and that window

My daughter
                       wouldn’t hurt a spider
That had nested
Between her bicycle handles
For two weeks
She waited
Until it left of its own accord

If you tear down the web I said
It will simply know
This isn’t a place to call home
And you’d get to go biking

She said that’s how others
Become refugees isn’t it?

—  Fady Joudah, ‘Mimesis’

Guys, Zelo really did it with Howler, and besides jamming in my chair for the past half hour, I’ve also been mulling over how lucky we are to have him. Imagine how different B.A.P would be without him! I’m emotional hearing his song today. Not just because he said “Free Love Real Ill” (which wow thumbs up kiddo that was a nice nod to Yongguk), but also because he uploaded it telling us to listen whenever we’re “sick and tired of monotonous life cycle.” He worked hard on this song, then released it basically saying “cheer up!” Well that just speaks volumes about his character.

I don’t know how he can ever, ever think poorly of himself or his skills. He single-handedly just made my entire weekend with this song. Some rappers, once confident enough to release solos, start drifting into more mainstream or vulgar or degrading things. I know Zelo’s a grown man, but he (and Yongguk) are still respectable rappers and people and I appreciate that so much. Here’s me once again saying we should love Zelo, really love him. There aren’t enough rappers out there with his mentality and purity and skill and we need to treasure him for this. B.A.P, this fandom, and the rap industry would be completely different without him.


Climbing into Rapunzel’s Tower in episode 7x07 “Eloise Gardener”

Colin’s doing his own stuntwork right here, which is awesome and something he seems proud of (if him posting the pic of him in his stunt harness is any indication - what an adorable bean!). Please try to ignore the wire they missed in post in the third GIF. To be fair, these are slowed down considerably and it’s really not noticeable in the full speed scene.

Part 4: Storming the Castle

While Hyrule Castle was the death zone, Hyrule Fields was the danger zone; crawling with Stalkers, various other uglies, and then the unrelenting Yiga Clan. The original plan he had was to try and sneak into the Castle via the Shrine and climb up the back to the Sanctum. But there was an image left on the slate that Link had not yet visited and he could only assume at this point that the memory was somewhere in the Castle. He also just wasn’t feeling stealth right now. It was time to bust down the front door.

Knock, knock Ganon.

anonymous asked:

Sub out Grace Kelly to Tony with Bucky/Steve in the James Stewart role

UM OKAY beautiful model Tony trying to convince his stubborn photographer boyfriend Bucky to marry him and trying to convince him that Tony could definitely live his nomadic lifestyle

Natasha being Bucky’s surly nurse who can’t understand why Bucky won’t commit himself to the best thing that’s ever happened to him, the giant idiot, and also stop sleeping in your wheelchair you’re going to mangle your fucking back

Bucky realizing his neighbor fucking murdered his wife and Tony, once he realizes that he’s actually telling the truth/making sense, becoming just as invested in making sure Murder Neighbor is caught

Steve being super unimpressed when Bucky tries to get him on the case like “Buck all you got is your gut feelin’ you know I can’t just break into his apartment and snoop around Jesus Christ”

Bucky stressing out when Tony gets too invested and he’s confined to a wheelchair he can’t protect him Murder Neighbor has already killed a poor defenseless dog and Tony isn’t helpless but Bucky would feel a lot better if Tony would stop sticking his neck out like this

Murder Neighbor catching Tony in his apartment and Bucky can only watch in horror, helpless–until the police show up and rescue Tony by arresting him for breaking and entering, so Natasha grabs the money from Tony’s wallet to go bail him out of jail

Murder Neighbor coming after Bucky and Bucky trying to stall until help can arrive, but Murder Neighbor gets him dangling out of the window and oh God he’s going to die

But then Steve and a bunch of officers storm the courtyard and another pair grab Murder Neighbor and Bucky’s glad but then he’s falling falling f a l l i n g and he’s going to die–

“You’re overworking your guardian angel, Buck,” Steve tells him, and Bucky smiles through the pain because oh fuck he broke his legs again

But it’s okay because Tony has his arms around him and Tony’s pressing frantic, frightened kisses to his face, and he figures if Tony’s gonna give him kisses for the next twelve weeks, that’s okay too