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FUN FACT: I save all of your Yuuri on ice drawings to my phone bc i get into depressive moods and ur art literally makes me so happy i feel better almost instantly I have like an album on my phone of just your drawings bc they that good 👌💙💕🖒

;v; !!!!

AT Elements Review

Spoilers ahead (duh)

Every elemental kingdom is flawed. Candy people are too happy, fire people are too angry, ice people are too sad and slime people are too… mean?

LSP made everyone go back to who they truly are. She (much possibly) awoke The Lich inside Sweet P:

AND made Jake half-turn into a shapeshifter, like one of his dads:

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these are dedicated to @sportacuzz, because you keep asking abt that steampunk au and i never make anything for it,, :p

i painted some of the shots that i had in mind back when i was planning the storyline, buut i dnt think i’ll be doing much else for this au. consider this concept art for a comic that will never exist


Colored Touka and Kaneki Conversation in Ch. 122

Here’s the link! : CLICK ME!

A colored part of Ch. 122 to help you cope up in the Golden Week :’D
Sorry for the delay! (It was supposed to be posted yesterday, but due to tons of workload, I wasn’t able to D:)
Anways, hopia like it! :D

heres a list of songs Harry should cover on tour:

- Dear Mr. President (“would you hate his own daughter if she were gay?”) - P!nk

- Can’t Help Falling In Love - Elvis 

- Take On Me - a-ha

- Touch (let his hoeTM side out) - LM

read sings/JOKES

- You Wont Feel a Thing - Script

- You’re Still The One - Shania 

- Genie in a Bottle (you hit them notes bby) - Christina 

- I Will Survive - (don think about the note changes)

Queen encore: 

- Bohemian Rhapsody (cue to RBBSBB on stage) 

- I want to break free

- Under pressure


Not having the best time but here’s some Ch. 2 Bendy doodles I finally finished. Drew my idea for Alice (couldn’t help but make her smol and adorable!) and Boris who I guess is Goofy’s bro.
Also @doodledrawsthings
If Boris is the one in charge of the sound department in your AU and not Sammy, then can Sammy just be a crazed fan? I can’t help but love the idea rofl

Henry: Uh~?
Bendy: Ignore him. PLEASE.

Y'know all the discourse about Boruto and how the Naruto franchise is being milked is hilarious to me as a Dragon Ball fan. Like you know nothing. Dragon Ball has been going on since goddamn 1987. I had to watch our main character go from being 12 to being a grandfather. By this point Goku has started a family, died and been resurrected with so many powerups that his hair is a fucking rainbow and he can get to Super Saiyan Mega Great God Super Saiyan 3000 or whatever the fuck because even Toriyama himself has lost count at this point and will probably be on his deathbed writing drafts for this shit and basically the same rehashed 3 plots with different villains slapped onto it. And at this point I don’t even know if I want it to die so I can live my life in peace because I somehow still find it entertaining. So y'all gotta wait another 10 years for Naruto Super before you can complain because your franchise is still a baby in my eyes.

It’s that perfect time of the year when the snow still lays thick but the sun comes out in the day and the skies are clear blue. The ice on the lakes is still thick and the layer of snow is hardened enough for long walks across the surface. It doesn’t get fully dark at midnight and the stars are still out and you can hear the ice sing as the temperature changes and makes it shift and split, slowly. You see the last beautiful displays of northern lights before the summer months of midnight sun. The white swans arrive with songs and dancing, patiently waiting for the thaw and making due with what food they can find in the small open pockets of rivers and creaks. It’s such a peaceful time.