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First digital art I’ve done in about 3+ years, I think. Still figuring out a bunch of things (it took me over an hour to even set up my tablet at all and actually get drawing), but here’s a test sketch of Lyn!

@blogthegreatrouge this was the thing i was talking aboot.

I see NG!Aren as an electric architect in a game. He levels up with EXP in technology.

LV1 - Can only summon explosive crayons from his small bag through electrical surge

LV15 - Gains more experience and starts to build things. His attack is creating large electric brushes with his goggles

LV20 - He replace his arms with mechanical ones. The middle sphere on his chest replaced his heart, so that’s his weakness point. He attacks with plasma paint balls and can walks on metal walls.

Fanart for you!

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((This is amazing and I hope you know that ))

people who bring out the best in you // people who bring out the worst in you

aries: cancer & virgo
taurus: libra & leo
gemini: virgo & capricorn
cancer: capricorn & sagittarius
leo: gemini & cancer
virgo: sagittarius & taurus
libra: scorpio & pisces
scorpio: aquarius & pisces
sagittarius: aries & aquarius
capricorn: taurus & aries
aquarius: gemini & scorpio
pisces: leo & libra


aries: sagittarius & libra
taurus: scorpio & sagittarius
gemini: aquarius & pisces
cancer: libra & taurus
leo: aries & virgo
virgo: cancer & aquarius
libra: capricorn & leo
scorpio: aries & gemini
sagittarius: taurus & pisces
capricorn: gemini & scorpio
aquarius: leo & cancer
pisces: virgo & capricorn

did some thinking
we know episode 1 is called “roger”
(still feels euphoric to actually know something that big for sure)
hinting that roger is going to be at the center of episode 1
what big event happens with roger at the beginning of the golden compass?
his disappearance
so i went back and did some math
roger disappears at the end of chapter 3 of book one
there are 8 episodes in series 1 of hdm
there are 23 chapters in the golden compass
3 times 8 is 24
so that means roughly 3 chapters per episode of the first series (with some room to breath which can only be good)
this math fits too well for the show to be the mini-series that includes the whole trilogy like some sites still claim so i’m still convinced that the 5 series, 40 episodes “rumor”/plan is true, if still not officially confirmed
counting on the same math - that also means that episode 1 will end with the cliffhanger of lyra meeting mrs coulter for the first time (which is how chapter 3 ends in the book) and if that’s true i will lose my shit


When it finally hits you that you went from making casual jokes about pie to inserting yourself into someone’s harem and then threatening to kill said harem in a battle royal over said pie…

The Signs As Curse Words/Phrases
  • Aries: fucking hell
  • Taurus: ah shit
  • Gemini: asshole
  • Cancer: god-fucking-damn it
  • Leo: asstastic
  • Virgo: oh crap
  • Libra: damn it
  • Scorpio: fuck it all
  • Sagittarius: go to hell
  • Capricorn: fuck you buddy
  • Aquarius: jesus fucking christ
  • Pisces: oh gosh darn it