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five stages of today, april 25th 2017, in phannie history

1. several months of dnp complaining of their house, such as drilling noises and the infamous gas leak, as well as statistics provided by gossiping phannies, support that vloggers and internet personalities dan howell and phil lester r moving.

2. dan uploads ominous tweet, hinting a an important life event that will b showcased in phils video. the phannies gobble it down, smiling in what it suggests.

3. the phannies r crazed in anticipation, and are skeptical of what the video will be but hope anyways.

4. the video is uploaded at approximately 3:00 pm, finally revealing the phannie hypothesis of dan and phil’s move in may to be correct. chaos ensues such as tumblr, flooded with their hysteria, becomes overloaded with stagggering amounts of content.

5. the phannies ignore their life responsibilites and proceed to freak out, including me. 

in summary, april 25th marks the end of the housebait era, and the beginning of a golden age. the phannies, as such as with dan’s decision to start leaving his hair natural that was suspected in summer of 2016, have proved to be right again. see u next time on phannie history (phistory). remember, don’t cry, hypothesize about every action that these two men do to stay alert n updated to fulfill all of ur phannie tendencies!


YOUSEF: You have to drag it towards yourself, not push it away, okay? Because then you don’t have control over the carrot. Drag it towards yourself. Then you turn it over and do the other side.

Ok I need to ramble a bit about this comment from Yousef. As we’ve learned over the seasons Julie never puts anything into a scene that doesn’t mean something deeper in the long run. Yes it appears to just be some innocent flirting over vegetables but if we really look at what he’s saying it connects so much with how Sana interacts with people. Sana often pushes people away that she doesn’t agree with. But a few days later we see her decide to include the Pepsi Max girls in their bus. As Yousef says, if you push people away you don’t have control. If you drag them towards you you’ll have more control. Well he says that about carrots but you get the point. I think it’s similar to the idea “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Maybe not the best advice as I think it might get Sana into some trouble but we’ll see where it takes us.

OK now I can cross “write a discourse about carrots” off my to do list.

Translation credit to @skamenglish

What’s the Record?

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Characters: Jensen x Reader 

Warnings: Fluffy, smutish

Word Count: 800

A/N: I needed to calm down after this Tuesday from HELL. The thought of having this happen after a day like today, enough to get me all kinds of needy. Hope you enjoy it. I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. My apologies! I was also able to work this into my 30 Days of Jensen and Dean. This is fic number TWENTY-THREE. The line, “What were you thinking, idiot?” was requested by @iwriteaboutdean. I altered a little to fit my purposes, so I hope you like. Sorry it has taken me so long!

Feedback appreciated

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First Date with Peter Maximoff Would Include ...

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  • He’s so excited for your first date he can’t stop smiling and speeding about
  • He asks Kurt to help him plan your date
  • He knows you two get on and Kurt’s such a sweetie pie Peter knows that his ideas will be so cute
  • Peter ends up taking you out for bowling and food
  • One; because you both love food!
  • Two; because Kurt wouldn’t stop bugging him that diners and bowling alleys were where American dates happened in the films!
  • So you’re sat opposite him in a booth and you can see he’s trying not to smile too much but his dimples are popping through
  • Just the sight of them is making your stomach do the flip flop
  • He really wants to hold your hand, he can see it resting on the table and his is twitching to hold it
  • In the end its you who reaches over and gently brushes your hand over his
  • Peter smiling a 1000 watt smile as he stares down at your intertwined hands
  • Both grinning like idiots for the rest of the date
  • Sharing the bowling alleys giant milkshake as you start your game
  • Peter not taking his eyes off yours or your lips as you both suck through your straws
  • When you’re bowling Peter cheats and zooms to the end of the alley to knock over the remaining pins
  • Neither of you wanting the date to end as you make each other laugh so much
  • When you get back to the mansion Peter walks you to your door
  • You both hesitate at the door before Peter quickly presses a kiss to your cheek before zooming off, leaving you with a cute little blush on your cheeks
  • Peter lying in his bed that night wide awake with a massive grin still plastered over his face
Wasn’t It You And Me Against The World?

Word Count: 1510

    A/N: here was some requested angst! i tried to make the ending kind of open ended so you could make up your own decision. Hope you enjoy! Much love

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    “Y/N?” Veronica called, closing the front door behind her. She wandered around the girls’ house and made her way to her bedroom, slowly opening the door. She found her sleeping peacefully in her bed, her (Y/H/C) hair sprawled out across her pillow and her face buried in her comforter. Veronica smiled softly at the sight, she looked so happy and she felt bad that she was about to ruin it. She didn’t want to do it, but Y/N deserved to know, she had been lied to long enough.

    “Y/N?” Veronica whispered, and the girl stirred in her sleep.


     "You need to wake up, I have to tell you something.“ Veronica said, and Y/N slowly sat up, stretching and yawning.

    "What’s so important it couldn’t have waited until I had woken up on my own?” she asked, slightly annoyed. Veronica gave a small laugh, and sat on the edge of her bed.

    “Its about Jughead.” She said softly, and Y/Ns face fell, worry taking over.

    “Oh my god, is he okay?” Veronica took Y/Ns hand in hers and sighed, nodding her head. “Then what’s going on?”

    “Sweetie, I know that you and Jughead have been dating for a very long while…” Veronica started, and Y/N nodded her head.

    “Yeah, we have. We love each other very much. I’m in love with him.” she replied, smiling softly to herself, and Veronicas face fell.

    “Y/N, I hate that I have to be the one to give you this news… the only one who knows that I’m doing this is Kevin, who said he wanted to be here for you but this morning his dad dragged him to the station for some extra hands on deck. Everyone else wanted to keep this a secret, they said because it was done and over with there was no need for you to know and get hurt.” Veronica said, rubbing circles on the Y/Ns hand, and she looked confused at the raven-haired girl in front of her.

    “Veronica, whats going on?” she asked.

    “Y/N, sweetie, Jughead-” Just then Y/Ns phone started to ring, and she picked it up off the bed and looked at the caller ID.

    “Its Jughead.” She said, and Veronica looked worriedly at the girl. “I’m going to answer it.”

    “Put it on speaker please.” Veronica asked, and Y/N agreed.

    “Hey Juggie.” She said, placing the phone on the bed in between her and Veronica.

    “Is Veronica with you?”

    “Well Good Morning to you too. And yes, she is.”

    “What are you two doing?” he asked, and Y/N and Veronica could tell he was worried.

    “We’re about to have a very important talk, so if you could get off the phone Jughead, that would be great.” Veronica called out, and Y/N shot her another confused look.

    “Veronica, please don’t do this. At least lets talk about this before we make a decision we might regret.” He pleaded and Veronica rolled her eyes.

    “Don’t you think you’ve already made one of those? Its time to man up and admit your wrong doings Jughead, she deserves to know.” She snapped.

    “Someone better tell me what the hell is going on, right now!” Y/N yelled, and the two raven-haired kids fell silent, both waiting for the other one to speak. They sat there not speaking for a minute, awkwardly and uncomfortably.

    “Veronica please don-”

    “Jughead cheated on you, Y/N.” Veronica quickly spat out, and Y/N felt as her heart sank to her stomach. She looked to Veronica, and her eyes started to spill with tears but no sound came out.

    “Y/N, it was just once and it was a mistake. I am so sorry.” He said from the other side of the phone, and anybody listening could obviously tell he was crying.

    “With Betty. They got together one night after you and Jughead had a fight and things…escalated.” Veronica added, and Y/Ns face fell into her hands.

    “Y/N please say something. Anything?” he sobbed.

    “Juggie, it’s going to be okay…” Bettys voice came from the other side of the phone, barely a whisper and it set Y/N off.

    “Oh, so she’s with you right now too?” she asked angrily, and Veronica grabbed hold of Y/Ns hand, but she quickly ripped it away.

    “She’s here because Archie called us saying that Veronica was on her way to tell you. Archie is here too.” He sniffled.“Y/N, please listen to me, it was a mistake, a one-time thing that I regret whole heartedly. You must know that I love you, so very much and that you’re the best thing to happen to me. If I were to lose you, I don’t know what I would do with myself. You are the only thing in this world keeping me sane and I- I can’t lose that. We were in love, remember. You and me against the world?”  he said, and Y/N broke out in an audible sob. “You and me against the world? You promised.”

    “And you promised me that you loved me.” Y/N spat out angrily, her words slightly slurred by her crying.

    “I do love you, I always will.” It was his turn to let out an audible cry, and Y/N shook her head.

    “I don’t think you do. You went out and cheated on me with- with Betty. I am in love with you Jughead, madly in love, and you go and do me like this? We had plans together, we had dreams together, we were going to get engaged right after high school, remember? We were going to move far away from this god forsaken town and we were going to start over, you and me against the world! But now all of that’s ruined!” she cried, and Veronica moved over on the bed to hold the crying girl. “And you didn’t even love me enough to tell me yourself, not even enough to tell me in person. And Betty, we were so close and- and I can’t trust either of you anymore!” she buried her head in Veronicas shirt, holding onto the girl who Y/N felt was the only true friend she had, and Veronica smoothed her hair.

    “It doesn’t have to be ruined, I still want those things more than anything, I still want to be with you. Please, I am so so sorry. Just, give me on more chance, that’s all I need. One more to make it right, we can do it right this time.” He pleaded, and Y/N shook in Veronicas arms.

    “I think its time I hang up the phone now, Jughead. Give it some time, let her think.” Veronica said, reaching for the end call button.

    “Veronica please don’t hang up, I need to know her and I are okay, I need to know if I still have my princess by my side. I can’t lose-”  His voice fell silent, and Veronica threw the phone onto the desk chair, far away from her and the crying girl.

    “Shh, I know. You’re going to be okay at the end of this, I promise. You’re so strong.” Veronica soothed. She sat there an hour with the girl, running her hands through her hair and trying to calm her down, ignoring the tens of calls coming in. After her sobs had quieted down, Y/N sat up slowly, running her hand through her hair, and wiping tears from her face. They sat there in silence for a few minutes, until Y/N finally spoke up.

    “I don’t know what I’m going to do. I love him so damn much, but I hurt so bad.” She said, sniffling, a tear falling down her face again.

    “He loves you too, it’s obvious, but what he did is hard to forgive. I can’t tell you what to do on this one, this is something for you to decide.” Veronica whispered and Y/N nodded her head sadly. “But, who says you need to decide now? I brought ice cream over when I came, and I placed it in the freezer, so it should be cold. How about we watch some movies?” Veronica asked.

    “Sounds good, thank you Veronica. I really appreciate you.” She said, and Veronica pulled her into a hug.

    “I appreciate you too. And I will always be here, okay?” she asked, and Y/N nodded. “Okay, now lets go watch some movies.” Veronica said, jumping off the bed and making her way out of the room. Y/N stood from her bed and walked over to the desk chair, picking up her phone and looking at the many missed phone calls and texts from Jughead. She opened up her messages with him and typed out a text, throwing it back on the chair and making her way out of the room to Veronica.

To Juggie <3 :) – We need to talk, face to face. I’ve made my decision.

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don’t imagine dan and phil shopping for the perfect new piano

don’t imagine dan pulling phil over to instrument after instrument, testing out the keys and the benches and phil grinning fondly the entire time

don’t imagine dan picturing where the piano will end up and getting the dorkiest little smile when he thinks of all the new songs he can learn

don’t imagine phil taking a step back and watching dan in his element, still wowed by his impeccable talent

don’t imagine dan suddenly stopping, a look of awe upon his face as he turns and whispers to phil, “this one. this is the one” as phil gazes back just as adoringly

don’t imagine phil flipping over the price tag, his eyes bugging out slightly, but then shrugging because hell, they could afford 5 of these pianos and besides, dan deserves only the best

don’t imagine the shivers running down dan’s back when the piano is finally delivered, and the little dance he does around the new lounge with phil when he finally gets to revel in how aesthetically perfect it looks and how well it plays

most of all, don’t imagine dan finally sitting down at that piano like a true virtuoso, his fingers deftly producing the gorgeous melodies of his and phil’s favorite songs, and phil’s entire being flooding with pride and affection, his face glowing and eyes shining as he reaches out to stroke their dog lying on the couch with him, feeling utterly at bliss and grateful beyond words for this new place that seems to be bringing out the best in both him and dan, this place where they’ll probably spend the rest of their lives together


dont. just don’t.

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David takes Emma's arm and smiles at her. They begin walking down the aisle, where Hook awaits at the altar. Emma's smile turns more into a frown the closer they get to her fiancée. Regina, from the front row, notices Emma's uneasiness and decides to act on her own. She looks over at Henry, and he nods knowingly. Regina clenches her fists and boldly steps out onto the aisle in front of Emma blocking her way. "No," she says simply. (Feel free to rephrase anything you want)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma’s heart thuds as she approaches the hall. Cold feet. That’s what people keep telling her, that it’s just cold feet, but she can’t help but wonder if this was her happy ending, wouldn’t those nerves and niggling doubts have faded by now? 

“Ready?” David asks with a smile as he offers her his arm. 

Emma slips her arm into his with a hesitant nod before plastering on a smile. This is her fairytale wedding. She should be happy. This should feel perfect…and yet…something doesn’t feel right. 

As they begin walking closer she spots Regina and Henry, and for a moment her smile becomes genuine. She looks at her family and feels a spark of hope, her heart fluttering in her chest. It’s then as she turns to face her fiancee that she realises what’s wrong. 

Her smile drops into a frown as her stomach churns. This is her wedding day. A day for happiness and hope…and now there’s no turning back. Her heart hammers with fear as they get closer to the altar and she wonders if it’s too late to run. 

Regina frowns as she watches Emma walk up the aisle. She doesn’t even really want to be here. Every second makes her heart ache but Emma asked her to be here and so did Henry, so for them she put on a dress and threw on a smile and did her best to make peace. 

She did it by telling herself that Emma would be happy but standing here watching Emma’s smile morph into fearful uneasiness, she wonders if she should have stepped up sooner, if it might have made a difference. 

By instinct she turns to Henry who simply stares knowingly at her before whispering, “It’s not too late Mom.” 

She sucks in a deep breath before clenching her fists and stepping out into the aisle. 

“What the bloody hell…” Hook begins to ask before trailing off as he watches Emma turn her full attention to Regina. 

“No,” Regina says simply to Emma. 

“Regina,” Charming whispers back, “We’re trying to walk up the aisle here.” 

Regina shakes her head, “No…Emma…it’s not too late.” 

At this Hook marches down, “I don’t know what you think you’re doing love, but this is our wedding day and we don’t need the Evil Queen barging in.” 

“She’s not barging in,” Emma says finally speaking up, “She’s saving me…Hook…I…I’m so sorry…” she turns to Regina unsure what else to say, “Are you sure it’s not too late?” 

Regina offers her her hand which Emma takes with ease, before replying, “It’s never too late.” She smiles at Emma squeezing her hand softly before turning. Hand in hand, they run - as best they can in their wedding high heels - back down the aisle and out the door. 

They run until they reach the pier, collapsing onto a park bench. Emma laughs…she’s not sure from exhilaration or pure panic before frowning down at her dress. She waves her hand poofing into a sweater and jeans before turning to Regina, “Thank you.” 

“For what? Ruining your fairytale wedding? Your parents are probably preparing to put my head on a stick,” Regina quips. 

Emma chuckles as she reaches for Regina pulling her in for a hug, “Thank you for reminding me that it wasn’t too late for me to find my happy ending.” 


Hiraeth (n) Homesickness, or an intense longing for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Or the one where Jason angsts a lot over Bruce’s father skills and ends up volunteering himself to carry a sleeping Damian to bed.

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It’s a private moment, so intimate that Bruce’s not even willing to share it with the sleeping child he’s holding in his arms, not really. Because Damian won’t know about any of this. Won’t know about the kisses and the caresses, and the gentle nuzzles, and the careful way his father holds him against his chest, the protectiveness in his eyes, the little smile on his lips while he watches him sleep.

It’s a private moment, and definitely not something meant for Jason to see, but being in the wrong place at the wrong time is kinda the story of Jason’s life, and so here he is, standing in the dark hallway of a house where he doesn’t belong anymore, watching a father that he lost a lifetime ago holding a brother that he can’t really claim as his own.

And it hurts.

It hurts even if it’s unfair on his part, because Damian deserves this, deserves a father that holds and cuddles and cherishes him, and yeah, it would do a lot more good to both of them if said father did all of that while Damian was awake, but Jason thinks they’re getting there. It only took four fucked up sons and the death of two of them, but they’re getting there. And just because it’s too late for him (and for Dick, and for Tim) it doesn’t mean that Damian shouldn’t have it.

As a matter of fact, Jason’s all for giving the brat all of it: a caring father, an adoring older brother, a dysfunctional family ready to go to hell and back in order to bring him home. Because Jason may not be good at this family thing – like, at all – but he wants to watch Damian grow up too, possibly a little less fucked up than the rest of them – although that may be asking for too much, given the kid’s family, himself included.

So yeah, he doesn’t resent Damian one bit for this, yet it still hurts.

It hurts even if it shouldn’t, because Bruce is almost nothing to him now. Gone are the days when he thought of him as a father, gone is the burning anger, and even the betrayal. Jason doesn’t know what’s left of them nowadays, but whatever it is, it shouldn’t be enough to make something inside his stomach turn into stone. It shouldn’t be enough to make him feel like this.

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re: Sherlock & Molly: I am not ashamed to say that I am in love with their love. Look at her face when she walks into 221B at the end of the last episode. That is not the look of a person who has been told that the confession of love was false. That is the look of someone who has been told that, yes, after so many years of loving someone, that someone truly loves her in return. Her SMILE. Oh, her smile!

Couldn’t agree more!!

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Prompt 5, maybe ft Brad?

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Clay sat across from Tony in a booth at the back of Monet’s, taking small sips of his coffee. He listened to his boyfriend talk about his day, but he was kind of zoning out, instead focusing on the way Tony’s eyes seemed to light up as he started talking faster, obviously excited, various hand motions and gestures and all. Clay thought he could sit there forever, watching Tony talk about things he was passionate about. He’d never understand how he was lucky enough to end up with someone as amazing as Tony.
“Tony?” a voice called out from somewhere near the entrance of the coffee shop.
Clay broke his eyes away from Tony and followed his gaze. There stood, of all people, Brad.
Brad walked up to their table and smiled brightly at Tony, Clay’s mood instantly souring. Obviously he’d never been a fan of Tony’s ex.
“Brad.” Tony said back, smiling too.
“It’s good to see you. How’ve you been?”
They made small talk for a minute maybe, Clay noticing how Brad made small movements like standing closer and closer to Tony and putting his hand on his arm. Clay was practically fuming the whole time. Finally, Brad excused himself and went to the counter.
Tony noticed Clay sitting with his arms crossed. “Clay?” he asked.
“What?” Clay snapped, unintentionally sounding a bit harsh.
Tony frowned. “Babe, is there something wrong?” He reached out and took Clay’s hand.
“Oh no, not at all.” Clay said sarcastically, “watching your ex flirt with you makes me extremely happy.”
“Wait a minute.” Tony actually laughed. “Are you jealous?”
Clay blushed fiercely. “Of course not!” Then a few seconds later he said “Maybe a little.”
“Mi amor,” Tony said firmly, staring into Clay’s eyes so hard he didn’t know whether to be intimidated or happy; depending on what the gaze meant. He was sure it was supposed to be affectionate, but it still kind of unnerved Clay. “You have nothing to worry about. I’m dating you, not Brad.”
“Well, it sure didn’t seem that way a couple minutes ago!”
Tony sighed, pushing himself forward to peck Clay’s lips. “Brad means nothing to me, you know this. I broke up with him because it was you I had feelings for, not him.”
Clay kissed his boyfriend again, knowing he was right. He just couldn’t help but get a little jealous sometimes.


It’s cheesy but I couldn’t stop watching cause it was so adorable and now I can’t stop smiling (especially at the end omg lmfao) @artistefish (man we enjoy inudisney together I gotta tag you)
And @dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns thanks for sharing the link! I just had to post the video too :)


Summary: You return home after the war

Pairings: Lord Elrond x Daughter!Reader

Words: 540

Part 1

Master List

It had been nearly two years since you last stepped foot in Rivendell. The dwarves had won their mountain back and their King had finally come unto his throne with his two heirs by his side.

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Chibs Telford - Road Trip


Imagine going on a road trip with Chibs.

You had your bags packed since yesterday. You had been so excited to go on this road trip with Chibs.

You had wanted to go to Sturgis for the longest time and you’d finally gotten the chance to be able to go.

You weren’t missing out on this.

“My daddy should be there this year.”

You told him not having been able to see your father since you moved to California. Chibs just smiled as he strapped your bags to the back of the bike.

“Yer daddy?”

He asked sounding slightly unsure about things now. You just smiled and chuckled.

“My biological father. You’re my daddy.”

You said with a pur at the end causing Chibs to smirk and turn away from packing for a moment. He wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled you closer to him. Your hips touching each other as he held you.

“Damn right I’m yer daddy.”

He said lowly with a growl to his deep voice. You couldn’t help but blush and slightly push away from him with a smile.

“Filip, we can’t – ”

“The hell we can’t.”

He muttered before his lips crashed down against yours. You couldn’t help but chuckle as he kissed you possessively.

You started to wonder if the two of you’d ever even get on the road at this rate.


Even though the entangled strings of memories had us webbed
We tried our best to make our way out
Throwing our hands in all possible directions, clearing the web, mocking our love that we had for years, now restructuring.

The knots…Loose ends of expectations made it difficult.
But still we didn’t give up.
The longing for reasons to keep up, made it an excruciating adventure.
Tears were our, simultaneously individual yet
mutual companions in the process
Obsdurate to let go of all moments we shared

The way we smiled,
The way I rested my head on her lap,
All of my jokes and her clapping laugh.
That glimmer in her eyes with notorious peek.
First time we kissed, under wet woods.
Those late night calls undisturbing disturbances happily adjusted in our lives….
The way she unravled my silence when I was depressed, to cheer me up, recited all the achievements I possessed.

All of those pain of being foolishly​ in love
Every bit of it was missed.
We are still attached from within.
Fading, metamorphosized.. demanding​ for change.
Our one soul burned within,
Slowly suffocating.

We knew deep inside
The magic we shared was hard to find
Though our egos made it easier to the accept the harsh reality
Finding each other in others
Yet the bridge was burnt half way down
Faith against faith,
Hope of hopelessness, ideal of love indeed.
Together we stood yet so apart
Our egos became our engaged lawyers determined to call it off.
Adding to our ironic brutality.

Ahoy matey, the hunt starts again.

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the character headcanon thing + bucky barnes !!!

my baby boy omg

bucky + this character meme

2-4 songs probably on their ipod

  1. Dive // Ed Sheeran
  2. Sex on Fire // Kings of Leon
  3. Trouble // Cage the Elephant
  4. Hold Back The River // James Bay

the one place they always end up falling asleep - where they’re not supposed to 

Bucky Barnes has mastered the art of sleeping pretty much anywhere that has a place to sit, and he usually ends up drifting off during important meetings but gets called out by Tony for doing so.

the game they’d destroy everyone else at

Spread it around, Bucky is amazing at beer pong and flip cup! Natasha had taught him how to play and since then, everyone is always trying to be his partner when it’s time to play

the emoticon they use most often

Bucky rarely uses emojis but when he does, he’s cute and uses the heart emojis and the smiling blushing emoji

what they act like when they haven’t gotten enough sleep

No one wants to be around Bucky when he’s tired because he’s grumpy and sarcastic and just Not Plesant To Be Around. Whenever he’s like this everyone calls upon you to “tame the beast.”

their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.

Bucky loves a good cup of hot chocolate or hot apple cider on really cold nights, with you wrapped up in a blanket on his lap. (He’s apart of the Soft Boys Club ok)

how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump

He usually works it out in the gym for hours on end, until you figure out he’s upset or frustrated etc. and go to take a look and make sure he’s okay. That’s when you pull him out of there and take a shower with him, letting him hold you close and tell you what’s wrong. 

what they wanted to be when they grew up

Bucky always saw himself as a police officer, of sorts, but knew he’d be affiliated with the military somehow.

their favorite kind of weather

He loves the heat because, after years of being cold, he loves the freedom of being able to relax and bury his toes in the sand.

thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)

You adore his singing voice. He doesn’t really sing to anyone else but you, he likes to hum and sing under his breath when he’s doing chores and you can’t help but to sing along, in which he scoops you in his arms and sings with you.

how/what they like to draw or doodle

Bucky doesn’t doodle, but you like to doodle on post-it’s and attach them to his arm with a magnet

Take my hand and come along, let the melody drift us by and let’s be okay with that. I’ll move a little closer so you could feel how my heart starts racing whenever I’m this close to you. I’d appreciate every whisper, every stare, every forehead kiss and every smile you’d give me. And if it’s time to shift and head to different directions, do not be afraid or discouraged and continue dancing. Let us keep our heads up, enjoy every step of the song and savor the moment because after every move and turn, at the end of the song, we’ll fall into each other’s arms again and it will all be worth the wait and all the hard work
—  (d.r.n)