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the best thing about the whole "who is Sebastian Moran" discourse is that a) fandom collectively decided the guy we saw in TEH wasn't Moran. and b) that fandom has come up with a character who is not part of the show and just *made it part of it* anyway. Do you guys know how many Moran fics there are? 7032 on AO3 alone. And I repeat, most of those do not feature the guy we saw on the show.

^ This.

I’m so proud of this fandom, we’ve accomplished so much despite all of our differences.

-R. R. Hudson



Ooooh boy this is gonna be fun :D

Recently I’ve been updating a whole load of my old characters, and I’ve finally gotten round to one of the oldest sets of characters.  The Rainbow Tribe were designed to be a backup team to support Rayman in his guardian duties.  Now I’ve given them a more independent role as protectors of their own home island, in particular the ManyColours Lagoon which is a sanctuary and rejuvenation centre for lums.  Naturally their island is a hotspot for invasion by nefarious folks who want to steal the lums, so the Rainbow tribe and their patron nymph Irena guard the island and keep the lums safe.

  • Spike - The team leader.  A chatty, good humoured thrill seeker who’s always up to try new dangerous sports and hobbies.  His gift is super speed. 
  • Dixie - Techie extraordinaire.  Hard working and diligent.  Has taken it upon herself to be Team Mom.  Skilled mechanic.  Her gift is the ability to meld her hands with mechanical gear.
  • June - Youngest of the team.  Insanely shy and barely speaks but loves music.  Her gift is the ability to communicate with lums and draw lums to her, right through solid objects if needs be…
  • Vert - Team Grump.  Distrustful of almost everyone except his teammates and fiercely protective of them.  Takes pleasure in simple things.  His gift is super strength.
  • Matthew - Wannabe magician.  Career cut short because of his impending blindness.  Despite this he has a huge ego and outgoing, playful personality.  His gift is the ability to weild electricity.
  • Mystia - Stoic and reserved.  Believes her whole purpose is to protect her little brother.  Highly intelligent and logical thinker, good at solving complex riddles.  Her gift is the ability to turn into vapour.
  • Guy - Team Bookworm.  Endlessly curious and loves exploring.  Considers his new teammates to be the coolest thing ever, especially his best friend June.  Likes collecting bugs.  His gift is telekenesis.
  • Irena Descent - the ‘Zordon’ of the team.  Responsible for giving each member their gifts.  Despite her powers she can be overly laid back about her duties.  But she loves her team’s energy and personality.

I’ll be posting these up individually on my DA page with more in depth info about each character. You have no idea how long these individual pictures took to do >0<  WEEKS I TELLS YOU

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omg what is dead chicken i haven't seen it i'm curious now. but i do hope he wears the costume from 4cc at worlds. it belongs on a runway it's the most beautiful costume i've ever seen

you sweet summer child whose eyes have never been sullied by the sight of the chicken costume…i almost feel bad for answering this because your innocence will forever be gone. but you asked for it.

imagine the betrayal. going from one of the best costumes of the season, to this:

i can’t believe i had to go take these screencaps, i need to cleanse myself now

French Perfume Part 3

Crowley X Reader

Word Count: 1.2K

Summary: Female reader receives a package from an admirer.   She also learns about her special gifts.

Warnings: language, angst, mild petting

Catch up: French Perfume Series

“Well, well you returned.” Dean’s voice had that sarcastic tone. “Did you have fun?”
“Yes, mate, we enjoyed ourselves.” Crowley replied, kissing you gently in front of the boys.
“Oh God that is just disgusting!” Sam scrunched his face.
“Are you going to tell them, Dean?” Castiel inquired.
Dean stood up and gestured to you and Crowley, “Oh yeah this, this is over!”
You huffed, “Dean!”

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(ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc)  ..I’m trying my best to survive after this.. o<-<

gosh I am really starting to understand the appeal of Gaige/Angel though

Gaige is loud and in-your-face and peppy and full of energy. Angel is soft-spoken and gentle and calm. Their temperaments balance each other out, I think, and they’d bring out the best in each other.

Maybe sometimes Angel is a little overwhelmed by Gaige, so she tones it down a bit, learns how to enjoy silence, or quiet moments with Angel. And Gaige brings out excitement in Angel, helps her learn to let loose once in a while, to not be so afraid.

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Warehouse-kids) They were at the beach, Jean was sitting just at the water, splashing his hands in and giggling loudly. His back was becoming red from a soon to come sunburn but he wasn't paying attention to it. Angel was collecting rocks and bringing them to Con "daddy I foun mowe!!" She giggled and dropped them in the small pile of rocks in front of Con.

Luckily Con came prepared, looking up what kids do at beaches
“Pick which ones you like best and put them with the bag I brought.”
He smiles and puts more sunscreen on Jean

Interview for Kerrang, December 2004.
  • Chris: "Matt, Have you ever rejected a song for being too over the top?"
  • Matt: "(Laughs) No. Never for that reason, no. I still don't think we're even touching on the beginning of anything close to what has been done in the past in terms of what is regarded over the top."
  • Matt: "If I left the band and you could choose anybody in history to replace me, who would you have?"
  • Dom: "Jimi Hendrix. Well, he's Matt's favourite guitarist, I think. And mine. Plus, he'll fit into the three-piece vibe. It'd work."
  • Dom: "Have you ever spied me doing anything embarrassing, yet spared my blushes by not telling me?"
  • Matt: "Hmmm, Good question. I'm sure there's something. Hmmm."
  • Dom: "You saw me getting laid once."
  • Matt: "That's true, actually: I came in a room once and filmed him with a night vision camera. Ah, I know - I saw him putting on moisturiser once."
  • Chris: "What would you say, If I said I'd invented a Kiss-style image and I wanted to incorporate it onstage?"
  • Matt: "I'd say, it was about fucking time! (Laughs)About time we took it to the next level, I'd say. I've been waiting for one of these two to come up with something; I'd be very happy, yeah. But, I know these two probably wouldn't go there."
  • Chris: "I think I'd probably go there, but I don't know about Kiss."
  • Matt: "What do you think of me getting all the attention and adulation?"
  • Matt: "I don't get it all! Bollocks. Bollocks. Bollocks." (Discards question, chooses new one.)
  • Matt: "If I wanted to record a solo album, how concerned would you be?"
  • Chris: "If I could play bass on it, it'd be alright (Laughs)."
  • Dom: "Which one of us needs to see a shrink and why?"
  • Matt: "I think we've all got hidden agendas. I've never seen one, even though my girlfriend is one. Well, not yet professionally, but she probably will be."
  • Matt: "If you had to select a fancy dress outfit for me, would you choose batman, superman or wonder woman?"
  • Chris: "Batman."
  • Matt: "That's dark. I'm not a dark person, I'm the sunshine of your life."
  • Dom: "Well, I'd say Wonder Woman."
  • Matt: "That's how he'd want to see me. Ever since I saw him bend over to get an injection in his bum, there's been a strange energy between us (laughs). There's definitely suspicion."
  • Dom: "What do you get sick of me moaning on about?"
  • Matt: "Me being late."
  • Chris: "Turning the hi-hats up. Silly little things on the drums."
  • Matt: "Actually, he doesn't really moan much, does he?"
  • Dom: "Really? I thought I was a moaner."
  • Chris: "Who's the worst fighter?"
  • Matt: "If you're small like me, you've got to do other things. If you don't have the physical strength, you've got to use weapons. It's not that I fight like a girl, it's just that I'll use whatever object is at hand."
  • Dom: "I actually think I'm the worst. I smacked one guy in the face once and I thought I looked really hard, and he just turned around, looked at me, and squashed me on the floor in one go. It was quite embarrassing. So, yeah, it's most likely I'd lose, but I'd go down with my teeth in someone's leg."
  • Matt: "What do you think of my dress sense?"
  • Dom: "(Laughs) Pretty sharp these days. As opposed to... shiny pants and glitter shirts."
  • Matt: "Make-up, shiny trousers. Those were the good ol' days. I miss all that."
  • Dom: "What's the worst thing about sharing a tour bus with me?"
  • Matt: "All your faffing around. His electric toothbrush and mouthwash just winds me up. It's just annoying. For one, it reminds me how unclean I am."
  • Chris: "If a spacecraft landed in front of us and a hatch opened up - which of us would be mad enough to go onboard?"
  • Dom: "I'd be in there."
  • Chris: "I'd want to see the beings first."
  • Matt: "I wouldn't go on my own, if I knew we were all going on, I'd be happy to go first."
  • Matt: "Do you think I'm a good looking bloke?"
  • Matt: "That's ridiculous, I can't ask a question like that." (Discards question and chooses new one.)
  • Matt: "Do you two get recognised much when you're out shopping?"
  • Dom: "All the time - they think I'm Matt!"
  • Matt: "Really?"
  • Dom: "I actually did get recognised a couple of days ago at HMV in Islington."
  • Chris: "I got recognised in Co - Op once. I had to sign a little receipt."
  • Chris: "What's my most annoying habit?"
  • Matt: "Farting. I can recognise you by your farts by both smell and volume."
  • Dom: "If I'm in a hotel room, like two floors above him, I can hear him. I'm like, 'Jesus'. He's loud."
  • Matt: "If I had a hygiene problem, would you tell me?"
  • Dom: "I tell you every day (laughs). Get in the shower. Brush your teeth."
  • Matt: "That is true, that is true."
  • Dom: "Which of us has the best home movie collection?"
  • Matt: "Chris. He's got all the Bond films."
  • Chris: "On video and DVD. I try to buy about five DVDs a week."
  • Chris: "What's the worst thing about being in Muse?"
  • Matt: "..."
  • Chris: "..."
  • Dom: "..."
  • Matt: "Our legal bills. The business side. It's complicated. I wouldn't wish it on anybody."
  • Matt: "Is there any song you hate, or used to hate, playing live?"
  • Dom: "Er, no."
  • Chris: "I used to be uncomfortable with 'Blackout', because I never used to play keyboards until that song. They made me learn and I wasn't really a natural player. I was a bit on edge to start with, but I can play it a lot easier now."
  • Matt: "For me it would be a song called 'Cave'. It was on the first album, but it's probably the oldest song of anything we ever did. It was a combination of, one, it was old; and two, it had this vocal bit that had a note I had to hold for so long. It was way too long. You get the odd person still call out for it. Hardcore."
  • Chris: "Who's the biggest bitch?"
  • Dom: "Matt's the biggest and we're his bitches."
  • Dom: "If a venomous snake bit my arse, would you suck the poison out?"
  • Matt: "I'd be more than happy to. I have got medical training - I did a first-aid course. I can do resuscitation, mouth-to-mouth, all that kind of thing. If you cut an artery open, I could stop the bleeding; tie a belt around the groin, fucking do it tight and stand on it, and go, 'SHUT UP!'. Did you know when you see all that thumping of the chest stuff in films, that you can't actually bring somebody back to life by doing that? All you can do is keep them alive until someone turns up with an electrode. You're basically pumping the blood around the body to keep them alive; that's all you're doing. Drowning's a different matter, if someone's got loads of water inside their mouth, you can just blow inside their lungs and maybe they'll be able to cough and splutter it back out again. But, yeah, the venom; I'm not that advanced, but I'd give it a go."
  • Dom: "How about if it bit me on my knob?"
  • Matt: "Then I'd let you die."
  • Chris: "Who's the tightest bastard?"
  • Matt: "Dom. Although it depends what you mean (laughs). Let me think.
  • Erm... I think we're all pretty goddamn good with cash, to be honest. We're all pretty generous. And, yeah, we do charity work. But, we don't like to talk about it. We usually just give hard cash to Oxfam and that's it. We don't go around going (adopts goofy voice), 'Ooh, look at me'. The Bible says if you sing about it, you don't get recognition for it. So, I've just sung about it and blown it all (laughs)."
  • Dom: "Who's the best sportsman?"
  • Matt: "Chris."
  • Chris: "Years ago I might have accepted that, but these days I fall over and break my wrist while playing football on concrete; so I can't be that good."
  • Chris: "If I developed superpowers, would I use them for good or evil?"
  • Matt: "A bit of both."
  • Dom: "I think you'd probably take the piss."
  • Matt: "Am I in touch with my feminine side?"
  • Matt: "This actually isn't my question, I nicked it out of Dom's glass."
  • Dom: "In touch with your feminine side? Er. Yes and no. Actually, I mean, yes, but at the same time... no (laughs)."
  • Matt: "Why, what do you mean?"
  • Dom: "Well, yeah you are, because you wear women's clothes."
  • Matt: "Do I?"
  • Dom: "Yet, when I've tried to kiss you, you don't like it."

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I can't believe you snagged all of RandL's answers from Reddit. You're so dang thorough and thoughtful. If I need to chill out, I know I can come to your tumblr and quickly find a tag that will make me laugh. And somehow you've managed to capture all of these gifs and snapchats and random things and still have such a respectful manner - not creepy at all in your focus. Hats off to you Grave. You're seriously the best. Thanks for all you do.

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Don't Look Now, But One Direction Is Making Great Rock Music

After embracing 80’s tunes on their last album, 1D is back with another killer single. Will casual fans care that One Direction is no longer a pop band?

When all is said and done, what will One Direction’s legacy be? Surely the U.K. quintet will be remembered as one of the biggest boy bands in the history of pop music, capable of selling out stadiums and birthing a new No. 1 album every year. But will 1D be remembered as one of the best boy bands ever, the one that distanced itself from the loathsome qualifiers often tied to industry-formed pop collectives and actually evolved into a genuinely enjoyable act? One Direction is miles away from where it started when it formed in 2010 and was slinging out tasty pop-rock treats, and now holds the title of World’s Greatest Classic-Rock Band That Doesn’t Really Play Instruments and Wasn’t Alive in the 1980s. I don’t know how we got here, and I don’t know how much if it can be chalked up to Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis, but here we are.

On Monday (Sept. 29), One Direction released “Steal My Girl,” the first single from their upcoming studio album Four and the heir apparent to their awesomely bombastic 2013 single “Best Song Ever.” Like that song, “Steal My Girl” is an ode to an unflappable girl with bodacious moves, and also like “Best Song Ever,” One Direction’s new single could be snuck onto your dad’s favorite rock radio station between Van Halen’s “Jump” and The Who’s “Baba O'Riley.”

The ostentatious guitar riffs of “Best Song Ever” aren’t there this time, but “Steal My Girl” has very “Cherry Pie”-esque lines like “Kisses like a queen, her walk is so mean/And every jaw drops when she’s in those jeans,” delivered in between avalanches of piano-led power-pop and stomp-clap beats. The chorus is a pints-up sing-along at a packed bar, with all five One Direction members coming together to remind everyone not to mess with their girl(s): “Couple billion in the whole wide world/Find another one, ‘cause she belongs to me.” It’s a ridiculous concept and revisits a problematic gender dichotomy (if only 1D had changed the last line to “she belongs with me”), like most great hair-metal singles. And it’s not even a particularly innovative song, as Paramore’s Hayley Williams correctly points out. Still, “Steal My Girl” is One Direction’s most deliriously fun single since “Kiss You,” a chunk of rock music so chewy that it can dominate your whole afternoon if you’re not careful.

This moment has been in the works for a while. One Direction’s debut album, Up All Night, arrived in the U.S. in March 2012, and since that carbonated opening statement (led by the group’s top-notch debut single “What Makes You Beautiful”), the former X Factor finalists have slowly but surely moved away from bubblegum pop. Instead of whooshing down the hip-hop/R&B slide and calling Nelly or the Clipse — as *N SYNC and Backstreet Boys did back in the day, respectively — One Direction landed on rock music as their next target. Sophomore album Take Me Home flaunted the group’s new intentions: “Live While We’re Young” nodded to the guitar riff of the Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” and “Little Things” was co-written by Ed Sheeran. Following the album release, 1D recorded a medley of Blondie’s “One Way or Another” and the Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks” for charity; most of the members got new tattoos and started dressing like the members of Blink-182. One Direction was still working with the same producers asUp All Night, and remained ostensibly controlled by The Machine that assembled them when they were reality show contestants. Yet there were clearly nudging their sound into more guitar-based territory, and their handlers (management, labels, Swedish producers) all seemed okay with that choice.

One Direction’s third album, Midnight Memories, was its first out-and-out rock project, a smattering of upright folk (“Story of My Life,” “Through The Dark”) and fuzzed-out anthems (“Little Black Dress,” “Midnight Memories”) that came from a more diverse pool of songwriters, including Jacknife Lee, Teddy Geiger (!) and Ryan Tedder. There isn’t a lot that stalls on Midnight Memories — the album might be a little long, but 1D is crushing its genre appropriations and sounds giddy taking swipes at adult themes. One Direction was also taking more ownership of its music: Midnight Memories had the boys contributing lyrics and adding their influences to 12 songs on the standard edition’s 14-song track list. Those influences, naturally, skewed toward a time before the 1D boys were alive: “I love that ‘80s rock vibe, I’m a massive Eagles fan,” Niall Horan told Billboard last year. “Love Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, The Who.”

Midnight Memories boasts more guitar-playing from Horan, who brandishes his instrument at One Direction’s stadium shows with a pleased look underneath his blonde mop, as if to point out, “We are not a boy band, boy bands don't shred.” If the shrieking pre-teens and lovingly intense fan signs tricked you into thinking a One Direction stadium show was a new-school Backstreet Boys concert, 1D’s lack of choreography, solo-prone backing band and reliance on laser lights constantly remind its audience that it is not BSB. What’s the difference between a One Direction concert and Mötley Crüe concert in 2014? The Crüe crowd may be older and the group members might actually be creating the riffs to which they’re head-banging, but from a musical standpoint, the two experiences are becoming less discernible.

“I think it’s just a progression on the last stuff we’ve done,” Zayn Malik said aboutFour earlier this month, and “Steal My Girl” certainly confirms that assertion. Fourwill be a rock album, and if One Direction makes another a fifth album, that probably will be, too. But how long can this last? Those screaming fans populating One Direction stadiums are getting older, and history tells us that the market for a boy band’s new music diminishes greatly once its younger followers move on to more grown-up fare. One Direction’s problem is that they’re already creating adult music (with PG-rated lyrics, of course) but, as a boy band, lack the perceived “authenticity” to bring in adult consumers and establish longevity, no matter how many songs they co-write on an album or how many times Horan waggles his guitar at their shows. And who knows if One Direction even wants to grow old together? It’s easy to forget that 1D has pumped out four albums in four years while maintaining a mind-numbing touring schedule. Even if its members don’t want to go solo, something’s got to give at some point to slow down productivity.

It’s unlikely that this highly enjoyable phase of One Direction’s career will last forever, or even for that much longer. And when the group’s magic finally runs out, casual fans will likely recall the band’s enormity, the crying tween girls at their stadium shows and a few of their catchier hits. But the secret of One Direction’s second phase is that it’s been dominated by big, dumb rock influences, and has produced some big, brilliant songs. If you want to disregard “Steal My Girl,” that’s fine; just know that you’re letting one of the better rock tunes of the year pass you by.steal

Red Dragon Starters
  • Think to yourself that every day is your last. The hour to which you do not look forward will come as a welcome surprise. As for me, when you want a good laugh, you will find me in fine state... fat and sleek, a true hog of Epicurus' herd.
  • I do admire your courage.
  • I think I'll eat your heart.
  • Gruesome, isn't he?
  • He fumbles at your head like a freshman pulling at a panty girdle.
  • Without our imaginations, we'd be like all those other poor dullards.
  • Fear is the price of our instrument. But I can help you bear it.
  • Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight? It appears quite black.
  • If one were nude, say, one would want to have outdoor privacy for that sort of thing.
  • Do you like my little exercise cage?
  • I don't know which is the greater fool
  • Did you enjoy it?
  • I hope you're not too ugly.
  • What a collection of scars you have.
  • Never forget who gave you the best of them, and be grateful
  • Our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real
  • Do you dream much?
  • I think of you often.
  • Where's the dog?
  • When I read his journal, it was just so sad.
  • I couldn't help feeling sorry for him.
  • He wasn't born a monster; he was made one through years of abuse.
  • I am the Dragon, and you call me insane.
  • You are privy to a great becoming, but you recognize nothing.
  • You are an ant in the afterbirth.
  • It is your nature to do one thing correctly: before me, you rightly tremble.
  • But fear is not what you owe me
  • You owe me awe.
  • I wanted to tell you I'm delighted that you've taken an interest in me.
  • I have some things I'd love to show you.
  • They do like to sling demeaning nicknames, don't they?
  • I'm afraid if I tell you, you won't even try it.
  • What an unexpected pleasure.
  • No, no, I--I didn't say that. I didn't. I don't, I don't know what I'm saying, I... I'm very, very tired.
  • Dammit, man, you must have some advice.
  • You caught him. What was your trick?
  • I let him kill me.
  • That's the same atrocious aftershave you wore in court.
  • I keep getting it for Christmas.

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Kat walked into work, going to the back to clock in and hang her jacket. Another day, another dollar. It wasn't the best job working at a bar, but it was money nonetheless. She got prepared and started washing classes when someone came in, looking up.

Victor hummed softly as he walked into the bar, him finding a counter spot and sitting down, him sighing deeply

He collected the souls he needed, but that day was so tiring for him, he just needed something strong

“Hey there miss, can you please give me the strongest thing you’ve got?” He asked as he straightened his back

He was abnormally tall, him yawning softly as he waited

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Ah! I accidentally lost the name of that big collection of Holmes/Watson fic that you reblogged the link to recently. It was like a purple page that wasn't ao3 or ff and I really wanted to read some of it, but I can't find it! Help, please??? D:

Hey anon! I don’t think I’ve recc’ed a big collection of Holmes/Watson, just a few stories, but here is a great list by kinklock. If you’re interested, I’ve also been making my way through the amazing writer mistyzeo’s canon bookmarks

All the ones on kinklock’s list are some of the best of the best, but here are some others that I’ve read if you’re interested that aren’t on there. I suggest going through most of these author’s pages for all of their stories.

Edit: @waltzingdetective mentioned you might be referring to Katie Forsythe’s list of fics - most of these are also within kinklock’s, mistyzeo’s, and my own recs, but I haven’t had a chance to read them all yet!

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i'm in 8th grade and i was wearing shorts today, i almost never do. i felt rly self conscious all day and tried my best to pull them down every second i got. they were short but my ass wasn't hanging out like some shorts. at the end of the day i was leaving school and a large group of high school seniors? came behind me and started collectively making fun of me. i keep on crying even tho i know it's pretty stupid, pls help cheer me up momma sara

aw bebe it’s okay. idk why they would have been making fun of you, but it’s a reflection of their shittiness and has nothing to do with you. wear shorts all the time if you want, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. i’m sure you looked cute.