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Does clitoris size matter? Mine is bigger than the porn stars and I feel like I have the ugliest vagina because of it. I wanted a man (other than the one I'm having sex with)'s opinion

Nope, perfectly normal.

Listen, I know everyone’s embracing this whole “everyone’s special and beautiful” thing but when it comes down to it, whether you’re a porn star or a regular person, dicks and pussies are kinda weird looking. All of them. Dicks kinda take the lead in weirdness but still.

They become attractive when they’re attached to someone you care about - either emotionally or sexually.

Plus, y'know… bigger target I guess. That’s never a bad thing, right?

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Im kinda of an atheist agnostic but this whole Christianity thing scares me. there is so much evidence but even that I can deny but this fact that I feel so good so alive when I think about Jesus is just plain weird like what? why is that I am feeling really down lately and so lonely and all and one thought of Jesus out of the blue and I am feeling better that is so weird and it feels like I am being draged into this whole Christianity thing like God is bringing me down to see that I need Jesus

Hi friend,

You’re absolutely and incredibly loved. What you’re experiencing is the pursuit of one who’s thoughts of you outnumber the stars in the sky. He doesn’t wait until you believe in Him to start loving you, He doesn’t wait until you’re all cleaned up. He loves you perfectly and endlessly right now. My encouragement to you is to try something. Just try praying. And i’m not trying to get you to pray a prayer of salvation or do anything you may not be comfortable with. I just want you to pray one prayer. Ask your Father in Heaven this one question: How do you feel about me? Watch what He’ll show you.

Be blessed


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fucking break my heart ☟

(16 righht? oh god his lame teenage years.)

Somethings wasn’t quite right about this whole thing. For one, his bed was too big. Too big and it smelt weird. Not bad weird, just different. There was also some strange warmth next to him. He was kind of really freaked out by that, so he opened his eyes and jolted suddenly.

This was not his room, his room had star wars posters and comic books. And he definitely never slept with someone before! He sits up quickly, scooting away from Gladstone, nearly falling out of bed.

Holy shit.

Holy shit what did he do last night. Please tell me I did not sleep with this old guy… This old guy who is maybe kind of cute but definitely too old for him.

That’s when he notices something heavy nearly slipping off his finger.

What the hell. He never wore jewelry…

He lifted his hand out from under the covers, gravity pulling the ring down on his finger, where it would sit if it weren’t a size or two too big for his hand.

What the fuck is this. What’s happening?

Watching Geekenders burlesque at home is a very dangerous game

like, it’s a Good Thing and I need Good Things right now

but there is also a chance that I will need to explain to my parents why the skinny dude in full gold body paint grinding against a lady on roller skates is A Star Wars Thing But Actually A Theater Thing But Actually A Portal Thing And No I Am Not Watching Really Weird Porn

and I, uh, really really really would like to not have to do this

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I'm not sure if you watch The Flash, or watched last night's crossover, so stop here unless you don't care either way, but it seems weird to me that they sent Felicity to Central City while all this more important stuff is going on at home with Oliver, Roy, and so on. Just seemed kind of weird to me that they'd do that. Although I guess you could ask what there really is for her to do there right now with Roy in jail and Ollie not being Arrow for now. Hmm ...

I do watch The Flash.

And you’re not wrong nonnie. It’s seems weird, but it’s not the writer’s fault (at least not this time) the cw fucked up. I don’t know what happened, but Arrow is one episode ahead and it’s messing/making things seem weird, the correct order is:

  • Arrow 3x17 Suicidal Tendencies
  • Flash 1x18 All Star Team Up
  • Arrow 3x18 Public Enemy
  • Arrow 3x19 Broken Arrow (New episode!)

I’m re-watching in the correct order before the new episode airs tonight and I’m wondering if the rest of the possible crossovers between the two shows and The Flash ending a week later is algo going to mess up with the timeline? I don’t understand how the CW let this happen.

Miss Me? pt. 5

As soon as you and Mats were done talking in the locker room, you drove directly back to Mats’s house to pack your things so you didn’t do it while he was home. You were currently curled up on the bedroom floor crying your heart out with Max comforting you as best as he could. If Mario didn’t see you at the stupid fucking dog park, then you and Mats would be cuddled up in bed watching some weird soap opera while you fell asleep in each others warm embrace. But no. Mario always jacked things up and this time it had been your relationship.

Anger overtook your sadness now as you stood up and started some shoving your things roughly into your suitcase, thinking of ways to kill the Bayern Munich star. He did this on purpose. That little fucker wanted to get back at you for him being alone didn’t he.

You will rip his head off in his sleep. Karma right?

You knew most nights you wouldn’t sleep without those strong arms wrapped securely around your middle, so you put on one of Mats’s jackets which was oversize on your small frame.

You didn’t have any other place to stay in Dortmund, nor did you know anyone else besides Mats’s friends, so you texted Marco to ask if you could stay with him. Once you did, you double checked all of your items and bid your many good-bye’s to Max, you opened the front door and bumped into something hard and muscular.

Perfect timing Mats.

You backed up and briefly looked up at his face before returning your gaze to the floor. You just wanted to get around him

“You’re leaving already?” Mats questioned in a small voice.

“Yeah,” you cleared your throat and hastily wiped your eyes with the back of your hand with your head still dropped. “I thought it’d be easier to go before you got back.”

“Oh. Is this mine?” he asked, tugging at the dark red woolen jacket.

“Um, yeah,” you confirmed as you started removing his jacket.” I’m sorry you can-”

“No no, you have it. It looks better on you,” he interrupted.

“Oh. Thanks,” you managed to raise your eyes to his. Mats looked tired and worn out from today. His shoulders slouched forward, lips holding a weak grin,  but his eyes seemed to bore into yours as if he was gazing to your soul.

There was a silent pause between you two before your phone buzzed. Breaking your long lasting eye contact, you fished your phone out of your pocket and viewed your phone’s text notification.

Marco responded to you, saying that he was outside.

You gazed back up at Mats, who was also reading the text, grin falling from his face into a unreadable expression. “I guess I should go now,” you said, voice slightly cracking.

Mats nodded, flashed you a fake smile and side stepped for you to exit.

You rolled your suitcase out the door and made your way to Marco’s black Audi, entered, and buckled yourself in without looking back. In fear of bursting into tears at the sight of Mats’s face.

Thankfully, Marco kept his mouth zipped the entire ride to his house. You’ve known Marco for quite some time now, since he was the person to introduce you to Mario. Who then introduced you to Mats. Marco was like your older brother and you could trust him with anything. So he understood when to keep quiet if you were upset.

You arrived at his house quicker than usual. Maybe because you were staring out the window contemplating like someone in a drama movie. Marco parked then ran around the car to open the door for you and take your suitcase. “Thank you Marc,” you said as you stepped out of his car.

He gave you a kind grin and wrapped a protective arm around you as you both entered his extravagant home. You’ve visited Marco’s house many times so you b-lined to the guest room to get some rest. It has been one hell of a long day for you and you literally prayed for sleep.

But that didn’t come. Thanks to your thoughts.

Turning your pillow to the cool side didn’t help either. You flopped out of bed and  yourself downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water. When you got there, you were surprised to see Marco there already.

Who is on the phone at 2 AM? And why hasn’t he changed put of his day clothes yet? You were drowsy, so your questions weren’t important at the time for you. With feet slapping on the wooden floor, you rounded the corner of the kitchen to retrieve your glass of water.

Marco ended his phone call when he saw you enter the kitchen and directed his attention to you. “Hey stranger,” he greeted. “How’s it going?”

“Great,” you replied quickly.

Marco’s expression turned serious. “How is it going? Really.”

You sighed heavily and turned to Marco, who was now sitting on a bar stool in front of you. “I don’t know anymore Marco. This morning was perfect. Everything was going fine then Mario fucking started something during the game - you saw it - he said something but Mats knows that I didn’t do anything with him. So why does he want to break up with me Marco? I don’t understand. Is he just tired of me?” you rambled.

Marco grabbed your hand and pulled you into his chest while stroking your hair, trying to soothe you. You let out soft sobs and clung to his shirt seeking comfort. “Just give him some time Y/N. He’ll come around eventually, but right now you need to sleep,” he cooed while scooping you up bridal style into his arms and carrying you to bed.


You woke up to the smell of burning eggs and the sound of someone cursing like a sailor. You smiled as you visioned Mats trying to cook a romantic breakfast for you and ending up blackening the entire meal. But then you remembered that you weren’t in Mats’s house.

You jumped up out of bed and went downstairs to scope the scene. You expected to see Marco fumbling with pans and food covering every inch of the floor but instead of Marco, it was just the person you wanted to see/kill.

Mr. Mario Gotze.

“Damn it,” he cussed as he flicked the switch to the stove off and inspected the burnt food.

“W-why are you here?” you thought Marco knew about your rage with this particulat person. If he called him over here to make you two sort your issues, you were sure going to have an issue with Marco.

Mario turned around and smirked kindly as if he was the most innocent person in the world. “I heard from a little bird that you were here, so I thought you wanted to talk to me about stuff.”

Oh hell yes you needed to talk about ‘stuff.’

You rounded the bar and stood in front of Mario poking his chest as you spoke. “Do you have any idea how much torture you are putting through? I haven’t seen Mats in three damn weeks because of you, and you waltz up here and act like nothing even happened?”

Mario swatted your hand away from his chest. “You have no idea how much I have missed you. I just needed you alone. You’ve moved on so quickly it’s like you planned to get with him as soon as we broke up.” He moved closer to you, making you back up until your back hit a wall, trapped.

“You were the one who cheated on me so it was your fault we weren’t together anymore.”

“And I regret it overtime I think about you. Y/N I’m sorry. I still am in love with you and if you don’t love me, I understand,” Mario placed both of his arms on either side of you and leaned down closer to your face. “Just let me do this please.”

His soft lips connected with your cheek and gradually made their way to your lips, grazing them lightly. His breath felt warm against your face as the smell of his aftershave filled your nose, intoxicating you. 

You accidentally let a small and quiet moan slip from your mouth. Mario took it as a invitation and slammed his mouth to yours. You weren’t sure what to do in a situation like this, so you kissed him back.

Mario grinned happily into the bruising kiss and gripped your legs to wrap them around your waist then rested his hands on your ass. You realised how far this was going and cupped his face with your hands and pulled him away with all the strength you could muster from your tiny arms.

“No Mario. Not again. We-I can’t. Mats is-”

“Yes we can. You aren’t with him anymore.” 

He forced himself back onto you. He secured your bottom lip with his teeth and playfully bit it, eliciting a long moan from you. He moved one hand to grab your right breast and tore his mouth from yours and replaced it onto your neck.

“M-Mario. I can’t do this with you,” you slapped his hand away from you but still he still nipped at your neck. He groaned as you squirmed in his grasp grinding your hips against his growing hardness.

“Baby please. You’re killing me here,” Mario whined connecting your foreheads together.

You rapidly shook your head no. He hissed in disappointment and leaned forward to kiss you breaking away then kissing you again then breaking away again and kissing you slowly.

“Mario,” you warned as tried he swirl his tongue around yours one last time.

“Okay,” he replied before licking your lips slowly, trying to stall his time. And giving you quick pecks on the mouth. He finally set you down and stared into your eyes.

“I have missed you so much Y/N.”

“I know.”

Mario smirked as you tried to push him off of you telling him that he has to leave before Marco gets back from Lord knows where.

“So what did that kiss mean?” He asked you as he leaned against the doorframe of the front door.


He laughed loudly at your comment. “It obviously meant something to you my dear. You just don’t want to say it.”

“If you’re saying that I’ve missed you, then you can go ahead and delete that thought because I honestly don’t.

“Alright Y/N whatever you say.” Mario strode closer to you and gave you yet another wet, sweet, and passionate kiss before turning around and leaving.

Great, this is another reason why you could kill him. You closed the door and ran up to your room. You felt like a teengaer in freaking high school with all this boy drama.

Bruh. That ending though :O I decided to make this chapter to all of the Gotze lovers (you know who you are). ANNNDDD I will be getting back on track with the writing FREAKING SPRING BREAK HELL YEAH so sorry with the waiting and suck ;( You all are so very patient and kind for understanding <3 <3 

p.s. I don’t know if this chapter is very good because it doesn’t really build up to anything I don’t think so tell me if you like it ^_^

Ok kingdom hearts fandom, I have a question.

If in the kingdom hearts series the stars like have to be aligned and it costs you literally more than an arm and a leg, plus your soul, to time travel and shit…


the fuck

does Luxord do?

I mean, he has power over time right? And if to time travel you gotta do all this crazy shit then what do his powers do?

In KH2 the only weird thing he does that would HAVE to tie to his powers is that he surrounds soras squad with his cards, and they disafuckingppear.

Like??!!!?! what kind of time powers do that?!?!? did he create like a pocket in time or something!?!? CAN he time travel without restraint? and if so does that mean xehanort would have made him half a nort too???

so basically, Luxord!????

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Birthday: 2nd march
Star sigh: pisces
Gender: female
Height: 5′2
Favourite colour: purple
Time and date right now: 21.07 4th april 2015
Average hours of sleep? 6 or 7 
Lucky number: 2
Last thing I googled: taylor swifts cats
First word that comes to mind: serendipitous
One place that makes me happy: bed
How many blankets I sleep under: a blanket and a duvet
Favourite fictional character: ginny weasley or hermione granger (book versions obviously)
Favourite Famous person: t-swift or beyonce
Celebrity Crush: chris evans. i have literally no chill when it comes to his beard
Favourite book: the book thief
Favourite Animal: ferret
Favourite shows: masterchef, pretty little liars, house, csi
Favourite musician/ band: dixie chicks, fleetwood mac, taylor swift
Favourite game: i am so the wrong person to ask for this
Last movie I saw in cinema: shaun the sheep. it was so flipping great dont laugh
Dream Holiday: the trip round the world im currently planning
Dream job: author
Wearing right now: jeans, fluffy socks, 2 jumpers
Last book I read: i’m reading like 3 books atm but last book i finished was the graphic novel hrhqueenelizabeth bought me for my birthday

tagging like nobody cause i either have no friends on here or i know you all way too well but beccamaps jakeybakeycakey hrhqueenelizabeth blackmoonsinthoseeyes akintodenial  if you wanna do it knock yourselves out 

The Green's Apartment: A Queer Supernatural Webseries

‘The Green’s place, a crappy college rental, has some new summer tenants. Gary, Elena, and Tony are bored twenty-somethings spending thesummer in Chicago, looking for some fun, or so Tony says anyway. They seempretty weird to Phoebe, who lives across the hall, particularly Gary. Thatdoesn’t stop him from being entirely too attractive.’

So I just got a grant to make a webseries over the summer!

The webseries will be an adaptation of Shakespeare's As You Like It, starring a genderfuild Rosalind. 

There’s a blog dedicated to this now! It’s right here! Please go follow and support this thing I’m doing!

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Name: on here for all intents and purposes kiki
Nickname: i will list all the nicknames broski-desu​ calls me which include: twerp, brat, keeks, senpai, there r probs more but im so lazy
Birthday: June 23 1996
Star Sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Height: 5 foot
Sexual Orientation: i dont really know im like 10
Romantic Orientation: again im 10
Favorite Color: white??? hm i like pale pink n pale yellow and green
Time and date at the moment: 8:34pm April 7th 2015

Average hours of sleep per night: 6-3??

Lucky Number: 24
The Last Thing I Googled: Chiyo Sakura’s height (thats right we’re the same height how cool she is me)
First Word that comes to mind: chartreuse (what a weird colour huh)
One Place that makes you happy: the ocean!!!!!! we have a place on the coast and i grew up swimming there and i know it so well and i really love my friends there idk its the happiest place for me
How many blankets do I sleep under: one huuuge comfy blanket no matter what temperature.
Favorite Fictional Character: Sakura Kinomoto the precious angel of my heart Favorite TV Show: arrested development! arrested development!
Favorite Musician/Band: muse/ naruto openings
Last Movie I Saw in Theaters: i can’t even remember the last time i went to a theatre…. maybe to see Annabelle last year??
Dream Holiday: somewhere where i can climb a mountain or somewhere that has a fruit orchard (im really hungry rn) ummm somewhere cold!

Dream Job: I’m an arts flake so i change all the time…I want to work for a non-gov organization or something to do with international relations, something where i can travel and help people, but also i really want to be an artist but that’ll always be a hobby i guess, oh!! i also really want to work with flowers! 

Wearing right now: i’m still wearing a big winter coat and stockings because it’s cold and i don’t want to change because i will freeze
Last Book I Read:  Power Systems by Noam Chomsky
i tag: broski-desu​ (did you see you were tagged before dude?) cinymae s0cksyca-kekashi asuka-jpeg coolsharkjpeg aaaaah any mutuals that wanna

I like Steven Universe but friendly reminder freaking out over actual real gems is kind of weird because they’re just a thing that’s always been there. Also their meanings and assigned star signs and other stuff, like, it’s been there for decades.

Like don’t get as bad as the Homestucks who freak out over card games and billiards and stuff. These are all normal things so don’t scream when you see anything related to it.

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Name: Kat
Average Hours of Sleep: 7
The Last Thing You Googled: MLA Hants East
Nicknames: Kat, Katy, Kate
Birthday: February 6th
Sexual Orientation: Queer
Height: 5′6″
Favourite Colour: Green
One Place That Makes You Happy: Ocean
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: One, sometimes two. 
Favourite Films: Pan’s Labyrinth, LotR, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Kiss of the Spider Woman
What I’m Wearing Right Now: Grey dress pants/blazer with a weird frilly flowery black and pink top
Last Book I Read: I think it was titled something like “Rules and forms of procedure of the NS house of assembly” (I know, so exciting)
Most Used Phrase: “um, excuse me”
Last Thing You Said To A Family Member: “yeah okay”
Favourite Beverage: buddha’s blend (DAVIDsTEA)
Favourite Food: Lasagna, Scanway donuts, eggplant parm
Last Film I Watched in Theatres: The Imitation Game 
Dream Vacation: Costa Rica because sloths 
Dream Pet: Frenchie. But let’s be honest: Smokey is pretty great. 
Dream Job: Government archivist, policy analyst, legislative librarian, systems librarian 
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Name: dizzycat2000 (some people on here know my real name, but I’m still nervous about someone trying to steal my credit or something! ha. The internet can be weird.)

Nickname: Maka was my childhood nickname
Birthday: January
Star sign: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5”
Sexual Orientation: Men, with a sidecar of certain famous girl crushes :)
Romantic Orientation: The Unattainable

Favorite color: always changing! Right now, yellows.
Time and date at the current moment: April 11, 2;28pm
Average hrs of sleep: 5
Lucky number: I don’t have one
The last thing I googled: red string necklace (maksyl people will get it, oy)
First word that comes to mind: family, because I looked up and saw a photo of my mom and uncle.
One place that makes me happy: my city, Chicago
How many blankets do I sleep under: 3
Favorite fictional character: Oo, that’s hard, a couple: Will Graham from Hannibal; Walter Bishop from Fringe; Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Darcy from the book Pride and Prejudice; Scully from The X Files.
Favorite famous person: Meryl Davis; Chris Pratt
Celebrity crush: Chris Pratt, Jon Stewart
Favorite books: The Little Prince; To Kill A Mockingbird; The Secret Garden; the Edward Gorey illustrated version of War of the Worlds; Anne of Green Gables; The Shining.
Favorite animes: not really into anime, so just cartoons would be Avatar: The Last Airbender and Archer.
Favorite TV shows:  currently - HANNIBAL its the best ever; So You Think You Can Dance
Favorite musician/band: The Beatles, Radiohead, TV on the Radio, Little Dragon are my top 4. The top 3 are constantly trading places with each other.
Favorite games: Grand Theft Auto series!
Last movie I’d seen in the cinema: Jupiter Ascending
Dream Holiday: I took it already! Eating my way through Italy and seeing art I studied as a kid. So on to the next- seeing the Northern Lights in person in all their amazing glory.

Dream job: own my own small movie theater I think, and have it be successful
Wearing right now: jeans and my “Do It For Chicago - Chicago Food Depository” t-shirt
Last book I read: The Count of Monte Christo (I’m not finished yet)

today is sick day and I forgot I got tagged for this by too-weird-to-ship so let’s do this okay?

i gotta pick a band for this thingy and answer in only song titles

Band I’m using: All Time Low (bitch u thought fall out boy)

What’s your gender: No Idea

Describe yourself: The Reckless and the Brave
How do you feel: A Daydream Away (tired af)
Describe where you live: Six Feet Under the Stars
If you could go somewhere right now, where would you go: Somewhere In Neverland
Your best friend: Don’t You Go or Runaways or My Only One (ugh I don’t know I just love them a whole lot and hope they never leave me, plus I have more than one)
Favorite time of day: Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night)
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:  Lost In Stereo or Running From Lions
Relationship Status: Break Your Little Heart To Live and Let Go, So Long Soldier, Forget About It (in that order, best friends for life still)
Your fear: Something’s Gotta Give

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Birthday: Feb. 21
Star sigh: Pieces
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Favorite color: black
Time and date right now: 9:28 April 3 2015
Average hours of sleep? Idk like 7?
Lucky number: 8
Last thing I googled: how to convert mass into weight (physics sucks man)
First word that comes to mind: what
One place that makes me happy: my room
How many blankets I sleep under: idk it changes a lot im weird
Favorite fictional character: Liesel Meminger or Max Vandenburg from the book The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Favorite Famous person: Gerard and Mikey Way my babies
Celebrity Crush: I have so many omg
Favorite book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Favorite Animal: penguin and Turtle
Favorite shows: The Office, Parks and Rec, Doctor Who and I’m currently watching Futurama and love it
Favorite musician/ band: A Day to Remember, My Chemical Romance, Pierce the Veil, Fall out Boy, All Time Low and P!nk she’s my queen
favorite game: this board game called King of Tokyo
Last movie I saw in cinema: I think it was Into the Woods
Dream Holiday: Germany
Dream job: current events high school teacher
Wearing right now: these amazing pajamas my grandma made me with this really cute kitty fabric
Last book I read: From a Name to A Number by Alter Weiner

I tag: interstellarpunkbitch just-your-average-idiot merlend ninocha ttragician and whoever else wants to im tired and don’t want to think of any more people I don’t already know on here

Watching “Insurgent”

So because it’s my break this week, I convinced my mother that we should watch Insurgent, and because she has not really watched many movies, she wasn’t able to understand why I was squirming on my seat during the whole time. You see, I don’t know if anyone of you has ever felt this the same way I did, but I feel really weird whenever I see Tris (Shailene Woodley) kissing Four (Theo James) while fighting against Peter (Miles Teller) because Shailene and Miles were very cozy and cute in The Spectacular Now. And even weirder is what I felt when Tris and Caleb (Ansel Elgort) are showing their sibling love by caring for each other because they were cozy and cute as well in The Fault in Our Stars. It’s just so weird, you know. You feel me, right?

And another thing, I have read the Divergent series, and throughout the story, I really, really, really hate Peter. Like, so much I have even attempted to stab a part of the book where Peter just annoyed me so much. But in the movie franchise, I found it really hard to hate him the same way I did on the books. Like, how can I hate Peter Hayes when it’s Miles Teller who is portraying him? I can’t hate him. UGH.  

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Name: Lupita. lets pretend this is the name itself c:

Nickname: Lupita, Lupis or Chubby(only like three people call me this)

Birthday: 4/15

Star sign: Aries

Gender: F

Height: 5′ 1″ ….almost 2″(?)

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Name: Mackenzie

Nickname:Mac, Kenzie, and a host of other weird things.

Birthday: 6/8

Star sign: Major gemini

Gender: Cyborg (with lady parts)

Height: 5′ 6″

Sexual Orientation: Demi-Bi

Romantic Orientation: I like aliens. Don’t have a genital preference

Favorite color: Blues and purples

Time and date at the current moment: 9:24, 4/8/15

Wearing right now: Jeans, green sweater, and my chucks (for some reason)

Average hrs of sleep: 3-5 half the time, 8-10 the other half

Lucky number: I don’t find numbers to be lucky

The last thing I googled: Hobby Lobby (because I’m trash for hobby lobby)

First word that comes to mind: Bread

One place that makes me happy: Chincoteague, VA (was thinking about it a lot today)

How many blankets do I sleep under: At least two, usually


Favorite fictional characters: Cosima Niehaus and Delphine Cormier, Jaina Solo, Frodo Baggins, BRIENNE OF TARTH

Favorite famous person: My queen and destroyer, Annie Clark (AKA St. Vincent)

Celebrity crush: Primarily Evelyne Brochu because she is the devil

Favorite TV shows: Orphan Black, Broad City, Game of Thrones, Bob’s Burgers, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Portlandia

Favorite books: (Currently) Strange Bodies by Marcel Theroux, Marabou Stork Nightmares by Irvine Welsh, We Are Water by Wally Lamb, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Favorite anime: Shingeki no Kyojin

Favorite musicians/bands: St. Vincent, The National, Father John Misty, Dr. Dog, Grizzly Bear

Favorite games: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Last of Us, Kingdom Hearts

Last movie I saw in the cinema: Wow, probably Guardians of the Galaxy. I rent way more than I go to the movies

Last book I read: Currently reading The Passion by Jeanette Winterson


Dream Holiday: Anywhere in France. Fiance and I have also been talking a lot about camping in pretty much any major national forest here in the states

Dream Job: Top is fiction writing. Aside from that, music journalism, or producing broadcast news in a major city

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Name: Can’t say it online, parent’s rules!

Nicknames: Steggie or Taco!

Birthday: March 31st

Star Sign: Aries

Gender: Femandrogyne (she/her/they/them)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: it really depends on the season! in the spring/summer it’s dirty blonde but in the winter it’s brown, in the fall it’s a weird combination of dirty blonde and brown

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: asexual, demi/gray/akoiromantic

Height: 5′2 with shoes on

Favorite Color: Pastel yellow

Favorite Song: you cant make me pick one okay you just cant

Favorite Animal: narwhals c:

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: because of books //is a weeb//

If I Could Own a Fictional Pet, What Would it Be?: uuh probably one of Preidot’s robot helper things tbh! or a Toothless

What Are Your Top 3 Fandoms?: Portal, Steven Universe and FNAF

What Do You Enjoy about Tumblr?: you!

What Are You Wearing?: Undergarments, tank top, hoodie, jeans and mismatched socks

Where Are You Right Now?: Sitting at my desk Skyping!

How Many Countries Have You Been To?: Uuuuh 2 or 3! Canada and a few times on cruises without actually realizing it xD

Religion: Christian?? idk i dont go to church or anything

Relationship Status: single and ready to not mingle because ew socialization

Where Were You Born?: The state where I live now xD

What Is Your Greatest Fear?: Being ordinary 

Time & Date (Presently): At the time of me typing this it is 8:43 PM on April 4th 2015 but by the time this is posted it will be closer to 10 PM

Average Hours of Sleep: 7-10

Lucky Number: idk

Last Thing I Googled: uuh idk probably something Portal related

First Word That Comes to Mind: uuh

Place(s) That Make Me Happy: My house and BookCon

How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: Depending on the season, 1-5

Favorite Fictional Character: WHEATLEY

Favorite Book: dont do that to me

Favorite TV Show: If we mean “normal” shows, The 100, but cartoon-wise Steven Universe

Favorite Beverage: Chai tea

Favorite Food: Sushi or tacos

Favorite Famous Person: jacksepticeye

Celebrity Crushes: Dan Smith, Adam Young, JSE, markiplier, and like 58457 more xD

Favorite Band: Bastille

Last Movie I Saw In Cinemas: Insurgent

Last Book Read: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Most Used Phrase: probably the laughing emoji tbh

Last Thing I Said To a Family Member: “Okay” to my mom xD

Dream Pet: A CORGI

Dream Holiday: Hawaii with all of my online friends c:

Dream Wedding: i have no idea

Dream Job: Robotics Engineer :D

Who Is Your Hero?: no idea tbh

Do I Have Any Pets?: Yup, I have a dog named Molly! (find pictures of her here)

What Is Your Hidden Talent?: uuh people say that im good at singing?? idk

If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would It Be?: somewhere warm! maybe North Carolina??

What Really Makes You Angry?: assholes

What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment?: people liking me

What Makes You Laugh The Most?: my friends tbh!

What Did You Want To Be When You Were Small?: A vet

If You Could Do Anything For a Day, What Would it Be?: Hang out with online friends

Would You Rather Ride a Bike, Ride a Horse, or Drive a Car?: ride a horse :D it’s one of my favorite things to do irl!

What Would You Sing at Karaoke Night?: nothing because social anxiety.. but uuh if i had to probably rocks by imagine dragons

Which Would You Rather Do: Wash the Dishes, Mow the Lawn, Clean the Land or Vacuum the House?: mow the lawn

Who Is Your Favorite Author?: Cassandra Clare

Insecurity: everything tbh lol oops

Fears: heights, crowds/tight spaces (claustrophobic), not making people proud, not being able to cheer someone up when they are sad

Turn Ons: uuuh none??? no idea

Life Goals: be the best that i can be!

Things I Like: the internet, music, reading, writing, drawing, playing video games, eating, sleeping, skyping, taking walks, ect.

Weaknesses: people making fun of speaking disorders/depression/anxiety

10 Facts About Me:

1. im a meme

2. im a weeb

3. the first gamers that i watched were skydoesminecraft and all of those people

4. im nicknamed after a dinosaur and a piece of food

5. jacksepticeye is my favorite youtber

6. chelley is my otp

7. when i was 7 i worshiped pokemon and still kinda do tbh

8. i have been on social media for 3 years

9. i have 748357845 senpais

10. you are beautiful