and that torch too why not

The Tunnels

(Based on something that actually exists at my old school.)

The Tunnels (1/?)

The Tunnels were built back during the height of the Cold War. They wound beneath a good portion of campus and the football field. Most of the entrances had been blocked off, due to “safety concerns”. The majority of students assumed that meant the Tunnels were not kept up and in danger of collapse.

But Cor had iron in both ears (to keep the whispers from overwhelming), and on her fingers (to keep her writing her own), and a small stud through her tongue (to allow her to speak the truth). Going into journalism, she always knew how perilous it could be. She simply assumed it would get bad once she went overseas to war zones, not while she worked on her major. (Nothing can prepare you for Them trying to distort your stories.)

She considered Them to be the greatest of contradictions. They had to live in truths, lies were against Their very nature, and They reveled in forcing humans to live by the same, and yet They hated that requirement of Their existence. They would twist and turn words, use them like weapons or spiderwebs, keep them just this side of truth while being utter falsehoods, everything the wrong way round. And the journalism majors… well, They would prefer the “speakers of truth” told it from a bent perspective.

That was not to say that Cor, or any of those who shared her major, were able to write completely unbiased. But Cor tried.

(It was why she had picked her second name. Cordelia, daughter of King Lear. When the king had been intent on dividing his kingdom, he had asked his daughters to prove who loved him best. Her sisters had flattered and lied and exaggerated, while Cordelia had spoken only the simple truth: “I love your majesty according to my bond; nor more nor less… You have begot me, bred me, loved me: I return those duties back as are right fit, obey you, love you, and most honor you.” If Cor had remembered the consequences of that, instead of merely taking pride in the princess’ honesty, perhaps things would have been different. Then again, perhaps not.)

And the Tunnels were fascinating.

The truth (because it is important) is that she did not plan to go. (You may not know exactly what there is Underhill, but you can guess. The quiet stories about the chemistry department stealing back a professor give everyone who hears them goosebumps. You do not go Underhill without a clear purpose, or at all if possible.)

It was another member of the department. A freshman (Isn’t it always?) who had heard enough about the Tunnels to be curious, but not to be cautious. He was 18 years of age, and he went by the name Youngest. (The last kid in his family, he explained once. What Cor would find out later was that that also made him the fifth son of a fifth son, stretching back five generations. If she’d known then, she would have refused to go. He may have been born for quests and breaking curses, but she wasn’t.)

He had been trying to study up on the history of the Tunnels and found the records in the campus library archives lacking. The Tunnels had been mentioned in the university paper when they were being voted on, and when they announced the construction start date.  There were no blueprints and no financial records. There were no minutes from the council meeting that decided to go forward with the building plans. There was no list of provisions to be kept in the tunnels, nor even a list of where to enter them.

And Youngest wouldn’t accept that. Cor wasn’t the first to try to talk him out of his obsession. (It didn’t help that he was a low-key conspiracy theorist. And not in a useful, fairy tales and old stories way. No, he was all about secret government bunkers and drugs in the water supply and money being stolen from institutions like Elsewhere U for illegal testing facilities.) He refused to listen. He started asking indelicate questions of the librarians and the campus administration, and he apparently had enough luck on his side to keep him from asking just the wrong person.

In the end, the big break came from a boy he was dating, a theatre major. Prior had been drunk, the two had gone back to Youngest’s room for the night, planning to fall into bed after a party and sleep off the booze. Youngest had brought it up, and Prior muttered something about an entrance in one of the costume closets at the main theatre on campus. When he woke up the next morning and realized what he’d said, he tried to take it back, to convince Youngest that he had been drunk and didn’t know what he was saying.

Youngest didn’t listen.

Youngest grabbed his phone for video and audio, and a pen and notepad in case something happened to his phone, and a flashlight and a bottle of water. He kissed Prior, was effusive in his thanks, and then walked away.

Prior panicked and called Cor.

And Cor, she was so damn tempted to let the stupid, oblivious moron just go. Unfortunately, her conscience was apparently stronger than her sense of self preservation.

She caught Youngest as he was putting aside a pair of bolt cutters he’d grabbed from a props room, and yanking off the old iron padlock holding the small door shut. He pushed open the entrance as she grabbed his arm to yank him back, and in a rush they were both somewhere new.

Cor quickly stood and checked her fanny pack. (It looked stupid. Cor didn’t care.) Creamer cups and seeds and campus-made oat bars soaked and crystalized in honey were held in a plastic ziplock baggie. Her little velvet drawbag of possibilities was net to it. Cor had collected the bits and bobs while scouring thrift shops and yard sales for unused baby shoes and abandoned love letters and half-finished quilts. (She cut them into small pieces, recognizing potential power, and kept them close.) Packets of salt and ground vervain tucked in another pocket. Then she shook her leg and heard the little jingle of her anklet. (It was silver, with four tiny shards of crystal, and it had been a gift to Cor’s great great great grandmother from her sister. It was a promise, a last resort, a nuclear button. Cor didn’t want to use it, because she knew the consequence. But if there was no other way…)

Then she took in the tunnel. It was dark before and dark behind, roughly hewn, strange shaped rocks pressed into dirt made up the surface, with two torches lit and glowing brightly on the wall to either side of them. If there had been a door, it wasn’t there anymore.

And when Youngest finally pulled himself upright, staring around in disbelief, Cor gave up being nice and smacked him on the back of the head. “Why do freshmen never listen?



Mention of the chemistry department revolt is borrowed from “Feathers” by runwildwithme on tumblr. It was just too good a noodle incident to pass up on referencing. ((Additionally, I don’t have a tumblr, but if anyone wants to follow this story for updates, I’m planning to post it on ao3. Author name is TornThorn.))

I love Cor (And if you want to send me a link to the A03 story I’ll post it!)

One note - the Chemistry Department revolt actually comes from this earlier ask from dragon-saint! It gives a bit more detail, although still not much.


Young!Reader x Clary /  Young!Reader x Jace

“We could ask Luke if he or the packs seen anything?” Alec offered as they walked together, planning to head out and mill around to see if anything interesting popped up.

“It’s after school (Y/N) will be back from school, we’ll have to stop by a toy store unless you want to take her with us?” Jace muttered as he pulled his phone from his pocket.

“I told you not to give her a toy every time you saw her.” Alec chuckled although he knew for a fact that most of Max’s clothes had been handed down to you and he’d enjoyed watching your face light up when he’d given you some of them.

“I know but the kids cute.” Jace grumbled.

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anonymous asked:

there have been a few fake antifa/antira facebook groups, emails and even meetings in germany recently (by nazis). its dangerous and some people have been hospitalized. just 10 minutes from me, someone got lured into a fake meet by AFD supporters and the group locked the door and assaulted and robbed him. i read your how to find your local antifa post, but do you have tips how we can realize if an internet group or real life meet really is run by antifa?

This is a really important point (and also a tactic that antifa have used from time to time)!  In our post about joining an antifa group/starting your own, we warned people to approach any group you’re not familiar with caution for just this reason.  Here are some tips:

1) Research the group you’re thinking about joining up with.  If they have a social media presence or website, how long has it been up - a few weeks or a much longer period of time?  Have they been involved in any antifa actions that you’re aware of?  Are they linked with other antifa groups you know of?  More importantly, do those antifa groups vouch for this one?  Is this group part of or affiliated with an antifa network like The Torch Antifascist Network (U.S.), or the Anti Fascist Network (UK)?

2) Be careful what information you provide at first.  Most antifa groups will probably want to know how to get in touch with you, what your name is, where you live, why you’re interested in getting involved, etc.  But you can see how revealing too much - your full name, your neighbourhood or home address, where you go to school or work, contact info that can be traced back to your home - can be used against you if the group turns out to be a trap.

3) Meet in a public place. When you’re first meeting with members of the antifa group you’re looking to join, meet them in a public place.  This protects both of you, as things are a lot less likely to kick off if you’re in public and there are a lot of people milling about.  That said, you also want to meet where everyone will feel safe to discuss matters openly.  We’ve found that many cafés or pubs serve this purpose quite well.

4) Bring someone.  If you’re looking to get involved in antifa, you probably know someone else that is as well.  Bring them, or even someone not that interested but who you trust and who has your back.  There really is safety in numbers!

5) Tell someone where you’re going.  Make sure someone knows where you’ve gone to meet up, when the meeting is, and when you expect to be back.  Better yet, do all of that and tell them that you’ll call them 15 minutes after the meeting begins to let them know you’re ok.  If they don’t hear from you then, it means you’re in trouble and need help.  BUT DON’T FORGET TO CALL THEM @ THE 15 MINUTE MARK!

6) Trust your instincts.  Boneheads aren’t very good actors.  If anything doesn’t feel right to you; if something seems suspicious, walk away.  It will be a lot better to explain yourself after the fact if your instincts were wrong than to find yourself in a very bad situation.  

Look, we don’t want to make anyone overly-paranoid - tbh, these kinds of things do not happen very often (we can’t think of a single instance of this happening IRL with any antifa that we know personally, although as the original poster mentions it’s been known to happen), but in antifascism, as with all political activism, it’s best to take sensible precautions.

Soooo, I really wanted something spacey and came up with this. They are little excerpts from a fic I probably wont get to write ^^; Anyway, the concept is basically that during space exploration a voyager ship/military vessel journeys and encounters a somewhat fabled species of beings known as Supernovas. These Supernovas are usually secluded as too much anxiety, stress, or stimulation causes their core temperature to rise dangerously in which they will transform into either the stable, beautiful neutron star or a highly deadly, possibly fatal black hole. 

This is excerpt one for the first pic:

God, he couldn’t look away. Maybe it was the reticence. Such a demure modesty in everything he did, every move he made, every word he spoke. Or maybe it was the mystery in him. In his identity that was only discovered through sleuth-like pursuit. Such a necessary secret. Alluring and colorful.  His Yuuri was born a supernova. A brilliant bright supernova, burning slowly but timidly, so afraid to be ablaze and run hot, so afraid of the fate destiny had in store. Gorgeous. The quiet temptation that made Victor walk the line between bohemian and demon. Over time supernovas either became stable neutron stars or the unstable black hole. There was no in between. And something in Victor wanted to watch Yuuri spiral and spin and twist with such untamed uncontrolled spirited passion until the star ignited with temperatures too red-hot to touch. Until the younger man’s body thrummed and his mind fogged. Until he reached that searing climactic peak and dazedly faced the future fated for him. A stable star was welcome. The black hole, more so. Now he understood why Yuuri kept his secret—such enticing provocation—from the unruly world. It made the usually restrained older man nearly tingle at the prospect. To think of such a blindingly beautiful innocence, torched and turned into the destructive swirling mass was enthralling. Victor wasn’t sure what turned him into a sinner, maybe the shyness or the mysticism but, god, he couldn’t look away.”

 And this one’s for the second:

Yuri banged his fist against the glass once again, as hard as the lime liquid’s resistance would allow. Any other guard would’ve been startled. Maybe would’ve jumped back but the stocky raven-haired man on watch simply peered over his shoulder. The resigned expression didn’t leave his face but he did press the speaker on the tank’s control pad. “What?”

“Leave,” Yuri growled to the guard.


The simple almost noncommittal reply, nearly enraged the blonde. “I don’t want you here.”


“So leave.”

“I’m on duty.”

The younger male huffed loudly. He banged both his fists against the glass this time. “Look, I don’t need watching, okay?”

“Good,” The officer leaned down closer to the speaker. “Then keep making my job easy.” He kept his eyes on the blonde, piercing dark eyes that held a slight amusement with their stoic glare. An amusement that didn’t reach his downturned lips. Did the guy’s face ever change?

Yuri sneered a bit, faint pink dusting across his cheeks. “Fine. Whatever.” He turned his back to the guard and curled in on himself. Just to think. Just to pretend he wanted the other being gone. Just to pretend that he didn’t feel a little secluded in the stupid fish tank. ‘When will I get to come out?’ When you’re stable, Yura. He sighed again remembering Yakov’s answer from a month ago. He knew he was primed to be stable but, he didn’t think the wait would be so long. So lonesome.

The soft tap to the glass made the blonde bolt his eyes back towards the guard. Yuri didn’t quite unfurl though he gave the guard attention. “What?”

“You’re going to be a neutron star sooner than you think. I’ve never seen one so I’m going to stay around.” It was as much a question as it was a statement. A question asked through the guard’s softened features. Can I stick around?

Please do, Yuri felt his eyes answer back. Though his mouth muttered, “whatever.” He shrugged and curled back up, a slight smile tugging along the curve of his lips. “At least you’re better company than the last guy.” The blonde hadn’t meant for the thought to slip out but since it had, he gave a glance to his guard. The dark-haired youth had his eyes downcast, eyebrows knitted together, and a light rose tint dancing across his cheeks.

Before the guard could respond, a voice came over the room’s intercom system asking ‘Otabek Altin’ to make his way to the captain’s quarters. Those rich dusky eyes met Yuri’s in an apology as the guard ran off to meet the call.

Again, left to himself, Yuri repeated the name. Otabek Altin. Otabek. He scoffed out a warm laugh. “Huh. So his face does move?” Another chuckle and then laugh, “Okay. Let’s see how long this one lasts.”

If anyone read all this, bless you XD And tell me what you think maybe? I haven’t written fanfic in a while so I hope i’m not rusty.


You are in the grocery store grabbing some food for yours and Steve’s apartment. Quickly you glance down at the list, checking off the box next to cereal. From the corner of your eye you swear you see your boyfriend. “Babe?” You ask, stepping closer to him. “Did you get a haircut? I thought you were on a mission? Where’d you get this jacket; you look really hot in it…”

You smirk, grabbing the black leather jacket with both hands. Something feels different but you shake it off. “Thanks hot stuff!” He grins. Blinking for a second, your face heats up. Usually he only calls you sweetheart or love in public, but this…kinda turns you on.

“How about we go home, Captain?” A smile breaks out on your face and you grab his hand. It’s really warm. “Wow your hands are warm!” You state, putting the groceries on the checkout area. Steve’s hands were almost always cold.

He helps place the different items on the area, “Well, you did say I was hot, gorgeous.” He smirks, leaning against the metal. You shake your head, swiping your card in the machine. “So…when we get home…what are we gonna do?” He asks in a suggestive tone, raising an eyebrow.

You pick up a few of the plastic bags with a curious expression. “Make food? I don’t know, maybe watch a movie? Unless you have other plans that I don’t know about.”

“I can think of a few.” He shrugs as both of you walk to the car. You get in and flick the engine on.

As you start driving, you cough, glancing over at Steve. “What do you want for dinner tonight?” You ask with a smile. He just shrugs and grabs your hand. “Okay, I’ll pick then.”

When you get to the house, you begin to prepare the lasagna while Steve’s in the bathroom. Under your breath you hum a song that randomly comes to mind. As you place another layer of cheese in the pan, your phone buzzes against the stone counter and you check the caller. Steve? Your eyebrows furrow together, “Hello?” You ask through the speaker.

“Huh. I usually get an hyper ‘baby!’ when I call.” Steve laughs, “Anyway, I’m on my way home right now. I’ll be there in like five minutes and then I’ll help make din-”

“Wait, Steve?!” You whisper-scream, clutching the countertop and looking at the bathroom door. “You-You’re home right now though!”

There’s a silence. “Uh, what? Love, I’m not-”

“Then there’s a man that looks exactly like you in the bathroom!” You cut him off. Peering around, you grab the closest thing next to you; which is a frying pan.

“Okay, calm down. I’ll be right there sweetheart. Remember; gun in the bedroom. I’m almost home.” He says in a rush, hanging up.

You nod to yourself, gripping the metal pan handle as the door to the bathroom swings open. The man emerges, walking into the kitchen, “Something smells goo- Woah, what’s up with the frying pan?” He exclaims, raising his arms up.

You hold the frying pan close to him, “Who. The. Hell. Are. You?” You manage to get out through heavy breaths.

He smirks, outstretching one hand towards you. “Johnny. Johnny Storm. But I also go by a number of nicknames; hot stuff, sexy, Human Torch.” His fingertips set on fire, making you jump a little. “The last ones kinda my alter ego; probably heard of me.” He laughs as you put the frying pan to his chest.

The sound of the door opening startles the both of you. You relax when you see the super soldier but keep the pan still. “Y/N, thank god- what the…” He sighs, coming up behind Johnny and grabbing his arms. “Who the hell are you and why do you look like me?” Steve snaps.

Johnny struggles in the soldier’s grasp, “For one; I’m Johnny Storm.” He grunts, jerking around, “And, no idea. Why do YOU look like ME?!” He fires back, raising his eyebrows.

As the two guys argue, you keep a hold of the handle. The resemblance is uncanny. “We should go to Bruce or Tony or anyone!” You interrupt. “I’m sure Human Flame here has some questions like we do.” You stare at your boyfriend.

“Human Torch!”

Steve thinks for a moment and sighs. “Alright. Let’s go,”

“Wait. I need to call Ried.” Johnny pipes up, “He’s a scientist too!” He tilts his head up. Slowly the super soldier releases him and he rubs at his wrist, “Geez, how are you so strong.” He mutters, pulling his cell phone out of the black leather jacket pocket

Steve stalks over to you, watching the man talk on the phone. He glances down and laughs, yanking the pan from your grasp. “I say gun and you grab the frying pan?! We have a gun for a reason!”

“I panicked!” You whine, throwing your arms around his broad upper body, “I thought it was you…” Your voice muffled by his uniform. This is so creepy…

(Part 2?)

anonymous asked:

what symbols are typically ascociated with Loki?

hmm, the ones i would guess at would be snakes, wolves (being the father of Fenris and having wolf-like qualities), foxes (for being the ‘trickster’ of animals), and fire (partially due to the misconception that he’s the god of fire).

but this post from @askalokean (who i’m now following, thanks google!) offers a great explanation of symbols his followers typically associate him with, since there is no historical evidence indicating what his symbols would be. i’ll summarize it as best as i can.


  • fish - because he turns himself into one trying to escape the pissed off Aesir after the infamous flyting scene
  • snakes - because he’s father of the World Serpent and because snakes are typically seen as the villians, so they share some similar traits


i won’t get into the specific symbols for certain communities or the contested symbols (the spider being one of the main ones), but OP talks about those.

hope this helps, anon! let me know if you’re looking for more than this, because i’m glad to do more research on it.

Tim Drake: Power Outage

Imagine Mount Justice having a power cut and you and Tim go to fix it but end up getting distracted.

Warnings: None


Though you were clarified as a geek or nerd by some, you preferred the term technical genius. You were in fact apart of Young Justice but instead of spending your time constantly out on the field, you focussed on computers and gadgets for the team simply because you excelled at it - being a former pro hacker was quite the change but these talents came in very handy on a mission and you were able to shut down the most advanced security systems in seconds, much to the appraisal of your team.

Often, they said you were the best at what you do but that wasn’t quite true. Robin was pretty good too as much as you’d hate to admit it, you considered him your rival since you never really spoke to one another at all and therefore had no idea what he was actually like. None the less, you loved technology for the most part and could often be found working on some new tech for the team which they all loved and came to ask about it quite often. Bart would often tell you about the future whilst you worked and Batgirl sought you out more often than not. Fortunately, today was peaceful despite the raging thunderstorm outside and you were fixing the stealth technology to keep yourself occupied. At least until disaster struck.

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Frat Boy - Harry Styles One Shot

Request #49: “I’m really drunk, please help me.”

The bass was rocking through the speakers, wracking your body with vibrations and making it harder for you not to spill the alcohol in your hand, which, frankly, was already a difficult task thanks to the people bumping into you and slicking you with their sweat.  Not that you’d necessarily needed the alcohol in the first place.  In fact, you’d hardly touched it.  You were much, much too amused at the sight in front of you.

The tall fit guy with tanned skin and tattoos for days stood atop the makeshift DJ stage that looked dangerously close to collapsing by the amount of people packed on and surrounding him, aggressively jumping to the beat.  You couldn’t help but giggle as your infamous classmate Harry drunkenly pumped his fist alongside his frat brothers and picked the next song, but as smashed as he was (or should be by the amount he’d been drinking that night) his hands spun the records with incredible precision and skill, clearly at ease with the DJ job the frat had given him.  And why wouldn’t he be?  From what you’ve heard about him and the little you’d seen yourself, he was the perfect confident person to manage the energy of the party - that is, unless someone angered him.  His eyes suddenly met yours from above the crowd, and for a moment you thought they were just blankly looking in your direction, but the way a chill swept through you despite the humidity of the room made you wonder…

Even the chills weren’t sufficient evidence though, and you would’ve continued to doubt yourself if he hadn’t grabbed the microphone from his frat brother (Liam was it?) who was currently freestyling.

“Y/N s’hheerre!!!!!!” he slurred into the mic, voice riddled with elated surprise.  He leaned a little too far from saying your name and had to fall on a pretty girl wearing what could only be called underwear in order to break his fall.  You didn’t miss the way his hand went to her little waist to steady himself and the smirk on his face when he took in her clothing, or rather, lack of.  It was a known fact Harry got around, and for those of the girls he hadn’t gotten with yet, the other half were waiting in the wings and hoping they’d get their chance.  It was stupid that he could practically have any girl he wanted, but it wasn’t entirely without cause.  He was one of the most attractive guys at your school, cocky and confident, a dash of arrogance, but incredibly charismatic.  For all these reasons and more you couldn’t be justified in feeling surprised at his flirtatious behavior, let alone hurt, so you ignored the little jab of irrational jealousy that prickled your skin.

You hardly knew Harry, only had one class with him and when you’d missed a day for being “sick” (though really you’d just slept in), Harry had offered to give you the notes.  A little uncharacteristic as you thought he never paid attention in class, but you weren’t in a position to complain.  When he said to come by the frat to pick them up, you hadn’t thought there would be…well…this.

The moment you’d walked up the front yard and successfully side-stepped projectile vomit (but just barely) before running into a shirtless guy and girl connected by gaping mouths, you knew there had to have been some kind of miscommunication.  You weren’t sure if Harry had simply forgotten the huge rager his frat was hosting before inviting you to collect the notes or if that was his sly way at an invitation.  If it was, you’d clearly missed the memo.  You almost turned around and decided to come back to the frat house in the morning - your pajama shorts and old band t-shirt weren’t exactly party material, and honestly, how did you expect to find him in an overcrowded house?  But after coming so far you figured - why the hell not.  You’d already walked all the way across campus to get here and you hadn’t gotten all that cardio in for nothing.

You were really on a roll tonight.

And apparently so was Harry.

You saw him lean down and move his hand up the girl’s waist so it was wrapped around her shoulder.  He leant down to whisper something in her ear, causing her to blush with lips parted in a soundless laugh.  This time you couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed.  There was a disgusting amount of sweat slathered on you that, mind you, had not come from you and now another shower was in order even though you just took one 2 hours ago.  And it was probably midnight now and you had an 8 AM the next morning.  And he hadn’t warned you about a party.  And he’d seen you and knew you were waiting for him.  That meant he knew you were watching him flirt with some girl.  He probably got some sick power trip from it.

You didn’t mind waiting when you were watching him on stage alone, a little voice murmured.

You wanted to strangle that little voice.  You definitely could not afford to even think about Harry that way.  No, not him.

Definitely not him.

Although he was a soccer jock and major partier, he had this other…more boyish side to him you’d only seen a glimpse of in class when you’d share short conversations.  You hadn’t expected to see that from the reputation he’s garnered, in all honestly you thought he’d be some quick-tempered self-absorbed frat boy in every sense of the word, but the Harry you’d seen was really interesting and engaging.  That boyish side to him was charming and disarming all the same.  It made you wonder how many other people, other girls, he’d shown that same side too.

Maybe that’s what reeled them in.

Definitely not the chiseled jaw and dark hair and piercing green eyes and athletic Greek God bod.  No, not that.

Definitely not that.

You turned away from the sight in front of you, not being able to stand seeing Harry work his charm on another while you waited along the sidelines.  For a reason you weren’t ready to admit, you raised your cup and took another sip of the cheap alcohol, wincing as it burned down your throat.  This was utter crap, and soon you felt its unwelcome warmth settle in your stomach.  Sweat droplets were beading down your back and you felt your hair stick to the back of your neck.  Everything was too hot.  How was everybody not dying of a heatstroke in here??

“S’cuse me, pardon me.”  You heard a deep British accent shout above the music.   

You turned around to see Harry stalking through the crowd, powerfully pushing through the grinding hormone-crazed students, his eyes already focused on you.  He didn’t smile or give much recognition when you met his gaze except for a slight smirk, his curls had been dampened a bit from sweat and probably strangers’ alcohol, but his eyes were still glowing.  Those are intoxicating enough, you thought.  He didn’t stop moving until he was right in front of you, his arms immediately engulfing you in a massive hug.  You froze at the unfamiliar gesture, body immediately going rigid as your face was pressed against his chest and you tried to ignore the fact that despite being sweaty, this stupid beautiful man still managed to smell good, a waft of his expensive cologne making you want to stay squeezed in his arms all night.

“Thought you weren’t comin’” he rumbled, and with an ear pressed to his side, you felt the vibrations in his chest.  His limbs were heavy and hot, his entire body like a giant heater, and if you were in another frame of mind (and a much cooler situation) perhaps you would’ve noticed how his body melted into yours and savored the way all your grooves were pressed snugly together.  But you weren’t.  You were in a sweaty hormone-induced sauna.  And right now you thought this might just be the end of you.

“Can’t…breathe…” you managed to whisper.

“Sorry,” he slurred.  His arms reluctantly loosened around you and his eyes grew wide once they met your own.  You weren’t quite sure why.

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i double checked Saizo’s support with Azura just to make sure I wasn’t making up the “very painful looking scar” thing I always tout when ppl ask me about the giant burn scar I put on her arm and IT’S THERE

also srsly if fucking Saizo, Mr Suspicious n Srs Ninja Man, is staring stunned at this fucked up scar enough to make Azura ask if it’s making him uncomfortable and that this is why she usually hides it and then out loud says it’s “very painful looking” 

it’s a fuckin awful scar. oh and Azura does say it was a bunch of older Nohr children who cornered her for ‘teasing’ and it ‘went too far’ so my hc for them holding her down and holding a torch to her arm to laugh at her reaction is totes valid

Peculiar. (Newt x Reader) pt.2

Originally posted by sweetly87

A/N: HE IS SO CUTE I CANT. also mermaids in pt3
Tagging some peeps that wanted to see more! <3 @sweetlittlequeer@adorabean@lgbtfangirl@oakdragon253@wibbly-wobbly-sherly-curly@hamithefangirl
Warnings: cuteness
Words: idk a lot
PREMISE:  An aloof, though kind, Gryffindor Quidditch player with an attention span that of a gold fish catches the eye of one extremely shy Hufflepuff that promises her to show all of Hogwarts’s magical creatures in an attempt to show off.

peculiar masterpost.


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Like pornstars (Josh x OC)

rated: this is R af I’m not even going to lie to you guys, read at your own risk tbh

warning: just mainly he smut, some swearing the usuallll for mee

word count: 2,509 (Long as fuuuuukkkkk)

A/N: Ok, so I received an ask for a link to my smut like days ago and I was supposed to post it here as well but I'm hella trash and basically I never get around to doing anything I plan, but I was writing the Chris one and decided why the fuck not. 

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KK a heads up, serious fucking like pornstars, though it is fluff at first and in this version it wasn’t a hot water system but a heater system.


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You don’t 

             love  her

                           Stop lying with these words

“Remind me again how I got dragged into this?” You smirk, Chris pushes you gently with a roll of his eyes.

“It isn’t that bad”

“Are you sure? Because it seems like this party sucks, no offence Josh”

Luckily for you he isn’t listening at the moment he’s too busy trying to hit on Sam, you grind your teeth slightly but leave it be and turn back to your brother- Chris.

“Come on, once  Hannah and Beth fetch the tunes everything will be fine” He reassures you.

“They getting some alcohol as well or?” you question, Chris gives you a glare and you can’t help but laugh. “I’m joking! Chill”

You see Jessica making her way over from across the room and you mentally groan, though the roll of your eyes is more than visible you’re sure.

“So, Chris dragged you along too?”

“It’s not terrible, but it’d be great if we had music!” you yell out.

“Working on it” Beth replies.

You laugh to yourself and your eyes can’t help but glance over to Sam and Josh once again, Jessica follows your line of sight and turns to catch a glimpse herself.

“Someone caught the jealousy bug”

“You wish” you scoff, “Just, isn’t this like a friends get together? I just don’t think it’s fair to throw one and disappear to get laid, it’s rude”

Jessica raises an eyebrow, silently judging you clearly before just shrugging her shoulders.

“I don’t know, I think it’s cool they’re getting along” Chris but’s in.

“Says the guy who spent basically a year "Getting along” with Ashley and still hasn’t made a move yet" you smirk.

A cold breeze drifts through an open window, you wrap your arms around yourself cursing that you didn’t even think to bring a coat.

“Hey- ”

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Blind Dates ~Johnny x Reader~

                Johnny passed by room, specifically {Name}’s room, and heard soft sobbing. He took a few steps back, facing the door he rose a brow in confusion. He knocked on her door a few times and in an instant the crying stopped. “{Name}, are you okay?” He called out.

                “Y-Yeah, is there something you need?” She answered.

                “No, no. I’ll be on my way then,” Johnny said. He faked the sound of footsteps walking away and waited a few moments. Then he heard it again, sobbing, it was a faint sound but still was able to be heard. He furrowed his eyebrows before giving out a small sigh and opening the door. He saw her scramble to her feet and turn her back on him. He saw her hands reach to her face, {Name} must’ve been wiping away the tears. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

                “I’m fine Johnny, really. Can you please just go?” She asked kindly, he could tell she wasn’t trying to stutter.

                “Nope! Not until you tell me what’s really wrong,” He responded.

                {Name} gave out a shaky sigh and plopped herself back onto the bed. Johnny crossed her room and joined her on the bed, looking at her tearstained face. He waited patiently, knowing that when {Name} was ready to talk, she’d talk.

                “You know, today alone I’ve been on two blind dates. Sue thought it’d be a good idea for me to get out there and start dating. She said I need someone, like she had Reed, Ben has Alicia, and you have you’re random hook ups. From afar the world sees us as heroes but up close we’re still pretty damn freaky,” {Name} spoke, laughing a little at her last words. “All the guys I’ve met so far had either ran away upon seeing me or stayed only to tell me it would never work out. It’s funny, girls absolutely love you for the exact thing you are. Ben, he has someone who can see the beauty in him even though she can’t actually see. Sue got the love her life even before she became who she is.

                As if I didn’t have trouble finding guys then but now, who would want to be with an aquatic freak? I always dreamt of finding a guy, getting married and starting a family but now when will that ever come true? Who’d want to start a family with someone who, if pushed to the limit, could easily drown the nearest person she sees? Even if it is an accident, that wouldn’t matter because I’d still be looked at as a monster. I’m so pathetic aren’t I?”

                There was a short moment of silence before Johnny spoke. “Sometime you can be a little eh.” “Oh shut up.” “Hold on, you didn’t let me finish. But any guy would be so lucky to have you and if they can’t see that then screw them. It’s there loss! And I… I would love to have a family… A family with you.”

                {Name} looked up at him, shocked at what he said. “You know, this really isn’t the time for games.”

                “I’m not joking. {Name} you are absolutely beautiful and I know I say that often but I mean it. You are amazing and incredibly sweet, you cool me down when I get too hot, literally. And like I said, any guy would be lucky to have you, so so lucky. And I would love to be the man in your world, because I find you so stunning that it honestly sometimes does hurt,” Johnny wasn’t lying, he was totally head over heels for her, something that rarely rarely happened.

                It wasn’t a secret that {Name} was also in love with the human torch, like any other girl she found him hot. He was the only one who didn’t see that however, exactly the reason why Sue set her up on so many blind dates. She thought it’d help {Name} get over her crush on Johnny since she knew exactly how her brother was like. But now, he was actually admitting his feeling for her and by the tone of his voice she could tell that he was being serious. Though Jonny has had a little practice in that area but this time she could tell that he really meant everything he was saying. Before he could continue, {Name} leaned up and connected her lips with him.

                Johnny was a little surprised but recovered quickly as he brought the girl on his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck while he wrapped his around her waist. The kiss was rather passionate and heated and it would’ve been deeper had she not pulled away for air. Though that didn’t help as Johnny only brought her lips back onto his. The kisses only got deeper and soon Johnny’s hands started wondering around. She pulled away, for real this time, which made the male groan in frustration.

                “Wait, wait, I just wanna say that I love you Johnny, I love you so much,” She spoke sincerely, biting her lip slightly.

                “Is that so? Well good, because I love you too,” He responded. “Now, I believe we were in the middle of something.”

                And with that Johnny laid her on the bed before crawling on top of her for a night of long awaited activities.

A/N: Wow that was something… Haha I suck. I was re-watching Fantastic Four and got Johnny feels. So this happened! Honestly though I’m thinking about making a smut sequel if any of my Johnny Storm fans are interested. If you think it’s a great idea just let me know, probably do it anyway. Okay so request are always open just ask away! Bye bye!

The Real Thing

Characters: Dean Winchester,Reader (Y/N), Sam Winchester (mentioned), fake dick (cause it deserves a mention as a character - it is blue and exist in real life :P Note from Rachel: AND IT’S MINE!  And Kari adds: Bought with guiding from her Denmarkish big sis ;P)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Cheeky Dean, fake dick/dildo (not used), oral (female receiving), Dean’s horsecock, language (not to bad), unprotected sex (wear a life vest if you go swimming!)

Wordcount: 2000ish

A/N: Rach was complaining about it being too hot for jeans and I made Dean give her a remark. Rach wanted a drabble but Kari can’t drabble cause she is a wordy bitch so here you go guys.

Written for, about and betaed by my amazing, sassy @mysupernaturalfics - go check her out. She is the best and a total sweetheart <3

It had been hotter than hell outside for the past couple of days and you would know cause you had been there. Not for as long as Sam and Dean granted, but still you had paid the underworld a few visits and today you almost prefered Crowley’s domain to the earth.

You ran down the stairs to the entrance of the bunker, moving quickly as you could trying to insure that the ice cream you had bought wouldn’t melt before you could ingest it.

The ice cream was quickly forgotten as you saw the oldest Winchester in the middle of the war room twirling the packaged you had secretly ordered a few days ago, with a newly stolen credit card and behind your locked bedroom door.

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When you get back home,you say ‘yes’. You hear me? Say 'yes’ to Michael. That’s crazy. If I let him in, then Michael fights the devil. The battle’s gonna torch half the planet. Look around you, man. Half the planet’s better than no planet, which is what we have now. If I could do it over again, I’d say 'yes’ in a heartbeat. So why don’t you? I’ve tried! I’ve shouted 'yes’ till I was blue in the face! The angels aren’t listening! They just—left—gave up! It’s too late for me, but for you…

I??Don’t understand how and why Kathleen Kennedy is president of Lucasfilm???when she denounced Rogue One being a political movie when it IS a political movie??? Like, does that mean the other Star Wars movies aren’t political too when they ARE political????

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Name: peter benjamin parker
Nickname: it’s an endless list .
Zodiac Sign: libra
Gender: trans male
Favourite Colour: warmer colours , see: reds , oranges . sometimes blues , too .
Average Hours of Sleep: schedule’s all over the place , but he gets 5 on average .
Last Thing You Googled: recent human torch appearances . ( time to rip on johnny )
Height:  5′10″


Name: it’s a mystery .
Nickname: red , jay .
Zodiac Sign: libra
Gender: trans masc ( trans - nb . predominantly male identifying tho . )
Favorite Colour: red .
Average Hours of Sleep: i’m a mess , but i get around 7 if i’m lucky .
Last Thing You Googled: why does a bunny give you eggs and not a chicken on easter
Height:  6′ .

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You were the only one to kiss my every scar.
Internal and external.
You were the only one who ever really cared.
But I had to go.

I tried so hard to be in love with you.
Please forgive me.
I need you to still love me.
Because I love you.
And I need you.
Just not the way that you need me.
I never loved you the way that you loved me.

I’m sorry.
But please don’t be in love with me.
Not anymore.
Please know the difference between love like a verb like ‘care’ like how I love you
and love like a world like a snow-globe or a shoe-box or something that you are in. 

It’s impossible to explain why we fall in love.
Falling in love is big and scary.
But it’s also impossible to explain why we don’t fall in love.
And that’s scary too.

I remember we were sitting at this glass coffee table one night with our friends.
There were these paper lanterns on the tiki torches and we were making wishes on them.
I said my wish was to be happy.
Then everyone started talking and you sent me a text from across the deck.
You said it was the most beautiful wish you had ever heard.
You smiled at me.
Our secret language.
You made me happy.

I remember telling you not to blink when I did your eyeliner.
I remember you drawing cat whiskers on my face.
I remember how you would come to me for advice and how it never felt draining because it felt like you were trusting me.
Like you admired me and thought of me as having wisdom.
I always liked being your cheerleader because you were always my biggest fan.
And not the fake kind.
Not the type of partner who said supportive-sounding words but secretly wanted to hold me back for fear that I would leave you behind.
You were never afraid of that.
You were confident that way.

I know, I know.
It seems so odd that I left you.
Seemingly random, and probably ungrateful.
Because we had what everybody wanted.
Or that’s what it looked like.

Because we finished each other’s sentences.
We liked the same music.
Laughed at the same things.
Sharing earbuds and inside jokes.
We almost had it.
Whatever it is.
The thing that makes relationships work.
Whatever magic dust it is that people need to stay together in this ever-changing life.
The 'it’ that keeps the butterflies alive.
But not.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t have myself together.
You patched up my heart and for that I will always be grateful.
But I think that there were some cracks in my spirit too.
Cracks that only I could heal.

That’s why I kept wearing your necklace when I broke up with you.
Because it really wasn’t about you.
So I needed you to know that I was still committed to you.
Not romantically.
Not like your other half.
Not anymore.
Just like-whatever.
You make me smile.
But I need to find myself.
And I know this sounds like a cop-out.
But it really is about me this time.

But please don’t wait for me.
Because you told me that you would.
And I didn’t know how you could be so perfect.
But I also didn’t know how to say to you
Because I didn’t know how to tell you that I wanted you to fall in love with someone else.
Because it’s not personal.
But you deserve to fall in love with someone else.
You are wonderful.
So this is why I want to say to you
but also why I don’t know how to say to you
'Move on.’

Because I’m not going to find myself soon.
Not tomorrow.
Not this month.
Not this year.
But maybe in a couple years it might seem like I’ve found myself.
If I’m lucky.
But even then I know it will only be an illusion.
Even then I’ll still have a ways to go.
So I’m flattered that you say that your heart will still be mine.
But I don’t want it anymore.
I can’t.
I just need to go find myself.
And I need you to go find yourself too.

Not that it didn’t hurt to leave you.
It did.
It made my chest feel hollow.
And I broke my own heart by hurting you.
But I need you to know that every time I said
'I love you’
I meant it.
And I still mean it.
I love you.
My friend.
I was always honest with you.
But I don’t regret what I did.
Because sometimes pain is necessary.
And the best thing to do is the hardest.
But in the long run
the best
for both of us.

But here’s the hardest part.
It’s knowing that someday
maybe soon
maybe not
I’ll find someone who helps me find myself.
Who is destined to be with me in a way that you never were.
Who makes my heart beat in a way that you never could.
And it will be beautiful and also it will crush me.
Because if you don’t move on it will crush you too.
And also because
even though someday I will have to
right now I can’t really imagine myself with anybody else but you.

I remember our friendship.
Before we ever tried to become anything more.
And maybe that’s where my regret lies.
It lies in trying to fall in love with you.
Because we didn’t make it as lovers.
But you were the best friend I ever had.

I remember going on hikes with you.
Going downtown for pizza.
Playing board-games and getting coffee at the convenience store.
And I miss that.
I want to still be allowed to hang out with you.
Without breaking your heart.
I want to exchange a hug with you that doesn’t leave you aching for more.
I miss my friend.
I want us to celebrate each other’s birthdays together again and I just want us to be able to have a normal conversation again.
Like we used to.

But I know you need your space in the way that you do.
Just like I need mine in the way that I do.
That’s what made this mess in the first place.
So I know I’m asking a lot.
And I’m not trying to get you to do emotional gymnastics.
But if you ever need me.
Or want me.
Just know that I’m here for you.
And that I love you.
Not romantically.
Or like a partner.
But like a friend.
I love you.
And I’m here.

—  K.C. Raniero Poems; The Difference Between ‘I Love You’ and ‘I Am In Love With You’
My Heart Unfolding - mudpuddledemon - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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“Lewis. You’re in my lab. Why are you in my lab when I’m not in my lab?”

He could see her in the corner, behind the shelves of spare parts. It was a weird place to be.

She was crying.

- - - -

Darcy falls apart, and Tony helps collect the pieces.

- - - -