and that starts with these two


Mel and I take turns in picking series or films to watch together before our weekly skype meetings and so we’ve been watching Eccentric Family for the past two months or so (even if it’s only 13 episodes) We finished it last weekend and I totally recommend it! It’s has a really nice pace and it’s funny and emotional and kinda wacky?
Also, I love Yajirou..

(I posted some process scans, as requested)

Today on ‘Nerdy’s wild theorycrafting proves correct every once in a while’

‘’It seems the Spider-Man: Homecoming footage shown at CinemaCon featured Tony Stark upbraiding Tom Holland’s Spider-Man for being reckless and destructive.
According to Feige, the idea for how to introduce Spider-Man into the MCU is to play up the fact that Peter Parker’s been there the whole time, as he would’ve been roughly five or six at the time that Tony Stark revealed himself as Iron Man. 

A mistake by Spidey during a ferry rescue scene prompts Iron Man to show up and make the actual save.  Peter’s struggle prompts Tony to take the Spider-Man costume/armor back as he tells Peter he “shouldn’t need it to be Spider-Man.” As such, Peter suits back up in the homemade costume briefly seen in Captain America: Civil War. ‘’

Emphasis mine and BRUH I CALLED IT Y E A H 


‘’It seems Watts wants to show Peter yearning to be an Avenger and operate on a larger scale but his journey in Homecoming will be about him learning to just take care of NYC.  At one point, Tony literally tells him, “Can’t you just be a friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man?”

when you want to cringe at that line but you also want to applaud it


Darkest Before Dawn by JennaLee

     rated NC17
     82,763 words; 16 chapters
     angst, romance, smut, fluff // serious injuries, near death experiences
     [ Hidden and repressed feelings come to the surface when a catastrophic accident makes Arin and Dan realize how fleeting life can be.]

There had been no time to think. No time to react. It all happened so fast.

Arin learned later that there had been four shots fired, but somehow he only heard one. All the noise blurred together into a hellish roar. A bullet did hit the intended victim in the arm, and he had started to run - in their direction. Two shots missed when the attacker fired after him.

The fourth had hit Dan.

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

other ya characters: this guy…he’s so dark and mysterious, the way he just hurts everyone around him…including me. i’ve cried so much since i’ve met him, but no no he’s just misunderstood, you don’t understand him! and sure i’ve only known him for 2 days and he has a million secrets, but i’d forfeit my life for his

inej ghafa: kaz is a literal piece of crap. he treats everyone badly, and though he’s never treated me horribly, i still won’t give in unless he shows me he can be more than all of this. until then i’ll be out saving the world because my goals are obviously more important than a relationship

PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.


There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…

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lance,,, Keith,,,, the lights of my life,,,, where are your shades or safety glasses on that motorcycle,,,, you will get dirt or rocks in your eyes,,, (I'm not trying to be rude and point out mistakes btw. this isn't meant to offend in anyway, I'm just trying to encourage good safety procedures. I see a lot of art where they don't have things covering their eyes and that's really dangerous)

Bonus from

LMAO, it is so true, noni!!
No offense taken at all, you are absolutely right XD
 and safety is the most important part (and keith should know it)


An afternoon date~

and a bonus


Every time these two are put together for some reason, it looks like they’re awkwardly flirting. And Kookie can barely look Jimin in the eye, always looking away and even turning away.

That hair flip though, like, okay Jimin that’s totally not obvious.
Kook is it really necessary to slide your hand over his chest every chance you get? And in public too?