and that simply won't do

If you wouldn’t tell a complete stranger something, don’t tell Jensen and Jared.

Even more than that: if you wouldn’t be okay with a complete stranger coming up to you and telling you what you’re about to tell them???? DO. NOT. TELL. JENSEN. AND. JARED.

They are not your therapists.

They are not your friends.

Just because Jared has been somewhat open about his depression doesn’t mean he wants or needs to hear everyone’s life story.

Even something so seemingly small, something like “you’ve saved my life,” can weigh a thousand pounds. “I thought he would feel good about himself.” “I wanted to show him how important he is to me.” “Wouldn’t everyone want to hear that they’ve saved a life?”

How would you feel if a complete stranger walked up to you and told you that? How would you feel, thinking that you’re responsible for someone else’s life? Even if my absolute best friend told me “you’re the reason I haven’t killed myself,” I would NOT feel good. I would feel awful. I would feel like every single thing I say or do could possibly lead to someone else’s death. I’m not a perfect person, I don’t even consider myself a “good” person. I don’t want something that heavy resting on my shoulders.

And Jared (and Jensen) hear(s) this at pretty much every single con they go to, from multiple people. Who knows how many - we only know about the ones that make Jared physically have to take a break after hearing. (And considering none of us knew he struggled with depression until he told us? I’m guessing he’s good at not letting things like this show.)

Jared and Jensen are so fucking good to their fans. Please stop taking advantage of that for the sake of having a “moment” with them. You may want to show them how important they are to you, but there are ways to do that that don’t involve putting extra weight on their shoulders. They don’t deserve to walk away from cons with their hearts heavier than they arrived.

Well hello @mizjoely!😉 I love this, thanks! And I even did a bit of research. (Sherlock would be proud lol) And just FYI this is setup as non-established sherlolly. 

“But I always try to get the 800 thread count,” Molly argued weakly. “Doesn’t that mean it’s good?”

“Oh, Molly,” Sherlock drawled with a low chuckle. “Come with me.”

He spoke authoritatively as they walked down his hallway. “Thread count alone is hardly an indicator of quality. The fiber content, weave, and even where it’s made are just as important, if not more so. Personally, I only buy 800 thread count, sateen weave, organic pima cotton sheets from Italy. That is quality.” He stopped at his bed and gestured to it. “Go on, try it.”

“What…now?” She frowned, looking back and forth between him and the bed.

“You won’t regret it,” he stated confidently.

Hesitantly at first, Molly climbed under the blankets and lay back against the pillow which, not surprisingly to him, produced a sigh from her lips.

“My God,” she breathed and looked at him wide eyed. “Is this made of pima cotton or melted butter?!”

Sherlock stood by and grinned as she continued to make herself comfortable. Oh yes, he thought to himself, bringing up the subject of how to choose quality bedding was definitely a good idea. 


I rewatched ANH, and now I have Leia feels. Also, I decided to experiment with writing stiles again.

It’s not real.

That’s all you can think when they lead you away, Vader’s iron grip still on your shoulder. You hardly feel it, all you feel is numbness. You can’t feel your legs moving, either.

It’s not real.

Even though you felt it, somehow, even though your whole soul contracted and screamed. Even though you could swear you heard them scream.

It’s not real.

They throw you into your little cell, dark and cold and hard, and you don’t get up again. Why would you? There is nothing left. Nothing left that’s worth getting up for, nothing left that matters anymore.

It’s not real.

The tears won’t come. There’s only numbness, as though you are floating somewhere, and you can’t reach the safe ground anymore.

It’s not real.

Eventually, a boy comes to save you. He seems so… alive, so full of energy, that you can’t help but be pulled along. For the first time since… that, you feel something again, anger, hatred, a desire to do your duty, and you hold onto it, you refuse to let it go, because it’s all that’s left, all that you have.

It’s not real.

Stupid boys, men, whatever. They have no plan. You want to shake them, you want to scream at them, you want to hug them, because they give you something. Because you don’t feel numb anymore.

(You scream at them)

It’s not real.

The old man, the one your father called your last hope, dies. You can’t feel anything. All you feel is anger, and a hint of compassion, and you grab that, too, because it’s not numbness.

It’s not real.

The boy… Luke, the one who saved you, the one you saved, he is grieving for the old man. You sit down next to him, give him a blanket. You can’t grieve yourself, but you can help him.

It’s not real.

You win. Luke shoots down the death star, and Han comes back, and you celebrate. You laugh, and you shout, and you sing, and you feel alive, somehow, fire in your veins and tears in your eyes.

It’s not real.

You wake up. Everything hurts, every single muscle in your body feels torn and battered. You remember everything with frightening clarity. Suddenly, you face is wet.

It’s real.

  • Draco: *hands Harry a little box*
  • Harry: *takes it nervously* What is it?
  • Draco: Just open it.
  • Harry: *opens it* Oh my god, Draco! It's a ring.
  • Draco: Ten points to Gryffindor!
  • Harry: But...I mean... are you...?
  • Draco: Well, I heard somewhere that if I like it, I should put a ring on it.
  • Harry: *tearing up* You mean it?
  • Draco: Absolutely. Now, let's get me a matching crown!
  • Harry: What? Why would you need a crown?
  • Draco: I mean... I like you, but I just simply adore myself. A ring just won't do.


Whoever did this is faking it. 💯 Jon says ‘yeah’, everything else is fake. Sorry!

Why will i fake it lmaoo ? and supposing i did, don’t you think i would have made them say something more meaningful and a bit clearer ? 


Debunking the Signs: The Emotional
  • Cancer: How many Cancers a day read that they are weeping cry babies who bake, clean and take care of everyone like a glorified universal nanny? That is far from the truth, Cancer marks the beginning of summer, as all cardinal signs herald the beginning of a season. As cancer enters, it creates, what I call the gates of time and wisdom with Capricorn, due to Cancers affiliation with the past, those of this sign may often find themselves reminiscing often, or attracted to antiques and old styles of dress. Cancers are a very closed off sign, and often don't like dealing with their own emotions as they can be overwhelming, half the time this can lead to them completely ignoring them and growing cold and blocking everything out, choosing to mask everything with humor. If they aren't numb they are angry,frustrated or nervous and since Cancer rules the gastrointestinal tract (and breasts),they can have nervous tums . Of course this can be remedied if a Cancer finds a healthy outlet for emotions which they usually do, having the exoteric ruler of The Moon, cancers take emotions very seriously. Esoterically they are ruled by Neptune, and you can see many Cancers escaping to a rich and vivid imagination when they are bored, many of this sign will find great comfort in the arts, and also in science. Cancer is extremely protective of loved ones, and will guard those they hold close with their lives, this does not mean they will dote on you, but they will make sure you are cared for. on a deeper level they are called the Cosmic Mother
  • Leo: Leo isn't a vapid attention starved diva, who feels beautiful at every moment of every hour, this is not true. Leos are extremely creative, and intelligent and usually do good in public speaking and politics even though they are a little shy. Leos rule the heart, and mid back, the heart is not a mere symbol. Leos are capable of intense love and are a highly romantic sign, despite their selfish reputation when it comes to love nothing is about them, it's all about you. Being both exoterically and esoterically ruled by the sun, Leos exude a natural warm magnetism and thus may come across more confident than they feel. Leos actually do feel insecure, in fact they do often. Though Leo being ruled by the sun is deeply concerned with public appearances, coming across as insecure wouldn't look good, so they rarely open up to others unless they are a trusted confidant. Don't get it twisted though Leo does like to feel important and will revel in compliments if they are from a sincere source. In their higher state they are called The Avatar of Love.
  • Virgos: I honestly don't know who has been deceiving you into thinking Virgos were sweet demure robots, they most definitely are not, but of course, they can be sweet. Virgos are in the rung of emotion and despite what popular stereotypes depict, Virgos are in fact quite emotional, they may not live with a box of tissues in their hand but they are emotional, in an intense way. Virgos are born with the a tempestuous volcano in their veins, and though they are slow to anger, when they blow they blow. Virgos crave and thrive off of organization, and order many do not like things they can't explain, and prefer the comfort of logic, and numbers to pixies and water sprites this being seen as their exoteric ruler is Mercury, but this doesn't mean they don't have imaginations, or don't believe. They just need a little proof or the right upbringing to get there, because lets face it, Virgo is a hippie sign, they are extremely conscientious of the earth, all its creatures and their own health its only a matter of time before they dance nude under the moon who happens to be their esoteric ruler because of their healing nurturing nature. Virgo is very imaginative as the moon entails, but they create within boundaries, there are certain things Virgos simply won't do, not because their boring, no it's because they are classy. They are the World Healer in their higher state.

This has been a PSA: This will always be a Tony Stark friendly blog. Even if the way the character is handled is absolutely terrible (hello, 616), this blog will never put down Tony Stark.

Thus, let this be a safe zone, even if there will occasionally be posts on the questionable life choices Tony makes and the meta behind them.

contravenetum  asked:

Dear Inquisitor Vaxus Trevelyan, you should start setting sights on Tevinter (One Tevinter simply won't do you justice). After that print of you was posted up in the Minrathous circle, you've been rather... popular among the younger generations. Do pass my greeting to Dorian. - Rilienus

There you go. The real reason why Vax can’t go to Tevinter haha.

artificial-diva  asked:

I'm truly sorry, I simply wanted to bring it to your attention, won't do it again. I'm a big fan and supporter of yours, it wasn't meant to instigate anything or bother you.

no problem. sorry i snapped at you. Shane has been trolling the fuck out of me for years because I had the nerve to call him out and it really upsets me. Most recently he went into great detail on his podcast about wanting to torture and kill me and I can’t do shit about it because he was “smart” enough to not name me but say just enough for his audience to know it’s about me and run to tell me about it. 

He’s a disgusting piece of shit and I really just wish he would leave me alone. I’m so tired of being abused by racists online and even more tired of them making careers out of it.