and that wristband really

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hey mom! shirts are $40 and then they have 2 regular posters that are both $10 and then there are wristbands/bracelet things that are $5 and that's all i really saw/remember, i hope it helps!

ugh why are they so spensive

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BLESS Lindsey for saying Abby is Raven's only family, and that she wants more scenes between them!! (nice ones, please, JRoth :/). I need more supportive Abby/Raven! I want what we had in S1!

I had high hopes for so much more from them in the S3 finale, so I agree!  I was hella headcanon-ing about the two of them teaming up to figure out how to fight ALIE together, with Raven’s mechanic brain and Abby’s doctor brain, so I was bummed we only got that one scene of them talking about the wristbands before that thread ended.  I’m really interested to see if EVERYONE coming out of the CoL is superpowered like Raven in some way - like, does Abby have a super genius doctor brain now? - and if that could lead to the two of them being science BAMFs together in the coming season.  But mostly, after a season of them at odds because Raven was lashing out at Abby because of her own pain, I want to see them on a team together.  Ship it or not (I do, others don’t, your mileage may vary), they have incredible chemistry and bring out a fun new side in each other that I love watching.

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hhhh i don't know what to do bc this morning i got my wristband to meet shane dawson and i threw up in the car on the way back and im so scared im gonna be sick for the m+g !!! i waited 4 hours for the wristband and he is my #1 favorite youtuber and i really don't wanna miss something like this:((

:( hmm maybe ur just nervous honey!! d'ya get car sick? because hold your finger down on the inside of your wrist n that helps me!! but y'just gotta breathe, sugar. calm down n hopefully y'just got a lil nervous. i hope you’re okay n have a good time!!



((Sadly my fears have come to pass… the victims this time were Daisuke Bandai and…. Asahina. And given the locked room, the culprits had to have been Miaya ,Great Gozu, or Makoto. I do like the stipulations of the forbidden actions with the wristbands. But it’s really sad to finally see a survivor die.))

((Also, if Miaya only speaks through Monomi, perhaps that’s why she has no VA, which lessens the possibility of her being Monaca in disguise, though I’m still not ruling it out.))