and that that means they will never be alone

One does not see who they are in the shadow of night, it is only in the warmth of the sun do we see who we really are. Just because you feel cold and alone in this season of life, it does not mean that the sun will never rise again. Beloved, it’s darkest before the dawn, so hold on, you will feel the warmth of love once again.
—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now
Stockholm Syndrome: part 3

Part 1 / Part 2

After Michael had left, you were left alone with your thoughts. You couldn’t even believe the situation you were in: Kidnapped. Like actually kidnapped. You would always watch TV and see news about girls going missing but you had never thought that it would happen to you. 

A chill ran up your spine as you realized the conditions of the basement around you. You assessed everything that was around you, trying to think of a way to escape. The walls were made up of gray bricks, meaning you can’t punch your way out. The floor was concrete, ruining any escape plan that involved digging The pipes in the room, like the one you were leaning against, was leaking. You started to cry again, this time fully aware of what was happening to you. On the floor was a single sheet, laid out nearly near the furnace. 

“Am I meant to sleep on this!?” You screamed out, knowing that they didn’t give a shit. 

When you didn’t get a response you just huffed and dragged yourself over to your “bed." 

You tried your hardest to get comfortable, but you couldn’t on the account that your hands and feet were tied together. 

After finally finding a good spot to rest without cutting off the circulation in your hands, you found it hard to sleep. You stared at the ceiling. 


That’s what it was. 

Gray like the walls and floor of this room. 

Gray like Michael and Calum’s hearts. 

Gray like the person you knew you’d have to become if you wanted to survive here. 

The thoughts racing through your mind was enough to put you to sleep. 

You were woken up by the horrendous sound of your stomach growling. 

You groggily sat up trying to figure out what time of day it was. 

"It’s 11:30,” You heard a voice behind you. 

You spun around to see Michael, in all of his punk rock glory. He was wearing basketball shorts, a Motley Crüe tank top, and a SnapBack. 

You cursed yourself for still thinking he was hot even after what he’s done to you. 

“Just wanted to come down and check on you,” He said before turning around and walking back up the stairs. 

“Thanks,” You replied, wanting nothing more than to stretch your arms out. 

“I brought you some clothes,” Michael said, putting them down next to you and pulling a switchblade out of his pocket. “Calum said that I could cut your ties so you could get dressed but after that they go back on." 

You nodded your head, not caring that your hands would be tied again. All you wanted was to stretch your body out. 

Michael cut the lies behind your back and then the ones around your ankles. 

You stood up, finally stretching your aching limbs. You walked around the room trying to get used to using your legs again. 

"Hurry up and get dressed.” Michael said, the gleam of the switchblade in his hand forced you back into reality. The reality that said you were a victim and could be killed any second. 

You grabbed the pile of clothes trying to figure out what was what. 

“Uh Michael? These are awfully big" 

"Oh yeah, they’re mine,” He said rubbing the back of his neck. “We didn’t have any girl clothes so Calum told me to just give you some of mine,” he finished. 

“Oh, ok” you said not really caring. All you wanted to do was get out of your sweaty dirty clothes. 

Calum came down the stairs looking at the two of you. “Good job Michael,” He said giving him a clap to the back. 

“Where am I supposed to change?” You asked looking between the two of them. 

“This isn’t a 4 star hotel princess, change right here,” Calum said annoyed at the fact you would ask that. 

“What!? I don’t want to get changed in front of you two!" 

"Too bad, change now or else we’ll make you change,” Calum said taking a step towards you. 

“Michael?” You asked hoping he would help you out. 

“Michael!” Calum yelled in his ear.

“Get dressed now!” Michael yelled louder than Calum. 

With trembling hands, you slid off your t-shirt and shorts, your back facing Michael and Calum. Tears streamed down your face as you quickly re-dressed yourself not wanting them to see you in a vulnerable state. 

You turned around shaking and on the verge of hyperventilating. 

“Tie her up alright?” Calum said walking back up the stairs, but not before looking back to make sure Michael didn’t go easy on you. 

He roughly sat you down and yanked your arms behind your back. Not able to locate your hands because of Michael’s long-sleeved shirt, he just tied the rope around your sweater paws. 

Calum nodded in approval and went upstairs after seeing Michael tie your ankles together. As soon as the door shut, Michael grabbed you and pulled you into a hug. 

“I’m so sorry,” Michael whispered in your ear. “I didn’t want you to do that. I would’ve left, but Calum came down. I’m so sorry,” Michael rushed out running your back gently. 

Why was he doing this? Why was he being so nice to you? He fucking kidnapped you!? If he wanted to be nice he wouldn’t have kidnapped you in the first place! 

Michael let you go searching your eyes for any emotion. You kept a blank face. If Michael was going to be your saving grace, he was going to have to prove it, and until then, you would stick to your plan; earn their trust and then kill them. 

After Michael had let you go, he looked into your eyes, and for a moment you felt like he wasn’t the villain he had made himself out to be. He was a human, a human being who cared for other human beings. For a moment, there was fear in his eyes. You weren’t sure if it was fear for himself or fear for your well-being. 

“I’ll be back down soon, I promise. I’ll try and make your stay here as painless as possible.” And with that he was gone; up the stairs and out the door. 

You sat there trying to make out what the fuck just happened. You had only been here for two days and already everything was more confusing than when you first arrived. 

Suddenly, the thought of your family and friends panicking over you entered your mind. They were probably frantically searching for you. Y/f/n was probably frantic, probably blaming herself. After all, you did say you were gonna be back in 15 minutes and then joked that you’d get kidnapped. For fucks sake, you practically predicted your future. A sob escaped your mouth. 

“Y/F/N!” You screamed desperately, hoping that your friend would hear their name. You knew that it was futile but it was worth a shot. 

You heard some shuffling upstairs. The door swung open and you saw Calum’s silhouette in the doorway. Preparing for the worst, you didn’t even notice when the door shut and a pair of gentle hands untied your wrists. You looked up to see Michael. 

“Listen to me. When I say you have to follow the rules, you have to follow the rules.” He said, allowing you to sit down then sat down in front of you. “I’m trying my best to help you out here, but you can’t just be acting like this all the time! That’s why I’m down here instead of Calum. Because of your outburst, you were supposed to get some more kicks to he stomach, but I told him I would come down here and watch you." 

Your eyes went wide. why would Michael do that? 

"I’m sorry,” You said. 

Why were you apologizing? You were the one who was kidnapped. 

“Calum’s going away on ‘business’ for the next few days so it’ll be just me and you. You can walk around without your bounds, but when he comes back you’ll have to cooperate okay?" 

You nodded your head. 

"He’s leaving tomorrow, if you can make it through the night, then it can just be me and you and you can ask me any question you want and I’ll try my best to answer them.”

 "Can I ask you one now?“ You asked. 

He nodded his head yes. 

"Are there more than two of you?” You remembered hearing about there being more than just Michael and Calum and you wanted to know who else. 

Michael rubbed the back of his neck looking anywhere but your face. 

“Yeah,” he said not looking you in the eye. 

“Who are they?” You inquired. 

Again Michael refuses to look at your eyes 

“Michael,” you asked making him look you in the eyes, “Who are they?" 

"Well you know the recent spike in kidnappings?" 

"Yeah?” You answered, afraid of what he would say next. 

“And you know how you always end up seeing the girls bodies washed up on a beach a week later?" 

Tears brimmed your eyes as you slowly nodded your head yes. 

"Well, it’s the two guys who are responsible for the deaths of all those girls,” he continued. “I met Calum first and then he introduced me to them and the rest, as they say, was history,” he finished looming at your now horror stricken face.

“Y/n?” He asked waving his hand in front of your face. 

“So you were the reason, those girls were murdered?” You asked, staring at the floor.

“No!” He answers immediately. “I had nothing to do with them, they were doing that without me knowing. It wasn’t until one day I followed Calum to some sketchy-looking building and saw a girl tied to a chair. There were two other guys surrounding her. I couldn’t see what they looked like, but one of them was really tall with blonde hair and the other was slightly shorter with semi long brown hair." 

You nodded your head letting him know you were still listening. 

"Long story short, they saw me and Calum had to save my ass, and ever since then, I have been with them. I’ve never killed anyone and I’ve never caused harm to anyone. I’ve just never saved anyone, that is until I saw you.”

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Maybe Troye has a secret boyfriend that we don't know about. I mean, we don't know everything about their life. Look at him now, he's in Sydney, but we don't have other info.. maybe he's with someone, maybe he's alone..who knows

He’s working on album stuff. Tbh if I lived in Sydney and Troye was my boyfriend I would have already broken up with him because that little shit connects from Perth to LA through Sydney all the time but never stops by to say hello.

And anyway, Troye is the only person who could be Connor’s boyfriend, so it must be Connor. It’s just a process of elimination.

I think the hardest part about everything is that you left and you didn’t mourn me. I mourned you. You were my world, my everything, and now you’ll be everything to someone else, and I’ll be nothing to you. But I’ll still remember all the nights you said I had you, and everything would be okay. But now that you’re gone does that mean things will no longer be okay? You say you don’t know what to say but you sure know what to do to make me feel like I’m dying. I never thought the lips that once kissed me would say “I don’t love you anymore” even though we both know that’s not true, because it can’t be, right? I understand because I would leave me if I were you. Because I’m sad and worthless and alone. But it’s okay now because I can see you happy, from a distance and even though I’m not the one making you smile, I’m just glad that you’re happy. I’m truly thankful because you showed me what it’s like to be loved and I know not to settle for anything less than the butterflies you gave me. I wouldn’t subtract all the times you looked into my eyes and said I was the only one for you, and I wouldn’t take away the late night phone calls where I would listen to you breathe and I wouldn’t change the time we spent together because I am so glad to have been in your life, even for a short time. I’ll always love you.
—  Where did my purpose go

You know that moment when your muse finds that someone he’s willing to fight anyone who tries to be a shithead to them. Yea. Dark may have found that friend. brxssy
Then Anti who my goodness he loves so much, he’d fight hell on earth to keep him safe. I mean of course Anti can fight his battles too but Dark isn’t letting him do it alone. Not at all. booper-dooper-everybody
And then the moment your muse finds them, because of course we’re talking about the puppy and he’d never admit to this little family he’s built. And my goodness it would break him if either of them tried to get rid of him or both, because you wouldn’t need to worry then about the fans who believed he’d be sulky and moody. He acts like a puppy and yea the most adorable lil shit. But he adores them, looks up to them. One more then the other, because he doesn’t leave dark on his own and then can’t do shit because you left him in the place. Puppy alone, never good. Learn this. No matter the size. sxptic and markiplierindie
Then her. Kate (idk) first ever friend and back story to dark. He would please if people not talk about this. I’ve forgotten the URL whoops.

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OMG, how is it different? Lets move along the ship scale here from crack ship to OTP Ship. Merle and Beth never shared a 1 on 1 scene, Rick/Beth barely ever had a convo and no real story arcs together other than being in the same group, then we have Beth/Daryl with a handful of epis in S4 bonding alone just them( I mean vulnerable Daryl crying/talking about himself y'all that led all the way to hand holding/bridal carries & Oh), then all of Daryl's S5 arc was about finding and loosing Beth.

THANK YOU! Dear god I love you.


there isn’t a character in DA that I don’t like.

I mean yeah Corypheus is the villain, and probably the least lovable of them all. But that was the intention when the writers built his traits and behavior. BUT he is a decently written character, and his ‘goals’, if you will, never change. When faced with defeat, he finds alternative ways of accomplishing what he’s set out to do. He doesn’t give up until he is ultimately defeated in the final battle. 

Sampson didn’t turn to Corypheus due to his ego and addiction alone. He didn’t agree with how the Chantry handled the whole templar deal, and in his eyes, Corypheus offered a better solution for what he thought their problem was. Even if he knew it wasn’t the ‘just’ thing to do, he saw no other option. His addiction doesn’t make him a villain. Period.

Sera. She joins the inquisition to give the ‘little people’ a say in the fight. She has no intentions of using her position to sway things for her own personal gain. As far as her ‘immaturity’ goes, none of the inquisitors come from the same background as her. Trevelyan comes from a noble family. Lavellan comes from a dalish clan, yes they dealt with prejudice and racism, however they didn’t face the poverty and same prejudices as city elves. They were free to as they please inside their clans and had little interaction with those outside of the dalish. Adaar is  born into the Tal Vashoth, the other qunari see them as a savage and have no high opinions of them, but they still live in a community of their own with their own social order. To my knowledge, Sera didn’t live in an elven alienage, she lived on the streets and made her own way. No one to help her. She saw the realities of lives less fortunate than those of the nobles and even the commoners. Her concern was for the defenseless, not herself. All she wanted was for things to go back to the way they had been before the breach opened. She knew she couldn’t bring them out of poverty, but she was going to do everything she could to make sure that was the biggest concern. Not having to deal with the world ending on top of worrying where their next meal would come from or where they would sleep if it rained.

Solas had good intentions. He went about them in the wrong way, but still they were good intentions. (not going into detail about him because I’ve seen a trillion posts on why he isn’t a bad character)

Cullen sees the error of his ways, and works to fix them. He gives his all to the inquisition while battling lyrium withdrawals, and self loathing. 

During my first playthrough, Vivienne was a character i didn’t really care for. In my opinion she was self serving. But that opinion changed by the end of the game and through my second playthrough. Her concern is for the mages. She knows a circle can be a horrible place for one to live out their lives. But having no structure at all is worse in her eyes. 

Bottom line is that no character is with out flaws, No character is completely one sided and emotionless. 

(I know i skipped characters, but there is more controversy over these than the others. And everything in this is my opinion and how I interpreted their flaws. I know there will be people who don’t agree with this and I’m not trying to force my view points down others throats. This is just a list of why I don’t think any of the characters are ‘bad’.) 

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These pictures that you take are amazing and so beautiful. I really love your work but I was wondering why you never took pictures of people? I mean you have their backs but none of their faces. Is there a reason?

First off, thanks for the question. Always interested to hear what people have to say about the photos I post. My photos typically centre around landscapes because I use the time to reflect on life or to think on a decision I must make… all of which, i’d rather do alone. In saying that, I do occasionally go exploring with friends (mainly deeplovephotography and atreeasoldasme) and find the composition of them or anyone walking/wandering more appealing than a facial, body, etc shot. Though, when I have time this fall, I’d love to broaden my photography and experiment a bit

I mean like come on I love Jasper to death she is my favorite gem by far but she has done so many awful things in 2 episodes alone and we can only infer she is only gonna do more damage.

While the worst thing Lars has done is that he has been moody and mean. He’s never physically hurt anyone or threatened to kill nor has he kidnapped anyone. He just has issues I mean really.


Lauren talking with a fan 10.25.13 +

Now that’s how being a role model is done.

things I want the zodiac signs to know
  • Aries:it's okay to be insecure, everyone has insecurities and I know everyone expects you to be hot and ambitious but you're entitled to your feelings
  • Taurus:I know it's hard to open up to people but if you never let people in you miss great opportunities and end up alone
  • Gemini:you don't have to hide how you really feel, everyone expects you to always be goofy and okay with everything, it's okay to let people know you're upset
  • Cancer:just because people don't reply or don't make effort to make plans doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with you
  • Leo:don't dwell too much on what people think of you and recognize that you are more than your looks
  • Virgo:don't let people take advantage of you because of your kindness and willingness to give to others.
  • Libra:it's okay to be indecisive, you shouldn't make any decisions that you know are going to hurt you in the future
  • Scorpio:I know that you're angry because you feel like no one understands or doesn't listen to you but it's not true, you are very well heard and you don't have to scream when you're hurt
  • Sagittarius:commitment is terrifying for you, I know, but when you meet that special someone and you have the urge to run away, stick with them because it will make you happy. opening up is okay.
  • Capricorn:you don't have to be good at everything and always have it together. people breakdown at some point and it's completely normal
  • Aquarius:you're allowed to have opinions and express them to people without being hated, you don't have to hide what you really think
  • Pisces:understand that some people do not fully see the way that you think and perceive others. not everyone is as empathetic and caring as you will be.
My Status on each character after OITNB Season 3
  • Taystee:You just gotta accept it now you the Mom sweetheart
  • Black Cindy:Girl take a shower
  • Soso:You're still kind of annoying but it's ok bb we love you
  • Sophia:You deserved fucking better Jesus Christ leave her alone
  • Daya:Sweetie you have been through way too much but MAMA IS TRYING TO HELP YOU LET HER DEAR LORD
  • Stella:Unlucky love.
  • Norma:I have no idea what's going on in your head but people worshipping you was not something I expected
  • Leanne:I was so fucking wrong about you
  • Piper:What. The. Actual. Fuck.

I had many brothers and sisters. And fathers and mothers. And even a strange little green uncle. I don’t have that home now. I don’t have that family. Almost every friend I’ve ever had is dead. I… I’ve never thought about it in exactly those terms, before. It nearly took my breath away, just now. Almost every friend I’ve ever had is dead. Most killed by Sith evil. And I’ve never lived without the Jedi Order to fall back on, to help me when things went badly. What does it mean to be a Jedi alone?

the signs as Haikyuu!! quotes

Aries - “Do you need a reason to not want to lose?”

Taurus - “You don’t win alone. That’s just how it is.”

Gemini - “Because people don’t have wings… We look for ways to fly.”

Cancer - “Even if we’re not confident that we’ll win, even if others tell us we don’t stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that.”

Leo - “Being weak means that there is a room to grow.”

Virgo - “Being the best decoy ever is as cool as being the ace.”

Libra - “We’ll never win if we don’t believe we can.”

Scorpio - “It’s true that I’m not very tall. However! I can jump!”

Sagittarius - “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Capricorn - “So long as I am here, you will be the strongest.”

Aquarius - “If you stay on your hands and knees, that proves that you are weak.”

Pisces - “If you want to be the last one standing, become strong.”

  • What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she means:The raptors and the Indominus in Jurassic World were kept in complete isolation from both each other and others of their species. The raptors, highly intelligent animals seemingly almost sapient, most likely have a completely different language that they use between each other, much like Orcas. They would make similar calls, but their language system would have been different from every other velociraptor pack. Then the Indominus, regardless of her velociraptor DNA, wouldn't have been able to communicate with Owen's pack, let alone recognize what the raptors even were. It had never seen nor heard velociraptors before, so it doesn't make sense that when she suddenly happens upon them they would be able to have a conversation. Also, why would the pterosaurs go after people after being freed from the Aviary? Why would a panicked animal that was experiencing the outside world for the first time go towards a very large and noisy crowd of humans? Their beaks and 'feet' seem more designed to be catching fish and smaller prey. Them being able to lift and fly away with a 200 lb human just does not seem physically possible, not to mention that those animals had probably never seen humans as a food source in and of themselves.


The queen of mean, the clown that was crowned. One of, if not the most polished, funny and consistent queen to ever grace RuPaul’s Drag Race. Bianca currently holds the record for being the first and only queen to NEVER fall into the bottom 3 and receive a low score in any challenge in the history of Drag Race, let alone have to lip sync for her life.

Prior to the show, Bianca was the most in-demand drag MC in the NYC and New Orleans scenes. After her win, with a now reported and rumoured $5,000 booking fee, Bianca has performed close to 100 events in 2015 alone so far according to her website, including her constantly sold out “Rolodex of Hate” comedy tour, and begins filming her starring role in the independent film “Hurricane Bianca” in July! 

Wish nothing but continued success in her 40′s to this truly inspiring, influential, kind, funny, mean, hateful BITCH

“Bibliotherapy”—using books and written word as a form of therapy—was first coined in the early 1900s, but even if you’ve never thrown that word around before, you likely know its power. Books help us navigate anxiety, depression, loneliness, and not simply by giving us a means of escape, but by widening our view. I feel all alone in my choices, but what if I’m not? Books help us to be bold, be curious, be ourselves.

As someone who was as recently as last month looking for a therapist, it was reassuring to be reminded of the power of books to comfort, heal, and promote change. Sometimes I think us readers take this gift for granted, or at least I do.

“This gift that you gave me for my birthday. You never got to tell me why you gave it to me or what it means… but I think I know. I think that you appreciate that there are extraordinary men and women and extraordinary moments when history leaps forward on the backs of these individuals. That what can be imagined can be achieved. That you must dare to dream, but that there’s no substitute for perseverance and hard work–and teamwork–because no one gets there alone.”

Hey Taylor

(My name is Emily incase you didn’t know)

I just want to say thank you so much for this past week, I cannot believe that you followed me, liked two of my posts and saved a picture of me and my best friend to your camera roll. I literally cannot wait for Saturday to see you at Hyde Park and I know you’re going to slay it. I have been a fan since my early teens when I heard love story on the radio but didn’t see you perform live until last year on the RED tour. We had nose bleed tickets but it was amazing, as soon as you came on stage I cried because I was so overwhelmed, the mean speech really touched me. I now know that I am never alone in what I am feeling and  whenever I feel alone I turn to your music and remember that Im not. The RED tour honestly changed my outlook on life, and I will never forget it.

I preordered 1989 and when it arrived in October I played it non stop, the prologue was so motivating and just made me realise how much other peoples opinions of me do not matter! I feel like since October (and since I joined Tumblr and read your advice) I have become so much stronger, I used to get  upset about things that people would mindlessly say and now I don’t even care, I know that their opinions do not define me. Like you say people change and I want you to know that I have changed and grown stronger every single day since you released 1989 and thats thanks to you. I started University this September so there was no better time for me to come into my own so I could really put myself out there and have fun. Im excited to hear the Clean speech because I have been avoiding watching the whole thing and I know that its going to change my outlook on life and help me develop as a person even further. Im getting really emotional writing this haha but I just want you to know how much your follow, likes and lurking means to me, Taylor Swift the person who has unknowingly guided me through life knows who I am (I think?) and it means the world.

There is literally so many things you have helped me with and I could go on forever but I wont because I don’t want to bore you haha. Im really glad that you liked the picture of me and my best friend (who is also called Emily) dressed up as Arsyn and Catastrophe because her friendship means the world to me (She is one of those rare people that just pour out kindness, you are one of these people haha) and I couldn’t picture experiencing the 1989 tour with any one else! Any way good luck with every single tour date (not that you need it) and I know you will continue to thrive because we all love you so much, See you on Saturday, From Emily! xxxx