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Ruin the Friendship

“Let me paint your body with my lips.” 

A/N: I am living for Demi Lovato’s new album. I relate strongly to a lot of it (I’m fucked up I know.) But yeah. I heard Ruin the Friendship and immediately wanted to write something along the lines of that. So, if you have spotify I suggest you stream the song while listening. If ya want ;) 

Warnings: Cussing, heavy make out session, mentions of smut buuutttt i didn’t write it out (sorry guys)

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The shorts resting on your hips hung lowly while you read a book on your bed. Something about mermaids… You couldn’t really remember as you were already feeling oh so distracted by one of your roommates down the hall. 

The Avenger’s facility has thick walls and monstrous sized bedrooms that allowed you to scream your frustrations out into your room without any guilt. So that’s exactly what you did. 

Bucky lived in the bedroom beside you, and you couldn’t get him off of your mind. Ever since you moved in, you two almost became inseparable. He took a liking to you and you, him. 

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Hello you lovely being!!! Could I get like a few headcannons for Kuroo, Bokuto, Teru, and Mastun with their "THICC" girl friend. I myself am a thicker girl and I don't tend to see some of these. Thanks so much and your writing is heaven on earth. ❤️👏🏻

THICC GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO. I hope you enjoy these, sweetie! I tried to make them a little different from the few I had written about before.

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • This boy is just so freaking in love with her body and he has no qualms about telling her so no matter where they are or what they’re doing. His baby needs to feel loved and he’s going to make sure that she has no doubts about how much he adores and cherishes her!
    • Like seriously, it’ll probably just come up in conversation or something. Almost completely natural and it makes everyone kinda pause and have to think about what he said as he just slyly moves on to the next subject. Like did he just say he loves her thighs around his waist to then start talking about the baking soda volcano he did last night?
    • Oh, and of course, he’s always got his hand on her thigh or on her hip, fingers subtly kneading into the flesh there. It’s not really something he does consciously either, he just loves her body so much he just finds himself NEEDING to constantly touch it.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • Okay, like seriously, this boy is already handsy enough, could you imagine if he had a girl that he could REALLY grab onto??? He’s always have his arms around her waist, pressing her body against his own every chance he got. And the kisses would be nonstop!
  • And when they’re at home - at his house or hers - they’d totally curl up together on the love seat completely smashed against each other. Big muscles and supple skin without anything between them as they watch movies all night long.
    • Dude, it’s just expected at this point, like their parents aren’t even concerned or bothered anymore. They know what’s coming, Same for friends when they all hang out. Save the love seat for the love birds cause they gotta get their cuddling in!

Terushima Yuuji

  • I 100 percent believe that this boy looks at essentially no other girls but the thicc ones. I mean, this boy throws on the whole player attitude, but he knows who the good girls are to fall asleep next to and cuddle with in the morning!
    • Seriously, he just adores laying his head on any part of her body. They’re out in the park, okay, he’ll rest his head on her tummy. They’re at home watching the TV show they’ve been keeping up on every week, he’s got his head in her lap. They’re waking up together in the morning, better damn believe he’s got his face in her bosom!
  • And boy is he good at that leering look! She’ll never have to worry about feeling self-conscious, because his eyes will be sure to take all that away. He’ll always be checking her out from any angle he can! She’s got that nice dress on, oh! Would you look at that ass! What’s this, crop top? Damn girl, let him grope at those love handles!

Matsukawa Issei

  • This boy is just in so much love, it’s ridiculous. He’s always got his hand on her hip, which his fingers are always dipped under the waistband of whatever she decides to wear that day. And if she’s got anything with back pockets, better believe that his hand is buried deep inside it (does that sound vaguely dirty, lol???)
  • And he BRAGS too, seriously, all the time. Oikawa probably came around with a new girlfriend and he’d just stare before asking “but where do you keep your hands?” as though this boy random girl doesn’t have the right curves he’s looking for despite not being his girlfriend.
    • Lol, he might even display how to ‘properly hold a girl’ to Oikawa when she comes back around. Like, “learn from sensei” as he holds her close with his hands grabbing for whatever pieces of her he can get ahold of first. He doesn’t really explain anything to anyone, just expects everyone to realize that no one is better to hold and love than his girl.
Anatomy of a fight

Since I’m fresh off having seen The Force Awakens for the sixth time yesterday, I wanted to write an analysis of the fight scene and the dynamics of the action. It’s a really fascinating sequence, and it’s worth considering in detail.

It begins when Finn and Rey are confronted by Kylo Ren in the forest. He is dishevelled and wounded - blood leaks from his side, and he beats his fist against his injury to fuel his pain and rage. Finn and Rey are both disgusted and frightened by him, and Rey is impassioned when she calls him a monster - this ties back to the interrogation scene, where Rey referred to Kylo as a “creature in a mask”. While he attempted to undermine that impression then by removing his mask and revealing his human face, the Rey who faces Kylo at the film’s climax - the Rey who witnessed the murder of Han Solo - is wiser and has learned that monsters can have very human faces. And Kylo himself has dispensed with any niceties. He tells Finn and Rey that Han Solo cannot save them, positioning himself as a predator preparing to attack two helpless, orphaned children lost in the woods. It could hardly be more fairy tale-esque if it tried.

I’ve seen various people say that Kylo was attempting to murder Rey by flinging her back into a tree after she attempts to fire at him, and while it’s clearly a cruel and violent gesture I really don’t think that was his intention. I think he planned on stunning her, which is exactly what he achieved. Kylo is painfully aware of Rey’s burgeoning powers (thus the many brief scenes of him stalking around Starkiller Base looking for her and receiving updates from stormies - he is conscious that he needs to stop her, and stop her quickly), and he knows immediately that she needs to be removed from the equation. His only miscalculation is in not knocking her out thoroughly enough - he merely dazes her, leaving her semi-conscious.

I analyse what’s going on with the “TRAITOR!” moment thoroughly here, so won’t repeat myself. Suffice to say that Finn inspires a frightening pitch of rage and malice in Kylo, and that this comes through in how he fights him. Particularly striking is the moment when Kylo and Finn have locked lightsabers, with Finn pressed against the tree and the crossguard of Kylo’s lightsaber burning a hole into Finn’s shoulder. Kylo’s face is alive with sadistic pleasure and malice as Finn screams in pain, and that’s the scream that stirs Rey to consciousness. Kylo is utterly indulgent of all his darkest impulses with Finn, and he demonstrates not even the remotest flicker of pity or respect for his victim. By slicing Finn’s spine open, Kylo wants to damage and ruin him - it’s the ultimate payback for Finn’s treachery, in all its manifestations.

The scene where the lightsaber flies past Kylo to Rey is easily one of the most powerful moments in the film, and it’s stupendously played by the actors. They form a tableau against the snow, with Kylo seeming to move his arm in slow motion as he regards Rey with a strange mix of awe, wonder and disbelief. When he looks at her in the film, it’s the same moment where he says “it is you” to himself in the novelisation. He knows who she is, and is electrified by that knowledge.

The main fight between Rey and Kylo can be neatly divided into two stages: before and after the offer. Before, Rey is very much at a disadvantage - while her strength is extraordinary, her fear and inexperience are vividly on display, and she focuses most of her energies on putting distance between herself and Kylo. She’s constantly scrabbling up rock faces and staggering back, aware she needs the distance if she’s to stand a chance. For his part, Kylo fights mostly defensively when Rey attempts to strike him - he takes a few swipes at her feet, presumably to try and disable her, but isn’t truly on the offensive. His approach with Rey could hardly be more different from his approach with Finn - he shows no desire to destroy or humiliate her, only a need to stop her.

When they both reach the precipice, the moment is a filmed in a way that underlines Rey’s massive disadvantage and apparent helplessness. Her body is bent backwards, close to falling, from the power of Kylo’s blade pressing fiercely against hers. Her face is contorted with fear and despair, alight with terror, and Kylo is clearly on the brink of victory.

And this is when he makes what is perhaps his singlemost ruinous error of judgement. Instead of finishing the fight as logic dictates he should, he offers to become Rey’s teacher. There is no mention of Snoke or even the Dark side - Kylo is intent only on Rey, and the offer he makes is an offer made between the two of them. In short, Kylo is ruined by his self-indulgence - his regard for and fascination with Rey win out over his duty to Snoke. He selfishly wants her to himself, and his vanity and arrogance mean he thinks he has her in a position that will force her to submit.

When Rey closes her eyes she is clearly drawing on the Force for strength. Ridley’s performance is particularly brilliant here, with her face transmuting away from exquisite peace and serenity the moment she adopts an animalistic snarl. While the Light side of the Force enabled her to steady herself and resist Kylo’s temptation, the Dark side of the Force is what empowers her to strike back against Kylo with rage and fury. The Dark side is fuelled by passion, and that’s the word that best describes Rey in the second half of the fight. She is transformed by her rage, becoming unstoppable and relentless. She is slender and small, and her size alone should mean she doesn’t stand a chance - but she’s powered by something greater than herself, something that means she can wrestle with a man far stronger and taller than she is and overpower him. 

At the culmination of the fight, Rey’s approach to Kylo is disturbingly reminiscent of Kylo’s approach to Finn. They both appear to derive a kind of satisfaction from causing pain, dealing out unnecessary, brutal blows intended to scar, punish and humiliate their recipient. Rey didn’t need to brand Kylo’s face, but she clearly wanted to, even if only for the moment it took to make the strike - and that, I think, is the biggest hint we have about the direction that’s going to be taken in Episode VIII.

Right, that’s my latest bit of meta delivered for your reading pleasure! As always, this is just my interpretation - I welcome discussion, so would love for any of you to bounce your ideas off me. Let me know what you make of my take, and present your own!

What if...

I know this would be cringeworthy to many of you lol, but what if..

> Merc feels like Cinder betrayed him and sold him out..
> He helps RWB_ fighting Cinder not showing any friendship to them but only an urge for revenge
> in the process they would free Yang, she won’t be able to accept Merc and has no trust in him
> As the volume goes on, Merc starts getting attracted to Yang’s personality
> He tells her that Cinder/ Neo/ Em used illusion on both of them but she would still be mad at him
> He feels like he has to prove that he was sold out.. so he does a heroic action saving Yang, Ruby, or whoever falls in a close call with death
> He gets badly injured again
> Yang believes him and feels his change and gets attracted to him
> BOOM, a whole new Mercury.. and a new ship KICKs in C:

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Since when does shipping a heterosexual ship make you heterosexual lmao??? for a member of a website that tells people to stop throwing around baseless labels, that's lowkey hypocritical. As a queer person am I suddenly banned from shipping all het ships or else??? Be "outcasted" as a heterosexual??? Which is suddenly a dirty word??? Like?? Sorry lol I realize that I sound angrier than I am (I'm not at all lol just slightly incredulous) lmao I'm just trying to understand my guy

no, im pissed at heterosexuals that base romances on barely any interaction, no interaction, or eye contact.

its the str8s who think “FIGHTING IS A HEALTHY PART OF RELATIONSHIPS” that ship things like Jack x Ashi (because 1) ASHI IS TRYING TO KILL JACK 2)she’s a TEEN and Jack is 75)

there’s absolutely nothing wrong with shipping “het” ships, regardless of gender or sexuality (a lot of my ships are mxf, and im a demigirl and bi) but its mainly straight people that seem to ship unhealthy dynamics, i.e. ships that are pedophilic, and ships that could be abusive, which Jack x Ashi has both.

so when i call Jack x Ashi “heterosexual nonsense” I mean that because it’s an unhealthy ship, and straight ppl tend to see “relationships” in the most shallow of places.

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Send me a character and I'll answer these: Abeno-san! Aaaand are you still going to continue to update Of Wisterias and Wildflowers? I love it so much and I hope you'll write more for the Fukigen na Mononokean fandom. Kayyy, bye! <3

Thanks! I’m emotionally invested to this fandom so yeah, though I don’t know if I could write another fic coz I’m kinda busy and my writing skills isn’t really that good…but still thank you! I’ll try to update it if I have the time.

Sooo, Abeno-san!

1. sexuality headcanon: 

straight…but secretly gay for Ashiya, shhh…  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Abeno: “Ashiya,” huh? 

Ashiya: Yes, it’s Ashiya.

Abeno: *staaaares and then moves closely* 

Ashiya: Wh-what is it? *feels uncomfortable*

Abeno: Huh (he’s actually pretty cute up close). 

Ashiya: ?


2. OTP:

Abeno x Ashiya or Abeshiya with Abeno cherry on top

(though I don’t mind Ashiya topping but I prefer Abeno doing the plowing lol)

Oi that sounds really dirty to me Abeno-san. Possess Ashiya with what? snm toys perhaps?  ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) lol

3. brotp:

Abeno x Yahiko. 

Abeno: Yahiko, you…didn’t have those ears on your head when we met before.

Yahiko: Oh, these? They’re a bonus just for you. Cute, right?

Abeno: *please-don’t-hit-on-me-look-face* (Ashiya is looking…) 

Yahiko just STAHP

4. notp:

uh I don’t honestly ship Rippou x Abeno but it’s not like that I abhor their pairing, everyone is free to ship whoever they like after all ^_^

Abeno: If you’re planning to flirt with me, I’ll make sure I’ll be on top *squeezes Rippou’s hand threateningly* 

Rippou: Seriously, Itsuki. STAHP.


5. first headcanon that pops in my head:

He’s this cold, surly, hot, blond ikemen in a kimono who seems heartless at first but actually has a warmer side and softens over time. He’s not really honest, so he often expresses his feelings through actions than words. He’s also an old-fashioned type of person who would send you poems than flowers to express his love. In other words, Abeno is a tsundere through and through.

Abeno is just shy  (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

6. favorite line(s) from this character:

idiot, five-year-old, pain in the butt, a…shi…ya…kuuun (when he’s really pissed he kinda reminds me of Shizuo of Drrr) basically when he’s bitching about Ashiya, and of course this:

proof that he loves cares about his boyfie employee (●´艸`)ヾ

7. one way which i relate to this character:

I could fall asleep anywhere lol

yes, Ashiya. Please hit this sleepyhead harder lol 

8. things that gave me second hand embarrassment about this character:

none? If there’s someone, that would be Ashiya… 


the cool Abeno-san had just kissed the wall or door. WAIT Y IS DIS SCENE NOT ANIMATED? I want to see Abeno-san kissing some wall, or door lol 

9. cinnamon roll or problematic fave:

problematic fave definitely. I’m weak to hot blond characters. Abeno is just hot even when he’s scowling lol. 

[RadioSubs] DearGirl Stories #11

omg…i survived subbing this O.O my brain was close to exploding hearing three people talking at the same time and acting as dorks

Finally, a fully subbed DGS episode that you all have been waiting for!! (or at least a few of you lol) This was not easy to sub so be grateful!! xD and no, I will not be subbing full episodes for every other DGS episode…I WILL NOT survive…If you want to know, the next DGS episode I intend to sub in full is #18 when Sugita Tomokazu comes to play~

Anyway, it’s the first time a guest joins the DGS gang (and the beginning of DG5 lol) and of course, the C&D pair made sure it turns into a ‘fun’ episode for our poor guest…Also a certain N-mura seiyuu is mentioned here for the first time of many times in this show…

Some notes and Japanese language fun facts/dictionary:

Angen Youtaka (安元洋貴) - maybe a lot of you know it already but the reason Yasumoto Hiroki gained the nickname Angen Youtaka was simply because each kanji in his name was read in an alternative way…that’s it lol

Honnyarara (ほんにゃらら) - when I first heard this term, I thought it sounded like a dirty word lol. well it could be, depending on the context haha. It simply refers to the circle thing when they are trying to censor a thing or something…so in this case, Monster Hunter was Monster OO or OO Hunter and honnyarara pretty much refers to those circles…

izakaya (居酒屋) - generally means a bar or pub with food…so izakaya talk refers to what they say over drinks…which probably includes a lot of ‘unairable’ content

wakiase (脇汗) - literally means armpit sweat…I feel awkward typing ‘armpit sweat’ every time they mention it so I just left it as wakiase… a famous trademark of OnoD, as you shall learn in subsequent episodes…Also this term first appeared in Episode 8. I subbed that part, go check it out~

kamu (噛む) - most basic meaning is to bite or chew (food), but in the seiyuu world, this refers to tripping over words, or fumbling over words etc…everytime a seiyuu makes a mistake in his script, this word comes up often…other variations you might hear are kamikami, kanjau, kanda etc