and that wouldn't be very nice

Wouldn't It Be Nice
  • Wouldn't It Be Nice
  • The Beach Boys
  • Sounds Of Summer - The Very Best of The Beach Boys

100 Days Song Challenge

Day 26: A good 60’s song.

  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice - The Beach Boys (Sounds Of Summer - The Very Best of The Beach Boys)

"Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wake up
In the morning when the day is new
And after having spent the day together
Hold each other close the whole night through”

brought this to school for a project but I decided to take it back and just submit a picture instead, cause I could never replace it if it got lost. c:

A list of things you can do with celery
  • Throw it away
  • Burn it
  • Throw it in a river
  • Get rid of it
  • Put it in a jar so it can’t get out and do anything bad
  • Bury it so it can’t hurt anyone
  • Throw it at your enemies so it will kill them instead of you
  • Make a nice campfire with it
  • Light it on fire

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where did u get ur fake lip ring?

i ordered it from here (it’s a webstire just like ebay) and it’s very cheap

dnfanfictionrecs replied to your post “If L had won do you think he would have taken Light’s name for…”

It’s nice to suggest this idea, but of course not. The name “Kira” is too infamous for it to be used as a secret alias. It’s unlike “Ryuzaki” who wasn’t very much heard of. Kira is already known as “that one criminal who tried to overtake the world.”

Probably not Kira specifically, but I’d say there definitely would have been a possibility of him using the name ‘Light’, especially if Kira’s identity had been kept a secret.

…I amused myself the other night by beginning something about the dysfunctional antics of the Damask family unit (of sorts) + Tenebrous and little Plagueis’s proposal to, as a sort of educational project, make and market …Jedi-shaped candy… (the inspiration was definitely Order 66 gingerbread, but also Star Wars “fruit” snacks I saw at the store)

is this something anyone would want to actually read?

I was having a bout of really bad insecurity with my looks earlier today, and I was being very negative about myself, despite my friends trying their best to reassure me. But this random guy, who I hardly even knew, started to say a bunch of nice things about me, like how I had good looks and a nice outfit and such, and he was saying it all with such sincerity. It made me so happy to receive all these compliments from somebody that didn’t even know me, and it gave me some much-needed confidence in my looks ;A;

whiteravenandblackdove replied to your post “((no but seriously take a minute out of your day to listen to the…”


((Akihiko Sanada is a man of many shortcomings.))

((He is oblivious to suggestive circumstances.
He is often blind to the feelings of others, without intending to be.
He’s very stubborn, and hasty to make rash choices.
He has no understanding of his own limits.
He’s convinced that protein is the only way to live.))

((But he reads poems so fine it could get a sexuality out of me, and that makes up for everything.))

neliore replied to your post “apparently I am “impossible to talk to about Theon” as per, the Theon…”

Cat close to Theon? Bwuahaha. You’re not only very methodical and reasonable, but I admire your patience, educating people in ways of Theon. Fine when they’re open to it but saying Cat was anything other than cold (me being very nice here) is BS

thank you so much for those compliments <3 I feel loved now :) haha! :)

and I know right! actually, it was my forum friend (who doesn’t have tumblr but I chat with her like constantly) who pointed out that someone said that and I was like “ok, give me 10 minutes” and I gave them some quotes to chew upon and tahn they were like “well I said moderately close (which is not what they said at first, probably in their second post but I didn’t check I believe them cause it would be dumb to lie) and than I was like “slight dislike is not the same as moderately close” and than they were like “you are impossible to talk to about Theon” and I was just like “LOL, posting this on the forum”

the things people have said to me in this thread alone baffle me. Like… one person was like “Theon disagrees with you” to which I just went “where does he disagree with me?” and than this other person said this: “I love how people completely ignore everything Theon ever says about Winterfell and the Starks in an attempt to paint him as some poor, innocent victim of circumstance who had no choice but to betray them.” to which I basically just said “give me a quote, I fucking dare you” (not in those words but you catch my drift… )

Fun fact: In the original AU Saga was created for, one that was for an OCT, she was supposed to be mute. She used sign language or text to speech (for people uneducated about ASL) and was very happy and social with everyone and it was a cute AU I dunno why it was nice to give my lil baby a happy lil’ life.

(Of course I kept that out of this blog though for the sake of ease RP’ing with other people’s characters but who knows maybe it would’ve been okay, I have no idea)

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This is a tumblr valentine: you are a super awesome blog and very nice! :) *:・゚✧*:・゚✧Roses are #ff0000, violets are #0000ff, all my reblogs come from you*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ send this message to your ten favorite blogs~

YER A NERD BUT A REALLY SWEET NERD thank you dear aaaaaaaa I hope you’re having a wonderful day /w\