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Name: Katie

Nickname: Kitty

Birthday: December 25

Star Sign: Capricorn

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Romantic Orientation: Heteoromantic

Favourite Colour: Blue

Time & Date at the Moment: 8:43 pm on May 12

Average Hours of Sleep per Night: 7 hours?  Anywhere between 5-12

Lucky Number: 8

Last Thing I Googled: Location of Planned Parenthood in Philly.

One Place that Makes you Happy: My bf’s house

How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: 1 or 2

Favourite Fictional Character: Probably The Phantom of the Opera or Shuyin from FFX-2

Favourite TV Show: American Horror Story

Favourite Band: N/A

Favourite Musician: P!nk

Last Movie I saw in Theatres: It Follows.  Fucking weird as hell.

Dream Holiday: Visit to Paris or anywhere in Italy

Dream Job: Broadway star or Musician.

Wearing Right Now: a blue shirt that says “The Name Pavlov Rings a Bell” with a dog in the shape of an ‘e’ for the 'e’ in Bell.  I’m a fucking nerd.  Oh and sweatpants.

Last Book I Read: I think it was a book on Qabalah but I honestly don’t remember the name

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From left to right….

Fox McCloud: Loud and short leader of team. Has weird hallucinations of his dead relatives. Is secretly controlled by chubby 12-year old creatures from an entirely different dimension. Hates everyone and everything except his ship. Get’s really bent out of shape if you ding up his ship. Don’t touch his ship. It’s literally the ONLY thing his shitty father left him after blowing up in a space battle. Was promoted to replace his father after the death. Some people call him ‘James 2′ which really makes him angry. Has fleas and doesn’t bathe. Hangs out with Mario sometimes because he finds Italian accents funny.

Peppy O’Hare: Hates his job because he works for a creature half his age with less than a quarter of his experience. Despite being a war veteran, cannot afford to lose this job. Every day he deeply considers ramming his plane into the rest of the squad and murdering them all in a mushroom cloud of glory. Every night goes home to his wife with a fake smile plastered on his wrinkled face. All those PHD’s wound up not meaning shit now that he’s old and bitter and robots run all the science departments. Hates the fact that some casual advice he gave once in the heat of battle became an internet meme. Has a revolver in his glove compartment in case he ever needs to kill and eat Slippy.

Falco Lombirdy: Obnoxious tryhard cunt who has nothing positive or constructive to say about anyone or anything. Is only on the squad because his parents were rich enough to fund repairs on all the ships. Bought a katana at the mall that he keeps slung on his back. Wears ‘skullcandy’ headphones. Has tribal tattoos and thinks anarchy is cool, without noting the irony in the fact he works for the government. Has an ALIENWARE logo on his ship. Likes to pretend he’s the leader even though everyone hates him. Tries to hide his dainty bird legs in giant space boots. Women are repulsed by his constant molting. Left the team to pursue a brief career in racing, but sucked ass at it.

Slippy the Toad: As part of the Cornerian effort to promote diversity, Slippy was taken onto the squad a decade ago. Can barely function on a level considered ‘civilized’ by most other pilots. Has more syndromes than he does warts. Can’t hit the broad side of a barn with his ship’s lasers. Get’s shot down constantly in battle. And much to everyone’s annoyance, never seems to die whenever he crash lands. Tends to scream about normies a lot. All of this would be fine if he didn’t sound like Mickey Mouse doing a falsetto voice. Can almost count to potato. Unlike other pilots, Slippy does not receive a paycheck. Instead he is rewarded with chicken tendies and thomas the tank engine figurines.

Krystal: Despite having no flight experience or training with the complex equipment used by the Cornerian army, Krystal was hired to replace Peppy under the pretense that the old man would be dead soon. When smothered rage kept blood flowing through the veins of the ancient rabbit, she continued to hang around because her home planet felt too much like Donkey Kong Country. Was once part of a tribe that smoked a lot of space-opium. Her tribe were all killed when a brontosaurus sat on them. Is usually too high to use her psychic powers to do anything useful. Sometimes dresses up as a spaceship in an attempt to get Fox’s attention. It never works. Works at a Starbucks on weekends where she messes up every single order.

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redlettermedia was talking about it and I agree that there should be a planet hulk movie already. that shit’s fun. not seeing black widow and hulk hook up for no reason.

I know, right? The worst part was that the AOU ending was originally written so that when the Hulk fucked off in the plane, it would keep going up until his final shot was him reaching the stratosphere and seeing stars. But Marvel vetoed it because they thought it would make people think that a Planet Hulk movie was happening. Figures that they’d cut the one thing AOU did well with the Hulk while keeping all the weird hide-the-zucchini tension.

A Clown Falls In Love With An Artist

Art like vigilance, art like knives, art like the long

Lean, stretch of an athletic form, art like winking,

Art flirting with you foolishly, art dancing like a

Buffoon, art hopping on one foot for a challenge,

Art wearing a fake moustache, art as a girl who

Abides within a musky masculine outer form, art

As crying because something is so apposite, art as

Dreams that make you wake up bewildered and

Dizzy, art as spice and silk and little boxes in weird

Colours, art as the way a skirt moves about the knee,

Art as the line of a smart jacket from behind, art

As red hands claiming justice, art as absolute vigour,

Art like night and stars and longing, art as whispers,

Art like the way you think things through then suddenly

Say just the right words, just as they should be spoken:

Art is what you threaten when I ask you a quiet question.
Art is what you live, when you take me into your glance.

right out of the shower and almost forgot to selfie again lol

here’s a box of star wars bandaids I’ve had since forever, I think my sister bought them at some point when she needed them, and gave the rest to me. they’re these weird water-seal ones that are clear plastic except for lil pictures of cartoon star wars characters

we’re in my room cuz I’m using my laptop to back up a bunch of stuff before I start doing things to my desktop computer X3

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Name: west (the hella )
Nicknames: rocket, short stack, yeah don’t even as k
Birthday: Dec. 30th
Gender: agender 
Sexual orientation: something.
Romantic orientation: something else? 
Height: … 4′ 11″
Star Sign: the cappuccino corn 
Favorite color: blue and mint green man
Last thing I googled: how can colors be useful (twas was researching/avoiding hw.)
Average hours of sleep at night: 6-7 hours
Time and Date: 4:37 P.M. 5/19/2015
One place that makes me happy: my bed
How many blankets I sleep under: one
First word that comes to my mind: eruri
Favorite movie(s): big hero six is the shit man 
What am I wearing right now: jeans and some weird ass shirt
Last book I read: Unbroken (I can’t recall the author. Was it Lauren something?)
Most used phrases: shit, bro, son, mate, piss off, fuck, eruri, don’t even, no, why, I need a dinosaur (jk)
What I said last to a family member: “Where’s my food.”
Favorite beverages: Sweet tea.
Favorite foods: GrEEN TEA ICECREAM 
Favorite fictional character: Erwin Smith and Percy Jackson (Percy is my childhood, okay?)
Favorite famous person: that one guy…
Favorite Book: hrmm, the book thief was really good but percy jackson is like !!!
Favorite Animes: Snk, Tokyo Ghoul and that’s about it.  

random space that won’t leave asdhfj

Favorite TV shows: god um… nova? history shows/documentaries because im lame af

another space why isolated tv shows 

Favorite musicians: Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey the Queen, 21 Pilots, Alt-j, Nirvana, Imagine Dragons the list goes on forever 
Last movie I watched: what was the name of it…
Dream vacation: some dead dry ass place in Australia jkjk but yes Australia 
Dream wedding: nothing gets fucked up that is all 
Dream pets: a pet orange named erwin 
Dream job: architect? art teacher? commander in chief of military?? im only so young

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name: nicole

nicknames: nikki, nikkibot, nick

birthday: august 9th

star sign: leo

gender: cis female but largely indifferent about it

height: that weird limbo where women’s clothes are cut too short but I’m not actually that tall (aka 5′7″)

sexual orientation: the point where bi and demi intersect

romantic orientation: somewhere on the aro spectrum

favourite colour: red/black/purple/super dark blues 

time and date right now: 3:48pm 5/18/15

average hours of sleep: either too much or not enough

last thing i googled: good question, probably something my spellcheck said I got wrong but was just not in the database

first word that comes to mind: query

a place that makes me happy: my car (when it isn’t being a douchecanoe)

how many blankets i sleep with: just the harry potter blanket and a sheet, unless it’s super cold in which case I have my grey microplush thing. I need to buy a duvet. blergh

favourite fictional characters: too many and constantly shifting. right now? john constantine, jon snow, and cassandra pentaghast. the sassy grump brigade.

favourite famous person: misha collins seems like a pretty cool dude but I’ve never actually met him sooo…. 

celebrity crush: ummm… I know nothing about him as a person but matt ryan’s voice makes me weak 

favourite book: Good Omens

favourite anime: Cowboy Bebop will always have a special place in my heart. also, I just finished Kill La Kill recently and it was pretty amazing.

favourite tv shows: Constantine, Firefly, Arrow, and Teen Wolf. The Flash is growing on me as well. I have a love-hate relationship with Game of Thrones.

favourite musician/band: oh god. umm. My Chemical Romance are my all time faves, but Orgy, Voltaire, the Deftones, and Alkaline Trio definitely round out my top five. also, I’ve been really into Dead Man’s Bones and Timber Timbre lately. so my taste is kind of everywhere.

favourite games: mass effect trilogy, the dragon age games (but mostly da2 let’s be real that game is my baby)

last movie watched: last new movie was Age of Ultron, but I’ve been letting Labyrinth run on loop in the background while I work on some art stuff

dream holiday: I’ve been wanting to hit the whole england/ireland/scotland/wales area basically forever

wearing right now: black and white maxi dress and slippers because I am a human disaster

last book read: honestly I’m not sure? I’ve been picking at an anthology of short stories lately called “Monsterous Affections”

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#26 , #35, #47 & #52! ^-^ You can ask me questions too if you want.

26- What movies could you watch over and over and still love?: Star Wars III-VI, any Mel Brooks movie, Prince of Egypt.

35- Best thing to eat for breakfast?: Bacon, chocolate chip pancakes, and apples. Although I recommend you only eat like that once in awhile if you wanna live past 40.

47-  Do you sing in the car?: You’re goddamn right I do.

52-  Do you think musicals are cheesy? If the answer is yes, would I care?

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Nickname- Sarita 
Star sign- Sagittarius
Gender- Female
Height- 5′4 (162 cm)
Time & Date- 5:45 PM 5/11/15
Average amount of sleep – weekdays: 3-6 weekends: 10-12 (omg what a sloth)
Lucky Number- 28
Last thing I googled- lol
How many blankets do you sleep with- 1
Fav fictional characters- Kero from CCS J
Fav famous peeps- idk,
Fav books- idk
Fav musician- right now- Michael Buble
Last movie I saw in the cinema- Fast and Furios 7( I think)
Dream Holiday- traveling and discovering new food.
Dream Job- teacher/ translator  
Wearing rn- work uniform OTL

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Name: Madison
Nickname: Maddy
Birthday: 28 November 2000
Star sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5′5"
Favorite color: Yellow
Time and date right now: 10:09 5/10/2015
Average hours of sleep per night: 8-10
Lucky number: 23
Last thing I googled: New Orleans Square Map
First word that comes to mind: Dragons
One place that makes you happy: My room
How many blankets do you sleep under?: ~3
Fav fictional character: Hiccup
Fav TV shows: Gravity Falls, Baby Daddy, Dreamworks Dragons
Fav musician/band: KT Tunstall, John Powell, 5SOS
Last movie I saw: I think a Disney movie though I can’t remember which…
Dream holiday: Italy, Canada, or somewhere in the Netherlands
Dream job: Animator, Disney Cast Member, Voice Actress
Wearing right now: plaid pajama pants and a big bulky pajama shirt
Last book I read: No clue, possibly Catcher in the Rye?
Tagging: Anyone who wants to do this, and is comfortable about it…

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41 42 48 55 59 90 109

41: What do I think about most?

well my thoughts ramble all over the place but I suppose my main thought is just how amazing our world is? aka every person on the planet has these thoughts and first-person narrative that I do and while it makes sense it’s also an incredible thing to imagine. 

42: What’s my strangest talent?

probably how I can tie memory to songs? like I can listen to a song and remember that I listened to it 3 years ago in March and I was in the car with my parents and we were discussing going on a hike somewhere. I can do that with pretty much any song and it’s weird.

48:What’s the weather like right now?

sorta hazy clouds? it’s dark out and you can see some stars which is really nice bc stars are my favorite

55: Is there anything pink in 10 feet from me?

*cries because I painted my room when I was 5 and the walls are pink and all the decorations are pink because they have to match*

59: What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?

either step out by jose gonzalez or always love by nada surf, those will forever be my jams PLUS they don’t have any awful memories associated with them

90: Stalked someone on a social network?

not full on creepy stalking but yes i will look at people’s instagrams or tumblrs and be like what is happening in your life i must know

109: What do I like about myself? 

i like my eyes and my smile and my muscly legs and my piano playing and my marimba/vibes abilities and my ability to understand others and my ability to make others feel valid and real and happy.

it’s something i’ve thought about a lot, tbh. 

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11. would i rather be stranded on a desert island with someone i love for ten years or someone i hate for a month? explain why.
-I’d rather be trapped with someone I love for ten years because then you get undivided attention from your loved one and you also don’t have to see or talk to any other humans besides that one for the entire time, which sounds really nice.

7. things i like and things i don’t like about the way i look.
-I really like my hair and I think my face is pretty nice when put in the right lighting
I don’t particularly like my eyes, because they are quite dull

6. how i’d spend ten thousand bucks.
-I would buy myself a car

5. weird things I do when I’m alone
-Home alone? More like private concert starring me. Also I tend to have in depth conversations with myself or with people that are not actually there.

1. The person I like and why I like them.
-There’s a girl at my school and she and I sing together quite often. She’s really sweet, caring, talented,  and absolutely gorgeous.

An early picture for the celebration of the Anniversary of this weird thing called a wedding. Weird I know. Characters are Jaslo (left) and Cougar (right), who are the sonas of myself and my husband. Pictured as the nerds we are. Him for Star Wars and I for being a GearHead and loving everything mechanical, and also breaking it all. Figures we’d go into battle side by side and I would for sure try to dismantle droids while bashing Troopers heads in with a hammer. Seems like my kind of thing, while he would keep my ass out of trouble the Jedi way, and end up slaughtering most of the trouble anyways.

Characters belong to rightful owners

Background, coloring, shading, and original sketch is my work

Lines and Most of Jaslo was done by Treekami on dA

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5 16 26

5) weird things i do when i’m alone.
          -hmm. sometimes i talk to myself. and alot of times when no ones home ill walk around half or completely naked.

16)a drunken story.
           -one time i was laying on my roof watching stars and drinking tequila right. so here i am just going to town on this bottle not a care in the world, and i realize its probably a very bad idea with me being on the roof and all. but what the hell you only live once right so i just keep going. after a while im pretty far gone and i notice the time and decide to come down and go to bed. but im not in the best condition and as i was making my way to the side of the roof i uh.. sort of fell. it wasnt a huge drop or anything and thankfully i landed in the dirt, where i laid for quite a while trying to process what had just happened. eventually i got myself inside and cleaned up before bed but yeah. i fell off my roof once bc alcohol.

26)story of my first kiss.
               -ooohh lord. lordy lordy lordy. alright so its freshmen year. were a little over halfway through football season (if i remember right) and that friday was an away game. Bri was a senior and wed become friends and showed interest in each other, and wed sat together on the bus ride up. so we get to the stadium were playing at and it starts raining like you wouldnt believe. the entire game it drizzled on and off and by the time the game was over most everyone was some type of wet and cold, not that it was a miserable wet and cold but yknow. so we get packed up and get back on the bus to go home. me and Bri were sitting close to try and get warm, i mean i guess you could say we were cuddling. our faces were pretty close the whole time but after a while we faced each other, slowly leaned in and started kissing. not like a movie lean-in or something. we just came together. now id been terrified my whole life of having my first kiss, id always been scared that id be awful at kissing. its actually still a bit of an insecurity, kissing new people is kind of sparky to me because everyone kisses different and so it can be awkward at first before yall get the hang of each others style yknow but nope, not then. there wasnt anything awkward about that, at least not for me. it just felt right. so we kissed. and we kept kissing for a good couple of minutes. and looking back on it, the circumstances were a bit strange. i mean when you think “romantic first kiss”, you dont normally imagine “cold wet band-bus ride” but i dont think id change anything about it if i could. its just one of those moments where everything felt like it should. but thats enough of me being grossss

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name: Tuesday

nicknames: Toodah, Tyr, TOODAY

birthday: 15th December

star sign: Sagittarius

gender: Girl

height: 5 foot 1

sexual orientation: Lesbian with weird crushes on gay dudes that we just can’t explain

romantic orientation: Aromantic

favourite colour: Black and red

time and date right now: 23:40 14th may

average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours.

last thing i googled: “Is then an adverb of time?”

first word that comes to mind: Velociraptor (however you spell it)

a place that makes me happy: The common room

how many blankets i sleep with: one duvet, sometimes a velvet blanket and/or a sleeping bag I stole from vyrnnus

favourite fictional characters: Saren Arterius, Aria T’Loak, The Graverobber, Kano, Cho

favourite famous person: ?

celebrity crush: Freddie Fox don’t ask me why

favourite book: Probably The Bell Jar.

favourite anime: Death Note, woo so original.

favourite tv shows: Steven Universe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

favourite musician/band: Rise Against, Sum 41, Serj Tankian.

favourite games: Mass Effect, Dark Souls. Since they’re… the only things I play.

last movie watched: I’m… pretty sure it was lesbian porn called The Duke of Burgandy.

dream holiday: Everywhere. Russia, Japan, Nepal.

wearing right now: Black velvet skirt, lacy black top, Aria waistcoat

last book read: Dr Faustus, not finished.

I believe I was tagged by geeky-gay-introvert​ and turnaroundchloe​. Thank!

Name: Dana.
Nicknames: Dana Lee. Lee is my middle name. Idk my friends are weird.
Birthday: April 15.
Star sign: Aries.
Gender: Female.
Height: 5′3″ or something.
Sexual orientation: Labels stress me out.
Romantic orientation: ^
Favorite color: Orange and blue okay I feel like I’ve done this before 
Time and date at the moment: 9:03 PM, May 14 (Thursday).
Average hours of sleep: Lately, 4-14 hours, there is no in between.
The last thing I googled: … too embarrassing to share.
First word that comes to mind: Why.
One place that makes me happy:  My old college campus.
How many blankets I sleep with: Right now, none. I hate summer.
Favorite fictional characters: Wow, idk, man. Spike and Buffy from Buffy. Death from Sandman. Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls. Probably Eponine from Les Misérables. Atticus Finch. Calvin and Hobbes. Carmilla, of course.
Favorite famous person: Idk, Taylor Swift?? I don’t listen to her music much, but I love her so much as a person.
Celebrity crush: … Natasha Negovanlis … 
Favorite book: I don’t have favorite books anymore because I’m dead inside. At the risk of sounding super pretentious: The Next American Essay, an anthology edited by John D’Agata. Blew my mind. And I do have a very special place in my heart for Sandra Cisneros’s The House on Mango Street.
Favorite anime: I don’t watch anime (*ducks*), but I did have a brief Death Note phase. And a brief K-On phase.
Favorite TV shows: Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Buffy, Pushing Daisies, Batman Beyond, The Weekenders, Modern Family, Parks & Rec.
Favorite musician/band: Right now pretty much still The 1975. And T+S. Bleachers. Lea Salonga, always.
Favorite games: I don’t … play … *ducks again* Oh, but one summer a long time ago my brothers and I bonded over Final Fantasy IX. Good times. :D
Last movie watched: In a World … (2013). Haven’t finished. It’s p meh.
Dream holiday: Canada, probably, lol. NYC. All of Europe. I’m not a very ambitious person.
Wearing right now: A tank top and cotton shorts.
Last book read: Last book finished, The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson. Currently reading Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis, and Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles. Reading is a chore these days, sadly. I have -2 attention span.

If you’re bored and feel like doing this, go ahead! Tag me, I want to know all the things!

Start Saving Your Latinum: Star Trek Trexels Turns The Final Frontier Into A Pixelated Free-To-Play Management Game

Space: the final frontier. Wait, no, that’s not right - there’s no such thing as a “final” frontier, because there’s nothing else, so it can’t be a frontier to nothing. Let me start again.

Space: it’s really really big, and also pretty empty, and bored humans like to tell stories about all the weird things that might fill it up. So it is that Star Trek, among other things, was born.

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Start Saving Your Latinum: Star Trek Trexels Turns The Final Frontier Into A Pixelated Free-To-Play Management Game was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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