and that that means they will never be alone

(Wow I can’t draw)

Name: Vex!Sans (just call him Vex)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Candy: No. He got them bubbles coming out of his eye socket

Attack: Bubbles(puts them on their victim’s head till they die from lack of oxygen), tortures victim mentally, and Gaster Blasters

Personality: Cares about his other Trickster companions, never trusts anyone other than Trickster Cherry and Trickster Blue, loves to play his little game with people (sees how long it takes them to remain sane), insane, broken

Likes: Cute things, torturing his victims that fought him when he tried to give them the virus, good victims, friends, bubbles, candy

Dislikes: His bad victims, people being mean, being alone, his bubbles popping

(Hope ya like him, Senpai! >w


(ooooo! Bubbles!! >v< I wanna hug him! quq Welcome to the party!)

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: stop praising GMW for how it handled autism bc it handled autism really, really badly. They made Smackle autistic just so they didn’t have to make Farkle autistic instead of giving the viewer two autistic characters. As if there can only ever be one Token Autistic Character and never more than that, let alone two autistic characters who date, even though we’re much more likely to seek out other disabled and/or mentally ill people to date than date allistics and neurotypicals. God forbid they both be autistic. 

And, like, all of the characters were breaking down crying and getting emotional over the possibility of Farkle being autistic when he was being tested as if it were a terminal diagnosis? Like he wasn’t going to be in their lives anymore, which literally fits into the Autism $peaks eugenics model of “autism has taken your child away from you!! you can’t reach them!!! they’ll never say I love you unprompted!! It’s tragic!!! It’s totally understandable if you just kill them!!” They were acting like it was the worst thing in the world that could ever happen to him and were all insisting “NO YOU’RE NOT YOU’RE NOT YOU’RE NORMAL” and were all visibly relieved when he wasn’t diagnosed. 

The narrative made Smackle look Ridiculous and Nonsensical and almost Selfish for being disappointed that he isn’t like her when all she wanted was someone who understood rather than being surrounded by allistics all the time who think they can fix her by forcing physical contact on her without her consent until she “gets used to it” 

The narrative made a point of telling her that its “okay” that he’s not like her, even though it was the allistic kids who needed to be told it was “okay” that Smackle (AND FARKLE BECAUSE HE’S DEFINITELY AUTISTIC I’M SO FUCKIJNG ANGRY THAT THEY WOULDNT DIAGNOSE HIM JUST SO SMACKLE COULD KEEP BEING A TOKEN) was different from them and to keep their damn hands to themselves and stop looking at them with pity and sadness lmao

Like I know it’s a show for kids/teens but lots of kids/teens are autistic and what kind of message does that send to them?? to their peers??? How many kids that like this show do you think are gonna meet a classmate who is autistic and cry or some shit bc according to Riley and Maya it’s sad and devastating and bad?? How many of those kids do you think will touch their autistic classmates without consent bc ‘Riley just kept hugging Smackle and Smackle learned to like it!!!!’ and cause meltdowns and shutdowns and distress???? This was a major flop for them and I get angry and sad and hurt every time I think about it.

I never knew why I held on to you.
I never knew why I wanted to remember.
I never knew why I was scared of letting go.
But in the end it was because without you I was alone and to me, isolation means oblivion.
It was because I didn’t want to get washed away by the hurricanes that tore through my open wounds.
It was because I didn’t want to get lost like a paper town on a map of the places we never went.
It was because I didn’t want to be left on top of the world looking out over everyone who had forgotten me.
I was scared of being left alone in a world full of screams with no one to hold.
I was scared of being left alone with my mind full of fear with no one to explain it all to.
I was scared of oblivion,
and you were scared of having no one to blame your mistakes on.
—  Dakota Moon, Oblivion

Well then we had an epiphany: this house has no bookcase.  e______e

Had to rectify thaaaat.  And in so doing realized this family is dysfunctional af.

Bronson and his mom were sleeping together.  … I don’t read into that in a weird way, mind, it’s just… when taken with the rest of the house…

Odine’s sleeping in the kids’ room.  OKAY, I GUESS…

Reuben slept alone in the far corner overlooking Bridgeport.

I mean YES, Renee and Reuben are bound NOT to sleep together because they hate each other but… JFC.  xD  Mostly that there’s two kids, one nanny, and only one single bed.  I assume it’s “supposed” to work out as Odine gets a double to herself, Renee and Reuben are to sleep in one double, and….. ???? Profit.  Why is there a single kid’s bed?  The world may never know.

IIRC, since my own personal family had this house at one time, there’s this weird like… half-house duplex thing that I didn’t show here.

But uh…. I don’t remember if it came with a bed.  It came with its own bathroom and kitchen though, so if it had no bed, someone needs to be kicked.

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Your aft alone is listed as one of the natural wonders of the universe, actually it is listed as "the" natural wonder. There is a campaign for, one day far far in the future, when you go off to the great orgy in the great hereafter, your aft to be preserved in an art gallery for the benefit of all space faring life that they should know that it existed and they shall never achieve such beauty.

Does this mean Breakdown will face charges for all the times he’s written on it?

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The only reason I (A trans woman) was interested in forced fem was because I was too scared to transition alone and the thought of someone else pushing me into it was sort of comforting. Now I would never ever identify as sissy and even before then

the term freaked me out, I wouldn’t want being trans to be a fetish and so I believe you should never associate these two things. By all means be submissive and still into bdsm but as a trans person you can’t be a sissy as transpolarized has said


“JEDI aren’t meant to be alone; we are communal creatures as much as any bantha. – Of course, as we were all taught in the crèche, no Jedi is ever truly alone, for the Force is always with us, but… it isn’t the same. 

“As Jedi, our identities were always wrapped up in the plural we of the Order. What does it mean to be a Jedi alone, Nara… a Jedi without an Order? 

“…In retrospect, I suppose we all allowed ourselves to become too attached to the Order and the Code. Ironic, really. We were ready and willing to make any number of sacrifices, but it never occurred to us that we might be called upon to sacrifice the very framework that determined our lives… or that we might not even have an illusion of choice in the matter.”

– for when my chin is on the ground (i pick myself up) by Phosphorescent


The sound of his father loudly clearing his throat stopped Bog in his tracks.  In fact, both he and Pip stood at attention.  

“This doesnea mean tha’ any o’ mah rules ‘ave changed.”  The Briar King sternly declared.  “Ye’ll stay inside the perimeters I marked, I expect ye tah still be on time fer yer lessons, an’ ye are never tah go anywhere in thah Dark Forest alone withou’ takin’ a weapon an’ Pip with ye.  Is tha’ understood?”  

It gets difficult to talk when you nearly deafen me cause you start laughing
But if it means that we get through
And though you’ll mix up every detail of every story that you’re ever gonna tell me
But if it means that we get through
Y’know I never wanna trouble you when you’re working so I always try to wait

But everything you feel on every night alone is because you need me

A note

We can say everything we want about this website, like, its full of memes, weird ppl, porn blogs that follow you out of the blue, pics of places youll prob never visit and foods youll never make by yourself, but I honestly have to thank this site for introducing so many amazing ppl into my life that id prob never would have met if it werent for it.

One person especially, @superfluous-woman truly changed my life. She prob doesnt even realize how much she means to me and gods (all of them) forbid what i wouldve done if it had not been for her being there with me and listened to what i had to say. She sometimes has trouble beliving how amazing she is and how loved she is by this girl living so far away. She will never alone while im around.

She stayed up a lot past midnight so that we could watch a movie together and have a fun time. Or those times she stayed up listening to me or even when we first had our little convos in spanish and russian… and for that i cant ever thank her enough.

I often laughed when ppl told me that i could find someone so special exactly 10514 km (yes i looked it up) away from me would mean more than some that are right beside me. Thank you so much for messaging me that random day asking about songs in brazilian portuguese. Thank you for being there. Thank you for everything.

lorde said she was gonna release new music in 2016 and yet here, halfway through august, there is still no new album. i have descended into a lorde-gothic state. royals comes on the radio. i think about changing it every time, but i never do. i’m dancing in this world alone. i thought lorde would be here but she isn’t. i’m so tired of being told to throw my hands up in the air but i don’t know where else to throw them. so there. where is lorde. when will i be free? she said me she’d tell me what that big word means, but i am still waiting… she’s little but she’s coming for us. when lorde? when

Seth Rogen saying “I do my best dude that was mean” in response to someone asking why he’s so terrible is really Something, like it honestly had never occurred to me that Seth Rogen actually put effort into his shit let alone that he does his best. Imagine that. Imagine that kind of output being your best work. I’m sad now.

If missing you comes in waves, then tonight and every night I drown. And I welcome it.

The waves are violent, pushing me down beneath the surface. And I breathe in the water, gratefully.

Because missing you means I once knew you, and drowning in an ocean where you once were is better than lying alone in a barren desert where you’ve never been.

You know what the best battle scene in all of BBC Merlin was?

This one. Right fucking here.

5x01 : Arthur’s Bane Part 1

Just look at the fucking DETAIL

And the mIST

I have never seen mist look this fucking majestic


everyone and everything is just so beautiful I mean

and that slow motion shot of that dude fucking flying through the air


and don’t forget the majestic shot of Arthur running through the mist before…


slain amongst fucking beauty that’s how I wanna go

I mean just the color scheme ALONE jesus Christ

yeah so anyway in conclusion

This. Fucking. Battle Scene.

I never see anyone talk about how fucked up the transition from me1 to me2 is. I mean Shepard fucking DIED. They died and some rich asshole who owns a corporation that’s 1. hated by nearly everyone in the galaxy and 2. tried to kill them in the past, and for really no good reason. The reason Shepard was revived after the normandy crashed was because the illusive man wanted them as their personal lapdog. He even tells Shepard that they’re an icon.

Then all the doubt comes in, and everyone immediately blames Shepard for being part of cerberus when they never asked to be revived? They never asked for someone to spend billions of units to bring them back to life and treat them like a mascot for a shady company. And it hurts even more if they were with alenko, because he straight up acts like they CHOSE cerberus over him and makes it 10x worse.

Imagine dying, being revived for no reason, having orders breathed down your neck, and oh- everyone who used to support you now hates you because they made you look delusional while you were dead and now Cerberus has turned you into a pawn.

And even if you choose to save the council they aren’t grateful. They’re nasty and gaslighty to Shepard and tell them the reaper threat is just “evidence of their mental instability”

Like fuck, man, this is a whole deal of shit Shepard has to put up with. God bless paragon Shepards who don’t fight back or get snappy when they’re constantly jerked in both directions and gaslighted by the people they sacrificed everything to protect.

I’ve finished TFC and it was such a hard, surreal, agonising, emotional ride, really. I’m still so conflicted but inevitably committed. It’s been one of the most challenging reading experiences of my life, surely something I won’t forget. What will stay with me forever is the deep sense of friendship, the fierce right to a second chance, the reminder that life can change and open us doors to dreams and hopes we would never dare aspire to. That nothing is over until it’s over and that no one is doomed to be wrecked and alone. That somewhere, somehow there’s a foxhole court waiting for all of us. And that life can be impossibly difficult, but that maybe it’s worth trying :)

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you know Kubo's fucked up when even ICHIHIMES are upset at the ending. with the exception of the couples, the ihs on reddit were also unhappy with the characters and plot threads. glad the majority of fans are disappointed in kubo -- we're not alone, at least

Ooooooooh yeah Kubo was extra thorough in giving no one a satisfying end even the supposed winners!! I’d never thought I would say this but…poor Ichihimes. Even when she’s married and with his child, they never have a heartfelt moment where he looks at her like she’s his world. Even the fucking cover page feels like a slap to the face. I mean look at this shit with me…

There’s so many things cringeworthy about this…and I’m speaking as a IH sympathizer rn. 

 1. He uses her head as a armrest

This might seem really cute for some ppl and it may seem like a really loving gesture for a shounen manga, but like the IH in the chapter itself, it just feels soooooo half-assed especially on Ichigo’s part like their relationship

2. Eye contact

Once a-fucking-gain ORIHIME’S ATTRACTION AND DEVOTION IS EMPHASIZED!!!! She is looking at him like a content love-sick puppy while he pays her no mind again looking straight ahead. Yes, I am extremely aware that Ichigo is usually shown looking at the reader on covers but it’s unsatisfying to IH shippers. If he can look at Rukia with her giving him flirty looks back, He can fucking draw IH in a way that makes them look more like equals who are in mutual love!!! At least show Orihime looking away like Renji or looking where Ichigo is looking or some shit that shows her being confident in her relationship but no her last cover page features her looking like the bitch who finally got noticed by senpai while he looks unaffected af like how he has acted since the fucking beginning. And RUKIA!!! Why does he show her looking at Ichigo too??? I have been trying to figure out if her gaze is going toward Renji or Ichigo because maybe she is looking at Renji if I squint but even so….WHY THE FUCK AM I QUESTIONING THIS??? She should be looking at fucking Renji but fucking hell she seems to be looking at Ichigo with a look of smugness or confidence.

 Rukia is doing the exact fucking thing that Orihime is doing, only Rukia is doing it better….smfh…

 while shes laying near his fucking crotch. but that leads to my next point…

3. Body Language 

It just seems to me that Orihime is on the outside of Ichigo in terms of position. His leg being extended the way it is seems almost like a wall blocking Orihime out of his space. His body is also slightly angled away from her and facing who….fucking Rukia’s comfortably laid out ass. Ichigo’s body looks to be positioned in a way that’s very inviting to Rukia’s invasion of his space with his leg being bent back to accommodate her. And she looks soooooooo damn comfortable I fucking can’t…lying there in those short ass-shorts with her legs crossed like it’s her fucking home. Damn, I could pull a IH and photoshop the shit so she’s laying on Ichigo’s lap and I wouldn’t be able to spot the difference. And that’s the thing, Orihime could be taken out and NOTHING would feel out of place…Ichigo is technically resting his elbow on the fluffy couch pillow thing behind her so it’s not much of a stretch. That is some irritating shit. At least if you take away Renji, Rukia would be looking kinda stupid like “what the fuck is she floating on??”….that is until you move her over a little to the right… know what Imma pull a IH….here

Even with my shitty ass photoshop skills, my point still stands. You can even see how Rukia’s body is laid out in a way that fits Ichigo’s legs perfectly. Ichigo’s leg position and Rukia’s body position mirror each other perfectly. I literally only moved Rukia slightly to the right and the resemblance was as clear as day. Ichiruki is shown once again to fit each other perfectly, while he made Orihime and Renji unnecessary just like they were in the damn chapter.  

Fuck Kubo!! IF YOU’RE GONNA MAKE MY NOTP CANON AT LEAST DO IT RIGHT!!!! Don’t half-ass it!!! Give me a fucking reason to be pissed shit!!! Its like neither side won in the end….

Edit: Can a IRer make a better edit than me? cuz my OTP still slays in this cover spread tbh

Me before realizing I was a lesbian: god I never wanna date someone!! I hate couples they are so boring!!! I don’t need a fucking boyfriend I don’t want to be with someone ever I mean I don’t! need! love!! I don’t need a boyfriend!!! I can I can be alone, I don’t need someone to fucking complete me gosh I don’t need a boyfriend to be whole!! *seeing het couples irl or in movies or just anything* 😑💤 I’m sorry but they are so boring!! Just! stop!! I don’t need love god why do everyone have a boyfriend i mean it just seems so boring I don’t understand?? Really not to be mean or anything but I just DONT UNDERSTAND?? And why does everyone hype about making out? I kissed a boy but wtf was so special with that??
Me now, a lesbian: oh… oh !!! !! Okay it wasn’t love I didn’t want it was just MEN I didn’t want… Oh!!!! ! ! Okay and no I still don’t need love to be complete and whole or to live my life but GOD love is the most amazing thing?!! !? Fuckkkk I just wanna meet someone and kiss and makeout all day💘💘💘 And I wanna fall alseep in her/their arms and I want to hold hands and FUCK I WANT TO LOVE AND BE LOVED!!! Can someone just look at me with love in their eyes?? Can somebody please just love me and talk to me about everything and push me against a wall and kiss me rough?? *seeing wlw couples irl or in movies or just wherever* !!!!! 💓💕💖💘💖💓! 💘💘💕! ❤️💕💘 !!! Omg they are so cute and I love you!! Omg!!! Just- 😭 yes!!! Keep! Going! Darlings! I love you!!! You give me life!! Omg they are the cutest thing ever!! 🌟🌟💫☀️💖💓❤️💕


You toss and turn as much as is possible in a Chevy Impala backseat. The car was freezing and you had nothing but your thin jacket for a blanket. You shiver and weigh up your options, deciding to go and find Dean. 
You knew he wanted you in the car because he planned on bringing a girl back to the motel but you were too cold and pissed off to care. If Sam hadn’t stayed back at the bunker you could probably sleep fine but being alone made it so much more cold and scary.

You got out, locked her up, and slowly made your way over to the room. He’d given you keys in case of an emergency so you unlocked the door and went inside. No one was back. That could mean anything. 
You went through your brother’s duffle and found a hoodie he never wore. Pulling it over your head, you sat on the edge of the bed and wondered if you should call him. Better not, he was probably “busy” with some girl.

At that moment the door swung open and you stood up in case they were unwanted.
It was Dean and…someone. You didn’t really care who. Some woman with blonde hair and a damn perfect body as usual. They backed up against the wall and started kissing. Only Dean stopped her when he noticed you.
“Y/N? Why aren’t you in the car?” He sounded worried at first.
The girl looked you up and down in disgust.

“I couldn’t sleep and I was really cold…” 

“That’s it? I gave you this key for an emergency! Not some petty issue. Get back int he car, Y/N. You’ll be fine.” 

You were about to go when the girl upped and left herself. “Catherine!” Dean called after her but she shouted back “I’m not being a part of this family drama.” 

“Dean I-” But you didn’t know what to say.

He ran his hand through his hair and closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. 
“Come on, let’s get some sleep.” He decided.

“There’s only one bed. Besides, you should go after her I don’t wanna ruin your night.” You head to the door but he stops you.

“No, Y/N. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked you to sleep in the car. Not without Sammy. Come on you can sleep with me.”

“Thank you.” You smile, sitting down on the bed.

He go the other side and put his arms around you. “You’re freezing, sis.” He noted.

“So’s Baby.” You chuckle.

“Night, kiddo.”

“Night, Dean.”

Requested by anon

Hello!!! Can you do one where the sister is like 17 and ruins dean’s one night stand because she don’t want to sleep in the car while he’s in the motel’s bedroom with the girl? thanks
Thank you for requesting! I really liked this idea 

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