that drops hints about his sex like with his husband now that their kid is an adult 
  • Though let’s be real; why wait until she’s an adult? Viktor is shameless and Yuuri is constantly covering their Lyuba’s ears.
  • "Yuuri, our daughter is one and a half, she has the memory of an earth worm. We can have sex while she naps as long as we don’t wake her up.”
  • Poor Yuuri, between Viktor being himself and their daughter’s rebellious years he has so many gray hairs.
  • Yuri comes over like "oh my god I thought Asian people aged well.”
  • What Yuuri wants to say: “I’m kinda trying to raise the literal spawn of Satan, with the Devil himself”
  • What he does say: “not when they’re married to Viktor Nikiforov they don’t!!”
  • Viktor just kind of shrugs and tries to look innocent while cradling Lyuba.
  • It was in that moment that Yuri decided he would never ever get married.
  • He tells this to Mila, who’s engaged to Sara, at practice the next day and she laughs in his face and says “give it time.”

Anyway, that’s all I have so far, I’m probably going to eventually write a mini series about Viktor and Yuuri retiring and then adopting/raising Lyuba.

If Jamie and Claire (and Wee Ian) could text: Jamie throws out his back in Drums of Autumn and they get it on in the lean-to Edition because why not (BOOK SPOILERS)
  • Claire: Jamie you've been out in the snow for far too long
  • Claire: are you alright?
  • Claire: Jamie?
  • Claire: Jamie Brigitta Fraser respond to me right this minute
  • >>Wee Ian Murray was added to the chat<<
  • Claire: Ian have you heard from you uncle??
  • Claire: he went out hunting and he's not responding to my demeaning jibes
  • Ian: omg!
  • Ian: are ye sure he's not just sleeping on the hunt and ignoring the texts?
  • Claire: god I hope so but you give it a go
  • Ian: Hey, Uncle, I bedded five different Tuscarora lassies at once last night, and they had me Tuscaroarin'
  • Claire: ohgoodlordIan
  • {{{crickets}}}
  • Ian: oh aye he's definitely not seeing these texts
  • Ian: I'm a half day away but I'll head your way now
  • Claire: I'm heading out into the snow to find him
  • Ian: be safe auntie
  • Ian: dress warmly
  • {{{two hours}}}
  • Claire: Jamie I found your trail but it went cold
  • Claire: PLEASE text me
  • Ian: borrowed a horse, will be there asap
  • Claire: of Course Jamie picks a bloody blizzard to disappear in
  • {{{one hour}}}
  • Claire: I will never forgive you if you got eaten by a wildcat or
  • Jamie: I'm alive
  • Claire: OH THANK GOD
  • Ian: WHEW
  • Ian: what happened??
  • Claire: WHERE ARE YOU??
  • Jamie: Threw out my back
  • Jamie: cannnamove
  • Claire: WHERE??
  • Jamie: those your thundering footsteps I hear
  • Tramping about?
  • Jamie: go down the hill and
  • To the left, my sun and stars
  • Jamie: halpthishurtssobad
  • {{{twenty minutes}}}
  • Claire: found him Ian
  • Claire: made a quick lean to
  • Claire: we're going to wait out the storm a bit
  • >>pings location on google maps <<
  • Claire: come find us and bring the horse as soon as you can
  • Ian: okay still three hours out
  • Ian: two hours out
  • Ian: one hour out
  • Ian: 30 mins
  • Ian: you guys okay?
  • Ian: why aren't you responding ?
  • Ian: okay I think I'm here
  • Ian: oh yeah I see the lean to at the bottom of this cliff
  • Ian: wait are you...
  • Ian: 😱
  • Ian: 😏 oh y'all NASTY
  • Ian: but also adorable
  • Ian: ❄️🎶baby it's collddddddd outttttsiiiiiiiiide🎶❄️
  • Ian: also not to be creepy but you guys have some moves
  • Ian: jaysus
  • Ian: I'm averting my eyes I swear
  • Ian: buuuuuuut first imma help set this #Mood a little better
  • >>incoming files:
  • Like_a_virgin.mp3
  • Missy_elliot_work it.mp3
  • boyz2men_ill_make_love_to_you.mp3
  • Ian: okay I've given you quite a range there
  • Ian: maybe run through all three and see how it goes
  • Ian: you guys do your thang
  • Ian: I'll just
  • Ian: oh wait
  • Ian: sounds like you're finishing up now
  • Ian: you didna get to use the playlist 😔
  • Ian: save for next time aye?
  • Ian: okay I'm guessing you'll be checking your phones in 3...2..:
  • Ian: well yeah that's the whole point!!
  • Ian: was just tryna be supportive!
  • Jamie: oh and that five lassies joke wasna AT ALL funny
  • Ian: oh aye. DEFINITELY was A joke.
  • Ian: ha
  • Jamie: Christyourmotherwilleviscerateme
  • Ian: so are we all finished or should I go take a lap?
  • Ian: dinna want the playlist to go to waste
A Cake Rant about “Sequel Fatigue”

Alright you movie critics/journalists, studio heads, and everyone else who has jumped on the “audiences are getting tired of sequels/superhero movies/science fiction/R rated comedies/edgy indies” bandwagon. I’ve got a thing or two I want to get off my very ample chest. 


Let me repeat for the old white men who are hard of hearing in their top floor offices. 


Yeah, Transformers: Last Knight didn’t do well. Yeah, nobody bothered to go see The Mummy with Tom Cruise. And, yeah, Valerian and a Thousand Cities (or whatever it was called) didn’t do well at the box office. I know you want to gaze introspectively at your navel to figure out why American tushies didn’t plop down in seats to see these films. I can help you with that. 

The problem isn’t that we don’t want to see another version of the mummy or more transformers or another DC or Marvel movie. 


One more time for the cheap seats. 


Here’s how you can fix this. Choose two at random. That ought to be enough. 

  1. Figure out the difference between a one trick pony director who can make a blockbuster once but who will just keep repeating himself over and over again with increasing price tags. 
  2. For God’s sake, find some new people to direct every now and then; don’t turn over whole franchises to someone because they made one good flick and then give them carte blanche to do the SAME THING again and again. 
  3. Find a writer with a vision and go with them. Stop the seventeen writers who keep changing the story because things aren’t working the way some white guys in a board room want to see bullshit 
  4. Give us an understandable plot that sort of makes sense. The suspension of disbelief only goes so far. 
  5. If the audience falls in love with a character, they’ll stick with you. Stop with all the postmodern, dark and angsty characterization for EVERY FREAKIN’ ONE OF THEM. Remember the importance of the plucky sidekick.
  6. If you have three villians, you’ve DONE AND FUCKED IT UP.
  8. Don’t advertise a great looking movie with famous actors who are hot as hell and then NOT SHOW IT ANYWHERE BUT THREE CITIES ON THE COASTS. (I’m looking at you Wind River).
  9. Don’t cast parts based upon who’s the up-and-coming star or “it” girl. Everyone doesn’t have to be young and super skinny with six pack abs. Your audience has moved beyond that (see, Barb, Stranger Things).
  10. Wonder why Wonder Woman did so well?  *cough* woman director, female gaze, Amazons, Chris Pine playing second to Gal Gadot*cough*
  11. Wonder why people are batshit crazy over Black Panther already? *cough*drop dead gorgeous black cast and black director*cough*
  12. If the movie pitch begins with “It’s a reimagining of (fill in the blank of an 80s or 90s TV show or movie)”, run the opposite direction. Unless it’s a revisioning through diverse eyes (director, writer, etc), then you can go ahead. 
  13. JESUS CHRIST STOP WITH THE FORCED HETEROSEXUAL ROMANCE ALREADY!!!  Repeat after me: boys and girls can be just friends. Some boys like boys and girls like girls. Some like both and some like neither. 
  15. For Christ’s sake, there are a lot more of us who want to see ALL kinds of sexuality portrayed than there are people who get their panties in a twist if two guys so much as glance at each other. Besides, if you piss off the Westboro Baptist Church enough to get them to picket your movie, there are a shit ton of us who’ll go see it JUST TO PISS THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS OFF!



Thank you for your cooperation. 


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should i fight this guitarist?

angus young

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 20%
  • i assume you will immediately be tempted to fight angus, because well, there’s just something about the overall aesthetic of ac/dc that makes you go ‘let me fight all of them’. but don’t fight angus young man. have you seen that dude on stage? at the very least you’ll tire before he does, and then he can take you down. don’t do it dude.

bb king

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 74%
  • like idk, you could probably take him. but the mere concept of hurting bb king would be like trying to fight the mona lisa, or the entirety of the smithsonian. bb king is a precious national treasure and even if you did win, you’d still lose.

bruce springsteen

  • should i fight?: maybe
  • chance of winning: -2%
  • did you wake up today and go, “i wanna make the biggest mistake of my life”? if you did, i highly suggest fighting bruce springsteen. if you didn’t, then maybe leave the boss alone. like honestly, if the aura of new jersey that radiates off of him wasn’t enough to stop you, have you seen that man’s arms? plus honestly the entire state of new jersey might also fight you, and that’s not a fight uou want. leave springsteen alone.

carlos santana

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 15%
  • you choose to fight santana, you learn immediately that this is a mistake. why? because he lulls you to sleep with a beautiful melody and then leaves you stranded in the middle of the desert, which– somehow– fits perfectly with the song he played to get you there. you want to be angry but it was to beautiful for you to be. you respect him.

david gilmour

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 88%
  • david gilmour stands no chance against you. honestly, he doesn’t. like, if he and roger could get along for a few minutes and tag team against you, maybe he’d have a shot because roger screams in your ear for ten minutes straight and stuns you. but as it were, gilmour is by himself, and fighting him is similar to fighting a magical sprite. you knock him out in the first round.

eddie van halen

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 95%
  • eddie tries to use his fantastic guitar skills to win, but they only go so far. you let him finish eruption because you would never dare interrupt, and then you punch him in the stomach and he goes down. a win-win really.

eric clapton

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 65%
  • if you challenge clapton to a battle of fisticuffs then you are absolutely going to win. however keep a guitar out of his reach at all times. go somewhere without guitars, like waffle house or hell, and make sure he does not have a tiny guitar in any of his pockets. the minute he pulls out layla as his finisher you’re fucking screwed.

frank zappa

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 7%
  • i’m not going to tell you not to fight frank zappa because eventually if you listen to him long enough, you’ll hit your breaking point, get a time machine, and just go back and challenge him. however he never even breaks a sweat because he just confuses the literal shit out of you, and you end up crying.

george harrison

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 102%
  • go back to 1967 and fight sgt. pepper-circa harrison. you’re gonna win. in fact, fight all the beatles. fucking all of them. kick their asses. you’ll feel better and so will we.

jimi hendrix

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 10%
  • you can use your time machine for this too if you’re game. but this man lit his guitar on fire. do you understand? he lit it on fire. jimi hendrix has no time for your nonsense and will destroy you and look stunning doing it.

jimmy page

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 35%
  • much like clapton, get page somewhere where he will not be able to access a guitar, because you’re likelihood of winning will go down 94%. also make sure he is not tag teaming with robert plant who, like waters, will scream in your ear for five minutes straight and stun you. lure page into a trap where you have the advantage and pounce.

keith richards

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 55%
  • you better fucking fight keith richards. if you’re reluctant, watch his interviews until you’re pumped up enough to do it. there’s a pretty even chance you a.) destroy him easily or b.) he is an immortal ethereal being that does not abide by the laws of man and he vaporizes you. what happens? we’ll see.

lindsey buckingham

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 2%-83%
  • yes. fight lindsey buckingham. in fact, he’ll probably start the fight and save you some effort. however, your likelihood of success depends on just what era of buckingham you are fighting here. 2015 buckingham? shouldn’t be a problem. solo buckingham? kick his ass. tusk tour buckingham? ehhhhh. rumours buckingham? you’re gonna die bruh. don’t fight rumours buckingham.


  • should i fight?: absolutely
  • chance of winning: 99%
  • fucking yes. fight slash. kick his ass. literally destroy him for all of us. do this service to your family and your country and to the world and kick slash’s ass to mars.

chestnut-podfic  asked:

🔥 Elven hair physics?

wow I’m not sure I’ve had enough gin for this but ok:

1) Elves have super long hair, like, Luthien has enough hair to make a cloak out of it and wind it into a rope to climb down Hirilorn with? that is a lot of hair.

2) long hair is, on its own, very annoying and gets in the way a lot. so clearly Elves have something else going on that ameliorates the desire to just go for it with the scissors.

3) Elves have much more control over their bodies than humans. their command over their physical forms is at “all times greater than it has ever been among men” and “far excelled the spirits of Men in power over [their bodies]” (Of Death and the Severance of Fea and Hroa, LACE).

4) therefore, it’s prehensile. obviously.

The Queen of I-75

(OR: This Never Would Have Happened at Dairy Queen)

—So uh, there is historical precedent that says the easiest way to get me to write something for you is to shower me with compliments and then drop a prompt on me while batting your eyelashes, so… this is @queensandkingsofattolia‘s fault (with a bit of @wolf-thecontradictorysentence as well). based on/inspired by this post

I wrote almost 2000 words in a little under 5 hours while working my customer service job, so here, enjoy this customer service AU in which no customers are served.

Irene has been the manager of the McDonald’s on the I-75 exit since she was 17 years old, and if Nahuseresh thinks he’s going to take over this restaurant like he did the Long John Silver’s across the way, he’s got another thing coming.

She stares into Kamet’s longsuffering face and says, “Does he think I like you better or something? I’m still not signing anything for him.”

Kamet doesn’t look like he thinks anyone likes him at all, much less that they could like him more than his charming, handsome boss. “He just wanted me to deliver a message,” he says tiredly. Kamet doesn’t get paid enough for this. Kamet doesn’t get paid enough for the job he was actually hired to do, which was frying hushpuppies. Playing messenger in Nahuseresh’s game of fast food corporate intrigue was never in the paperwork.

“Speak,” Irene commands.

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The Bubbline guide

UPDATE: Time Sandwhich has been added to the list, as suggested by yellowdartvoice

So all this hype made you want to watch Adventure Time, but just for the cute couple gal pals? (Or you just want to watch the show itself, in which case another guide is coming soon.) Yet you’re intimidated by the 226 episodes that have aired so far? Fear not, here’s your guide to Bubbline that includes their shared episodes as well as those that help you understand them as individual characters. I know you could just go to wikia and see what episode features both Marceline (the punk-rock vampire one) and Princess Bubblegum (the scientific pink one), but come on, you want to understand their story, don’t you? Which is why I made this guide (and it’s not procrastinating, not at all).

The episodes themselves are gonna be under the cut because, well, out of 226 I listed 71 of them. I know, I know, I was supposed to narrow it down, but most of these are optional ones that only feature one or neither of them. If you watch all of these 71 episodes then cool, you have a general understanding of Adventure Time’s most important plot points and know pretty much everything there is to know about Marceline and Bubblegum. If you don’t want to and are only here for the real action, you can find the ones to watch on this list.

Overall, there are 13 core episodes (including all of Stakes), 21 recommended and 37 optional ones (tho some are more important than others). Watching just the core episodes is not that recommended, since you will be confused during later episodes and I don’t think one can appreciate, say, Varmints, as much, but hey, you can of course just watch these.

These 13 episodes are:

  • s2ep20: Go With Me
  • s3ep10: What Was Missing
  • s5ep29: Sky Witch
  • s7ep2: Varmints
  • s7ep6-13: all 8 episodes of Stakes (srsly, watch them all)
  • s7ep27: Broke His Crown

Okay, so Go With Me is more like a prologue for Bubbline and Stakes centers around Marceline, but I’m not willing to cut these out of the core. Now, if you’re also interested in their individual character development, I have more episodes for you, some highly recommended, some entirely optional. I really do hope that even without most of the optional ones you’ll get the overall picture of this show, these characters and their relationship. The 71 episodes are the following:

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm so glad you're doing this blog : it's amazing! And I d like to thank you ! Today I have a request : I can't find a coming back or coming home tag ? I recently read a sweet home Alabama AU and it was really great . Could you help me with this ? I'm not a master on AO3 ... thanks again and have a good day xxx! Igrin

well with the leaving beacon hills tags | stiles | derek | the majority of the time, they do come back home so thats the tag you’d go through

When the Moon rises by lizc (11/? | 7,325 | R)

Stiles is a lonely highschool boy and Derek is an attractive English teacher with an appreciation of moles and whiskey eyes. When Stiles leaves abruptly during freshman year, Derek can’t help but wonder where the beautiful boy went. Three years later, a familiar face arrives back in Beacon Hills.


AU where Stiles is a lonely high schooler and leaves, comes back, and shocks everyone, including his then and now English teacher Derek Hale.

Where’s Stiles? by Bashfyl (1/1 | 4,212 | PG13)

Six years after leaving Derek returns to Beacon Hills to get his man. What he finds is not at all what he expects.

The Boy Who Ran With Wolves, Only To Be left Behind by Treybias (10/? | 9,864 | NC17)

This is the story of Stiles. Stiles who had put everything he had into the pack. Who had fought, bled, cried, and screamed for the pack. Stiles who when cast out of the pack, became hardened and cold. Stiles who left only to return far more powerful than anyone could believe.

Therapy for a Mending Heart by just_desserts (1/13 | 2,983 | NC17)

An urgent call and a message from his dad telling him to come home to Beacon Hills from USC causes Stiles to not hesitate packing his things, panic forming his every move as he makes his way back to his hometown. When he gets there, memories of his mother and her passing plague him and it doesn’t help when he feels like he has nothing to hold onto as reality parallels the past.
Maybe talking with strangers about his problems in group therapy wouldn’t be such a bad thing, Scott tells him. Especially when one of those strangers is a gorgeous, green-eyed man named Derek.

AU where there are no werewolves or any Supernatural, Stiles is in a dark place after his father passes away, and Derek is right there with him as the anniversary of the house fire taunts him.

anonymous asked:

I really love AU fics, so I want to know what are your favourites (chaptered). But like really AU changing a lot the story (like That's Not My Name, You Don't Even Know Me, Half Blade and Half Silk... you know what I mean?) And I'm sending you love and luck <3

Thanks love :’) I’m sending both right back! ♥

Listen, you are lucky you only asked for chaptered fics, because otherwise this would be like 10 times longer (not that it’s not long as it is lmao). Have fun!

P.S. Those 3 you named are some of my favorites too, but I feel like I still need to list them anyway, I’m sure someone else will appreciate it ;)


  • Half Blade and Half Silk by smokeshop ✓
    uni!au; Isak’s friends introduce him to an art student at a college party. He won’t stop calling Isak baby and Isak’s bad at pretending to hate it. College AU where Isak’s past is a little more colorful but Even still won’t leave him alone.

  • the city of illusions, the city of yearning by elisewin
    Summary: The whole point of going on a student exchange program is to meet people from different countries, learn about different cultures and so on. Isak, of course, falls in love with another Norwegian while in Rome. 

  • torches (life’s too short) by xxLeviBech
    Summary: “My mom used to tell me my thoughts would pour out of my ears if I kept thinking too hard.” Isak threw back another fry, keeping his gaze down. “That’s pretty fucked up, man.” Even deadpanned, making Isak snap his head up in a laugh .“Fuck you,” He giggled, tossing one of the soggier ones at Even and being decidedly unimpressed when he caught it in his mouth. Or, a canon divergence AU in which Isak’s childhood is exponentially more severe – where he can’t remember coming to school without bruises, a bottle of hand-sanitizer, and long sleeves. It’s fine, he’s fine. It wasn’t for his friends, though; and that’s how he wound up here, in a fold-up chair every Tuesday and Friday, talking about his experiences with other post-secondary kids diagnosed with some kind of PTSD. It’s also where meets a guy whose name starts with the same letters as everything, because that’s… exactly what he is.

  • with love, from anonymous by cosetties & iriswests ✓
    Summary: secret admirer!au; Isak just wants to get his coffee in peace, Even has a crush, and there’s a secret admirer on the loose.

  • in better light, everything changes by TimeInABottle ✓
    Summary: wrong number!au; “I just checked the revue website and blackmailing people for smoking weed wasn’t listed under the Kosegruppa description"… Isak accidentally texts a stranger (Even) while trying to text Sana.

  • i guess that’s destiny doing it right by allyasavedtheday ✓
    Summary: The alternate universe where Even originally went to Nissen and became friends with Isak and Jonas when they started first year but moved away after his episode at the start of second year only for Isak to never hear from him again. Fastforward to the summer before Isak starts college when he’s travelling around Spain and bumps into a certain someone in Barcelona.

  • I’m Not A Baby by cuteandtwisted ✓  
    Summary: childhood friends!au; “This is Even, my bro. The part about him being my personal servant is kind of true though.” “Your bro? Your bro?! What the fuck, Isak? We need to get rid of this whole masculinity thing they teach you at Nissen.” aka, Isak and Even are childhood friends.

  • love and condoms by kassie ✓  
    Summary: Isak was about turn on his heels and say “Fuck it” and go home, when a tall, slender-looking boy approached him from down the aisle. Shit. “Finding everything okay?” he asked once he reached Isak, his face entirely consumed by his smile. Judging from his choice of clothing, the boy definitely worked here. And, by the black letters scribbled on his name tag, the boy’s name was Even. Great.. Or: Isak owes Eskild a favor and Eskild sends him out to buy condoms where he runs into a tall boy who is a little too eager to help him.

  • super rich kids by koolranchkidz
    Summary: The van was parked on the side of the empty city street, next to an apartment building. The sun had begun to peek out from behind the horizon and the streetlight had been turned off for the past ten minutes. Even heard Jonas grunt, “Fucking finally! Jesus-” from the front seat. He turned to face the other car window and froze in his spot at the sight. He saw a boy coming down the apartment stairwell lugging an over-packed, black suitcase lazily behind him with one hand. In his other hand, the boy was holding a cup of KB coffee with drips of brown down the sides. He couldn’t make out the boy’s face from that far away, but going by his body language, Even could tell he was exhausted. Or: In which Jonas is rich as fuck and takes The Boysquad™ to the Bahamas after graduation, and many, many things happen.

  • I feel it when you look at me by photographer_of_thoughts ✓
    Summary: blind!Even; “Did you hear about the new guy?“ Jonas asked, motioning over to the other side of the cafeteria. Isak looked up and became rather breathless at the sight of the tall, blonde, and totally gorgeous boy wearing sunglasses. Wait. Sunglasses? Inside? “Must suck to be the new transfer and blind. I hope someone is helping him find all his classes.” Or, Isak and Even learn to see each other.

  • making new clichés by strangetowns
    Summary: childhood friends!au; They are young teenage boys who don’t have jobs, and thus don’t have money except for when they beg their parents for allowances. The stunning lack of creativity that goes into their activities just goes without saying. What doesn’t go without saying is this - Even doesn’t care that they don’t do anything exciting. They could be lying on their backs for hours watching the ceiling and he’d still rather be there than anywhere else in the world. As long as Isak is there, he will have a good time. This is a thing he knows to be true. - In this universe, Isak and Even are best friends. Some things are different; some things stay exactly the same.

  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue by BluebeardsWife
    Summary: fake dating!au; Even hires Isak to pretend to be his boyfriend at his ex’s wedding.

  • WAKE UP! by cuteandtwisted
    Summary: Even can’t stop having dreams about this strange boy. He’s never seen him before. But why does it feel like he’s the only person that ever mattered? Or: Even has no idea who Isak is but he still loves him aka EvenDreams!AU

  • don’t you keep it all to yourself by colazitron
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Isak starts buying daily coffees before school at Kaffebrenneriet around the corner because it tastes better than the coffee in the cafeteria and keeps his hands warm. But mostly because the barista is heart-stoppingly cute. Or: An AU in which Even didn’t need to repeat his last year and instead started working at the coffeeshop Isak passes on his way to school every morning.

  • i hate your face, it makes my heart skip a beat by Bellakitse
    Summary: HateToLove!au & tutoring!au; Isak is failing History and his friends have the great idea that their new friend Even should tutor him. It’s perfect except Isak doesn’t like Even or the way his stupid face makes his stomach flip.

  • Those, who could not hear the music. by UniversalParadox_13
    Summary: In this story, Isak and Even are ballet students and collide while preparing for a play they’ll be performing in. It’s odd and exhilarating, and does not make sense to their yearning bodies and vulnerable hearts, until it does. But Even is in a steady relationship and Isak has no place for love his life, so there is that.

  • The Comments Below by DickAnderton ✓
    Summary: youtubers!au; Isak is a notoriously lazy gamer living with lgbt icon Eskild. When they invite youtube sensation Even Bech Naesheim over for a collaboration, #Evak is born. But it is not only their viewers who are falling in love.

  • That’s Not My Name by cuteandtwisted ✓
    Summary: one-night stand!au; “Isak.” Even smiled, then licked his lips. “Wanna go back to my place?” - aka: Isak is an exchange student in new york city where he meets a very forward and bewitching Even.

  • I’m Not in Love by cuteandtwisted ✓
    Summary: uni!au; Isak was not in love. Nope. Not even close. Or: Even never transferred to Nissen in his third year, so they meet in college instead. Uni AU in which Isak doesn’t believe in love but Even Bech Næsheim won’t stop kissing him. 

  • Home Is Wherever I’m With You by cuteandtwisted  
    Summary: travel!au; “Hi. I’m Even and I don’t usually walk around in nothing but a towel.” “Uh, I’m Isak.” “Isak. Mind if I kidnap you for some fun sightseeing activities?” Or Isak and Even keep meeting in hostels all around the world and never exchanging contact information.

  • The Notion of Falling by smokeshop ✓
    Summary: HateToLove!au; Isak hates Even and Even hates Isak and Sana is the only one who knows why.

  • Things Look Different in the Morning by allyasavedtheday  
    Summary: roomates!au & uni!au; “So,” he says, drawing the word out. “I told Even he could stay here.”Isak blinks, convinced he’s misheard. “Eskild,” he says flatly. “We don’t have a spare room.” Eskild straightens his back, expression turning sheepish. “That’s the other part…I was thinking he could stay in your room?” * In which Even needs a place to stay, kollektivet gains a new roommate, and Isak just really wants to sleep.

  • Membership Dues by Sabeley
    Summary: fraternity!au; Isak is pledging Even’s fraternity. Even keeps having to be reminded that he’s not allowed to date the pledges. “It’s a ten-week pledge period. How hard could it be?” Famous last words.

  • Doctor Patient Confidentiality by skambition ✓  
    Summary: “Male, maybe late 20s, didn’t carry an ID. Was hit by a car. Broken ribs, lots of internal bleeding, his left hand needs some work, a lot of crushed bones. Punctured lung. His heart frequency shows irregularities, but we’re not sure why. Unconscious. The driver called, he’s in surgery, too.” “Okay, thanks”, Isak said, got his rubber gloves and went into the OR. He was good at fixing people. And he knew it.

  • take me to the stars by iriswests  
    Summary: HateToLove!au & friends with benefits!au; Isak thinks Even is pretentious and impractical. Even thinks Isak is arrogant and uptight. They’re not each other’s biggest fans, even if they do happen to have spectacular sex on a very, very drunken night. And Isak doesn’t mean to do it again, but he does, anyway, so now they’re establishing ground rules and deciding that maybe they can keep doing this, no strings attached, no commitments, no feelings, and, most importantly, no need to stop disliking each other.And then it’s not quite that simple anymore.

(✓ - completed fics)

Sam Has... What?

Happy belated birthday to @fanficsandfluff!! I hope you enjoy this and I’m sorry I got it up so late but it’s the thought that counts, right? So here it is, I really hope you like it, and again, happy birthday!


Cas stared wide-eyed at the hunter laying on his bed, absolutely speechless. He was in awe, and both Sam and Dean were completely unaware. Sam, because he was sleeping, and Dean, simply because he was human. But Cas? He couldn’t believe what he was looking at, let alone if it was even real.

Sam Winchester had angel wings.

Cas, still in complete shock, left the younger Winchester’s room and went into Dean’s. He shook Dean’s shoulder, earning himself a tired groan and a grumbled “Cas go away”. The angel only responded by shaking him harder. Dean sighed, sitting up.

“What, Cas? What is it?” Dean offered when he realized the angel was probably not going to leave until he acknowledged him.

“It’s Sam… He’s… He has wings, Dean, angel wings.” The younger man’s eyes widened, having never been more confused or scared in his life.

“What? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I was staring at them for almost a full hour. They’re there. And if they’re anything like angel wings, you can’t see them unless he wants you to see them. I can see them, because I’m an angel, but I don’t know if he’s even capable of letting you see them.”


“I’m not sure. He must’ve been cursed on the hunt yesterday. That’s the only logical explanation I can think of.”

“Okay um… I’ll check the library, see if I can find anything to reverse the… Spell, or whatever the hell this is. You stay with Sam and make sure he’s okay. Got it?” Dean planned, to which he received a nod from Castiel. “Good.” Dean got up, grabbing some clothes from his closet and a few other things before heading to the bathroom to get himself ready. Cas went into Sam’s room, seeing that he was starting to wake up.

“Logical explanation for what?” He heard Sam say, and while he was still incredibly sleepy, he overheard Cas and Dean’s conversation.

“Nothing, Sam, don’t worry about it yet. How are you feeling? Is everything okay?” Cas asked, trying and failing not to make his concern obvious.

“I’m… Fine, Cas, are you okay?” Sam asked, sitting up properly. The angel saw Sam’s wings flutter a bit as he got up and smiled, looking down at his own lap.

“Sam… There’s something you should know…” Sam was silent, giving Cas a confused look; he looked like a lost puppy and Cas almost didn’t want to tell him. “Sam, you have wings. Real, actual wings.” Sam’s eyes widened as he looked to either side of himself, seeing the dark feathers on his newfound appendages.

“What the— how the hell— Cas, what…” Sam looked at him with wide eyes, taking in small, shaky breaths.

“Sam, calm down, I don’t know how it happened. It must’ve been a spell or something, nothing we can’t solve. You’ll be okay, I promise.” Cas smiled, resting his hand on Sam’s forearm and gently rubbing his thumb against it to calm him. Sam let Cas continue, because, he won’t lie, it felt great, as he gently brought his knees up to his chest. They sat together in comfortable silence for a little bit before Sam pulled his arm back to wrap around his legs, and Cas broke the silence right after.

“Y'know,” Cas started. “You… Your wings are very beautiful, Sam.” Sam looked up at Cas with wide, confused eyes. He seemed so small in that moment, Cas couldn’t believe he was truthfully over thirty years old. He looked no bigger than a toddler, and Cas couldn’t help but smile at him. And to top it all off, he was blushing a little from the compliment.

“I don’t… What?”

“Your wings. They’re very pretty. They’re huge and unique, kind of like you in a sense. They’re a very nice looking color, close to black but not quite as dark. They were spread out beautifully while you were asleep, you must’ve been having a good dream, and, as a whole, you’re wings are incredibly gorgeous— Sam? What’s wrong?” Cas asked as he noticed that Sam’s wings had fallen noticeably and he was hugging his legs tighter, his face hidden in his knees. He was getting increasingly more red every second, and Cas thought it was adorable that he could get so embarrassed that easily. “I don’t understand, why are you so red?”

“It’s nothing, just… Stop complimenting me, Cas.”

“Sam, I still don’t see what the problem is. All I’m saying is that your wings are—”

“Don’t.” Sam interrupted, shyly curling up more; his wings actually started to wrap around him too. “I-I’m just… Not used to compliments, I’m sorry. It makes me a little uncomfortable.”

“Sam…” Cas muttered, resting his hand on Sam’s lower back and rubbing it softly, trying not to touch his wings. But, when he saw Sam smile and bite back laughter, he was smiling even wider.

“Cas– Cas stop. It’s, I-it feels weird.” Sam stuttered, sitting up straight and giggling a little.

“Sam, I don’t understand, what’s wrong?” Cas said smugly, even though he knew exactly what he was doing, but Sam didn’t have time to answer. He was letting out a steady stream of giggles as Cas gently raked his nails across Sam’s lower back. Cas soon ended up with his arm wrapped around Sam’s waist and lightly tracing shapes into his sides. Sam was giggling and pulling halfheartedly at Cas’s wrist, but Cas was effortlessly stronger than him, and could easily move Sam however he wanted with his grace, so he was trying not to struggle too much for both of those reasons. It was a little too early for him to get anything but light tickles.

“Cahaha- Cahahas hehey, stop— it tihihihickles!”

“You know, Sam,” Cas said, completely disregarding Sam’s statement as he moved closer to Sam and poked at his tummy, earning a few adorable squeaks. Sam pushed lightly at Cas’ hands, leaning further and further back to try to escape the tickly feeling until he ended up laying on his back. “It’s not that compliments make you uncomfortable—”

“Cahahas– drop it.”

“—it’s just that no one gives them to you.”

“Let it— just leave ihihit alohohone.”

“And I can change that.” Cas ceased his tickling for a minute so Sam could entirely hear what he was saying. “I’m making a resolution to give you compliments every day, from this moment on. And with that said,” Cas dig his fingers into Sam’s ribs, relishing in the loud squeak and the steady stream of giggles Sam produced.

“CAS! Dohohon’t!”

“Don’t?” Cas asked incredulously, head tilted to the side as he smiled. “Why not?”

“‘Cahause— behecahause— Cas!” The hunter’s laughter only grew higher pitched as Cas moved down to tickle his tummy.

“Yes, Sam?” Sam simply shook his head, too lost in embarrassment and laughter to answer properly.

“Juhuhust stohohohohop!” Sam tried to stop laughing long enough to give Cas his famous puppy dog eyes, but it proved pointless.

“Why?” He asked again, smiling at the man beneath him. “Too ticklish?”

“Shut up!” The hunter rushed before falling into more helpless laughter, blushing at the accusation. Sam’s one hand went down to gently hold onto Cas’ wrist, though he didn’t do anything past that, and his other hand went up to cover his face.

“You’re blushing.” The angel pointed out, giving Sam a short break by slowing his tickling to just gently ghosting his fingertips over Sam’s tummy, creating goosebumps over the toned skin. “It’s cute.”

“Cahas—” the hunter giggled, only blushing harder. His hand still held onto Castiel’s wrist, though he still didn’t try to stop the angel.

“Sam, I must say your laughter is very endearing.” Cas pointed out and the hunter smiled wider, shaking his head and covering his face even further.

“Cahas plehehease—” Sam managed through his laughter.

“I wonder if your wings are as sensitive as mine?” Cas thought out loud, smirking as Sam let out a steady stream of nervous giggles. Sam’s giggling grew louder as he watched the angel’s hands slowly descended down towards his wings, his fingers curved in a claw-like form.

“Cas, no, nononononono Cas, Cas don’t please—!” The rest of the hunter’s pleas were lost as Cas’s fingers collided with his wings, causing Sam to burst out laughing as his body instinctively tried curling up. His knees drummed against Cas’s back as he shook his head, his whole body eventually going limp as he decided to just take it and get it over with.

“Your dimples are very sweet, I’m glad I get to see them in this light.”

“Cahahahas!” Sam brought both hands up to cover his face now, still giggling helplessly, which Cas found absolutely adorable. Cas smirked and used his grace to keep the tickling at the wings before reaching behind him and squeezing Sam’s knees. The hunter let out a loud squeak and bucked his hips, sending the angel flying forward, and he landed mere inches from Sam’s face. He withdrew his grace and stopped tickling, deciding Sam actually needed to breathe sooner or later, as he pressed a gentle kiss to Sam’s forehead.

“How are you doing?” He said as he sat up again.

“Better–” Sam said, still giggling, as he removed his hands from his face. “Thanks, Cas.”

“You’re still blushing.” Cas said, making Sam groan as he rolled over as far as he could with Cas still straddling him to bury his face in the pillow. “No, Sam, it’s cute!”

“No!” Sam whined, giggling sweetly into the pillow.

“Sam.” The angel smiled, rubbing Sam’s arm to calm him down.

“You're… Not nice.” Sam said, voice muffled by the pillow, giggling more as he heard Cas laugh at the comment.

“I’m sorry, but it made you feel better about the wings, right?” Sam emerged from the pillow and crossed his arms over his chest, pouting a little.

“I guess… Yeah.” Sam couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

“And, hey, now I have a way to make you smile whenever I want.” The angel teased, smiling brightly as Sam let out a sound somewhere between a squeak and a sigh. “I’m just kidding, don’t worry.”

“Well… I have a question for you now.” The hunter asked, propping himself up on his elbows.


“When you were… Uh… Tickling the wings, you said you wonder if they’re ‘the same as yours’… Care to explain?”

“Uh… Well… I'm— I don't…” Cas stammered, slowly pushing himself off Sam. Unfortunately, Sam caught him, and leaned forward to wrap his arms around the angel’s waist before turning the tables, dropping Cas on the bed and quickly straddling his hips. “Sam—! Sam, I-I… What are you doing?”

“Testing my theory.”

The Entertainer (Min Yoongi)

“I just realized that asking you where you were headed probably wasn’t the best conversation starter, we’re on the same platform which had to have meant that we’d be taking the same train, therefore the same location. Even though I guess one of us could have been stopping along the way.” 


Word Count: 1.4k
Genre: Fluff

A/N: inspired by me waiting a long ass time for a train. I wrote like half of this on my hand in tiny writing that I can barley read now lol. Thank you, and enjoy my lovelies!

“No, no, no!” You sprinted through the train station, your bag pounding into the side of your thigh with every step you took on the tile floor.

Yes, you had stopped to get coffee and yes, the woman in front of you stood there for about three minutes after her credit card was denied which took a total of 17 minutes because the card was declined many times. But who wants to be a zombie when they get home and have to go to work? Certainly not you. Unfortunately, this set back was not accounted for, thus your current situation. Running through the station, coffee somehow not sloshing over the sides of the cardboard cup, small amounts escaping through the vent hole in the top of the plastic lid.

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So, it’s that time again!

I originally intended to wait longer with my next post like this, but then again I’d only have waited because I would want to avoid having to face my shyness by doing this here. So, instead of waiting, I decided to go ahead with this number.

I have reached another number, that will be mentioned once but only below the cut for those that don’t like people talking about their amount of followers.

This is incredibly hard for me, but I had big plans for my next post and I intend to stick to those plans. It will get very long below the cut, so be warned when you click.

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Please can I have #56 of the prompt list! (I think that's the one with "I'm late"! Would like it to be with Sheamus, something like female reader finds out she late for her period backstage at raw and she scared of telling Sheamus! But she tells Finn who ends up telling Sheamus 💕

You had been dating Sheamus for around 4 years now and as cheesy as it was to say, they were the best 4 years of your life so far. You were currently traveling with Sheamus as he wanted to see you a lot more, of course you took him up on the offer because who wouldn’t want to see all the beautiful parts of the country with their man?

RAW was currently in San José California for Payback, Sheamus and Cesaro would be fighting the Hardy Boys for the tag team titles. Sitting back stage Sheamus and Cesaro we chuckling about some joke but you were too caught up in your own thoughts to laugh along with them.

“You okay love?” Sheamus asks concerned noticing your spaced out mood.

“Yeah I’m fine…Just need a bit of fresh air I think.” Forcing a smile you get up and start heading out the arena, the truth was you didn’t know if you were fine. Since being on the road you and Sheamus had been a little more……  active shall we say and you were supposed to get your period 3 weeks ago, you kept hoping that maybe all the traveling had just messed up your cycle but when you started to feel a little nauseous one moring you feared your suspitions may have been right. You were too busy being in your own little world to notice Finn was walking directly towards you, that was until you collided with him.

“Woah sorry (Y/N). I didn’t see ya there.” Finn apologised helping to steady you.

“It’s fine.” You mutter still in a daze a little, not really looking at Finn as you spoke.

“Everythin’ alright?” Finn asked looking at you concerned.

“Yeah just a lot of things going on right now.” You sign finally looking at him. Finn had become one of your best friends since Sheamus introduced you to everyone at RAW so he could tell when something was up.

“It’s not Sheamus is it? I swear ta God if he’s hurt you or anything I’ll kill him.” Chuckling at Finn you shook your head.

“No he hasn’t done anything really.”

“Really? That sounds like you’re not to sure.” Finn raised one of his eyebrows at you. Sighing once more you look at the ground, shuffling your feet. “(Y/N), please talk to me.” Finn pleaded, gently grasping your arm. Looking up at him you could tell how worried he was, puling away you motioned for Finn to follow you to a private area backstage. Once you found a quiet corner you double checked that no one else was around before taking a deep breath.

“I’m late.” Looking up to meet Finn’s gaze he gave you a confused look.

“What do ya mean you’re late?”

“My period is late Finn.” You were trying to hint to Finn what you mean without actually telling him what you were thinking, almost as if saying it outloud would make it more real and scary. However Finn still looked at you confused, huffing at him you glared daggers into his eyes, now was not the time for you to be a goofball Finn.

“I think I might be pregnant Finn!” His eyes widened as you continued. “My period was supposed to be here 3 weeks ago and I started to feel sick the start of this week.” Pulling you into a hug Finn rubbed your back gently.

“Have you taken a test to be sure?” He mumbled pulling away slighty to look at you.

“I’ve bought one but not actually had the courage to take it yet.”

“Why not?”

“What if I take it and it is possitive? What if Sheamus doesn’t want to have a child yet and leaves?” Finn could hear the panic rising in your voice and pulls you into another hug.

“So I take it Sheamus doesn’t know then?” Shaking your head no against his chest you feel him sigh. “Look, I’m not one of Sheamus’ closest buddies but I do know how much he loves you and he would neva leave you alone to look after a baby. Besides you’re focusing on the what if he doesn’t want to have a baby. What if he does.” Pulling away from the hug you give Finn a smile, wiping away some tears that had gathered in your eyes quickly leaning up give Finn a frienly peck on the cheek.

“Thank you. I’m gonna go take the test. If you could not mention this to Sheamus untill I tell him that would be awesome.” Chuckling he gives you a sweet smile, comfortingly squeezing your arm.

“I wont. Good luck.” Heading off towards the bathroom you go to take the test.

Sheamus and Cesaro did amazing in their match, unfortunatly they didn’t win back the titles but they put up a good fight, even knocking out Jeff’s tooth in the process! Sheamus was walking around backstage trying to find you. Spotting Seth and Cesaro chatting he heads over to them.

“Hey you guy’s seen (Y/N)?” Cesaro shakes his head no.

“I haven’t but maybe you should ask Finn.” Seth smirks causing Sheamus and Cesaro to look at him confused. “I saw the 2 of them before the match. They were up some private hallway getting all cozy hugging and stuff.”

“What do you mean and stuff?” Sheamus pressed feeling his heart rate increase and anger boil up inside him.

“Well I couldn’t see exactly what happened but it looked like she kissed him and I heard Finn say something along the lines of ‘I take it Sheamus doesn’t know’.” Sheamus was nearing at his breaking point. How could you do that to him? Storming away he went to find you and Finn hopefully he’d get some answers from the 2 of you. Unfortnatly Finn was walking towards Sheamus at that moment. Seeing Finn Sheamus quickened his pace, grabbing the front of his shirt Sheamus shoved him against the nearest wall.

“Woah man what’s going on?” Finn asked panicing at why the hell Sheamus was doing this.

“I know about you and (Y/N)! Seth saw you two getting cozy down the hallway earlier!” Sheamus was fuming his breathing was heavy and face red.

“Woah what? We weren’t doing anything down a hallway! I know how ya feel about (Y/N) Why would I do something like that to you?!” Finn managed to get Sheamus to let go of him and was now stood trying to get some distance between him and Sheamus.

“Then why the fuck did Seth say he saw you hugging and kissing down a hall way earlier?!”

Realisation washed over Finn’s face as it clicked in his mind what Seth saw. “Oh that! That wasn’t what you think it was. (Y/N) was just upset about some things and didn’t know how to talk to you about it so I offered to be someone to vent to. Yes we hugged and yes she kissed me but only on the cheek to say thank you for listening.” Sheamus ran a hand over his head and breathed a sigh of relief.

“What the hell was it that she couldn’t talk to me though?” Sheamus looked up at Finn and he gave him a sympathetic smile.

“Okay just because you scared the shit out of me I’m gonna break my promise to (Y/N).” Finn paused and Sheamus motioned for him to go on. “(Y/N) thinks she might be pregnant.” Sheamus’ mouth dropped and his eyes went wide.

“She does?”

“Yeah. I think she uhhh went to take test earlier.” Finn nervously scratched the back of his head, feeling bad that he was the one telling Sheamus not you.

“I gotta go find her.” Sheamus sprinted off down one of the corridors and Finn let out a sigh of relief. Shemaus quickly turned round and headed back towards Finn. “Uhhh sorry about that……” Motioning to what just happpened between the 2 gentlemen Sheamus nervously smiled at Finn before walking off.

You were anxiously trying to find Sheamus, Finn was right, no matter what Sheamus would be there from you so you decided to tell him. Looking up smiling you see Sheamus practically running towards you. Once he reached you he pulled you tightly into his chest.

“You think you’re pegnant?!” Shemaus excitedly breathed into your hair.

“How do you know?” Pulling away from him slightly giving him a confused look.

“Finn may or may not have told me.”

“That little shit I’m gonna kill him.” You chuckled smiling at Sheamus.

“So are you?” Sheamus was practically jumping up and down on the spot with excitment.

“Yes. I’m pregnant.” You breathe out, Sheamus picks you up and spins you around chuckling.

“Thats awesome! We’re gonna be parents!” He leans down and captures your lips with his, both of you smiling into the kiss.

“I’m so glad your happy. I didn’t know if you wanted kids yet.” You blush, shuffling your feet.

“It’s a bit sudden but I think we can manage, plus I think we’d be awesome parents.” Smiling down at you he rests his forehead on yours. “Thats if you want to do this.” Nodding your head in respose you smile and pull him in for another kiss, excited to start your family with Sheamus.

Prompt from this list.


Q&A with Simon D
  • Simon and you have been together for nearly 5 years and Simon has decided to do a short Q&A video with you. Simon has already tweeted out to his fans about the questions.
  • Simon: Hey everyone. Today [Y/N] and I will be answering questions from our fans.
  • You: What's the first question?
  • Simon: Someone's excited for this.
  • You: I only agreed to this because you promise you will let me choose what we eat tonight.
  • Simon: Shh I don't want our fans to know I bribed you into this. Ok, first question is where did you two go on your first date? Do you remember, babe?
  • You: Of course. But you always telling this story so you do it.
  • Simon: I asked her to dinner at my favourite restaurant, but after dinner I found out she doesn't like the place. [Y/N] asked me what I had plan next, I told her I was planning to go to the movies. She disagreed and we went to a bowling place after.
  • You: Dinner and a movie is boring babe. Sorry. But you had fun at the bowling place right?
  • Simon: Yeah it was fun. Here, read the next question.
  • You: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • Simon: We actually met a club. It was an after party for some show. I was sitting in the VIP section and I saw her dancing from across the room. I thought wow that girl CANNOT dance.
  • You: Hey!
  • Simon: I'm just joking. But yeah, my first thought was wow she is so sexy so I got up and asked for her name.
  • You: Yeah, I remember seeing this guy who's wearing a grey GUCCI sweatshirt walking up to me and I thought, who in their right mind wears a sweatshirt to a club. Like it's so hot and stuffy in there. Then my second thought was he probably smells because I could see his sweat.
  • Simon: And do I smell?
  • You: Sometimes.
  • Simon: So [Y/N] what is the most romantic thing that I have done?
  • You: Hmm, for our one year anniversary we celebrated it at home. I had a long day at work and I told him I was fine with some take-out but this guy here surprised me. He made dinner, put rose petals on the bed and candles were everywhere.
  • Simon: I have many romantic things and you choose that one?
  • You: Yeah but I think that's the most romantic. Next question.
  • Simon: What are each other’s worst or annoying habits? [Y/N]'s most annoying habit is buying so many clothes and not wearing them. Some clothes in her closet still has tags on them. And when we go out she says she doesn't have anything to wear so I tell her to wear the clothes she bought a month ago. And when we are ready to go out, I would think she's wearing the new clothes but she wears her old clothes. Her clothes are taking up my side of the closet.
  • You: Whatever. You should buy another closet for yourself then. And don't forget you sometimes kick the blanket off the bed when we're sleeping. I'm always getting up and picking the blanket up. Learn how to keep the blanket ON the bed and I'll try to stop buying so much clothes.
  • Simon: Okay okay, I'll try. So the next question is what is your ideal date night?
  • You: I don't think we do a lot of date nights, right babe?
  • Simon: No, we don't. We prefer having lunch together.
  • You: Yeah, lunches, breakfast or brunches. We prefer spending the day together. But also, Simon sleeps super early. He gets into bed around 8:30pm. What old men do.
  • Simon: Hey! I'm not old.
  • You: Whatever you want to believe. Hmm the next question from this fan is a little out of the blue.
  • Simon: What is it?
  • You: Are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Simon: Weird fantasies or kinks? We don't have weird kinks.
  • You: Omg Simon. You just implied we have weird fantasies. I don't want to answer this one. I'm going to get a drink.
  • Simon: No, no sit down. You're staying right here babe.
  • You: I'm just going to cover my face then.
  • Simon: I won't go into too much detail or give our fans too much information. Actually I'll just say it in three words. Ready? Ok, toys and accessories.
  • You: Omg you did not just say accessories. What is that suppose to mean?
  • Simon: I told you, I'm not saying anything more. And baby, you should know what the accessories are..
  • You: Let's move on.
  • Simon: Okay last question, do you two have any funny, embarrassing sex stories? Wow our fans are something hey?
  • You: Haha yeah. I know one embarrassing story. Can I tell it?
  • Simon: Are you talking about the one with the phone call?
  • You: YES! Ok so we were at home and in the middle of 'it' , well actually we were both 'nearly there', when Simon's phone rings. The phone was on the bedside table and I asked Simon if he needed to get that. He shook his head and all that came out of his mouth was "Jay, Jay, Jay". Now imagine, you and your partner having the time of your life, you know, and your partner decides to call out his work mate's name when you're about close. It was so weird, yet extremely funny. Oh and if you didn't guess, the person who called him was Jay.
  • Simon: Please stop talking now and I'm surprised you could actually ask me a question when you're in the zone babe. Kudos.
  • You: I didn't say the exact words. I muttered, gosh. Anyway can I tell them what I told Jay the next day.
  • Simon: Aww, do you have too?
  • You: Yes. The fans deserves the whole story. So the next day, we saw Jay at the office and I blurted out what happened. I said to Jay, "my boyfriend busted a nut to you".
  • Simon: Okay okay. No more discussing this story and let's end this Q&A. You've gone too far babe.
  • You: Fine. And we're having ramen and dumplings tonight.
fic: hopeless hearts just passing through

pair: bakugou ღ uraraka
notes: a snapshot of an unexpected encounter. it’s early morning, and bakugou is surprisingly good company when the world is asleep.

Uraraka shivers. If she’d known the forecast called for possible snow she would have layered better, rather than sneaking out of the dorm clad only in flimsy tights and an old T-shirt with one too many holes in it. She hadn’t noticed in motion, but a nearby convenience store had given her pause and now the frosty wind makes her teeth chatter against their will. She decides to make a quick stop after all, only to make use of the heater that was surely blasting inside.

An uninterested employee grunts a greeting from the counter without glancing up from his magazine, and Uraraka tries not to look too guilty as she pretends to browse down the aisle. Her fingers slowly defrost, turning pink at the tips.

Over the shelf, she thinks she spies something soft golden pass her by. But she thinks nothing of it.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why was Klavier Gavin's backstory and character never explored in-game? He had so much room to be developed as a character. His relationship with Kristoph was only touched upon for a few moments, through actions and not words. If Klavier had spoken about Kristoph and his home life with him at least ONCE; the ending would have been much more powerful. Although it is not likely that Klavier would come right out and say this, seeing as his emotional walls are built up higher than Mount Everest and he uses humor and dazzling smiles to brush away serious topics (not as though capcom made that 100% clear through actual development, it was left up to fans to analyze his character as I am doing right now); they could have easily have Apollo become concerned for him and percieve the truth. Seriously, they had a lawyer who's whole schtick was being a human lie detector and a rival prosecutor who is constantly fake to hide his emotions, and they didn't go that route even once? It would have done wonders for their relationship and later interactions. Like, idk, one theory why they didn't do this is because they realized how fucking gay they made miles and phoenix in the trilogy and they didn't want to do the same thing with klavier and apollo but that clearly isn't the case seeing as they introduced him with klavier saying that he's "never felt this way with a man" + his constant not-subtle flirting throughout the game afterwards. Back to the point, literally every other prosecutor and their relationship with the main defense attorney (for the sake of not spoiling some of the lesser-played games, I will only cover the trilogy) was by far superiorly developed. Miles and phoenix do not need an explanation, Franziska (although, she is a character who I personally believe needs more attention and development unrelated to her father. I recognize the impact manfred had on her is incredibly large, im just pissed b/c wow shocking a female character who's development is largely revolving around a man what a surprise. However, that is a topic for another day) had a clear desire to take revenge on phoenix for her father (though later we would find out that that wasn't completely the case) and the events of jfa were the start of her realization that perfection is not everything (though she has still not gotten there yet). In addition, she was further developed in both of the investigations games. Godot (ugh) was given a very personal backstory, and despite the fact that he was a sexist character (Klavier falls in this category too, due to his 'fraulein' comments but honestly??? this germanyaboo probably doesn't even know what he's actually saying) who LITERALLY murdered someone, we are constantly thrown lines such as "a lawyer doesn't cry until it's all over" because capcom wants us to feel sorry for him. However, the tear-fuel for klavier we get is one short conversation between him and kristoph (which, I will admit, made me cry... but that's probably due to my immense love for this character). Which is okay in itself I suppose, however, it is a relationship we know??? barely anything about??????? Yes, we know it was clearly not a good one, thanks capcom for the immense detail. When I first played apollo justice i thought "Okay, I guess this is fine, I mean they surely develop him more in the sequel, right?"; but I was sadly disappointed because 1. apollo justice never got a sequel (what the FUCK) and 2. klavier's appearence in dual destinies CLEARLY was simply to get us to "shut up" about him not ever getting any attention, and he didnt really do anything of strong importance. Klavier gavin had so much potential as a character and capcom fucking blew it. Now, though I love these jokes as much as the next person, I get to see klavier being summed up as "the gay fake german piano guy lol"; occasionally finding one or two fanfictions of him being an actual person. There are so many things capcom could have done with him and i am thoroughly disappointed. And another thing, what the FUCK is up with his dd voice acto

anonymous asked:

I agree with the critical post you reblogged but i dont get what you mean by their pasts are being obliterated? The virignal coding of emma?

This took a while, but I really wanted to think about it, and it’s still messy and vague, so be ye warned. To be honest, this reply got backspaced a load of different times because you got me really considering the depths of why I feel this way.

My immediate answer was that what I see (in this whole 6B arc especially) is Killian Jones, previously defined by his previous role of command, the things he holds sentimental and dear, his visual cues, and his familial ties having all that tucked away or dismissed in favour of neutralising his threatening (in many ways) past and defining his happy ending as becoming Emma 2.0: Storybrooke deputy.

With Emma, it’s less striking, because it’s Killian that’s assimilating to her world, but it’s there, too, but more subtly? Emma whose points of pride are her ability to find people and to read people having those things neutralised to allow for plot to move forward in a suitably dramatic fashion (see: not reading Killian at all and not looking for him when he was missing)?

That rankles me, but that’s not really an answer, I don’t think. Why does that rankle me? Why do I feel so bone-deep that these things that I see being swallowed by the narration are something that the characters hold as dear as I do? Maybe they’re OK letting these things go as they evolve into their new lives happily ever after?

But that’s the thing. That’s the reason why. I just posted this bit earlier because it kind of hit me like a ton of bricks: the reason why the “happy ending” we’re getting for these characters feels strange and ill-fitting to me, is because I’m trying to define their happy endings by what I’ve actually seen them happy about on the show, not just what makes them not sad/stressed/angry, and I’m not seeing those very, very, few things reflected at all in what we’re getting.

I think one of the problem this show has, is that it doesn’t really do a great job of establishing sources of joy for its main characters. Supporting characters are often given a passion that exists as the key to solving a dilemma: Merida has her archery, Ariel has her collections, and even though she’s more than a bit role, Belle has her books. Hell, Henry has his music, movies and writing, and Regina has her horses. We’ve seen these characters light up like Christmas trees when talking about these things. I can picture Ariel as a museum curator in a heartbeat because I know that tending a collection is something that makes her little merheart sing (free AU prompt! Omg come on that would be adorable!)

So what is it for Emma and Killian? When do we see them excited and happy about things? When do they describe their pleasure?

Not fucking much, tbh.

(haha my long winded ass continues below the cut!)

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