and that wouldn't be very nice

brought this to school for a project but I decided to take it back and just submit a picture instead, cause I could never replace it if it got lost. c:

i just had a dream that i met adam in my home town and he SPRINTED up to me and he was really excited about some video they were shooting and i was like wtf take a picture w me???? but no matter hOW MANY SELFIES we took they all came out BLURRY which is weird bc ive had that dream once before (about adam again omg) and then he SMASHED his cheek against my cheek and was like LAST TRY !!!! so we tried again and it still came out blurry wtf @ dream me

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“I’d pick the edge of the coin, a nice balance of both. Cause lets face it, whose completely sane in this kind of world and greatness is a very vague description. What about you? which do you pick?”

“Safer to be both I guess. I mean I would choose one over the other since I don’t think I’ve lost my marbles but I don’t want you thinking I’m too cocky considering we just met.”


very quick and messy prototype (not sewn, only pinned) for a convertible dress! basically the skirt is two-sided and has straps sewn on the underside, so when you fold it up and tie the straps together, it hides the dress underneath. i used the only materials i had to hand to test it out, which happened to be Super Heavy and bulky fabrics, but i think if i made this up with some light cotton or satin in black and white it could look really nice :)

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why don't you have a nice theme here?

I bought a new laptop about a year ago (my old one gave up the ghost) and it doesn’t agree with me really - I bought it just after my breakup and didn’t research it, just grabbed it, and it’s very bad.

so I generally avoid tumblr on my laptop most of the time nowadays, which makes me incredibly sad because I used to love adding pictures/gifs to posts, etc, and also finding and adjusting my theme!!! but alas I am doomed to mobile until I can afford a new laptop

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Thank you so much for being so amazing and hosting these EM games :)

awwwwwwww you’re very welcome! i was a bit late with the hosting of these games today (i was feeling sick & decided to take a nap to sweat out a fever, but i overslept) but i’m glad everyone got to together again today!

the mcmemefia fam has been a wonderful group of people that i tend to always look forward to playing with every friday, so i am always up for hosting! i’m just glad you & many others are enjoying yourself as well!

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Why would you ever regret watching the history video?

Because yeah, okay, the video was nice I guess and made me feel nostalgic and all that. And I know the boys work hard to make music and videos that they think we’ll enjoy and I love them and I appreciate it- none of that is the problem. I wish I hadn’t done anything to support the greater machine that is 1DHQ, especially recently.

Whether you think Larry is real or not/the baby is Louis’ or not, you can’t deny that Syco/Modest!/who-the-fuck-ever has fostered and unhealthy environment filled with bullying, gaslighting, stalking, and a total disregard of safety/privacy (UAs and ‘insiders’). Not to mention the disgusting things they’re willing to do for promo. They’ve crossed a line for me whether the baby is Louis’ or not, because the way the situation has been handled from the start is disgusting to me and since the ‘birth’ it’s only gotten worse. And I know it’s 'just the business’ but I have a choice in what I want to support.

So I’m saying, I wish I had chosen not to show any support for the History video and I’m completely justified in feeling that way.

I don’t recall what movie it was, but there was a line in it that I think about all the time. It said:

“Before you make any major decision, masturbate. See if you still feel the same afterwards.”

I find that to be very good advice.

So here’s a nice little list of things people have been convinced at one point I’ve had, arranged by time people (outside of myself) have thought. Bolded are ones that were professionally diagnosed and italicised are things that professionals have thought I’ve had.

Autism (I was very young, no longer accurate)
Borderline Personality Disorder
Premenstrual Syndrome
Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Depression (I don’t know if this is still accurate)
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Panic Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Depersonalisation-Derealisation Disorder
Selective Eating Disorder
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (I think confused with anxiety?)
Partial Seizures

This is getting ridiculous. No one knows that the heck is going on, and every time I think I understand and can deal with it new stuff happens. I don’t think any of this is even with a cause besides my own personality screwing up my entire life because I’m not fit to exist. I’m just so tired. I just want to feel my emotions to their proper extent , but not if it means they’re dulled down. I don’t believe in getting better the same way I don’t believe in mental stability or not zoning through multiple perspectives. I’m tired, and I don’t understand why people are taking me serious now. 

This is so ridiculous. Are you even looking at this? It’s too fucking surreal. The idea of having anything is too surreal. I’m sick of it. I just want to stay unmedicated and see where it goes, but I could no longer cope at the very top like I want to.

I think I should learn to draw

I think it would make things better for me

creativity that I care about, but don’t have the crushing weight of passion for that I do for writing

I’d put less pressure on myself because I’m not an artist

it might be nice

cal’s a cool guy. he’s funny and asks questions about me leon normally wouldn’t. and he likes my bosom ahahahhaha.


Roy had gotten himself nice and prepped, a charcoal jacket, white no-collar longsleeve, and then matching dark charcoal slacks, he was professionally tasteful in his attire. Those grey-blue eyes gazed down to her as a small smile curled up his cheek.
“You are ravishing to the eyes Claire, it is very good example of professional attire expected for conferences and business meetings.” He acknowledged, was he taking her on a date, or was he critiquing her performance of getting dressed?

Claire stared in awe at how handsome he looked. She wasn’t expecting him to go full out. She flashed him a smile, putting a stray hair behind her ear. “Thanks. You’re easy on the eyes too.” 

Grabbing her purse from the coat-hanger, she turned to him. “Shall we get going?” If anything, this feels more like a date than getting to know your co-workers.