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eridan is an abuse victim who was manipulated on his insecurities into having to kill for two other people his entire life until the point he wasnt needed anymore and was entirely abandoned by the people he trusted most, which left him emotionally dependant on recognition from others (which he almost never recieved except from by karkat) and not only did feferi use him through a completely constructed relationship but after cutting him off helped sollux to bully him over the course of months until he finally snapped. His entire arc as a prince of hope is that every little spark of hope he had was exploited and destroyed until there was none left and he unintentionally destroyed the hope of the others around him, accidentally injuring and killing his friends and destroying himself further in the process before dying with no resolution. Thats why im so glad his arc was wrapped up in todays flash. he died thinking that hed destroyed the last little drop of hope he had, but you can see his face soften as he sees the people he hurt forgiving him.

seriously, hussie writes abuse victims and abusive cycles so well and the fandom pisses on them and treats them like a joke


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I mean, do kids today understand the magnitude of a seven-season run? Do they get what it means for a show to reach its one hundredth episode? 

That’s gold.

You won. 

Thundercats had 4 seasons,  Powerpuff Girls had 5 seasons, Teen Titans had 5 seasons (and was ready to wrap after Season 4!), Kim Possible had 3 seasons, Gargoyles had…a mess…Beast Wars had 2 seasons, Transformers Prime had 3 seasons, and even original G1 Transformers had 5 seasons (and Season 5 was a clipshow season!).

…the point is, Adventure Time ending after 9 seasons is a relief, because it means that it gets to conclude instead of being wrung out like a sponge full of money. I shouldn’t have to explain that analogy, because you all understand.

every nt in my life: you just have to take control of of your life! you need to build a proper schedule and stop letting these things bring you down!

my mental illnesses:


As she heard teh door close, Aurora stood up from her chair. She hadn’t been expecting anyone and as she sow who it was, the breath was knocked out of her, “Oh my god!” The smile was spread wide across Auroras face and she quickly moved to wrap her arms around Ian. She hadn’t expected him today, but god was she happy about it. “Well, we’ll get ready and go to the pizza joint, yeah?”