and that they have their best friend least for a while

I’m being kicked out of my house on July 30th

Dear friends and followers, 

I’ve been holding this back for as long as I could. I have tried to keep this to myself, but I think I have to let you all know now.

My family and I are being kicked out of our house in the end of July; in a month.

I live with my mother and younger sister.

My sister, my sister is a typical young girl. She likes playing sports, she really likes basketball actually. we play videogames sometimes, her favourite is Minecraft.

My mother, I don’t have the best relationship with… but she is my mother no matter what and I have to care, just like she cares for me.  

right now, I still need to help my family. At least help myself, by being able to pay for my own education, for my own food, and for my own clothes while my mother saves all her money for finding a new house.

This is the one time I will ask for help from you guys this way. I really don’t feel comfortable asking for this..

But If the government thinks my mother can’t afford to take care of my sister and I, we can both be taken away. I need to prevent that from happening.

I’ve added a donation button to my blog (scroll to the bottom of the page!) , or if you prefer, you can click here to bring you to the main Paypal donation page to donate to

All donations will go towards paying for my sister and I’s school fees, for food, for clothes that fit, and any extra money will be saved in case of emergency.

If you have any questions about my family, or myself, please don’t be scared to send me a message!

Please know that I don’t expect donations from anyone. But I’m putting this up just incase anyone can or wants to. Any donation helps after all, and I am still applying for jobs. 

I am not giving up, so please, help.

Thank you


1:What is your name and does it mean anything?
julio; apparently means youth. my parents agreed to name me this when they looked at me and they figured I looked like a “julio”. something like that? aha

2:How long have you known your best friend?
since grade school. we’re bandmates now.

3:What position do you normally sleep in?
on my back; like a tree fallen by the wayside

4:Are/Were you a part of any “clique” in high school?
hahaha no. i was always the odd one out. or at least i felt that way?

5:Who is/was your favorite teacher in high school and why?
probably miss elaine or miss joan? they were cool; used to hang out after school and talk about life while eating random snacks. okay i guess.

6:Do you wish to travel a lot?
a lot feels like putting it lightly, probably

7:Do/Did you participate in any sports while in school?
i was on the high school track team. outside of that i was into swimming for a long while.

8:Show a sample of your handwriting:

9:Have you ever given blood?
nope. -_-

12:How did you meet your best friend and why did you become friends?
grade school, like i said earlier. him and another friend of mine took up bass and guitar respectively and they planted the idea of me playing drums. everything else kind of fell into place from there.

13:Name one movie that made you cry.
i don’t cry much for film/i can’t recall :/

14:Do you prefer to read poetry, write poetry, or neither?
read it. one of the things majoring in lit has taught me is that i am terrible at writing poetry (but that shouldn’t stop me from trying)

15:Things about someone that you find attractive?
physically i like cheekbones. defined cheekbones on a rounded face. and. feline features, somewhat. expressive eyes. probably those things. iunno. seems to be a case-to-case basis type thing maybe.
otherwise i like… people who seem genuine. but i can’t really keep up with excessively energetic or happy people. i feel left behind.

16:What song are you currently listening to?
christian scott’s cover of thom yorke’s eraser

17:Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how?
never, actually.

18:A random memory:
sneaking cigarettes in the northern thailand countryside at 3 in the morning during a typhoon. i watched the mountainside get battered by the rain and the power died suddenly. the only light source i had then was the cigarette and the moon kind of bleeding onto the balcony i was on. 
i miss thailand.

20:What was the last thing you watched on tv?
probably something on TLC? can’t remember the last time i watched tv.

21:Do you think you’d make a good parent?
yes. i’d probably be a better father than i would be a husband. or so i think so.

22:Would you like to meet any of your Tumblr friends in person?
aha of course

22:What was the last dream you remember having?
i found this gauntlet looking thing somewhere. i put it on and it turned out to be a gun arm of some kind. the rest of the dream was navigating life sans my dominant hand because the world was perfect and no one needed me to use my gun arm for anything at all. i remember trying to grab a coffee cup and realizing my hand was a gun. and trying to take notes in class
but my hand was a gun.

23:When is your birthday?
december 30

24:How many pillows do you sleep with?

25:Do you wear glasses? If so, how long have you been wearing glasses?

26:What color is your hair?
black i guess. or very dark brown. something. i have a lot of white hair too but it’s not readily apparent thanks to how thick my hair is.

28:What is your favorite soda?
HUUUUUUH maybe cherry coke.

29:What is a strange talent that you have?
is pottery strange? i took it up for a while and my teacher said i was actually pretty good at it. still have a few of the things i made at home and i guess i’m particularly proud of this one bowl

30:How’s the weather right now?
the sun’s coming up and it’s kind of cool out. not bad.

31:Why did one of your friendships end?
because she constantly asked for advice for the same kinds of problems that she’d been having for a year or two but never listened to our opinions or advice. she also turned any conversation into something about her or her life or her problems without fail. it got tiring; wish her well regardless.

32:Who do you miss right now?
good morning. if the loaded greeting falls through know that i just want you to have a good morning.

33:Why did your last relationship end?
because we stopped being good for each other and agreed that the road ended there.

34:Are you still figuring out who you are?
i’m comfortable in my own skin but feel like i have a lot to figure out re: life. does that count?

35:Have you ever been admitted to a hospital? Why?

36:What is your favorite restaurant?
with all the good food on this planet i don’t think i could name just any one place. -_-

37:What is word that you always seem to spell wrong?
*one word, i think you meant.
no clue, actually. last i checked my spelling usually okay.

38:Would you ever adopt kids?
i don’t see why not. might even opt to do so over getting married. just conjecture.

39:What is your favorite kind of pizza?
every kind. haha i dunno. i’m very moody when it comes to what pizza i want to have at.

40:What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
god i sure said a lot before i slept”

41:When was the last time you got really really happy and why?
i think it was may 28 when our band got flown out to hong kong. that was really nice.
or maybe… some of the people i’ve met as of late? i’m a very uncertain person sometimes.

42:What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
what qualifies as strange here? innards aren’t very weird maybe… hm. bugs? but then that seems so so. i guess from bugs… scorpions are bad. don’t like cicada either.
horse is also not good at all imho. 

43:How do you start a conversation?
HAHAHA i am terrible at conversations. it depends on who i’m talking to probably. 
more likely to be too busy being shy and panicking about how to handle social interaction. sometimes i get by; dunno how or why.

44:What’s a band you’ve been obsessed with lately?
i’ve been listening to the police a lot.

45:Do you come from a family “of money?”
nope. i know how hard my grandparents and parents worked to get us to where we all are nowadays.

46:Do you have a bucket list?
an actual, corporeal bucket list? no. but there’s a lot of things i’d like to do.

47:What is your favorite series of books?
i never like questions about “favorites”. -_- when i was younger i was really attached to the edge chronicles.

48:When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?
i can’t remember. i don’t remember those things because they feel nicer when they pop up out of the blue and you tell yourself “ah i can’t remember the last time i laughed like that” and you sigh contentedly afterwards. yup. those are the best.

49:Where do you go when you’re sad?
the source of my sadness, if possible.

50:5 random facts about yourself:
i am 6′3″-6′4″??? i haven’t double checked for exact height in a while haha
i scar easily; have a particularly bad one on my right wrist from a nasty spill i took back in highschool. may say something about my life and emotional state, to boot. haha.
i really really really like iced tea.
i have a preauricular sinus/ear pit on my right ear.
when i was a kid i really loved the color purple. so much so that the first pair of shoes i got that i really cared about were a pair of purple adidas sambas. it had to be sambas because i really liked jamiroquai and jay kay wore them a lot.

i make these posts at this time of night bc i know no one will seE them lmao

Jerk (Agent Grant Ward)

A/N: I realized about halfway through this that what I wrote isn’t exactly what the prompt wanted and I feel really bad about it, but I didn’t want to go back and redo it because I liked what I had already written and it was a struggle for me to finish either way. I hope the original requester will forgive me for my oversight and will enjoy the writing anyways. 

The medbay was your least favorite place to be and you found yourself there way too often. You were the person who jumped in front of bullets for other people and volunteered for the dangerous jobs. Obviously it wasn’t the best way to stay safe, but if you wanted to stay safe you wouldn’t have joined SHIELD in the first place. A line of friends streams through the door to visit you and make sure your broken ribs were all right. You greeted everyone with a smile and tolerated the small talk for a little while before you told them you were tired and sent them away. There was a particular person that you wanted to see, but he hadn’t shown his face yet and as the hours ticked by you doubted that he would.

               Finally as you settle into the blankets to go to sleep someone knocks quietly on your door.

               “Come in!” Agent Ward walks through the door and your heart rate monitor starts beeping rapidly. Your eyes widen and you quickly try to mask the sudden increase in noise by shuffling around in your bed. “Ward. I didn’t think you’d ever come to visit me.”

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Bring on the Burpees!


One of my old favorite friends from my box is in town this week for med school tests.  So not only did I do back to back WODs with lots of burpees, I did back to back WODs with burpees just over 12 hours apart. :-/ 

This whole week is going to be a little off.  WODs in the morning so I can go with my friend while she’s here and that’s the only time that works with her crazy schedule. Unstructured Strength training for the week. Another qualifier coming our way. Here’s to making the best of it!

8 Minute EMOM
Farmer Carries 50 Meters
*Use KB weight you typically use for KB swings in a standard workout.

Believe it or not, you can get out of breath doing this.  35# I missed one round.  Between being out of breath and my forearms being on fire…I probably could have done all 8.  I didn’t realize just how much of an ab workout this can be.  Just a bit ago I was trying to figure out why my abs were sore. A for effort today, just shy of that A+.

* I am glad I went this morning as it was definitely cooler out than it will be this afternoon when the sun is beating straight at our parking lot.


alternating front rack lunges (#75/115)
bar facing burpees

Definitely not an RX day for me.  I did my first round with 55#.  I really struggle with lunges, weighted or not. The rest were done with the bar only.  I felt like such a wimp but it was either that or have my hips screaming at me the rest of this week.  Trust me though, I still didn’t slack.  The Fitness level had the option for Bar Over Burpees and Novice had the option for regular burpees.  So for me it was 35# (mostly) and bar over burpees.

Time = 11:23

Another, “Yay! I finished!” moment for this week.

╔═.♥.══════ Snow, why snow. Back in her country she would have enjoyed the snow because it was pretty and it meant that she could go back inside and cuddle with her cats and enjoy a nice Kotatsu. Now though it just meant that her dark hair was going to get covered in the stuff and then it would melt and get her hair all wet. Honestly the more she visited this country the more she wondered if they were all crazy bastards because of the constant cold and misery. At least her land was beautiful. 

Regardless she had come for a reason. While Kiki held no official allegiance with the Black Eagles she still had friends who were members and she was going to do her best to help out. She had sent an encoded communication to Moscow that she needed to meet in person with one of the Eagles. She didn’t know if it was going to be Feli or Gilbert or someone else entirely. 

The uncertainty of her situation made her anxious but she entered the Russian pub where her contact was supposed to be. She shook the whiteness from her hair and looked around. Everyone looked the same to her, large Russian man getting drunk and also large Russian women getting drunk with them. Oh how she loathed them all. 

I’m so fucking pissed off right now you have no idea.

So you guys remember I went to Comicon last month right? 

You know how when I was showing off how much money I wasted I mentioned that there was one more item and that it was with a friend? 

Well I finally got it back, and I am furious beyond belief right now. 

I am literally going to bash someone’s teeth in right now. 

I bought this 

As you know i’m a huge fan of swords, and especially of Bleach, so after three years you can imagine how giddy I was to jump on buying Ichigo’s new bankai with the hole in the middle and serrated edges, seeing it at a vendor booth for the first time ever. 

Well I bought it, happy as can be, it really made the event for me, because while it was good as far as Comicon goes(not terribly fond of it, but it’s serviceable) it’s definitely no Taiyou Con(best con in Arizona) after I bought it I lined up for a Team Four Star event, while I was waiting in line my friend passed me and I wanted to stop him and show him it, I did, and security said I needed to get it peace bonded, I asked if he could do it for me since I was waiting in line for an event, and he said sure. 

He ended up leaving early that night and left it in the car of his friend who was giving him rides to and from, for a day or two that was fine, I figured I’d get it back Sunday, or the next time we hung out, nope he forgot it in that car, and I didn’t get it back until just know. In horrid condition. 

Honestly I should’ve seen this coming, I’ve known his friend for 2 years already, and I know that he is one of the most racist, sexist, homophobic people in the red state of Arizona. 

So it should’ve come as no surprise to me when it finally came back to me last night in this condition. 

bent by force(I know that’s not heat warping because if it was it would be either minorly bent, or bent clearly in half) and of course, etched into it were the words “KIKE” on one side and “FAG” on the other, and across the rest of both sides “WEABOO” 

At this point I am fucking furious because this was a treat for myself that I was very happy and very excited for, and it’s in this disgusting condition, I don’t even want the fucking thing anymore. I’m honestly just going to snap it and throw it away because right now it’s worthless. It’s better off like that than someone finding it and assuming i’m one of the people that calls anyone, much less actual gays and lesbians these disgusting terms. 

I don’t know why I was foolish enough to leave it with X, knowing he was with Z at the time. I’ve been in group camera calls with him before where on arrival he’s looked at the other people in the call before and first words out of his mouth “Who’s the nigger” when referring to the first black person in the call he sees. 

I am absolutely fucking livid right now and if/when I ever see him again i’m going to knock some of his teeth out and make him eat them. 

anonymous asked:

I'm in love with my friend, who currently has a gf. He has told me that he likes me back, and he and the gf has had serious problems for over a year now. One part of me really wants to stay out of it as much as possible, cause the gf is a really nice person, and he doesn't need more complications in his life. But the other part of me just wants them to break up. They're not happy and will only make each other more miserable, and he could be happy with me insted, or at least while being single

Unfortunately, the thing is out of your hands until they decide to make it or break it. You can give your input on the situation - sometimes people do need the wake up call - but on the other hand, you know you’re heavily biased and you have ulterior motives from simply wanting to help, so if that is what you want to do, consider whose best you’re thinking of first.

Ultimately, if things are as bad as they sound, they likely won’t cling onto the shreds for much longer, but it’s on them and whether you will fit in the picture once its over (now or later) is something that you’ll just have to find out when it’s over. The best you can do, as a friend, right now is to be there for him as far as your own wellbeing allows it, your feelings considered.

Anonymously confess something?


[❊] — The disciplinarian opened his mouth, about to interject that he meant to help his friend go over the new material they had learned. But seeing him push the table away and hearing his exasperated words, Saitou thought perhaps that was best saved for another visit. Or after some other conversation. At least it seemed that Okita was feeling better.

Letting his bag slide from his shoulder, Saitou sank down into the chair next to the bed. “There is a competition in three weeks. Most of the time in the dojo has been spent preparing.” Would Okita be well enough to participate, he wondered.

Saitou had actually accepted that? Souji had meant every word of it, concentrating on anything sounded bothersome, however he never thought that Saitou would have let it go that easily; maybe because he could be a stickler sometimes But he wasn’t complaining about the other’s benevolence, his body relaxing into his bedding again  while Hajime was getting comfortable. He was feeling better now that they had gotten his antibiotics going so that was a perk. 

“Oh so they finally scheduled that?” The other team kept putting it off so it was nice to hear a date was in place. It was a bummer that he missed Kondou’s announcement though; not doubt the man had been bouncing off the walls, telling everyone this was their chance to ‘prove themselves’. Would he be well enough though…Souji seemed relieved with the time given. “Thankfully the date’s far away. I have to stay in here till Sunday then I’m home for a couple days and not permitted kendo till the end of the week. That gives me a couple weeks to practice which will be enough, I think.” 

eclairedearing asked:

Unpopular opinions about a TV show of your choosing. Also, tell me about your favorite book (s) :)

Oh man, I’m totally drawing a blank with all my unpopular opinions. Or, at least, the ones that might actually be unpopular. 
But an unpopular opinion for Rookie Blue that I have is that Marlo is a pretty interesting character and I like her. That’s about the only one I can think of, haha.

Ahhh, my favourite books! Okay, okay. I’ll put it under a cut because I kinda rambled on a bit, and it got long. Whoops!

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spit it out

i wish i could have 1 day  at least where i feel happy i got outta bed, but unfortunately i dont think i will get a day like that for a while.
the exhaustion i feel physically & mentally is ridiculous, my brains rattled so its just like my thoughts have scattered.

its hard for me to think of how i aint talked to him in 40 days now, i could easily try & talk but if he was up for talkin then he woulda replied back to me. yet another separation period, twin flame relationships aint some picnic. i still love him, but i also love B so its understandable how much more complex shit is. D made it clear we aint in a relationship, “the same as together” cant cut it forever. 

theres the fact i lost my best friend all over again, but it was my own stupid ass mistakes that helped that. yes ima shit person in a lot of cases so i can admit to that especially.

Something that really sticks out about how lonely I am is the fact that.. Well, I have friends. And a decent amount of them too. I mean, I’m not crazy close to any of them.. And I don’t really see them outside of school.. But I have them y’know? It’s like, whenever I’m with them I feel alright. But as soon as they’re gone I’m sad and lonely again. I REALLY think that maybe to get to a better place, mentally at least.. I need to be around someone often for a while. Like practically glued together. It’s like all my loneliness over the past 8 years has gathered up into this huge lump. And whenever I hang out with people it’s just picking off a small piece off of this huge mass, but it just comes back since I’m not around anyone often.

So I think, to get to a better place mentally, I need to have a best friend. Like a real best friend. I have to find someone as lonely as I am, who’ll be okay with spending a ton of time with me. But I dunno how I’ll go about finding someone like that

Note to self:

At my 18 years old: I went on vocations with my bff for the first time alone, I graduated from high school, I started studying at the university, I dyed my hair purple and then red, I started and stopped smoking, I met my other best friend.

When I will turn 20 I want to be able to say to myself that at my 19 years old:
I booked tickets and I went to Munich just for three days in order to see Katy Perry live, I got my third tattoo done, I started working making my own money, I travelled 320 km just to see my best friend for 6 hours, I had a nose piercing, I dyed 2 small parts of my hair purple and pink, I went back home without telling anyone and I spend a whole day laying on a beach, I travelled alone to see my best friend before Christmas, I saw at least 2 different countries.

Live while you’re young…. because at the end of the year you are going to think the things you managed to do, and it will be amazing to have a whole list to write instead of 3 small things. :) #YOLO.


Remember the companies I had interviews before? From 17, only 3 call me back but damn they are I dare to say the best one. Or at least what my friends told me. Lmao.

So basically I’m going to a banking industry, a fmcg company (Reckit beckinser anyone?) or a cigarette company.

I’ve passed the banking today and I’ll have interview with the user first. Crossing fingers for that.

While for the cigarette company (if anybody know Marlboro?) I’ll have to do medical check up tomorrow.

Thank you for supporting me <3 love you guys!

i’ll just hope i’ll get what suits me the most. Kkk.

June 29, 2015

It has been a while since I have talked to my boyfriend, it’s almost a week. His phone is disconnected or at least a recording says he is out of minutes. I have been using my best friend’s Facebook account to see what he is up to, to see if he is really busy as he says he is (I know I shouldn’t have done it but oh well, apparently he isn’t that busy as he says he is. Anyways he is avoiding me I know it since he sees my SnapChat story but he doesn’t reply to my SnapChat messages. –shaking my head. I had, well my friends and I had this theory that his dad knew about me and now he took his phone and he changed his number therefore it wasn’t his fault. I believed it for a second but thinking back to past time, before we were dating, he used to ignore me for weeks even months, but when we started dating he had pretty good enough reasons for ignoring me like he was at work and stuff, it was reasonable but still I got tired of his bull-.

Anyways I met this guy on this app a couple of days ago and we met today in person, we tried to have a quick hookup but he was too afraid to do it in the back of the car. We did tried to do it though, until an officer passed by and he got even more scared and he left. He left his cap in the back of my car, nice a souvenir. While we tried to have some sex I couldn’t stop thinking of my dear boyfriend *insert annoyed emoji*  

 Sometimes I think I have wasted my life and I am less than 22 years old, yes 2 and 9 are my favorite numbers, I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything on my life but I’m probably compering my life to an awesome TV show which the characters are persecuted but they still look like nothing has happened. I guess I still have time to do crap in my life


Kim's update

This is my second update. I’ve been putting it off for a while now because after my successful first week, I had my own birthday, some of my best friends had birthdays too and we also had some celebrations (specific to my country) and like I guessed, it all went down from that. Even though I do have a pretty strict approach to healthy eating, I promised myself that I can eat freely as much as I want and whatever I want in parties or during celebrations that mean something to me. And there were too many parties too close to each other so now I’m kind of back to square one but I’m not even too stressed about it because at least I’ve had a good time, and I know it’s possible. Also my skin has been terrible lately (ok truthfully it has always been pretty bad) in so many ways, and I’ve been doing research on what to eat etc. so its not only my weight that I’m expecting physical results from.

I made a character a long while back for my ‘fortheyogscastfans’ blog and never really had the chance to use her cause soon after I stoped updateing. 
I still really love her and hope to put her to use soon.
Her name is Florence and she specializes in Youtubers but more importantly in the Fandoms for those Youtubers; helping the community and bringing out the best for everyone to enjoy.
A friend had bought a lineart commission and I ask to post it however I might have went a little farther then just posting. It was just nice to draw her again and I hope you all enjoy the thrown together colouring. 

cicada-child asked:

[Kairi's experience on the islands after the events of kh1 ?]

   I actually have a headcanon on this already but I’ll try to delve further into it;

   Upon restoration and returning home, Kairi stayed on the play island in hopes that at least Sora would appear not long after she did. She spent the rest of the night and even the following day there before rowing back to the main island by herself.

   No one had any real clue as to what had happened, Destiny Islands having fallen into the Realm of Sleep after being consumed by Darkness. Many people questioned her on the wherabouts of her friends but alas she could not bring herself to even begin to explain seeing as she didn’t quite know herself. There were rumors for a while that Kairi was lying or that they’d both run off without her. She tried her best to pay no mind to them.

   There was no real adjusting to life this way; she was alone with all this knowledge and no one to really confide in. Kairi began closing herself off, staying polite and proper yet distant. School became a welcome distraction in which she began reading up on everything she could.

   It was quite a bit before she realized her memories were becoming hazy, starting with what Sora looked and sounded like. The rest of it went rather quickly; in the span of a few days he was all but erased from her mind. Memories of him were always off, his face was shrouded and his words disjointed. Kairi could only describe it as looking like someone had smudged him out of the picture with their hand. Any question of his was met with confusion; her memories of Riku, however, stayed intact despite not much of it adding up.

   Kairi spent most days alone afterward, refusing to visit the islands. This went on for months before she spoke to Roxas who became played a key role in recovering her memories. It was instantaneous, everything beginning to come back to her in bits and pieces. She was the first to remember Sora after the events of Chain Of Memories, even if she didn’t remember him completely.

   The year she spent alone impacted her greatly, helping her to grow into a mature young woman. She’s not the same girl that was left behind when the worlds were restored.

Oh good lord... Rant

Okay so I have an ex, right? He’s an asshole; manipulative, narcissistic, and emotionally aware but absolutely sucks at interpreting and conveying them. He’s also the controlling type. Nice taste, I have. HAH.
Overbearing as he he is, he CAN have the capacity for sweetness. I invite him to my grad party and we have a somewhat good time (while he tries to go all alpha on my gay best friend who easily outweighs him in muscle). Next day, he surprises me and asks me out. I agree to finally go on a date with him. He’s nice, tries to be charming but is pushy for romantic stuff which I’ve told him I’m not ready for. He tries to kiss me and by try, I mean he pulls my head up and tries to force it. I back away and tell him no, we’re at the movies. He says okay. All through out the movie, he hardly ever looks away from me. How do I know? I look at him from the corners of my eye at intervals and every time, he’s staring. Borderline creepy. 2nd time I look at him and ask if there’s something wrong. He says no and is still staring. I turn back to watch the movie, and he pulls me toward him and I turn my head. Hello, puckered lips! Again I pull away and say “NO I don’t want to.” He pulls back.
So he’s pissed now and I’m just trying to play it cool because I don’t feel safe anymore. Being scared, I don’t even think of pulling out my cell phone and calling my dad to find get me. Idiot, I know.
Movie’s over, I end up letting him hold my hand because for the rest of the movie he barely made a move and even asked politely if he could hold my hand. Thinking he at least calmed down, I say sure and we walk back to his car. Soon as we get in, he locks it. Doesn’t put the key in ignition, doesn’t roll down the windows, just sits in the car. I’m getting really bad vibes, but then he just starts talking. He apologizes and says that he really likes me and invades my space by laying his head in my lap and tries to talk to me. At this point, I’ve allowed myself to be sucked in to his story about how much I mean to him. He says he loves me. He wants me to kiss him; he literally says it. Again I say “No.”
All of the sudden, his switch is flipped. He gets up and starts calling himself an idiot, playing the pity card. When I don’t console him, he starts blaming me because I won’t kiss him. He says he’s tired of trying to be with someone who gets upset at every little thing. So I shrink back in my seat and REALLY take notice of the locked doors. I ask him why they’re locked, he reaches over into my personal space, putting his face very close to mine and pulls the passenger seat door open and slams it shut. “You could’ve gotten out any time you liked” he says, but hell if I know.
I get even more scared. I ask him to take me home. I use the car ride to recompose myself, refusing to answer his questions. Once we get to my house, we start talking again. I defend my stance and not kissing him and he goes on about his future and how he wants me to wait for him while he goes off to college so he can have a family with me! I’m like, no, I have dreams too. He looks at me as if I have two heads. I calmly say I think we’re done here and he grabs my forearm. Not a light “hey don’t fall!” It’s a “you better not leave this car, we ain’t done.”
So, I look at him, and say very slowly “you do not control me.” He loosens his grip and I rip my arm from his grasp. I get out of the car and thank him for the date. He asks if this is it, we’re never gonna see each other again. I tell him good night and shut the car door, and walk home.
Now then, after all this takes place, I’ve still got his sweatshirt; his favorite. Didn’t steal it, didn’t just take it; he let me use it. I use it, it gets dirty, I wash it. I leave for a couple weeks, completely forgetting about the sweatshirt. I never hear from him again, until he texts me telling me he wants his sweatshirt back. I say okay. Text him when it’s ready. He comes to get it. “Sweatshirt, please.” No thank you, no “how are you?” Maybe I’m being too harsh, but he’s not even civil. Walks off like I was a bug on the ground. Asshole.

Okay, rant’s over. Sorry.