and that was not a mistake

Freddy: “Hey, check out that bit of rock that definitely looks 100% the same as the rest of the cliff. I wonder what would happen if I stepped on it.”


Maggie Sawyer made a mistake. She was embarrassed and ashamed. She didn’t want Alex to find out because she loves her and wants to be better for her. She was not doing this for her own personal gain, she wants to be the best she can to Alex because that’s what she deserves. She felt guilty and wanted to atone for her choices so that she could move on and give her whole heart and trust to the woman she loves. Maggie Sawyer does not expect forgiveness, she does not expect Alex to react the way she did because it was her mistake and in her mind it was unforgivable.

Mon el lied to Kara fully expecting that she would forgive him. “This is usually the part where the girl forgives the guy for whatever stupid thing he did.” Mon el didn’t care to think how the lie would affect Kara, he actively covered this up because he knew that Kara did not agree with the Daxamite royal family and he didn’t want to ruin his chances at getting the girl. He didn’t lie to spare her feelings, he lied to keep himself in the running. Unlike Maggie, he had no fear of ruining the relationship because he figured that’s what Kara does, forgives and forgets. He figures if he convinces her that he’s trying to change (even if he doesn’t make any actual effort to be a hero and to make change in Daxam, the place that he owes it to) that she’ll pity him and take him back.

The relationship here has been set up that Kara is now reliant on Mon. She has been conditioned to feel guilt whenever Mon el runs astray. Whenever he makes a mistake she feels responsible because she is trying to reconcile what she couldn’t do with Kal. She stays with him because she feels responsible for fixing him. The problem is, he puts no effort into fixing himself.

With Maggie and Alex, both are trying to be better for the other, both are actively supporting and defending each other when the other is struggling. Both are respectful of each other and actively involve themselves in each other’s lives, the good and the bad parts. They are both putting so much effort into their relationship and into bettering themselves individually.

What Maggie did to Emily was wrong, what Mon El did while ruling Daxam was wrong. The difference is that Maggie feels this guilt and actively tries to rectify this, not expecting anything for herself but wanting to give Alex the love story that she deserves. Mon el does not show any guilt and expects forgiveness regardless of his lack of effort to rectify his mistakes both on Earth and on Daxam.

What Maggie did and what Mon El constantly does are not the same thing.

Truly an Irresistible Mistake!

Alright so the long awaited new game is out and we’ve already received reports of a number of cardiac arrests throughout the globe….

I for one almost died from secondhand embarrassment because I decided it’ll be a good idea to play the game on the bus but I couldn’t stop blushing and smirking so first and foremost my friends: 


Take this advice from this senpai…..

I think what has made this game already so popular when it was just released is the fact that it’s really different from typical voltage games and there’s one element in the game that definitely helped; and that would be the element of surprise!

This game is full of surprises and I will list some of them here and try to be spoiler free:

1. Badass MC

This is how you get introduced to the mc:

˙ ͜ʟ˙

Like ….really….

You have no idea how much I laughed at this & this is just the prologue! Be ready my friends cuz we’ve finally got a decent MC! Voltage finally heard us!

You can already see we’ve got a refreshing MC and she truly is blunt & badass! She’s probably the most adult-like MC which could be not so relatable for younger players but she says what’s in her mind, she’s confident, funny, possessive (in a…natural (?) way) and doesn’t let the guy dominate her. 

Ok this may sound stupid to some but this is one thing I also noticed:

The MC is wearing formal suit pants! For some reason I was bothered by the fact that voltage MCs ALWAYS wear skirt/dress even if it’s clearly raining cats and dogs outside so I kinda noticed this and was lowkey happy…. /0\

2.The Boss is not a jerk!

I’m gonna guess this is how ppl would react to this:

But you read it right my friends! 

If you’re into voltage you know they have a pattern with their guys.

The first/main guy is always the boss/superior in some way/annoyingly dominant !

But Shun is the biggest surprise of this game to me after the MC.

He’s so sweetly bright to me and I loved him so much that I already hate him for loving him to this extent after reading just his main story….

He did piss me off when he couldn’t make a decision more quickly and made the MC suffer for a while but I will forgive him cuz the MC bluntly let him know “she’s tired” which made him get his shit together. 

Just to give you an idea of how original he is: He took the MC to MacDonald on their first date!:)))   I mean how cute is that lmao

He is also voiced and if you play both the endings you can get his special voiced movie and that movie made me like him even more… ugh =_=

3. Mature plot

I think everyone already knows we’ve got a mature story here.

The MC wakes up finding herself in a hotel room and figures she has slept with a coworker and the rest is about how she handles the mess and tries to act professionally at the same time.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I personally liked it. Even though only one guy has been released so far I’m def gonna play the rest and I’m sure I’ll enjoy them potentially even more than the first route!

p.s: The sex scenes are quite intense! Probably the most intense I’ve ever seen in a voltage game; comparable to Otome CD dramas. lol

Just a heads up to people who don’t enjoy these things & *winks* at fellow sisters who’re into it! ;^)

4. A childhood friend who’s not playable!!

At first when I noticed this I was like

Like he is just your childhood friend who went to kindergarten, school, and now  works at the same company as you and just happens to be super cute!! But he is not playable!!!! At least not yet….

There’s also a cute doc who’s Shun’s childhood friend but much to my surprise he also isn’t in the options!! 

As much as I liked the childhood friend I don’t mind him just be there for her…Not in a romantic way. In real life, not all childhood friends have thing for each other and so his existence in the game like this is refreshing :)

5. MC has a pet!

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is the first time!

I don’t know why I found this surprising but if you have played Voltage long enough you’d know this is probably the first time the pet is MC’s and not the guy’s!!!

I didn’t even think about this much until I played this game and noticed and now I’m wondering why voltage has never gave their MCs a pet until now?🤔  

And well, the cat is SO CUTE!!

Overall I’ve really enjoyed this game so far! 5 episodes of Shun’s main story are free for a limited time and if you play his main story you can read 3 episodes of the next guy for free in the campaign. 

I can’t wait for the next cinnamon rolls to be released and I will update once they’re out!

If anyone wants the CGs message me. Just didn’t wanna spoil it for people who wanna play the game ^^

Happy playing ^_^)/

look i will give Spider Man Homecoming so much money if they give Vulture this Tony Stark-related motivation and someone in the movie tells the actual villain who is hurting innocent people to take his motive and shove it up his ass.

In Which Johnny Tries to Talk to Max, But Then Panics Because of His Crush on Him

Johnny was on a mission, he was going to talk to the mvp about just who Johnny was. And Max was going to accept that this was the Johnny to Johnny, he wasnt going to stop being this Johnny and start be someone who wasnt Johnny anymore just to impress max. No, if this was going to work, if Johnny was going have Max respect him and junk too, it had to be because he was true to HIS heart, just like he true to his True Hearts Foreverboys.

So Johnny ran through the school, searching for max. He was determined to tell him exactly what he was thinking and how he was feeling. he wasnt going to back down from this, hes Johnny, the roughest, toughest, BUFFEST kid in the school!!! The thought of Max not like Johnny for how Johnny he is doesnt scare him!!!! He aint scared of nothing!!!! Hes JOHNNY JHONNY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! And just when Johnnys hunt for the boy he junks seemed fruitless, he turned the corner and saw max, the currently-not-levitating boy, searching through his locker.

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