and that that means they will never be alone

He is coming again.

Must be around five now. I’m not sure, wish there was a clock in my room. A noise outside. Mommy’s car driving away. A shiver runs down my spine. This is it. Mom is gone again, which means I’m alone with… him. He’ll come. Any moment now. Bastard, I won’t let him. I won’t put up with it anymore.

*He’s gonna hurt you. * Shut your pie hole. If he hurts me again, I’m going to tell.

No you won’t, you never did.

I will too, shut up.

I can hear steps now, right outside the room. Instinctively, I pull the blanket closer to my body. It’s getting hard to breath. Light’s coming from beneath the door and I can see a pair of feet. Then, he knocked.

“Go away! You’re not gonna do anything to me ever again, I hate you, I hate you! Go away!”

He tried to get in but I had blocked the door with a chair.

“Go away! I hate you Joshua, I hate you!”

But the chair wouldn’t hold for long. He kicked the door, it slammed open.

“No!” I wrap myself in blankets. “If you hurt me I’m gonna tell!”

No you won’t.

“Ms. Stevens, nobody is going to hurt you.”

Arms around me. I shake and fight as much as I can.

“Get out! Get out Joshua! I hate you!”

He doesn’t like it when you call him that.

“Ms. Stevens, please!”

“No! You won’t hurt me again! Leave me alone!”

A needle against my neck. My whole body goes numb. He grabs me, the blanket slips to the floor. He is carrying me away when I notice a window. Strange, it wasn’t there before. Outside the window, a man carries an old lady as if she was a rag doll or something. Poor old lady.

That’s not a window.

Shut up. It is too.

“Mr. Stevens, I’m afraid your mom’s condition is deteriorating.”

The doctor looks at me with a mix of sorrow and professionalism. I shake my head in silence, not knowing what to answer. He goes on.

“Her… episodes are getting more violent. She seems to be reviving a traumatic experience on a daily basis, be it real or made up.”

“Isn’t there anything you can do to make her better?”

“I assure you, we are trying. But this is the thing with Alzheimer’s, eventually there’s nothing that can be done anymore. There is one thing, though. Do you know anyone by the name ‘Joshua’?”

That was a strange question.

“Sure, it’s my grandfather’s name. Her dad. Well, stepdad actually. Why?”

“Were there ever traumatic events in your mother’s life, involving this man?”

“No, of course not. I mean, if there were, she never told anyone.”

“I see. We’ll keep you informed, Mr. Stevens. Thank you for your time.”

there are ppl defending that ‘Hardy Hunt’ bullshit bc Tom took photos with the fans who hunted him down, listen just bc Tom has more class and grace in his little bent pinky than a group of ladies who apparently created an fb group to stalk the shit out of his whereabouts, doesn’t mean that he approves of people keeping tabs on where he is and what he’s doing at any given time.

Like… if there’s one thing I know about Tom Hardy it’s that he’s NEVER going to be impolite. Ever. Especially with fans given his past record he’s always been incredibly gracious. But just because he gave those women the benefit of the doubt and assumed they had found him by chance, doesn’t mean he can be discredited for calling that shit out after the fact. The moment it came to his attention what had occurred and was occurring, he called that shit out.

Leave the man alone!!! swear to god fans of Tom on FB and insta are rabid. Like i thought fans on tumblr were bad, we’re like dumb idiot children in a ball pit compared to fans on these other platforms that actively do this shit.

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For the I love you prompt, I'd love a 30 for Bichie, since they're my otp <3

Prompt list: the way you said i love you

30 - Too quick, mumbled into your scarf

thank you for the prompt my love! First time writing bichie so i hope you like it! <3

Richie Tozier hated winter. He hated how cold he always felt because he was underweight and never quite had enough warm clothes to wear. He hated how empty he felt on Christmas day when his parents let it pass like just another day. He hated how alone he felt when the dark nights drew in making his friends leave him earlier than usual, meaning he was left with nothing but his own thoughts for company. His friends felt him withdrawing during these cold months, his normally bright smile and cheeky jokes seeming to fade slightly but they never quite knew how to deal with it. Richie was the hardest of the group to get to open up about his feelings, choosing instead to hide behind his crude jokes and brash personality. But this year was going to be different, Bill Denbrough was going to make sure of it.

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My Opinion Profile On: Taemin~ Relationship/Personality

Request: Sorry! Could you do taemin from shinee for the relationship analysis?

~This is all based off of MY opinion..~

Ideal Type: From what I see Taemin likes someone who is consistent and also someone who is true. He doesn’t want someone who lies about themselves and reveals the true them later on. (I think by this he means like someone who is two-faced)

Ideal relationship: I think he’s gonna want an older girl, he would want to have a relationship where they can laugh and enjoy being together. They would have to respect one another’s careers and be understanding towards that. 

Him in the relationship: He’s gonna be a dork and lovable. Spoiler as all hell. Cuddly when alone. He would hold hands in public and then also guide with his hand on her back. Matching hoodies that are never worn together because neither of them can find their’s on the same day. 

What kind of person I can see him with (based of a mental picture I painted in my head): I see him with someone with big eyes (maybe doe-eyed?), he likes double eyelids and untouched long hair. She would be shorter than him and I think a decent bit at that. Someone on the fit end and looks super good in even lazy day clothing. 

His personality: He’s all sexy on stage and the moment he’s off he’s a big shy boy. To me I think he is truly all sweet, funny, and very loyal. He’s not one who gets emotional in public but I think he’s a big softy in private. He’s also a living meme. Gets scared easily too. I think he’s a gorgeous dork of a man.

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~Hope You Like It~

Other Profiles: Jisoo, Nam Joohyuk, Heechul, Jooheon Hyungwon, Zico, Kai, Woozi, Jay Park, Mark Lee,

Finn Wolfhard doesn't have to stop for anyone. He is a kid and deserves to have fun and take breaks and doesn't need people nagging him for photos. He is a child and needs rest and fun and it's not fair for people to call him rude for not stopping. He was probably tired as fuck and wanted to go to sleep. LEAVE HIM ALONE. Yes if I saw him and asked for a picture and he said no or didn't respond I'd be sad but I wouldn't say he was being rude. That's just life they don't have to stop to please you. Get over it if your favorite celeb doesn't take a picture with you it doesn't mean they don't care about you, it means they don't have time, or are to tired and need a break to rest. I've never met him but from what I can tell he is a very sweet boy and deserves love and time to live life as a kid and enjoy being a kid as long as he can.

Hey guys you know what I was thinking about? Not porn for once

If Elise-chan doesn’t age, does that mean that young, little Mori always had a friend with him and was never alone? Did he lived his childhood with her as his companion? Did they have actual tea parties and stuff? Because if that’s true I can’t even begin to imagine the bond they have.

Someone? A fic, if you will?

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headcanon about getting into a heavy make out session with Jonathan and either will or Joyce walks in on it?

just going to casually tag @dustyhcndcrson in this bc it is relevant to her interests 

  • ok we know this but jonathan is a pretty private and introverted guy so if you guys get up to anything, it’s only when he’s totally sure that you guys are alone
    • like he’s checked every single room, checked the driveway, made sure will is nowhere to be seen
      • but this is the one time it never happened, when you caught him off guard as you guys dropped your bags on the couch and you pulled him toward his room and kissed him once the door was closed
        • he was quick to flip on some music
          • he probably wasn’t super huge on things being so quiet just yet
        • you’re okay with it though, you know how much music means to him
        • and you seamlessly lead him to his bed so you can climb onto him
        • he has a hand in your hair and a hand on your back to keep you close
          • jonathan had no idea he could ever want someone to stay this close to him
      • but you’re torn apart in a quick moment when joyce pokes her head in (and then out, incredibly quickly)
        • you just about fly across the room to separate yourselves
        • jonathan sits bolt upright, sharp features covered in the reddest veil imaginable
      • joyce waits until you’ve left for the day to begin embarrassing jonathan


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Maybe a headcannon of juice maybe cheating on his old lady, or at least making out with a crow eater but he doesn’t tell his old lady and she ends up finding out through the guys. What do you think would happen?

OMG MY LORD WHY YOU GOTTA DO THIS TO MY GUY?!! Didn’t he suffer enough 😂😂😂

- She’s gunna be crazy pissed
- First off, because he hooked up with someone else
- But even moreso because he didn’t tell her himself
- There’d be an argument, lots of yelling and crying from both of them
- If she forgave him, Juice would promise to never put her second, and he wouldn’t, because now he knows he’s gunna lose her
- He does everything he can to win back her trust
- Won’t be alone in a room with another woman, croweater or any other girl that’s not his
- Won’t drink beyond his means, keeps his head in check
- Takes to staying by her whenever they’re out
- Texts her and tells her where he is and who he’s with constantly if she’s not around
- The Old Lady might think it’s a bit of overkill, but he insists
- If she leaves him, he will most likely spiral NOPE SORRY I CAN’T I NEED JUICE TO BE HAPPY 😆

Thanks anon! (GIF not mine)

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Sorry if this is like, awkwardly thirsty, but I was kind of wondering if you had any additional thoughts on Tom Wilson looking like a hot mustached suburban dad who flusters Latts with pregnancy dirty talk? That was just... a very solid idea, and you're rad, so if you're feeling it... any additional points you'd like to discuss would be gladly accepted

i mean i can talk for hours about hot suburban dad vibe wilso. 

who washes his car in the driveway wearing a tank top and short shorts, showing off his rocking bod while latts watches on from the kitchen window basically having an anneurism over the way he’s getting all soapy and wet as he sponges down his new minivan. the one that he bought because of the saftey rating and the fact that they could fit seven grown hockey players in it, let alone any future kids and/or dogs. 

latts had never thought he’d get hard thinking about a fucking mini van, but the way tom had talked about how versatile it would be and how safe it was for kids and how it was specially designed to fit carseats just kinda got him there.

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[the angst king™ is back]-Chloes dad dropped her at her moms the summer after freshman year and never came back -shes not dealing well -example shes a bitch -she doesnt mean to be but she doesnt know how to deal with it -her mom isnt around either bc shes running a multibillion dollar company -jake cant deal with his parents being gone either -hes in like everything because he doesn't want to be in a huge house alone -thats what drew Chloe and Jake together in the first place, bad parents -jake

:’( The Angst King™ has his rule…… over my heart

These are all perfect I don’t wanna touch them nadjbdhadba

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Oh god Yvonne where do I even start? A Broadway lover like me with the biggest heart, I’ve never been able to repay you for your care package. My little one still plays with the toys you sent me. I know you’ve been through so much heartache but it just makes you stronger, and to watch you struggle has been heartbreaking, but to see you triumph over it is pure joy. You are an incredible human being, so giving and full of love, and I mean when I say it is an absolute PRIVILEGE to be able to know you, let alone call you my friend. I am endlessly thankful for our boys if only for the fact that they led me to know people like you. I love you. I love you so much. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Salvezza dell'uomo e Della Bestia Pt 1

R: It was his hot breath on the back of my neck that woke me. Then when I heard him speaking softly I listened carefully. “You are so beautiful. I still cannot believe that you want to be with me, let alone near me.” He obviously didn’t mean for me to hear any of this. I continued to listen pretending to still be in a deep sleep. I felt guilty for a moment but my curiosity overwhelmed me. It was like listening to a child as they played with dolls. “I have never felt so…so…much for someone. I cannot believe you are real.” Then he was silent for a few moments and I felt one of his large hands softly stroking my exposed back. His other hand moved delicately to my hair as he placed the softest of kisses on my shoulder blade. I enjoyed his touches for a few minutes before pretending to stir and awaken. I rolled to face him and in the dimly lit room I could see him smile. “Good morning.” He whispered brushing the hair from my face tenderly.

 “Is it really? Its so dark in here…I can barely see you.” I muttered feigning grogginess. He then gestured towards the window and explained his blackout curtains. I pulled myself from his embrace and walked to the massive window and tugged the curtains open. The sudden flood of light was enough to make Frederick groan from where he laid on the bed. I stretched basking in the warm sun pouring in and then turned to return to the comfort of the bed and Frederick’s arms. As I was walking back I noticed Frederick regard me up and down with the most endearing of looks. He pulled the covers back for me and welcomed me in with a kiss. I nuzzled my nose into his neck giving him little kisses along his jaw. He sighed happily and pressed his hands into my back drawing me in even closer. Our bodies pressed tightly together and our hands slowly began exploration of each others skin. Coming between us my hand traced over his scar lightly before moving to his chest which was graced with thin patterns of black hair. I moved my fingertips over his muscles before finding his hands and moving them to his sides. Climbing on top of him I gifted him little kisses all the while rolling my hips slowly against him. He whimpered softly as I quickened my pace. His hands found my hips and gripped me tightly as we continued, finally seeing each other in total unobscured light.

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I feel like the only person who actually somewhat understands my struggle with how severe my depression is my mom and she’s not even here so I just feel so alone


“You told me not to follow you. To live on and be happy. You were the light of my life, but your flame is gone, extinguished by the sea. I’m so cold without you. I’m so lost without you.”
“I will always be with you, in every ray of sun, in every spark and flame. You’ll never walk alone.”


our stories aren’t over yet. no, they’re not.

Let’s promise each other something: because darling, oh darling. I know you want to press pause on the movie that is your life, because I do, I do. And I know you sometimes get so tired of carrying the weight of the world on those slim shoulders. I know you look into the mirror and see plain features and feel roaring waves of inadequacy, I know, I know.

I know you’ve got a little voice whispering inside of you you’ll never be good enough. I know you try to protect yourself, to shield yourself to not care because you fear the heartbreak that comes with caring to much but doing this makes you put yourself on the sidelines, makes people stop inviting you and I know, God, I know how much this hurts.

So let’s promise each other something: whenever this happens, this little voice trying so hard to protect us and only winding up hurting us: let’s promise each other to cry a little, to cry a lot. To take a shower, to listen to music and really, truly listen, think about nothing else. To write about wanting to give up but to keep on going, to eat something healthy too, even if we eat up a whole pack of potato chips or chocolate cookies, to grant ourselves this small reprieve instead of hating ourselves afterwards for the way we can pinch our belly between skinny fingers.

Listen to me, please, let’s promise each other to take a walk, to walk past a bridge or a body of water, to admire the darkness but remember the coldness and to keep on going. Remember that stranger that smiled, the one that helped you reach a high shelve, that picked up some change and gave it back, to remember the bus driver that waited on that busy intersection to let you get on, to remember all those little kindnesses from strangers you’ll never forget and to remember that we, too, have got so many little kindnesses to give and that there must be a stranger out there somewhere that remembers these plain features, these brown eyes and not so white teeth.

Let’s promise each other, that, please, please, but let’s also promise each other to sometimes let go and cry and to look after ourselves. Let’s remember that being kind and nice and good does not mean letting people walk over ourselves. And let’s define ourselves: if we like to be alone, sometimes, if we like to close the curtains against the world and drown in music and song, why be jealous of that one friend that is always talking to someone if the mere idea of holding more than three conversations is exhausting. If you love that girl everyone else seems to find annoying, hold steady to it, say “I like her and I like you and is there a problem?” because nothing will feel worse, and of this I am so absolutely certain, nothing will feel worse than betraying yourself.
Darling please, let’s promise each other, that on those lowest moments, on those darkest nights, when we feel like no one will love us ever, we’ll think of our achievements, even if they were something that feels so small and insignificant, like eating one cookie less or getting out of bed, if we were proud of them they matter and so do we. So do we.

And let’s promise each other we’ll think of our families, or about the friends we’ve had and that even though it always felt like we were the second choice, we were a choice, so they wanted us in their lives. Let’s think of the stranger we once helped, and think that maybe they remember us. Let’s think of the things that we love, and let’s think about the fact that the CO2 we expel from our lungs feed plants and bacteria and that we matter. That we have done some good in this world and that hopefully we’ll be able to do some more. That everything will be all right someday as long as we keep going.
Darling, let’s promise each other, that though we are strangers that may have never met, I’ll love you and you’ll love me, and we’ll think about each other sometimes, because we understand each other so perfectly, because I know that voice in your head as well as you know the ache in my bones and the tiredness of my eyelids, and we’ll keep on existing and breathing and loving and not giving up no matter how many times our heart breaks because we know they are not alone in breaking and so maybe, just maybe, they will not be alone in healing either because we will have each other to think of, to remember and to smile through the tears together.

being a history major


  • spies
  • know two entire dates and everybody thinks you’re the shit
  • All The Gay™
  • period dramas
  • Hamilton


  • you know too much
  • everyone dies
  • historical inaccuracies
  • The Research Rabbithole 
  • everyone thinks it’s boring
  • ain’t war hell
  • umm actually
  • niche interests 
  • nobody gets your references
  • Hamilton
Thor Ragnarok/Loki imagines - I see you

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AN: I’m really going back to my roots here. Marvel was always what I wrote most and what I started this page with. Thor Ragnarok makes me feel really old as I look back on the many years I’ve been writing fan fiction. Loki is and will always be my main first love. Thor Ragnarok may not have been as serious as previous Thor Movies but I still adored it and Loki stole my heart like he does every time he’s on the screen. I came up with this mid movie and I couldn’t pull my phone out to write the idea down so thank god I remembered it. Also, some of the dialogue between Thor and Loki is not word for word, it’s just what I remember.

I might turn this into a series where I start from the first Thor then lead the story up to Ragnarok. Tell me your thoughts on this. 

Summary: You have always been Loki’s rock and when Hela comes for Asgard, Loki wants to go back for you but won’t admit that. You are see-er and that meant you could see where Loki is at all times, but when you can’t, you start to panic. 

Pairing(s): Loki x reader

Word count: 1,106

Warnings: Spoilers. 

When Heimdall was exiled from the city, you chose to go with him. You had seeing powers much like he did however yours differed in a way that Heimdall found interesting. 

He was your mentor and when Odin banished him, you had to go with him as he was like a father to you. 

However, this meant leaving Loki behind. 

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