and that weird star thing right there

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Every 24 hours without sleep is equivalent to about 1 tab of acid. This is not a challenge.

Taurus: It’s amazing how a half dozen words of mild dissaproval can absolutely ruin a day and send some people into a spiral of murderous vendetta.

Gemini: A desire for companionship is natural. Necromancy is too far.

Cancer: there’s a decent chance the world is a simulation or some vast dream but that really won’t change how much people enjoy things like thigh highs and movies.

Leo: Ideas are not bulletproof, they are vulnerable to heavy arms fire and heat based weaponry.

Virgo: Big words from a pile of weird atomic sand that thinks it can talk and has a name.

Libra: Get it out. Scribble madly on the page. Tear the paper. Damage the desk underneath.

Scorpio: Ever see something interesting by the side of the road? How many of those memories do you have? Why do you remember some and not others?

Ophiuchus: The believers know they’re right.

Sagittarius: I asked a star for your fortune but she just did finger guns at me. Now she’s wearing my aviators. She look cool. I bet you do too.

Capricorn: Wear an apron and nothing else.

Aquarius: There is no justice in suffering. You owe nothing. Treat yourself.

Pisces: The night is a blanket over all of us. There is fear and comfort in the privacy of the dark.

sometimes i laugh b/c like. when we first started exploring astronomy, we used our own solar system as a reference, b/c well. it was the closest thing we could study, right? it only makes sense.

only it turns out that the more we study the universe we find that things that are incredibly common in other solar stystems–like binary/trinary star systems, super-earths, hot jupiters, etc, are completely absent from our system

so like. the more we learn about the universe, the more we realize that it’s not just the earth that’s out of the norm, it’s our entire solar system that’s weird compared to the rest of the known universe 

we’re just. the odd ones out in every way, haha

I’m very disapointed that the fandom haven’t already made this joke yet and that I needed to do it myself.

But here you have it, a very chilled Eclipsa. Uh, by the way, this may be considered spoiler-ish? so yeah, watch out for that….
But if you’re reading this then you’re probably already seen the spoiler, so… whoops?

Let’s Start Here (NSFW)

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Summary: Your breath hitched. No one had ever seen you without clothing before. “O-oh…” you said. “B-but…”

“Shh.” He tugged at your top, and another button popped open. “Go on. Do the next one.”

You weren’t sure what to expect or what to feel–the most you’d ever done was daydream about holding Kylo Ren’s hand. Never kissing. Never stripping. Never…

“Mm.” The corner of his lip quirked. “Keep going.”

Words: 6300

Warnings: EXTREME innocence kink, Medic!Reader, virginity loss, praise kink

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: This is a work crafted especially for one of my favorite humans and smol beans, @kylooppa. We’ve bonded frequently over our mutual love for innocence kink, and I decided to take this to the next rational level. I hope you enjoyed it, boo–I love you so much.

And I hope the rest of you enjoyed it, too! Thank you!

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Older Harry Fics:

Innocent, wealthy, and sheltered Louis Tomlinson arrives to London for a new life and in hope of adventure but instead he meets local badboy Harry Styles. Louis has no idea who Harry really is or what he’s capable of but once he finds out that his angel is no angel at all it’s a bit too late because Louis has already fallen. But will Harry’s Darkness consume him completely? Based on the youtube video Dark. 

Louis was just looking for a job so he didn’t have to start university right away. When he accepted the role as Harry Styles’ personal assistant, he had no idea he would find a lot more than work. 

Louis meets Harry one night and well… Of course things lead from one thing to another. How could Louis not be interested in having a go at the ex-Rockstar who’d starred in his first wet dream?

When Harry asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend to help him clear up his image, Louis agrees because why the fuck not. Yet it kind of feels like the only ‘fake’ part of their relationship is the title they chose for it… And then it gets confusing.

Louis’ pretty sure he walked right into a trap - one he’s not quite sure he wants to escape.

Louis is an out of control teen heartthrob, Harry is hired to get him back on track and they both hate each other while they secretly don’t.

The story where five lads all respond to the same ad about an available flat and move in.

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An Incredibly Minor Yet Underrated Marvel Character

SO imagine this. You are a member of an proud and violent warrior race. You are the handmaiden to the less violent, but probably still p proud Princess of the intergalactic empire that most of your race belongs to. One day, your Princess, whom you have served loyally for many years, gets into some bullshit star-crossed lover biz with a man who is 1) a member of the race your race has been fighting since basically forever, B) A member of the organization that has consistently opposed your empire, and Lastly) who lives on a different planet and is therefore not gonna be around when she predictably finds out she is having his goddamn baby, because of course she is. 

So your Princess has this illegitimate half alien baby now, and her Dad (your Emperor) is like “wow, no” and tries to have it executed on the grounds of he doesn’t like it and he’s in goddamned charge. And the Princess is looking at you, and her eyes are doing that thing were they’re really big and sad, and her lips all pout-y, and if you had the frame of reference you would totally call her out on doing the puppy eye thing but you don’t. So what do you do?

You take the weird hybrid baby to his baby daddy, effectively exiling yourself from your home planet, to go live on a planet were Everyone Actually Really Totally Hates You, also known as Earth(y). 

Sadly, when you get to earth, were you expect to find help from the legendary super-powered princess impregnating warrior hero guy and his buds, you find that the guy has quite rudely kicked the bucket. So here you are, on a hostile alien planet, with no one to help your exiled self or your exiled prince who is half a species you have almost no experience with and also has a price on his head despite the fact he is not yet strong enough to lift said head without help. So again, what do you do?

You become a realtor.  

Yeah, that’s right. You get a fucking job. You settle the fuck down. You take a fucking Pilates class. You raise the weird fucking hybrid baby. In fact, you do not just raise the weird fucking hybrid baby; You love and cherish the weird fucking hybrid baby. You teach the exiled heir to your proud, violent, warrior race to be a sweet ‘lil nerd, who loves pokemon, and comic books, and tries to talk through confrontations, and occasionally hits you with those puppy-dog eyes that got you into this mess in the first place. You don’t complain though. You don’t complain when you’re Prince gets sick and there is literally no one on earth to turn to (because who on earth has ever seen a skrull/kree hybrid, much less treated one?). You don’t complain when you hear Galactus destroys your homeworld and everyone on it (how can you explain to your Prince that you’re grieving for his mother when you’re right there?). You don’t complain when the Super-Skrull burst through the wall of you adopted son’s friend-who-is-totally-not-his-boyfriend-mom-oh-my-god’s apartment and demands your baby go with him. Because you are not someone who backs down from a challenge. 

You pull out a gun and you challenge the greatest warrior of your proud, violent warrior race.

You lose. 

You die. 

But it’s all right. Your son’s not-boyfriend will save him. Your weird alien hybrid baby will become a weird alien hybrid hero, and later, a weird alien hybrid King. Somewhere, your Princess and her bullshit star-crossed lover are very proud. Somewhere else, the galaxies worst Grandfather is very furious. But you, well. Who even are you?

I don’t know. Because the writers never bothered giving you a name. It’s all right though. You know why?

Because I love you. 

Beautiful (Snowbaz AU)

A/N: featuring selectively mute!Simon and soft!Baz

- - Simon - -

I don’t think I’ve ever been in the library before, but I have no idea where Penny is and this is my last reasonable idea (the next one being that she’s gone for a swim in the lake, but seeing as it’s about 10 degrees out, this is my last hope).

I walk in and start to call for her before being angrily shushed by a grouchy looking lady behind the desk. “Oops,” I whisper – well, try to whisper, which Penny says is basically a normal talking voice for anyone else when I’m in ‘loud mode’ as she calls it– “sorry, but have you seen my friend Penny?” The lady just glares at me and puts her finger against her lip, so I shrug and decide to just wander the shelves and try and find her myself. Too loud, I mentally rebuke myself. I’m always either too loud or too quiet. The only time I’m okay is when I’m with Penny. She’s good at letting me know. ‘Too loud, Simon,’ she’ll say, or ‘I can’t hear you, love, a little louder?’ I’m also not as anxious around her, so my tongue doesn’t freeze up and feel like lead, not anymore at least. I don’t choke over my words with her.  I shove my fingers into my jean pockets, desperately trying to regain feeling in them and wander deeper into the library. It smells old, but not bad. Like maybe a bunch of posh ancient  vampires lived here. The shelves tower overhead and I could probably get lost if I’m not careful. I’d need a trail of breadcrumbs or something to ever find my way back to the grouchy lady and the front door, but Penny will help me once I find her.

I keep wandering and weaving, peering around shelves and quietly whisper-screaming Penny’s name. I am hushed countless times by people sprawled on overstuffed chairs with thick books and annoyed frowns. After about thirty minutes I’ve given up; even if Penny is somewhere in this maze I’ll never find her. Plus, all the books are distracting (I’ve never been much of a reader, but the pictures on the covers are fun to look at).

Then another thing – well, person – catches my eye. He could be a posh library vampire if he were paler. He has long, dark hair pulled up in a messy bun like it was done up in a rush. Large hipster glasses are sliding off of his narrow nose- which is currently buried in a book. The shadows from the soft yellow lights in the ceiling fall against his face, accenting his sharp cheekbones and firm jawline. I stare open-mouthed at this boy, blinking a few times to make sure he isn’t just a figment of my imagination.

The boy sighs and shifts and I quickly push myself back behind the shelves, knocking over a couple of books as I move. Shit, shit, shit, he probably heard that. I wait for a little while, listening for movement, but don’t hear anything. Maybe he didn’t hear it. I slowly move forward again, peering around the shelf. He’s still there, still reading. I drink in the sight of this absolutely beautiful boy. He coughs, startling me and I start to move back again- tripping over my shoelaces as I go. I fall to the floor with a loud bang, and land on my back. I turn my head and stare through the books, but the chairs on the other side are empty. The boy is gone. I sigh and turn my head back up to stare at the ceiling. Only-there’s a person in my way. Startling grey eyes meet mine and I swallow back a gulp. Wisps of his hair fall against his cheeks. He’s even more beautiful up close.

“Mind telling me why you were watching me?” His voice is deep, deeper than mine. And smooth. A light lilt following his words. I open my mouth to reply, and then shut it again and close my eyes. My verbal communication skills are shitty at best, and in front of a beautiful boy they’re bound to be horrible. I don’t want to ruin the moment (if this even is a moment).

A light thud to my left causes me to open them again and look over. His nose brushes mine from where he’s lying on the ground next to me and he smirks. “You’re staring again,” he whispers. I feel his breath against my face and smile a bit at him, blushing. He grins back and turns his head towards the ceiling. I stare a while longer before looking up as well. The ceiling is quite beautiful, with arches made of dark wood forming large frames for beautiful murals and paintings. We’re lying under a night sky, painted white stars shining down on us. He tilts his head towards me and points a long elegant finger up. “See those brighter stars? In the top corner?” he whispers, tracing them with his finger in the air. I nod. “That constellation is called Cassiopeia, named after a boastful Ethiopian queen in Greek mythology.”

I slowly turn my head away from the stars on the ceiling and back to him. To his bright eyes and small smile as he passionately explains the stories in the stars. He points out a couple of others before meeting my eyes again and pausing.

“I’m Baz.”

“Simon.” I whisper.

I watch him mouth my name, curving his lips around each letter as if treasuring and memorizing each one. Simon. “Well, Simon.” His voice is breathy and light, “what do you see in the stars?”

I look back up, glancing over at him continuously. He nods encouragingly. Hesitantly opening my mouth I wish to everything that words could tumble out but they catch in my throat. I press my lips together and close my eyes, trying to control my shaking hands. I almost wish that I had continued therapy, that it had worked so I could fucking talk to this beautiful boy. That my continuous panic attacks during behaviour therapy hadn’t finally made me give up. Deciding to instead learn sign language with Penny alongside me for rough situations anxiety-wise, where my words choked me and my mouth betrayed me.

“Hey, hey” he whispers, noticing my obvious distress. He reaches out and grabs my hand. “You’re okay, Simon” oh how he says my name. It rolls off his tongue easy and light. “You’re okay,” he repeats, “Do you wanna know what I see in the stars?” I clench my eyes together and nod trying to focus on my breathing. The last thing I want right now is a panic attack. Why couldn’t I have this? Just this. This beautiful boy with his smile and his whispers about the stars.

“Okay,” he continues and points again with his left hand, his other hand staying over mine. “Well if you connect those stars it looks kind of like a dog. I mean not really, but it’s called the Canis Major. Which basically means big dog. I suppose if you use your imagination you can see it. That’s what I love about constellations. You have to use your imagination, otherwise they’re just weird connect-the-dots that don’t look like anything at all.” He looks back at me and I squeeze his hand and smile at him, blinking slowly, trying to savor this wonderful moment. How did I end up on the floor staring at a painted sky with a beautiful boy who doesn’t care that I could barely get my name out. A beautiful boy who lights up when he’s talking about stars and who doesn’t seem to want to let go of my hand.

“Simon,” His breath caresses my face, pulling me out of my thoughts. “Would you like to go get coffee with me?”

“Yes,” I whisper back, my voice cracking slightly from unuse.

“Okay,” he says, “but first you have to answer one question.”

I nod eagerly.

He leans in, nose brushing mine. “Why were you watching me?”

I stare at his lips, not ready to look into his sharp grey eyes. “I- “ I pause, lick my lips, raise my eyes to his.

“You’re beautiful,” I breathe out.

He leans in closer, and his lips brush mine as he whispers back.

“You’re pretty cute too.”

Miraculous Ladybug and Voltron Roles (and everything after)

So the Miraculous crew get flung into space riding on a Blue Lion, crossing the universe to a mysterious Castle, and into a war that spans millennia—a war they never knew about. Here’s what happened next.

·      Tikki (Princess Allura) and Plagg (Coran) have the most powerful weapon in the universe at their fingers, but it’s not their destiny to wield it. Luckily, five teenage pilots unintentionally stumble through their front door, awaken them from a 10,000 year nap, and proceed to shake the very foundations of space and time. Tikki, connected to the Lions and has a strong bond with quintessence itself, knows exactly where each pilot will thrive, eventually growing into the Paladins the universe needs.

·      Marinette is the Black Lion, the head of Voltron. She’s a tricky one—impulsive and trusts her instincts—nearly a good fit for the Red Lion, but she’s exactly the strategic, decisive head that Voltron needs. She’s meant to be leader—and it’ll be a journey to reach her full potential—but that’s part of the fun anyway. (She’s exactly where Keith would be at the end of Season 2 of Voltron in Shiro’s absence, which makes it all the more fun).

·      Chloe is the Red Lion, a supernova that burns bright. Temperamental at the worst of times, passionate at best—she’s a spitfire intent on raging into the world like a shooting star. Only she can tame the Red Lion, and once she has her hands on the controls, there’s nothing stopping her in the heat of battle. But she has a lot to grow before she comes into her role as Paladin, from spoiled Princess of the Garrison to a Paladin of Volron—but only time can tell what the future has in store for her.

·      Alya is the Green Lion, as the tech-savy journalist of the group. Whether she’s chasing a story or a conspiracy, she’s got the highly inquisitive mind and the daring nature that the Green Lion embodies. Always hunting for answers, going out of her way for the truth, a thirst for knowledge that burns deep—it’s why her and Green have one of the tightest bonds of the bunch. She’s a natural born Paladin, and that’s just what the universe needs.

·      Adrien is the Yellow Lion, with his sunshine smile and sparkling eyes. He’s always been quick to raise his friends up, supporting them and defending them when the need calls. The Yellow Lion holds the armor and defense to protect its team, and Adrien wouldn’t think twice before throwing himself in front of a shot to protect anyone he cares about. With the strongest and most resilient Lion, Adrien always answers the call of duty and does whatever it takes to protect the team.

·      Nino is the Blue Lion without question. The Blue Lion is the most open of the Voltron lions—friendliest and most accepting, just like Nino. The boy who took a chance to see the real Adrien behind the “famous model” mask, and welcomed him into a friendship with open arms, it’s no wonder the Blue Lion did the same for Nino. He flows like water—easy going and adaptable, with the confidence to muster nearly any situation—and is truly the heart of Voltron. Open and honest, Nino fits the key ingredients to pilot the Blue Lion.

·      The Paladins accept their duties after a stunning and deadly battle that nearly destroyed the Arusian homeworld, knowing that to step away might sentence Earth to the same devastation the Galra spread to numerous other planets, the same that cost Tikki and Plagg their people, their planet, and everyone they loved. It’s hard though, as Earth was their home and their families remain behind, with questions unanswered and no bodies to bury.

·      Marinette misses home the most deeply—she aches for it like a missing limb. With only her mother and father, their little family was a close-knit one, and the fact that she can’t go back—may never go back, though no one will ever say it out loud—hurts her more than any of Tikki’s wild training exercises. She’ll stand in the control room, watching the star map twist planets and stars around one another in a celestial dance, a soft blue glow painted over her face, with a small frown as the only sign that something deeply troubles her. She’ll never tell the team, except for maybe Alya. She already struggles with being their leader, and one more chink in her armor might give Chloe the chance to make a crater.

·      Adrien’s job is to be a rock. It’s what his Lion stands for, and it’s a duty he takes pride in. Whether he’s protecting his teammates or acting as their crutch, he’s always by their side as an ever-present guard. Outside of battle, it’s even more clear—especially with Marinette. He supports her in her journey to become the leader that Voltron needs. In moments of hesitance and fear, he places a hand on her to offer her stability in the tremulous world they’ve been through in. Outside of Alya, he’s her closest friend. From Adrien, a few words of kindness are all his friends need to curb their worries, fears and insecurities, and any general sadness that might tinge their smiles. He’s the perfect picture of steady and sturdy, but even the rock can have its cracks.

·      Adrien’s story was written in tragedy. It happened a year before, when Adrien was a blossoming young pilot under the Garrison’s eyes, son of the man who would fly the Earth to the farthest reaches of its solar system. Gabriel Agreste and a team of scientists led by Adrien’s mother were assigned the Kerberos mission, the most famous man-driven missions of the Galaxy Garrison, until an incident occurred, and the crew went missing. The Garrison passed the disappearance off as a pilot error, but Adrien, who had learned to pilot under his father’s watchful eye, knew that his father wouldn’t have made a rookie mistake and crashed a ship into a moon. Alya swears the Garrison was covering up the truth behind his parents’ death, but right now, Adrien believes more than anything that his parents would find a way to survive. So, while he’s flying in space with magical robot lion, he’s on the search for answers amidst the stars.

·      Alya’s got her eyes on the prize—looking for answers to the truths the Garrison tried to hide. This villain they’re facing, the Emperor Hawkmoth of the Galran race, wants Voltron for a reason, and she knows she’s seen him mentioned once or twice in the Garrison’s database. Tikki and Plagg have never heard of Earth before, but the Blue Lion was on Earth in the first place. There’s something going on here, and she’s determined to discover the secrets the universe has tried to hide—especially the truth about her mother’s demise and whether the Kerberos crew she was on really did die on a backwater moon of Pluto.

·      Alya spends most of her time immersing in Altean culture in the Castle of Lion’s library. There’s so much to learn about, whether it’s the history of the Voltron lions or how exactly the Blue Lion ended up on Earth and who King Fu (King Alfor) was. Tikki and Plagg are mum when it comes to history, and Alya’s always had a curious streak that might kill her (and Nino who she always manages to drag along). And if her and Nino lose track of time in the dark corner of the library, where a musty smell of age-old books tickles their noses, the rest of the team doesn’t really question it. If anything, at least the two Paladins are growing closer. 

·      Nino’s just along for the ride. Spotting Chloe sneaking Adrien out of the Garrison, who was he to let his best buddy be smuggled away in the middle of the night? Course, Alya and Marinette had to be dragged along if Adrien and Nino were involved, if only to protect them all from Chloe’s unique brand of sufferance. In the heat of the moment, only Marinette could knock Chloe down a few pegs, which Chloe could fire right back. Nino, on the other hand, melted into the group like water, filling their spaces and cracks like an ebbing tide that can be tugged in any direction based on whichever moon in his system pulls the strongest. Accepting and open to nearly anyone, he trusts the most and holds the others in the highest regard—he is truly the heart of the team. He’s the only one who sees Adrien’s cracks, who can keep up with Alya’s ideas, who can bridge the divide between Chloe and Marinette, and who can keep Voltron together on the worst of days. Without him, things might just fall apart.

·      Chloe only meant to show Adrien the weird carvings of lions she’d stumbled upon one day while exploring a group of caves her father, as Director of the Garrison, had declared as forbidden territory. It’s dangerous, he’d told her, but since when had her father’s words ever stopped her? Normally she could wrap the man around her little finger, but when it came to her safety, her father wouldn’t move an inch. Naturally, Chloe pushed him off the edge entirely and molded her own path. There was something calling to her when she was out there, something that needed to be found, and Adrien was into the whole conspiracy shit in the first place, so of course she’d show him her discovery. What she hadn’t expected was for the Nerd Herd to come along—that never ended well. And she was right. She meant to show her closest friend some weird cave drawings, and the next thing she knew, they were hurtling across the stars in a magical robot lion. What’s a girl to do?

·      (Getting the Red Lion was a surprise to everyone—including Chloe. She’s not the type to rely on instincts, skill, etc—she was only in the pilot class because she knew her way around a stick and her father was easy to please. But the more time she spends in Red’s cockpit, with the controls in her sweaty palms, chest heaving as she pulls up from a dive… The more she realizes, she was born to fly. She was born to be here—to sit with an old soul who’s just as passionate and fiery as herself. There’s something to be said, Chloe believes, that she feels more alive in space where she has literally nothing, versus back on Earth where she had everything.)

·      They’re a mismatched batch of kids, pilots pulled from Earth in a jaw-dropping, heart-throbbing whirlwind through a wormhole, but… It’s funny, how well they mesh together. It surprises Tikki and Plagg sometimes, who watch with wide eyes as they execute training drills and mission-ready exercises. By all accounts, they should be divided—they’re children pulled into a war they didn’t know about—children who haven’t embraced their roles as Paladins, their bonds with their Lions, or their relations with each other.

·      Marinette and Chloe have butt heads from the beginning. Marinette will NEVER be Chloe’s leader, her superior, or commander, and Marinette will never become friends with Chloe Bourgeois, but these two simple facts prevent them from forming Voltron. Reluctant acceptance would probably best define their relationship—or a necessary evil. But as they form Voltron and take on the Galran forces, it becomes something else entirely. Lke fire and ice, they contrast each other so drastically that Tikki expects one of them to spontaneous combust one of these days, but somehow Marinette and Chloe have found a way to make it work. With Marinette’s strategic thinking and Chloe’s cutthroat tactics, they make the perfect team in combat and on missions. (Though, if Marinette shows even an ounce of weakness, Chloe will strike, and Marinette is always quick to rise to bait). A toxic potion indeed, one might assume, but one that cancels out the poison to become an antidote entirely.

·      Slowly but surely, they’re coming together. They still have a long way to go—a lot to grow into—but Tikki and Plagg are certain that they can save the universe. Whether it’s the mystery of the Agreste family, the truth behind Hawkmoth, the childish bickering or saving the universe in general—Voltron can overcome anything.

·      It’s just gonna take some time—and a wild ride to survive.

The Girl on Set – Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by Anon: May you do a Cody imagine where you are a fan of tw and you win the contest to visit the set in the final season and you’re so happy because you’re gonna met the cast but mostly exited because you’re gonna meet Cody cause Theo is your favorite character, And when you meet him gets an interest on you and take advantage of every break or every moment to go to talk to you and sprayberry can see you caught him so deep and tell him to ask you out or something?? 

Word Count: 2,430

Warnings: None

Pairing: Cody Chrisitan x Reader

Other Characters in this imagine: Holland Roden, Tyler Posey, and Dylan Sprayberry

Author’s Note: I’m not sure if this is the ending you wanted, but I still gave you the same concept you asked for. I hope you like it and feedback is greatly appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by bysamoylova

“Who is that?” Cody asked as he approached Holland and Dylan Sprayberry sitting on their chairs.

Holland looked up and noticed Cody nodded towards the girl by the craft table with Tyler Posey, who were talking and laughing as they put food on their plates. Holland looked back at Cody with a smile, “that’s Y/N. She’s the one who won the contest to visit the set.”

“We met her earlier in the make-up trailer. She’s really nice,” Sprayberry said after looking up from his phone.

Cody looked back and couldn’t help but admire the girl. Her hair was down with long waves that reached just above her butt. She had dark skinny jeans, which showed off her hips and great butt. She wore a black tank top underneath a red plaid shirt, with a pair of matching red Converse. She was too far to notice the small details on her face like her make-up or if she had freckles. However, he knew one thing for sure, she was beautiful. 

“Do you need a bucket?” Sprayberry’s question snapped Cody out of his trance. He gave him a puzzled look, wondering why he would ask such a thing. As if reading his mind, Sprayberry answered, “for all the drooling.”

Holland giggled. “Someone has a crush.”

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Meet me in my room - Part 1 (Sirius x reader)

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

Meet me in my room- Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Request: Hey can you do a Sirius x reader?💕 Where they meet again at Grimmauldplace during the 5th book and during Hogwarts times they were friends and had a little romance going on but then Lily and James got killed and Sirius was sent to Azkaban? And then it gets all fluffy…. Thank you so much😊🙈☺️

The moment you were told that Sirius Black escaped, you did not know how to react. You could burst out into tears and cry, scared that he will come after you so you would be his next victim, if you believed he was guilty. Or you could be calm and look forward to meeting him again, if you believed he wasn’t guilty. But what did you believe?

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anonymous asked:

♡ Shance/Shunk/Sheith, your pick which?

accidentally falling asleep together | shance/shunk/sheith 

Shiro smiles when he hears footsteps behind him. They’re quiet, but they fill the room nonetheless, and a second later, Lance sits down next to him, crossing his long legs over each other. The emptiness — loneliness — recedes. 

“This is weird,” is the first thing that comes out of Lance’s mouth. Shiro turns to him, propping his chin on his hand and raising an eyebrow. Lance flushes.

“Usually it’s the other way around,” he explains, gesturing between them. Shiro glances around and realizes that he’s right. More often than not, Shiro is the one finding Lance sitting amongst the stars, searching, waiting, wanting. 

“True,” Shiro agrees. He unfolds himself, stretching out his limbs. Lance runs his fingers over Shiro’s shoulder, and some of the tension in it releases. He hums.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

Shiro’s mouth twists. He almost doesn’t answer, almost says no, but—


Lance considers him for a moment. The stars gleam in his eyes, a thousand reflected lights that make them look more like a galaxy than an ocean— though he always gets lost, no matter what they look like. 

“Here,” he says, patting his thigh. 

It takes him a second to understand. “Lance—”

Immediately, Lance starts pouting. He kind of hates it when Lance does it, because it’s really cute, and he always seems so genuinely disappointed that Shiro has to give in. 

“Lance,” he says again, but his resolve is weakening. 

“Shiro,” is whined back at him. “Am I not a good pillow?”

They look at each other for a moment, facing off, before Shiro sighs. Lance’s expression clears; he brightens up visibly. 

“You’re bony,” Shiro grumbles, poking him in the side and eliciting a yelp. He really isn’t, though; Lance just grins back at him in response. 

A moment later, his head is pillowed in Lance’s lap. Shiro reaches for Lance’s hand, taking it in his own and running his fingers over knuckles and ridges and scars, memorizing it like he would a map. 

“I brought a book,” says Lance, reaching behind him with his other hand and showing him a thin Altean tablet— the equivalent of a space e-reader, he supposes. Lance has somehow managed to procure stickers that are plastered over the back; there’s one of Blue, unsurprisingly, and some waves, a scribbled quote from an old book series Shiro’s sure he’s read. 

“Same one as before?” Shiro asks. “The one that’s like a swashbuckling space opera?”

Lance laughs. It’s a nice sound. 

“Are you describing a book or our life?”

Shiro chuckles. “I don’t know if we’re swashbuckling—”

Lance grins at it, the one that he saves for when he’s flirting. A little crooked, the peek of white teeth, his lips lifted at the edges— it makes Shiro want to kiss him. Instead, he feels his face heat up just a bit and the air lodge in his throat. 

“Don’t you think I’m daring?” he says. “Or adventurous, or charming, or, uh, I dunno, heroic?”

Shiro laughs. He can’t help the smile that spreads across his face. 

“Sure, Lance,” he teases, but the smile softens a little. “You’re all of those.”

Lance goes red for a minute before he clears his throat and turns the tablet on. He has to take his hand back, which makes Shiro incredibly disappointed. 

“What story will you read today?” Shiro asks, then adds on an afterthought. “Not that I’ll understand it, anyway. You can translate later.”

Both Lance and Pidge have entered a friendly competition to learn Altean. Pidge is, for some reason, still using the Castle’s program to learn, though Shiro’s confided that he a) doesn’t think it’s very effective and b) that it’s kind of dangerous. Not that she would’ve listened to him. 

Lance is doing marginally better by his method of reading and watching old, cheesy Altean movies. He tells Shiro that Altean is definitely a lot different from Spanish, but he seems to be doing alright, well enough to converse with Coran a bit. 

“Just some Altean folk tales,” Lance says lightly. “I asked Coran for some recommendations. I want to— I dunno…”

He goes quiet for a bit, mulling over his thoughts, and Shiro waits for him, ever-patient. 

“I guess I thought it’d be nice,” Lance says. “Like, I mean, there’s not much I can do for myself, but I’m not, like, the only one missing home. So I thought Coran and Allura would appreciate if we… spoke Altean, sometimes.”

“Lance,” Shiro says, because his name is the only thing he can seem to say. His heart warms and swells. It’s such a Lance thing to do.

“You’ll pick it up sooner or later,” Lance continues matter-of-factly, pursing his lips. “You’re bound to if I’m reading to you all the time. Instead of just knowing your ‘essential words’—”

“Hey, they’re pretty important,” Shiro says. “I know how to say be quiet—”

“—more like shut up—”

Ab akekeosa,” he says in response, and Lance lets out a startled laugh. 

“So now you’re telling me to shut up, huh?”

“And I know hello and mood and relatable—”

“Oh, ab akekeosa,” Lance grumbles, but there’s a smile on his lips. 

They settle back into a comfortable quiet again. Shiro turns his eyes to the stars, tracing lines between them. They’re in all the wrong places, but he looks for the constellations he knows anyway and tries to remember their stories: Cassiopeia, Aquarius, Pegasus. 

Lance starts reading. His voice is low and smooth, water over the rocks. There’s a strange lilt to his words, beautiful, and Shiro is reminded of his mother’s voice, soothing as she used to read him old Japanese tales. They all have stories, all have legends they carry in their hearts, tales that echo across the stars. 

(Or maybe, he thinks, the tale of Orihime and Hikoboshi is real, and the time they spend apart is when they make their ways into other legends, far, far from Earth.) 

He doesn’t understand a word. Lance reads, and reads, and reads — he pauses often, hesitating over a new word or stumbling through a sentence, but it’s calming. Shiro finds himself content. Happy. 

He falls asleep to words steeped in ancient history, lulled into dreams by Lance’s voice. When he wakes again, it’s quiet; there’s a jacket that isn’t his draped over his shoulders. Lance is somehow curled into him, his knees close to Shiro’s chest; Shiro tucks his face into Lance’s shoulder and smiles. 

A hand finds his shoulder. Lance taps him blindly, and Shiro finds the sense to twine their fingers together in his muddled state.

“Sleep,” comes Lance’s voice, thick and soft. 

Shiro hums and does just that. 

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Isak, right now, can’t sleep. It’s one of those weird things that comes back from his past to haunt him sometimes. And not for any reason, either, he’s not stressed about anything now. He’s the happiest he remembers being, in fact, he’s just moved in with his boyfriend, and although there’s one or two (okay, several) boxes that still need unpacking, they mostly have the place sorted.

He just, for some reason, can’t sleep.

Maybe he’s in the wrong position – currently he’s lying on his back, staring up at the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling that Even insisted that they needed, and insisted that Isak should arrange them into exact constellations – even though there’s billions of stars in the night sky, Even, and we have twenty-three pieces of plastic to work with. Isak chose a couple of constellations anyway, and tried to recreate them to the best of his ability. He got a kiss on the cheek after he was done, as a reward, and that wasn’t enough, Even, I worked my ass off just now, so maybe he managed to get a bit more of a reward out of it.

Even is sleeping soundly next to him, and Isak huffs a secret laugh, like he does every time he sees him sleeping because what happened to “I never sleep, ‘cause sleep is the cousin to death,” Even? Isak loves it, anyway, he loves seeing Even so peaceful, and calm, and knowing that this is their bed now, not just one of theirs that they’re both sharing for the night. It’s their bed in their apartment, and they’re together, and it’s only been six months that they’ve known each other, but God, it feels like it could have been forever. It feels so right, so perfect, with Even by his side.

Maybe it’s this sappy shit that’s keeping him awake. Himself before he met Even would hate himself now.

He turns on his side, facing towards Even and only just managing to stop himself from reaching out and touching him – Even is a light sleeper, he doesn’t want to wake him up for something as pathetic as I can’t sleep and I think you’re beautiful. He lets himself stare, though. He never can get enough of staring, Even’s jaw, his lips, his hair, and his eyes, which are now opening slowly, even without Isak touching him.

“Did I wake you?” Isak whispers, worried, “I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t mean-“

Even doesn’t speak, but shakes his head and brings a hand up to put a finger on Isak’s lips.

“Can’t sleep?” he murmurs, concern filtering through his tired voice.

Isak shrugs, or tries to. It’s difficult when he’s lying on his side. “Just admiring you instead. Is that allowed?”

Even grins, but tries to sound serious. “What are you thinking about?”


Even raises an eyebrow. “You know, me keeping you awake is meant to be reserved for more exciting reasons.”

Isak giggles softly and buries his head in Even’s chest. “No,” he mumbles into Even’s skin, “I’m too tired.”

“Then why aren’t you sleeping?”

“I need more cuddles.” To prove his point, Isak wriggles even closer into Even’s body. Even obligingly brings both arms to wrap around Isak, and presses a kiss into his hair.

“There you go, then. Is that better?”

Isak is already dropping off when he hums in approval.

curiousbluepencil  asked:

You know what I've been thinking about lately? How Tokoyami would react to Tododeku. And it's weird, because they're not that close, right? But he always describes things so POETICALLY xD He'd be all: "their love is as pure and powerful as the light of a thousand stars, we are blessed to be witness to something so beautiful and profound in this time of strife" and I'd be right there, nodding the whole time with rivers in my eyes, aye, birb boy got that damn straight (tho our boys sure aren't ;D)


Melodramatic edge birb waxes poetic about Tododeku is my new favorite thing, somebody write a fic.

neonlightwood  asked:

PROMPT (obviously jimon): “I was going to ask what you’re doing, but at this point, I don’t think I want to know.”

“…. Uhm.”

Jace cracks one eye open to peer at his intruder. It doesn’t help much, as he’s lying on his stomach and whoever’s dumb enough to barge into his room is standing up.

“Whatdoyouwant…” he asks, eloquently. When no answer comes, Jace makes what seems like a herculean effort to roll over and onto his back. Simon is standing by the door, biting one of his nails and shifting his weight from foot to foot. “What?”

Simon looks over his shoulder and out the door. He turns his head back to the room. “You know what? It’s cool. I think I’ll just take the couch tonight.”

Jace blinks lazily a few times. Simon coming in and out of his eyesight. The fourth time he does it, everything blacks out.

The first thing Jace registers when he wakes up is this searing pain, like someone was trying to squeeze his brain out of his skull. He groans and immediately regrets it when the vibration accentuates the throbbing.  

The second thing he noticed was that the pillow smelled like Simon’s cologne.

“What the fuck,” he breathes out. Opening his eyes, slowly, he realizes that the scent wasn’t the only thing out of place in that scenario. Last time he checked, his room didn’t have a guitar case. Or a Star Wars poster.

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Meet me in my room - Part 2 (Sirius x reader)

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Meet me in my room - Part 1   Part 3    Part 4

A/N: So this is the second part of the request. I hope you like it. 🖤

“Can we talk?”, Sirius asks you, his face looks calm, but you know that he is nervous. You do not know what to do, how to react. Surely you imagined the moment meeting Sirius again, before, but it was always imagination. Now seeing him standing in front of you is weird. His hair lost volume and he lost weight, but what makes you the most curious is the fact that his eyes looked sad. The grey eyes that always seemed to shine as bright as a star are now cheerless.

“Okay”, that is the only thing you can say as a response right now.

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a message from me to every human

everyone is looking for it
that thing called happiness
funny how we’re all trying to fit
in a society full of unawareness
to not be considered wrong
to not be defined as weird

Euphoria is taking all her courage to tell you, if you want her, if you want to feel the joy and calm, all you got to care about is yourself.
if there’s anyone right in here my dear, it’s you
society convinced you that you’re not and what a big disaster to believe so
because you’re the shiniest star among all the stars.
be proud of yourself

—  water and torture / future poetry book by @softtokyo