and that was the last damn song they played. of course haha

The Accidental Sext

Overview: Wrong Number AU. Piss drunk, you decided it would be a good idea to send a raunchy photo of yourself to your ex. But as fate had it, you sent it to the wrong number.

Word Count: About 4,500.

Warning(s): Swearing, drinking, drunk texts, some suggestive content, slight sexting, so much fluff. No smut, but should be 16+ to read.

Author’s Note: Modern, Muggle AU; Sirius Black x Reader. I was reading some “I accidentally sent nudes to my boss” horror stories and this idea came into my head. (Sirius is not her boss.) Enjoy! ;)


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Watch It

A/N: Also slightly based off of the song “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran. I hope you guys like it! It turned into something much longer than I expected.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Word Count: 3,291

Warnings: None that I know of. Mild language?

Beautiful people who helped me when I came to them with this crazy idea and said to run with it: @aworldmadeforme @life-what-life-i-dont-have-one

Anon said: “I thought of a Roomies thing that maybe plays into the direction of their storyline you might be headed in?? Y/n is having a rough night, and she doesn’t want to be alone with her thoughts, but on this particular night, Isaac isn’t home. After/while debating with herself over it she tentatively creeps across the loft to Derek’s room and peers in, before changing her mind at the last minute. As she goes to creep back to her room again, he’s like “what the hell is it you’re doing?” And-she’s caught in the headlights of Derek’s glowing alpha eyes. Basically, she ends up staying in Derek’s bed, and they predictably are awkward and funny but it’s ultimately sweet?? Idk, if it’s a bad idea don’t worry about it or anything haha ☺️x”


Anon said: “derek x reader based on bad liar by selena gomez pls?”


You tossed and turned, battling with the sheets just as much as you were your mind. They wrapped around you like a cocoon from the way you must have thrashed in your sleep, keeping you confined to the bed like restraints. Normally you wouldn’t have minded, waking up as a human burrito was actually quite calming, but the thoughts that came to mind every time you closed your eyes just made the safe swaddle feel like a strangling stronghold.

You chuckle at the thought. You could be quite poetic with the right amount of sleep deprivation.

You huffed, slapping a hand to your forehead. Of course tonight was the night Isaac was gone, out on some night patrol with Peter per request of Scott because of some tiny, but disturbing, series of events that had everyone in the pack on edge.

Water. A glass of the cold liquid would surely scare away the demons, right? After all, most of your thoughts consisted of flames and burning things, so water it was.

After fighting with the sheets wrapped around you for too long a time to be reasonable, you plopped to the floor with a soft thud, moaning gently before you rose to your feet, dragging them sleepily across the floor, not even putting in the effort to lift them even a little. This proved a bit harder to handle as you made your way across the concrete floors of the living room, proving to be a slick ice to your sock clad feet, and you floundered just a little before regaining your footing.

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Crowd Pleaser (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Re Post

A/N: I’m sure some of you remember that i posted this story a while back, but for some reason it got taken down and I have no idea why. I’m not sure what happened to it, other than each time i tried to search for it, it never popped up on my master list or tumblr. :( Well I did some digging in my computer and I found it! I hope you guys don’t mind but I revised it a bit for the better haha! Enjoy! - Delilah

Crowd Pleaser: At one of Tony’s fabulous parties, you get drunk as a skunk and decide to twerk on Bucky Barnes after being persuaded by the team.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol. Dirty dancing. 

Tony’s parties were always not your forte. 

You preferred getting drunk with Wanda and Nat in the safety of the common room, far away from any of the super uppity rich people Tony Stark invited. Most of the men spent their time ogling at Natasha, often causing the woman to resort to giving death threats. Even Wanda had her fair share of entitled perverts stalking her every now and then.

You, however, rarely got hit on when it came down to it. There are a couple men here and there, but none ever tried anything drastic. You figured it was because you weren’t as attractive as the other two women. We’re you too tall? Were you too shy? You had no idea. Maybe it was because during every party, you tended to stick with the guys.

You were always with either Sam or Clint. The two always made your night better with their humor. There was never a dull moment with those those guys.

Sometimes, you’d find yourself with Steve and Bucky. That was, until they became bombarded with women. The last time it happened, you had to practically drag the two away from the swarm of crazed women. What was it about those damn super soldiers? The chicks went practically crazy over them.

Nevertheless, you were going to at least try and have a good time tonight. Sam had given you shot after shot of all types of alcohol, which had no effect on you because of your healing powers.

But when Thor arrived at the party with his mischievous brother, Loki, you knew something was bound to happen.

You’ve only met the guy once and that was in 2012, when he nearly killed all of New York. So of course, you and everyone else was going to be a bit wary of the man.

Thor was dressed in usual Asgardian attire, whereas Loki was in a simple, sleek black suit. At least one of them had taste. After making their way through the guests and introducing themselves, they made their way to the three of you.

“Ah, lady Y/N!” Thor exclaimed, nodding at the shot glass in your hand. “I see you have finally decided to discover the wonders of midgardian mead!”

“Actually,” Sam interrupted. “Y/N here can’t get drunk off of this stuff. Her liver heals too fast.” You scoff and elbow him in the ribs.

“If I may,” Loki says, his dark eyes burning into yours as he smoothly reached into his suit pocket. “I believe this should suffice your needs, Lady Y/N.” The flask in his hand is barely the size of a coin purse, but you already knew what it was.

You narrowed your eyes at the man suspiciously. You didn’t trust him at all. What if it was poison? There’s no telling what this guy was capable of. After all, he tried to kill you once before, why wouldn’t he finish the job, right?

Peering between the brothers, you heard Thor clear his throat awkwardly and snatch the flask.

“Forgive my brother,” he says, pouring some of the liquid into his own drink. “He can be a bit…intimidating.”

“Intimidating?” You scoff, glancing between the two men. The last thing you were was intimidated by Loki and you intended to show him that.

A look of horror spread onto both the God’s faces as you snatched the flask from Thor’s hand and downed the entire flask in a long gulp.

You were positive this wasn’t going to do anything to you. You’ve consumed bottles and bottles of alcohol before and not once did you even get a slight buzz. This wasn’t going to scare you.

This was a piece of cake.

You were drunk as hell.

Everyone who came near you instantly knew it, too. Vision sensed your slowed heartbeat and (not understanding what being intoxicated was) immediately called Bruce for help. He was convinced you were dying, to which Bruce calmly explained what the effects of alcohol were.

Natasha was currently preoccupied by fending off the perverted men from Wanda, having no clue what was going to happen in a few minutes. Had she been in your presence, you were a hundred percent positive that things would not have turned out the way they did.

You were in the corner of the party with the four men. The small stool you were seated in made small squeaks as you rapidly spun in circles, belting out the lyrics to the Beyoncé song playing.

“How in the seven kingdoms is she still alive?” Loki questioned, staring at you with wide eyes as you spun faster.

“Man, I don’t even know. But it got the job done, am I right?” Sam cackled, giving Clint a high five. They finally accomplished their mission, to get you completely shitfaced. And they would never let you live this down.

“Relax, your highness,” Clint chimed in, taking a swig of his own beer. “She needs to let loose every once in awhile anyways.”


You belted out lyric after lyric at the top of your lungs, causing a few people to turn around and stare at you. Some even sang along with you, which made all four of the men erupt in laughter.

“I wanna dance!” You slurred, reaching out and grabbing ahold of Clint’s arm.

“Sorry, hun, but I don’t dance.” He replied, patting your head gently. You frowned and turned to Sam, who gave you a similar speech.

“Perhaps the Captain would favor a dance?” Thor asked, smiling encouragingly. Your eyes found themselves on Steve and Bucky across the room. They were both laughing, completely lost in their own world.

“You know what,” Sam chimed in, placing a hand on your shoulder. His eyes were set afar, his mouth in a mischievous smile. “I bet Bucky would really like to dance. Steve said he used to love it back in the day.”

“Yeah, Y/N!” Tony wrapped an arm around your shoulder, a devilish smirk on his lips.

When the hell did he even get there?

“I think you should show Barnes the modern version of dancing. What do ya say, kiddo?”

“Modern version?” You giggle. “Like what? Salsa?”

This earns a couple of giggles from the other two men. It even managed to get a laugh from Thor.

“Nah, something along the lines of…I don’t know…krumping?”

You grimace. There’s no way in hell you were doing that in front of everyone. You didn’t want to die of humiliation.

“You know,” Clint chimes in. “I heard Barnes was an ass man.” You can’t fight the drunken snicker that comes from you. You knew what it mean of course, but the image of Bucky staring at someone’s butt made the entire thing hilarious to you.

“I bet he would absolutely love the art of twerking!” Tony exclaims, helping you off the stool and onto your feet.

“You think so?” You ask before letting out a drunken hiccup. The three men nodded their heads furiously, whereas Thor and Loki glanced at the four of you questioningly.

“Forgive me,” Loki chimed in, a confused frown on his face. “But what is this so called…twerking?” Thor nodded as well, eager to learn as well.

“Y/N is about to give you two a magnificicent demonstration,” Tony called over his shoulder as he lead you towards the two super soldiers.

You both walked until you were standing behind Bucky.

“Alright,” he whispered into your ear. “Go get em, tiger!” 

With that, he patted your head and jogged back to the group of men.

Without thinking, you stood beside the two men, smiling innocently. They didn’t notice you at first, but when they did, they both turned to you.

“Hey, Y/N,” Steve greeted, flashing you a welcoming smile.

You gave him a small wave. You didn’t want to speak, he’d instantly know you were drunk if you did. So instead of speaking, you just turned to the brown haired man. Bucky smiled politely and gave you a small nod.

Turning your head, you could see the guys giving you encouraging smiles. This was way harder than you thought it would be.

“Bucky, come dance with me?” You ask, sounding surprisingly sober. His eyebrows raised at your question. He hadn’t danced since over seventy years ago.

“Uh, I’m not very good, Y/N.” He replied, looking back at the crowd of people dancing. Steve let out a loud snort, one that made the two of you turn to him.

“Buck, you were the dancing king back in the day. Get out there and have some fun!” Before the man could protest, Steve grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him out onto the dance floor.

It was all a great idea until you realized that you had absolutely no idea how to slow dance. Wrapping your arms around Bucky’s neck, you glanced up at him sheepishly.

“I have no idea how to do this,” you admitted, a small hiccup escaped your mouth. Bucky’s eyebrows raised once again.

“Well you’re not alone, sweetie,” he chuckles. “I haven’t done this in seventy years. We can just wing it.”

The two of you danced in silence, enjoying the music. Looking back at the guys, you spotted them watching you intently. All of them were there, except for Tony. You frowned as you tried to locate him in the crowd of people. Did he abandon you?

Suddenly, the music stopped.

“Alright party people!” Tony’s voice blared through the speakers. “Let’s kick this party up a notch!”

The sound of Ginuwine’s Pony blared through the speakers, causing you to laugh hysterically. Leave it to Tony Stark to pick the raunchiest song. Boy, you were going to regret this in the morning.

Without another word, you unwrapped your hands from Bucky’s neck and gave the guys a small thumbs up. You turned around and began bouncing your ass on Bucky’s crotch.

You could hear Sam and Clint practically howling from laughter over the music. Steve was still at the bar, his glass of beer had fallen out of his hand and shattered onto the floor. Thor looked like he was generally amused, clapping along to the song with a smile. However, Loki covering his mouth with his hand, stifling his laughter.

“Go Y/N! Go Y/N! Go Y/N!” Tony began chanting into the microphone, causing the rest of the party goers to glance at you. They formed a small crowd around the two of you and began chanting along with Tony.

You’ve never seen Bucky so shocked. He didn’t know whether to run or stay, leaving him standing there behind you, your ass grinding on his crotch repeatedly. You knew he was secretly enjoying it, despite all the people shouting at him to dance. This was absolutely not what he thought you had in mind when you said you wanted to dance. It did amaze him how good you were at uh…dancing.

Bucky felt himself blushing as the people cheered you on. Was this something that happened at parties nowadays? If someone did this in the 40’s, everyone would have heart attacks. He could just imagine his mother’s disappointed face.

As much as he didn’t like being the center of attention, he figured he might as well go along with it. What did have to lose, right? The small crowd of people began cheering wildly and chanting his name when he placed his hands on your hips and began moving his hips in time with yours. A grin spread on his face as you peered over your shoulder and winked at him.

Yeah, he could get used to modern dancing.

-Fin ❤


Pairing: Isaac x Reader (thx for requesting love)

Warnings: none ;), just me crying in the club over how Isaac wasn’t in the last season

Summary: Isaac finally gets the nerves to ask Y/N out on a date, due to a bet.

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: oml this has been in my drafts for ages so I’m sorry for you sweets (whoever requested this lol I’m too lazy to check) but here it is finally!! hope you semi-enjoy?? it kind of ends abruptly so dm me if you want me to finish it ;) also sorry loves for not posting an imagine for a while, so here’s one to hold you over until my next one which I’m v excited to post ;))))))



(this fic starts in Isaac’s p.o.v. and transfers to Y/N’s p.o.v.)

It feels as if the whole room goes silent as that melodic song passes her lips, the one that she calls her laugh; all other sounds in the room blurring except that damn laugh. That goddamn laugh. Even the obnoxious chatter from the cafeteria can’t pull me away from focusing on the happiest sound that exists, my eyes searching every inch of the room to find her angelic face.

It doesn’t take me very long before I see her bright eyes somehow finding my own for a slight second, causing me to look away embarassedly and quickly rush to my usual table with Scott and Stiles.

I plop down at the table, incoherent swears tumbling from my mouth, for the hundredth time, muttering how dumb I was for not pushing my nerves aside for once and just talk to her. I angrily stab my fork into the school’s spaghetti,  shoving it into my mouth.

“Why don’t you just ask her out already?” Scott asks, bringing me out of my angered daze and sliding across the bench to situate himself in front of me, Stiles sitting next to him.

Stiles and I look at him with wide eyes, shocked expressions being an understatement. 

“Isaac would never,” Stiles scoffs, ripping open the plastic bag of chips in his hands and eating a mouthful.

Something in me switches, maybe it was my wolf instincts or maybe my animosity towards Stiles, but I bitterly growl at him. “Bet.”

Scott looks at me, impressed, while Stiles sports an expression of disbelief. “You wouldn’t,” he laughs unsurely. “Would he?” He asks quietly to Scott.

“Watch me,” I say, confidence radiating off of me. I pull my shoulders back, getting up from the table and taking careful, long strides towards Y/N’s table.

As one of her friends talks about some date she went on over the weekend, Y/N’s eyes drift to me, ignoring the conversation. A sort of mischievous glint sparkles in her eyes that watch every step I take carefully, a small smile spreading across her kissable lips.

“Lahey?” She questions, just as surprised as I was about by my sudden confidence to actually speak to her. Her friends subsequently look up from each other, smirking while they look back and forth between me and her, whispering things like “finally” and “thank god”. 

They knew too? Was it really that obvious? 

One of her friends laughs, the blonde with dark green irises, getting the attention of the other three girls sitting at the table and declaring that she needed to use the restroom. All the others proceed to say, “me too,” giggling and giving Y/N and I some privacy. 

I smile gratefully at one of the girls as she gives me a thumbs up, sliding into the seat in front of Y/N. I look down at my hands for a few moments, my confidence slowly starting to dwindle. I rub my sweaty palms against my jeans, then look back up to her. 

Y/N looks back at me intently, urging me to speak, yet with a demureness about her that made me so much more attracted to her (if that was even possible). She shyly pushes some strands of her hair behind her shoulder, her soft smile still gracing her lips. 

“So, erm, Y/N, I um…” I look off into the distance behind her, feeling the words I had planned to ask her fall into the void. 

“Yes, Isaac?” She queries, a shift of impatience in her noticeable. 

Did she actually want this too?

“Would you, wanna, like go on a date with me?” I ask, wetting my chapped lips with my tongue and biting on my bottom lip. 

“Of course, I mean, yeah,” she answers quickly, fidgeting with her fingers. “I’d love to, Lahey." 

"Okay.” I reciprocate her anxious happiness. I pull out my phone from my back pocket, clicking onto my contacts and typing in her name, then sliding he device over to her.

Y/N looks at me questioningly, and I’m quick to explain. “To set up the details.”

She nods, smiling up at the ceiling. “I should’ve assumed that,” she laughs. “I’m so dumb.”

“No,” I intervene, disagreeing. “You’re not dumb. You’re at the top of our class, Y/N. There’s literally no possible way for you, out of all people, to be dumb.”

She looks at me stunned, but flattered, a hint of a red rosy color displaying on her supple cheeks. My eyes widen, realizing how I just exposed how much of a stalker I was. 

“Thanks,” she laughs, her fingers reaching up to her earlobe and tugging on her gold hoop earring, a habit that I’ve observed she does when she’s nervous. A small sigh of relief slips past my lips and my tense shoulders relax.

I stand up, giving her one last charming grin and telling her that I’d text her later.

“Woah, he actually did it?” I can hear Stiles ask in the distance. 

Hell yeah I did.



“Y/N, I can’t believe he actually asked you out,” my friend says, as I look at my outfit in the wall length mirror, twirling to see all the angles of the black dress.

I smile brightly, just the thought of Isaac could get me happy if I was being completely honest. “I know,” I say, looking into my box of jewelry for some type of necklace to compliment my outfit. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this day.”

“Oh trust me, I do honey.” I push her playfully, laughing. 

“Do you think I’m trying too hard?” I ask, clasping the pretty silver chain around my neck.

“Not at all,” she assures, standing beside me in the mirror and smiling.

“Good, because this has to be perfect.”

“Speaking of perfect,” she looks down at my phone, the sound of an incoming call ringing. “Your soulmate is calling,” she teases, handing me my phone.

“Haha, I guess I’ll have to resend that offer of being my maid of honor, huh?” I play along.

“Nooooo, I’m being your maid of honor and I’m absolutely going to embarrass you with this exact conversation,” she promises, sticking her tongue out at me.

I roll my eyes, placing my finger up to my lips, motioning for her to be quiet as I pick up Isaac’s call.

“Hey, Y/N,” Isaac’s cheerful voice rings through the speaker. “I’m outside now, so whenever your ready.”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a minute,” I reply, gathering my bag and waving a goodbye to my friend, going outside.

Before the phone call ends, I hear a ‘damn’ uttered from Isaac’s end of the line that doesn’t fail to make me look down to my feet while walking to his car, doing my best to keep the blush on my face hidden.

Isaac jumps out of the car, rounding the vehicle to open the door for me chivalrously. I smile at him, taking in his outfit lacking his signature scarf; he was wearing a pair of dark wash jeans, a black sweatshirt, and black vans.

He runs back around the car, slipping and falling, but then jumping back up and acting like it never happened. Once he gets back in the car though, he starts bursting out laughing, breaking the ice. I join him, putting aside my original plan of ignoring it for his sake. We both laugh for a solid five minutes, the type of laugh ending in sore stomachs and watering eyes.

We smile at one another, then Isaac grabs the wheel, pulling his car out from the  side of the curb, driving until he reaches a red light, then stopping and turning to me.

“I forgot to tell you…” he says, scratching he back of his neck endearingly. “You look really gorgeous right now, well I mean, you do all the time, but especially right now.”

A big smile adorns my face. “You look good too, Lahey.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think I’ll ever look as good as you.”

GOT7 Reaction: realising they like you when you get close to another member

Request:  GOT7 Reaction pls! Hello! Could i pls request a reaction where they notice u and another member teasing each other as usual for fun, then had that moment of revelation that they actually really like u. Is it too confusing? Haha thnx so so much ^^

A/N: Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this and no, it wasn’t too confusing! I hope this is what  you wanted! x


Originally posted by candyapplejimin

It would hit Mark like a ton of bricks. He’d always had some sort of underlying feelings for you, you were smart and kind and made him laugh all the time but decided to bury his feelings, he didn’t think you or his career would give him a chance. But seeing you and Jackson goof around as you so often did when you came to dance practise, you jumping on his back and giggling at his loud jokes, watching you both made him realise he needed to confess before someone else did, seeing you with anyone else would destroy him, he knew that now. So, after that practise, after the boys had gone, he took your hands in his and confessed, eyes never wavering from yours as he waited for your reply.


Originally posted by markjin

Jinyoung and JB, although close friends are two very different people. Although they are both determined, hard working and passionate, they have fundamental differences in how they handle situations and relationships. So when JB started to fall for you, Jinyoung’s best friend, he figured straight away he had no chance. You were smart, concise, graceful and poised, JB admired and respected you hugely. He figured by keeping himself busy, concert after interview after tour, he could distract himself from you. That was until he came home to the dorms to see you and Jinyoung reading on the couch, your legs over his lap. He knew there was nothing going on between you, just friendship but the jealousy he felt bubbling in his stomach and ringing in his ears was enough to tell him he didn’t just want you, he needed you. 


Originally posted by wanqkong

Seeing you and Bambam bickering and play fighting after winning at Mario Kart was the final straw for Jackson. You knew he liked you, subtlety was never Jackson’s specialty but until he confessed, you thought maybe it was all in your head and that maybe you were just a best friend to him after all. You’d told him many times that Bambam was just a little brother to you and that the playful interactions you had with him were no different to the ones with your own siblings. Nevertheless, something snapped in Jackson that day as he got up from the couch, took your wrist in his hand, carefully guided you out the room and kissed you passionately up against the wall, his hands on the wall either side of your body, making his feelings perfectly clear. 


Originally posted by jypnior

Jinyoung would be super analytical about the way you were around the other members, especially Youngjae. Not that Youngjae would necessarily notice if you were flirting with him but the way you always smiled at him, the way you always laughed at his attempts at English and the way you always spoke to him about Coco when you could just ask Mark led him to believe you liked him. He thought he had to make his growing feelings for you clear, seeing you with Youngjae rather than him would crush him but he toyed with the idea, maybe Youngjae liked you too? He couldn’t do that to his friend. However, when Youngjae laughed in his face and denied it wholeheartedly, he didn’t hesitate to rush with flowers to your door and spill his heart on the front porch with the hopes of you being his. 


Originally posted by jypnior

Youngjae would be so torn over his feelings for you. One minute he knew he wanted you and only you, the next he was scolding himself and convincing himself his career had to come first no matter what his feelings for you were. That lasted about a week until he saw you and Yugyeom practising, him teaching you the dance to ‘Angel’. Needless to say, this ignited a spark in him, Yugyeom knew how he felt about you and so he went straight home and wrote a song, his thoughts and feelings etched into every melody. He stayed up all night perfecting it, making sure it was exactly how he wanted it and gave it to you the next day with the words ‘now you can know my true feelings.’ Career and Yugyeom be damned, he wanted you. 


Originally posted by merry7

Bambam had been friends with Mark since his trainee days, both foreigners so they got through a lot of struggles together. But when he found out that you, the girl he had an ego melting crush on, and Mark had been spotted going out for coffee together he was devastated. Of course you would choose him he thought, he’s older, the strong silent type, his house even had a pool! Bambam didn’t think he could compete and so shrunk away within himself, feeling like a little pre-debut boy again. It wasn’t until Mark explained that the reason you two were out together was so you could ask advice on how to confess to him that Bambam felt silly but overwhelmed with relief, as well as determination to confess to you first!


Originally posted by jackseunie

Yugyeom had been interested in you from the day he saw you and all the members knew it, he turned into a stuttering mess just at the sight of you! Confident, cocky Yugyeom would turn into a puppy just from a bat of your eyelids, that’s how far you had him wrapped around your finger. Yugyeom also had been brought up to respect his elders, especially his leader so when JB started flirting with you right in front of him, he didn’t know what to do. You found him sat on his bed in his dorm with his head in his hands were he, eventually, told you how he felt about you but didn’t want to make it awkward. When you told him you felt the same way, you both left the dorm to go on your first ice cream date with a knowing look from JB.

Sorry this turned out to be a bit longer than I planned!

boyfriend! kim jaehwan

how kim jaehwan, the waiter, would confess

  • so you really really like this restaurant on the corner of this street
  • like it’s your go-to restaurant and you go there all the time
  • the food is a1 and super authentic,, definitely a 5 star review on yelp
  • but you like going at night time since there’s less people and of course since you go there so often, the wait staff and the owner recognize you
  • and the owner really likes you and tries to get you to work there, and low key sets you up with jaehwan :)
  • she’s basically like your aunt
  • and jaehwan is always your server,, like every single time you show up he’s always waiting for you
  • sometimes when there’s no other customers, he comes and eats with you
  • he started talking to you when you laughed at one of his jokes one day
  • bc nobody laughs at his dumb jokes lmao he’s stupid
  • jaehwan said something on the lines of “why is a circle so hot? bc it’s 360 degrees”
  • wow you’ve never wanted to shoot someone so badly, but you ended up laughing instead bc math jokes are fucking gr9
  • and shitty jokes are always the start of an amazing and idiotic friendship
  • jaehwan slowly started falling for you each time you swung by to grab a late dinner,,, like how can someone look so good in sweats and an old stüssy jacket??
  • you make beauty look effortless in his eyes and wow he even loves how gorgeous you look when you show up to the restaurant in pajamas
  • story time: jaehwan once spilled water over the front of your shirt one time, and he kept apologizing over and over but you just laughed and joked “i guess you made me wet ;)”
  • and that’s when he knew you were the one
  • lmao jk
  • but for real who tf would hire clumsy jaehwan as a waiter wth
  • good thing he’s not the chef bc my boy tries to cook without the fire wow so genius
  • work makes you really stressed and you tell him about your crappy day and he actually listens to your problems and offers his advice aw
  • but seeing jaehwan at the end of the day really makes things a lot better
  • sometimes you ask him to sing for you and wow
  • he truly has god’s voice oml 
  • his voice is so sweet and calming and makes you forget about your stresses,, it’s like honey 
  • the first time you heard him sing was when you were eating and you heard him mumbling the lyrics of seventeen’s boomboom under his breath as he cleaned tables
  • and wow even his half-hearted singing sounded like heaven
  • you fall for his voice and how caring he was since he would sometimes walk you to the subway station and give you his jackets when he noticed you shivering
  • yeah jaehwan really likes it when you wear his clothes
  • at this point y’all are already pretty much dating but jaehwan’s kind of confused bc you’re sending mixed signals 
  • like you hella flirt with him but you might just be a friendly person??
  • so one day he asks you out to dinner to determine your true nature
  • and you’re just like “wow is jaehwannie asking me out on a date?” bc teasing him is so fun lol
  • and he light weight is but he’s tryna play it off and go “no wth i’m too pretty for you hoe”
  • woW offensive,,,, we are hands thrown
  • so you just try to piss him off even more and say “bitch i don’t need you i already have a sugar daddy fuck off”
  • it’s all jokes to you but jaehwan is internally screaming like wtf do you have a side piece??
  • so after dinner jaehwan actually can’t take it anymore and when he’s walking you to the subway station, he’s like “what am i to you?”
  • and that question really gets you thinking bc what actually are you guys??
  • and you’re so flustered by how straight up this boy is and you can’t formulate an answer
  • so you end up spluttering some gibberish and jaehwan just laughs awkwardly and says “forget it” and bids his farewells
  • you end up texting him at night after thinking about jaehwan and thinking of a good reply to him for like 3 hours nice
  • “you’re someone i love, that’s what you are to me”
  • and jaehwan is all smiles and an actual blushing mess when he reads that and comes in the next day with his guitar, prepared to serenade you as if you didn’t love him enough already
  • he even prepared a confession song and everything which he totally didn’t have planned two months ago
  • you’re so fucking embarrassed that you don’t even go to the restaurant the next day and curl up in your blankets the whole day and bash your head into the wall repeatedly bc you’re so stupid and cringe-worthy yikes
  • and he didn’t even reply after your flat out confession, and all these thoughts go through your mind like what if he hates you?? 
  • this boy left you on read,, the disrespecT
  • but that’s only bc he wanted to tell you his feelings in real life bc he couldn’t find the words to properly convey his love for you awe
  • yeah you didn’t know that so you’re kind of angry at his dumb ass for not even replying,,, 
  • jaehwan knows something is wrong when you don’t come grab dinner at the restaurant, and he’s really disappointed and anxious bc what if that confession was a joke too?? like he knows you love teasing him so what if it was a rouse to make him embarrassed?? ;;
  • at this point, this poor boy is doubting everything, and you’re at home singing single ladies at the top of your lungs bc boys ain’t shit tbh
  • don’t worry bc hunger will get the best of you and you’ll end up going to the restaurant anyway
  • and your petty ass will dress up hella even though it’s 12am to show this bitch what he’s missing out on
  • when jaehwan sees you walk through the door while he’s cleaning up and ready to close, his jaw drops bc damn you look stunning??
  • and he already had your favorite meal prepared before hand since he was waiting for you all night scute
  • you walk straight up to him and glare at him 
  • “why tf did you leave me on read you dumb hoe”
  • and jaehwan’s at a loss for words bc he was waiting for you to say you loved him or some shit haha beT
  • “i’m sorry i wanted to tell you how i love you in person”
  • he starts singing crush’s beautiful and holY
  • wow you just melt and maybe start crying a lil bc it’s fucking beautiful
  • “just say you’re mine god you’re sO ruDE”
  • is what you scream to him in tears as you cry into his shoulder
  • jaehwan laughs and even his laugh is music to your ears and it makes you cry even harder
  • the owner of the restaurant was secretly recording this whole time and fangirling since she was shipping you guys since last year 
  • yeah that’s the start of a dysfunctional beautiful relationship
  • boyfriend jaehwan is 100% sweet and 200% stupid lmao
  • jaehwan’s psycho laugh is the best thing in the fucking world don’t @ me, we all know it’s true
  • 90% of the reason why you love his dumb ass
  • his laugh is the only reason why you laugh at his stupid puns
  • sings for you!!!
  • raspy singing at midnight to help you fall asleep
  • writes song lyrics thinking about you,, most of his songs are written for you or written thinking about you :’)
  • owns an instagram and 99% of his posts are those cute aesthetic couple pics of you two
  • selca king wow
  • knows all the right angles and lighting holy 
  • karoake dates!!
  • yes karoake dates at 2am are a thing,
  • you love watching jaehwan sing his heart out and your heart flutters when he hits those high notes 
  • nothing makes you smile more when you see your bby so passionate and happy doing something he loves
  • threatened his nasty ass that you wouldn’t cuddle or kiss him until he took a shower, washed his hands, and cleaned tf up 
  • sO exTra
  • thought he was getting murdered once but it turns out he was trying to sing i will always love you
  • actually an embarrassment wth
  • when you go put on dates with him, he’s always trying to act super cool like he’s not wearing the same jeans from the 10th grade and 2 inch insoles 
  • tried to perform seventeen’s boomboom in front of you to make you laugh and you use that video as blackmail now 
  • what a scammer,,
  • god of exaggeration
  • “yes i’m 239 cm tall come fite me”
  • “i can do kung fu watch me babe”
  • “i’m a rap god, call me kanye east”
  • “i’m the dance king, exo got nothing on me”
  • “if i were in a kpop group, i’d be the main everything”
  • yeah, you’re having serious regrets about this relationship
  • but he tries so hard to be a good, caring boyfriend and things just don’t work out lmao
  • he tried to buy you roses once, but accidentally bought purple cabbage gg
  • tried to buy you a new album but got finessed by an unauthorized amazon seller
  • and of course, who can forget the time when he tried cooking without turning on the stove??
  • “lmao jaehwan i thought you worked at a restaurant”
  • it’s okay bc it’s v cute and it shows he cares about you 
  • cooks you burnt pasta and rice sometimes but
  • “it’s okay babe you tried”
  • never let this precious idiot go! 
  • 12/10 need to marry now
Bubble Baths and Cute Confessions

A/N: hey guys! this is my first imagine on this blog and i’m so excited (and nervous haha). i hope you like this! any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! and requests are open as well. i write for all of the buttercreams :-)

word count: 1.2k +

“Babe?” you call, the heavy wooden door closing behind you with a soft click as you drop your bag at your feet. “Conor? You home?”

“Yeah, back here,” your boyfriend replies from somewhere in your shared apartment, his normally-silvery tone sounding raspy and strained. “How was class?”

“Good,” you respond, following the sound of his voice down the main hall. “I stopped by Nando’s on my way home. Hope you’re hungry.” Conor murmurs his assent as you step into the office and lean against the doorframe, taking in his appearance with a disapproving sigh. He’s slumped in an office chair, hair a mess, blue eyes tired, guitar sitting in his lap and crumpled balls of paper strewn on the desk in front of him.

"How was your day?” you ask lightly, moving towards him. “How’d that meeting with your manager go?” “It went fine,” Conor says, giving you a slight smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “I showed him that song I finished last week and he liked it.” “Oh, good! You’ll be recording it soon, then?” you question, running a hand through his curls and then lowering it to cup his cheek. “Yeah, I hope so,” he affirms, closing his eyes and leaning into your hand. “I need to have two more done by the end of the month so I thought I’d get a head start. Your no-procrastination productivity mojo’s getting to me,” he adds, offering up a dry chuckle.

You smile, returning your fingers to his scalp, and ask, “Are you done for the night, or…?” At his noncommittal shrug, you wonder, “Did you eat lunch, Conor?” “No time for it. I’ve been focused on writing pretty much all day,” he admits. “But I’m starving.” “And tired,” you add, and at a second shrug from your boyfriend rub a thumb over his right eyebrow. “You can barely keep your eyes open, love.” “Not true,” Conor disagrees. “Let me finish this bridge and I’ll eat when I’m done.” “Alright,” you say, turning to head back to the living room where your backpack sits. “Hey, babe?” Conor calls after you. “Can we take a bath after we eat?” “Sure,” you agree, not really surprised at his request; Conor’s the cuddliest person you think you’ve ever met and he’s usually the one to initiate such things. “We can use that bath bomb I bought the other day.” You reach out to squeeze his bicep and slip out of the room, grabbing your bag from its spot by the door before unpacking it and beginning to work on your homework.

After a half hour or so, Conor comes out of the office, yawning but in a noticeably happier mood. “Ready to eat?” he asks, making a beeline for the Nando’s bag on the kitchen counter. “Oh, you got my favorite!” “Of course I did,” you smile, moving to join him. “Did you finish that bridge you were working on?” “Yeah, and I got the chords figured out for it, too,” he replies, digging into his burger and fries. You pull your food out of the takeout bag and hop up onto the counter, swinging your legs as you begin to eat.

"How was your day?” he asks you. “Good,” you tell him. “I’ve got two papers to write by the end of this week, but I like the topics of both so I should be fine.” “What’s going on with that professor that hates you?” Conor wonders, stealing a crouton from your salad. “Nothing, really,” you shrug. “The TA for that class wants to give me an extension, but she had to run it by him and he isn’t allowing it.” “Damn,” your boyfriend sighs. “Why’s he so mean to you?” “He’s not mean,” you correct him. “He’s a good teacher. I just think he’s abrasive.” “Mean,” Conor repeats, popping the last bit of burger into his mouth. “He’s mean, Y/N.” You give him a playful eye roll and he laughs, saying, “I’m going to go start the water, okay?” “Go for it,” you assure him. “You can drop the bath bomb in, too, if you want to.” “Of course I do!” he laughs, and scrambles off to do so. You finish your salad and clean up, following your boyfriend into the bathroom.

The tub is barely half full when you step inside, but Conor’s already stripped down to his boxers, textured pink bath bomb resting in his lap. “Excited?” you chuckle, and he laughs as well. “To spend time with my gorgeous girlfriend? Absolutely. Come here.” You walk to his side and he wraps an arm around your stomach, resting his head against the curve of your hips. You watch the bathwater rise in silence, and when the tub is finally full Conor drops in the bath bomb.

“Is it lavender?” he asks as it disintegrates and colors the water a similar pink color that soon gives way to an indigo hue. “Mmhm,” you hum, tapping Conor’s arm so he drops it from your waist. “You get in first.” He slips off his boxers and settles into the tub while you undress and carefully climb in and curl up between his legs. The two of you sit quietly for a moment, relaxing; you rest your head on Conor’s shoulder and play with his fingers.

"Have I told you that most of the songs I’ve been working on are about you?” he murmurs out of the blue. You crane your neck to look up at him, cheeks flushing. “My manager jokes that I should just call the album ‘Y/N’. I’m considering it, to be honest.” “Really?” you ask. “Oh, my God, Conor. That’s ins-” “You deserve it,” he interrupts, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “You deserve an album named after you. You deserve a lot more, but this is the least I could give you.” He shifts, bringing his legs up to his chest.

You draw absentmindedly on his knee while he says, “I don’t think you understand how much you’ve done for me, love. Honestly. Before I met you I couldn’t handle even thinking about my depression, much less doing anything about it. And now I’ve just had an article published in which I actually talk about it. I get work done now and my manager doesn’t have to yell at me anymore-” you both laugh at that- “and I have a ton of inspiration to pull from. I eat three meals a day and do laundry on a regular basis and I feel like my life’s in order. All thanks to you.” “Oh, my God, Conor,” you breathe, eyes tearing up. “I don’t need a long speech back, or anything,” he smiles. “I just wanted to tell you. And your fingers are getting wrinkly, so we should get out of the bath.” You laugh wetly at that and hop out, wrapping a towel around yourself and holding one out for Conor. He drains the tub and ambles into your bedroom a moment later.

"Thank you for telling me,” you murmur, giving him a hug and long kiss. “It’s nice to know. And if you ever decide that you do want a long speech in return, I’ve got plenty.”

132 Thoughts I Had While Watching the PLL Finale
  1. OMG Bridget Woo LOL nice throwback 
  2. This is like a dream sequence or someone’s imagination, right?
  3. Definitely has to be Mona’s imagination.
  4. Lucas WTF 
  5. Ha the girls don’t seem the least bit enthused with him “Hey Lucas” 
  6. “Remember when we used to look up murder weapons, indistinctive traits of psychopaths exhibiting signs of hyper-reality disorder” IM YELLING 
  8. I low-key love all of the truth tea they’re spilling, even though it’s not real 
  10. So Mona gets to know who A.D. is first? 
  12. Aw Ezria y’all are cute. 
  15. Lily and Grace are such sweet names 
  18. Melissa and Spencer getting along? Ehhhh idk about that 
  20. Oh my god she re-bought his truck? I love Spencer so much. 
  21. Hey that’s Marlene’s son!
  23. Alison would END YOU 
  24. Who bullies someone just because they’re deaf? 
  25. And there’s Jenna tapping along… 
  27. Lolololol she became a life skills teacher I love it 
  28. Haleb is still cute even when they’re fighting 
  30. Of course she would be obsessed with game shows 
  31. Spencer’s love for interior design making an appearance, I love it!
  33. Aria’s dress here is really cute! 
  34. "Wait for it”  
  35. Lol but I could so see them all going on a group honeymoon to Paris together 
  36. Oh shit where’s Mona? 
  37. "That’s exactly why we eloped.” Only in Rosewood y'all 
  38. This scene was all Ian haha 
  39. They’re such a cute family OWW MY HEART 
  40. MELISSA???  
  41. Ella could take down Diane in a SECOND  
  42. Love me some Spanna!  
  44. LOL everyone casually sneaks off to go have sex and then there’s just Spencer and Toby 
  46. Damn Ezria get it. Nice throwback to 5x05 with Aria pulling the sheets over her! 
  48. Emily has that sex hair right now! 
  49. “I’m trying to get pregnant” “You’re scaring my ovaries” Oh Hanna.  
  52. Aria baby what’s wrong? 
  54. So now Mona’s working for A.D.? 
  56. LOL Mona you sly bitch 
  57. Uhhh Spencer what are you doing? 
  60. Oh Hanna baby what is you doing?  
  61. Byron you big softie! 
  64. Toby and Emily are such an underrated friendship 
  65. WOAH WAIT that girl is Maya’s niece? HOW SWEET 
  66. Spoby I miss you so much 
  68. Ah looks like the Wine Moms had a fun night 
  69. Ezria stop fighting right this second YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED 
  71. “You wanna make a baby?” OMG STOP THEY’RE SO CUTE 
  73. FUCK ME UP this is so hot!!!! 
  74. UH SPENCER, weren’t you just with Toby doing the sex? 
  75. Oooh that’s the song that played when Spencer was sitting outside of Toby’s apartment crying her eyes out back in season 3! 
  76. MONA OMG. I do love the parallel to 2x25 though with that slap  
  78. Emison is 500% done with Mary’s shit lol 
  79. Ohhhh this is how Wren is connected to this shit show 
  81. Of course he ordered a vodka soda  
  82. “It’s a lot to process, would you like a sedative?” YES PLEASE  
  83. Spencer wants to fuck this bitch up so badly lololol 
  84. Oh jesus she’s going to become Spencer? What a twisted sister! 
  85. I KNEW THAT SCENE WITH HANNA AND THE ONE WITH EZRA AT THE AIRPORT WAS OFF. I didn’t catch the one where she was looking through the family album though and GOD DAMN IT THAT WAS HER KISSING TOBY IN 6x20 AND HAVING SEX WITH TOBY IN 7x18 
  86. Like Mother Like Daughter BROOOO 
  87. Damn Alex is just batshit crazy and I’m kinda loving it. 
  88. I do feel bad for her though. 
  89. Woah hold up this bitch had Wren shoot her so she’d look EXACTLY LIKE SPENCER, like down to the scars she has. Damn she’s committed, I’ll give her that. 
  91. Awwww Aria looks so beautiful! GIRL I’M CRYING TOO 
  92.  I’m gonna just pretend like that’s all of our girls taking that selfie 
  95. That’s actually so sad about what Alex’s parents did to her. I get why she’s so angry, she’s had a miserable life. 
  96. Mary really does love Spencer  
  98. Aria baby noooo don’t cry 
  99. I figured that Alex had Ezra… 
  100. Do-it-yourself dungeon I’M YELLING 
  101. Lol the look on Spencer’s face says “Bitch stop copying me” 
  102. Ezra must feel like a dumb dumb now 
  103. Oh so Alex shot Spencer, intending to kill her and take over her life but Mary saved her. Alright.  
  104. Alright that’s kinda cute how Alex and Charlotte bonded 
  105. Alex, Wren, Charlotte, and Archer were a SQUAD 
  106. Uh Charlotte, the only really terrible one is Peter Hastings! 
  107. No wonder Alex was so pissed when Charlotte was murdered, she was the only real family she had ever known. 
  108. UGH I’m just gonna pretend this is Team Sparia 
  109. Uh-Oh the horse knows it’s not really Spencer 
  110. Of course Jenna could SMELL that Spencer wasn’t really Spencer 
  111. Alright so these dummies have been trying to figure out who A is after all these years and they just immediately get it right now? That was so easy and ironic thing is that they didn’t have Spencer to help them figure it out.  
  112. Mary ships Spoby and I’m living for it 
  113. Damn Alex, psychotic much? 
  114. I always figured it was A.D. who bought Toby’s house 
  116. Alex with that hatchet is giving me “The Shining” vibes lol 
  119. Oh my god Alex copying Spencer like that gives me the creeps 
  120. TWIN FIGHT 
  121. God dammit WHICH ONE IS SPENCER? 
  124. Look at the babies! 
  125. MARLENE KING OMG she did the Shhh and everything  
  126. My babies happy… I LOVE THIS SONG 
  127. Aww Hanna’s pregnant!!! 
  129. Ok Mona having a doll shop in France is literally the cutest thing ever 
  130. She totally should’ve ended up with Mike though TBH 
  131. BROOO Mona literally won the game I’m so proud of my child 
CEO!Kang Daniel AU

Originally posted by minwoons

Genre;; ceo!au, business!au,, job!au are these things?? ++FLUFFFFF

Warnings;; none that i know of

Pairing;; Kang Daniel x reader

Requested?;; yes (by anon)

Summary;; Your first time talking to your boss, the one and only CEO Kang Daniel, went a little wrong, but oh so right…

Style;; bullet point….

Word Count; 1559

This is kind of inspired by a) a tv show i saw once and b) a video my mum showed me about the london olympics lol so yhh

  • Kang Daniel is the powerhouse of W1 advertising company (excuse me i’m terrible at coming up with names for things;;)
  • No kidding,, he managed to score official advertising for the Korean winter olympics like;; what?? How?? Persuasion king???
  • Not only is he talented as hell in the business sector
  • Hes also MAD good looking
  • He managed to rise to the top at a super young age because of his skills and he constantly has the older female office workers crowding around him and swooning,,
  • I mean who wouldn’t swoon over Kang Daniel???
  • The first time you see him is when you first join W1 as a sketch artist for the production sector
  • Daniel’s secretary Seongwoo is just showing you around the office when you notice Kang Daniel
  • Sitting in his office
  • Stuffing gummy bears into his mouth
  • Like woah hold up a second?? The professional CEO-god Kang Daniel is literally STUFFING himself with sweets??
  • You take a mental note of this like ok you can use it for blackmail if you need to
  • After a few months of working there the official sketches for the olympics adverts are needed
  • And boyyy is Daniel GRILLING your department
  • Everyones working themselves to the bone and Daniel just keeps on;; turning down every idea
  • So you decide to take matters into your own hands
  • And order him a personalised box of chocolates with ‘cheer up’ on them
  • Funny idea
  • Would’ve been even funnier if you hadn’t left the receipt in the bag when you placed it on his desk that morning
  • With your name on it.
  • It didn’t take long for a call to come through to your desk that was just daniel practically shouting into the speaker
  • ‘Come to my office now or you’re fired’
  • OHHH no you’re screwed sorry not sorry
  • As soon as you step foot in his office you just feel overwhelming dread like ohhhh my god
  • Dont go losing your job!!
  • But instead of screaming in your face he just calmly asks you to take a seat opposite him,,
  • ‘You’re y/n, yes?’
  • Well duh
  • ‘And you’ve been working here for 3 months right?’
  • ‘Yes, Mr Kang’
  • ‘Did Ong put you up to this??’
  • He asks holding up the box of chocolates
  • With half of them missing
  • Without even thinking you say,, in shock,,
  • ‘You ate half of them already?? It’s only been half an hour??’
  • He laughs that cute lil laugh and smiles so softly and you just feel your heart skip a beat like ohhh god why is he so charming???
  • ‘So you did it yourself. No need for the formalities, y/n, just call me Daniel.’
  • Excuse me
  • Your superior wants you to call him by his first name because;; you sent rude chocolates to his office
  • ‘Thanks for the chocolates by the way, I didn’t realise I was being that harsh to your department that it warranted a rude box of chocolates.’
  • Uh oh here comes the you’re fired
  • ‘I’m so sorry Mr Kang-’
  • ‘No, y/n, I told you to call me Daniel! And there’s no need to apologise because now you’re making the whole plan on your own’
  • It takes a second for you to process what he said
  • You, someone who has worked there for not even half a year, has been given the sole responsibility to create the plan for the OLYMPIC ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN WHAT
  • While you’re just drowning in your thoughts he shoos you out of the room with a quick
  • ‘I expect a basic plan in two days time, y/n. I’ll be waiting~’
  • He smiles that damn sweet smile and slams the door shut right in front of your shocked face
  • Oh my god
  • So much work
  • uHH tiny time skip
  • Its tomorrow basically;; and;; you’re nowhere near finished
  • The deadline for the basic plan is due at 9am tomorrow and it’s currently 7pm and you have absolutely no ideas
  • Daniel basically banned the rest of the department from talking to you so you couldn’t even ask them for ideas??
  • The office is almost empty except for you, and the light’s still on in Daniel’s office but nobody is in there so;; he probably left it on (don’t do that kids it’s bad for the environment)
  • The last person left besides you in your department is just leaving when Daniel returns from well,,, wherever he was
  • She turns to you, pats your shoulder and whispers
  • ‘Good luck, y/n, if you’re too stuck just ask Mr Kang, he’s not as bad as he seems.’
  • You nod to her and say goodbye and turn back to your blank computer screen
  • The minutes feel like hours as you rack your brain for ideas and it’s almost like you’re in a trance;;
  • That is, until, a voice by your ear whispers
  • ‘Y/n~ you should’ve asked me for help!!’
  • Of course its Kang Daniel uh oh
  • He plops himself down in the seat next to yours and begins to supply you with ideas
  • Before the clock even turns 9pm you’re finished!! And you’re so pleased you spin around on your spinny chair (i love those) and throw your arms around Daniel
  • He just laughs and hugs you back
  • ‘Well done, y/n’
  • Then you realise what you’ve done haha good one y/n real clever;;
  • And you quickly remove your arms apologising profusely while he just smiles at you and giggles lightly
  • And in the dim light of your computer screen you realise
  • God
  • You have a crush on your boss
  • He continues to help you with the project after everyone else has left until you have the perfect idea
  • The adverts are going to be interviewing the loved ones of the athletes and talking about supporting them and helping them to achieve their dream
  • By the end of the month all of your ideas are finalised and you’re ready to start filming
  • Both you and Daniel go to the filming, him as the CEO and you as the original creator
  • You both stay behind after the initial filming and mess around a bit with the camera
  • You manage to catch a video of him stuffing his face with gummy bears and he videos you dancing along to the songs they were playing for the photoshoots bless
  • And as you’re watching the various videos of Daniel back you just realise that damn;; you’ve fallen HARD
  • His smile just makes your chest ache because it’s so cute and you’re so in love!!
  • But no he’s your boss stop
  • After that initial filming he suddenly stops attending the filming sessions
  • That is, until the last session when he pulls aside the cameraman and well; who knows what he did you couldn’t hear
  • He still hasn’t spoken to you properly and you’re beginning to think he’s sussed out your mASSIVE crush on him oh dear
  • So you take the opportunity to leave early and go cry into some ice cream while on the phone to your best friend in your department
  • Who reassures you it’s all okay but what do they know ??
  • The next day you walk into work in a slump with bags under your eyes because boy that ice cream food baby made it hard to sleep comfortably
  • Not to mention you’re nearly an hour late because of traffic
  • As you log in to your computer you realise you have an email?? From Daniel??
  • Its subject is simply ‘completed’ and it has nothing inside except for a video attachment, which you assume is the final cuts of all of the videos from the past sessions
  • So you watch it but as you near the end you notice something is up
  • There’s an extra 3 minutes?? Why??
  • And boom a smiley Daniel appears onscreen (prepare for cheese)
  • ‘Y/n~~! It’s your favourite CEO!! I didn’t know how to confess to you so;; I planned this with help from Seongwoo so if this doesn’t work blame him’
  • Wait
  • Confess
  • ‘So… I’ve liked you pretty much since the first day you appeared and saw me eating all those gummy bears;; but since we’ve worked together on this project my feelings have grown and i’m proud to say that i love you, y/n!! I will support you until you can achieve your dream and even beyond! You complete me~’
  • Oh my god cheesY
  • ‘But i think you should take a look in your desk drawer…’
  • So of course uhh you open your drawer and there’s a pack of gummy bears with a post-it stuck to it that reads ‘come to the roof’
  • Then realisation sinks in
  • You’re an hour late the poor guy will have been waiting on that cold ass roof for an hour better get up those stairs quick
  • As you reach the top you notice Daniel standing in the middle of the roof with a small bouquet of flowers dressed up in this rEALLY NICE GREY SUIT (god even imagining it he looks handsome af)
  • He spots you, smiles and waves at you, thrusting the flowers towards you
  • ‘I thought you’d never come! I was beginning to think you’d rejected me!’
  • He laughs and scratches his neck, his cheeks BRIGHT red
  • ‘Ahh, Daniel I would never!’
  • He pulls you towards him and softly presses his lips against yours, confirming both of your feelings for one another
  • As he pulls back smiling he whispers
  • ‘That was a long time coming but it was so worth it’
  • And you smile because you would never have guessed that from the first time you spoke to him that it would end up like this
  • He really is the persuasion king lmao

ahhh second au first request!! hopefully you guys like it lmao it took me ages to think of a plotline ;; and its kind of short yikes

The Winning Team

AN; #1 Hi! This wasn’t even close to being done, but I read something with a ‘poc!reader’ that pissed me off so much I hurried to finish so excuse the mistake. #2 This was supposed to be two separate things fuck that shit tho. #3 I couldn't remember if peeps wanted to be tagged in this so my B.

Summary: Bucky wants you on the winning team!!!

Words: I have no idea.

Part 1Part 3

Bucky x Black!Reader



“Mommy, dad says Aunty Nat needs you at the tower. That’s it. Got it?”

“Got it!” And with that his over excited son was off like a rocket to find you and relay his dad’s very important message.

You could hear the sound of feet thundering closer and closer to you as you sat on the couch finishing up the last few twist in your hair as you watched some Investigation Discovery show. The sound of Dominic sliding on the wooden floor in the hallway makes you turn your head to him.

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Ok, I’m a babby-n00b fan (it’s been what, two weeks, three?), but I really frickin’ love the band The Dear Hunter and I want to gush about their music and I enjoy ranking things so…yeah, here’s me talking about my favorite songs from the Acts. (no major story spoilers)

Please feel free to completely ignore if you aren’t interested in my semi-coherent and less-than-sophisticated ramblings. X’D

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Monsta x in Dallas Fan Account

SOOOOO It’s been exactly a year since I have been to a concert? Last year it was Got7 and of course before that it was BTS twice and Topp Dogg. So now you guys get to read all about my crazy ass day. So first off let me say that it’s all thanks to God that I even had the opportunity to do what I did. I do not know if many of you know but I struggled with finding the money for the concert, I had to deal with leaving one job for almost a month and countless interviews before finding another and knowing if I would even have money for the concert and my outfit. And then my outfit came like last minute and so did my shoes. AND THEN I had to cop up $215 a day before the concert to get my car fixed. SO! I ended up driving to Dallas the day of and i took my niece to the Aquarium (yes I will upload photos). And we stayed for a good hour, so when we was going to the hotel it was 4:45. Okay, my dumb ass put the club on my steering wheel not realizing before hand that on my dad’s set of car keys he didn’t have the fucking key for the club. So now I can’t even use my car, and I feel all hope is lost. I kept thinking when six rolled around like damn the concert starts at 7 I still have this club on my car like I can’t go and no one can come get me because I do not have any friends who live here nor did I make friends with anyone going. So finally around 6:45 my mom tells me to walk in faith and go get ready which I do. Because at least if I didn’t go I would’ve looked good as hell for my damn self. So, I go and get changed and do my makeup.. They come in about thirty minutes later to tell me that the club is off my car- they made friends with someone who got it off in less than five seconds. AND on top of that the concert didn’t start til 8. I was so emotional you guys I knew it was nothing but God on my side because I’ve had so many hardships this summer, I needed this concert and he listened to my cry and gave it to me. That feeling- nothing can beat that at all. 

So when I was going to the concert it was like 7:57 when I made it. So of course you guys saw the outfit but if not, I had on a black body suit with a full body white harness it over it, and a see through lace dress over that. I had on white ankle boot platforms and a headband my mother made me(YES I AM A VERY SPOILED CHILD) so when I was walking in the concert venue I felt so nervous. I opened up the doors to go in the concert hall and so many people were looking at me. I felt like i was just so fucking gorgeous and that doesn’t happen a lot because I deal with self confidence and so to see all those females just turn heads to watch me walk down the stairs of course I felt proud. I had so many girls compliment me and I felt so amazing because okay for me it’s one thing for a guy to compliment me but when girls do it of course you know you’re a weapon. So even the crew members that were guys were checking me out and I tried to play it off with little giggles. There was one girl I sat by though she seemed to have a problem and the worse part of it all was that she was black -.- but she made it seem like it was my fault I sat by her at the concert. So I ignored her and partied with the Mexican and white girls that were around me. there was an elder black lady on the row in front of me and she was pretty nice too. A girl behind me asked me to move to the side because she couldn’t see and I was like??? So I gotta be cramped because you can’t see -.- but I mean I tried to be nice. 

When I first got there it was less than one minute before the concert started. I was yelling so loud seeing all of them. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing my boys like I had been waiting for this! Especially Jooheon. HE LOOKED SOOOOO FUCKING. yes. Just yes. When they first came out and started performing I was trying to catch Jooheon’s eyes but low and behold Kihyun was the one who noticed me first. Okay now I was shocked because I didn’t think Kihyun would really pay me attention considering I was plump and he so smol and just beautiful. Him nor Wonho or Shownu because they seem like the healthy kicks ones of the groups. So I saw Kihyun just check me out twice and so I started to watch him. At first it was like we were just feeling each other out- now where I was standing you could see me clear as day and so I could tell a lot of the times I was looking him in the eyes. But after a few times he was smiling and cheesing at me and like waving. So next up was Minhyun I saw him just check me out and it seemed they all really did that at first. Look at me and my outfit and then after a couple of more rounds they were being goofy as hell. Of course I didn’t like that my section as a whole didn’t seem to get much attention but they were really dead and I know that idols vibe off the energy also (there wasn’t that many blacks at monsta x! At least not in my section so I think that’s also why they was like >.> <.<) Lmfao so it was one part of the show I was leaning against the chair in front of me because me trying to be a fucking pretty girl my feet was killing me! And Jooheon looked at me before making the comment a lot of us seemed to lack energy -.- I wanted to fight lmfao. He made us do the wave and it was so adorable. </p>

So all through the night different guys gave me attention. Wonho gave me a crooked smirk showing his teeth and winked at me before turning around. I wanted to fight because who asked you. Shownu was so fucking precious just smiling at me. Though he kept checking me out he was a little flustered baby at times and I loved it. So of course they broke up in sub units and that’s when I really noticed the eyes because Shownu and Minhyuk and I.M did 24k and I just saw a whole other side of them AND MINHYUK ISN’T AS SWEET AND INNOCENT?? LIKE HE SWEET BUT INNOCENT??? GOT LIFE FUCKED UP. Ugh he looked too damn good. They all did. So they came out and was throwing candy to people. Hahahaha. So Wonho tried to throw chocolate at me, he nodded and i raised my hand- because i can’t catch I accidentally hit the girl in front of me in the back of the head. The second piece of candy came from Jooheon and once again it fell from my hands. The third time it came from Shownu and I gave up after that one tipped off my hand and into the seat. So Wonho grinned at me and like gave another nod so I nodded at him but when he threw it, it went to the side and he burst out laughing and he’s so fucking cute I couldn’t help but laugh like he’s so fucking precious guys. I was so in love with him- with them all. 

So when they did Be Quiet I was so lit and I had started to do this dance move on that song and another song that I really started using after I saw Yoongi do it- Kihyun fucking did it!! And so did Jooheon!! I was so happy haha. And like there were moments I tipped my head back to sing to random parts of the song I felt the most and i would look up to see Wonho and Kihyun looking at me. Or if I watched one member sing, then I would see another member looking at me. And the second to last song that they performed I sang the opening to Jooheon and he smirked and was singing it back looking in my direction. He waved at me and pointed which he seemed to do a lot! Minhyuk waved and pointed at me too and so did Kihyun. He kept smiling at me. Many times I would pout and make crying motions with my hands and he would laugh and though I felt embarrassed I kept up with it. And seeing MInhyuk touch Wonho’s ass made my night ten times better. I got to see Kihyun body. I was just living. And I’m sure I’m missing sooooo much but just believe me when I say they were watching me and looking at my outfit. So one part of the harness it wrapped around my thighs under my ass and I was really nervous about letting them see me close up. The only thing I regret was that when they came back on stage because this black girl bumped into me and knocked me down I didn’t go to the stage because I was really upset and I wanted to fucking fight like how dare you be so fucking rude. But I still got they attention anyway I just could’ve gotten more had I went to the stage!! And Wonho threw a towel in the crowd after kissing it causing a few fans to go a little wild and Kihyun put his head down he was so embarrassed haha.

So when the concert was over i had to walk back outside to get my wristband and my feet were hurting but I held my head high and people still kept complimenting me. I got called queen and told to slay and everyone wanted to know how I wore those heels and I just felt like i was a fucking beautiful girl like damn! So when hitouch came, we lined up and waited for them. So when I walked to see them I was nervous my mind went blank and i couldn’t believe that I was in front of them. 

The first person I got to was I.M, he looked me up and down and said “uhuh yep” and reached for my hand to hold it. I SWEAR TO GOD I COULD’VE DIED ON SPOT I WAS SO SPEECHLESS LIKE- I JUST. HONESTLY HE WRECKED MY MIND SO MUCH I FORGOT THE FUCKING ORDER THAT I TOUCHED THEM IN AFTER THAT. IF I’m not mistaking I saw Minhyuk next and he held onto my hand and was smiling. I thought Wonho would just want a high five but this bitch smooth grabbed my hand and held it smiling at me and i kinda jerked away at the end because I was shook up. Jooheon basically gave me a look and was like “high five” but when he gave it to me I held his hand and he was like “alright” and smiled. I would say he seemed a little flustered because though he looked me in the eyes it didn’t last long. Shownu extra ass- he almost leap over the damn table I couldn’t say I wasn’t shocked. He was smiling wide and looking down grabbing at my hand to hold HE ALSO SEEMED FLUSTERED AND HE SAID PPL CALL HIM SHOWNU BEAR LIKE– SO FUCKING PURE. And Kihyun when I got to him he smiled widely and held my hand. I felt shy in front of all of them but especially him. I did not think my hitouch would go that well. I always joked with @silhouetted-beauty about wrecking them or how they would act and she always called me their pet considering what I had on. I won’t say that I didn’t feel like that, but fuck they made me feel special and I am forever grateful to them for the amazing night they gave me. I’m sad I couldn’t see Hyungwon but next time I will see him. Any questions you guys have please feel free to let me know!! I do not mind talking about this shit forever. I’m just sad it ended but I feel content and like my summer is finally complete. Monsta x really helped me take a step back and realize everything would be okay.

The Year of Intelligent Tigers

Some A shit ton of highlights of the last EDA I’ve read (The Year of Intelligent Tigers). Probably my longest post so far.

I took these screens while reading, along with my reactions. As usual, this is full of spoilers.

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You arrived at the studio before Norman and were introduced to the photographer and set assistants.
“Now don’t be nervous, this will be fun I promise!” The photographer tries to put you at ease. “Let’s take some photos now without Norman and get you used to it.”
This was your first photo shoot that wasn’t to do with the walking dead, and you had both been chosen to do a set of photos for a small fashion campaign. You weren’t ‘model-looking’, but this was about every body shape and several other shows had gotten involved too. Norman had done this kind of thing before which made you even more nervous about the day, as you had no idea what to do.
“Okay, what you’re wearing is great for the warm up shots, just stand over there and do your thing.”
You position yourself in front of the white backdrop in your black boots, black jeans, black top and long black coat. You didn’t intentionally wear all black, but it was a happy accident. It was your favourite coat, feeling like you were wearing a long cape when you swished it around.
“What’s your favourite music?” The photographer asks, handing you his phone with Spotify on the screen. You find a country music playlist and as it starts playing you hand the phone back and start moving around.
“I’m a country girl at heart!” You say over the music. You flick your coat and smile as your favourite song starts playing. The photographer snaps away as you do this and you don’t even notice Norman’s arrival and him standing there staring at you. After a few minutes he speaks.
“You’re a natural (Y/N)! You look beautiful like that,” he shouts over the music. You look up at him shocked, then blush and look down at your boots. The camera flashes one last time and you exit with the stylist to get changed into your first outfit. You walk past Norman and he reaches out and squeezes your hand as you do. Your eyes meet his and you smile up at him then carry on walking.
“I don’t think I can get away with this,” you say looking in the mirror at the mini dress you’re wearing.
“Of course you can! You look hot! It shows off your curves and tattoos perfectly, this is why it was chosen for you,” the stylist explains.
“Hmm, it does show off my thigh tatts pretty well. Is it too tight though?” You ask, patting your belly.
“Don’t be silly, I bet Norman will love it, you’ll see!” She winks. “Now come on, he’s waiting for you!”
You walk out in chunky heeled ankle boots and your mini dress, pulling it down as you take each step. Looking up at Norman you see his mouth open slightly and he licks his lips as he looks you up and down.
“Damn girl. Damn,” he whispers as you get to him. He’s dressed in a smart suit and you go weak at the knees at the sight of him.
“Not so bad yourself,” you nod at him.
The photographer then gets you in position, Norman’s arm around your waist resting on your hip, you’re side on with one hand on his chest and one on his back and your head on his shoulder looking at the camera.
“Perfect!” The photographer says snapping away at you both. Norman turns to you and moves you in front of him so that you’re head on to the camera. He slides his hands around you to rest on your stomach and leans his head on your shoulder.
“Lean back, look as if you’re whispering to me, put one hand on mine and the other up around my neck,” he whispers into your ear. You do as he says, your lips millimetres from his cheek and the photographer loves it.
“Amazing! This is great!” He beams from behind the lense. “Right, think we’re done with this set, onto the next outfits please.”
Norman lets go of you, his hands slipping down your thighs as he does so. You bring your hand down from his neck, brushing his chest, then walk away with a flushed face.
“Wow, that looked so good,” the stylist gushes as you get back to the dressing room. “Norman could not take his eyes off you.”
“Ha, probably making sure I don’t trip up or make a fool of myself! I’m definitely known as the clumsy one on set,” you laugh.
“It was way more than that if you ask me,” she smirks.
Once you’d changed, you looked in the mirror and liked how this floor length gown looked on you, cinching your waist in and accentuating your chest. You walk out with confidence this time, heading straight for Norman, his eyes fixed on your body.
“I really like this one,” you say excitedly when you get to him.
“Yeah, same here.”
He takes your hands and pulls you into a dancing pose, placing your hand on his shoulder, his arm around your waist and your interlinked fingers up by his chest. His eyes stare into yours as you both sway to non existent music. Your stomach is in knots and he lets go to spin you round. The room is completely silent as he does this, needing no prompting at all and you completely forget this is all being photographed.
“Guys that was fantastic. Time for the last outfits already. You’re both naturals!” The photographer smiles. You both break away reluctantly and go back to your dressing rooms. Norman picks up his phone and calls Andy quickly.
“Hey Norman, how’s the shoot going?”
“Man, I’m gonna blow it. This is killing me, I’ve gotta tell her.”
“Then do it! Everyone can see you’re crazy about each other. Don’t call me again until you’ve told her okay?” He demands.
“Haha, okay man, deal. Wish me luck.”
“You won’t need it, trust me. Speak to you later.”
Norman ends the call and gets changed. It’s a casual outfit with jeans and a slightly unbuttoned checked shirt with biker boots. You’re in black denim shorts, a baggy muscle vest and cowboy boots which you adore. This outfit is by far your favourite and you feel so comfortable in it. You walk out the same time as Norman and he smiles at you, knowing you’d love the clothes.
“Aren’t those your own clothes?” Norman teases.
“I wish! I’m gonna have to buy these boots for sure,” you laugh.
“They look great on you,” he says sincerely, looking down at your legs. You smile and blush.
“Okay, last one then you’re free to go guys. Get over there and lets get going!” The photographer claps.
You both get in front of the camera and Norman gets you to sit on the floor in front of him as he stands casually against the wall. He helps you up after the first few shots then you both look at each other and laugh as the camera clicks away. For the last few photos he pulls you into his side then sweeps your legs up so he’s carrying you bridal style. You instantly put your arms around his neck to balance yourself and bury your head into his neck in embarrassment.
“Excellent! Right guys, that’s a wrap, thanks so much for doing this, you’ve both been great,” the photographer says, shaking both your hands. You say your goodbyes to everyone and go off to change. When you come out of your dressing room with your bag Norman’s standing there waiting for you.
“Want a lift?” He asks.
“Okay, yeah that’d be great, thanks.”
You head down to his car and he takes your bag to put in the boot. You get in the passenger side and he jumps in the drivers seat.
“Oh, by the way, got you this,” he says, reaching to the back seat and pulling a large bag through the gap. He rests it on your lap and you peek inside. You see a box and open the lid just enough to see the boots you were wearing earlier.
“Norman! You shouldn’t have! Thank you so much,” you gush, flinging your arms around him in the cramped car.
“I want my woman to have everything she wants,” he sighs next to your cheek. Suddenly he realises the words that have just left his mouth and he jumps back letting go of you. “Anyway, lets go. Getting late,” he rambles, putting on his belt and starting the engine. You snap yours into position after putting the bag down and look over at him as he drives. The ride is silent and when you get to your apartment he looks straight ahead instead of at you.
“Norman, do you want to come up and have dinner?” You ask as you’re about to open the door. He doesn’t expect this after what he said, but turns to you and shyly looks up at you through his hair.
“Yeah, that’d be good,” he softly answers.
You get out and head round to the boot to get your bag.
“I’ve got it, don’t worry,” he says, taking your bags from you.
“Thanks. I can’t promise a home cooked meal as I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in my fridge, but we can get take out if you want?”
“Sounds perfect.”
You get up to your apartment and open the door for him to go through. He’s been here plenty of times before so knows his way around and puts your bags in the bedroom. He notices a small photo on your bedside table that he swears wasn’t there last time he came over. He picks it up and studies it, it’s of you and him on set dresses as your characters in the lunch tent. You’re pulling silly faces at the camera and Norman lets out a small chuckle as he remembers the moment.
“What are you laughing about?” You ask from the doorway.
“This photo, was remembering the day it was took. Didn’t know you had a copy.”
“Yeah, Andy gave it to me as a birthday present. I love it.” You smile.
“(Y/N),” Norman turns to you with a serious look on his face, “I don’t want to overstep a line or anything, but I just want you to know that I really like you. I’ve really fallen for you and I just wanted to put it out there because I’ve been holding onto this for so long and see if there’s the smallest chance you feel the same.”
Your mouth falls open a little, shocked that he felt what you felt about him.
“There’s a pretty big chance I feel the same actually. Like, 99.999% chance.”
“Not 100%?” He pouts playfully.
“I could maybe stretch to 100.” You smirk.
“So what now?” He asks nervously.
“I’m still hungry, so get some dinner and watch a film maybe?”
“I was thinking exactly the same thing.”
You go back into the kitchen and look through the menus you have in a drawer and he rings up and orders your food. You’re looking in your DVD cabinet for a film and Norman comes up behind you and reaches around you to pick up his film Air.
“So, you a fan of this Norman guy?”
“Hmm, he’s a good actor, but to be honest I’m not listening to anything he says.”
“Oh really? Just a bit of eye candy for you then?”
“Yeah, can’t lie!”
You both start laughing and he takes your face in his hands then kisses you deeply.
“You’re so beautiful when you smile.” He sighs when he breaks the kiss. Your face turns red and you look away trying to think of what to say.
“I think I love you.” As soon as those words leave your mouth you break away from him in embarrassment. “I mean, I didn’t mean to-” you’re interrupted by the doorbell ringing. You rush over to answer it, take the food and start unpacking it in the kitchen.
“This was yours right?” You ask Norman, not lifting your eyes from the parcels.
“Yeah I think so.” He purposely puts his hand on yours as you slide it over to him. “I love you too.” He says as you finally look up and make eye contact with him. You smile at him and he nods, “I really do you know.”


Never say die - Chapter 11

Pairing: Axl Rose x reader
Words: 1979
Summary: Reader accidentally time travels back to 1985 where Axl, Duff, Slash, Steven and Izzy find her.

Never say die masterlist

A/N: Here you go again, sorry it’s a bit late but i try. I hope you like this one again, let me know what you think haha.

Originally posted by born-in-november-rain

Next morning i woke up alone in my own bed. I had been hanging out with Axl last night after the party and trying to forget what exactly happened. I didn’t get myself drunk at the party nor did Axl, we both were probably a bit tipsy though but not too much at all. We had played board games, chatted and joked and when we finally were watching movie, which was like 2 am already, i managed to pass out on the couch next to Axl.

I wonder if he already left back his home, i thought and got up from my bed. I was still wearing the top i wore last night so i changed it to a more comfortable black t-shirt which had a Led Zeppelin logo on it. I had already changed the skirt i had last night to a nice pair of sweatpants.

I went to brush my teeth and thus opened the door to bathroom. But then i saw Axl standing in front  the mirror drying his long strawberry blonde hair, drops of water running down his body. It took me a while to actually realise that he was fully naked.

”Oh my god i’m so sorry! I didn’t know you were still here,” i exclaimed and quickly turned around, not facing him anymore.

He just chuckled, threw his towel over his left shoulder. I became a bit startled when he suddenly was standing right behind me and laid his hands on my shoulders. My heart had started to pump faster when his face came closer to mine.

”Oh, don’t tell me you didn’t like what you saw,” he murmured with a surprisingly low voice to my ear and i felt his amused smile. ”We could just continue where we left off last time after the bar night a while ago. Jon doesn’t have to know.”

I inhaled sharply air in my lungs. I didn’t move and i must admit, just his voice made me already feel really aroused.

”You can’t even imagine what kind of things i could do to you. After being with me, Jon would feel like a beginner compared to me. The pleasure i could give to you would blow your damn mind.”

Fuck, can my body please control itself. Stupid woman hormones, shh this isn’t what you want. You’re with Jon, this feels too wrong. One side of me just wanted to turn around and take him right here and right now but my brain tried to assure me it wasn’t right. I quickly shook my head and stepped away from Axl.

”No, no, no,” i laughed nervously and held my hands up, facing him again. He finally decided to put his towel around his waist. ”It’s not gonna happen, don’t even dream of it. I thought we were already over with the bar night.” I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes. I tried my best to not look at him on his eyes. Jesus, woman. Try to control yourself.

He just laughed when he saw my reaction, i noticed how much he enjoyed teasing me. ”I was only joking, honey. I’d never let you cheat Jon with anyone, he seems like a great guy,” he said, winked and grabbed his clothes. ”But if you two ever break up and you change your mind… You know where to find me.” He winked again smirking and closing the door after him and left.

God, why is he like that?

Later in the afternoon i promised to meet Steven at the studio, the other boys were doing other stuff somewhere else so it was just the two of us. I had been practicing how to play drums for weeks already, i really wanted to become a drummer as well. Steven had been seriously the best teacher ever. I had tried playing drums a few times when i was younger but i just didn’t have enough time to concentrate or something. I don’t even remember.

I was now trying to play Nightrain and i almost nailed it but not as well as Steven obviously. I finished the song and waited for Steven’s reaction but he looked like he had listened probably just half of it or if anything at all.

”Hey, Amy?” Steven asked and stood up. ”Can i ask you something?” He looked a bit unsure and tried to avoid eye contact with me for some reason.

”Yeah? Is everything alright?” i asked worried.

He scratched his neck with his right hand and was quiet for a moment until quickly shook his head. ”No, it’s stupid. Nevermind, let’s just continue,” he said and sat on a chair next to me.

”Noo, please, you can tell me anything,” i said and squeezed his hand reassuringly which made him look at me. I furrowed my eyebrows.

”I don’t know if i want to talk about this to Axl, Slash, Izzy or Duff so could you please not tell them about this?” he asked and i just nodded and let a quick ‘of course’ out of my mouth. ”I mean, it’s just. There’s this one girl –”

”Oh my god! Is my Stevie having a crush?” i asked excitedly and hugged him tightly which made Steven blush and eventually look like as red as a tomato.

”No, shut up! I didn’t say that,” he said in panic and when he noticed that i was listening attentively, he had courage to continue. ”It’s just, she’s the most beautiful woman i’ve ever met. I like everything about her, seriously. Her smile, her laugh… She’s just amazing overall.” He scratched his neck again and laughed nervously. ”God, i sound such a cliché.”

I giggled a bit but the look Steven gave me was a sign for me to shut my mouth. ”Well, have you told about your feelings to her? You should definitely ask her out.”

He sighed. ”No, i haven’t told her and i’m not going to do so.”

”Why not?” i asked confused. ”I’m sure she likes you as much as you like her.”

”No, she doesn’t. She’s already in a relationship with someone else, i can’t ruin that and embarrass myself,” he huffed and rolled his eyes. ”I just wanted to get this out of my chest, i needed to talk to someone and you feel like the right person.”

”Well, that sucks. I’m really sorry,” i said and caressed his back with my hand.

He smiled a bit. ”Yeah.”

”Do i know her?” i asked curiously. ”What’s her name?”

He was quiet and held his breath for a while until eventually decided to answer my question. ”Yeah, you know her but the name isn’t important right now,” he said nervously.

”Well, if you ever want to talk about it, i’m here okay,” i said smiling. Steven turned his head to look at me.

”Thanks, Amy,” he said, was quiet for a while and i did the same. Soon he smiled widely, stood up again and changed the subject. ”So, let’s stop this girly talk. Shall we continue before the others come back?”

It was about 6 pm and i was taking a walk with Axl. We were walking down the street, both quiet for a while. There weren’t many other passers-by near us, just a few. I had my hands in my pockets and Axl put a cigarette between his teeth and lighted it. He offered me one too but i decided to refuse this time. I wasn’t sure if i should have taken the incident what happened in the morning part of the conversation but he seemed to be fine ignoring it so i did the same.

”Don’t you ever just want to pack your bags and go to see the world?” i asked suddenly after a long silence and got his attention. He looked at me and smiled.

”Yeah of course. I’ve wanted to do it too many times,” Axl said.

”I’ve never stepped outside of the US. I want to travel, i want to see the world,” i said smiling widely and looked at the sky. ”I’ve never had money to travel, all of my friends had travelled atleast to like, three different countries and i was always so jealous because i had to stay at home all the time.”

”Well, you can totally come to our tours with us in the future. I couldn’t just leave you here,” he told me and chuckled which made me smile. ”And, when i become a rich rock star, i’ll take you anywhere you want,” he stated very proudly which made me laugh a bit. ”I’ll take you to Italy, England and even Australia. Eventually we’re gonna end up eating baguettes and drinking wine at the top of the Eiffel Tower some day for sure,” he said and winked.

”Oh stop with the lies, it’s gonna eventually be just beer in some cheap French bar full of old drunk French men,” i giggled and Axl just shrugged but had to agree. ”But i’ll remember that okay,” i stated and pointed at him with my finger. ”You owe me a trip to Australia some day.” He looked at me, pondering it for a while and narrowing his eyes.

”Okay, well, how about this,” Axl started. ”After 5 years in 1991, on this exact day, i will knock on your apartment’s door and soon we’re already sitting in an airplane heading to Sydney, just the two of us or with the other guys as well, whatever you want.”

I looked at his eyes, smile creeping its way on my face. ”Promise?”

He smiled and offered his hand which i grabbed almost immediately. ”I promise.” We stayed quiet for a while.

”Oh by the way, when’s your next gig?” i asked, breaking the short silence, and looked at him. He looked at me quickly back before he lighted a new cigarette.

”Oh, it’s in two days. You should come to watch it. The audience isn’t big but it’s something,” he said and chuckled.

”Well, i promise to be there,” i said smiling and nodded.

”Can i ask you a question?” he said suddenly. ”I’m just curious.”

”Yeah, ask away.”

”Have you been at our concerts before like, at bigger concerts than just at a bar or something?” he asked and chuckled. I chuckled as well.

”Just one. I think you found the ticket in which i was,” i said and smiled. ”It was really really great, seriously. I hadn’t had an opportunity to go to other concerts. I was born a bit too late for that,” i said laughing and rolled my eyes. It made Axl laugh a bit too.

But then i thought back at the day the concert was and the moments i stood there next to Amelie and Leo, spilled my water on some random guy’s neck, cried during Don’t Cry and cried even more during the last song, This I Love. I tried to remember the words Axl said before the song and when i finally realised who it was dedicated, i tried to hold my tears. How didn’t i realise it until just now? Soon Axl noticed that i hadn’t heard what he had said to me a few seconds ago.

”Amy? Are you alright?” Axl asked concerned and i looked at him.

”It was about me?” i whispered but Axl was now even more confused than a minute ago.

”What was about you?” he asked again but didn’t have time to say anything else since i put my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He furrowed his eyebrows but put his arms around me as well. ”Hey, what’s wrong?”

”Nothing,” i said and closed my eyes. ”You know i love you so much, right? I love all of you and i don’t know what i’d do without you.”

He was still really confused what had gotten into me but tried to smile. ”Yeah, i love you too, Amy.” He kept a short pause and whispered, ”I love you more than you can even imagine.”

[20170416] B.A.P PARTYBABY in LA Fanaccount

Note: You all are probably tired of me saying this, but I am going to say it again ^^ Everything is written by memory, so everything is probably not exact and accurate. And I am so inconsistent with Junhong’s name, so forgive me if I keep saying Junhong then switching back to Zelo.

Also, If you don’t want to read all of the BS and wait I had to go through, you can just skip to the Songlist Section. And if you were tagged and don’t want to read this LONG post, just click ctrl+F and find your name to see where I tagged you, so you don’t have to waste your time ^^

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Kurobas Cup 2015: Report (20/9/15)

O….M….G!! Kurobas Cup 2015 has officially ended, but not without leaving me precious memories to remember. Today has been crazy. I’m still breathing on adrenaline and excitement so please excuse and bear with me while I half-flail and half-recount on my once-in-a-lifetime experience at Kurobas Cup 2015!!

To say that it’s crowded would be a bloody understatement. The patience and courage of fans to brave the hot weather and lack of sleep to get the event goods is pretty commendable. Luckily, they do pre-sale of goods the day before and since I got Tokyo Game Show ticket, I was around the area and managed to check out the goods and buy them before they sell out. When I got to the queue today, all T-shirts, pen light, rubber straps are sold out.

So before we go inside, we had to queue to check that the tickets are ours (to prevent reselling). If you check out, then they give you a wristband. I love that they gave us, the afternoon lot, rainbow-coloured bands XD it’s like nijimura’s spirit was participating with us :3. For evening lot, it was a pale gold colour band (like iPhone gold colour).

Then we queued up to get inside. There were knb related displays inside. The main thing we saw (those sitting in arena) is a giant board with messages from casts and crew. I basically got stuck in the front trying to take pics and didn’t get time to look at the signed basketball and mukkun’s snack display :(. I swear i was stick within the crowd for like 10 mins >,<

After I managed to break free from the crowd in front of the message board, I quickly went upstairs and take pictures of the celebratory wreaths, there were too many pretty ones by the way as you can see in the pictures. The mukkun snack display is from Knb official twiiter, I didn’t have time to see it T.T

Anyway I was sitting in block 13 in arena - it was at the back and quite far from the stage, luckily my seat is the aisle one so I have more freedom than others. So we waited for awhile and then finally…..

The opening act is one and only OLDCODEX!!!! ADLJAKFJDLJA (excuse my key smash but it’s just aaaahhh). By the way tatsun cut his hair short and damn it tatsun. I was swooning, literally swooning while jumping up and down waving my orange pen light like a crazy fan. Oldcodex did full length Lantana but they did a shorter version of Walk and Catal Rhythm. WHAT AN OPENING ACT!!

By the way my memory is all jumbled up so the orders would probably be wrong. Next is kagakuro’s Shout!. It was a nice follow up to old codex. I love that during Shout, the hall was a sea of red and pale blue lights >,< At the end, they did the amazing fist bump causing the fans (including me) to go wild and screamed our throats out. Kagakuro also sang another duet ‘そしてこれから、何度でも’ from the 2nd duet series. It was a very nice emotional song, and during the song the back screen was playing all the precious kagakuro moments <3 <3 <3

Then it was aokise’s duet, sorry I forgot the name of the song and it’s one I haven’t heard before. Kasamatsu and Kise also sang the duet ‘glory blue’ (I’m pretty sure that’s the name of the song) but I’m not too familiar with that CD.

My favourite duet has to be midotaka not only because they has a nice chemistry on stage, but also they came on stage on the infamous ‘rear car’ with shin-chan holding a giant penguin as seen in the anima ending. They sang ‘Way to Victory’ by the way. Everything was spot on and tatsun even imitated pedalling shin-chan with all his might haha (but it was in fact being pushed around by the staff, as pointed out by onoD later XD)

At one point, a short skit with mukkun and muro-chin came on. Mukkun was munching on potato chips as usual and himuro was telling him to stop eating since he has to sing for us soon. Then mukkun of course ask himuro to sing for him, which was rejected XD. Of course, suzuken soon came on stage and sang none other than ‘Lazy Lazy’ haha :3

After several performances, they finally introduced all the characters and their respective seiyuus one by one and as you can guess, it was time to scream and go wild.

They also did the end card mini live reading of painting the wall in the public basketball court. It was amazing hearing it live. Midorin came on stage hold daruma lol (daruma is a red, hollowed out japanese doll, please google for pic). The cutest moment is when nojima (Izuki) also acted as nigou loll. Also kudos to nojima, he made two puns live on the stage haha. My favourite part was when zakki (as sakurai) came to help and he met nigou. He ended up apologising to nigou about last time (reference to previous drama I believe) and everyone was like ‘is that guy apologising to a dog’ Lollll. Also another point is where kasamatsu was talking to miyaji(?) and kasamatsu was like I should how to throw pineapple, which midorin huffed and said ‘pineapples are not for throwing nanodayo!’.

Also Kensho came on stage at some point and did a short version of Zero. As you can guess, we all went crazy.

Omg, zakki did a solo song and sang Ayamari Kinoko no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of the Apologetic Mushroom), it was so cute <3 :3 he was all smiles.

Hoshi (kasamatsu) also sang a solo song but I forgot the name of it >,<. The highlight was when ryohei came on stage during the song and hoshi (in captain’s voice) told him to get off stage lol. Then ryohei was like ‘sorry sorry’ and as he was leaving, his hat fell off lol.

Also, kishow did his solo song ‘any time, any place’. I’m not familiar with that song either so I can’t say much about it.

EDIT:  how can I forget about kagahimu’s duet ‘Blue Sky Memories’. Just remembered about it after seeing Onoyuu’s tweet (he was saying how happy he was to be able to sing together with kishow, onoyuu-chan your fanboy is showing lol :3) . Haha as much as we, the fans, were fangirling about their duet, I swear Onoyuu was over the moon for being able to duet with his idol kishow XD. Also, mid way through the song, they fist bump and O M G onoyuu was so so happy. Bless that precious fanboy :3 <3

They also covered a lot of songs from the Seirin mini album. Hosoyan and Kojima sang Challenger’s spirit. Eguchi and Gou again sang ‘エンノシタ レギュラー’ (unsung regulars). Inoue gou later commented that he was happy that he finally have a song (aww).

Another highlight is when the cast (minus the kamiya and a few others) came on stage and say a few lines, and kensho (precious kensho) shared with us that during backstage, hosoyan came up to him and said ‘Kensho, it’s bad, it’s bad, I’m sweating like crazy’ lol (and kensho did that in hosoyan’s voice too XD). Then hosoyan followed up and said he was sweating so much that he wondered if it’s raining on stage XD (bless that man child and his tendency to sweat on stage, i’m remembering the free! event haha)

All 4 rakuzan casts has a mini skit. The time line is where everyone (except rakuzan cos they were at kyoto) finished painting the wall in tokyo, then a couple months later rakuzan came to the wall to draw their own graffiti as seen in the ending animation. I think akashi kinda tricked mayuzumi to come along and they made him draw something next to the pineapple (drawn by miyaji lol). They were like ‘why is there a pineapple on a basketball wall’ and I think it was hayama who said ‘probably cos someone was hungry’ lol.

There was also a mini skit between akashi and mayuzumi, and one thing I remember is mayuzumi being tsundere and saying first-years should be kept as far away as possible. Then hayama and reo asked for a photo, and mayuzumi was like ‘ok fine, just one photo’.

At some point, the four uncrowned kings (no nebuya at this event) did a mini skit. The start was so funny. It was just hosoyan and hamada. Hamada (kiyoshi) was saying how amazing the event was and how many fans were there, and then the precious hosoyan messed up his lines XD (i went aww and lol) and everyone was quick to reassure him. They were saying how amazing this event was then suddenly Reo’s voice came on saying ‘Junpei-chan, where are you?’. This obviously scared junpei (and hosoyan) away and he went off the stage XD lol.

Then the 2 uncrowned kings from rakuzan, reo and hayama, came on stage. Turns out Reo was looking for Junpei-chan to  take a photo with him :3. But kiyoshi was like hyuuga left maybe because he is shy haha. Then reo replied that there’s no reason to be shy in a very coy voice lol XD.  Reo asked kiyoshi to find hyuuga for him and kiyoshi agreed :3 Reo then asked kiyoshi to take a photo with him, and hayama was like ‘sure I can take it for you’. Then they realised that it was rare for the uncrowned kings to be on the same stage, and they were saying how glad they were that hanamiya wasn’t with them cos he’s quite a difficult guy to deal with. Suddenly, junjun’s voice came on and he was ‘what are you guys talking about’ and we all thought it was a pre-recording. But holy shit no…it was him, jun jun in flesh and all his snarky glory. We all went CRAZY!!! Then he take part in the skit and say along the lines of how can this be complete without him and everyone commented that he would be hard to miss since he tends to leave a (bad) impression lol. The highlight is when reo called him ‘Mako-chan’ hahaha and asked him to take a picture with him. Reo basically keeps calling him mako-chan despite junjun’s protest and he ended the skit by saying ‘why the hell nobody listens to me’ lol XD <3

Oh kensho reminds us to keep junjun’s surprise appearance as a secret. He said please don’t tweet or post anything on social media until after the evening event. He also asked us not to speak about it on the train since you don’t know who will be listening haha :3.

At one point, all 6 kiseki came on stage and did the Regal generation!!! It was beyond words, especially for all of them to be on stage at the same time and sing a song. Pretty amazing i must say. also I was fascinated by the pen lights during this song tbh, it was basically a sea of rainbow colours across the hall, just so pretty.

The best part for me is when they showed the preview for the OVA (episode 75.5) ‘The best present’. It’s basically about how kiseki gets together to play street basketball and later celebrate kuroko’s birthday. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! In the trailer, we saw midorin passed to kise, mukkun blocking aomine, akashi going against kise, and finally AOKURO’S FIST BUMP!! akdlajfdkla I lost it at this point. Then they also showed himuro cooking, furi being scared shitless when he opened the door and it was the majesty akashi-sama hahaha. Basically it was too precious and I cannot describe how much I’m looking forward to it.

Then Granrodeo closed the event. They first did the full length of ‘Memories’. Kishow then says thank you for all our support. E-zuka also said a few lines. After that, they were like we has a great time with KnB and we cannot thank enough. Since they did 6 songs over 3 seasons, they said they will sang all. They did but only the shorter versions (except Memories).

After that, all the cast came on stage to say thank you and good bye. They were wearing their respective colour-coded Kurobas cup 2015 t shirts (which I’m lucky enough to get in Seirin’s white colour). A few highlights I remember is where they were commenting on Hatano (Reo) wearing make up. They said his lips are pink and Hatano commented that he borrowed his older sister’s eye liner? (ok this is where I lament my less than perfect japanese for not being able to understand normal japanese speech 100%). They also asked the fans to put their hands up if they noticed him wearing makeup, to which only a few hands went up lol. Tbh I didn’t notice it haha X3 Also when it comes onoyuu’s turn, he went and say the usual thank you. Then he was like I was do a celebratory jump as a thank you. It was a good jump haha. OMG must not forget to mention that

As an encore, they did the amazing seishun tip off!! kurobas cup 2015 version. During the song, all 4 rakuzan casts, ryohei, hoshi, hosoyan and nojima went on mini stage that staff pushed around along the aisles. I had my attention fixed on kamiyan, masuda and ryohei that I didn’t notice tatsun and onoD on the rear car being pushed around by the staff on the upper floor until they’re half way through lol. One thing for sure, Kamiyan is tiny (like akashi :3)

Then sadly, it was the end of the event. It felt too short for me since I was having so much fun and screaming my throat off. However, now I’m recounting the whole thing and yup it was a solid 2 hour event. This is technically my first ever anime related event and it will definitely stay with me forever. The atmosphere inside is electric and it consumes you. Despite the not so good seat and not being able to see much since the lady in front of me is quite tall, I’m so glad that I was able to experience this first hand. I’m still high on adrenaline but I’m also very tired lol.

By the way, evening event news: KNB MOVIE IS HAPPENING!!!! holy deities aldjfajlkdfjal;jfd I think it will be based on extra game but O…. M……G. Tbh during the noon event, they kept saying that this won’t be the end of knb and please keep supporting us and we hope to see you soon. So I was thinking they’re either gonna do ova or a short anime based on extra game. Then they dropped this movie bombshell…geez bloody hell >,< 

Also, in the evening show, Onoken cried??!!! Aww someone give him a hug. He’s so precious. I wished I was there to see and share a few tears with him >,<

P.S: I was sad that Kamiyan didn’t have time to sing ‘Final Emperor’, that was my fav song. Also murahimu didn’t do the ‘Zero Game’ duet, which I was desperately hoping for >,< but they did the best with how little time they have. 

Bonus: so I bought this event pamphlet and it contains casts’ Q&A. One question is what would be your dream team? My fav answer has to be ryohei’s. That cheeky man answered that his dream team would be just 5 kise’s lollll, and that all the kise’s would just perfect copy haha. Well he does have a point XD…..

Once-ler: *He’s in his room, lying on his bed facing the ceiling and his window open to feel the breeze. Even though he can still smell the awful stenches of Superjail drift into his window, he has a lump of truffula tufts in his hand that he’s holding close to his face. He’s singing very softly and gently to himself. It doesn’t really have a beat or rhythm to it, it’s very slow, but that’s exactly what makes it nice to listen to.* Of all the money that ever I had, I’ve spent it in good company, And all the harm that ever I’ve done, Alas it was to none but me. And all I’ve done for want of wit, To memory now I can’t recall, So fill to me the parting glass, Good night and joy be with you all. *It’s more of a mutter, something soft and personal where he isn’t worrying too much about perfection and more or less just letting time pass by as he becomes sleepier and more comfortable.*

Warden: *He is brightly tapping down the hall, feeling bouncy and gleeful despite the late hour. Since they got back from their picnic he had a few final things to sort out, but now he’s off to bed. He liked the Lorax, and the Lorax now understands how much meaning the boys bring to one another, and although the Warden himself doesn’t quite grasp that, he does know that having the Lorax’s favour makes him feel good. He’s about to pop in and check on Oncie, but when he hears the boy singing he pauses still to listen. He takes a few silent steps to the door to look in.*

Once-ler: *He places his hand on his stomach and breathes in for another verse. He’s voice goes slightly higher in pitch over some words and lower, into a more homely note, to finish off the verses. making it obvious as to how young he actually is* Of all the comrades that ever I had, They are sorry for my going away, And all the sweethearts that ever I had, They would wish me one more day to stay. But since it falls unto my lord, That I should rise and you should not. I’ll gently rise and I’ll softly call, Good night and joy be with you all.

Warden: *As Oncie sings the Warden finds himself leaning against the doorframe, his head tilting to rest against the wood. There’s a very soft smile on his face, and he slowly- with only the slightest sound of rustling fabric- slides down to the floor. His long, limbs spread ungainly out as he gazes up at his boyfriend.*

Once-ler: *He’s far too into his singing and far too relaxed to have noticed the slightest of noises coming from him. Not having sight makes him feel even more in is own little world when he assumes he’s alone. As he finishes the last verse, he begins with his final one. Even if he’s blind, and his eyes can’t be seen from the bandage, his eyes are- and would have been still without the bandage- gently closed. He’s once again very content with himself.* A man may drink and not be drunk, a man may fight and not be slain, a man may court a pretty girl and perhaps be welcomed back again-

Warden: *While the Warden doesn’t recognise the song itself, he recognises that it’s an Irish ballad. As weird and bestial as the man is he does have some fair amount of cultural knowledge (it just tends to be ignored and allowed to wither away to nothing most of the time). Without realising, still watching Oncie with an enraptured, almost hypnotised expression, little ghostly figures of old Celtic warriors, fair Irish maidens and rowdy barbarians silently appear and fight in their own stories on the floor by his legs. They’re romanticised and look like children’s toys, but the man who created them largely ignores them and doesn’t realise he’s created them.*

Once-ler: *His voice becomes slightly softer now as he finishes* But since it has so ordered been, by a time to rise and a time to fall, Come fill to me the parting glass, Goodnight and joy be with you all, Goodnight and joy be with you all~…*he sighs contently, then slowly sits up and rubs his face, yawning at the same time and clearing his throat.*

Warden: *Blinks and shakes his head to jolt himself out of his reverie once Oncie finishes, and all the little dioramas disappear in an audible poof of smoke. He doesn’t bother to move from the floor, but forgets that he might shock him when he speaks.* That was great! Where’d you learn to sing like that?

Once-ler: Aah!! *jumps and clutches his chest, his heart is racing like a rabbit’s in headlights. He turns his face to the door while also turning red.* H- how long have you been there for?!

Warden: *Shrugs from the floor* Aaah, long enough~ *His voice is coming from roughly knee-height* You’re a damn good singer, Oncie~ Why didn’t you say anything before?

Once-ler: Um- *Blushes deeper* Thank you~ And what do you mean? You’ve heard me sing before, that’s what made you kiss me in the first place!… jerk… *He’s a little embarrassed and also a little flattered and he doesn’t quite know how to express any of it.*

Warden: *Jumps to his feet and moves to sit next to him. Since Oncie went blind he’s gotten used to moving around him and being careful not to suddenly touch him. His weight is soft and slightly tilts Oncie towards him on the mattress* Well yeah! But you were all… *mimes strumming a guitar* distracting me with your fancy playing!

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Youngjae Imagine - Close Connections

A/N - I really enjoyed doing this one so I hope you guys liked it and thanks to the anon who requested!

“Can I sit there please?” A voice called, making you look up from your laptop screen. Before you stood a guy about your age holding a cup of coffee. “There aren’t any seats anywhere else,” he added, giving you a warm smile.

“Sure, go ahead,” you replied, returning the smile. ‘Damn he’s cute’ you thought to yourself.
“Haha, why thank you.” Crap. He heard. “For the record, I think you’re pretty cute too.”
You blushed at his comment as you carried on typing on your laptop, taking small sips of your coffee. Every now and then you’d look up to see him looking at you and when he realised you had noticed him, he would blush and look away.

After about half an hour, you stood up and got ready to leave, needing to head back into work. As you pulled on your jacket, you turned to the guy still sitting at the table and said, “hey, I have to get back to work now but it was nice meeting you.”
“You to. I’m Youngjae by the way.”
“(Y/N). Bye, Youngjae,” you smiled at him and left the cafe, glancing behind you to look at the boy once more. His gaze met yours and he smiled again, leaving you a little bit flustered. How did he have such a gorgeous smile?! Luckily, the walk to work was only 10 minutes so you didn’t have to worry about being late. Your job was to be a songwriter and work with many artists, helping them to create their music. You absolutely loved the job and felt so fortunate to work with so many great people. As you walked into the studio, you were met with a very professional looking man. 
“Afternoon Miss, I’m a representative for JYP Entertainment. We’ve been looking around for songwriters to work with our group Got7 and were hoping you’d be interested. You have a very notable repertoire.”
“Thank you, I’d love to work with them. I’m available next week, if that fits their schedule.”
“Perfect, they’ll arrive here on Monday morning for the first writing session. They’ll be with their manager as well,” he said as he prepared to leave the studio.
“Great, I look forward to working with them,” you answered, trying to conceal your excitement.

You had heard of Got7 and knew some of their songs but had no clue what any of them looked like. All you knew was that they had achieved so much success worldwide and would be amazing people to work with. Wanting to know more about them and their style, you opened up youtube on your computer and began to listen to their stuff. As you watched the videos, you noticed one of the members looked really familiar. 
“Oh my god,” you murmured to yourself, putting your hand over your mouth. The guy you had been sat with, Youngjae, was a member of Got7. World famous kpop group. Your stomach felt like it was filled with butterflies at the thought of writing songs with him on Monday. Shaking your head, you tried to stop freaking out and started thinking of some ideas for songs.


Monday was here and you had been in the studio for an hour, finalising some details and making sure all the lyrics you had written were up to standard. You had also been composing a demo that you were considering playing to Got7. All you needed were some vocals which you could easily record before they arrived. As you stood in the recording booth and sang the demo, the 7 boys walked in with their manager. Glancing up, you noticed them and motioned that you’d be out in a minute. Once the final chords of the song played, you removed your headphones and walked to greet them all.
“Hi guys, I’m (Y/N). Nice to meet you all!” They all responded as enthusiastically as you and the leader, whose name you had learnt to be JB, spoke first. “Shall we get writing then?” He asked, pulling out a notebook.
“Of course!”

After a few hours had passed and so you decided to call for a lunch break. Five of the members all left to go grab some food, leaving you, JB and Youngjae behind; the three of you were determined to finish the last few bars of the song. Once you were done and happy with the result, you asked Youngjae to get some coffee with you at the cafe you had first met. Walking there, a comfortable silence hung over you both as you strolled along the pavement.
“So, you never told me you were a singer,” you said, breaking the ice.
“And you never said you wrote music,” he challenged, giving you a side glance.

When you both arrived at the cafe, you each ordered your drinks and some food before sitting down at the same table you had sat at before. Conversation flowed so easily between the two of you and the time passed by so quickly. Before you knew it, Youngjae received an angry text from JB saying you were late and asking where the hell you were. Sprinting back to the studio, your faces were tinted pink in embarrassment for being late.
“So, what were you two up to?” Jackson asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
“We were just getting coffee, Jackson, nothing else,” you retorted, rolling your eyes teasingly at him. “Anyway, shall we record some vocals for this song?”

Evening hit and you and the boys finished the last little bits in the studio before going home. The writing session had gone well and the vocals were sounding good which you were ecstatic about. Usually it took you at least 3 sessions to get a song written exactly the way you wanted so you were impressed with how well you worked on it.
“Shall we call it a day here?” You asked the now tired members who nodded in agreement, clearly wanting to go home and sleep.
“That was a good writing session, mind if we come again tomorrow?” JB asked as he helped you collect all of the music sheets together. “Also, if you go on another lunch date with Youngjae tomorrow, try not to be late,” he added, whispering so the others didn’t overhear.
“It wasn’t a date!” You whisper-shouted as you glanced towards Youngjae, making sure he hadn’t heard.
“Sure, I believe that as much as I believe that Bambam can sing.”
“Then Bambam must have a very good voice,” you responded, sticking your tongue out at him. You walked over to Youngjae to say goodbye to him when all of a sudden you felt your nerves come over you. Trying to ignore the fluttery feeling in your stomach, you went up to him.
“Hey Youngjae, thanks for coming with me to grab coffee earlier. Sorry I made you late too.”
“It’s okay, we both got a little carried away,” he said, laughing.
“Yeah, I had fun though.”
“Maybe we should meet up again?” He asked you, looking almost as nervous as you felt.
“I’d love to,” you said, smiling shyly at him before exchanging phone numbers.