and that the president is happy to do this for donna
EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Karlie Kloss shows model looks in yearbook photos
The 24-year-old supermodel counts Taylor Swift as a close friend and has a direct tie to US President Donald Trump, but 10 years ago she was just a goofy high school student.

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Karlie Kloss gives glimpses of supermodel future in Missouri high school yearbook photos

By Reporter
PUBLISHED:  20 February 2017

Karlie Kloss counts Taylor Swift as a close friend and has a direct tie to US President Donald Trump, but 10 years ago she was just a goofy high school student.

As these unearthed pictures show, with her long legs and slender frame Karlie  - was born to be a model.

The now 24-year-old Chicago native towered over her classmates in 2008 - her freshman year, when she was a 16-year-old varsity cheerleader.

Yearbook photo: Karlie Kloss is shown in a high school yearbook photo from Webster Groves High School before she became a Victoria’s Secret model

That same year she was catapulted to fame on the runways of New York and Paris, walking in at least 64 shows in her first season as a model.

The teenager was a huge hit, and immediately caught the eye of fashion bosses at the brand Chloe, and was booked to appear in adverts for top brands including Jean Paul Gaultier and Donna Karan.

As her career skyrocketed, Karlie spent less and less time in the hallways of Webster Groves High School just outside St Louis, Missouri – and finished high school via an independent learning program from wherever she was in the world.

Social media pictures by her uncle and often chaperone Keith Kloss show that in 2008, she did a stint in Paris with him and her older sister, Kristine.

Top model: The Chicago native is shown last December at the Fashion Awards in Los Angeles

Cute kid: Karlie was a cute kid from the start

Cheer team: The future supermodel stood tall among her fellow cheerleaders

There she was like any other teenager, posing gleefully at Disneyland Paris – only a few pictures, including one of her still covered in stage makeup, hint that there was a future Victoria’s Secret star in their midst.

On the rare occasions she did return to conventional classes at Webster Groves, Karlie says her transition to in-demand model was hard for her classmates to understand.

‘There was a lot of material for kids to tease me about,’ she admitted in an interview with The Sunday Times in 2015. 'I’d go come back from Paris with bleached brows. My peers didn’t read Vogue or care about fashion – to them I was a weird, tall alien.’

Paris trip: Karlie is shown during one of her first trips to France with her sister Kristine at Paris Disneyland

Family chaperone: The model’s uncle Keith looked out for her in Paris

Famous landmark: Karlie, Keith and Kristine posed in front of the Eiffel Tower

Good times: The sisters smiled while in Paris together when Karlie was a teen

Still, it’s clear that Karlie – who is the world’s eighth highest-earning model, raking in $8m in 2015 according to Forbes – managed to form treasured friendships at her suburban high school, which was also attended by sisters Kristine, Kimberley and Kariann.

In the pictures she is seen clutching the arms of girlfriends at key school social events, including the annual black and white ball.

Despite the fact that she was being dressed by the most coveted couture houses in her senior year, she was all too happy to throw on leopard print and a tutu for the annual line dance, not to mention a garish red t-shirt and gumboots on the school’s 'tacky outfit day’.

High school: Karlie and her sisters attended Webster Groves High School

Popular gal: A high school gal pal planted a kiss on Karlie’s cheek in a group photo

Fashion statement: Karlie was shown wearing a funky outfit to school

In an announcement that would shock no one, she was also decreed the school’s best dressed in her senior year – a no-brainer given that by then, she had covered countless glossy magazine covers.

She was also no slouch in the boy department.

In 2010, a yearbook picture shows her looking thrilled to be in the arms of an unidentified young gentleman on the dance floor.

Dance moves: The high school photos included a snap of Karlie dancing

Tacky outfit: Karlie dressed up for Tacky Day with her friends

And at her senior prom, she was on the arm of her childhood best friend, Gabe Smith, who insisted on paying for her ticket and picking her up in his dad’s 2007 Ford Fusion.

'It looked pretty funny because Gabe was 5'6’’ or thereabouts, and even in flats she towered over him,’ says a source. 'She didn’t care. She loves Gabe – they’re still in touch. And anyway, despite his height, he was still one of the cutest boys in school.’

These days, Karlie – who is more than just a clothes-horse with her studies at New York University and running her own Internet coding school called Koding With Klossy

Tall date: The model towered over her prom date

Teen talent: A local newspaper wrote about Karlie and her modelling career when she was a teen

She’s almost as famous for her friendship with Taylor as she is for her modelling, and is a member in good standing in Taylor’s famous 'squad’.

Karlie lives in a Manhattan condo not far from bestie Taylor, and her dad, emergency room doctor Kurt and mom Tracy, have left St Louis for Goshen, upstate New York, a mere hour’s drive from their girl.

But this doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her roots.

'She still hangs out with the small group of girls who stuck by her in high school whenever she can,’ notes a local. 'Everyone around here loves Karlie, she’s never changed. She’s such a lovely girl.’

A member of the Webster Groves High School faculty adds: 'Karlie always helps us out. She’s gotten our business students into places like Major League Baseball for class trips – no other school has ever been able to do that. She never forgot where she came from.’

No brainer: Karlie was named best dressed in high school

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Little Winston Part II

Jax looked at me, I could see the anger and the sadness in his blue eyes. After that short encounter he didn’t talk to me, he just left me there hanging walking inside the TM not before calling Opie inside, they had a meeting to attend. After that I didn’t see Jax for a couple days, I was staying at Opie’s house and I decided I’d rather spend time with my immediate family before even trying to approach the club again.

I was home alone because Donna was going to a parent meeting and Opie was working on club stuff when I heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching. I put on some shoes before looking through the window, the first thing I noticed where the white sneakers and I already knew who was coming to visit me. I opened the door putting all my weight against it.

“What are you doing here?” I said before he even had time to take off his helmet. He approached the door slowly but kept his distance but never breaking eye contact.

“I was riding around and thought I’d visit you” he said and I just rolled my eyes at him “Look, YN. I think we need to talk”

“It’s been 8 years, Jackson. All that crap is long dead” I said and he nodded licking his lips. I sighed standing there uncomfortably just looking at the blonde man “Come inside”. I was preparing some coffee while we tried to have a civilized conversation.

“So, what did you study?” he said while I poured the coffee on his cup.

“Communications” I whispered “I don’t really wanna talk about the time I wasted making other’s happy if I’m completely honest.” He nodded licking his lips once again and I swore to myself if he did that once again I’d slap him for making me feel the way he did.

“Opie told me about what happened when your dad passed away, YN. I’m so sorry” I gripped the cup tightly. “I thought you knew and you just…I thought you just didn’t want to have anything to do with us anymore”

“He was my father, Jackson.” I said feeling the anger feel me “My father died and you didn’t tell me because you thought I didn’t want to see you?”

“YN that’s not what I meant” he said trying to approach me but I got away from his touch. I couldn’t stop the tears flowing from my eyes, I could feel my heart breaking the same way it did the last time I thought to Jackson, the same it did two years ago when Opie called me asking why I wasn’t at the funeral. “I thought you and your mother were on good terms. She told Gemma…”

“She told Gemma her amazing daughter was pursuing her dreams and marrying a doctor. She told me that same story, Jackson. She made sure I complied with every dream she had for herself, she wanted to make sure the screw up she had with a hopeless man who drove a Harley had a chance to be what she couldn’t do” I said, tears running down my face “I begged her to let me stay, I begged to come back but she is an evil woman Jackson. The persuasion your mother has, the way she gets in your head is not half the power my mother has” I said and in that moment I was just a sobbing mess

“Why didn’t you tell me about what your mother was doing? I could have gotten help”

“You were already in the club and you had your own issues with Tara, I didn’t want to be a burden but I wasn’t expecting you to say those things to me” I said looking at him “Did you really feel that way? I never meant to hurt you Jax but you broke me. You were my best friend, my….” I couldn’t say those words not to him.

“I didn’t mean them, YN. I was fucking idiot back then and all I did was destroy everything I touched. I made Tara leave and I thought….I thought I had done the same thing with you.”

“We were best friends Jackson, why would you feel that?” I said getting mad again. I swore this man was going to drive me crazy one day or another. “I really fucking hate you for how you made me feel” I screamed with anger and he just stood there before approaching me once again but I didn’t move, I wanted to feel his touch even if it was for a few seconds.

“Because you know darlin’ we were not only best friends. We loved each other but we were too stubborn to admit it” he said taking my hands on his, his breath just next to my ear. “And we still fucking do”

It wasn’t easy for us to start again, there was a lot of wounds still open after all the years that went by but we still managed to make it work, loving, protecting, fighting and trusting the way only my family could do. We kept it a secret for some time but Gemma was quick to find out what was going on in between the youngest Teller and I, messing around together wasn’t easy when there was always someone looking up to see what the VP was doing but after Gemma we felt like we didn’t have the need to hide it anymore, I love that man with all his flaws and he loves me with all my flaws so what else could I ask for?

“Darlin’” said Jax when I arrived to the TM one morning, he called me saying it was urgent and I was expecting the worst, looking at him so calm but serious made my stomach twist but all he did was kiss me shortly in the lips before taking me inside. We arrived at the table were all the members were seating, Chibs kissed me in the cheek and Opie glared at me with a glint in his eyes. I was nervous looking at them, did they thought I ratted on something? Did I do something wrong last time I accompanied them on a ride? Jax seated on the President seat and smiled at me. “Whoever thinks YN is worth of becoming a member say yes” and all voted yes, I looked at Opie looking for a hint of a joke even at Jax, Chibs approached me with the kutte in his hands.

“Your papa would be so proud of you Lass”

Loyalty makes you family

Imagine you stand up for Juice when Roosevelt and Potter blackmail him. 

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You put Abel down, watching him run towards the playground, turning around and smiling at Tara, hands on your hips.

“God, he’s terrible.” You joked frowning a little and smiling at the young mother of two, poking her hip out to sustain the baby in her arms. 

“Thank you, (Y/N). Since he learned how to walk, we’re helpless.” 

“No problem.” You smirked, hearing the familiar roar of Juice’s bike making your head turn and smile even wider. “You’re good here? I want to say Hi to my old man.” 

“Sure thing, baby. Thank you, again.” Tara said, walking over to Abel, who was throwing sand at Happy and Unser, giggling like a mad men. You’ve known Juice your whole life, living next door with him and his sister when you were up in Queens, and having the healthiest relationship with his mother, being best friends with him since kindergarten, it was a matter of time for love to step in. You’ve dated since High School and when he moved into Charming, you quickly followed, marrying him and getting his crow a year after that, a few months after he was fully patched. 

Since he went in and out of county, you’ve seen your old man down and different, but Gemma said it was alright, even normal,  and you understood really, he maybe had to do a lot of raw things in order to keep his brothers and himself alive, but you were starting to get worried. He had been particularly off these past days, and his usuals visits to the Sheriff office were starting wear him off. 

You crossed the TM parking lot, your high heeled boots clacking the pavement, making Juice pull his head up and remove his helmet, looking at you. The smile was there, but it didn’t reached his eyes, and you missed her perfect smile more than anything. 

“Hey, husband.” You said wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him slightly, but the peck he gave back couldn’t be called a kiss. You frowned, staring at him, still wrapped around him. “What’s wrong?” 

“Nothing.” He was lying. “Just tired.” You knew he was lying.

“You can’t fool me, Ortiz. I’ve seen you just tired….” you pointed at his whole self. “This aint just tired” poking your hips and crossing your arms, you were the younger version of Juice’s mom. He laughed, his laugh  honest this time.

“You look just like Mrs. Ortiz.” He said scrunching up his nose, leaning against his bike, setting the helmet down. 

“Well, who raised me?” you mentioned as if it was obvious. You had been raised from foster home to foster home, it was when you landed next door to Juice that his mom took care of you, raising you. “I’ll tell you what…” you wrapped your arms around his neck again and whispered on the low. “Take me home, you’ll take a shower, i’ll make you a steak, blow you off and we’ll talk about it. Sounds good?”

He blushed slightly, making a mental note not to, the next time. He was your husband, yet you still managed to make him blush every once in a while.

“Sounds good, mami.” He joked as he kissed you deeply. 


Brushing your teeth, you came out of the bathroom, armed with black boy shorts and one of Juice’s oldest SAMCRO t-shirts, your hair in a lazy ponytail. Juice’s back was facing you as you got under the sheets and caressed him, making him turn around and flash you a fast smile. 

“You ate, you took your shower. I ate” Both of you giggled. “Now tell me what’s wrong, Ortiz. C’mon…” you said as he looked down, taking a big sigh and scratching his scalp. 

“Remember how my mom used to cry whenever i mentioned my dad?” You nodded, that memory burned into your brain. “I found out who he is a couple of weeks ago. Roosevelt told me.” 

You stared at him, trying to understand the words that left your husband mouth.

“Why would he…”

“I’m half black, (Y/N).” He dropped off, looking at you, his eyes close from crying. You understood everything. How Juice never wanted to hang out at the clubhouse anymore, how he barely spoke, afraid that his secret would spill. How he avoided Jax. You knew the club rules, being an Old Lady and all. You put your face on your face and dragged them down. “He’s blackmailing me. Him and that fucking Honker Potter.” The rage was building up within him but the fear of being kicked out of the club was showing even more. 

“You’re not gonna rat.” He looked at you, crawling over to you, who sat powerful and calmed on the king sized bed, arms crossed on your chest. “You’ll talk to Jax and…”

“No way. That’s not an option.” He said on his knees in front of you. You bit your lip and shook your head. “They’ll kick me out, (Y/N). What am i gonna do? You’re all I’ve got, SAMCRO is all I’ve got…I just…” he started hyperventilating. “I just can’t…” You opened your arms, welcoming him between them, feeling your shirt get wet with his tears once again. 

Juice was a sensitive guy; He needed people loving him, he didn’t need a fucking target on his back. He finally fell asleep, like a kid on your lap, as you smoked a cigarette in the dark.

This was on you.


The next morning Juice was out of the door hours before you woke up. He was being sent on a run along with Happy and Jax up to Stockton and wouldn’t be back until the night. 

Grabbing your jacket and your keys, you got out and started to drive to TM, walking towards Chibs, who was surrounded by Prospects under an expensive looking black Audi. He took notice of you and smiled, cleaning his hands and walking towards you too meet you, kissing your cheek when you two met.

“Hey, lass.” He said still cleaning the oil from his hands. “He’s not here he’s…”

“On the run. I know.” You completed his sentence, taking him off guard. 

“Well…what can i do for you?” He asked. You sighed, hugging yourself. 

“I was thinking you could do something for Juice.” 

The Scotsman frowned, grabbing a cigarette and placing it on his mouth.

“I’m all hears” 


Jax stared at all of his brothers when they walked in, pouring into the Chapel. Sad Juice Ortiz last on the line, sitting down on his chair and looking nervously at his fingers. Chibs nodded at the President and Jax sighed, caressing his beard. 

“I called in Church because i got news on a member who’s with us in this Chapel.” Everyone stared at Juice, making him send a panic look back, his breathing shooting up. “Juice…”

“Oh God…” His mouth went dry. 

“We know.” Jax said solemnly, looking at Chibs, who stood there, arms crossed on his chest, death look on his eyes. “We know…” he trailed off. “We got a question for you…”

The Puerto rican guy stood up, looking around and walking backwards. “I didn’t rat.” He said in pure panic. “Please. I didn’t rat, they got nothing on us. It’s my choice, i didn’t knew…”

“Sit down.” Happy growled next to him. 

Juice nodded and plumped down on the seat and started silently praying. Jax cleared his throat and proceeded. 

“Did your dick went bigger when you found out you old man was black?”

Silence and after a few seconds, the Chapel was roaring with laughter. 

Juice felt the color drain out of his face. 

“W-What?” He asked, confused and dazed. “The hell…”

“What does it say on your paper work? Your birth certificate?” Grumpy old Piney asked, rolling a chubby in his hands.

“P-Puerto rican.” He answered. 

“That’s all it counts.” Jax stepped in, still laughing a little. “You should have come to us since the beginning. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s an old dumb racist rule.” 

Juice leaned back on his chair and put a hand over his heart.

“Yo, i was shitting my pants.”

“I could smell that.” Opie joked, rolling the join with father gave him. 

“But how did you….” the Mohawk kid looked at Chibs. “How did you found out?”

“Your old lady loves you.” Juice smiled slightly, knowing you had his back. 

“Hap.” Jax called, making the Tacoma killer pop his head up.  “Want to win another happy face?” 

“Yes i do.” He said in his raspy voice, making everyone yell and cheer. 


You were grocerie shopping essentials on the market at Main Street, when you saw Roosevelt paying for his coffee next to the hall you were in. You grabbed your cart and starting to stroll over to him. In a few seconds, the cart being the only thing that was separating you both. He took notice of you. 

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” 

“It’s Mrs. Ortiz.” You said putting a few boxes of cereal on your cart. 

“Right.” He smirked, trying to make his coffee go cold. “I hope there’s not hard feelings,  about me, doing my job. Trying to make your husband pay for his sins.”

“Last thing i knew, having a black father wasn’t a sin.” You barked grabbing your purse and grabbing your cart so hard, your knuckles were going red. “You were going to get him killed.” You knew Juice was safe but you also knew the code on Roosevelt, and the way he had his heart on the sleeve. 

“What do you mean?” 

“If i’m left a widow. It’s on you.” You snapped back, pushing the cart so strong at him, making him stumble and fall, hot coffee poured all over his hands and stomach, leaving him screaming in the hall. “Don’t mess with my family.” You sentenced before leaving the grocerie store. 


That night, Happy looked up at the ceiling, as a talented crow eater tattooed yet another Happy face on his stomach, as he gulped down the third whiskey shot of the night. 

Outside of Charming, Half Sack and Ratboy took care of Porter’s defaced body. 

pinwheel premonitions

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger
Prompt: Day 4: Traditions for @dhrfaves

Notes: Modern, non-magical college AU because apparently, I’m trash? Also, it was never a thing I thought I’d ever be into, but HA HA HA we have the best writers ever. [hangs head] Deck me.

Hermione Granger has always lived a highlighter-and-ruler, bullet-point and color-coding life. She’s an excellent record-keeper, has an A+ memory - she’s her own awesome executive assistant, basically; Donna Paulsen would be proud. Anal-retentive has been tossed around both as a pat-on-the-head, condescending endearment (Ron and Harry) and as an insult (everyone else), but, like - so what? 

Summa cum laude takes effort, and like - she enjoys it, to be honest, the proverbial “stick” up her behind. Enjoys the text-book print of her planner, the neatness, the aesthetic. And besides, it’s not like, a disorder or anything, it’s not something that she had to sit across a couch to figure out. And, occasionally, she throws her plans up in the air, so. It’s all well and good, do come off it, Harry

If anything, this passionate attempt to keep to her plans and schedules, this regimented state of being, it helps her keep with tradition - like the pre-game vodka-and-ketchup ritual for the boys, and the spring break pursuit of “protecting ladies from Broodingly Soulful Young Men” drunk-blogging with Fleur, and, for tonight, the anticipated New Year’s Eve pinwheel tournament. 

She’s had it penciled in for months.

Tonight, she’s letting loose. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Bartlet: By the power invested in me by the Constitution of the United States, I hereby pardon you.
  • Morton: Okay.
  • Bartlet: No, it's not okay. Morton, I can't pardon a turkey. If you think I CAN pardon a turkey, then you've got to go back to your school and insist that you be better prepared to go out in the world.
  • Donna: You can't pardon a turkey?
  • Bartlet: No. I'll tell you what I can do. I'm drafting this turkey into military service.

Inspired by anotheropti’s own masterpost, I’ve decided to make this one so that people can find my fics easily. Let me remind you that all authors love recognition and appreciation: if you read one of my fic and you like it, be sure to leave a comment or even a request for some other fic!


Let’s pretend the sky’s for us : Fluffy The Master Plan AU where Andy doesn’t get interrupted by Ann when he orders drinks for him and April, April doesn’t get jealous and the night goes just as planned by both of them.

Just the two of us: Tom and Lucy discuss whether or not they want kids.

Harvest What You Sow: Andy and April’s first time together. Explicit content.

Double Trouble: April is insecure about having twins and asks for Leslie’s advice.

Tommy’s Girl: Set just after Save JJ’s. Tom has just asked Lucy out to be his date at Donna’s wedding. But as it happens, they can’t wait till there to start all over again. Explicit content.

Dark Places: Some thoughts about April’s teenage years. Pretty dark at times. Happy ending.

Snakehole Love: Smutty The Master Plan AU where Andy doesn’t just leave when April and Jean-Ralphio hang out, but actually speaks his mind. Happy ending. Explicit content.

Songs and Swooning: Andy, April and songs.

Multi-chaptered fics:

Granny Stripes: Series of domestic fluff moments capturing Andy and April’s life as a couple at home. Centered around a blanket. (Ongoing)

Andy didn’t have a crush on April (until he did): Moments marking the evolution of Andy’s feelings for April in season 2. (Ongoing)

The Great Girls Getaway and the Grand Guy Gathering: A weekend with just the girls in April’s cabin in the woods, and just the guys at Ben’s. (Ongoing)

The Right Sort: Hogwarts AU where April gets sorted in Hufflepuff and isn’t very happy about it.

Twelve Days of Ludgate-Dwyer: Set in 2032. April, Andy and their children go back to see Leslie and their friends in Pawnee for Christmas. (ongoing)


I’m pregnant: April announces that Jack is gonna be a big brother.

This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in: Andy/April with the triplets as special guests.

Anticipation: April’s fourth pregnancy comes to an end

Anticipation: April and Andy are invited at Leslie’s house for Christmas.

Exhaustion: Sometimes, three babies is a bit too much. Lucky Leslie has a friend in April to help her out.

Tender: Leslie takes care of her three children.

Affection: Ben is definitely starting to feel something for Leslie.

Loneliness: April misses Andy as soon as she gets on the plane back from London. Leslie comforts her.

Holding: Leslie tries to help April through her feelings toward Andy. (early season 3)

Relief: Andy keeps hope in his heart that he and April belong together. (Mediablitz)

Soft: Ben and Sonia’s relationship throughout the years.

Acceptance: Wesley has something big to admit to Leslie.

Holding: Ben is at Leslie’s side every second leading up to their children’s birth.

Embarrassment: Andy is being a little too open about what happens at triplets sleepover at April and his place.

Worthless: Ben is starting to wonder why his babies are so calm at night.

Broken: Andy is heartbroken when he finds out April brought back a boyfriend from Venezuela.

Satisfied: Andy and April bring their baby home for the first time.

Enthusiasm: Steven, Sonia and Wesley are very excited to meet baby Jack.

Graceful: Ben and Leslie take up dancing lessons.

Things you said when you thought you lost me: Andy is moping on Burly’s couch when April is dating Eduardo.

Things you said when you were scared: April soothes her daughter who is scared of the monster under her bed.

Things you said when we were the happiest we ever were: Leslie just got elected president of the United States.

Things you said at the kitchen table: Leslie and her kids around the kitchen table over the years

Things you said on the phone: Ann has good news to tell Leslie regarding her second baby.

Things you said when you thought I was asleep: Ben wakes up in the middle of the night during his first night at Leslie’s

Things you said when you were crying/Things you said when I was crying: Ben isn’t too happy about how his favorite show turned out. Leslie comforts him.

Things you said when you thought I was asleep: Andy still has jetlag and April is sick of it.

Things you said when you were crying: Ben isn’t dealing with his break-up with Leslie well. Not well at all. Lucky his roommates are here to help him through his feelings.

Things you said when you were crying: April has some news to share with Andy

Things you never said at all: Ben and Leslie just got back together, and Ben knows what he’s going to do if Chris wants to inflict some punishment.

Things you said when you were scared: When Ben runs away from Sonia’s wrath, he finds that someone is already hiding in his usual hiding spot.

Things you said at the kitchen table: Andy interrupts April’s thoughts with an idea for their one month anniversary.

Things you said with too many miles between us: Words exchanged between Tom and Lucy over the years

Things you said after you kissed me: There’s a reason Ann broke up with Mar. That reason is Leslie Knope. Romantic Ann/Leslie.

Things you said under the stars and in the grass: Ben and Leslie miss their best friends.

Things you said when I was crying: Andy and Leslie get emotional over Jack’s birth.

Things you said at the kitchen table: Sonia and Leslie bond over one simple truth: men are dogs.

Things you said when you were crying: Donna helps April through her feelings when Andy leaves her birthday party.

Things you said at 1 am: College AU. While trying to get work done, April gets interrupted by a cute little blonde who just won’t stop talking. Romantic April/Leslie.

Things you said when you were leaving: Mark and Leslie share waffles for the last time before he leaves Pawnee. Platonic.

Things you said when I was crying: April wakes up to Andy not in bed after he failed the police exam.

Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear: Stephen comes home early and overhears a conversation between his parents.

5 minute drabble: Andy’s back from London

Halloween Ficlets:

Tormenting employees of a haunted house: Andy/April mess with a zombie.

Carving Jack-o-lanterns: Andy/April and a very enthusiastic Jack carve pumpkins as a family.

Picking out pumpkins: Craig is stressing out about which pumpkins to choose, Jean-Ralphio is there to calm him down.

Picking out a costume: Ben dressed up as Daario Naharis.

Helping host a neighborhood “Safe Halloween” type event: Ann/Leslie, romantic.

Lost in a corn maze: Ben and Leslie can’t find the kids in a corn maze. Not the triplets, no, they’re fine. But Andy and April are nowhere to be seen.

Being anti-Halloween: Ron’s opinion on Halloween.

Hosting a seance: April/Leslie college AU, romantic.

Being anti-Halloween: The triplets each had a year they were against Halloween.

Playing cliché games: Tom and Lucy spending Halloween in Pawnee.

Picking out treats: Ann finds Chris’s veggie cookies in the handout bowl again.

Hosting a seance: April knows what she’s going to do with the money she got for her seventh birthday.

The list is kept up to date.

I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In

“Just FYI, Harvey,” Louis announced, no preamble whatsoever, strolling into Harvey’s office and plopping himself down on the couch, “you’re not getting a 2-for-1 deal on your speech. This is something I intend doing only once, so we’re doing it right. That means I’m not accepting Mike’s leftovers. Louis Litt doesn’t wear hand-me-downs. Well, not after that debacle when Mom made me wear Esther’s old … never mind. What I’m saying is, I don’t do sloppy seconds, so no rehashing whatever you say in your speech as Mike’s best man in your speech as mine, are we clear?”

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Finally Mine

Request:The reader is Chibs’s Old Lady who he wants to marry but you refuse to marry and already married man.

Warnings: None other than a small fight between the reader and Chibs

Pairings: Chibs X Reader

   You sighed and shook your head as Chibs asked you the same question he had been asking you for the past 4 months.

   “(y/n) why can’t we just get married? I love you, you love me, what is the problem?” he asked sounding exasperated.

   You had been telling him it was because you were afraid of marriage but you’d decided you had enough and that you should just come out with the truth.

   “Chibs I won’t marry you because you’re already married!” you yelled, whipping around to face him.

   What had started as a quiet conversation between you two was now quickly escalating and you were pretty sure everyone in the clubhouse knew it too because they quickly cleared out.

   “(y/n) you know that the only reason Fiona and I are still married is so that people know not to hurt her and Kari-Anne.” he said, speaking to you as if you were dumb.

   You felt your temper flare inside of you and before you knew it you were letting words that you had been containing for months spew from your mouth.

   “Oh really Phillip?! Is that why you were all over her while we were in Belfast?! Or how about you two doing it in the bathroom of that truck stop when she was in town?! Huh?! Was that just to ‘protect them’!? You screamed.

   You saw his face contort in anger and confusion.

   “Lass you and I weren’t even together when Fiona and I got together and as for what happened in Belfast, I’m sorry I was trying to protect my daughter! Next time i’ll just let Jimmy O slit their throats!” he yelled getting in your face.

   “Phillip don’t play that card with me! The real reason I don’t want to marry you is because you’re already married and I honestly am starting to doubt if you love me more than her!” you yelled, realising that you had let your secret slip the moment you said it.

   His eyes widened and he tried to place his hand on your face but you quickly turned and walked out of the clubhouse, hopping on your bike and tearing out of the lot.

   You needed to go for a drive before you let anything else slip that you  knew you’d regret.

   You realised that you had just told Chibs you doubted his love for you ,which was true, you didn’t feel nearly as important to him as Fiona and Kari-Anne were.

You got that they were his family before you were even around but sometimes you felt like he wasn’t there with you, almost like he wanted to be somewhere else.

   So when he asked you to marry him for the first time you declined.

   You had felt bad at first but then your insecurities started getting to you and now every time he brought up the subject you felt sick to your stomach.

   Before you even realised where you were going you pulled up in front of Opie and Donna’s graves.

   They were your best friends while they were alive and you just needed someone to talk to so apparently your subconscious led you here.

   You took a deep breathe and got off of your bike, going to take a seat between the two graves.

   “Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been here that often lately. Things have been a bit busy.” you said, feeling a bit guilty.

   You went on to explain how thing had gotten with the club, and with Jax being president.

   You then switched to talking about their kids, just for Donna’s sake.

   “So Chibs has asked me to marry him, multiple times, I keep declining.” you started, finally letting go what had been on your chest. “I love that man to death and I would love to marry him but I don’t think I can do it while I still know that he’s married to Fiona.”you felt tears gather in your eyes and you quickly wiped them away before the could fall.

   “I don’t know, I just feel like maybe he’s only with me because he can’t be with them. Like he’s settling for me.”  you said, your voice cracking.

   Some of the things that were coming out of your mouth were things that you’d never even admitted to yourself and it was heartbreaking.

   You knew if Donna was here she would smack you upside the head and tell you that you needed to talk to Chibs about this.

   You tossed this idea around for a minute before deciding that it was the right thing to do.

   You pushed yourself up from the ground and placed a kiss on each of their headstones, whispering a quiet goodbye.

   *****Time Skip*****

   By the time you got home it was dark, and Chibs’s bike was nowhere to be seen.

   As you got off of you bike and went inside, calling his name, you prayed that you hadn’t damaged this relationship.

   He was nowhere to be found so you went into the bedroom and changed clothes before taking a seat on the couch, waiting for him to come home.

   Before you knew it your lids were sliding closed and you slipped into a dreamless sleep.


   You heard the sound of the door closing, causing you to jolt awake and turn towards the form making it’s way into the living room.

   “Chibs?”you said quietly, not knowing where you two stood.

   “Hey darlin’” he said walking in and taking a .seat next to you couch.

   It was then that you noticed the thick manilla envelope in his hand.

   “What is that?” you asked, a bit skeptic of it’s contents.

   He took a deep breath before handing it to you to open.

   You looked at him questioningly before you opened the package and pulled out the paper you discovered were inside.

   You read them for a few minutes before gasping and whipping around and looking to Chibs.

   “You’re divorcing Fiona? Chibs what about their protection?”you asked dumbfounded.

   He looked at you quietly for a moment before taking your hand in his.

   “I thought about what you said and I realised that now that Jimmy is dead there shouldn’t be any problem concerning their safety. I can’t promise that there isn’t still a part of me that doesn’t still love Fiona, she is the mother of my first child, but I don’t love her like I love you. This is how I show you that I mean what I’m saying. I already called and talked to Fiona and she agreed to sign the papers, she’s ready to move on too.” he told you, his gaze never faltering from yours.

   You didn’t know what to say, so you didn’t say anything, you just threw your arms around his neck and pulled him close to you.

   “Thank you Chibs, I know this was hard for you and I feel a bit bad-”

   “No Lass, don’t feel bad. I did this because I want to prove that my heart belongs to you now. I did this because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” he said leaning in and placing a sweet kiss on your lips.

   “There’s a question I need to ask you, though.” he said, the seriousness back in his voice.

   “What is it?” you asked getting a little worried.

   That was until he got up off the couch an and knelt down in front of you and pulled out the ring you had seen only once before, the one that had belonged to his mother.

   It blew your mind that he pulled that out because all of the other times he proposed he didn’t have a ring.

   “(y/f/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n), will you do me the honors of spending the rest of your life with me?” he said beaming up at you.

   You were so happy that you had tears in your eyes when you smiled at him and said “Yes Phillip, I’d love to.”

   He slid the ring on your finger and pulled you off the couch, kissing you deeply and spinning you in a circle.

   “Damn lass, it feels so good to know you’re finally mine for good.” he said setting you down and kissing you again.

   “I’m yours and only yours. I love you Phillip.”

   “I love you too lass.”

The West Wing MBTI

C.J. Cregg
ENFJ [The Coach]

The ENFJ is the action-oriented, people-centred character looking for and making connections between people, be excellent glue for people, assuming control and making sure that everything is planned, scheduled and organised, and that people are happy. They are excellent networkers who tune into what others want and are well-liked and popular among their colleagues. They have an innate sense of what is required and can genuinely make others feel really special. They can juggle masses of activities and tasks at any one time, rarely dropping the ball and making sure each activity is given the right amount of attention and loving care.

Leo McGarry
ESTJ [The Supervisor]

ESTJs are the pragmatic organisers, they like to get things done and done properly. They have little time for anything ethereal, woolly or conceptual preferring facts, figures, plans and procedures. These are the action-oriented characters who cut to the car chase and move quickly to completion, taking the least circuitous route. The strength of the ESTJ is the desire, and ability, to adopt a decisive stance, take charge and get the job done which makes them ‘natural’ leaders whom others will readily follow.

Josh Lyman
ENTP [The Originator]

Engaging, plausible and entertaining the ENTP will be like a breath of fresh air, infusing people and situations with a whole array of new ideas and creative ways of doing things. However, they can become bored and withdraw their energies as they go off in search of the next thrill. Curious, child-like wonder characterises the ENTP, they are flexible, open-minded and love possibilities. They tend to see everything as a challenge, seeing opportunities even in the most difficult of circumstances. ENTPs can at times display impatience with those whom they consider wrong, and may show little restraint in demonstrating this.

President Josiah ‘Jed’ Bartlet
ENTJ [The Leader]

Organised, productive with high willpower, determination and an intense need to be constantly ‘on the go,’ the ENTJ will not sit back and see what life brings but will proactively go make it happen. Rarely intimidated and with a restless desire to achieve and with no problems going against the grain or being very direct with people. This is of course not intentional but they can display a lack of patience with those who don’t grasp things as quickly as they do, or who appear to be blocking the plan, and can be seen at times as intimidating overbearing in their desire to get the job done, moving from A-Z in the shortest possible time-frames.

Donna Moss
ESFJ [The Supporter]

Organised, caring and driven by duty the ESFJ loves to contribute and remain constantly valued, productive, busy and liked. The ESFJ has an action-orientation that they will channel into people, helping and finding practical solutions to people issues and they’ll work hard at making this happen as they are naturally oriented to the needs of those around them. Whilst the ESFJ wants everyone to feel valued, they will also want to feel part of the group themselves - they need to feel included. If someone is hurting, the ESFJ will be the first to respond.

Toby Ziegler
INTP [The Engineer]

The INTP is intellectually curious and enjoys the more complex and theoretical problems, often for their own sake. Practical application has little interest for them, preferring to identify the solutions and then leave someone else to plan the work. They do however like things done properly and have very high standards. The routine, the detail bores them rigid and they will put off completing tasks, especially those that they see as unnecessary, preferring to 'blitz’ them nearer the deadline. For the INTP follow-through does not come naturally, and completion will be via huge bursts of energy at the last minute but it will be done.

Charlie Young
ISFJ [The Defender]

ISFJs are the people-centric doers, using their considerable organisational ability to make sure people are taken care of and protected. They are extremely conscientious, hardworking, loyal and dedicated, to people, organisations, groups. Once they are allied to the cause they take their roles very seriously. They have incredibly clear and precise memories and are scarily accurate with facts, figures, names, faces - oh and any person who has slighted them! The ISFJ gathers facts and data and are painstakingly accurate with incredible attention to detail, and extremely methodical in their approach.

Sam Seaborn
ENFP [The Advocate]

Friendly with endless energy the ENFP will be at the heart of where the people are, future oriented looking far beyond the obvious often seeing things that others fail to. They are driven by the new and have an insatiable curiosity making them mercurial, fresh and enthusiastic. However, having so many interests can mean that, at times, the ENFP may have trouble keeping still, prioritising and focusing on the task at hand, especially if something more interesting is looming. The routine and detail bore the ENFP who wants life, work and social to merge into one stimulating environment with endless possibilities shared with people.

Descriptions from Prelude Character Analysis.

Love 101

Imagine Kozik, Opie and Jax are taking care of Opie’s kid Jax and Opie start asking questions about you, the new girl Kozik is seeing

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“There you go, little man.” Jax said handing Kenny a bowl of cereal, earning a shy smile. Jax messed up his hair and watched him eat in silence, as Opie walked towards the same table, with another cereal bowl for Ellie. The girl smiled up at her father and showed him her teeth, making Opie smile back, glad that he finally worked out the relationship with their kids. 

“Thanks, Dad.” Ellie said and started eating her dinner too. Jax and Opie were taking care of the kids in Opie’s house, as Donna and Wendy, long time friends from when they were the four of them at High School, were out in a girls night out along with Luann and Gemma, learning from the bests. Kozik  was there too, bringing beer to the boys in the living room, handing one to Jax, throwing a can to Opie and opening his sitting on the big couch. He checked his phone, for any missed calls or messages coming from you, but he knew you were a busy girl, just starting your practices at St. Thomas. He put his phone away but not quick enough to avoid Opie’s stare, who jabbed Jax for his attention. 

The Vice president smirked and took a swig from his beer. “Well i want to know who has you so interested.” Jax said, leaning on the couch and turning around every once in a while to check on the kids, watching TV in the kitchen table. 

Kozik shook his head and bit his lip, looking down. You’ve been kind of dating him for about two weeks now, this night being the first you two aren’t together, due of you going back to work. He wasn’t a man of much words in personal issues, but the club noticed. Specially Jax and Opie, who were now dying to know the truth behind the bubble of Herman Kozik.

“So?” Opie asked, following Jax’s attitude. “Is she hot?” Ellie shooted Opie a killing glare making Jax almost spit out his beer. “What?” He asked rhetorically to Ellie. The pre-teen rolled her eyes and continued his cereal. Kozik looked at his brothers and sighed.

“Boys, give me a break. It’s the first night we don’t have any club business, please?”

“That’s why we need to step on your balls, brother.” Both of them laughed. 

“She’s a nurse.” He said, taking a tequila shot that laid on the table. “Uhm. Younger, smart. I don’t know what you want me to tell you.”  Opie laughed and threw Kozik a pillow. 

“Bullshit. Tell us the good stuff.” 

“Yeah” Jax cooed. “Tell us what we want to hear, man.” Kozik shook his head and looked at the kids. 

“I can’t believe you’re really acting up like this guys.” Kozik’s cheek were a little bit red by now, Opie noticed. “You look like high school kids.”

“We ended high school, yes.” Jax joke as he took a drag of the cigarette. Kozik shook his head and whispered close to them.

“She’s…good, alright? Just good.” Opie threw his head back a little and looked at Jax; him looking directly at Kozik. 

“Bullshit. You wouldn’t be this happy.”

“Look, it’s not official.” The SAMTAC guy said while leaning over the couch. “We’re just…dating, i guess. I don’t know, i feel like a kid when i say those things.” Kozik pondered over the situation and looked at his brothers. “It’s comfortable. You know? It’s like…when you’re home from a run.” Jax lifted an eyebrow. “Being with her it’s nice. It feels right, you’re enjoying the run and you think you could be there forever, having fun and shooting the bad guy-…”

“We’re the bad guys.” Opie said while lifting his eyebrow and pinning down  a Tequila shot. Jax shook his head and placed his cigarette in the ashtray. 

“Like, you could be up there, having the time of your life but you know the road is dangerous and it’s not completely yours, there’s people, baddest guys that want our head. She’s like coming back to a warm meal and, i don’t know, some good weed, comfy bed. You miss her without even noticing.” Jax smiled at his brother words. “And you know you could live without her but…you can’t imagine your life; I literally can’t remember what i was doing before her.” 

“Shit.” Jax said with a smirk. “You’re in deep, bro.”

Opie and him laughed, Kozik shrugging and smiling, looking down.

“She gives great head, too.” The three man laughed as an annoyed Ellie grabbed Kenny and pulled him away to their bedroom. 

Papa's Goods

First, I would like to start off by saying, RIP Jackson “Jax” Nathaniel Teller. All hail the king of SAMCRO.

Now that that’s out of the way, for the people who hate Jax’s death and put it off as him giving up, being a coward for the wreckage he’s created, you could not be more wrong. These people who leave this statement all over the internet have not been paying attention to the story line. Maybe it’s just me and the entire fandom that has an addiction problem with the show and understands every single moment of The Final Ride series finale last night. There was symbolism and irony thrown everywhere in last night’s episode, it really wasn’t hard to miss this.  You have:

-Jax Teller wearing boots for the first time ever. I’m assuming those boots belonged to his father.

-“I got this” First stated by Opie Winston before he died, then restated by Jax before he takes his last ride knowing only two other people in that room really understood what that meant.

-1946 Harley-Davidson Customized FL Panhead, John Teller’s bike that Jax Teller decided to make his final ride on. I believe we all were able to put two and two here in what was in the cards for Jackson.

-The homeless woman who told Jax “it’s time” when he asked her who she was. In my opinion she is either the angel for SAMCRO members or the symbolism of Mr. Mayhem.

-Interstate 580, where John Teller died.

-The opening of the first season to the closing of the last episode of season seven.

-Milo (the truck driver of the semi) Gemma met him before her death. Jax saw the semi and was relieved to see that his freedom has finally come

-The song “Fools Rush In” playing in the beginning of the final episode and Bobby sang it in the end of the first episode season one. 

All of you who say Jax Teller deserved to die and is a coward for choosing the way he died are so wrong. The only moment I felt that Jax was wrong this season was when he killed Jury. Someone he called his uncle, his family. All because he didn’t approve what Jury was saying to Jax about John. That his father would be disappointed in him, he became everything he hated and that John killed himself. It was a truth he didn’t want to hear, Jax couldn’t handle to hear the truth that cripple’s him on a day to day bases, but that still didn’t excuse killing a man you once called family. Everything else that Jax did, how can anyone really be mad at him? It was his mother, Gemma Teller that told her biggest lie. She led him down that path to vengeance. She led him down all the wrong paths like she has always done his entire life. She was the poison in his life; she was the symbol of the crow, death. Jax only went against Marks because Jax knew he would get in the way of avenging his wife and we all know you don’t tell any gang member’s what they can and cannot do.  Jax could not live with fact that he killed his mother, his own blood from birth, how can anyone live with that? But he knew it needed to be done because not only did she kill his wife and lie about it, but it caused other member’s their life, relationships broken and lastly she killed his father, John Teller. Her death was long coming and well deserved.

Many fans either on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posted about how Jax is very wrong in what he did this season and yes he very much was but it’s not like he chose to go down the wrong path of vengeance. It’s like right in everyone’s face as they watch these episodes and still say he is ridiculous for the actions he made. Jax did not have the correct information about his wife’s death and I’m pretty sure if you were a gang member, you would seek revenge for an innocent’s life. She was the light in his life, that light touch that spread throughout him like wildfire.

Jax was wrong for not being there for his sons this season. Abel was the only one he could talk to when he was forced to by his own club members or his mother and Wendy. Thomas was finally held in last night’s episode. Jax angered me so much because he wasn’t there to provide for his own sons in their time of need just as much as himself. The death of Tara Knowles affected everyone this season more than anyone had ever anticipated. But let’s face it; Jax was never going to be a good father without Tara. She was always there for Abel when he was born, saved his life; help nurture him back to health. Tara took care of him while being pregnant with Thomas and Jax being locked up. Tara showed Jax how important it was for them to be a real family and was strong enough to keep him in line for that goal. Jax always wanted to be a good father, good husband, but wants mean nothing if you don’t pursue them. Jax needed Tara. Wendy was great with the boys this season, but she was never going to be Tara.

And seriously can everyone lay off Wendy already? You guys are so annoying with this. Tara was the first one who saw who Wendy was capable of being for the boys. Then Gemma, Nero and finally Jax. Jax finally saw what Tara realized in Wendy and gave her what Tara died for. She was a junkie and almost killed Abel, okay we got it. She dipped into the drugs again after ratting on Tara to Gemma after what they planned together and was rejected by Jax when she went to see Tara. She saw the drugs in the episode where the boys were taken to the cabin and yes maybe she was tempted, but she is an ex-junkie. This life they lived pulled people to do the most heinous things. But she regretted what she has done and changed. Being an alcoholic who changed their life, or ex-gambler, ex-sex addict or an ex-junkie is a long road to redemption and Wendy is only at her prime time, so lay the fuck off already. We can only hope she honored Tara’s wish, Jax’s last wishes in those documents and let the boys run around that farm like there was no worry in the world for them.

Therefore, I didn’t like the ending of Sons of Anarchy last night, and I don’t mean Jax Teller’s death. They should have at least fast forward a couple of years to show us where the boys are, where Wendy stands and Nero, the club. Just a glance would have been nice and if not that, I wanted so much to see Tara, Opie, John, Thomas (Jax’s younger brother), and Donna embracing Jackson to their heaven. I didn’t want to see his blood flood toward the bread where the crows were having a feast and then it closes. That I agree was whack, there could have been more input into that ending.  I wonder where Jarry would have continue to stand. Chibs made a pretty great threat that showed never to dump his ass.

But he made it right in the end. That was his final and only task before he decided to take the same rode down into that semi just like his father had. He made sure all the bad guys lose at the end of the day as he promised Patterson. The Irish Kings, Barosky, Marks and himself. It was after Jax came into the realization of who killed his love and his best friend that everything came into a new shining light for him on what needed to be done. He was honest to Packer and told the other President charters the truth about Jury, Jax helped make everything right between all the gangs/club organizations before he decided it was his time. It became clear as to why his father chose to take his own life and decided to end his own life the same way as Jury told him. It seemed only fitting and it was a glorious irony as to how he died.

I would have never pegged Jax to die in a suicidal way, but he did it the same way his father did and because Jax made everything right in the end, it was okay for me. So if that still doesn’t seem to be enough for you viewers or so called fans who continue to patronize Kurt Sutter, then I am sorry but we are not watching the same show. And a true fan understands every single choice he makes and trust that that was the way it was supposed to end.  I only hope that Jax was buried right next to his beloved and Chibs or some other member found his wedding band and put it on his deceased body for him to be buried with.

Side Note: I wish they would have shown Margaret Murphy’s reaction and her anger to Tara’s death. Also, wish I could’ve seen Patterson’s reaction when she finds out that Jackson Teller let his motorcycle be driven into a semi. I’m sure she is smart enough to put two and two together with all those records kept about SAMCRO members and their deaths. 

Jackson Teller, you did good. Jackson Teller, you were one badass mother fucker.

In my fantasy, Tara and Jax are well and alive. Jax was able to get them out right when he came out of Stockton before getting into bed with the Cartel. Wendy was able to be apart of Abel’s life as well. Tara was able to still practice medicine. Jax leaving the outlaw life wasn’t able to create some type of regret in his life.

Orrrrrr was I the only one to hope that the ending was Jax waking up from a dream all hot and sweaty with Tara lying on his chest?

My rant is done. Sons of Anarchy, I will miss you.  Kurt Sutter, you are an evil genius. Best of luck on your new show, I will be watching.