and that's annoying too


poor pitiful children, poor jeremy

i wanted to do a doodle of this with the other songs but one picture didn’t really serve it justice so i just did a lil comic thing instead

beep bop boop

the writing process for The Last of The Real Ones (x)

  • Fandom last week: Nicole you’re terrible and Waverly is perfect in every way and how dare you betray her this is unforgivable and-
  • Fandom this week: Waverly you’re terrible and Nicole is perfect in every way and how dare you betray her this is unforgivable and-

Galra Hybrid Keith & White haired Keith

Look, I was going to make only white haired edit but it just got out of hand?

(Also is it just me, but are Keith’s thumbs in a strange position?)

“I hate how SuFin shippers make Finland say “Su-san”. I’m a SuFin shipper myself, don’t get me wrong, but it just really gets on my nerves. If anything, he’d call Sweden by his Finnish name Ruotsi or just Sve, you know? Like the other Nordics (How Denmark calls Sweden Sverige and Iceland calls Sweden Sví)“

It’s even canon that Finland calls the other Nordics by their Finnish names since he calls Denmark Tanska.

Why do people do this? Two words, my dear viewer.

Weeb trash.

- Mod V

(Edit: I realized I misspelled “Tanska” as “Tanksa”.  My bad! XD)



One of the things i dislike about the whole “Team keeps insulting Lance” and all is that not only the team but Lance himself is rather out of character. One of the many tell tales of insecurities is that people can get really defensive and we know this guy WILL bite back even though his jabs arent that effect (see- that one scene in Crystal Venom with Keith during Sendak’s interrogation and at Shiro during Blade of Mamora). Like Shiro is his hero and he is not afraid to stand up against him. So even if somehow such a situation arises (which i doubt will cause they definately care about him) you can bet he wont just sit down and take it lightly. If anything even remotely similar to the situation happens Lance most likely will retaliate and the fight will ensue.

ppl always go on about captain phasma being overrated because she looks cool but didn’t have much screen time in tfa but……is that no different to darth maul and boba fett’s roles in the live action movies???

anonymous asked:

I just read some new teen-fashion-magazine thing and there's a lot of denim, including not only jean jackets, but also double denim.. Why do the straights have to look so gay? I'm never gonna find a gf if gay things aren't gay anymore, that's just rude

i dont know but it annoys me too like my gaydar is fucked up bc of this?? i’ll like see a girl with an asymmetrical short hair cut and like, denim on denim and thats like, a Gay look, but then she’ll be straight and im like????? can u leave me and my people alone??? we just want to look gay to find the other gays….. like u think im wearing this flannel and a beanie and combat boots bc i think it looks cute?? like dont get me wrong it looks adorable but i am wearing these things because i am a Lesbian sending out to Lesbian Signal and if ur a straightie taking my looks and wearing them then the other Lesbians and Sapphics wont see my Lesbian Looks bc they’ll think im just another straight girl?????? like rude af tbh smh the straights are Ridiculous and continue to be ridiculous

so to summarize:

‘13 World Tour Doc: road trip with the boys. also there’s some music occasionally I guess

‘16 World Tour Doc: SERIOUS BUSINESS TIME. technical speak 24/7 but doubles as a workout video courtesy of Reita. there’s plenty fun to be had if you’re patient, but it isn’t as lighthearted and easy as it was three years ago. still would recommend, especially in hd 10/10

I wish Terajima-sensei will somehow bring the graduated senpais to the storyline again in the future. Even for just a game (Inashiro or Yakushi prolly).

I’m dying to see Chris-senpai being proud all over again watching Eijun’s progress on the mound.