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kaisoo on 141126 (analysis)

can we please talk about what happened on 141126?? ive seen people discuss multiple moments but never this and its irking me 😤😤 now ur probably gonna go “its an old moment who tf cares??” well i DO care, especially since people don’t seem to notice that JINGO TOUCHED KUNGSEW’S DINDONG :))))

disclaimer: u don’t have to believe what i say…this is all my opinion and they all tend to sound ‘delusional’ so if u don’t agree w me, good for u! if u agree, also good for u 6 stars out of 4!!! this is gonna be full of gifs which are mine (feel free to use it) but the video creds are x x x

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What are your top 5 "make my heart flutter" KaDi moments? 😄 -@apersistentillusion

Thanks for asking! This is gonna be hard to choose and I hope I don’t forget any of my favorite kaisoo/kadi moments. So here we go (in no particular order):

1. Jagi

Of course I had to include the most iconic and in ur face kaisoo moment. Theres no need for me to explain this one cause u guys already know. And apparently suho knows too judging by that look on his face lololol

2. Kolon Sports

This has always been one of my favorite moments because of how obviously they are flirting. Like idk about yall but I dont stare at my friends passionately and scoot closer in a flirtatious way when conversing with my friends… but thats just me. Body language says a lot

3. Eskimo Kiss

Again, idk about u guys but I dont boop noses with just anybody. This is so adorable and everytime I see this gif all of my doubts fly away


THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE. I have no words but kaisoo is real


Another iconic moment because multiple media outlets posted hd photos of this moments and I was shook when they were first released. Im a hoe for cute hugs which we dont see often from kaisoo so this was great

6. Comeback showcase

A video posted by diiodokinase (@diiodokinase) on Jun 8, 2016 at 7:36am PDT

I know you asked for 5 moments but I had to include this one. I remember being up at like 4 am watching this showcase live and seeing the kaisoo moment and sitting in disbelief. It was so cute and ksoo initiated the hand grab thing 

Thank you so much for sending the ask and I hope you like the moments I included!

Strip Tease (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

It’s 1 a.m and I just thought, “what better time to start a story eh?” So here we go.

Warnings: Sexual references, nudity, and possible cursing  

Time Period: Modern

Summary: Y/N works as a stripper at one of the most popular clubs in Vegas when she meets Thomas. Cliche (ofc) Thomas falls in love with Y/n, but she comes from a bad past and has trouble letting him in. This results to fights, distrust, etc. I kinda wanna make a series out of this but we’ll see. (For the most part it’ll be your POV unless stated otherwise.)

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Maria blew a kiss to the crowd as she pranced backstage, smirking at me.

“Good luck topping that,” she laughed. “After my performance, they’ll only see you as an amateur.” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

“Okay Maria, whatever you say. Its totally not like everyone is sick of your same old red lace outfit with the red lip.” I clapped. “I applaud you for being the most boring and unoriginal stripper out there.” She glared at me.

“Oh and you’re original?”

“You know it.”

“Sorry, but there are thousands of strippers out there. We’re a little too late in the game to be original,” she sneered. I chuckled, watching her get worked up was probably the funnest thing about my job.

“That’s where you’re wrong Mary Sue. A good stripper is creative, she thinks outside of the box.” I patted her back. “You just stick to the same old routine. You’re the most basic stripper there is, and honestly your routine isn’t even that good. I’m surprised that you’re still here.” Her mouth formed into an ‘o’ and her eyes narrowed. She was about to say something when Derick, the stage manager, came over and pushed me towards the stage. I waved to Maria as I was pushed along, leaving her red with anger. 

The lights shut off quickly, leaving the large room almost pitch black. I stepped out onto the runway, a blue spotlight revealing me to the crowd. Soft jazz played in the background but wolf whistles and hoots drowned it out. I made my way the pole and starting working my magic, spinning around and doing little stunts on it. Nothing big, but it did get the crowd worked up.

I started with my shoes, kicking them off of the stage onto the floor. Then the sheer coverup I had on. I was still swinging on the pole when I heard something scraping against the floor. A man had pulled his chair closer to the stage, his face unreadable. He wore a magenta dress shirt with a black tie and black work pants. His hair was wild, going in every direction but it looked good at the same time and he had neatly cut facial hair. I slid off the pole and crawled over to him, grabbing him by the tie and pulling him upwards so that we were face to face. I looked into his dark brown eyes expecting to see darkness and lust, but thats not what I saw. If anything it was..curiosity? 

Slightly confused, I rubbed my hands down his chest to his legs. I let my hand lightly brush over his crotch, biting my lip. He didn’t flinch, he didn’t tense up. He didn’t even look like he was hard. ‘He must be gay or something, every guy tenses up by just looking at me,’ I thought. I rubbed on him a little more before giving up and removing the rest of my clothing. I spun around the pole some more, making eye contact with the man every now and then. The song was coming to an end which was my cue to slowly make my way backstage. I heard loud clapping and wolf whistles from the crowd, one man even asked for an encore.  Once I was backstage I was handed a robe and some water, people congratulating me on another successful show. 

Maria on the other hand was furious. Her arms were crossed and she stood in the corner looking down and pouting like a child. Deciding to tease her some more, I walked over and lifted her chin with a finger.

“Head up Maria. Men like confidence,” I scolded. “That is definitely one of the reasons why no man is interested in your show. You’re just a warmup for the real deal.” Maria bit her tongue and pushed me away, storming off to her room. I shrugged, its not like she wasn’t getting what she deserved. She treated everyone and everything like shit, she was rude, and she made people feel inferior to her. I however, was one of the few people who didn’t tolerate her nonsense. 

I sat in the dressing room taking off the dramatic makeup that I had on when I got a knock at my door.

“Come in!” 

Derick walked in and came up to me. 

“There’s a guy who wants to see you,” he whispered. “We didn’t say no because he’s a regular and a big tipper. He has moola hunty, don’t throw away your shot.” With that he walked right back out, allowing the man who wanted to speak with me to come in. It turned out to be the guy who had pulled his chair up to the stage.

“You wanted to speak to me?” I turned from my mirror and stood looking at him. 

“Yep,” he smirked. “Darlin’, I couldn’t help but be fascinated by you.”

“Most men are fascinated by me after seeing my performance,” I rolled my eyes. “Your point?”

“Ah, you’re feisty,” he chuckled taking a step closer. Feeling brave, I did too. “I wanted to get to know you better; truthfully I wasn’t too interested in your little performance.” He took another step closer.

“Oh really?” I raised a brow, taking a step forward.


“And what’s so fascinating?” I pressed, taking two more steps towards him.

“Everything,” he growled. We were now face to face. Well, more like face to chest. I looked up at him, hands on my hips.

“Well, is that all you had to tell me?”

“No-”, he grabbed something out of his pocket and handed it to me. It was a card; a card with his number on it. “How about you call me sometime? Maybe we could grab lunch?” I was slightly surprised that he hadn’t asked for dinner, that would be the easiest way to get into my pants. 

“I told you I’m fascinated by you, I’m not interested in having type of uh..intercourse?” It was as if he was reading my mind and honestly, I was shocked. This man had money, you’d have to be a fool to not see it. His clothes, his posture, just everything about him screamed rich. He was also extremely handsome. No, handsome was an understatement. He was practically a boy-toy sent to Earth to make everyone’s hormones cry out in agony. 

I knew this was a chance for me to escape this lifestyle, this job of practically selling my body wasn’t for me. Sure, it paid extremely well, but having men basically fantasying about me right in front of me wasn’t my idea of comfortable. In fact, it was all I had. Not being able to afford college, this would probably be as good as it gets. I took Derick’s advice. I pulled out my phone and went on it, typing away. The man looked at his phone and excused himself because he was getting a call, leaving the room.

“Hello?” I recognized his voice.

“Hi, so how about lunch tomorrow at two, sound good?” I practically heard his smile through the phone. He walked back in and looked at me, still holding the phone up to his ear. 

“Sounds great.” 

Yeah so I’m probably gonna make this a series just because I have a lot of ideas for it so, yeeeeah. Also, I’m totally up for request if someone has something they’d like written! (Hamilton related of course) 

Our future

Hi guys! We’re almost finished with uni for this semester! One more week then both admins will be free to fulfil all your requests! We are working on scenarios and reactions slowly! Thank you so much for being so patient! We promise to bring you amazing scenarios! This is a scenario Admin Mi had written a while ago! It’s really fluffy! We hope you enjoy it! 

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You sat on Soonyoung’s bed listening to music as he cleans his room, he has been busy trying to clean his room all day but it seems like he was having trouble deciding what he wanted to keep and what to throw away… you sighed and asked for the tenth time whether he wanted help or not.

“Soonyoung ah, do you need help? You have been cleaning for at least 2 hours and it still looks the same! you just moved everything from the left side to the right side.” you tried to not sound too rude and hurt his feelings.“Uhmm, yeah sure I actually don’t know what I want to keep or throw away… help me! SOS~” he finally admitted.

You made your way through the pile of things that was there on the ground and sat down to see a little mountain full of clothes, letters, and a few photo albums lying around. You picked up a photo album and opened it to see what was inside. As soon as you opened it, you hear Soonyoung yelling “Y/N nooooo!!! Don’t open it.” “Too late” you said while giggling at what first came to your sight.

It was a picture of chubby Soonyoung in the his taekwondo outfit!

“Omg who is this cutieeee?” You laughed “Ohhhhh my gosh… okay baby stop now. It’s not funny” Soonyoung said as he snitches the photo album off you. “Which baby? Me or the cute chubby one in the picture” you teased. “Yeah okay thats enough, you are my only baby now, you should know this….”

You have always loved teasing Soonyoung knowing that he won’t get angry at you for doing things like that and that he would never take any jokes personally.

But this time you didn’t want to joke around because Soonyoung did seem quite embarrassed after all. Therefore you moved closer to him and held his face between your hands, “Hey why do you look so embarrassed?” “I have no idea, maybe no one has ever seen me like that that’s why…I was so chubby” he said feeling a little self conscious “Well just to let you know I have never seen such an adorable baby in my life! So don’t be embarrassed, I should show you my baby photo, I was literally a potato” you said to Soonyoung and saw a smile escape from his face, you knew you made him felt better so you continued “I am sure our future child would look just like you, a handsome and cute baby… maybe with chubby cheeks too hehe” after you finished the sentence you felt Soonyoung’s lip crushed against yours.

The kiss got deeper but you pulled away looking confused as to why he suddenly kissed you. “What was that for?” you asked “I don’t know… I just felt the need to, the thought of having a baby with you is amazing… I really hope it comes true!” he said while holding your face. “Hahaha soonyoung ah, are you kidding… why wouldn’t I want to? hmmm how many kids do you want?” you sat on his laps and waited for his answer. “Maybe, 2 or 3…. Oh no actually I want 4 or more?” Soonyoung says with his arms around your waist. “Wow!what, you want so many kids? Do you want to build a soccer team or something? Thats okay though, I have always wanted heaps of children, see this is why we’re together! How many boys or girls?” you continued to question him. “Well I really don’t mind, daughter or son. I will love them all the same” You watched him as he talks, the look on his face is unforgettable… he was so passionate about what he is saying and it almost felt like it was happening soon. You thought to yourself “MAN. I AM SO LUCKY TO HAVE SOONYOUNG IN MY LIFE”

As he goes on about his plans of the future, you just sat on his lap and listened carefully. You definitely see yourself going through everything he said with him. But Soonyoung just stopped suddenly and you asked “What’s wrong?” Soonyoung just smiled and said “Oops, I think I forgot the most important thing before we have little Soonyoung and little Y/N” you looked at him puzzled and asked “What is it?” Soonyoung just smiled and said “Let’s plan for our wedding first!”

Admin Sunshine. 

Imagine being sad and Daryl trying to cheer you up.

This is extremely short but i hope you enjoy it! ________________________________________ I’m sitting on the porch my (y/h/c) hair swaying infront of my face. I bury my face in my hands letting soft sobs out. When suddenly i hear the door behind me creak open. Footsteps slowly approach me. “(Y/n)?” A gruff voice softly speaks I get startled by it and try to cover up my tears by rubbing them of my face. “Oh, hey daryl! Whats up?” I try to sound as casual as possible. Straightening up my posture i look him in the eye. “I could ask ya the same thing.” He says with a small chuckle. I let out a small sigh. “I- i rather don’t talk about it if you don’t mind..” I sit back down on the porch pulling my knees to my chest. I only hear a small grunt as response. Daryl comes closer and sits beside me, a comfortable silence falling over us. “Do ya know how to know what animal yer tracking?” He suddenly says, breaking the silence. I look up at him. “What?” I ask him confused. “Well, first ya look at the footprints, or hoove prints if its a deer.” He looks at me and sees my confused face. He lets out a sigh. “I’m sorry, i aint good at this whole cheering up thing.” “So thats what you’re trying to do?” I say with a small chuckle. He gives me a small nod. “Thanks Daryl, that’s really sweet of you.” I say as i lay my head on his shoulder. “So wanna go shoot some bunnies?” He shrugs. I straighten up and playfully slap his bicep. “Oh my god, you’re so cruel.” I laugh. “I’ll even teach ya how to shoot mah bow.” He looks at me with a straight face. I hesitate but agree eventually, putting a small smile on Daryl his face. “Lets go.” He stands up and waits for me to join. My sorrows drowning thanks to him, his awkward cheering up skills were surprisingly affective.

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Imagine Ivar saving you from certain pain (part 5)

This is the last part of this serie, really enjoyed writing this, hope you all did reading it offcourse! Leave a comment if you liked it or if there is a request, you know where to find me.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Summary: The big Heathen Army landed in Engeland. You struggle with the fact that Ivar is going into battle so soon after you marrying him. But you are there, ready to take care of him when he comes back … alive.
Words: 2623

Björn decided to make camp in the woods. The whole time you traveled at the back of the army, becides Helga and the rest of the women who came along with this great Heathen Army. But when everyone setted camp up you couldn’t find Ivar, or his horse and chariot anywere. “He is with Björn.” Explained Ubbe who came to stood beside you.
“To do what?” You weren’t sure about Ivar and Björn going out alone. Björn stated it that he was the leader over this army and Ivar was frustrated by that since you all left Kattegat.
“To explore the battlefield. He wil be back soon y/n.” Smiled Ubbe. His comfort puts a little smile on you lips before you setted up camp with the others. Back in Kattegat, just for departure, you married Ivar and you were so confused by the love you felt for him that your mind was on nothing other then him. Helga was zo kind to keep your mind bussy while the evening came fast. Ubbe and his two other brothers sat laughing around the fire, Floki a little futher with King Harald and Halfdan. It took several hours as you began to get worried when you heared the familiar noice of horsehooves. You looked up from your tent to Björn who jumped of his horse right besides his brothers, Ivar and his chariot right after him. Bjorn sat down by the fire while Ivar stayed on his chariot. The brothers were having a discussion for a long time. But it was to far for you to hear what it was about. From the looks Ubbe gave his youngest brother you saw that Ivar sujested something that would lead the whole army. Ubbe was kinda proud maybe?

It took them another several minutes before Ivar drove his horse foward towards you. You walked to the middle of the path an awaited his horse. Ivar locked his eyes on you, relieved to see you after this long day of traveling. “Hooo.” You wispered to his horse. The white animal stopped and you petted his head before looking up to Ivar. He had the reins loose in his hands, watching you with a cocky smile.
“Wife.” He said. You grinned, weren’t just to the word yes.
“Husband.” You replied. You took a moment to observe his face. He was happy about something other that seeing you again. “You look cheerfull.” You said. Someone came to help untack the horse so you could walk towards Ivar.
“Did you miss me today?” He asked, ignoring your observation. You stood still after his chariot and looked how he carefully turned his body.
“You didn’t answer my observation.”
“You didn’t answer my question to.” He said while taking your hand and pulling you up his chariot, rather harsh. Such movements give away that he missed you for sure.
“It seems that you missed me.” You smiled while laying one hand on his shoulder. You looked in those bleu eyes and you smile became more tender. “Did you make Björn proud to have you as a brother?”
“It doesn’t matter what Bjorn thinks, the only one I want to make proud is you.” He answered right away. You slitly held your head tilted.
“If it will give you victory,” You felt silent for a moments. The idea that he could die on the battlefield maked you sick on your stomach.
“If I die tomorrow than is this our last night.” He suggested while wraping his arm around your middle. He pulled you closer, so close as possible.
“Don’t joke about this.” You wispered against his cheek.
“I’m not joking y/n.” He wispered back. You nodded, letting a tear out of concern roll over your cheek.
“I’m not ready to lose you.”
“You won’t. At least, if Björn will do as I say.” He smiled with selfconfident and you looked a little curious.
“Are you going to tell me?”
“No, not until my plan succeeds.” And before you can protest on that he pulled your face closer and gave you a passionate kiss. Thats how it always went with Ivar, he kissed you and you always wanted more because of the passion and lust he puts in it.
“Maybe I missed you.” You gave in, he chuckles.
“Brother.” Said a voice from behind. You pulled back and Ivar looked annoyed.
“What is it?” He asked. You turned around at Björn who gaved you a little nod.
“Björn Ironside.” You greet him respectfully. Björn was waiting until the moment you should go but Ivar had his arm still around yo uso you had nowhere to go.
“We need to discuss some things, come join us.” Björn pointed back to his brothers.
“I gave you almost a whole battleplan in hands, do I really have to do everything.” Said Ivar while rolling his eyes as if he was talking to a child.
“It’s oke Ivar.” You reacted when you saw the angry look of Björn.
“Listen to your wife.” Björn grinned.
“If you need my consult that bad.” Spotted Ivar. Björn didn’t replied and walked away. You turned back to Ivar and watched his envious look towards Björn.
“Go.” You said. He looked up and let his hand traveling down over you leg.
“I had other things in mind.” He pointed out. You pressed your lips together and tried to ingnore his touch.
“I want you back alive, to do that you have to talk to your brothers.” You pressed a kiss on his forehead and jumped of his chariot. You felt his gaze over you and when you looked over you shoulder you met his loving smile.

You didn’t wake up from Ivar crawling into bed. This was the first time for you away from home and it was exhausting. However, he crawling out of bed again did waked you up. You murmeld something weird and you heared him laughing about it. “Whats so funny?” You asked with that sleepy voice. You felt his weight on the bed again and turned your face to him. He was already half ready for battle. Your eyes grewed more conserned.
“Y/n, don’t do that.” He said while putting his hands at bouth sides of your head in the bed.
“Do what?” You asked as if you had no idea over what he was talking about.
“I can’t go into battle with the thought of leaving you restless, concerned.”
“I’m not just to see people I love go into battle.” You aplied sofly. 
“If we don’t see each other tonight than it will be in Valhalla.” He nodded strongly. You stroked his jawline and took a deep breath.
“To who do I tell your stories then? I don’t have family, or childeren.” You saw his eyes react on that last word and you let your eyes travel away from him. He lowered his head until it rested on your shoulder. You embraced him and felt in tears again. His lips kissed away your tears before he kissed you. It wasn’t a farewell but it felt like that.
“Make me ready for battle.” He wispered.
“Offcourse my love.” You answered.

You didn’t cried again, you were as strong as the men and women getting into battle. You buckeled one of the leather straps of Ivar’s armor. He grinned at you with a develish smile. “Not that hard woman.” He said before looking back at his brothers who all stood around the chariot discussing the last details of the plan. King Harald, Halfdan and Floki were among them, Halfdan looked at you, intensly. You held your eyes on Ivar before jumping of his chariot.
“I have straps that need some extra attetion to.” Suggested Halfdan. Ubbe and Hvetsirk looked both directly to Ivar.
“If you touch her I cut of your fingers and wair them as a necklage.” Threatened Ivar to Halfdan. It was hard to keep a smile for myself. You looked sideways to Hvetsirk who was laughing, his arms crossed before his chest. Than you looked over your shoulder to Ivar who still was looking at Halfdan.
“We go now.” Announced Bjorn while waking to the great army who stood awaiting orders.
“I pray for you all, may the gods help you throught this day.” You said farewell to the brothers. Ubbe took you in a embrace.
“May we meet each other again y/n.” He said. You smiled and turned to Hvetsirk who let his tumb travel over you cheek.
“Tell Kattegat our stories.” He said. Sigurd did not much and walked after his brothers. You turned to Ivar who was smiling down at you.
“My brothers are far to fond of you, maybe I need to cut of their fingers to.” He suggested. You slapped him on the arm en pulled yourself back in his chariot.
“Do something extrodonairy Ivar the Boneless.” You said before kissing him goodbye. “And come back, come all back.” You followed. He nodded before turning around in the chariot as you walked towards his horse. “Take care of him my friend.” You wispered to the animal.

It was a long day of waiting back a the camp. You stayed at the egde of the woods, against a tree looking towards the battlefield you didn’t see. Hours long you heared some violence but now it was completly still. Your eyes travelend fort and back over the countryside, praying, hoping that all of them came out conquering. You weren’t sure what you would do if Ivar died, do you wanted to live futher? You lost your father, your mother, did you want to loose your husband to? It was one horse and rider that gave you that little bit of hope. “The great heathen army overwon. King Ecbert is captured and we have camp in his kingdom now.” That was the message he brought before heading back. You looked sideways to Helga who laid her hands on your face.
“The gods have heard our prayers.” She smiled.

The kingdom of Wessex was hugh, you walked through those big gates and looked around you. The men where everywere, setting things on fire, yelling, celebrating. Your eyes felt on Ivar chariot, smeared under the blood of his enemies, his white horse not that white anymore. “Did you see Ivar?” You asked the men standing becides the horse.
“Ivar the Boneless? If he survived this than the Gods are favourd him.” He grinned. You started panicking, looking around for a familair face. Until someone grabbed you with your shoulders, you startled so hard you yelled. Hvitserk smiled at you when you turned around and out of relief you embraced him. He looked not that good but he was smiling, adrenalin still kicking in his body because of the battle.
“Is Ivar alright?” You barely dare to ask.
“He is wounded y/n. But his stubborn self. I was looking for you,” He pointed the way and you followed him through the castle.
“Why were you looking for me?”
“Because we all need those gentle hands of yours to fix us up.” He winked.
“If I can help,” You bite your lip and looked to the wound on his arm, a deep cut.
“Ivar doens’t want treatment so the only one who can convince that stubborn ass is his wife. I knew there was a reason why we took you with us.” He grinned. You rolled your eyes but smiled, at least one of them was okey.
“Sigurd, Björn and Ubbe alright?” You asked when you came in a big hall with stairs.
“The plan of Ivar worked, otherwise we would lost this battle.” Hvitserk replied. You nodded and came out in a small hallway with a room on the end, you could here Ivar protesting from where you were walking. Björn stood in the doorway, he saw you and walked towards you, giving you a little pet on the head before he walked out. You looked at Ubbe, he smiled, comforting while nodding to the bed where a woman tried to convince Ivar to take care of his wounds. And Ivar was Ivar, he looked mad and stubborn as always.
“You should talk some sence into him.” Ubbe wispered. Ivar sat with his back towards you so he couldn’t see you. Your eyes traveled down over Ubbe.
“If I’m ready with him I can look to those wounds to.” You pointed. Ubbe smiled. “We are alright. Take care of him first.” Said Ubbe.
“Brothers, if you can’t speak louder than,”
“Hold still.” The healer said. He sounded so angry and frustraded. Hvitserk gave you a promesing look.
“You should listen to her Ivar.” You said loud enough for him to hear you. The healer looked up as Ivar turned around, she was quiet relieved to see you, Ivar even more. You gave the brothers a little nod and they walked away while you walked towards Ivar. He didn’t look that good but he was alive and that mattered more to you than all the scars he would get from this.
“We won.” He smiled cocky. You flattend your face and looked over his body. He had a deep cut in his forehead and a lot of soar places over the upper half of his body. And a lot of blood covering more wounds probarly.
“I’ve heard.” You responed a while after him. You sat down beside him on the bed and laid your hand on his cheek, already concerned over the wounds he head.
“I told you I would be alright.” He smiled tenderly. You trew your arms around him, didn’t cared about the blood that would get on your clothes. He cringed a little under the pain.
“You stubborn man.” You pulled back looking at the wounds while crying again.
“Oh y/n, I missed you, it was the only thing I could think of when I was in that battle, you beautifull face and how much I want to kiss that again.” He became all vulnerable again. You looked in his blue eye while wiping the tears of your cheeks.
“We need to clean you up first.” You said, nodding, taking yourself back in control.
“They have a very large bathtub over here.” He suggested. You smiled, giving in already.

It was more like a pool, Ivar sat on the side, his elbows leaning on the egde while you stood and watched the place. “Weren’t it your words that said you would take care of me after battle?” He asked himself. You looked at Ivar who splashed some water towards you. You walked to the little stairs of the bad and let your dress fall in a pool on you feet. You smiled when you saw his eyes gazing over your body. You walked in the water until the water just covered your breasts before you start swimming. You held still before him, he pulled your body already closer and you grinned.
“My way of taking care is slightly different of yours.” You pointed out. You took a weird kind of sponge and pushed it against his jaw that still was covered in blood. He didn’t moved further with his plan, he just let you take care of him. “This will heal up.” You said about the wounds he had.
“A lot of scars to tell my childeren about.” He said with a small smile. You didn’t looked at him, you followed your movements over his shoulder, from one wound to the other.
“What holds the future Ivar?” You asked him quietly. He run his hand over your neck, breasts, stomach and to your lower back, pulling you so close you couldn’t took futher care of him.
“Only the gods can deside our destiny.” He wispered before kissing you.

- The end

Sorry it’s been so long since my last fan fiction - I haven’t had much time to write. Here is a new one , I hope you enjoy it ! :)

Let me see him …

Kai Parker x Reader


Damon locks away Kai (who is not a vampire witch hybrid) , dessicating him in an attempt to get him to break and undo the spell he put on Elena ,linking her life to Bonnie. Y/N goes in and breaks him out … 
(not my gif)


Y/N knocked on the door. Stefan opened the door.
“Hey. Come on in.” he said , smiling.
Y/N walked inside and turned to Stefan. “Look , I know that Kai has done some pretty awful things … ” she started but Stefan interrupted her.
“Yeah , that’s why we locked him up. He can’t hurt anyone anymore.”
Y/N sighed and continued as if Stefan hadn’t interruped her. “I can reach him , Stefan. We became friends .. sort of…. before Damon and Bonnie had this ‘brilliant’ plan to leave him in 1903.” she said , making air quotes when she said brilliant. “Please , let me see him. Maybe I can get him to undo the spell.”
She could see that Stefan was considering it. Elena was the epic love of his life , he wanted her back as much as Damon did.
All of the sudden Damon showed up. “Absolutely not !” he said. “You are not going anywhere near Kai. He could compell you to let him out.”
Y/N wiggled her wrist infront of Damon and Stefan.
“I am wearing vervain , Damon. He won’t be able to compell me.”
Damon looked at Stefan for support but didn’t get any.
“Tell me you are not actually considering this insanity , Stefan?!” Damon asked , getting angry. Stefan didn’t reply. He just vamp-speed broke his brother’s neck.
Y/N jumped back , she wasn’t expecting Stefan to do this but …
“You have about 40 minutes before he wakes up. I suggest you get started. You might be our only chance.” he said to her. She nodded and headed for the basement where they kept Kai.


When Y/N got to the cell , she sneaked a peek through the bars on the door. Kai was sitting on the ground , his hands bound with chains , but he was awake. She took a deep breath and  opened the door with a loud creak.
“More mind games , Damon ? I am not going to undo the spell … ” Kai said weakly , tho there was still a hint of cockiness in his voice.
Y/N walked towards him and cupped his face. “It’s not mind games , Kai. I am really here and Damon is upstairs… with a broken neck , but he won’t be out for long.”
Kai looked up at Y/N. His eyes were dark with hunger , his skin pale and already starting to dessicate.
“So what ? They sent you here to convince me to break the spell ?!” he paused for a moment , gathering strenght to stand up , but Y/N pushed him down. “I am not going to …” he said , coughing.
Y/N took out her phone and typed something while talking to him. “Please Kai. I know Bonnie hurt you … but - ”
Kai laughed , or at least tried to. Clearly Damon’s “therapy” had gone further than Y/N had expected. “Yes , she did. That’s her and Damon’s punishment for leaving me in 1903.”
Y/N showed him her phone screen , Kai’s eyes focused slowly on the message written there.
‘Stefan is upstairs , listening to every word.
You need my blood. Here …’

Y/N was holding out her wrist close to Kai’s mouth waiting for him to get the message and bite her… and he did. Y/N bit on her lips , trying hard not to scream. Kai couldn’t control his blood thirst and she started to get dizzy. All of the sudden she started blacking out , next thing - she heard the chains being ripped open and someone’s arms were around her.
Then everything went dark.


Y/N woke up , her head throbbing with pain. She tried to open her eyes but even that required a lot of effort.
“Y/N ? Are you awake ?” she heard a familiar male voice.
With all the strenght she could gather , she opened her eyes and saw Kai leaning over her. He sighed in relief.
“I can’t believe you did that.” he said. “I was going to kill you.” Kai said , a hint of worry and fear in his voice.
Y/N managed a weak smile. “I was going to let you.”
Kai leaned closer. “What is wrong with you ?! ” He stared at her , shaking his head. “Why would you do something like that ?”
“I couldn’t leave you there , Kai.” she said. “I … ” Y/N hessitated for a moment. How was she going to explain to him the real reason why she was willing to die?
Kai looked at her expectantly. His eyes had tears in his eyes and were slightly red. Had he cried ? She took his hand and gave it a squeeze. “I care about you , Kai. More than I care about my own life , apparently. Thats why…”
Kai reached with his other hand , caressing her cheek. Was he leaning closer ? Y/N couldn’t tell , she still felt dizzy. “Thank you for coming to save me.” he whispered , his face so close she could feel his breath. Then he kissed her , a gentle kiss at first … Y/N pulled him closer , kissing him back.  Time stood still , at this moment it was as if only she and Kai existed in the world.
Kai pulled away from the kiss , too soon for her liking.
“Every time.” she whispered , smiling at him. Kai smiling back at her.

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After a particularly loud and heated argument UF/SF skelebro tells their S/O to "Take what's yours and leave!" and the S/O yells "Fine!" and picks the skell up and walks right out the front door carrying him!

I loved this one

Underfell Red (Sans):

He was heated, and pissed. And this was the last straw he was done with fighting, done with yelling. “get out and take your shit with you!” He wasn’t expecting them to scream back at them. “Fine!” 

He was…picked up. He hid his face in his hands and flushed heavily, he felt tears in his eyes. “i hate you…” he whispered as he wrapped his arms around them. “don’t leave…” 

Underfell Edge (Papyrus):

He doesn’t even remember what the fight was about, but it got heated real quick. “Get your shit and leave!” He snapped at them. He was done, the relationship over. He wasn’t expecting them to pick him up and take him with them. “Put me don’t this in..” he saw their face. He sighed softly, releasing that anger. “What would I do without you…” 

Swapfell Razzberry (Sans):

He didn’t mean it, but he was never wrong. He stood his ground and stared at them, he felt the tears in his eyes. He wasn’t expecting them to walk to them and pick him up. And walk him out the door. “I’m taking my shit with me, that means you…dumb berry…” 

He never felt so relieved. “of..of course..I knew that..” 

Swapfell Rus (Papyrus):

As soon as he said those words, he wanted nothing more then to take them back. He loves them o much, and they were out of anger. He stood there, face firm, as he looks at them. He wasn’t going to back down. 

He watched them move closer to him, and with ease he was lifted up and taken with them out the door. He held onto them. “…why…” 

“I love you thats why, and you belong to me..” 

  • GUZMA: Your boy is going to post some bone breaker! *Posts a cute picture of his wimpod on his computer*
  • PLUMERIA: That's no bone breaker at all, that's just cute. Cute like all our dumb brothers and sisters.
  • GUZMA: Our grunts aren't that, they're bone breaking.
  • PLUMERIA: Cute.
  • GUZMA: *Rubbing his head* Bone breaking!
  • PLUMERIA: Cute!
  • GUZMA: *Folding his arms over his chest, giving Plumeria an angry face*
  • PLUMERIA: Come on, Guzma. Take a closer look. *Takes a grunt out from the sidelines*
  • GRUNT: *Shows a face of innocence, purity, and cuteness*
  • PLUMERIA: Does this Grunt have a bone breaking face?
  • GUZMA: *Hesitating* Yes, your boy says he does! *Takes a quick picture of the grunt and uploads it into his blog*
  • PLUMERIA: *Puts the grunt down*
  • GUZMA: Watch and see how my people agree with me!
  • PEOPLE ONLINE: *Chatting about how cute the grunt is*
  • PLUMERIA: *Smiling*
  • GUZMA: Guzma, what is up with your people!?
  • Pathologist: *enters the morgue*
  • Sherlock: *examining a body*
  • Pathologist: *rolls his eyes* Excuse me, sir, this area is out of bounds to-
  • Sherlock: *still looking at the body* It's okay.
  • Pathologist: *sighs* If you don't leave, I'll have to call security.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I said it's fine.
  • Pathologist: *frowns* Why is it fine?
  • Sherlock: *smirks* I'm sleeping with the boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Pathologist: *confused* You're sleeping with Stamford?
  • Sherlock: *looks up; annoyed* The other boss.
  • Molly: *enters the morgue, carrying coffees; irritated* Here's your bloody coffee, you git. Have you finished now so I can do my job?
  • Sherlock: *steps aside; takes the coffee, grinning* Yes, boss.
  • Pathologist: ...

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Could I request RFAxMC angst where MC doesn't come home from work, then later the RFA gets a phone call saying she got in a car crash? If not that's ok^^


~He wasn’t too worried when you were late because you sometimes went downtown to get some takeout for the two if you 
~But after an hour he had to admit that he was a little worried about you because it never took you this long so he decided to call you 
~Once dialed the number it rang for a minute before someone picked up”Hello” the person said
~”Uhh how do you have my fiances phone? Who are you”He asks angrily awaiting an answer.
~”Oh you’re her fiance you need to get here now shes been in a car crash an-” He hangs up and starts to go to the hospital
~when he gets there and he sees you he just breaks down a little seeing you like this hurts him so bad
~”I have to be strong for her”He whispers to himself


~He’s already late home so when you’re not there he panics because you’re usually home by now
~He tries to stay calm but ultimately fails because his princess could be in danger and he,the knight,cannot be there for you
~He calls you and when nobody picks up he freaks out even more than he was before so he gets on his motorcycle and starts to drive around town 
~He sees an ambulance and thinks you must of been stuck in traffic and had no signal but as he gets closer he sees a very familiar car that’s completely totaled
~”MC!”He shouts parking his motorcycle and running towards the scene and they try to hold him back
~”Please stand back sir”
~”No you dont understand thats my girlfriend is she ok?”He frantically asks
~The police officers look at eachother then look back at him”Im sorry sir but she was found dead at the scene”
~He just stands there tears rolling down his face before letting out a heart wrenching sob not caring who hears


~She was always home late but you,you had no excuse to be this late 
~It was already dark out and your workplace wasn’t to far from the house that you two shared plus,you were never late unlike her
~It worried her that you weren’t home yet but when her phone rang from an unknown number she picked up immediately
~”Hello is this…Jaehee..Kang?The person asked.
~”Yes…why are you there something wrong with MC?”She replies quickly
~”Yes there is you need to get to ___ Hospital immediately she was in a car crash and we’re not sure if she’ll make it or not”Jaehee immediately hangs up grabs her keys and is on her way
~ The car ride there was nerve-wracking she was trying not to ry but it was too late tears were already streaming down her face
~When she got there and saw you her heart just broke,you looked so weak and defenceless and she hated it but there was nothing she could do about it


~It took you weeks to let him agree to let you keep you job even though you technically didn’t need it,not at all 
~But you wanted to work and if it made you happy that’s all that mattered because its just work its not like you could get hurt or anything
~There this little thing I learned in 7th grade its called foreshadowing
~He came home early expecting to see you waiting for him but instead he got a quiet almost empty penthouse and this worried him
~He immediately got on the phone with your boss and demanded to know where you were but when he said that you left an hour ago instant worry flooded through his mind
~Already expecting the worse he got a call from the hospital and they said you were in critical condition he didnt just feel sad he felt angry
~Angry at himself for letting you go and not just letting you stay home where it was safe


~He begged you to stay home with him today but you told him that you needed money 

~”But MC we have tons of money”He whines holding onto your leg with you trying to shake him off

~”Get off me Saeyoung…goddamnit I’m gonna be late”You grab your bag and run out the door just leaving him sitting there waiting for you to come back
~He decides to get some work done whatever that is maybe end up prank calling Yoosung and making him cry…fun times
~But when your not back in time and he saw you leave on the cameras he got very worried 
~He tracked your phone and it was headed for the nearest hospital and then he went into full on panic mode and got in his car and started speeding not caring if he got pulled over that could be dealt with later but right now all he cared about was you
~”Please be ok please god”He prayed trying to calm himself down but failing horribly
~Once he got there he rushed straight for your room but by the time he got there the doctors were shutting the door
~”Hey wait I’m her fiance tell me whats going on”He says out of breath

~The doctor looks down at his clipboard and looks back up”Are you Saeyoung Choi?”
~”Yes I am please tell me whats going on with MC”He begs
~”I’m sorry but by the time we got there….she was gone”
~”NO…I refuse to believe this tell me this is a joke please”He grabs onto the doctor.”Do something anything I cant lose her”
~The nurses ended up dragging him away and he had to call Saeran to drive him home because he just didn’t trust himself to drive home


Bitchboi - expose yourself

Well anyway – we did another shot and hit the dance floor. We all started dancing around, and one thing led to another and me and train girl starting making serious eye contact, and she was flirting like crazy with her sexy eyes..may husband danced to the side of us.. then we were getting closer and closer all of us, and i looked at him, he had a huge smile, and then besides getting horny - i got an idea… i took train girl and spun her around so her back was towards hubby (her ass was probably mesmerizing to him) i danced closer to her and so close our its touched over and over, it was getting hot, i wanted to kiss her ( i was getting lost in the moment ) then regrouped (my hubbys cock must of been rock hard in his cage).. then he was right behind her (not on her)..I looked at her, then him, then her – i whispered in her ear “feel him” and pushed her back a little (with my body)..I pushed her so her tight little ass could feel his cage bulging in his pants – BOOM her eyes lit up– looked back at me–she smiled like a cat… i knew she felt his bulge.. I grabbed her by the hips and pushed her back harder onto him–my husbands hands went on her waist..she smiled, looked, then started to work her ass on his caged cock – i was totally wet..fucking amazing– then after i watched her about five minutes i couldn’t take it anymore i wanted her..I came closer we looked eye to eye, then boom we kissed– her beautiful lips were on mine–and we started going at it on the dance floor..we were making out so passionatley (tongues, and nibbles, and it was sooooooo fucking amazing) my hands and my husbands hands touched noth on her waist and we grabbed each other on her hips as i kissed a girl and i lovvvvved it….then we broke loose..hubby was smiling.. i looked at her and smiled then i said “By the way - he’s my bitch”


“he is my bitch , i own him, i own my husband”

laughing “your so hot, anyone can be your bitch”

“yeah, well hes a special bitch husband…just for me…aint you honey”

“uh— yes”

“show her”


“you her ! Show her – prove your my bitch! Now ! Do it!”

she looked like really amazed, shocked, interested

He was scared (little drunk to ease the fear probably)


in the very crowded dance floor, his hands went down to his zipper..train girl watched, her mouth opened like OMG, her eyes went down..

“Show me whose my BITCH!

and his face grew scared, mine grew angry, train girl bit her lip (it seemed like slow motion)– then boom he unzipped – she saw pink lace,(her eys grew big) then he pulled to the side..and there was his shiny caged cock..Train girl eyes got big –”Holy shit – wow”

“i own that cock, his cock,is now my cock”

“wow wow wow..thats amazingly crazy..and freakin hot and strange at the same time”

“Hes my BitchBoi – and thats a b o i, not a boy”

Train girl got this look, moved in closer to me, then attacked me..making out all over again, this time her hands were all over my ass, kissing my neck….and proceeded to a private are

Newbie (part 2)

Anon: Can I request something where the bau has a new member and Reid starts falling for her but then he finds out that she doesn’t believe in love because she used to be in a violent relationship and that really messed her up?

warning: mention of abuse, 

part 1

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You looked up at Aaron “Let me go back in there.“ Derek shook his head “You cannot go back in there, at least not alone” You looked over at Derek and crossed your arms “Why not?” He looked between you and Aaron “Y/N, he’s trying to scare you and I dont think you’re-” “What? Strong enough to do this? Well news flash Derek you don’t know me.” You snatched the files out of his hands and walked back in the room with Sarah’s father “Oh hey sweetness, you’re back” You rolled your eyes and sat the folder down on the table “Let’s cut to the chase you know exactly where Sarah is, I’m not going to beg you to tell me where she’s at but it would be helpful. I’m sure you dont want any harm to come to your daughter.” You thought maybe that would break him a little but you were wrong he just smirked and looked you up and down. He licked his lips meeting your eyes “You’re really pretty, its a shame your boyfriend out there doesn’t treat you well” You chuckled coldly and turned the chair around sitting on it “Please, he’s not my boyfriend.” The man smirked leaning back in his chair inspecting your face and all of its features “Really?” You nodded and tapped the picture of Sarah “Where is she?” “Who hurt you?” Your eyes widened “I-I dont know what you’re talking about.” You could feel your hands get sweaty, your eyes darted to the paper in front of you trying to avoid eye contact “See right there, you’re avoiding eye contact before i mentioned that you kept your eyes on me. I have a 16 year old daughter and an ex wife I know a few things about women expressions and you have all of them right now” You shook your head standing up “When you’re ready to tell me where your daughter is, let me know.” You pushed in the chair picking up the files and you walked out the door. “Y/N what was that?” You looked at Derek and handed him the files walking out of the room and into the parking lot. You took a deep breath and sat on the curb “You mind if I sit here?” You looked up and nodded watching Spencer sit down “So what are you doing out here?” You shrugged and looked toward the street “Just needed some fresh air, this job is kind of suffocating” He smiled and nodded “Yeah, I agree” You looked over at him “Spencer right?” “You can call me Spencer or Reid I respond to both” You nodded and looked at your hands “So, who did hurt you?” You rolled your eyes standing up “That is none of your business, the only one hurting me right now is you!” “Y/N, Y/N, I-I didn’t mean to I just want you to know I’m here for you.” You shook your head “You don’t know me.” He was silent, you sighed and looked down at him “Listen, I appreciate you being there for me but we’re on the job and I don’t mix personal and work.” You walked inside coming face to face with Derek “You like pretty boy?” You shook your head scrunching your face “He’s cute but I dont know him and I dont date.” He furrowed his eyebrows “What do you mean you dont date?” You groaned and pulled him into a room by his wrist “Listen carefully, obviously I trust you enough to say this I don’t know how but I trust you. I was in an abusive relationship he was my first love and he hurt me really bad, he took away the part of me that was able to love another person.” Tears are streaming down your face you took in a sharp breath and looked at Derek “One thing that I am not, I’m not weak.” Derek’s eyebrows furrowed and he shook his head “I don’t think you’re weak” “Really? Whats the reason why you wouldn’t let me back in the room?” Derek sighed and walked closer to you “Because you remind me of my little sisters, I feel the need to protect you. I didnt mean for you to think I thought you were weak thats not the case, now lets get back in there and find Sarah, and don’t let him get to you.” You nodded and followed him back into the room “Y/N do you want one of us to go in with you?” You shook your head and looked at the man through the glass. “I think I got it, I cooled down and I’m ready.” Aaron nodded and handed the file back to you. You took a deep breath and walked back in the room he didn’t even look your way you strutted over to the table letting the flies fall on the table making a loud slapping sound which caused him to flinch and look up at you “Has my princess returned to me?” This man was clearly tired but you didn’t care in fact you used it to your advantage he would soon become irritated and just give her up. You sat down leaving the file closed, you stared at him “So, to answer your question. My father did, not physically but emotionally. He cheated on my mother just like you did to your ex wife and you know what he did after that? he left us, he left behind a 4 year old and a wife of 12 years. Thats who hurt me, you are doing the exact thing to Sarah that my father did to me!” his eyes went dark and you saw his fists clench “I’m not hurting-” “You are hurting your daughter! Right now she is afraid and you wanna know who caused that fear? You! You caused that she could be at home right now with her mother the only parent that truly cares but instead she’s tied up somewhere scared to death because her dad doesn’t know how to own up to his actions.” You were so angry your face was turning red you heard Derek on your ear piece “Y/N chill out we need him to tell us where Sarah is.” You took a deep breath and sat back in your chair “Just tell me where Sarah is.” He remained silent you rolled your eyes. You stood up walking around the table a couple times. “So, we could sit here playing mind games or you could tell me where Sarah is. I know you remember so you might as well tell us.” The man licked his lips watching you walk and just as you passed him again his hand reached out and grabbed your butt you swiftly turned around and pushed him against the wall, your eyes turned dark as you held him firmly against the wall “If you ever do that again I will add sexual assult charges onto your long list of charges, do I make myself clear?” He smirked and you felt a pair of strong but slender arms wrap around your waist and you were being carried out of the room you struggles in his arms “Put me down.” He set you down and you turned around looking at Spencer “What the hell, I was handling that.” Spencer chuckled and looked at you “Really? Because It looked like you had a man that could snap you in two up against a wall.” You rolled your eyes and handed Spencer the files “You think you could do better, go for it.” Spencer took the files walking into the room a few minutes later Spencer got the location you watched Spencer leave the room and walk straight up to you pushing the files into your chest. “Learn how to deal with suspects better.” You heard the coldness in his voice. “Reid” Hotch’s voice boomed from behind you Spencer rolled his eyes walking past both of you. You turned and looked at Hotch. 

“Maybe I’m not fit to be here.” 

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t been active at all. I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to post any fics at all. I’m sorry


Same shit, different year.

Y/N’s p.o.v.
‘Well, we can’t just ignore them Y/N" it was that time of year, the holidays were fast approaching which meant going to visit each other’s family. “I know that and that’s not what I’m saying, Robbie. Why don’t we just go see your family and send mine a card? There’s always drama when we go see my family and for once I would like to enjoy a Christmas without any issues” I sigh, folding a t-shirt and putting it in my suitcase. “Family is family, Y/N. No matter what” Robbie says watching me from the bed, having finished packing 3 days ago, but as usual, I left until the day before we left. Christmas with my family was never enjoyable, and now that Robbie and I started spending the holidays together Christmas with my family was a dreadful time, for both of us. The holidays with my family got worse when Robbie cane on to the scene, and each year was worse than the year before. “Y/N, we can’t skip out on your parents. It’s rude” “but you don’t want to go either. Why cause trouble when it can be avoided?” “We can’t do that. Yes, things get bad but we can’t just not go and see them” Robbie says rolling off the bed and practicality ‘thumping’ down the hallway. Why would I want to go spend time with a father who disrespects my boyfriend and a mother who has stepdaughters who don’t know when they have crossed the line. Having divorced parents was never fun, but this made it 10 times worse.

“You ready to go?” Robbie calls from the kitchen, gathering the last of our bags, placing them by the back door, “as ready as I’ll ever be” Robbie insisted that we leave at 5am claiming that ‘it was better to get an early start and beat the traffic’. It was a 6 hours drive to my dad’s and an additional 3 and a half from there to my mums, so I guess an early start time for our trip is a good idea.

Robbie had been driving for 4 hours so we switched over for the last 2 hours. The whole trip I had been trying to convince myself that maybe this year would be different. But as we pulled into my dad’s driveway, that feeling completely disappeared. I felt like my stomach was in a huge lump in my throat. Robbie jumped out of the car, running around to my door, opening it and helping me out. Robbie never let go of my hand, sensing my dread. “Now or never right” Robbie says, tighten his grip on my hand slightly. “I’m going with ‘never’” “Y/N” I sigh, nodding. “Fine” Robbie smiles, “thats my girl”. Walking to the door seemed like the longest walk of my life. I know, I’m being over dramatic, but on the other side if that door, meant nothing but hate and arguments. “Y/N, how are you, darl-oh, I see you bought ‘him’ with you” We haven’t even walked inside the house and the shit had already started.

“Have you seen your mother yet?” Dad asks as we sit around the dinner table, waiting for his new wife, Rose, to bring the food out, “Umm, no. Robbie and I are heading to see her after we leave here. It’s easier to come here first since you’re closer” “I see. And then will you go see ‘his’ parents” I sigh, I’m getting sick of this. “Thats enough. ‘His’ name is Robbie. Not ‘his’ or 'him’ or 'that one’. Robbie. Say it with me, Dad. I’ll even spell it out for you, R-O-B-B-I-E. Robbie, say it, dad. It’s easy” “Don’t you dare speak to me that way, Y/N. Not in my house” dad says, standing up from the table, a stern look smacked across his face. That’s when you know shits about to get real. “Why should I respect you when you don’t respect the man I love! Robbie doesn’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this. Robbie has been nothing but respectful to you and to your wife and you can’t even give him a single bit of respect. Don’t even bother unpacking the car cause we are not staying. Come on, Robbie. Let’s go somewhere where you’re treated with respect” I say, removing myself from the table as Dad storms off to who knows where. Robbie reluctantly follows me out to the car, “Y/N?” He calls softly, “I mean it, Robbie. I’m not staying in the same house as him. I don’t have to put up with him disrespecting you. YOU don’t have to put up with that” he sighs, “I know you know I’m right, Robbie. That look on your face says everything” he pulls me into his chest, resting his chin on top of my head, “I’m happy that you’re sticking up for me, sticking up for us, Y/N. I really am. But I don’t want to get in the way of your relationship with your dad” We were interrupted when Rose came out of the house. “Oh I’m glad you haven’t left yet. I put some food in these to-go containers for you both. Drive safely alright" Robbie takes the containers while I hug Rose. “Thank you, Rose. I’m sorry dinner was ruined” “Oh dear, I understand why you said what you did. It’s not fair for your father to treat Robbie like that” she says giving Robbie a hug, “maybe next year will be different” I say rolling my eyes, like that would ever happen. “We’ll just have to wait and see. You two better get going before it gets too late. Let me know when you get there okay, I would hate for something to happen to you both” Robbie smiles, getting in the car “Come on, misses. Rose it right” I nod, “coming. Say bye to dad for me, please” I say giving Rose one last hug, “will do, sweet. Stay safe, okay?” I nod softly before getting into the drivers seat of the car.

“Can you call my mum and let her know we’re like, 20 minutes away?” I say, taking my phone out of my pocket and passing it to Robbie, “Hi mum, Y/N wanted me to let you know that we’ll be arriving at your house in 20 minutes roughly… yeah, I know. We’ll explain when we get to you. Will do.. Alright, bye” he hangs up and slides my phone back into my pocket, “what did she say “that we are 3 days early. But she’ll have the spare room sorted by the time we get there” I nod, stopping at a red light and looking over at him. “What?” “I love you, Robbie” he smiles, placing his hands on my thigh, “I love you too, Y/N”

“My darlings!” My mum yells, rushing out of the house and wrapping Robbie and I in a hug as soon as we reach the front door, “Hi mum” I say as she let’s us go, “how are you both? Ron will help unpack the car” Ron was mums new partner, after dad and the divorce she never saw the need to remarry, atleast not any time soon but I could see she would marry Ron at one point. “We’re both good mum, at least we are now anyway” mum shakes her head “your father, I swear he will always be a pain” she mumbled as she followed us inside.

Robbie’s p.o.v.
“Morning Robbie!” Samantha, one of Ron’s 3 daughters, squeals as she rushes into the kitchen, “morning, Sam” I say, my ears ringing. We were soon joined by Emily and Lucy, Ron’s other 2 daughters. “Ohh Robbie, I’ve missed you!” Lucy says as she snakes her arms around my waist, locking me in her grip. “Uhh, yeeeaah, I’ve, umm, missed you too?” I say trying to pry myself out of her grip. “Lucy, let him go, Robbie is taking me to the movies!” Emily says, pulling Lucy away from me, 'please hurry, Y/N’ I think to myself as the 3 girls argue over who was doing what with me today. “Morning everyone” Y/N chirps (A/N is that weird to say? Like do people actually say that or no?) as she enters the kitchen, making herself coffee, Samantha, Emily and Lucy all mumbled 'morning’ back not taking their attention away from me.

Y/N’s p.o.v.
Go to see my dad, Robbie gets treated like shit. Go to my mums and he can’t be left alone. How has my family not scared him off by that?. Time to save him. “Hey, Robbie. Do you want to head out and do that last little bit of shopping for your family?” “Yes!” Robbie says immediately, standing up from the table. “Lets go then, see you later girls” they all moan as Robbie rushes out to the car, he couldn’t get out of here fast enough. “Makes me sick” I say as I open the car door and climb in. “What does?” “The way dad treats you. The way the blonde squad throw themselves at you. This is why I don’t like going to see my family, as bad as it sounds. But it’s the same shit every year” “hey. Family is family, no matter what they do, Y/N. Let them flirt with me, I only have eyes for you, Love. You’re the one I want, and the only one” Robbie says leaning over from the passenger seat and pecking my cheek, “thanks. But next year, we are only going to see your family” I say, starting the car up. “You say that every year, Y/N!” Robbie says laughing, I roll my eyes as I pull out of the drive way, “I mean it, Robbie” “yeah yeah, same shit different year, I know” he says smirking at me.


A/N sorry it’s taken so long! I’ve been trying to settle in at uni and it’s taken a lil while to get on top of everything, but I have everything under control and can start writing again. This imagine is kind of on the longer side so I’m not sure how I feel about it but yeah. Hope you like it

Oral (Blowjob) Insecurities

Have you written a one shot about blowjob insecurities? Like its your first time?

I haven’t, but I wrote this for you. Hope it’s okay? xxoo


I already like her and now she comes to me with this surprising request? What am I supposed to say?

“I’m so sorry Dan.  Forget I said anything” Y/n says with a stressed face before she quickly turns to leave my apartment, but I quickly take hold of her wrist.


“What?” She questions quietly

“okay. I’ll… Help? You”

“Are you sure Dan?… I mean, I don’t want to ruin our friendship and I’ll probably be really bad and-“

“y/n relax.” I instruct calmly.

How will I handle all of this later? The girl I’ve been in love with ever since I met her is coming to me, anxiety ridden as she stresses about her date coming the next day. And what is it she needs help with? Well… She’s never given a blowjob.

“Come on” I say as I take her hand in mine, leading her to my bedroom. The tension builds as I close the door and stand right in front of her.

“What do you want me to do?” she whispers, looking down shyly. I place a finger under her chin and lift her head to face me.

“Could I get a kiss? You know… To start the mood..” I question, and that became the best moment of my life as she stood on her tip toes and slowly connected her lips to mine.

You know how in love stories, the whole world slows down and spins around the two as fireworks go off in the background? The whole cliche moment… Thats honestly how it felt. I pull her closer to me, wrapping my arms around her waist as I enjoy the softness and sweetness of her lips. The kiss deepens slightly before we pull away for air. We open our eyes slowly, taking in the moment before looking into each others eyes.

“s-so um…what should I do now?” Y/n asks quietly, reminding me that this was all practice to her.

The thought makes my heart sink… I thought she felt something too. The way she kept her eyes shut when we pulled apart and the deep breath she took before looking up at me with reddened cheeks.

“uh.. Do.. fuck. Turn me on as much as you want, when you’re ready remove my jeans.” My instructions weren’t great, but it was so hard to think.

Y/n gently ran her hands up my chest, tangling her fingers into my hair before attaching her lips to the skin of my neck. I placed my hands on her hips, pulling them against my own. Her fingers trailed back down and she was soon rubbing my hard on through my jeans.

“s-shit” I groan out as Y/n starts to undo the buckle of my (useless) belt. Once she undos my jeans, they fall own my thighs, revealing my tenting boxers.

I reach over my shoulders and tug my shirt off quickly before holding the back of her neck as she kisses me again. I inhale deeply as Y/n’s hand snakes into my boxers and she wraps her hand around my cock.

“oh my god” I breath as our lips disconnect.

Y/n leaves wet kisses down my chest, stomach, all the way down until she’s on her knees in front of me. She takes hold of the elastic of my boxers and pulls them down, my erection springing free and standing at attention. She wraps her hand around me, pumping slowly as she looks up at me with those gorgeous eyes.

“W-what do I do?” She questions

“kiss the t-tip” I say, and she instantly follows my instructions, her soft lips meeting my cock as she kisses up the shaft and on the tip. I can’t help the little whimpers that leave my lips as I look down at my dream girl doing sinful things to me.

“When your ready… take as much as you can into your mouth, s-suck and massage with your tongue” I say as she continues leaving wet kisses.

As her innocent eyes look into mine, I moan out as she slowly takes my cock into her mouth. She moves her tongue around me perfectly and I know I won’t last long.

I reach down and hold her hair behind her head, allowing me a better view of her beautiful face. She starts to bob her head up and down, starting slow but eventually picking up her pace. For her first time ever doing this, it was amazing… Or maybe its just because I’m so in love with her.

“s-shit..Baby, I’m gonna cum…” I warn her, her time to decide if she wants to swallow it or not. I moan out her name as I cum into her mouth. She sucks a bit more, making my knees go week before she pulls off with a ‘pop’.        

As soon as she stands up, I pick her up and carry her to the bed. I lay her down and hover over her. She smiles up at me before asking

“Dan, what are you-“

I interrupt her by placing my lips on hers, and she instantly kisses back, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Don’t go on that date tomorrow… Please?” I beg quietly. She places a hand on my cheek.

“I don’t want to go to that date tomorrow.. at least, not with him” She replies, and I can’t help but smile as I kiss her again.

“So… can I pay you back now for that amazing blow job?”

Error x Ink fanfic

(part 6)

~Ink’s Pov~

Wow…I …..I never though…I’ll be felling like this…..
Im in love…with error….
Does he love me back?……probably not….
When I has still lost in my mind error walk in and sit next to me on the bed without me noticing

~Error’s Pov~

Does he really don’t notice that Im here?!
For fucks sake!
He’s going to pay >:)

I start tickling him like crazy and he laughs REALLY hard to the point he has crying and fell of the bed

Ink: haha…ha……Did you really have to do that!? You know that Im ticklish!

Error: yup thats the point

Ink: you idiot

Error: hehe I guess you ca call me that!

I help him to get back up and we start laughing like two idiots
Then I look at his eyes

~Ink’s Pov~

His eyes….were so ….beautiful. They were sparkling and looking at mine as his face got closer to mine
Then he puts one hand on my cheek and I put mine on his shoulders
I could’t control my body, he has just going forward
This has really happening!?

And we kissed
He gently pressed his lips (fuck logic of skeletons) on mine, then we put both of his hands on my hips and we kissed more deeply

~Error’s Pov~

*internal screaming*

You're Just a Fuckboy - Derek Luh Imagine

Request: Derek luh imagine where he is head over heels for you but you think that he’s just a fuckboy but then he convinces you that he’s not




Im slicing fruit in the kitchen for the boys when I hear quiet whispers coming from the living room I can’t help but eavesdrop. 

“Dude, Im telling you I want something with Y/N not just a friends with benefits kind of deal.” Derek whispers to Sammy.

“Like a relationship?” Sammy asks with a grin across his face.

“Whats with the grin wilkinson?” Derek asks through gritted teeth. 

“Good luck with that.” Sammy chuckles. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Derek asks getting angrier by the second. 

“The only thing she sees you as is a fuckboy nothing more.” Sammy sighs out all the boys around the room nod their heads in agreement.

“We’ll see about that.” Derek says leaning back in his chair turning his attention back to the tv. 

Derek likes me? I can’t like him after all he’s just a fuckboy and he has a list of little sluts to prove it. I pick up all the sliced fruit and set it on a glass tray then make my way back out to the living room where the guys are. 

“What’d I miss?” I ask already knowing I missed nothing well you know because Im a little snooper. 

“Nothing much. Thanks for cutting up some food for us Y/N.” Derek says with a smile and reaching to grab a strawberry. 

Is he being nice to me? Oh my God he is flirting. I blush and pick up glasses and walk back into the kitchen. As I’m washing dishes I feel a body pressed against mine. I dropped the dishes and turned around to see Derek with a cute smile. 

“Hey Mami. Want any help with anything?” Derek says softly. 

“No, I think I can handle it.” I say a little shaky. 

“Well I have to ask you a question.” Derek says stepping closer to me once again. 

“O-Okay.” I stutter already knowing whats coming. 

“Would you like to go on a date with me Saturday night?” Derek asks with a confident look in his eyes. 

“No.” I say and turn around continuing to wash dishes. 

“No?” Derek says scratching the back of his head. 

“No. Thats what I said.” 

“Why did you say no?” Derek asks looking down at the ground. 

I sigh and push the hair out of my face. I tun around crossing my arms over my chest. “Look Derek you are a nice guy and all but I know your past and present. You my friend are what you call a fuckboy. Sorry to burst your bubble.” I say studying Derek’s facial expressions. Damn he was cute when he thought. 

“Im not a fuckboy and I’ll prove it to you.” Derek says and grabs his keys and walks out of my apartment. 

I think to myself for a moment thinking about what he meant that he’ll ‘prove it’ to me. 

“Did Derek leave?” Nate asks.

“Yeah, I called I’m a-.”

“Fuckboy. I could tell we had a conversation about it earlier. I think he really likes you though, he doesn’t just go out of his way to do something for some random girl.” Nate says with his hands in is pockets. 

“Im not some random girl Nate.” I say looking at the door.

“Exactly.” Nate mutters and walks back to join the rest of the boys. 

Its been over 2 days since I saw Derek and I knew he was planning something all the boys seemed to know what he was up to. 

“Please at least tell me where I’m going.” I whined at Nate as he blindfolded me and put me in the car. 

A few hours earlier I received a red flowy dress attached with a note from Derek that said:

Wear this tonight. Nate will pick you up at 5:00 bring a pair of comfortable shoes for later. XOXO -Derek

Nate let out a low chuckle and buckled me up. “Not today lil mama, you know who wants this to be a surprise.” 

I groan out in frustration and lean my head back on the head rest. About 30 minutes later I feel the car come to a halt and my door open with Nate pulling me out of the car. I grab his forearm as he leads me up a long set of stairs. Nate sets me down in a chair at a table and takes my blindfold off. 

My jaw drops I am absolutely stunned by what I see. Glimmering lights, a nice arrangement of Italian food, the soft sound of waves crashing onto the beach. I look to where I am standing. Inside of a beautiful woodwork gazebo. 

“Enjoying what you see Y/N?” I hear a familiar voice say. 

“Its so gorgeous Derek.” I breath out and turn to walk towards him. 

He pulls me into a hug and kisses my forehead. “Do I look like a fuckboy now?” 

I shake my head no. “I had you all wrong Luh. This is perfect.” 

“Thats what I wanted to hear.” 

Derek takes my hand and starts to slow dance with me to the sound of “Falling in love with you.” I giggle at his song choice and rest my head against his chest inhaling his scent.

“So will you go out with me now?” Derek asks giving me a hopeful look. 

“How could I say no.” I whisper and place my lips against his incredibly soft lips. 

Hello, baby. Part 6.

I see the lust in his eyes and it drives me crazy. He pulls me into him “I’m going to take my time with you baby.” He kisses my collarbone and starts to give me a hickey. I let out a small moan and he pulls me closer. I push him back on the couch and straddle him, I can feel him against me and I let out a shaky breath like I was relieved. He was so hard already.

 “Take me home daddy.” I whisper in his ear.

He picks me up with my legs still straddling him, his hands are on my ass as he carries me out and I love it. The car ride home if full of him running his hands all over my body and our tongues fighting each other. He is massaging one nipple and his mouth is connected to mine. I let out moans in his mouth and he growls deep in his throat. We get home and he carries me over his shoulder into the bedroom, I’m laughing at the whole situation. He gently puts me in the bed and he’s getting serious. I hold in my laughter. I sit up on my knees. “What is it baby?” I ask him as I slide the dress over my head, revealing the lace, black lingerie that leaves nothing to the imagination. I lay back down and spread my legs and tell him to come here with my finger. He looks like he is going to devour me and I can’t wait. He slowly walks towards me like he’s stalking his prey. He rests his hand on my foot and runs his fingers up my leg as he walks to me, I close my eyes and bit my lip. He squeezes the inside of my thigh. He is standing next to me while I’m laying on the bed in anticipation. He runs his hand up and down the front of the lingerie giving me goosebumps. He pulls his knife out and I let out a slight moan. 

“You are going to ruin all the things you bought me with that knife baby.” I bite my lip as he gets closer with the blade. He doesn’t say anything. He slips the blade underneath the lace and slowly lifts is forward and up, perfectly slicing through the fabric. He lets out a quit growl seeing every part of me. 

“Do you know what you do to me?” He leans in and whispers in my ear. 

I point to the bulge in his pants “This?” I laugh a little and he shows a grin. I grab onto his bulge and start stroking it on the outside of his pants. He grunts and grabs the headboard, once he adjust i stop. He goes to the end of the bed and bites and kisses my ankles, calfs, knees, thighs. I grip the sheets a little tighter. He looks up at me 

“Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty….” he starts to smile and i can feel his breath on my pussy. I let out a moan.

“Please daddy! Ill be a good girl! Please, please please daddy!” I beg. He loves it

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He moves closer knowing I need him now. He glides his tongue gently on my slit and i push my hips forward, he places his hand on my lower stomach holding me down as he slides his tongue in and has it circling all over. He has to put more pressure on my stomach, i put my leg on his back and i’m screaming his name. I cant take it much longer and he knows it. He puts three fingers in me with no warning and my back arches and grab on to the sheets. His fingers are hitting my spot and i cum within seconds, he lets out a big growl and he grabs my legs and pulls me to the end of the bed, i start to giggle, “Cant even give me a second!” i turn over like a good girl an he grabs my arms behind me and cuffs them. 

“J! This was not part of the deal!” I start to laugh, a little nervous at the same time.

“You said you would be a good girl. Show daddy you can be a good girl.”
He smacks my ass and i let out a squeak, i giggle again. 

He doesn’t give any warning again and thrust himself in me all the way, i let out a scream that is pleasure and pain and i instantly tighten around him. He groans and keeps thrusting as a fast pace, he is pulling and the chain on the handcuffs causing my back to arch toward him so he can get deeper. I moan with every thrust. He starts to loose his rhythm and i can tell he’s going to cum and so am I. He pulls out and rubs the tip against my swollen clit and I moan so loud I think if he had neighbors they would of woken up. He does it again. 

“You get so wet baby. You are a good girl.” He slides himself back in me and i almost loose it. 

“Not yet darling!” He says in staggered breaths. I try and hold myself together but i can barley hold on much longer. 

“Daddy please let me cum!” I moan out. 

“Not yet baby girl!” he snaps back and his force is harder and his speed is faster, I know he’s going to let go soon. I let out another moan 

“Daddy! Please!” I barley have any breath in me. 

“Now baby!” He growls. 

We both release at the same time, I tighten around him and he lets himself go inside me and we both are breathing heavy together. He waits a second before pulling out and lets out a purr like sound when he does. I sigh and wait to be un-cuffed with my face down in the sheets. 

He grins at me, “Such a beautiful sight darling. Such a good little girl.” 

He smacks my ass and i smile with my eyes closed. He knows he has exhausted me of all my energy and he is satisfied. He un does the cuffs and pulls me up to the top of the bed. He is laying on his back with his boxers back on and his eyes are closed and his mouth is straight. ‘I wish i could just get in his head sometimes’ I have the sheets wrapped around me since all the clothes were cut, i am just looking at him and all his beauty, still wondering what he he would be like if he was still that boy in the picture. Where would I be. I shake the thought out of my head. 

“Whats on your mind?” I ask him and his eyes stay closed. 

“Things baby girl, just things.” He lets out a sigh and turns on his side facing me. “Whats on yours?” he asks looking directly into my eyes. 

“That i’m happy here. Happy with you.” I give him a smile and not much of a reaction comes from him 

“Thats nice darling.” is all i get out of him and he goes back laying on his back.

“Can i, can i get closer to you?” I ask not sure if what i said has upset him.

“Mmhmm” Is all i hear. He moves his arm for me to come into him. 

Once im there he puts his arm at my waist. I trace some scars on his chest again. 

“Can i hear a story about one of your scars now?” I look up at him with his face expressionless and his eyes still shut.

“Sure. I cant promise it will be a pleasant story.” He almost gives a shrug.

I trace a few and stop at one that is about 2 inches and is right by his ribs. “This one?” I keep my finger on it.

“Hmm, that one was from being stabbed by Batsy himself.” His voice sounds confident. 

“Stabbed? What happened?” i’m curious.

“Well we were robbing a bank, everything was going smoothly and one of he guards didn’t watch to make sure the silent alarm didn’t get touched, The Bat showed up within seconds. I love a good fight darling, you should know that. I went after him, guns blazing and hit his shoulder. I got caught up in the moment and he was making his way towards me with a knife, i managed to turn my body but not enough for him to miss. I kicked him in the face and we got out of there, with $22 mil. I might add. I pulled out the knife, cleaned the wound and stitched it back up. Thats what happened.”

My eyes must be lit up because he gives me a grin and says “Ill tell you more stories another night.” 

I nod in agreement and go back to tracing the scar. I can hear his breathing get shallower knowing he is falling asleep and also knowing he will be wide awake in a few hours. I cant sleep. I stay tucked under his arm while he sleeps. ‘So this is what he looks like sleeping? Smudged lips, lightly closed eyes, loose, peaceful, gorgeous.’ 
I get out from under his arm, it starts to get hot, he still lays there. I get up and wrap a blanket around me. I see where he dropped his pants from the activities before, they are at the edge of the bed. I go over and pick them up and fold them up and set them on a chair in the room. My eyes shoot to J when he flinches, he’s still sleeping. I walk to the bathroom and wash my face, he is still sleeping. He looks like he is getting sweaty but he hasn’t moved. He looks even more flushed, i debate on waking him up but i feel frozen. ‘Is he dreaming? A, a nightmare? Is he sick?’ My eyes are stuck on him. He springs up with an angry scowl, the sheets still covering his lower half, his eyes are wide, he takes a few deep breaths and wipes his face with his hands. He hasn’t seen me yet. He looks next to him and realize i’m not there, he scans the room quickly and find me “What are you doing up?” His voice is tired. 

“I couldn’t sleep.” I say quietly, almost whispering. 

“Why? Whats wrong?” I don’t know if he is actually awake still of sleep talking, so i don’t say anything. 

“Kat, are you ok?” He asks again pulling me from my lost thoughts.

“Yeah, yes i am. I don’t know, I just couldn’t close my eyes.” i pause. “Are, are you ok?” I sound nervous, i am nervous.

“Yes.” He’s short, so he’s lying. 

“You sure J? You can tell me if something is bother you.” i go and sit on the bed next to him.

“Its nothing to worry about. Try and gets some sleep darling.” He lays back down and pulls me down with him, he kisses me and i kiss him back. I reach for his hand and he complies, “I want to touch you still.” I whisper to him. I close my eyes and suddenly feel exhausted.

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“Good night J.” I whisper

“Goodnight baby.” He whispers back.

~warning: smut~

“Hey lovey, it’s almost time for your stream!" 

You reminded Jordan from across the apartment. You had been staying with him while you were in LA and the two of you had been spending almost all your time together. You walked over into his office where he was sat reading emails and put a glass of juice next to his computer. 

"Jordan?” You asked laughing quietly at his level of concentration.

 "Yeah sorry. What did you say, Y/N?“ He asked looking up at you and smiling apologetically. 

"I was just telling you that you need to stream!” You remind him again laughing. 

“Oh! Of course!” He explains jumping up from his desk. 

“Where are you going?” You ask curiosity appearing on your face. 

“What? I can’t give my beautiful girlfriend a kiss?” he asks sliding his hand behind your back and using it as leverage to pull you closer to him. 

You giggled as his fingers brushed against your side and you leaned your forehead against his only just pecking his lips with yours. 

“Thats all I get?” He asks with a smirk across his face. 

You lift your hand up cupping his checking and pulling him in for a more passionate kiss. 

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