and that she thinks i don't dig her

It'll Die Down Soon...?
  • Dad, At Church on Sunday: And if none of you have ever met a published author *pOINTS* go talk to Carla.
  • Mom, On the Phone With ???: Yeah and Carla's first short story is getting published!! You know she's been working on her degree...
  • Pastor's Wife, Who Was Absent on Sunday: I heard you got your story published! Congratulations!
  • Mom, At Lunch: You need to publish that other one you let me and Dad read! The one about the little girl?? It was sO GOOD---
  • Teacher, During Conference Call: I think we all need to take the time to congratulate Carla again on the publication of her short story. Shows everyone that it can be done.
  • Classmates: Congrats!!
  • Me: *frantically digging a hole in the ground to hIDE IN*

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"please stay" manorian or nessian angst

It’s not the first time it happens.

It’s not the first time that Manon looks at Dorian with something that it’s not only lust, not only their tentative friendship, not only respect or the mutual need of having a body against yours.

It’s something more, something on the tip of the Wing Leader’s tongue, it’s four letters in the back of her head and her cousin’s voice.

She looks at Dorian, at the moonlight playing on his hair, and-

Please stay, she wants to say.

Please stay.

But she doesn’t, her teeth digging in her lower lip for every word she doesn’t say, for her Blackbeak pride, for the Crochan blood trailing down her chin.

Not yet, she thinks.

Not yet.

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You don't have to hate Danielle. In reality, it's not her fault your two boy toys aren't together, Louis asked her out, Louis chose her. Louis put Danielle in this mess. If Harry and Louis were so gay, then I don't think Danielle has done anything wrong. She loves a man who's apparently gay, tries very hard to deal with his terribly mean fans (cough, people like you) and has never ever done something problematic. fans like you confuse and bug me. whatever happened to empowering women?

What the hell are you even talking about? 

You’re right about one thing - I don’t have to hate Danielle, and I don’t. Mildly annoyed at best, but mostly apathetic. If she wants to keep digging a desperate hole so be it, but I’m just laughing about it not actively sitting here like shaking my fist at Danielle Campbell all day. I don’t care. There’s really nothing she can do to redeem herself at this point and as for what she’s done that’s problematic I’d say that trying to actively profit off of someone’s misfortune and closet is pretty problematic. 

Just because you have an XY chromosome doesn’t make you exempt from the capacity to be a shitty person. I’m all for empowering women who are actually trying to make a difference, not those trying to exploit others for personal gain. Me disliking one woman doesn’t discredit the millions of women I actually admire. She is a pretty shitty role model and I’m up for shoving people like her into the spotlight for other women to look up to about as much as I’m up for nominating BJ for mother of the year.  

And as for me being a mean fan…

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I think one of my biggest beef about theute update I have (besides being cagey about Davekat) is that he put Ja/de in every picture with them. Don't get me wrong I like that she spends time with them especially after being so lonely, but why not let her and Dave & Karkat doing stuff with other people too. What about John or how about digging with Jake who is in adventures. Movie nights with Dirk & Jake. Interactions with the other girls. Considering their personalities I can't see them poly.

I’m right there w you, I like jade’s friendship with karkat and dave and I get that its very important to all of them but I would have preferred if jade spread her abundance of “I just want to never be lonely again and spend time with my friends and family and have fun” feelings more evenly over ALL her relevant relationships like jade pls give dave and karkat some alone time they are too shy to ask 

Revenge Of The Bridesmaids || Starter Pack
  • "I have a little problem with authority."
  • "We did it all for her/him, really we did."
  • "My..don't you think a lot?"
  • "But first, a mandatory party where every living relative can ask us why we aren't married or famous yet."
  • "I can't, I'm in heels."
  • "I'm getting married."
  • "I'm guessing you haven't talked to her in a while?"
  • "You used to have big ears and a slutty sister."
  • "I was brought up well?"
  • "That's an airtight plan."
  • "It's a business transaction."
  • "Gold digging is a young person's game."
  • "Sex for money? Good to see traditional marriage is alive and well."
  • "Tell her a she witch stole the love of her life? I think she knows that."
  • "It's wrong! It's evil!"
  • "I'm highly intuitive."
  • "Three thousand years of watching romantic comedies and it's all a big stinkin' lie!"
  • "Action movies have it right."
  • "That's what you need to make love work. A ruthless SWAT team with guns!"
  • "He/she is a trap. There's like three hundred of them in every hometown."
  • "Nice, regular guy, unpretentious..You got out on one day and all of a sudden you wake up ten years later with six kids, a fat ass and ugly pink sweatpants."
  • "You like him/her.. You really really like him/her."
  • "Okay no more wine for you."
  • "If anyone deserves to be knocked down a couple pegs, it's ____."
  • "We are sophisticated babes from _______."
  • "To love, to ______, to the defeat of the third reich!"
  • "I like seeing you rattle, it's cute."
  • "There's something I've learned in life.. you can never have too many cherubs."
  • "Why do all of your plans involve me sleeping with someone?"
  • "Breakfast is in half an hour on the east porch."
  • "I'm just trying to get a little background on the woman/man I'm walking down the aisle with."
  • "I'll get you proof, miss skeptical no-butt."
  • "Do you hate me that much?"
  • "I'm trying not to think anymore. Just doing what I have to do."
  • "I like cake all cake. Cake and me, we just get along"
  • "You ditched 'I Love The 80's' karaoke two nights in a row."
  • "How was the date with the cop? Did he frisk you?"
  • "Excellent, a plan that involves our vast wilderness skill set"
  • "You're southern, sweetie, it's not your fault."
  • "I don't mind a loveless marriage but I will not tolerate anything less than a perfect wedding."
  • "That's the biggest one I've ever seen."
  • "Complicated? Hey, your man/woman's not marrying somebody else in 24 hours."
  • "You are full of tea up to your eyeballs, you gotta go sooner or later."
  • "This is about love. Don't you care about love?"
  • "Do you know how much I've been thinking about you the last few days?"
  • "I hate pillow fights."
  • "If you had wings you should be an angel... or nasty-ass dragon.."
  • "But if we don’t kill her she’ll just come back."
  • "What's love have to do with marriage? Marriage is an arrangement."
  • "I arranged for ____ to believe that I was pregnant."
  • "I have something to tell you..and it's horrible to say but um --"
  • "Family fortune's gone."
  • "There might be some lean years."
  • "What about the baby?"
  • "So we're not getting married?"
  • "Could you spend your life with me? No big wedding, nothing glamorous. Just you and me?"
  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "Looks like you might have to stick around town for a while."
  • Talking to my friends today
  • Friend: What if Taylor is really in to girls?
  • Me: hmmmm
  • Friend: Do you think she's into girls? I wouldn't be surprised.
  • Me: I can't comment on this.
  • Friend: why?
  • Other Friend: She will dig out all the big kaylor posts on Tumblr and you don't want that, she made me read them all once. Don't get her started.
  • Me: 😊❤❤

Carol has lost




Two of those she took under her wing and mentored, protected, and nurtured as her own. And despite her best efforts to teach them to survive, she still ended up digging their graves. 

Please think about that before you call her a bitch, or declare OOC because of how she is acting towards Sam. Please think about what burying three children does to a person, especially a person with such natural motherly instincts. Please please think about it. 

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You probably think we all hate you after 315 and "Raylicity". I'm no fan of that pairing, but I get it (for now). What I would like to see is for Felicity to have someone to *talk* to, some outlet to express her emotions (and I don't mean sex). Oliver gets to talk to Dig about how he's feeling - and by the way, thank you for that scene in 315 - which includes talking about Felicity. Will Felicity have someone - anyone - to do the same with, esp. re: her feelings for Oliver?

There’s a nice scene in an upcoming episode where she talks to Laurel.

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I don't think people like to realize how great of a guy Calvin is for her to have fallen in love with him. Like this woman was in love with her LIFE. That's some real self love right there that when you find you don't really want to risk letting anything get in the way of that but she let Calvin in and I really don't think people how serious that is and will probably just push aside what she said in her VF article about love (and how she was speaking in past tense) and not connect it to them lol

I completely agree. It truly takes a lot to make someone look outside of the joy their own life brings to them and transfer that same amount of love, happiness and appreciation into another human being. That’s also why I think everyone who tries to dig up problematic stuff about Calvin don’t really see what’s actually happening. He may not be right to them but to Taylor he is right and more. Considering how spearheaded of a woman Taylor is, her being in love with her life was probably something set in stone. That was it. No one could do anything about it (as with everything else Taylor decides) but Calvin not only made her transfer that love to another person but did so gracefully enough to the point where she is in love with him AND her life. He didn’t want to change her and that’s what she wanted…someone who can come into her life and fit into everything else going on around her rather than calling shots and making her a completely new person. This is probably the number one reason I am so grateful for Calvin being in her life because after everything she once said about love, he was the one who wasn’t perfect but was perfect for her. Now they’re in love and no one can do a damn thing about it.

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Idk what's up with all the piper hate- everybody's on about how she's such a terrible person, but she's just evolving to survive. Also I don't get why people are saying that vauseman screen time is the most boring part of the show- it's always been one of my favorite aspects.... Thoughts?

im ngl…… the writers kinda fucked around w piper a LOT this season and I was digging it to a certain degree but i’m kind of…….. losing interest in it, when she came back to litchfield in s2 that shit was amazing! she was this angry fireball and it rlly felt natural & right with her arc, now I just think they’re flattening her character out a bit making her super b/w w/ no room for empathy it seems, and i guess that’s what prison does to you but it’s a shame to see it happening to Pipes bc i love her dorky self tbh

and vauseman felt out of place this season they only really felt /right/ during the drama class scene, like that shit felt like the vauseman we all fell in luv w/ in season 1, the rest of it was like ok?? idk?? 

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i saw your "how many cups of sugar do i have to offer" post and now i want a series of gags where angie keeps knocking on peggy's door in more and more revealing outfits and asking if her neighbor could ~spare a cup of sugar. peggy's always like, "oh, i didn't know we had access to the kitchen," and "sorry, angie, i don't have any, but i think the shop is still open? good luck with your baking!" and finally angie shows up in just her underwear and no measuring cup, and kisses peggy.

“Are you making another pie?”

Angie blinks at the words and it takes a second for her to catch up with them before she nearly huffs, hands now resting on her hip and the handle of the measuring cup she was holding digging into her side now almost painfully.

The action causes the gown she’s wearing to slide open more and Miss Fry saw them Angie’s sure she’d be booted out for revealing that much skin as is indecent for a lady.

Peggy hardly even looks down.

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What do you think of the idea that Mako was "gold digging" in his relationship with Asami, and that he lost interest in Asami once she lost her wealth in Book 1? I can sort of see how one might interpret his actions that way, but I don't think the show encourages that interpretation at all, and holding that interpretation only seems to really make sense if you're actively looking for a reason to dislike Mako's character and the show in general.

It’s completely and utterly ridiculous and, yeah, it’s basically designed to justify hating Mako in spite of his canon characterization.  =P

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what he thinks when you don't have makeup on

Luke: lookin fresh and pretty as a daisie :)

Calum: idk why she puts on all the makeup shit she looks bangin without it


Ashton: I dig it