and that shouldn't even be a worry

allowing animal abuse to happen is permitting dangerous and aggressive people to test out how much harm they can inflict on another creature and still get away with.

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For buying AnY new anime merch, the best place for international buyers would probably be Amiami. For stuff that's harder to find, you can use a proxy service (like FromJapan or TreasureJapan) to buy stuff off JPN Rakuten or on Yahoo Auction Japan (you'd have to search 暁のヨナ to find it). Sometimes you can find things second hand on the Mandarake online store (which ships internationally, you can search both akatsuki no yona and 暁のヨナ to find results).

Ah, yes, I checked AmiAmi out for the new merch when I got the ask the other day, but (at least for me) the pre-order period was listed as ended and nothing could be bought, so I didn’t mention it. However, it might be good to keep an eye on the site over the next little while in case something does become available :) @memoirofelliotnightray also recommended it~

As for proxy services… Eh, I find them hard to use, but that might be because I don’t understand them very well. I’ve also had a friend purchase from Rakuten and come back disappointed, and a quick Google of Rakuten reviews comes back with a lot of negativity, so I’m hesitant to recommend that site despite having not used it personally. 

Mandarake is a great suggestion, and one I totally forgot (this is why I shouldn’t answer asks late at night, lol). I should have mentioned it though because that’s where I got some older AnY merch when I was in Japan. In fact, the site seems to still have some of the keychains I bought in stock! 

so I’m a part of my school’s feminist club and so far I’m really enjoying it, but the president like several times every meeting brings up some odd point about not hating men and about how they have it worse in some situations and like fine, cool. destroy the negative and incorrect stereotype that is a ‘man-hating’ feminist but also… I don’t really give a fuck about men’s feelings as it relates to feminism. 

New Character - Jocelyn Hart


  • Romantic
  • Materialistic
  • Klepto


Jocy’s a stone-cold seductress who’s relishes the finer things in life. How she obtains these things, well…that’s another story. 


So I know that I haven’t even posted the Tran Twins yet but that klepto trait came out and omg I knew I had to make a sim for it. 

Do you ever just say something and it comes out way meaner than it sounded in your head

like idk i’m worried that romantic attraction is just appealing to me because it’s associated with being emotionally expressive and being.. close to someone in general! but that’s not exclusive at all. and even if i crave that, it’s unfair to others! because i reject those things whenever i feel like i don’t Deserve them. which is.. most of the time! and it’s just embarrassing idk

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L was very active on twitter today... should we be worried?

*shrugs* tbh i don’t care about anything but louis and harry at this point and from what I’m seeing - yes they both have been papped but other then the very set up pics - they both have been mia from the media & even fans & stalkers so im content knowing they have been together this whole time & i think that’s all that matters right now, we can’t change anything, we can’t make this shit end faster, we can’t really do anything but ride this out so yeah ANYWAYS this is the only thing ima answer about the … current situation … if you cant handle it stay away from twitter, IG, tumblr, your health is way more important then this boyband please know that.