and that type is demon!stiles

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Hey love the blog!!! I was wondering if you could update the Demon!Stiles tag? Thank you!!!

You Were Never Meant to Know by Mooneye (1/1 | 8,521 | PG13)

“Not a fan of exorcisms, Stiles?” the figure asked as though he were enquiring about the rain.

“Not really. I could spew black bile if you’d like more authenticity,” Stiles answered.

“Stiles, what’s going on?” Scott demanded, unease growing.

Stiles is a demon, always has been, and never intended for anyone to know. Unfortunately, his secret is forcefully revealed and he has nowhere to hide.

We will find each other somehow by lightsfillthesky (3/? | 10,734 | R)

They were soulmates yet complete opposites like darkness and light, evil and good, completely contradictory but at the same it worked.

Through the decades they’d meet in new bodies, their souls recognizing each other before they did.

But it all went south, they were ripped apart, casting one to hell and the other one to earth.

Breaking out of hell, walking the earth for decades, looking for something he couldn’t quite remember anymore.

Will he finally find what he has been looking for all these years?


Stiles is a demon without a purpose and stumbles upon Derek’s pack, feeling emotions he’s never felt before, trying to figure them out as he goes. Feeling weirdly protective of these new found puppies.

Boundaries by inatshej (1/1 | 4,694 | NC17)

Stiles considers this world fucked up. Humans, werewolves, witches, they are all here, mixed up. It’s such a mess. But then again, he is a demon, so not really one to talk. Not that anyone knows about it. Still, he has a chance now, and he will introduce the order here, he will make sure they all can live normally. Even if it kills him.

Posessive by redhoodedwolf (1/1 | 2,736 | PG13)

Derek’s brain begins to catch up. “Are you talking in my head?”
“Sort of.”
“Then what are you doing?”
“I possessed you.”
Derek bares his fangs. He growls out his words. “Get the fuck out of me.”
If Derek didn’t know any better, he would have said the demon or whatever parasite is in him had whimpered. “Shit, man.” The thing sounded offended, what the fuck? “I just needed a host to stay in for a while. Mine is a little, uh, damaged. And I can’t go back yet.” 

I wish I might by Batwynn (1/1 | 13,970 | R)

Stiles died.

Stiles died and came back a little bit wrong. Like, he’s pretty sure he’s a demon-type of wrong.

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holy jeez, can we get more touch starved Peter please with Stiles taking care of him?

Kind of a 5/1, but a 3/1. Enjoy. 

Part One can be found here

- - -

After their moment, of sorts, Peter grows callous.  Stiles isn’t surprised.  Or if he is, he doesn’t show it. 

Stiles is very good at pretending things haven’t happened.  It’s one of those things that Peter has noticed about him over time, has come to admire about him, among many of Stiles’ other little quirks—though mostly the more insensitive little ticks, the crassness with which he spoke, the touches of dark that Peter enjoyed so very much.  Stiles acts as if the entire situation never occurred when Peter refuses to acknowledge it himself. 

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