and that today

Eugenia and Casper the fraudulent ghost both had the nerve to say that Dominique wasn’t as smart as she thought she was, but Eugenia the unemployed DJ didn’t know that Europe and America had different time zones and Casper who can’t thoroughly cook a meal said her GPA was dance. 

Then you have the Codiac killer and Dr. Finkelstein who think they are doing THAT, but they are about to be more SHOOK than all of us were when we found out Jillian got casted because Ramses will be evicted over Josh.

They spent all their time alienating themselves during Captian camo’s HOH and are doing it again. Rizzo the Rat is already turning against Trainwreck it Ralph and Eugenia and is setting them up to get blindsided alongside Mr. Victim Noise and Cynthia the doll come Thursday night. Like you have all the power in the house and can’t get out your target lmao

Donkey Kong had the audacity to say he had big lips today when you couldn’t even see that shit with NASA’s best telescope. Bitch how are you gonna say you have big lips when you don’t even have lips at all.

 LIPS? What lips

This season has gone downhill so quickly and it hasn’t been a full month yet. If BBCAN starts to air in America CBS is in trouble

Again, I wanna say thank you for bearing with me while I make a million posts of me rattling the proverbial cup asking for commissions.

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You should follow people whose content you want to see, and if you don’t wanna see this stuff, that’s completely reasonable and you should feel 0 guilt unfollowing.