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Raid 3: Lake of Mysterious Light

Team: Junko, Buck, Pop, Chell

The Absol paced quietly in front of her crew.

“I’d say ‘I bet you all are wondering why I’ve gathered you here’, but like… you already know, don’t you?” Junko finally speaks, looking at her teammates with sad eyes. Her high and bubbly voice… clashed, to say the least, with the darker mood of the news she was preparing to deliver. “Today, we’re looking for a Pokemon named Cresselia - once a kind and benevolent legendary ‘mon, Cresselia has… changed, just like all the others. It’s our job to put her down before she can hurt anyone.”

She pauses to think about it, and shudders.

“… My pal Layla also needs a psychic crystal from a powerful source, so I’ve gathered you all here to… like, what’s the saying? ‘Kill two birds with one stone’? I’m doing that.”

Another pause.

“… Like, I won’t beat around the bush. Chances are, she’ll already be irrational, and she’ll try to attack us. You guys need to, like, be ready to defend yourselves, and kill if necessary. Either Cresselia lives or we live, both simply… like… cannot be,” the Absol solemnly warns.

Looking to the entrance of the Mystery Dungeon, which from the outside perspective appears as a large and shimmering lake, Junko sighs to herself.

“If you’re, like, not up to it, then I understand. But this is something that, like, needs to be done, so… are you all with me?” 

Turn Order: Junko > Ben >  Pop > Chell

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