and that weird star thing right there

a message from me to every human

everyone is looking for it
that thing called happiness
funny how we’re all trying to fit
in a society full of unawareness
to not be considered wrong
to not be defined as weird

Euphoria is taking all her courage to tell you, if you want her, if you want to feel the joy and calm, all you got to care about is yourself.
if there’s anyone right in here my dear, it’s you
society convinced you that you’re not and what a big disaster to believe so
because you’re the shiniest star among all the stars.
be proud of yourself

—  water and torture / future poetry book by @softtokyo

I enjoyed Rogue One, because I like clapping at things I recognize. But I also realized that it was pretty flat. Sure, some of the characters were pretty cool, and there were some funny moments, but it wasn’t as good as the first two Star Wars movies. It didn’t show me anything I hadn’t seen before, it just remixed things I already knew existed.

Which has really been a problem with Star Wars since Empire – every single iconic part of that franchise is in those first two movies. The rest has been riding the wave of that radness.

So that’s a bummer, right? Why can’t Hollywood just learn to make consistently great movies?

Because making a good movie – or anything cool – is sort of magic. There are several articles on this very site about how weird the conditions that made Star Wars were, or the fact that tons of the most iconic parts of pop culture popped up through sheer luck. And luck is pretty much the only thing money can’t buy. So when the studio is obsessively controlling every aspect of how a movie is made – like what is happening in Star Wars and all the Marvel movies – then a certain floor of quality is guaranteed. But that control means they’re also removing the chance for the strange alchemy of luck and magic that you need to make something really important and cool.

4 Terrible Parts of Pop Culture (With Weird Bright Sides)

Star becomes friends with like every monster in order to start making things right (except Ludo…hes still mean to her lol)

She smiles really big and hosts little picnics with them (basically like rly cute soup kitchens??) in like the middle of the woods…everything is made by her and kinda tastes weird but shes doing her best!!

Marcos always like “Are you hanging out with your friends again?”

She opens a portal to Mewni carrying like 20 loaves of bread. “Yep!!”

She has like,, a monster squad now. They all LOVE Star.

Day 14: Quack Pack

So that cartoon about anthropomorphic ducks living in a world with humans and amazing technological inventions was WEIRD right?

Well… prepare for the same thing.

The Bizarre thing about Quack Pack is that on a premise level it sells itself as a sort of sequel to Duck Tales. It stars Donald and Daisy but an older/teenage Huey/Duey and Louie and that’s fine until you start to notice the cracks. See: Ducktales takes place in a romanticized Americana setting where crazy future robots and aliens can exist but so can undiscovered civilizations, vintage cars and old school crime bosses. The people of Ducktales world were also still anthropomorphized animals. You had other ducks but also Dog Faces (like Goofy) and occasionally like a goose or two.

Quack Pack takes place in a modern (well 90′s anyway) setting where there are humans. Like straight up HUMAN HUMANS. So like… is this the same world as The Mighty Ducks? Are Donald/Daisy from the Duck Homeworld and came to earth with 3 babies who’ve become teenagers in the modern era? Or did humans suddenly appear in between Ducktales and now?

ANYWAY this show has had two robot girls. One episode in which also involves mind control weirdly enough.

The firs one involves one of the boys encountering a girl next door and developing a crush on her (dude you’re a duck) but it’s okay because she’s a robot!? And so is her wierd 1950′s throwback family? Developed by the military? This episode was wierd but ANYWAY.

Big episode revolves around Huey (or Duey or whoever) getting braces (HE’S A DUCK HE DOESN’T HAVE TEETH) but it turns out it’s actually a mind control device created by a criminal organization. And he uses it to make a buncha people do whatever he wants and goes on a power trip

commanding cheerleaders to sing his praises. Why are the ducks aroused by the very human women. Anyway the evil organization sends this really beautiful woman to seduce __ey and then she pulls off her skin and reveals herself to be a robot assassin.

Who constantly tries to keep herself shiny and chrome so she can Enter Valhalla? You know I’m not one to make “OH MAN WHAT DRUGS WERE THEY ON!?” jokes because I think that undermines the creativity of the human mind and also oversells the potential effects drugs have on the brain but Disney animation staff of the 90′s? You must have had some very interesting creative assemblies is all I’ll say. What I would give to be a fly on the wall when this episode was being pitched.

Terra Nova ~Part Five: Aftermath~

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We’re officially halfway through! Are you ready for things to get a little… heated? :D However the weirdness remains! It’s Part Five!

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS).
Pairing: Reader X Bones 

Words: 1,301

Warnings: Some mild swearing, some romantic behaviour, descriptions of anxiety and crying. 

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“You don’t understand; I have to keep him safe – I can’t sleep now!”

Wendy was struggling in Bones’ arms, her limbs shaking and voice rising with fear. Keeping hold of her, Bones led her gently towards her bed.

“Colin is perfectly safe, Tanya has him and we’re going to find out what happened to Mike.”

“No,” Wendy shook her head vigorously. “No you don’t understand. Mike’s gone, I have to do this by myself now. They can’t take me too; I can’t leave my baby alone!”

Her words dissolved and she collapsed onto Bones’ shoulder, sobbing. Moving very slowly, Bones took a hypo from his pocket. 

“I’m going to give you something mild – you really need some rest darlin’. It’s just for now, okay?” He said, his voice soft, and after a moment or two Wendy relaxed in his arms. He laid her down on the bed, covering her with a blanket before turning back to the small group behind him. “Who wants first watch?”

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“Sunsets, they are different in every planet”

“And where has been your favorite?”

“I think, right here”

Urgh I’m so tired but stormpilot gives me strength. Also I don’t know when doing linework became my cooldown thing, that’s kinda weird.

The big donut |coincidence?|

So you guys know the Big Donut from Steven Universe, right? 

So I was watching one of the newer episodes of Star vs the forces of evil, when I noticed this. Theres a striking resemblance between the two, don’t you think? I’ve been wondering if this was just a coincidence or if it were a creator referring to another creator’s show sort of thing. 

While I was looking at images of the big donut on safari I found this. Ok….this is most likely just a coincidence but if it were to be related then, thats awesome. 

Haven’t done much research in this. Just thought it be funny to point out. 

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Nickname: ellie is already a nickname, and el is a nickname of that. weird. 

Star Sign: taurus Height: pretty much 5'4 Time Right Now: 4:18 pm 

Favourite Music Artist: idk if i really have one yikes 

Last Movie Watched: i think it was star trek beyond?? idk 

Last TV Show Watched: i am currently watching brooklyn nine nine 

What Are You Wearing Right Now?: a star trek shirt :))))) and grey sweatpants 

When Did You Create Your Blog?: i think it was sometime in 2015 

What Kind of Stuff Do You Post?: sci-fi & space stuff (it’s really all star trek right now who am i kidding) 

Do You Have Any Other Blogs?: nope 

Do You Get Asks Regularly?: nope 

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: i needed a new one (i used to be a hamilton blog [yikes] and decided i was over it) and i happened to be rereading the martian at the time so 

Gender: female Hogwarts House: ravenclaw (i think im really a hufflepuff) 

Pokémon Team: idk fam 

Favourite Colour: blues/greens, or light pink, or a nice yellow (i just like pretty colors ok sorry) 

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-8? i don’t keep track 

Luck Number: 6 & 11

Favourite Characters: jim kirk, mark watney, nyota uhura, spock, dana scully, bucky barnes, clint barton (honestly the list could go on but i’m gonna stop) 

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With?: 2-3 

Dream Job: ideally? nasa 

Followers: 73 

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nicknames: taylor, tj

gender: female

star sign: cancer

height: 180cm, or if you’re one of those weird people who use feet: 6ft :P

time right now: 12 midday and I havent done any assignments and theyre due tomorrow ha ha (kill me)

last thing i googled: ‘scientific theory ph’ (cause sCIENCE HA HA I WANT DEATH)

favourite bands: ok within the k-bands,, my favourites are nct, vixx, exo and day6. but my other favourites are black veil brides and one ok rock (im one of those generic emos sorry sorry sorry)

favourite solo artists: umm i dont really listen to any solo k-idols (i keep meaning to but i only got into it last year so i’m easing myself in slowly). but i love andy black (there i go again. so emo lmao) and troye sivan


last movie i watched: beauty and the beast (i saw it yesterday. r good)

last tv show i watched: the flash

when did you create your blog: 2013 or some shit idek

what stuff do you post: it used to be solely dan and phil, but now it’s mostly nct haha. i haven’t left the phandom, i just got bored of seeing the same shit over and over

when did your blog reach its peak: 2014-2015. it’s dropped haha since i got into kpop ive lost 400 followers oOPS

do you have any other blogs: nah. i tried but i gave up and now i just use this one

do you get asks regularly: never ever. unless someone gets butthurt from something i say and comes to harass me lmao

why did you choose your url: ch ch ch ch chew ing gum ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch chew in gum (and winwin is precious)

following: 671

posts: 10,660 (oooooops)

hogwarts house: hufflepuff lmao

pokemon team: mystic. i never play though lmao 

favourite colours: green, black

average hours of sleep: 2 - 6 hours lmao save me

lucky numbers: 5, 7

favourite characters: lexa from the 100 (rip my lesbian warrior princess i love you). also alex danvers from supergirl (i think i have a theme going on here)

what are you wearing right now: band merch (its all i own)

how many blankets do you sleep with: one in the summer, 2 in the winter

dream job: noooo clue. something with japanese probably

dream trip: jAPAN!!! (ive already been .. but I WANT TO GO AGAIN AND STAY THERE FOREVER)

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Nickname: Muffin/Soidz - yh a tad weird
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Cancer
Height: 5ft2. I’m like a cm away from being 5ft3 so um yh short anyway
Time right now: 12:09pm GMT
Last thing I googled: “What is the capital city of Mongolia?’
Favorite Bands:  3JSB, EXILE, GENERATIONS, EXILE THE SECOND, rampage from exile tribe, BTS, K.A.R.D, GOT7, Da-ice, AAA, FAKY, BANANAMELON and looadds more
Favorite Solo Artists: Jin Akanishi, Crush, Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, Mariya Nishiuchi and too many to count
Song stuck in your head: Only Human by Jin Akanishi. I seriously do love this guy
Last movie I watched: Beauty and The Beast.
Last TV Show I watched: Fresh off the boat 
When did you create your blog: I can’t remember, I think it was February 2016 but I wasn’t very active then
What kind of stuff do you post: Ikemens lol. And maybe reblog gifs of Jdramas
When did your blog reach its peak: Since I’ve just started becoming active, it hasn’t really. But I just wanna find more people who like the same things I do!
Do you have any other blogs: Nope
Do you get asks regularly
: very rarely
Why you chose your URL: Because I gre up watching Naruto and I wanted to be Itachi Uchiha’s wife LOL
Following: 197
Posts: 331 
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Pokémon Team: Team Valor 
Favorite colors: Yellow (although I don’t really own anything yellow)
Average hours of sleep: about 8. If I don’t get that, goodbye uni, sleep is more important
Lucky Numbers: My age :D right now it’s 20
Favorite manga Characters
: Itachi Uchiha obviously
How many blankets do you sleep with: I have one duvet and 1 blanket! 
Dream job: I want to own a cafe which I manage (Because I can’t bake or anything) and it’ll be student friendly and big and nice and cosy and I’ll also play my favourite kpop and jpop songs and I’ll accept song requests too. But the main idea is basically a study cafe. There’ll also be a library upstairs and everything will be so colourdul just as if you’ve stepped into a fairytale!

Dream trip: Travelling around East Asia, discover new cultures and also my parent’s home; Bangladesh - because we always stay in one place. Goddamn I want to travel! Someone take me! (…after my exams and when i have the money obv)

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  • Cassian: So, I have to tell you something.
  • Jyn: Okay.
  • Cassian: ...
  • Jyn: Did you want to talk now-
  • Cassian: Yeah. Okay. So the thing is, I think that I might be having feelings. Like, weird, weird feelings f-for...
  • Jyn: ...
  • Cassian: PRETZELS!
  • Jyn: Pretzels. Okay. Well [pushes a bowl of pretzels towards Cassian while staring at him] They're right here when you want them.

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Nicknames: sam, sami

Star sign: libra

Height: tall. i think i’m around 5′ 8″ at the moment.

Time right now: 1:05 p.m.

Last thing you googled: weird al yankovic

Fave music artist: my favorites are dodie and vance joy

Song stuck in my head: nothing but as i write this i’m listening to kiss me by ed sheeran

Last movie I watched: in theater? rogue one. at home? i think it’s finding dory

Last tv show I watched: how i met your mother. i’m almost finished.

What I’m wearing right now: white long sleeve swim t-shirt, black old navy athletic leggings, bombas socks

When I created this blog: i wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. the rest is history.

The kind of stuff I post: funny/meaningful text posts, calming things, some fandom (phandom) stuff, and ye old shitposting occasionally

Do I get asks regularly?: nah

Why did I choose my url: “tranquila” means quiet/peaceful in spanish and honestly i need so much more of that in my life

Gender: female

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw

Pokémon team: i never really got into that, but i’m pretty sure i picked the blue one. mystic? not sure to be honest

Favorite color: dark blues and purples as well as most pastels

Average hours of sleep: around 7 on weekdays, around 8.5 on weekends

Lucky number: 7

Favorite characters: fred and george, sherlock holmes, han solo. i’m sure there are others but i can’t think of any other big ones right now.

Dream job: materials science engineer, writer/novelist, chemical engineer, filmmaker.

Number of blankets I sleep with: 3 in the fall/winter, ½ in the spring/summer.

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Weird Obession

ENFP: So, what’s a weird obession you have?
INTJ: A weird obession?
ENFP: Yeah, everyone has one! Mine is I like too make conversations of people walking by.*points to random person in suit*
ENFP: (mocking tone) *I am a big business man, on my way to the meetings. I have more money than all of you.* See! So what’s a weird obession you have?
*INTJ thinks for a moment*
INTJ: Well, I guess I really like reading about serial killers and cannibals.
ENFP: Oh…Well we each have our own thing. As long as you don’t leave human meat on our counter lol.
*ENFP laughing lightly. Looks back at INTJ who is starring right at ENFP*
INTJ: (Not even looking at ENFP, and in a casual but serious voice) I wouldn’t leave it on the counter.

*PS, this is based on a true story*

                      ❝ ——— You again ? Is he being rude ? Yes. Does he care enough to stop ? Eh, not really. Face contorting in his disappointment, Marco grimaces at the other - ( does he have to do the weird floating thing ? it gives him the heebie jeebies ).  Look, Star’s not here right now, so if you’re here to sweep her off her feet you’ve come at the wrong time. Try again never maybe ? 


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-Nickname: Dairy (my name is Daira and I know it sounds kinda weird, but I speak spanish and it doesn’t mean anything in my language, it just sounds cute)

-Star sign: Aquarius

-Height: 5’7

-Time right now: 11:27pm

-Last thing I googled: Guernica by Picasso 

-Favorite music/artist: The Maine

-Song stuck in your head: “I Don’t Mind”- Defeater.

-Last movie watched: Ratatouille

-Last tv show I watched: How I Met Your Mother (I’ll never get tired of it)

-What are you wearing right now: A yellow shirt and my underwear (don’t really like pijamas)

-When did you create your blog: On March 2012 but I didn’t understand how to use it until like June.

-Do you have other blogs: Yes

-Do you get asks regularly: No and that makes me sad

-Why did you choose you url: At first my url was my name then I started to understand how this works and I decided to change it and it’s kind of how I will name the day I’ll meet the love of my life because it will be perfect but is uncertain so it will be “someday” that’s why.

-Gender: Female

-Hogwarts house: Pottermore said Ravenclaw and I’m okay with that.

-Pokemon Team: I don’t like pokemon (sorry)

-Favorite color: Mint green

-Average hours of sleep: some hours between 11pm and 9am

-Lucky number: 4 & 21

-Fave character(s): Eliot (Tunnels saga), Violet Baudelaire (A Series of Unfortunate Events), Rumpelstiltskin (OUAT)

-How many blankets do you sleep with: One and my duvet

-Dream job: Illustrator, writer, baker.

-Following: 1042 blogs

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