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I dun got tagged

The most beautiful person i know @hella-gay-trash has tagged me for this so i must answer Sam’s request.

Name: Daria (horrid name i know)

Gender: One of the female variety.

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5’3”

Sexuality: Bisexual. I like both genders. Girls are pretty as boys are pretty.

Hogwarts house: Most quizzes say Hufflepuff but Pottermore tells me I am a Gryfindor, unfortunately.

Favourite animal: FOXES, cats, small puppies, bats…

Average hours of sleep: 4-6 hours. Full time college student pls km

cats or dogs: cats. Though i love dogs like huskies, norwegian elkhounds, and shepards- i am allergic to them ;n;

dream trip: norway, france (would kill for some of their jams and candies) or maybe even Germany. Also Seattle.

dream job: gallery owner, painter (i suck at painting tho), tattoo artist (i have a knack for it apparently), video game character designer. Sometimes i think about photography since my dad is a photographer- but i am not good at that either. So something artistic.

when I made this blog: 3000 years ago during my freshman year of highschool. It was in my math class on my friend’s phone lol.

reasons for my URL: Mystic- mystic messenger, pumpkin- i bought a bobble headed pumpkin at the store because he spoke to my soul, idol- i played a game where you dated a boy from a idol group. Forgot what it was called.

My victims:

@greatwestern-chimera @connanro-chan @gayass-skeletons

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I s w e a r if people try to say shit like “Oh now everyone’s gonna want that as a tattoo” to the people who want LO(S)VER as a tattoo to try and discourage them I’ll fucking fight. So what if a lot of people want it on their skin?? Maybe it means something to them, maybe they just want it for the hell of it, either way it’s none of your business. Also, how many people have fucking infinity tattoos?? Or Deathly Hallows tattoos?? Get the fuck out my face


i could do this all day. | bucky version.

The Actual Definition of a ‘Bro Tat’



NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 1: The first words you and your bro said to each other.

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 2: A ship and a goddamn compass in case your bro gets lost.

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 3: Birds that have eyebrows like you and your bro, and a matching bird on your bro.

Birds don’t even have eyebrows…

“Cool sparrow, bro!’

‘You too, bro!”

“It’s, like, totally my favourite bird, bro.”

“Bro! Mine too!”

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 4: WhateverTF this means. No bromo!

“Like a moth to a flame, bro, get it? Like, you’re my flame.”


NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 5: Padlock and key, because your bro holds the key to your heart.

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 6: A heart and arrow, because it felt like cupid literally shot you in the heart that first time you saw your bro and then peed on him by accident. And just in case the padlock and key wasn’t literal enough. Gotta be crystal clear, bro.

“Get it? Heart on my sleeve, bro.”

“Nice, bro.”

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 7: A rose and dagger in the same place. Because it’s, like, totally broconic.  

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 8: A rope and anchor tat because your bro keeps you grounded.

“Bro, make sure there’s a break in the rope so everyone knows you can knot it through my anchor, bro.”

“Good idea, bro!”

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 9: The fucking first words you and your bro said to each other.

“I love you, bro. Homo.”

“Thanks, bro. You mean ‘no homo’?”

“No, bro. Like, full homo.”


good luck leading your team to victory, captain (and happy birthday)