and that shouldn't even be a worry

OK, I'm annoyed.  I saw a post a few days ago that said that people shouldn't be upset by the fact that Emma Watson is auto tuned in Beauty and the Beast because all movie musicals are auto tuned.

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So, this is one of the many reasons the casting of a big name celebrity with little to no musical theatre experience bothers me so much.  Audiences are starting to think that in order to be in a musical, signing talent is not a necessity.

Also, this person obviously hasn’t seen a musical that was made before the year 2000.  Really, even later than that!  More like, anything before 2010. 

Here’s a homework assignment for this weekend.  Don’t worry it’s easy.  Look up:

Gene Kelly:

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Fred Astaire:

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Judy Garland:

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Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald:

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Julie Andrews:

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In watching some videos of these wonderful people, you will see how much work goes into the craft of musical theatre and movie musicals.  

And, it bears mentioning, that at the time, these actors were “big names” and they were box office draws based on their singing and dancing talent.  I’m all for bringing that back.  If Hollywood wants to keep making movie musicals, then let’s bring back the movie musical star!

So this is what comes up when I Shazam the “Back To You” snippet that Louis has posted – with the label solely named as Syco Music. (The song is listed as unavailable, of course.) The thing that worries me is that video link goes to the fake Louis Tomlinson Vevo page (AGAIN) and straight to a video playing some song that definitely isn’t Louis and Bebe! The worse thing is it’s gotten over 26k views - for a song that isn’t even the correct one! Plus, Louis’ verified VEVO channel still doesn’t come up in the searches! That fake VEVO page is really doing a bit of damage.  

Is that fake link coming up on your Shazams too? Anyone who feels like trying - please do check. 

Why you shouldn't be afraid to alter your O.C.'s design if you want to

If anyone ever doubts that validity of changing their character design, think about this. It took roughly 2 or so years before Bugs Bunny even became close to how we know him nowadays, and a further 7 more years for him to have his current familiar body shape

It took from 1938 to 1948 until we had Bugs as we know him as he is today.

In other words, changing your O.C.’s design (that is if you want to) is perfectly natural and you shouldn’t be worried about it!

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Can I just say, people were worried he was gonna do an Apple Exclusive or something, but he released the song everywhere at the same time. He didn't even released it first just on itunes to get the sells. He put it up on spotify right away, and he even put it in his website! It was available for everyone since the start, and I love that so much!! Music shouldn't be just for the ones who can afford it, and I'm so so happy he made it available to everyone ❤️

this was never about the money anyway he just wants to share his art like how when ed sheeran said he didn’t mind people illegally downloading his music (i’m not saying to do that with sott, but you get what i mean)

Can ya'll just respect other people's ship even if they're not yours? For God's sake, it shouldn't be that hard to do.

I mean, I know we all want OUR ship to be endgame eventually, but that doesn’t mean we have to be mean or hateful.

All relationships are valid. No matter if it is f/m, f/f or m/m. I’m sick of seeing things like “heterosexual bullshit” or “gay shit” everywhere.

Can’t the hate just stop? Watching a TV show shouldn’t be a fucking war. Whenever I am happy about one of my ship, I shouldn’t be worried about other people hating on it and calling it “straight shit” or else.

This made me dislike Tumblr like get a grip.

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Speaking as a girl, I think you're attractive :^)

Well, thank you ^///^

I’m just sad, because I get so many feels for a girlfriend, but I don’t attract girls to me for dating. :c

At this point I dunno if it will ever happen, and that really bums me out.

How are you even doing that? Stop it.

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I can see Anakin scolding/bringing out sad!puppy eyes once Anakin is tall enough to lift/drag Obiwan, who definately shouldn't be so easy to carry around in #food issue verse. (Plus feeding into Anakin's worries [or slave inspired superstitions] of Obiwan being carried off by the wind or slavers).

Jedi did not argue in public, not even in the temple.

They debated, they questioned, they disputed but they did not argue like a pair of Initiates in full view of everyone else.

But that was exactly what Obi-Wan and Anakin was doing.

“Honestly Master, you’re going to make yourself sick.” The padawan scowled down at his master, not taking his usual amount of pleasure out of the fact that he was taller then the other man. “I am going to deliver you to the Halls if you don’t stop this.”

“Anakin, we’ve spoken about this, I am quite heal-ap!” The man yelped as his padawan jerked forward and lifted him up, the young man scowling even more as he held the other up with barely any assistance from the Force as Obi-Wan’s toes dangled above the floor.

“You are not. You are so light the wind could carry you off and it nearly did on Elusion, you were jerked off your feet.” His scowl grew but Obi-Wan’s face softened instead.

He recognized when Anakin was using his agitation and low level anger to cover his fear and instead of scolding the other again, he wrapped his hands around the others wrists where they were below his armpits. “Anakin…place me down.” He offered gently.

Slowly and almost reluctantly, Anakin did, staring at the other man.

“Anakin, the wind isn’t going to take me. Nor are the stand storms. Or the twin sisters.” Obi-Wan offered gently, reaching up and playfully tugging on the others braid.

That got Anakin’s face to crumble. “…You don’t know that. Slaves who didn’t eat enough ended up being taken away by the wind. Or the sand. Or the twin sisters.” He mumbled, glancing at the Jedi knights who were pretending not to listen to them.

Obi-Wan however gave his braid another tug and bought his attention back to him. “Anakin, I’m trying, you know that. You know I’m not doing this on purpose.” He eased his hand from the braid and to the others cheek instead, patting it lightly. “Now how about we head out and go to Dex? You can watch me eat.” He teased.

“I do hope you intend to feed me too Master, I do rather like Dex.” Anakin grinned, feeling more at ease as he straightened.

“Oh I don’t know, perhaps I’ll get you some fries.” Obi-Wan turned, quite pointedly ignoring the knights who had their heads bowed together while sending the two furtive glances.

“I am hoping for a milkshake Master!” Anakin followed quickly, falling in beside the other with a bigger grin.

The memory of Obi-Wan losing his footing in the strong wind was still fresh on Anakin’s mind, the second of panic when he honestly thought Obi-Wan was going to be swept away and buried in the ground like the legends of old that spoke of wind demons on Tatooine that were whispered between old croons that said their partners were taken by said demons.

And real or imagined, Anakin would be karked before he allowed those demons to take Obi-Wan because he didn’t weigh enough.

He tucked an arm around the others shoulders as they walked, giving him a wide grin.

Obi-Wan just rolled his eyes, a fond look on his face.

  • Ruby: Hey Blake. Do you have a minute? *Ruby asked as she walked into Blake's cabin within the airship they used to travel to Patch.*
  • Blake: *Blake looked up from her book at Ruby and set the book down.* Sure. What's on your mind?
  • Ruby: *The hooded girl walked in right to the chair across from the bed where her friend sat, taking a seat as she claps her hands together and takes a deep breath through her nose.* ... I'll get straight to the point. *Ruby said pointing at Blake after a moment of silence.* You are in love with my sister right?
  • Blake: *At this the cat Faunus's ears short straight up.* E-Excuse me?
  • Ruby: My sister. You. In love with her. Correct? *Ruby phrased.*
  • Blake: *Blake stared at the younger huntress who stared unblinking at her.* I... What brought this up?
  • Ruby: Blake, It has been nearly a year, A YEAR, since we last saw each other and after we all got back together you haven't been about to take your eyes off her. *Ruby said bluntly.* Even after you told us all why you left, you kept looking at Yang.
  • Blake: *At first Blake's nervousness grow at the fact Ruby has taken notice to her inability to keep her eyes off of her sister, worried that it meant Yang surely noticed as well, until she pushed those thoughts away and thought it be best to create a small lie.* Ruby. I was looking at her arm. I know I shouldn't have but I just couldn't help but feel awful about what happened to her bec- *Blake started, knowing that it was partly true due to the heart break and guilt she felt when she first saw the robotic arm. Unfortunately, Ruby instantly called her bluff.*
  • Ruby: Uh-huh. Because we all know Arms come in different colors and are in our head. How else do we see? Oh wait those are our eyes. *Ruby sarcastically claimed, rolling her eyes while Blake frowned at being caught in the lie.* Sigh. Blake. I'm not judging you. It's okay if you do love Yang. Heck, I would be really happy I may get another sister if you do.
  • Blake: You... You would? *Blake questioned with some surprise.*
  • Ruby: Yeah. Of course. *Ruby smiled happily.* Why?
  • Blake: Well I mean, I'm... You know. *Blake muttered as she wiggled her ears.*
  • Ruby: What? Because you're a girl too? Come on Blake you know me and Yang.
  • Blake: No Ruby. I'm talking ab-wait what? *Blake stopped mid-sentence as she was once again surprised by her team leader.* You and Yang are... gay?
  • Ruby: Yeah. Well, I am. Yang is bi. *Ruby said slightly blushing.*
  • Blake: Heh, Looks like me and Yang have more in common then I thought. *Blake fought the urge to smile at the new information he learned about her partner, wishing she knew sooner but shook her head.* Anyway, what I meant before was because I'm a faunus.
  • Ruby: Blake. You being a faunus doesn't matter to any of us. In fact, I'm going to let you in on a secret only if you answer my question about how you feel about Yang and promise me something.
  • Blake: What promise?
  • Ruby: *Ruby stood up from the chair and moved next to Blake.* Promise me that you will never leave us, leave Yang, again. That you'll come to us and let us help and protect you, no matter what. *Ruby then wrapped her arms around Blake to pull her into a hug.* We are family, Blake. We love you just as much as you love us. One of us even more. *she whispered that last bit.*
  • Blake: . *Blake smiled as she returned the hug and after a few seconds spoke softly.* I promise... and yes.
  • Ruby: Glad to hear and to have you back Blake... Just know that if you break Yang's heart I will never forget you.
  • Blake: Hehe, Glad to be back Ruby. And Trust me, I will never leave her or any of you again. *Blake said, Watching Ruby smile then rise from the bed and headed towards the door.* Wait Ruby. What's the secret?
  • Ruby: *She paused at the doorway and looked back over her shoulder with a teasing smile.* Yang Reeeeeeally loves your cat ears. *That said Ruby disappear with a trail of rose petals leaving a blushing Blake alone with her thoughts.*
  • Winter: God, my back is so sore. I really shouldn't have-
  • Ironwood: Been fooling around with Qrow at work? No kidding.
  • Winter:, I shouldn't have been carrying all those crates without assistance. I haven't even seen Qrow all day. Even if I did, I would... escort him off the premises rather than indulge him in any manner
  • Ironwood: Really? You haven't seen him?
  • Winter: No.
  • Ironwood: ...Then why did I hear him grunting from inside your office?
  • Winter: Wait, what did the grunts sound like?
  • Ironwood: Like he was in excruciating pain.
  • Winter: Oh, thank god. Don't worry, that's just my ringtone.

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Okay so the latest chapter wow okay that was something, something very nice and even tame for the first few hours of a heat :'D one questions tho if you don't mind, how much is Yuuri's record for orgasms in one hour I'm curious

I’m so glad you liked Ch20. (I was honestly a little worried because it was the first full-smut chapter of the fic and I wasn’t sure how much readers would enjoy it.)

And ummm, well…. um. Yuuri’s record for # of o’s in an hour….. mightbesomethinglikeelevenwhichsoundsridiculousbutit’sYuuriwe’retalkingabout. (It was with his first heat partner, Katashi, just in case anyone was wondering.) 

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What are your preferred pronouns, for those like me who for some reason assumed 'he'?

Take your pick! I am just a chick who likes to draw, write, and do all sorts of creative stuff. So call me whatever, just don’t call me late for lunch.

For me, the ultimate compliment is when people don’t actually know off the bat whether I’m a dude or a chick. I absolutely don’t mind disclosing my female status when asked, but seeing as it doesn’t really have any bearing on my creative works, I don’t see the need to bring it up that often.

I’d much rather be known as a “great writer” or “cool artist” than “great girl writer” or “cool lady artist”. Even better, I’d just like to be known as a rad human being. So when people don’t actually know, don’t really care, and are just assuming based off of whatever they want to assume about me from my works alone, I absolutely love it! 

With the massive variety of stuff I love to do, life’s too short to worry about what people call me:

more alolan eeveelutions! (that have absolutely nothing to do with alola but those are basically the only canonical regional variants right now soooo)

anyway, glaceon is based on glaciers and how they shape bedrock, sylveon is based on a papillon dog and the apollo butterfly, leafeon is based on rusting metal in the woods.


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This whole thing wasn't even about CS. I don't know why she keeps bringing Camren as a subject to blame for the things that happen to her. Fans are concern about her relationship cuz they worry about her, yes some ppl cross the line but this is famous life. If you don't like it then you shouldn't be there. I see the other girls and I can't even imagine Dinah or Normani bringing their fans down and talking about their wet dream cuz of Norminah. Lauren is doing so many wrong things at once.

A's Graduation III
  • So we went outside and she gave me a little box but she told me to open it later, I told her she should open her present later too. We talked a lot so this is a resume and what I remember and think it's relevant.
  • A: Alright, you are just trying to play mysterious but I already know it's a book
  • Me: *laughs*
  • A: But yeah, I wanted to talk to you before I gave you that because I need to clarify some things and not make it weird which is very hard
  • Me: Don't worry Alien, it would be very hard to make it weirder
  • A: Yeah, I just wanted to let you know you are really important to me. Not just a important teacher
  • Me: You are important to me too, I see you more as a friend than a former student
  • A: I just *long pause* we should keep in touch
  • Me: *laughs* of course alien, you are not getting rid of me that easily
  • A: *smiles* yeah, I don't want to be creepy but I kinda wonder if you weren't my teacher we could have gotten along even better
  • Me: *laughs* perhaps but we do get along pretty great
  • A: I guess, but *shrugs*
  • Me: Alien, don't worry about what could have been. We are friends and we still have a ton of time to keep getting to know eachother you know?
  • A: *smiles* thanks, for everything. Now I am just thinking of saying stupid shit and I shouldn't
  • Me: We should get back inside
  • A: I mean we had some tequila before getting here and I am feeling it now
  • Me: Oh, yeah you probably shouldn't have. How bad do you think you are?
  • A: Just dizzy, I am fully aware of what I am saying but I also feel a lot braver than I should
  • Me: Let's get you some water
  • A: But I also might not get another chance
  • Me: Is everyone else okay?
  • A: Yeah, it's just me. I got too excited and D kept telling me I should tell you and I kept drinking
  • Me: Yeah, I bet. We should get you inside, who is coming for you?
  • A: my sister, she knows I was going to drink
  • Me: Good, let's go
  • A: Thank you
  • Me: You are welcome, I really care for you and you are also very important for me
  • A: I mean thank you for pretending you don't know what I mean
  • Me: *smiles* Anytime, let's go eat some cake
  • A: *smiles* I am dying to eat some cake
  • And then we went inside and had a great time and then she left

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I don't understand why it's such a bad thing to worry about the state of Zayns career right now. He's more known now for following Gigi around and being a model rather than a critically acclaimed singer. Ha**ys single is going to to debut at number 1 meanwhile Zayns second album debut isn't even in the top 50s. He's not even doing anything. He released a damn song but would rather dye his hair and get tattoos than do promo that could make this song the hit could be. Why shouldn't I be worried?

It’s like you saw my post, read it, read it again, and looked over literally every single goddamn point. Why shouldn’t you worry? Maybe because it’s not your goddamn career to worry about? Did you every think about that? Zayn is not you, he is not your other fave, he is not his ex bandmates, he is not some other celebrity, he is Zayn Javadd Malik and he doesn’t need to be anyone else. If Zayn seemed unhappy and upset about his career then maybe I’d be a little concerned too but he has said more than once that he is happy. He is in a good place. HE. IS. FINE. Zayn and his team know what they’re doing with an artist like Zayn. They don’t manage him like other artists because he’s not other artists. He’s ZAYN. God why can’t he be happy? So what SGT was #66? He has TWO whole hits under his belt and is becoming more respected in the music industry as an artist AND getting respected as a huge influence in the fashion world and in both of those industries more people who actually matter fall more and more in love with him every day. Just because you google his name and stop at the first tabloid doesn’t mean that Zayns career revolves around Gigi. If that’s how you wanna feel then feel that way but do not strip him of all he has achieved without her. Going places and doing things with his Gf doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about his career.he was literally in the studio until 5 am just the other week and still woke up and got to his interview early because he enjoys himself and where he is at right now. Let him enjoy himself and just fucking be there to support him if you really like him. God idek how Gigi got brought into this. I swear y'all are the only ones who start making shit about her then the media follows suit and you fucking wonder why. And also, newsflash!™ Zayn can do and enjoy other things besides music. Him doing fashion and other things while he’s not releasing music is not only very common but also hella smart! It’s not like he’s being forced to do this. He’s said multiple times that he loves and wants to get involved in fashion. He’s said time and time again that music is his passion and that he fell back in love with it why the fuck won’t you guys just fucking pay a single second of attention to the things he says and shows? And also this is his fucking life and he doesn’t live it to please you or me or anyone else besides himself and the entitlement entrenched in this fandom about Zayns career and his personal life is fucking gross and disgusting. He can do what he wants. We have this motherfucking conversation every good goddamn month when he does or even doesn’t do literally anything. And fuck you for saying “he’s not doing anything” he’s recording a damn MUSIC video, He’s working on his second album, he working on hi capsule collection, and an abundance of things we have no clue about. Just because he doesn’t tweet it or Instagram or doesn’t mean he’s not working I swear y'all will never get this concept. God. You know if fans knew how to worry and still be supportive and not over dramatic and act like his career is over every single time something doesn’t go the way they want it to, then this wouldn’t be a damn issue. But y'all don’t know how to do that. Most of y'all don’t even care about anything else than seeing his face for you to jack off to or to make up scenarios that he’s going to meet your other fave. Anyways, fuck off anon. And fuck off to anyone who actually does and thinks shit like this. We’ve been having this fuck ass conversation since March 25, 2016 now and you’d think y'all would learn (or listen to Zayns own words) by now that Zayn isn’t going to do the vast “promo” you nut over.

Maybe I’m naive and over optimistic, but I truly do hope that Noora and Yousef won’t be a thing. It’s such a stupid plot twist that I’m just tired of it. Instead I’d like to think that they’re meeting because they’re worried about Sana and have seen that something is wrong. Noora and Yousef are just arranging a nice surprise for Sana and have agreed to not pursue a relationship together.

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This is off topic but I miss ur random streams // and you guys should really understand how lendy feels daddy needs to be a MAN and one be a PARTNER they've been together for a while now he shouldn't be digging his hands in other people pants or smooching other people's . if lendy did it , it would be a whole war and more .

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// Godblessyou you get it

// If Lendy even went and HUGGED another Bendy, Daddy would be furiously jealous. When he gets jealous no one yells at him. If Lendy is jealous over the fact his boyfriend is still hung up on Show, he gets called a fuckin HOMEWRECKER or a SHE-BITCH. When he hugged Big Ben @bigbendy it was literally JUST TO GET DADDY’S ATTENTION cause he felt NEGLECTED. When he fell asleep it was from emotional exhaustion of worrying himself up and down the wall over Daddy.

// Nyall hes so devoted to this man I dont think you understand

The Fisher’s Lure

I am branching out into some Fem Ryder/Reyes fic. And, because I am an idiot, I had to write a big multi-chapter fic first. 

Sara struggles with the revelation of Reyes’ secret identity. When a quick visit to Tartarus turns into a turian’s chance at revenge, her own hurt feelings become the least of her worries.

Chapter 1: Oblivion

It was raining on Kadara.

Sara had never seen it rain in the port before. It wasn’t an improvement. Pooling water revealed flaws in construction that could be overlooked on a sunny day, and though the rain carried away the ever-present smell of engine fumes and unwashed outlaws, Sara knew it would all come back the moment the downpour stopped. In short, it made everything seem even more hopeless than it already did.

And that was saying a lot.

She tried to avoid the worst of the rain, but the port’s entire population seemed to have crammed themselves into the few covered areas near the docks. Sara had to shove her way through the crowds, trying not to elbow anyone in the ribs too hard. She was angry - and hurt, too - but that wasn’t the fault of the damp and smelly spacers. She passed Cora at the elevator to the slums, and the huntress smiled warmly.

“We heading out, Pathfinder?”

Sara shook her head violently, trying to shake the water out of her hair. “Nah, you stay here. I’m heading to Tartarus, but I won’t be long.”

Cora’s face hardened. “He still not answering your emails?”


It was tempting to say a lot more than that; to wallow in the righteous anger and sympathetic fury that only a friend like Cora could offer - but even bitching to her friends couldn’t heal this particular hurt. It went deep, this one. It stung.

Vetra had called him a scumbag and a liar. Jaal had agreed that the description was accurate. Peebee had gone with ‘two-faced son of a bitch’, and Liam had bought Sara a beer. Several beers.

Reyes had probably never paid for a drink in his life.

“I hope you’re not planning on going down there dressed like that,” Vetra said from somewhere behind a pile of cargo crates.

“Sure I am, mom.”

“The big bad Pathfinder doesn’t need armour anymore, huh?” Vetra poked her head over the crates, frowning the way that only a turian can. “Taking a gun with you, at least?”


“Sara,” Cora began. “Actually, never mind.”

“What’s up?” Sara busied herself with hiding her pistol inside her jacket. Just in and out, she reminded herself. No need to get caught up in Reyes’ world again. No need to get caught up in Reyes again.

Cora continued hesitantly. “Maybe I should go visit instead. I’m sure he’s as concerned as we are about Kaetus’ raids, just… maybe he can’t face you.”

Sara shook her head again. “I asked Reyes to let Kaetus go free,” she grumbled. “It’s my responsibility to clean this up. If I can be an adult about it, he can too.”

She still felt guilty about what happened to Sloane and her right-hand turian - and still felt stupid for feeling that way in the first place. She almost wished she’d let Reyes kill Kaetus. That way, she wouldn’t owe the Charlatan anything.

She’d always thought that name was stupid - but she got it, now. Charlatan. Pretender. Liar.

“If you’re sure,” Cora murmured.

“But just so you know,” Vetra interjected, “we’re coming down to get you if you aren’t back in twenty minutes.”

“Good to know.”

Sara wasn’t sure what Vetra was worried about, but she didn’t want clarification. Could be that Vetra was worried about the dangers of the slums, but it could be she was worried about Reyes.

Sara understood. The Initiative scientists said the black hole was Heleus’ gravitational centre, but those people had never met Reyes Vidal. Sara tried not to think about it as the elevator started to descend. It would be so easy to lock eyes with him and forget all his broken promises; forget all the reasons they couldn’t and shouldn't be together. That was what gravity was, right? A pull.

A pull that never went away.

The rain was even less pleasant in the slums. Sara sprinted from the elevator to the relative shelter provided by the prefab catwalks. Even here, where the slums turned almost to a sort of cave system, the rain pounded on the metal like thunder. It was hard to hear anything over the din. A local salarian gave Sara a frightened look as she approached the entrance to Tartarus, then sprinted away like the Charlatan himself was on his heels. Maybe Reyes had told his people to watch out for her.

Sara smiled at the thought - Reyes Vidal, frightened of his ex.

His ex-what? Ex-girlfriend? Ex-fling? Sara didn’t even really know.

She paused at the entrance, trying to gather her thoughts. Tartarus’ walls couldn’t contain it; she could feel the bassline tickling her spine. She’d keep their discussion business-like. Walk in, sit down, and get straight to the point.

Hi, Reyes. Good to see you’re still alive. No, really, it's fine that you haven’t been answering my emails. I’m busy, too. Really. It's fine.

Listen, I need your help finding some raiders. Thing is, Kaetus is their leader. Yes, I know I asked you to let him live, but that’s because I’m a giant sap - and also because I was feeling fragile after you broke my heart.

The intro definitely needed some work. But shit - between the cacophony around her and the cataclysm inside her, Sara could hardly even breathe, let alone think straight. Maybe she should just turn around and let Cora come down here after all. Cora was nothing if not level-headed. She’d get things done, minimum fuss -

Sara almost didn’t hear the footsteps behind her, but she did hear them a split second too late. She spun around, reaching for the gun inside her jacket, only to find a barrel already at her forehead. It was the salarian that had run away from her earlier - which might not have been a problem, if not for the bulky human and bulkier krogan at his back.

Probably not Reyes’ men, then.

“What do you want?” she hissed.

“Me? Nothing. My client? Don’t know, don’t care.”

Sara hated herself for it, and it left a bad taste in her mouth, but she said it anyway. “You know what the Charlatan will do when he hears about this, right?”

“Pathfinder,” SAM said on their private channel. “I have alerted Lieutenant Harper to your situation. Your squad should be here momentarily. Would you like me to contact Mr. Vidal?”

Sara shook her head frantically.

The salarian glanced nervously at his companions. “You bring the Oblivion?”

“Got it right here.”

The krogan handed him a syringe, and Sara felt her insides shrivel up the moment she realized what was happening. They clearly weren’t going to shoot her, so fuck the gun to her head. She jammed her hand inside her jacket, biotics flaring -

The krogan clocked her in the side of the jaw, and Sara went flying. Her skull hit the wall with a crack; the rest of her hit the floor with a muffled thud. She groaned, her hand going to her head to try to feel out the damage, but one of them stepped on her wrist. She screamed in pain, kicking backwards with her heels and praying someone inside the bar might wonder about the noise, but she could barely hear herself over the drumming of the rain and the pounding of the music. She wanted to tell SAM to forget what she said before; to call for Reyes, even if she’d rather die than have him see her like this, but she couldn’t form the words -

Then the salarian stuck the syringe in her neck.

It turned out that Oblivion was pretty fast-acting. Sara’s vision went blurry almost immediately. Warmth washed over her, like a waterfall starting from the point of contact with the needle, and her limbs gave way like crumbling dams before a flood. She sighed quietly. Suddenly, the weight on her wrist was nothing. There was blood in her eyes, but that was fine. The pain in her head smoothed out, like a light wave red-shifting to infinity. Everything was fine.

She was lucid enough to wonder if they’d given her a fatal dose - but not lucid enough to feel afraid.

“Pathfinder,” she heard SAM say. “You are on the brink of unconsciousness.”

“That’s okay,” Sara murmured into the grate under her cheek.

Behind her, one of the thugs laughed. “She likes it.”

“Just hurry the fuck up.”

Someone with big arms and terrible body odour lifted Sara up and hoisted her over their shoulder. She dangled limply, her chin bouncing against their armour plating. It should have been painful, but she barely felt it. She was dizzy. So dizzy.

And then she felt nothing at all.


Sara’s first sensation on waking up was of being weightless. At first, she put it down to the lingering effects of the Oblivion. Then she bounced off something solid and realized she was weightless.

“What the fuck?”

She opened her eyes - and it hurt. She was floating upside down in…a cage? A room? There were bars on one wall, so she supposed it was a prison, but the rest was made of solid rock. She felt for her gun, but it was gone, and the realization made her stomach fall down through her shoes. Or maybe rise up through her shoes. Either way, it was doing something stomachs were not meant to do.

When she touched her forehead, her fingers found tenderness and dried blood. At least she wasn’t still bleeding. There was a bruise on her wrist and a scab on the side of her neck. She was still dizzy. Maybe that was because she was upside down.

“SAM?” Her voice came out croaky. “Are…are we okay?”

“I believe so, Pathfinder.” Sara could have collapsed with relief, if collapsing had been possible. “The injuries you sustained during your encounter outside Tartarus were not serious. However, there is still a large amount of Oblivion in your system. I have manipulated your physiological processes to minimize the impact on your system, but you are in need of medical attention.”

“Great. Do you know why I’m upside down?”

“You were kidnapped, Pathfinder.”

“Thanks, SAM, but that doesn’t answer my question.”

“The people who abducted you seem to have brought you to a location where local gravity approaches zero. Artificial gravity appears to be in use in the compound around you, but has been switched off within this room.”


“Without additional data, I can only speculate.”

“Speculate away.”

“Perhaps they wish to disorient you.”

After drugging me?”

“As I said, I can only speculate.”

“Okay. So, where are we? Is the crew on their way?”

A moment of silence passed before SAM responded. “The rock in this particular area contains an extremely high percentage of lead and other heavy elements. While the QEC component of your implant allows me to stay in contact with you, the locator chip is unable to transmit your position. Furthermore, as you were unconscious during the journey to this location, I was not able to observe the kidnappers. I cannot be certain why the chip was not functioning before your arrival. It is likely that they employed some form of communications jamming technology.”

Sara’s mouth was suddenly very dry. “What are you saying, SAM?”

“I do not know where you are, Pathfinder.”

Shit. “But the crew knows I’m alive, right?”


“And they are looking, right?”

“Yes, Pathfinder. Both Initiative and Collective forces are conducting a sweep of the systems surrounding Kadara.”

“Collective, too?” It was the most irrational feeling Sara had ever had, but she was mortified. "You told Reyes what happened?“

“Mr. Kosta informed Mr. Vidal, Pathfinder. It was not me.”

“Great. Great, great, great.” Sara was drifting towards the ceiling this time, so she kicked it viciously. She regretted it almost immediately; Newton’s Third Law sent her careening backwards into the floor, and she knocked her head painfully. “Great.”

“Having a good time in there, Ryder?”

Sara almost leaped out of her skin. Bracing herself on the floor and twisting her wrist to turn herself around, Sara found herself face-to-toes with a turian. His new scars threw her off for a moment - but only for a moment.


“I didn’t expect you to remember me.” He hunkered down so that he was almost at eye level with her. Sara tried not to shrink away, but the impulse was almost overpowering. She’d never seen someone look quite so hungry. “But I remember you.”

Sara lifted her chin. “No surprises there. I’m kind of a big deal.”

Kaetus growled low in his throat, and a chill ran up Sara’s spine. “Talking big won’t help you now,” he snarled quietly. “I heard you talking to that AI in your head. It can’t find you, can it? And you can’t transmit your position.”

“Shows what you know,” Sara snapped. She was a bad liar at the best of times, but she didn’t have a lot of options. “If you let me out now, we’ll show mercy. But if you make my crew fly all the way out here, things will get messy.”

The turian scoffed, mandibles flexing. Sara was glad that SAM was controlling her heart rate, because otherwise she would have been a wreck. “You’re not dealing with some junkie pirate, Ryder. You can’t intimidate me.”

Sara was losing her patience. “Why did you bring me here?”

“I’m going to kill you.”

Sara almost swallowed her tongue. He said it so calmly; so blankly, like cold-blooded murder didn’t stir him at all. “So why the theatrics? Oblivion? A shielded prison? Zero-g?”

Kaetus smiled, in the only way that a turian could smile - with a gleam in his eye and a twist to his mandibles. On Vetra, it was cute. On Kaetus, it was terrifying. Sara shuddered.

“Keep wondering.”

He stood up and turned to leave. Sara clawed her way over to the cell door and clung to the bars. “Where do you think you’re going, Kaetus? We aren’t done yet!”

He didn’t turn, but he called something over his shoulder. “Believe me, Ryder. You are done.”

Sara kicked the bars - and, of course, it sent her flying backwards. She was ready for it this time, bracing herself for impact against the far wall. She floated aimlessly for a while, fuming. What was his game?

“Pathfinder, I believe that Kaetus may intend to keep you here for some time.”

“Why do you say that, SAM?”

“A zero-gravity prison serves little purpose for a short-term incarceration. Several hours of weightlessness may disrupt your coordination. It is also likely to cause nausea, lethargy and vertigo. Several weeks, however, will have more severe effects. I may be able to counteract the damage to your immune and cardiovascular systems by adjusting your physiological responses myself. However there is little I can do to combat the accompanying loss of bone density and muscle mass.”

“So…what? Kaetus wants me to feel like shit?”

“Perhaps. It is more likely that he hopes you will be unable to fight back when he decides that your time is up.”

Sara tried to keep her breathing steady. There was no way she’d be here that long. She was the human Pathfinder, and her team were the best of the best. They’d tear the cluster apart looking for her - surely - and they had SAM to help them. Something was bound to shake loose sooner rather than later.

And then there was Reyes. He was looking for her, too.


“Yes, Pathfinder?”

“Kaetus is waiting for Reyes, isn’t he?”

When SAM spoke, he sounded as hesitant as an AI could. “Without additional data -”

“You can only speculate.”

“That is correct.”

anonymous asked:

Ragarding that helmet concept art... What if that is a vision? From Ezra? He sees clan wren falling... And Sabine alone with them. After seeing the vision he tries to convince hera to go to clan wren to stop them; but she and even kanan say that he shouldn't worry about visions again (after all the others were wrong). So Ezra ends up going alone to try and stop them from going to the war (somehow this leads the crew to go to... Maybe Kanan has the same vision??)