and that they have their best friend least for a while

Shitty Business

Jack Zimmermann, Eric Bittle, Shitty Knight

Jack and Bitty deal with the aftermath of the kegster, in their individual ways.

Jack pulled into a gas station a couple of miles from the Haus, but didn’t get out immediately when he stopped at the pump.  Instead, he groaned, leaning back in his seat and running his hands over his face wearily. It was bizarre to think that twenty minutes ago, he’d been in Bittle’s room, his arms full of sweet boy, and now…

Now he felt like six kinds of shit.

I don’t have a girlfriend.

It hadn’t been a lie, not really.  At least, not once he’d amended it.  He didn’t have a girlfriend.  What he had was an amazing boyfriend…that he couldn’t tell anyone about.

Maybe he should have told Shitty.  Told Mister “I’m gonna double major in gender issues because I’m a secret enlightened genius”.  But while he loved Shitty, absolutely, Shitty was easily his best friend, Shitty was also a fucking loud mouthed prick, especially when he was drunk.  Tonight had only been more evidence of that.  He meant well, but all Jack needed was for him to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, around the wrong people, and his whole future could be in the toilet, again.

So he’d always just…made the same appearances with Shitty that he had with everyone else–the team, the media, hell, himself half the time.  Let them believe in the projection when he went to Winter Screw with Camilla, when he said he didn’t have time for girls.  And since he hadn’t been looking for anything anyway, had no reason to think it’d be worth the risk, that had been easier than the truth.  Even the shit he took for it didn’t matter, the demands for “deets” that didn’t exist after every date, because it’s not like there was anything to hide, because he just…didn’t have anything going on.

Then Bittle happened. Bits, with his smile and support, his pies, his humor and sweetness, his…well, he was hot, too.  That didn’t hurt.  And he’d tried to avoid it, because he’d…been down that road, and it hadn’t ended well.  He still wasn’t completely rid of that mess, if that kegster last year was any indication.  But then it had, and it…didn’t hurt.  Not when they were together.  All the nights in his apartment–in bed, on his couch, watching Bitty move around his kitchen, looking so…right–were more than he’d…ever thought he’d have. Bitty–that small, skinny forward, who’d brought a pie to first skate and fainted if he thought he’d get hit–was so much more than Jack ever thought he’d have in a partner.

He could breathe with Bitty, easier than he ever remembered being able to before.  Bitty made everything that had been so hard was just…not, anymore.

And because of that, everything that had been easy was suddenly fucking impossible.  Because Shitty cornering him like that wasn’t new, he always pulled shit like that, and he’d back off eventually when Jack made it clear there wasn’t…anything to dig up.  But now there was, and that was Bitty, the boy who made everything easy, who’d looked like his world had crumpled when Jack said he wasn’t dating.

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17 Again: Young!James x Reader


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Warnings: Feels af

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“Sirius! Don’t mess with that!” James growls, tugging his broom from his best friends grasp and fixing the bristles dramatically.

 Sirius rolls his eyes at him, leaning back against the lockers of the Gryffindor changing room. “Would you bloody relax, mate? The scout is going to love you.” 

James ignores him, fiddling with his gloves a bit and frowning, eyebrows pulled together in concentration. 

“Since when have you wanted to be a professional quidditch player anyhow, Prongs?” Remus adds, standing up from his seat in the corner of the room. 

James looks up at both of them and stares for a moment, before letting out a wild huff of breath, “I don’t. Or, at least I don’t think I do. It just makes me nervous that he’s going to be watching me.” 

Sirius rolls his eyes, again, and crosses his arms over his chest, “Prongs, everyone watches you. Sort of the point of the game, you know.” 

Remus chuckles at this, and even James manages to crack a smile, “Oh sod off.”

 “C’mon, mate, just have fun like usual. You’ll do great.” Remus mutters, clapping James on the shoulder.

 “God, you two, so sappy. Just kick some fucking Ravenclaw ass.” Sirius says with a wicked grin as the head out of the room.

They laugh as the exit the room, the screams from the expectant crowd filling their ears as they make their way over to the pitch entrance.

 “Oh, look at that Prongs, there’s your number one fan.” Sirius says suddenly, nodding ahead of him. 

James follows his gaze to see Y/N leaning against the wall next to the entrance, staring down at her hands,clasping and unclasping them. James feels his nerves immediately calm upon seeing his girlfriend. She’s wearing a red Gryffindor quidditch shirt, a pair of jeans and one of James’ flannels is tied around her waist. Her y/h/c is straight today, cascading messily over her shoulders and peeking out from behind her ears no matter how many times she tucks the strand back. “I’ll see you two later, yeah?” James says, pushing past his friends and heading over to her.

“There’s my girl!” He calls, pulling her attention away from her hands. She squeaks slightly, standing up straight against the wall and hoping to Godric he can’t see the panic in her eyes. She offers him a small smile as he wraps his arms around her and scoops her up into the air, twirling her in a circle.

 “James!” She squeals as he puts her down. 

“Sorry, sorry, just happy to see you babe.” He mutters, kissing her forehead. She smiles softly, pulling away a bit to fix his robes and dust his shoulders off. 

“You nervous? She asks quietly, looking up at him. 

He sighs taking her face into his hands and brushing his thumbs across her cheeks, “Not anymore. It makes me feel better that you’re here. Just a lot riding on this match.” He mumbles, brushing her temple with his nose. 

“Yeah.” She responds quietly, leaning into him. He looks at her, pulling back. Usually, Y/N would be all over encouraging him.

 “Everything alright?” He asks, peering at her. 

She opens her mouth to respond, when a group of 6th year Gryffindors walk by, “Go get them Potter!”  They cheer, clapping James on the back. James thanks them, nodding and turning back to Y/N, an arm leaned up against the wall next to her.

 Y/N hands are no longer pressed to James’ chest, but around her stomach, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. “Hey, you okay? Not feeling well?” He asks, covering her hand on her stomach. She jumps slightly, a grimace on her face.

 “N-no. I’m fine. Just nervous for you.” She responds, cupping his cheek. He looks at her skeptically, but doesn’t push it, “Alright.”

 “Potter! Come on!” Madam Hooch cries, sticking her head out the entrance. 

“Coming, coming.” James says, rolling his eyes slightly as he leans down and presses his lips to Y/N’s. “I’ll see you after?” He asks, peering at her. She blinks at him, nodding meekly. Had her lips even moved against his? 

“Go get em, Potter.” She supplies with a shove to his shoulder. He laughs, and runs a hand through his hair before going off. He’s about to enter the pitch, when he turns around to give Y/N a last look and sees her, head leaned back against the wall, eyes closed and one arm tight around her stomach. 

“Potter!” Madam Hooch says, waiting for him to mount his broom so they can start a game. He ignores her, quickly making his way back over to Y/N. 

“What’s wrong?” He demands urgently, a hand cupping her cheek. Her eyes fly open and she looks at her, and he can sees the faint remnants of tears lingering in them. She bites her lip, looking back over at Madam Hooch and the stadium. “It’s fine James, go on, they need you.”

 He shakes his head, lowering it to press against her forehead, “You need me, Y/N. What’s going on?” She stares up at him, and sighs, blinking furiously as she begins to explain to him what’s been bothering her.

He feels his world start to spin, as he looks at her with shock, the blood draining from his face as he takes a stumbly step backwards, almost tripping. She says something, a guilt ridden frown on her face as she reaches out toward him. He swallows eyes focusing on her stomach as he lazily makes his way into the stadium, immediately being flagged down by Madam Hooch. He turns over his shoulder, as his broom lifts him up from the ground. Y/N enters the stadium, taking a seat on the front bench of the Gryffindor side and giving him an encouraging smile. The announcer is talking, and everyone is cheering wildly. James spots the scout, magically enchanted quill scribbling on the pad next to him as he dictates. James gazes around the usually vibrant stadium, and feels odd when everything suddenly seems dull. His eyes flash back to Y/N, who is talking to SIrius, like normal, but her hand is still pressed to her stomach. The games starts, and James hears someone scream his name as a quaffle is tosses his way. He catches it, off guard, stumbling slightly, his broom still in spot as his eyes turn back towards Y/N’s stomach.

His eyes connect with hers, and she knows she’s distracting him. She blinks, staring down at her stomach and over towards the teacher seats at the scout, before she stands up abruptly, ignoring Sirius who tries calling after her. 

“Potter! Go!” The captain yells, flying past him to avoid a bludger. James feels his heart break as he watches her descend the stairs, her y/h/c locks flying wildly as she exits the stadium. It’s enough, the image of her walking out of his life, to break his trance. He tosses the quaffle to the side, and steers the broom after her.

“Y/N!” James calls, maneuvering his broom through the narrow doorway and ducking his head. She turns on her heels, eyes wide as she sees him. 

“Wh-James! What on earth are you doing? Go back the scout-” He dismounts his broom, tossing it to the side and stepping to her, wrapping a strong arm around her waist.

 “The bloody scout can sod off.” He mumbles, pressing her against the wall behind her with ease, his arm hitting the wall and bracing her fall.

 “James- no you can’t, this- it’s your future, love.” She argues furiously, eyebrows furrowed. “No, you are my future, love. You and this baby. Alright?” James mutters, low and quick, forehead against hers. 

“I can’t let you do this, James. I won’t.” She mumbles, trying to squirm away from his grasp. He’s quicker than her, pressing his lips to hers and encasing her to her spot. His lips are soft against hers, but urgent, as a hand wanders up to her hair, pulling her closer from behind her neck. 

“I-” She begins when he pulls away, but he cuts her off again, pressing his lips back to hers.

 “We’re in this, together, alright?” He murmurs, kissing her nose. She looks at him, eyes wide and nods.

 “We’re having a baby.” She whispers, brushing a thumb across his jaw. 

“Looks like we are.” He chuckles, reaching down and pressing his glove covered hand to her stomach.


Within me lives an arrogant voice that has tattoos of my success. It tells me I’m the best and winning is all I need. As I start to believe it, my vulnerable voice whispers in doubt, “What if you have all this success but no friends or family by your side to celebrate with.” My arrogant side argues back aggressively. All the while I’m listening to them fight and feel so very lonely. At least they have each other to fight with. I wish I had someone next to me. I ignore the fears of my vulnerable voice and turn away from the ego of my cocky voice. Forget both of you because I want someone as sexy as me to make me forget my responsibilities. I want to forget I hear your voices. I am powerful and confident until my goofy voice enters my mind and I remember that I’m wearing spanx and haven’t shaved my legs for weeks. Oops. That’s okay though because as my silly voice says, nothing in the world can be taken so seriously. It was right until my conscious entered the picture. My socially aware voice sneers at me for ever thinking the problems of the world aren’t serious. People are dying and you’re doing nothing to help them. All I need is success though. What if I’m lonely? I’m craving love. But maybe I shouldn’t care…

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Non-Massacre & Non-Akatsuki

It’s just a normal day, at least, during the exams. Most teens are stressing while others are making new friends and living the dream. But, at a local ramen shop, there are two boys, arguing about /who/ is the best, and /who/ should be Captain.
“Damn it, teme! You are just all looks and /no/ heart. I have heart, believe that!”
Sasuke grumbles and groans, “Let’s just wait to see what Kakashi-sensei says then.” Then, Naruto and Sasuke go back to glaring at each other.

Meanwhile, a certain pink haired girl is walking down the street with a certain Uchiha, who’s name is Obito.
“So~! I was thinking, Obito-kun, after I’m done with all of the exams, you treat me to some dangos.” Sakura smiles up at Obito. She is /one/ of the few girls that is not obsessing over Sasuke, but is crushing over his cousin, Obito. He is on the ANBU with his cousins Itachi and Shisui.
Even since his childhood love passed away, Obito glued his eyes on Sakura when she first came over to hang out with Sasuke with Naruto while he was over, speaking with his uncle.


You and Stiles were currently taking full advantage of the fact that Sheriff Stilinski being at work. 

You were in his room, more specifically in his bed, and things were getting a bit heated. 

Which resulted in you and him being shirtless.

You moaned softly while Stiles kissed and sucked your neck as he ran his hand up your back to undo your bra.

‘Hey Stiles I need your ad- AH!’

You and Stiles turn and see Scott standing at the door, wide eyed and clearly freaked out.

‘Oh my God.’ you groaned as you hid your beet red face in Stiles’ shoulder.

‘Dude, with all those damn advanced ass werewolf senses you would have smelled or at least heard what was going on.’ Stiles groaned as he glared at his idiot best friend.

Scott didn’t say anything, just closed the door.

‘Now where were we?’ Stiles smiled.

‘No Stiles.’ you dead panned as you sat up and put your shirt on.

‘Dammit Scott!’ Stiles yelled in frustration as he sat up and put his shirt on.

‘Sorry Bro!’ Scott yelled from downstairs.

‘Get out!’ you and Stiles yelled.

The sun was warm on your back as you waited for Michael to meet you. It’d been a while since you’d laid eyes on your best friend between the tour and your busy life. But you always tried to meet him at least once a month if not only to grab a coffee and see how his daughter was. You and Michael had drifted a little when he’d started dating Ava’s mother, she hadn’t liked you much and vice versa. So you bowed out and threw yourself into your work while you tried to act like you didn’t miss your best friend. Once Ava had been born, they’d split and Michael had essentially taken on both parental roles since his now ex was a train wreck.

“So what does a guy have to do to get his second favourite girl to meet him more often?” a voice said from behind you.

You laughed and pointed to the drinks you’d already fetched from the kiosk.

“Usually if bring flowers and chocolates, I’ll meet you any day,” you replied with a grin.

Michael kissed your cheek and Ava knelt on the bench to do the same. He sat on the other side of the picnic table. Ava beamed at you as she put her teddy on the table, you had given it to her when she had been born and she never forgot to bring Ted.

“Daddy can bring them next time,” Ava decided before she noticed other children. “Can I go play so you can talk like boring adults?”

Michael kissed the top of his daughter’s head and let her run to the playground a few metres away. You watched as Ava scaled to the top of the slide.

“She’s a credit to you, Mike. A very sassy for almost five.”

He looked back at you and smiled. “Thanks. She was really excited about coming to see you. Apparently you let her have strawberry and chocolate ice cream. I swear you were the one that taught her to say ‘you call it junk food, I call it delicious’.”

“I have you get one over on the boys somewhere,” you remarked. “They’re with her on the tours, I’ve got to spoil her when I finally get a chance.”

Michael looked back at Ava. “She likes spending time with you, you know that, right? I do too, it’s just impossible sometimes…”

He trailed off and called after Ava to be careful as she tried to tackle the fireman’s pole. His eyes didn’t leave his daughter as the smirk appeared on his lips.

“You’ll never guess what she said in the car,” Michael began.

You wrapped your hands around the takeaway hot chocolate and watched as Ava started to talk to a girl about her age. She looked so much like Michael there was hardly any of her mother in her. You wondered how her mother could have walked away from such a bright, loving girl but then you didn’t know how she’d walked away from Michael either.

“Ava thinks we’re in love like the princes and princesses in her Disney films.”

You laughed and looked at Michael like it was crazy. It was. Michael was your best friend, he wasn’t supposed to be anything romantic.

“Your daughter has a vivid imagination, Mikey.”

“Yeah, crazy right?” he mumbled.

You looked back at Ava and completely missed the longing look on Michael’s face.

He didn’t think it was impossible, but clearly you did.

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I Felt Bad For You pt.1 (c.h.)

a/n: all I ever write are Calum smuts but guess how much I mind? Not one bit. This one turns from a bet to sex then back to the bet and yeaahhhh.

“Calum, dude… All we’re saying is just ask her out and we’ll give you 50 bucks if the date goes well,” Ashton says to his best friend Calum while their other friends, Michael and Luke, nod along.

These four were the top of their class in terms of popularity. Everyone in this four-year high school knew these four senior, bad-ass boys. They were known for getting into trouble, throwing the best parties, and getting into more trouble.

Calum being the least troublesome of them all; he didn’t like reeking havoc. However having Ashton, Luke, and Michael as his three best friends did not make things easy on him.

“Just ask, Y/N out and pretend to like her… She doesn’t have to know why you asked her out… Just make sure she says yes,” Michael shrugs, taking the coffee from the teachers lounge that they snuck into and putting Viagra in it.

Calum snatches the coffee from Michael’s hand, pouring it down the drain in the sink. “Guys… That’s messed up… Why would I do that to anyone? Why would I do that to Y/N who hasn’t done anything wrong to anyone ever?”

“Because the curves on that innocent little girl are friggin’ crazy dude… You know you want to tap that,” Luke intervenes.

Calum had always noticed that curves that Y/N attempted to cover up. To most people she was just a quiet, shy girl. But to Calum, Y/N was mysterious and interesting… He didn’t like her but he did want to figure her out.

“Fine… Fine, I guess I’ll do it,” Calum sighs. “Not for the money but just because you’re right… I do want to fuck her right like she deserves.”



“Hell yeah!”

All the boys shout and pat Calum on the back. Calum walks out of the teacher’s lounge to scout out Y/N, the boys standing idly behind him.

“Hey, Y/N,” Calum begins when finding her. “I know this is forward but I just wanted to know if maybe you’d want to go on a date with me tonight?”

“Wow, um… Th-That was–”

“Abrupt, I know. I’m sorry, you deserve better than that…” Calum chuckles, throwing his hand on top of his head, running his fingers through his hair.

Y/N giggles before shutting her locker and completely turning around to face Calum. Y/N had never been open to flirting with boys, she was never good at it. She wasn’t an outcast or “invisible,” she had friends, she just had no desire for high school things. Boys, nor girls, never caught her eye, parties didn’t appeal to her, all she worried about was getting good grades so she could get out of her run-of-the-mill town.

Now just because the boys never appealed to her, doesn’t mean they didn’t try to. Y/N had been approached by enough guys, whether drunk or just down-right douche, to know when they’re full of shit.

Y/N licks her lips, eyeing Calum up and down. They’re not nearly on the same social status level but Y/N didn’t care, stepping out of her comfort zone was something she had to do at times… This was one of those times.

“Look, Calum, I’m sure you mean well but there’s nothing I could want less than to go on a date with you,” Y/N fake smiles before walking away to her next class.

When she gets to her seat she lets out a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding. Now to get back into her regular personality.

Y/N takes out her notebook, following all the instructions on the board that explains to the class what they’re supposed to do while their teacher is out. The old substitute is sitting behind the teacher’s desk with his head down, either sleeping or dead.

Out of nowhere, the intercom comes on, announcing, “Excuse the interruption, will Y/N Y/L/N please come down to the front office with all her stuff? She’s going home.”

Y/N rolls her eyes, her parents should know by now to never take her out her school, missing classes means more make-up work… No one likes make-up work.

Y/N walks out of class and goes to her locker, grabbing all her belongings before strolling down to the front office. When she walks in she finds neither her mom or dad but none other than Calum with his feet up on the assistant principal’s desk, finger unclicking the intercom, smirking at Y/N.

“Oh my goodness, what the fuck, Calum?” Y/N sighs, smacking her hands down on her thighs. She begins wondering how he even pulled this off but eventually convinces herself that it’s better she not know.

“I told you that I want to go on a date with you… Now, I have the boys waiting back in the principal’s office with school lunch for the both of us or you could agree to coming out with me tonight, for a real date,” Calum presents, twirling a pen between his fingers.

“And what’s to say I will turn down both of those instances in turn for walking out of this office?”

“Oh, honey, if you wanted to leave, you would’ve already,” Calum smirks, getting up from the seat and walking over to Y/N. Much like Y/N, Calum wasn’t naturally like this, he had no reason to be, girls practically threw themselves at him, however Calum still knew when he had to turn on his “bad-boy” persona.

Y/N doesn’t say anything for awhile, thinking of what could possibly be the correct thing to say at a time like this. “Fine. Fine… I guess we can go on a date,” Y/N reluctantly reasons.

Calum chuckles at the slight deja vu, those words he said earlier when agreeing to this horrible idea. What the boys, omitting Calum, fail to see is that after this “wonderful” date, Y/N will still want to talk to Calum and hang out and date and kiss and do everything with Calum. But after this date, the bet is over… Calum has nothing more to do with Y/N. Not that he’s opposed.

“Great. Then I’ll pick you up at your house at six,” Calum smiles while immediately a cough sounds from behind him. “Actually…” Calum starts, rolling his eyes, “we’ll just ride home together and go to the restaurant at six… If that’s okay with you?”

“I mean none of this is truly okay with me, but yeah, that sounds fine. See you later, Cal pal,” Y/N states, walking out of the office and back to class.

“I think, we should go and get you some clothes that… Show you off, hm?” Calum pushes, his hand finding your knee as you sit in the passenger seat of his black 2013 Dodge Dart.

“So you’re saying what I would usually wear isn’t good enough?”

“That, babygirl, is exactly what I’m saying,” Calum laughs and Y/N along with him. She didn’t take offence because she knows what she wears isn’t of this day and age. It’s not that Y/N didn’t want to look “sexy and chic” it’s that she didn’t want that to be the only thing people noticed about her.

Y/N’s heart did flutter at the Calum calling her baby girl though, not so much because it was him that said it, but just because pet names were always something that made her feel good.

“Well then where are we going to go?”

“Wherever you want to go, baby,” Calum smirks as if he knew that words like that were the key to Y/N’s heart.

“How about Nordstrom?” Y/N jokes. She doesn’t expect anyone to spend money at a store that sells t-shirts for no less that $25 on a first date… However…

“Gotcha… Let’s go,” Calum smiles, turning left out of the student parking lot following the route to the mall.

“Woah, Calum! I was just kidding… We can just go to Macy’s or something,” Y/N laughs.

“Why? I can get you something from Nordstrom, no big deal… You’re worth it,” Calum grins, rubbing his hand up and down Y/N’s thigh. Y/N tries to keep in her moans but one slips out. Calum pretends like he didn’t hear anything but a small smirk appears on his lips, he stills his hand, keeping it on her knee.

Calum gives his car to the valet, which Y/N believes is useless to even have at a store connected to a mall, but she doesn’t say anything and they both walk into the store.

“We’re going somewhere fancy so I’m going to be wearing a tux. Find like three sexy, classy dresses and we’ll go to the dressing room and see how they look on you,” Calum squeezes Y/N’s hand before sending her off.

Y/N didn’t even know a guy like Calum owned a tuxedo, let alone had money like this. Luke, Cal, Michael, and Ash weren’t known for being rich, just popular, but Y/N begins to realize that most of the time, those two things are one in the same.

Y/N finds three dresses, one red, the other blue, and the other pure white. (pictures of dresses at the end b/c why not?)

She finds Calum and they walk over to the dressing rooms, the worker stops Calum from going in with Y/N since it’s the women’s changing room, but as soon as he isn’t looking, she grabs Calum and pulls him in with her.

Calum smirks at Y/N for being so daring but as soon as she begins undressing, his smirks falls into his lips breaking apart, his jaw basically hitting the floor. Calum whistles under his breath, he was not expecting Y/N to look nearly as good as she does. He knew she had curves but he didn’t know how sexy she truly was until she was standing in front of him, clad in all white lingerie.

“Y/N… Did you wake up expecting to get some tonight?” Calum jokes, trying to hide his surprise.

“No… And I still don’t expect to get some tonight,” Y/N laughs, shaking her head. “I just buy this stuff to convince myself that I can be sexy… It doesn’t usually work,” Y/N mumbles.

“Y/N, what in the actual fuck are you talking about? I mean I wouldn’t usually say this on a first date but it seems we’re moving fast enough,” Calum laughs as well as Y/N, “you are gorgeous and sexy and so damn fuckable. Your lingerie may not work for you but it sure as hell works for me.”

Y/N smiles shyly, “Well thank you, Calum.”

Y/N can’t believe that Calum said that to her of all people, Calum also can’t believe it. What Calum mostly doesn’t understand about what he just said is how much he actually meant it.

“Well then… Let’s get you into these dresses, shall we?” Calum asks like a gentleman, helping Y/N into the first dress. He begins to zip her up, his fingers brushing her skin causing movie-like sparks to erupt and goosebumps to form on Y/N’s skin. Calum pulls his hand back before he can finish zipping the dress up. He says nothing but stares at Y/N’s back until she turns around and faces him, neither of them can acknowledge what just happened before Calum smacks his lips onto Y/N’s.

Calum’s hands reach up and cup Y/N’s cheeks, bringing her lips even closer to his, if it were at all possible. His lips move with hers, sparks igniting from every angle. One of Calum’s hands reach back and tug the unzippered dress down from Y/N’s body. Calum hungrily attacks Y/N’s exposed neck, she moans as her arms rest on Calum’s shoulders, her fingers lacing into his hair.

Calum brings his soft, plump lips back up to Y/N’s, biting down on her bottom lip, tugging on it, making Y/N all but drown in a pool of pleasure. She jumps, wrapping her exposed legs around Calum’s torso. Calum brings his hands down to her ass, keeping her wrapped around him before spinning around, slamming Y/N’s already sweaty body against the changing room door. Calum’s hands squeeze Y/N’s ass, he always was a sucker for a nice ass.

His lips once again travel down to Y/N’s neck, biting down on the exposed skin. “Calum… Fuck…” Y/N whimpers loudly.

“Baby girl you’re gonna have to keep it down… I don’t want anyone but me hearing those noises right now. Once we get back home you can scream all you want,” Calum says possessively before returning to what he was doing before.

Y/N bites her tongue, more silent whimpers falling from her lips because of how good Calum was making her feel. Just the fact that they were making out in a public place was enough to make Y/N orgasm, it had always been a fantasy of hers to have sex somewhere where she had the potential to get caught.

“Baby… Baby… We have to stop,” Calum forces himself to say, bringing Y/N’s legs back down to earth. “I know that you are so fucking wet right now and believe me that is sexy but when I fuck you, I want it to be where we have no restrictions, no one to stop us.”

Y/N pouts, sticking out her bottom lip.

“Oh stop before I just take you right here,” Calum remarks and Y/N pouts even more. “Right… That’s what you want,” Calum laughs, “well then stop before I cancel sex for us all together.”

Y/N laughs and stops pouting.

“Yeah that’s what I thought,” Calum chuckles before returning to the little chair in the corner of the dressing room. Y/N discretely kicks the dress towards him before walking over and bending down to pick it up, her ass right in front of Calum’s lap. Calum groans out his sexual frustration before giving a slap to her ass. “Later, Y/N… Trust me, I want this just as bad as you do,” Calum says, motioning down to his semi-hard.

Y/N giggles before slipping back on the first dress and zipping it up herself.


HEY! IF YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE THE GIRLS IN THESE PICTURES DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT YOURSELF OR EVEN THINK YOU’RE ANY LESS BEAUTIFUL THAN THEY ARE, YOU’RE PROBABLY EVEN PRETTIER. You do not have to look like every typical American model that has ever existed in order to be gorgeous. I speak for 5 seconds of summer and the 5sosfam when I say you are perfect the way you are and we love you for being the way you are.

pt. 2

Another bizarrely unposted sprite, say hello to Roxrezisprite!  Made for my good friend @roxrezi a while back, I honestly consider this a crowning achievement in the realm of combining human and troll characters in sprite form, at least for myself.

She’d have a boisterous personality and bizarre sense of humor, but at the end of the day would be relatively harmless, despite the lengths she’d take her jokes.  Made from two incredibly brilliant girls, she’s possibly one of the best sprites anyone could ask for.  Just… maybe keep her away from John.  Her intense mixture of red and black feelings for him would keep her busy and him confused for quite some time.

being best friends with teenage!michael would include:

-lying in bed, sharing headphones, while listening to each other’s favourite songs
-having songs that you won’t listen to unless you’re with each other
-making playlists and sending them to each other and getting mad if the other didn’t listen within .2 seconds
-having about 2758.89 inside jokes
-sitting at the back of the classroom and judging people together
-scolding him whenever he’d make fun of luke even though they were now friends
-making inappropriate jokes and comments during class
-getting sent out of class because of them
-having him spam your phone with selfies when you weren’t looking
-slaying him at every video game he thought he was good at
-”i let you win”
-having heated arguments about whether vegemite would actually taste good on pizza
-sleeping over at each other’s houses at least once a week
-facetiming and/or skyping at least three times a week
-calling each other every other night
-getting yelled at by your parents for staying up late just to talk to him
-fake gagging when people thought you two were dating
-being so attached to each other and not leaving each other’s sides
-getting jealous if one of you made a new friend and being scared that they’d take you away from each other
-full on clingy!michael

TITLE: Asgardian and Pregnant


AUTHOR: the-stuttering-kiwi


Imagine growing up with Loki and Thor and being best friends with both, but having just a slightly better relationship with Loki, and also a secret attraction to him. Later on, Thor takes a wife and the throne of Asgard. However, that doesn’t get Odin or Frigga off Loki’s back about also taking a wife. There isn’t a day that goes by that Loki doesn’t complain to you about how much pressure that is being put on him. One day, you half-jokingly suggest that you two should be in a “relationship” just to appease Odin and Frigga, at least for a little while

RATING: General for now


“I can’t stand them anymore!” Loki lamented throwing himself on Eliza’s bed, where she lay on her stomach reading.

“Odin and Frigga?” She asked, but she already knew the answer.

“You would think, that after Thor’s lavish wedding and then the coronation, they would be off my back for at least a little while. But no, they just keep hounding me.”

“They are your parents.”

“Your parents don’t badger you about getting married?”

“My parents don’t exactly care.”

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No, but, imagine Angie becoming a SHIELD agent.  Imagine Angie Martinelli still being a SHIELD agent in the present day mcu, but in secret.  Imagine Angie Martinelli posing as an older secretary who works a behind the desk job, while in reality being much higher up than that.  Imagine Angie Martinelli visiting Fury in the hospital and telling him off for letting it come to this.  Imagine Angie visiting Peggy at least three times a week and telling her what’s going on at SHIELD when she’s not having a memory lapse day.  Imagine Angie Martinelli helping Coulson rebuild SHIELD from the sidelines, giving him a name of an old contact here, the name of a likely recruit there.  Imagine Angie and Peggy still being involved with SHIELD and the Avengers.  Imagine Angie wheeling Peggy into Avengers Tower to visit with Steve and Tony and everyone.  Just imagine how much respect those guys would have for former Director Carter and her best friend.  Imagine Angie telling stories about SHIELD back in the day.  Imagine one of the Avengers asking is there was a Mr. Martinelli anywhere and pointing at her wedding ring.  Imagine Angie laughing and saying “Nah, no Mr. but if I’d had my way there would have been a Mrs.” and looking pointedly at Peggy, who just smiles and twists her matching ring.  Imagine Steve being surprised for all of two seconds before saying that he’s glad that Peggy found such an amazing woman to spend her life with, and Peggy getting a little flustered.  Just imagine present day Cartinelli still be awesome and amazing.  

Just imagine


Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re Dean’s best friend, and when Dean brings home his new girlfriend, she really hasn’t taken a liking to you.

Warnings: Cursing, brief fight scene.

Requested by me~! I had this random idea and decided to roll with it!

A/N: If your name is Victoria, you might want to change the other girl’s name.

Originally posted by sweetpea9873

“Dean’s doing what?!”, you exclaim, lifting up your arms in shock.

“He’s bringing a girl back to the bunker”, Sam repeats, chuckling at your reaction. You just gape at him, mouth open and all. “I know, I know. It’s a surprise to me too.”

Never once in the five years you’ve hunted with the Winchesters have you seen the infamous Dean Winchester bring home a girl. Ever.

“Her name’s Victoria and her parents were hunters. She quit a while ago though”, Sam explains. 

Well at least she wouldn’t be as freaked out by the weapons everywhere. 

“Are you going to be okay, Y/N?” Sam asks, putting a soft hand on your shoulder. Of course, Sam found out your feelings for Dean a while ago and encouraged you to tell him. But, Dean’s your best friend and you couldn’t risk losing that. And besides, the girls he chose were tall, skinny, and beautiful and loved clothes and nails while you dressed comfortably and loved shooting and hunting. 

“Yeah, Sam. I’ll be okay.”

The next few hours pass quickly and you hear the bunker door open. 

“Guys, we’re here”, Dean’s gruff voice calls out, making you shiver.

Soon they make their way into the kitchen, practically glued together. Victoria is gorgeous, you have to say. She has long, curled blonde hair, a light complexion, and long legs. She’s wearing a dark blue dress and her makeup is done to perfection. Subconsciously, you look down at yourself- A band t-shirt of Dean’s, loose jeans, torn up combat boots. You also remembered you didn’t wear makeup unless it was a very special occasion, and your hair was put up in a high messy ponytail. You frown briefly before plastering on a fake smile.

“This is Victoria. Victoria, this is my brother, Sam, and this is my best friend, Y/N”, Dean gestures, grinning widely. 

“Nice to meet you, Victoria”, Sam gives a friendly smile before going back to work. 

“Ditto”, you smile too. But, she just glares at you, blue eyes in slits. Great first impression, I guess.

Breaking the silence, Dean decides that everyone should watch a movie, which you all agree to. You sit next to Sam and Dean and Victoria sits on Dean’s other side, snuggled against his chest. Waves of jealous flowed through you, but you pushed them away for now. 

As the beginning credits begin to roll, you almost squeal in excitement as you see the title of your favorite movie pop up on screen.

Before you can express your excitement, Victoria pops in. “Ew, I hate this movie”, she spits out, making a face.

Dean flinches, because not only is it your favorite movie, its one of his too. 

Dean clears his throat. “Um, yeah, I do too. Bad choice I guess.”

You and Sam frown instantly. Dean, being the most cocky son of a bitch you know, just gave into a girl’s demand.

You roll your eyes before leaning back and relaxing, trying to ignore the obvious kissing sounds next to you. 

Before you know it, you’re out cold, and so is Sam next to you. The ending credits are rolling, but not that any of you noticed. Finally, Dean broke away from Victoria and took notice of the ending movie. 

“Oh, it’s over already”, Dean sheepishly smiles, before taking a look at you. You’re curled into the couch comfortably, making sure to avoid Sam’s long limbs, which are spread out everywhere. Dean’s expression visibly softens as he sees you stir in your sleep. 

“I’m going to the lady’s room, babe”, Victoria breaks the fond moment, standing up. 

Dean only grunts in reply, looking at you again. This time, he notices you shiver in your sleep. Deciding the couch wasn’t the most comfortable place to sleep, he gently scooped you up in his arms and carried you to your bedroom. Softly, so he wouldn’t wake you, he places you on your bed, tucking you in the covers. He takes a minute more to admire how peaceful and at ease you look. 

Suddenly, Dean feels emotions he hasn’t in a very long time. He hadn’t noticed it until now, but he had always liked you more than a friend. He admired your bravery, your humor, your immense loyalty. And when you almost died on a hunt a few years ago, he felt so broken, so hurt. 

Shit. He’d fallen in love with you and didn’t even know it. 

Fighting his emotions, he forced himself to walk out of your room, only to be face to face with a fuming Victoria. 

“What the fuck were you doing in there Dean?”, she snaps, tapping her foot obnoxiously. 

“I was putting my friend to sleep”, Dean says simply, even though its not true. 

“You know what I think Dean?” Victoria moves closer. “I think you’re a lying sack of shit”, she spats out, and drawing her hand back, slapping Dean hard on the face. 

You had heard the arguing instantly and stood by the door to listen in. And once you heard the hurtful words Victoria had said and the slap that echoed through the halls, you lost it. You harshly opened your door and strode over to Victoria, right past Dean. 

“You bitch!” you yell, bringing your fist back and landing it swiftly and powerfully on her nose, making an audible snap. She stumbles back, but not before landing a weaker blow on your jaw. Infuriated now, you tackle her to the ground and begin landing blows over her “flawless face”. 

“You listen to me, honey. If you ever, and I mean ever, hurt Dean again, my knife will be quite acquainted to your back, you hear?”, you threaten as a groggy Sam pulls you off of her. She only nods, and scrambles to her feet to leave. 

Adrenaline flows through your veins, but you soon relax against Sam’s arms, and he lets you go. 

You look over at Dean, who is holding his bruised cheek and open mouth gaping at what just happened. 

“Oh crap, let me get you some ice”, you softly mutter as you notice the obvious black and blue adorning his face. He lets you go, but not before giving Sam a shocked look. Once you return with the ice, Sam’s gone and Dean’s sitting on your bed. 

You sit next to him, lightly pressing the ice to his wound. He sighs in relief briefly.

“Are you okay sweetheart?”, Dean asks, rubbing your slightly cut knuckles. 

“Yeah, no big deal”, you mumble, shrugging your shoulders. “I’m sorry for beating up your girlfriend.”

He slightly chuckles. “You did give her quite the shiner huh?” You laugh as well. “But…”, Dean says a little quieter. “Why’d you do it? She didn’t hit me that hard.”

You let out a sigh. “I don’t know. She just said some pretty awful things to you and she didn’t have to hit you.”

Dean’s eyes soften as you continue. “No one should ever have the right to treat you like that, Dean”, you say softly.

“Thank you, Y/N, really. I’m sorry she treated you so poorly. I guess I’m not good enough of a friend to stand up for you. I’m so sorry”, Dean whispers the last part, looking deep in your eyes. “And the truth is”, Dean holds your hands in his much larger ones. “I’ll never love her as much as I love you. I love you so much sweetheart”, Dean smiles, liking the way the words flowed out of his mouth. It’s been years since he’s told anyone that. 

Hope rises in your stomach. “I love you too Dean, as a friend I guess-”

Dean cuts you off. “Darling, I love you a hell of a lot more than as a friend.” You can’t help but smile widely, eyes gleaming.

Dean smiles too, eyes crinkled as he pulls you close to him.

He lightly presses his slightly chapped lips to yours in a sweet chaste kiss. You’ve kissed a few people, but none have ever felt like this before. 

Dean softly presses his forehead against yours. “You’re so perfect”, he whispers, still smiling.

With a huge grin on your face, you mutter the phrase Victoria especially hated the most. 


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These two are my best friends. Cora Kirkland (14) and Dakota Kozak (15) left Farmington High School in Farmington, Michigan Monday morning around 10:30 during our lunch period. Around 1 the same day they left our friends house after being told to go back to school and Cora cussed him out. They supposedly were last seen on Gratiot and 22 ½ mile. It is unlike Cora to actually leave like this. I was searching all day yesterday looking for her.

While she was at our friends house she died her hair a darker color and apparently a conversation was overheard about them going to Chesterfield, MI where Dakota has friends.

I know most of you will probably just scroll past this but if this at least gets to everyone in Michigan that has a tumblr I would be happy with just that. Please everyone is worried sick about these two.

If you have seen them please call the Farmington Hills police department in Michigan at (248)-871-2600

Please guys I’m begging you. I miss these two dearly I am very worried about my bestfriends. They really need to come home!


goodbye beautiful people

hello my followers, mutuals, friends and everybody else who has stumbled upon this post in my absence.

i want to start off by saying that while this decision hasn’t been an easy one to make, it has been coming for a long time now, even though i haven’t mentioned this to anyone before, not even to my closest friend (you know who you are and i’m sorry bby). but i feel that i owe you guys an explanation, at least to those who will actually care that i’m doing this, so here we go.

i’ve decided to leave tumblr. there are so many reasons why i’ve come to this decision, things that have been slowly pilling up for a while now, but i’m gonna try to tell you all as briefly as possible.

i’ve joined tumblr on april 4th 2015, so a little bit over a year now, and those first few months, up until like december or january, have been some of the best months of my life. i’ve met so many amazing and wonderful people, i’ve made a few friends here and there (i think) and i’ve just had a lot of fun generally speaking.

but lately, tumblr hasn’t been fun for me anymore, and it has consumed so much of my life on a daily basis to the point where it’s no longer healthy for me. it had become such a distraction for me, not necessarily from my academics, but from other things in my life, things i’ve missed out on.

also, and this i’ve talked about once or twice before, i haven’t exactly been pleased with my blog and my general activity on tumblr this past few months. when i first joined tumblr, i had different ideas as to what my blog might turn out to be in the future, but none of them match what has become of my blog now. for me, it has almost become a chore, something to stress about, not something i enjoy “taking care of”, so to say.

lastly, i feel like i’m very detached from the community. i am here, but at the same time, i’m not here. does that make any sense? i haven’t actually interacted with people that much, i haven’t been active in the few networks i’m actually in, and i just haven’t been here. on top of that, i’ve been problematic on several occasions and for that i can’t apologize enough.

so yeah, that’s what i wanted to say, i think. i want to take this time off tumblr and to use it for other things, especially now that summer has officially stared. i want to make a dent in my tbr pile. i want to catch up on tv shows and maybe start something new. i want to focus more on my writing and to finally start that novel-style fic i’ve had in mind for the longest time. maybe they seem like such trivial things, but these are just some things i haven’t been doing lately because tumblr has been eating away my time.

is this goodbye forever? i don’t think so. i’ll eventually come back, whether it’ll be in a month, at the end of the summer, or in 2017. i think that, after a while, i’ll eventually start to miss it.

however, it’s a goodbye forever for this particular blog. whenever i do decide i want to return, i’ll do that on a different blog. i think i need that fresh start and to distance myself from this blog. i won’t make an official announcement when i come back and what my new blog will be, but i will be messaging the people that have been close to me here to let them now where they can find me again and ask them to keep it to themselves. i need the distance from this blog.

i just want to thank everybody for being beautiful and amazing people, for listening to my endless rants, for supporting me, for befriending me, for taking your chance on this awkward girl who barely opens up to people, for helping me grow more as a person this past year. you all mean the world to me, whether we ever talked or not, and i love you all so very much. i’ll never forget you. i hope you don’t forget about me.

if you want to keep in touch with me, my ask box is still open and will remain open for little while, and here’s where else you can find me:

snapchat: i’ll give it to you if we’re mutuals (it’s my personal one so)

so, i guess that’s it. until next time, keep being awesome!

all my love,
clara // embercrown

Hello everyone!

So let me just say… yesterday was one of the worst days I have had in a long time. Basically my college drawing teacher said that I don’t belong in my current drawing class because of my lack of drawing skill (at least for the class’s level) and she basically told me that I have no sense of composition or meaning in my work… Having a teacher tell you that you basically have no chance of making it in the class that you are trying REALLY hard in SUCKS… Especially when art is my LIFE.

SO WITH THAT SAID I’m feeling better today but got home yesterday and took out my sadness and anger with this piece. Corazon and Law really reminded me of how I feel… and I wanted to draw Cora-san protecting Law because I was like Law yesterday, I lost hope there for a while. SO really this piece was super therapeutic, my best friend came over and helped talk me through my issues, and now I’m back to normal. I hope YOU all like my art and I want to send a heartfelt thank you to Eichiro Oda… One Piece has helped me so much in life… Thanks everyone for helping me remember that art is my passion even when someone says I’ll fail.

By the way today’s chapter was amazing and touching with Cora-san and Law… nearly made me cry.

Three Tries, Five Words

I can’t begin to return the favor that @john-laurens and @ciceroprofacto have done, but hope this makes a small dent in my debt to their scholarship.

The first time could have been an accident. In the small, crowded room they shared that week with Meade and Tilghman, Hamilton hardly had enough space to turn around, let alone find a private corner. Given the situation, he must have thought that facing his best friend and bedfellow while undressing the most modest option. But it wasn’t strictly necessary to remove his shirt in order to take off his breeches, then nakedly stretch and shimmy like a horse relieved of its saddle, before Laurens had time to politely close his eyes or turn his face away. Nor was Hamilton’s amusement necessary when he caught the direction of Laurens’ gaze. And least necessary of all, Hamilton put his shirt back on before climbing into bed. Laurens blew out the candle and rolled back to back, grateful for the position and darkness that concealed his enjoyment of an image he thought he had not been meant to see.

Now, he wonders, “Why did Hamilton take the shirt off in the first place?”

The second time he chalked up to drunkenness. The lads had invested in a barrel of beer and drank it over the course of one endless night that a few of them didn’t even remember. Not too far into the binge, Hamilton and Meade almost simultaneously threw down their cards and announced they had to take a piss. As if by the power of suggestion, Laurens realized a minute after the door closed behind them that he also needed to relieve himself. Outside, he heard Meade laughing uproariously and in the gibbous moonlight saw Hamilton stumble as Meade smacked his shoulder.

“That’s piss in the snow, not an H!”

Laurens approached from behind and saw the word "HOWE” scrawled in neat yellow script in the snow on Meade’s side. On Hamilton’s side, he saw a squiggly line.

“John! Meade says I can’t write an H, which, of course is ridiculous because…” he teetered so hard to one side that Laurens rushed to prop him up. He put both hands on Laurens’ shoulders, looked resolutely into his eyes and said, as he lowered one arm, “You write with a better hand than I.”

He placed his cock in Laurens’ hand. Laurens did not draw it away fast enough to escape Meade’s raised eyebrow.

Now, he remembers that the next day, they groggily wrote Washington’s letters. The sound of the quill scratching the paper mocked their hangovers. Hamilton returned with a fresh sheaf of paper, looked over his shoulder and winked, “You write with a very fine hand.”

The third time seemed natural. They lodged in a farmhouse and all fancied the pretty oldest daughter. But the army had been marching for days and even the aides de camp smelled like soldiers. She had hauled out a large washtub and personally boiled enough water to fill it. Laurens found this out when he walked in on Hamilton, sprawled so that his legs and arms fell out of the basin. He didn’t flinch when Laurens saw him.

“Ah, my dear Laurens! It is most unfortunate that this tub lacks room for more than one filthy revolutionary,” he said, spreading his legs even further, as if to make more room for his friend.

All Laurens saw was the flesh between Hamilton’s legs floating heavily and freely in the water.

Now, he realizes that last part is all he vividly remembers of the whole event.

Laurens reads the passage in Hamilton’s letter for the fifth time:

“In drawing my picture, you will no doubt be civil to your friend; mind you do justice to the length of my nose and don’t forget, that I never spared you of pictures.”

And finally understands what Hamilton has been trying to tell him. He dips his quill in the ink, and writes passionately.

TITLE: Asgardian and Pregnant


AUTHOR: The-stuttering-kiwi


Imagine growing up with Loki and Thor and being best friends with both, but having just a slightly better relationship with Loki, and also a secret attraction to him. Later on, Thor takes a wife and the throne of Asgard. However, that doesn’t get Odin or Frigga off Loki’s back about also taking a wife. There isn’t a day that goes by that Loki doesn’t complain to you about how much pressure that is being put on him. One day, you half-jokingly suggest that you two should be in a “relationship” just to appease Odin and Frigga, at least for a little while. When Loki agrees, you’re shocked, but thrilled inside. So the two of you pretend to court each other, all the while you keep falling more in love with Loki.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: There is some triggering talk about weight and eating in this chapter.

Eliza and Loki resolved not to tell anyone about the pregnancy, which, was rather easy because on one of the following nights Loki had come to the end of his rope with his father, leading to him losing control of his magic and causing almost the entire tables worth of food to be flung at Odin—he hadn’t spoken to Loki in weeks.

But as the weeks wore on and Eliza found she was tired of having to hide her growing belly and swollen ankles; and was getting annoyed with everyone pointing out how large her breasts had gotten that by month seven, she was considering telling everyone anyway.

“I think it would be better just to have it out with everyone now, I don’t know how much more of this I can’t take.” Eliza lamented to Loki as he rubbed her swollen feet.

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ok so i have some headcanons on the Wonder Twins cause like come on who doesn’t

so it’s established that they’re best friends already pretty much 

  • like the first thing we find out about them is from Zach who is saying how he gets lonely while Robbie and Tony are always together, and probably even during the summer
  • Robbie discredits it by saying how Tony stays in NJ while Robbie stays in MA but like imagine them actually doing that five-hour drive/train ride/whatever method of transportation to see each other during the summer
  • like they just casually show up at each other’s house and stay for awhile, and the pair of them get along well with each other’s parents 
  • like i’m almost certain that’ll be like lowkey canon but since it’s only been like one update nothing can be for sure
  • looking at the blueliners roster, we can actually see that Robbie is the older one by like four days, and if there’s one thing I know is that best friends often like to tease each other on whatever upper hand they can get
  • imagine Robbie and Tony getting in a small argument on what movie to watch or something and Robbie just shouts “well, I’m older so what I say goes!”
  • to which Tony would just be flabbergasted and reply with “FOUR FUCKING DAYS ROBBIE, FOUR DAYS” 
  • they’d eventually settle on a movie that Zach chooses cause they might have slightly forgotten he was there
  • looking at the roster again, we all see see that Tony is an inch taller than Robbie
  • so just as easily as Robbie pulls out the birthday trick, Tony pulls out him being taller
  • Robbie being the little smartass that he is makes a quick remark on Jersey Shore calling and they want their tackiness back
  • let me tell u another thing
  • Tony Mancini and Robbie Olson are like the dorkiest best friends ever, they literally have they’re numbers in correspondence to one another. #21 and #22. these boys. 
  • not even Brandon and Zach have that and Brandon would call Zach so much 
  • like I’m sorry but I’m totally here for Tony and Robbie and can’t wait to see their pure of a friendship and how well they play on the ice together cause come on they didn’t get called Wonder Twins just because they’re close friends

imagine steve working with bucky tirelessly to help him readjust and getting so damn frustrated one day because damnit bucky’s his best friend but making so little progress isn’t rewarding in the least and he’s falling apart because it shouldn’t matter how rewarding it is because this is bucky barnes and steve should be thrilled to have even a sliver of his best friend back and he sobs into his hands on the couch while bucky watches all unsure and apologetic in his pajamas before rushing off and breaking steve’s heart because he’s finally pushed too hard but then bucky comes back with a giant sandwich and a pot of tea and sets it awkwardly in front of steve and mutters ‘it’s okay, stevie, you’re doing your best’ and just sits with steve until they both calm down enough to share the two halves of sandwich and steve realizes that maybe all bucky needed was to take care of someone else because that’s the very essence of who he is and shit it’s the best goddamn day steve’s had in months