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in the dark with you - regal believer, background dragon queen | gen

like…the fluffiest of gen. Whenever I think I can’t possibly write anything as fluffy as that last thing…I get ideas like this. 

Henry’s awake late at night, and so is Mom, and little Robin, and his little sister, because no one really sleeps in his house. Henry looking after little Robin, holding a baby and talking to Regina about when he was little. 

Many thanks to @holdouttrout and @shinewithalltheuntold, for listening to my fluffy Regal Believer thoughts 

Also on ao3 (I wish I had a DQ baby tag like the CS kids and SQ kids get) 

He’s not really supposed to be up this late. One or two am Mom understands, he’s a teenager, his clock is weird. Three is worth a raised eyebrow and four, a comment. It’s fall break, and he’s a senior. Even when he has class, three of them are online advanced placement. No one cares when he goes to bed.

Other than mom. Who is mom, and will want him up. He’ll deal in the morning. Maybe eventually he’ll learn to like coffee.

Henry usually stays in his room when he’s up late, with his laptop and his headphones, no one has to know he’s awake. Tonight there’s movement in the hall (not unheard of, his little sister often needs to be walked up and down before she falls back asleep) but this is small feet, probably Robin.

He cracks open his door just in time to catch little Robin in front of Mom’s door.

“Water, Henry,” she says, pulling back her hand before she bangs on Mom’s door. He offers his hand instead and she wanders over, both hands up.

Lifting her up, he sighs. “You’re big.”

“Not big.”

“You are getting big.”

Robin nuzzles into his chest. “No.”

He chuckles, because big for her is like thirty pounds and big for his sister is what, fifteen? Less? “Couldn’t sleep?”

“I was thirsty,” Robin insists, thumb near her mouth even though she knows better.  Giving up pacifiers was rough for her, but she’s ready to be a big girl. No pacifiers, no diapers. He never appreciated what it must have been like for mom when he was this little. Waking up for him, teaching him to go to the bathroom, dealing with every nightmare and earache…

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