and that this could be it

A reminder to maybe not throw things at Harry when he’s on stage performing or talking.. :-)

male wc characters who should have gotten a SE before crowfeather
  • redtail 
  • stonefur
  • reedwhisker
  • ashfur (if only for the chance to make his jump to murder a little more built up and/or find a better reason for him to go to starclan)
  • darktail
  • flametail 
  • kestrelflight
  • littlecloud
  • jake
  • juniperclaw or strikestone
  • stormcloud
  • sol
  • any of the dark forest trainees post-OOTS
  • hell even breezepelt
  • feel free to add your suggestions too 
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Part of me wishes I could destroy you,
Make you feel the way I do.
I’d carve myself into you like a tattoo
And I would ruin you.

But I couldn’t be as cruel as you,
Yours is a path I wouldn’t ever pursue.
All you’ve done you can’t simply undo
And I never want to be like you.

—  K.N.B.

Somewhere… deep in the weird blue/gold/green space that makes up the time stream…. a very cold, lost, mildly irritated, and extremely bored man is waiting for a certain team of writers to properly drop his ass back into existence. He wants to go home, to Central City, where he belongs. No halfsies, no take-backsies. No clones, memories, alternate selves, or ghosts. He has a deck of cards and doesn’t really understand how he’s still breathing. In the endless sea of time, he plays solitaire.