and that open collar

Because I’m blocked with this, and I’m in need of validation here’s a small snippet of my take on a Love Actually AU. I have no idea if it’ll actually ever be finished or not so we’ll see.

Inspired both by @roblivionchristmas and a post by @bijou1986 from last week.

The party is fun, considering, and he watches as Luke and Aaron make their way round the pub, all smiles. He’s not used to seeing Aaron like this, dressed in a smart blue suit, shirt collar open, and he’s having a hard time taking his eyes off him. He has to keep forcing himself to tear his gaze away in case anyone notices. In the end he busies himself filming and taking photos on his phone trying to do as he’d been asked and capture the evening.

He finds himself watching Aaron again, he’s all smiles, laughing and joking with his family and their obvious good natured teasing. He’s not normally like that. There’s more likely to be a frown than a smile. He can’t really pinpoint when he knew he was attracted to him. Luke had introduced them on a night out and for a reason he can’t remember Aaron was in a mood. The first impression hadn’t been great but even then there had been an attraction.

“They seem alright.” He jumps as Vic sits beside him and the phone has to refocus itself. He can tell she’s looking, can see what he’s recording but he can’t make himself stop. He hates himself for it, it’s his best friend for God’s sake but he just can’t help how he feels. “Which one?”


“Which one of them is it that you like? I’m not stupid, Robert. You haven’t taken your eyes off them.” She knows he’s bisexual, had for a year or so, had seen a picture on his facebook that he’d been tagged in, kissing some guy from way back and asked him outright. Vic had never been one for subtlety after all. He was glad she knew though, it felt good, even if she did still stick her nose in a bit too much for his tastes.

“What? No! Luke asked me to video the speeches and that.”

“Hmm, well they’re all done and dusted and you’re still filming. So come on…I’m going with Aaron because you’ve known Luke long enough that you’d be over it.” He just shook his head in disbelief. “Robert! What are you doing?”

“Nothing. I’m doing nothing, alright. So just forget about it.” He looks at her until she nods. “They look happy, don’t they?”

He’d hoped maybe stupidly, that seeing them together again so happy, he’d start to feel less, that somehow his brain would compute that there was no chance for them. If anything it was the opposite, the more he saw him the stronger it was and he had no idea what to do.


“How long?”

“How long what?” He stops, piece of cake halfway to his mouth. They were in the cafe and he’d barely even sat down before she started in on him. He’d hardly slept, too busy thinking about Aaron, wondering what to do.

“Have you liked Aaron?”

“Will you keep your voice down? It’s nothing to do with you.”

“Got a queue of people you can talk to then have you?” He sighs, she’s got this thing about him only having the one really close friend. It doesn’t bother him, if anything he prefers it that way. “You know nothing’s going to happen don’t you?”

“Expert now are you?”

“Aaron’s my mate, has been for years, so yes…I am. I don’t want to see you get hurt Rob, or him.”

“I told you, I’m not going to do anything. It’s a stupid…crush if you like, I’ll get over it. I just need to keep my distance until I do.” It’s all he’d thought about, laying awake all night. If he just stayed out of their way, avoided their usual weekly drink then surely this ‘thing’ would fizzle out.

K well it only took me 500 years to redesign this jewellery loving megalomaniacal bloke. Ditched the reds and eye imagery for black and gold and minimal head decor. Also lighter irises than sclera to match my Melkor (of course). And an open collar! And siDE brAids!! also 3 cheers for gold eyeliner what a stylo milo this guy



13 things to know if you are to date Draco Malfoy

A research project by Harry James Potter

1) Do not be alarmed when he rearranges your furniture without asking first. He’s much happier when the couches face the window and the bed is in the corner.

2) Cook him dinner. He will eat it even if it is charred and dry as long as you serve it with his favorite Merlot.

3) Compliment his hair but do not correct him when he doesn’t believe you.

4) Do not tell him to calm down. Say, “That sucks,” and listen.

5) Do not be afraid to take his hand in public. If he tries to let go, hold tighter.

6) Let him wear your sweaters and your socks and your underwear and everything else you might have in your closet, but do not lay a finger on his sheer green button-down.

7) Let him wear your glasses when he is in denial about needing a pair of his own.

8) Get him a bag of Skittles but take out all of the purple ones so he doesn’t have to weed through them.

9) Allow him to touch you first. Allow him to run his fingers down the length of your arms, to kiss your temples, to tug gently at your collar. Allow him to open you like a locket and put his picture inside.

10) And when you finally unlock him, when you unzip his skin and take a look at the magic encapsulating his soul and his mind and his heart, immerse yourself in it completely. Do not try to find your way back out.

11) Pretend not to notice when he stares at you with a stupid grin on his face.

12) Keep your promises. Forever. Forever. Forever.

13) Do not fucking touch him. He’s already mine.

Okay so last night I read @o0o-chibaken-o0o‘s post (aka perfection) before going to sleep and then woke up in a cold sweat and wrote this down. Also, I can’t stop thinking about @camael-fanart‘s sheer shirt drawings of Draco and… yeah. So.

Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.

BTS in Bed (Based on Their Venus and Mars Signs) - Hyung Line

warning: longg 18+ post ahead

Maknae Line version here.

Jin - Capricorn Venus Cancer Mars

  • the cheesy romantic type
  • capricorn is a cold business like sign
  • while cancer is emotional and sensitive
  • so that creates a conflict within him
  • probably the most vanilla of all the boys as both his venus and mars are very traditional signs
  • but by no means is he boring
  • his sagittarius sun knows how to spice things up and keep it interesting
  • would love missionary with lots of eye contact and kissing and feeling
  • kissing in general is very arousing to him
  • body worship
  • food and sex are two of his favorite things so of course he’d combine them
  • food play
  • licking whipped cream, chocolate, and more off his partners body
  • mmm maybe you’ll be my next special on eat jin ;)”
  • (oops did i forget to mention jokes during sex bc yes jokes during sex)
  • let’s not sleep on those magical fingers
  • he knows how to use them
  • has a soft, feminine aesthetic 
  • ex. likes pink lingerie, fluffy white bed sheets, etc
  • his capricorn venus likes controlling and owning their partner
  • so he’d surprise u with pretty collars that say “property of jin”
  • nonchalant and open about his sex life
  • literally in the middle of dinner he’d go
  • “oh jagi the baby pink vibrator i ordered came in let’s try it tonight”
  • and u choke on ur food
  • calling his s/o princess/prince !!
  • so many soft pet names
  • knows how to pleasure his partner and does it well

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Yoongi - Aries Venus Cancer Mars

  • listen…not he’s always the kinky hard dom y'all think he is

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jackiston  asked:

Hi! Do you guys know of any fics where derek is reallysmart? Or the pack discovers he is a college grad or hes a genius? Anything like that? Please

Yes, we actually have some.


Put Down in Words by paintedrecs

“Oh,” Stiles said, his voice coming out low and breathy, “fuck me.”

“I don’t think that’s on the syllabus, but we can check to see if there’s a spot open in any of his classes,” Scott said, grinning.

“This isn’t an actual professor, though,” Stiles insisted, unable to resist brushing his thumb over the sharp line of the man’s bearded jaw. He was laughing at something off-camera, the shot taken in three-quarters view, his coat collar casually rumpled and opened to reveal a sliver of a simple grey t-shirt. The whole thing was deliberately calculated to lend him a more accessible feel, and god help him, Stiles was falling for it.


When Stiles signed up for Dr. Hale’s intro to history class, he had two goals: knock out the credits his advisor was bugging him to complete before he graduated, and spend a few hours a week daydreaming about his sexy professor’s salt and pepper beard.

Derek, a few months away from turning forty and not sure when his life had started feeling so damn lonely, had never encountered someone like Stiles before. Bright-eyed, sharp-tongued, determined to throw Derek’s carefully cultivated world into disarray…and absolutely the last person Derek should be falling in love with.

Cross a Canyon (with a broken limb) by theroguesgambit

“You never graduated,” Stiles says, just to say it. To test it out in the open air. That’s… huh.

Stiles spends his senior year battling troll-gremlins, taking on an unexpected tutoring job, and definitely not falling for a certain sourwolf (even though everyone else seems to think he is).

Talk Nerdy To Me by stileskolpath

Stiles’ textbooks have been going missing…

… And are coming back with highlights and notes and shit.

He suspects a werewolf is to blame.

The Polish adventures of Derek Hale by Rose235b

Derek finds a Polish baby names book and decides that his new goal in life is finding out Stiles’ real name through trial and error.

Hotsky to Trotsky by paintedrecs

Derek had his future mapped out: there’d be graduation, followed by college, followed by (he hoped) a good grad school, then a career as a professor whose students didn’t spend their time flicking paper footballs at each other and obsessing over their dating lives. He had good friends, a good family, and no time to focus on distractions like high school gossip or relationships.

He hadn’t factored Stiles Stilinski - lacrosse player, class clown, part of the popular crowd, currently spending his entire day staring at Derek and smiling - into his plans.

His Royal Fury

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Pairing: Loki x Reader (ft. Tony, Steve, Thor, and Natasha)

Content/Warnings: angst; fluff; implied rape

Words: 1570

A/N: This turned out a lot longer than I expected it to, but… it turned out pretty well. I went a little away from the anon request but it basically follows what was asked:

a Loki x reader imagine where reader is basically getting harassed and she doesn’t tell Loki, and when he finds out he’s furious? Something with the prompt “did he touch you?” and it ends with the guy who harassed reader getting caught by a very angry Loki and lots of cuddling and fluff

Enjoy, guys!

You hadn’t been sure about Loki at first. When he had first moved into Stark Tower - or Avengers Tower, as it was now referred to - you made an effort to avoid the younger Asgardian prince as much as possible. He couldn’t be trusted, and it was as simple as that. At least, you thought it was.

The two of you had bonded late one night, when everyone else was asleep. You had a nightmare, and had taken to wandering the tower, stumbling upon Loki in the library. The two of you had bonded over your mutual love for books, and an uneasy friendship had formed. And from that uneasy friendship, over the course of a rocky few weeks which turned slowly into a smoother few months, something beautiful bloomed between you and Loki. Yes, he still had issues, but you helped him through them. You helped him realize that there were better ways to solve problems then through violence.

You helped him learn how to love again.

Loki was a perfect gentleman, and all that a person could ask for in a boyfriend. Despite his reputation, he was sweet and loving. He cared about you, you were his love and his redemption, and he’d be damned before he let anything happen to you. And if he found out someone was hurting you, well… he’d make them wish for something as sweet as pain.

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obiwanobsessed  asked:

For silentscreams, what happens when the collar is off? I would image there is an adverse reaction after having it on all this time. It's obviously been enforcing Commands. Will Qui Gon be the one to take it off ? (hoping for Qui/Obi)

“Sirs.” Cody saluted, watching the two Generals as Skywalker helped Jinn step down, the taller man leaning heavily on his cane while peering around before Ahsoka bounded off the speeder after her grandmaster with a big smile on her face.

The cane however was a lie, or at least in Cody’s eyes since the General only needed it occasionally for his knees. He’d seen this man fight Maul to a standstill, ferocious in battle as General Jinn only was when confronted with the Zabrak.

“Cody, well done taking the HQ and the terminals for information.” Jinn greeted with a small smile of praise. “You said you apprehended the apprentice though?” He noted with curiosity.

“Yes sir, he’s over there.” Cody gestured and all three Jedi looked towards where Helix was gently trying to coax the hooded and kneeling man into eating a ration bar, an Iv already hooked up to him with his hands resting in his lap now, still cuffed for precaution. “Sir I have to say, something’s not right here. I don’t think he’s as much an apprentice as… well as a slave.” He settled on.

Skywalker frowned at him but Qui-Gon raised his brows in surprise, face open and curious. “What makes you say that Cody?” He questioned, leaning on his cane.

Gesturing slowly around his own neck, Cody sighed. “He has this collar thing around his neck that I exposed on a hunch. Its black with red symbols on it that I remember from that Sith temple we investigated with you sir and at times they will glow which makes the skin around the collar go blood red and he winces. He’s clearly in pain and he’s frightened off us I think, add to that I think his eyes are severely damaged though he seems to be able to see a bit and he hasn’t said a word since we encountered him, I’m honestly not sure he can speak. He came willingly though, didn’t put up a struggle at all. And when I removed the mask, it was locked in the back with tiny intricate locks that if he were to remove himself, he’d have to use the Force.” Cody went through his impressions and observations.

Skywalker was scowling, visibly unimpressed as he clearly believed this was some sort of trick but Qui-Gon was rubbing his beard curiously before nodding and heading towards Helix and the prisoner. “Well then, lets see who we are dealing with.” He said cheerfully.

“Be careful master.” Skywalker murmured, confirming for Cody that he believed it to be some kind of trick even as he and Tano followed behind the man.

“Oh, I’m sure our new friend here won’t be a problem, will you?” Qui-Gon questioned with gentle amusement in his voice that hid the wariness in the mans eyes as he stopped in front of the kneeling prisoner and Helix.

The medic looked up and greeted his General before looking back at the prisoner, gently touching his shoulder to get his attention before pointing up. “The General would like to speak to you.”

Slowly, the person looked up.

Cody had never seen his General go so pale before.

Qui-Gon dropped his cane as he fell on his knees in front of the redhead, large hands reaching out to cup the others cheeks as he stared at the other man, headless of the flinch as wide pale eyes stared back at him. “Obi-Wan?” The old Jedi whispered out in a choked voice. “How… you fell into the shaft, Maul kicked you into the shaft.” Broad thumbs gently swiped beneath the pale skin of those pale eyes.

Squinting in return, Obi-Wan made a startled little noise before slowly burrowing into the hands that was touching him kindly.

“General Skywalker?” Cody whispered to the blond, not wanting to disturb his General who looked on the verge of tears.

But the blond too looked like he’d been kicked off a speeder as he stared at the redhead even as he visibly shook himself. “It… our friend here might… that is it seems our new friend here might be Qui-Gon’s former padawan… Obi-Wan Kenobi.” He rubbed the back of his head, staring. “But Obi-Wan supposedly died a little more then ten years ago.” He noted quietly while Ahsoka peered at the older men around her master.

They all watched how Obi-Wan seemed to burrow into Qui-Gon’s gentle touches, seemingly starved for affection and gentleness as he practically shuffled into the bigger mans lap with how close he was getting.

Eventually Qui-Gon gently tilted his head back to get a look at the collar around his throat, Skywalker hissing as the almost infected looking skin was revealed to them.

When the collar was touched, Obi-Wan jerked and tucked his chin down, shoulders going up around his ears as he clearly expected…

Expected what?



Clearly something not pleasant.

A wounded noise escaped Qui-Gon and he carefully cupped Obi-Wan’s cheeks again. “Oh Obi-Wan… what did Yan do towards you?” He asked though he clearly expected no answer as Obi-Wan had showed no clear signs of even being able to speak like Cody indicated.

Carefully he slid his hand to cup the back of Obi-Wan’s head and then pulled him forward until the others forehead was resting on his shoulder before he looked up at Anakin with an expression of mixed emotions.

Cody could only imagine.

To have someone return to them thought dead only to discover them in such a condition…

It was bound to be a mixed elation and horror at the same time.


                                             Sterek Prison AU

Derek is sent to prison for life after murdering Kate Argent, the sweetheart of Beacon Hills. same sweetheart who burned his entire family alive. Derek doesn’t regret having his fingers wrap around her neck and feeling the air leave her lungs. he never will.

Things go as things can best go in jail. the people there are just as insane and vicious as himself some are more some are there for no reason at all. he met Isaac and Boyd there. Isaac killed his abusive father. Boyd nothing, he was judged by a racist redneck and was incriminated to serve life. he had met Stiles there too.

A boy no older than 19 serving life. no one actually knows why. some say he is a serial killer some say it was a mistake. what they do know is that the boy is scary. they say “don’t you go talk to that maniac if you value your life” they never said why, and to be frank Derek has no value to life, so he went to talk to the boy.

“Im Derek” the older man says and Stiles looks up at him from his book. a thick hardcover in a foreign language.

“Hi Derek,” Stiles smiles “what are your thoughts about our humble abode?” he closes the book and lays it beside himself by the grass.

“its lovely” Derek rolls his eyes making the boy laugh, head thrown back and eyes crinkled. he looks perfectly normal. a 19 year old boy with sense of humor and long limbs that still have a little growth to be done into, caramel eyes and beautiful smile.

“Well Derek it was nice to meet you,” the boy stands picking up his book “but i must go to the counseling Deaton is so kin on sending me to,” he points towards the guard who is waiting by the entrance to the field and play area “see you around”

He waves as Stiles walks away and no one sees the boy for a whole week.

The next time Derek meets Stiles is when Ennis has him cornered by the library, trying to suggest to Derek to bend over for him. Derek could take Ennis down if he wanted to but this time he wasn’t alone, there were 3 more bulky guys with him. He looked around the room for a visible escape route but saw none, Ennis reached a hand to grab him around the collar making Derek close his eyes.

When he opened them Stiles was standing between Derek and the Bulky guy. all long limbs and a grin on his lips. Ennis seems to be scared as the boy steps closer to his face, leans over his ear and whispers something. Derek’s skin crawls as Stiles’s hand brushes the guy’s shoulder than squeezes. Ennis let out a yelp and walked quickly out of the room, while stiles waves after him.

“Are you looking for a specific book?” Stiles says making Derek’s eyes snap up to his smile.


One day he asked Isaac and Boyd why do everyone seem to be so scared of Stiles. He looks like a scrawny teenager. He heard Stiles was imprisoned at the week after his 18th birthday and was sentenced for life but Derek can’t pick up on anything that dangerous that would validate that sentence on the boy.

So Boyd tenses and Isaac squeaks leaning closer to say “he put five guys in a hospital” and Derek looks puzzled because this is a prison its not that rare.

So Boyd shakes his head and corrects Isaac “not a hospital, an asylum. No one dares to make him mad anymore”

They all look towards where Stiles sits alone by his table when suddenly he looks over to their table with a grin. Boyd and Isaac tense and quickly turn around. But Derek. He just keeps starting at those big brown honey eyes that just seem so hollow it brings shivers up his spine.

Is he really that dangerous?

Tipsy Shawn

Nap Date Blurb. 
Enjoy this while I write the next Presley part.

It had been a quiet night around the apartment. 

Shawn had gone out with the boys, leaving Y/n alone to catch up on a few shows and procrastinating her homework. 

He walked in the door, or more like stumbled in. She looked up from her snuggled state she was in on the corner of the couch. He looked over with wide eyes and giggled when he saw her.

“Hey there.” She laughed at him. 

“Hey Beautiful.” He smiled widely as he attempted to take his shoes off. 

“Need help?” She asked as he stumbled and braced himself against the wall. 

“Nope.” He said popping the P. 


“Totally.” He says finally kicking his shows off. “Has anyone ever told you that you are really pretty?” He stuttered over his words.

“Only you about a million times.” 

“Gonna hear it a million more too.” He says falling on top of her, causing her to erupt in giggles.

“What are you doing?”

“Loving you.” 

“How much did you have to drink?” She asks running a hand through his hair, he closed his eyes at the feeling.

“Not a lot.” He shook his head.

“Really? Because you smell like a walking bar.” 

“Oh,” His eyes flew open as he pulled at the collar of his shirt to smell it. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, but I wouldn’t argue if you took a shower.” 

“Can we cuddle when I’m done?”

“We’ll see, I still have homework to do.”

“Ugghh, why didn’t you do that while I was gone.”

“Because I wanted to relax.” She shrugged.

“Okay, well you deserve to relax so I can’t argue.” He sighed letting his head fall and rest on her chest.



“Go take a shower.”

“Fine.” He groaned sitting up and walking to the bathroom. 

She giggled as he started humming one of his songs but then stopped because he forgot the rest of it. 

“I love you!” He called before getting in the shower.

“I love you too.” She called back. 

She giggled but decided that she should do her homework. She got up and grabbed her book that she needed to catch up reading. 

Walking into the bedroom she stopped by the door listening to him sing softly,

“ You can’t walk the streets at night
You’re way too short to get on this ride “

She snickered, covering her mouth as he sang such an old song.

She went to the bed, laying down and curling into the blankets as she starts to read. 

“Oh hey!” He says walking into the bedroom with a towel dangerously low on his hips.

“Hey.” You smirk at him. 

“ Do I need to show you?
Guess I gotta show you “

She went back to reading, looking over when he flopped on the bed next to her. He sprawled out on his stomach, propping himself up on his elbows as he scrolled through his phone. 

She got lost in her book, being snapped from her thoughts when she felt his fingertips pinching her arm softly. She looked at him, biting her lip.


“What nothing.” He grinned, taking her hand in his, holding it tight.

She just smiled and adjusted her book so she could hold his hand and her book at the same time. 

The first time she let go of his hand to turn the page he didn’t say anything, but then she did it again, and again.

“Babe!” He whined. 

“I have to turn the page.” She protested. This time when he took her hand he interlaced their fingers so when she tried to let go she couldn’t. “Shawn!” She whined at him. 


“I need to turn the page.” She said turning to face him. 

“But I need to hold your hand.”

“Shawn, this is my homework.” 

He let go with a roll of his eyes and a pout on his lips. She turned the page and then let her hand fall back to find his, but he didn’t grab her hand. She looked over and saw he wasn’t looking at her, pout still on his lips.


“No.” He looked further away, turning his head.

“Shawn.” She rolled her eyes.

“No.” He shook his head.

“You can hold my hand.”

“No you’re just gonna let go again.” 

She moved herself further down the bed and kissed his bare shoulder. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.


“Uh eh.”

“Look at me.” She smiled, he just covered his eyes with his hand. She giggled and could see that he was biting back a smile. “Baby.” She whispered, kissing his shoulder again. He finally looked at her.


“Why are you so pouty tonight?”

“I just miss you.”

“Awe Baby.” She kissed his cheek. “You can cuddle me while I read. I’m almost done, then we can talk.” 

“Okay.” He says moving closer to her. He tangles his legs with hers and looks at her with a sheepish grin.


“I wanna do something, but it’s a little forward.” He whispers the last part.

“What is it Shawn?” She asks, eyebrows raised. He just looks down and slips his hand under her tank top sliding his hand up slowly. He cups her breast in his left hand and rests his head on her arm. 

“This is too much?” He asks, looking up at her with puppy dogs eyes.

“You’re fine Shawn.” She giggles. “I like drunk Shawn.” 

“I’m not drunk, just tipsy.” He says shaking his head.

“Okay well I like tipsy Shawn, he’s cuddling and cute.”

“He’s tired.” He yawns. 

“Sleep Baby.” 

“Okay.” He smiles, closing his eyes and pretending to snore. She giggles and kisses the top of his head, going back to reading her book. 

“I luv you.” He slurs, about to pass out. 

“I love you too.” She whispers back. 

Dean settling Cas’ tie neatly, the backs of his fingers brushing against the warmth of Cas’ throat - so soft the touch is barely there, but God he feels like he’s made of lightning inside, and when Cas swallows and Dean feels the movement he can’t even speak for ten minutes afterwards

Dean grabbing for Cas during an argument when Cas turns to walk away, and aiming for his arm but ending up grabbing his tie - and suddenly there Cas is all angry and close and bright-eyed at the end of a straining line. He’s letting himself be held this way, watching Dean’s face, watching the tight hand that holds the slim loop around his neck. Dean forgets what they were arguing about

Dean easing off Cas’ tie, inch by inch, the slowest of movements - walking the line between careful and caress and leaning a little too far one way. Cas watching him, just watching. His lips are slightly open. Dean slides the tie out from under Cas’ collar and takes a breath in and says, “it’ll be dry before you know it” and goes to wash it in the sink

Dean wrapping his hand around the tie, winding it round, and drawing Cas in closer - closer - closer, their eyes locked. Cas moving in slowly, taking it at Dean’s pace, only the shining in his eyes a betrayal of how much he wants this. Neither of them can speak. Dean’s face is soft; Cas’ lips are parted again.

When they kiss, it’s like lightning meeting thunder.

Webs || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,331 words

Request from @bbparker : Hey could you please do an imagine with Peter Parker where your cat (or your dog aha) runs away and you’re upset over it but Spider-Man brings it back (because you’re obvs friends with Peter) for you and the whole cheesy Spider-Man kiss happens? Thanks very much! :) (Also my @ is BBParker but my tumbles being a bitch aha so could you pls tag?)

No spoilers, fam. I didn’t edit it I’m sorry

Originally posted by fyeahmarvel

Y/N strolled through her neighborhood with her new dog on his leash. As an early birthday gift, her family got her a new dog. She hadn’t decided on a name for the dog, but she thought it would be nice to take the pooch on his first walk around the neighborhood. The dog had been pulling on the leash hard for a while, but Y/N just thought he was excited. The dog suddenly got out of his collar and starting bolting down the street.

“Come back!” She shouted, running after the small creature, but he was too fast for her. Y/N stopped, resting against a lamp post while trying to regain her breath as she watched the dog flee from her sight. “Come back,” she whispered breathlessly, hoping the dog would miraculously stop, and run back to her.

Y/N slumped her shoulders, tears starting to build up in her eyes. She dragged her body back to her house. She saw her front door quickly approaching. What would she tell her family,she thought. Yeah, the new dog you just got me escaped from the collar cause it wasn’t tight enough, and ran away.

She opened the door solemnly and rushed to her room trying to avoid any confrontation. She jumped onto her bed, putting her head in her hands. The poor dog was probably all scared and alone. She looked up at the ceiling, trying to stop her tears. Y/N grabbed her phone from her pocket, wanting to vent to her best friend, Peter.

Y/N has had a crush on Peter since as long as she’s known him. She always thought that he was such a great person, who deserved the entire world. When he told her about the Stark Internship and going to Germany to fight Captain America as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man she was shocked. She wouldn’t have ever thought that the man, or as she realized boy, swinging around the city was her best friend.

Peter also had a crush on her, he just never voiced his thoughts. If she didn’t like him once he told her, that would’ve ruined there entire friendship. Peter would rather have her as a friend than not have her at all. Telling her that he was Spider-Man was the first step to confessing his feelings because that meant he trusted her enough. One day he was going to tell her how he felt, one day. 

Hey Pete. She typed quickly on her phone.

Hola, Y/N. What’s up?

Y/N sighed, thank god he wasn’t busy.

Can I call you? She texted back, biting her lip. He didn’t reply, instead his contact name appeared on her screen with a green and red button. She pressed the green one, letting out a sigh. She press her phone to her ear.

“Y/N, is everything alright?” He asked in a worried tone. She heard shuffling through the phone.

“I lost my dog.” She sniffled, trying to sound somewhat normal. The shuffling in the background stopped, “You don’t have a dog.” He said slowly, not wanting to provoke his friend in any way.

“I just got him today as an early birthday gift. Look, I’ll text you a picture of him. If you see him while your fighting crime, can you like, get him. I don’t know what to do.” She said sadly, shaking her head.

“Of course,” he replied but paused, causing more shuffling, “Look, I gotta go.The whole superhero thing. I’ll talk to you later alright?” He stated, his voice now slightly muffled. Y/N raised an eyebrow but ignored the situation. “Alright, bye.” Peter ended the call, not replying.

It had been an hour since her dog escaped her grasp. She decided to go out looking for him again, hopping for the best.It was starting to get dark outside but Y/N wanted to make sure that the poor animal was okay. So she put her shoes back on and grabbed the leash, with the collar still attached, leaving the house.

She looked around a few blocks but sadly, came up empty handed. Y/N was ready to give up when she heard barking coming from the alleyway. “Just my luck, the scariest alley on the block.” She mumbled to herself, walking into the dark abyss.

“Hey, puppy, where are you?” Y/N said softly as if she was talking to a baby. She heard barking coming from above her. The dog was on the fire escape to one of the buildings. “What the fu-” Before she could answer,she heard footsteps behind her. Terrified, she slowly turned around.

Y/N was met with the red and blue tights of Spider-Man. The man stood, waving a hand towards her, “Hey, Y/N.” He said slightly confused.

“Oh thank god,” She said letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding while placing her hand on her chest, “I thought it was someone that was going to kill me.” She let out a nervous chuckle.

“Are you still out here, looking for your dog?” He asked crossing his arms. Y/N brought a hand up to scratch the back of her neck.

“I found him actually. But he somehow managed to get stuck on the fire escape.” She stated, pointing to the adorable dog above her.

“Well,” Peter started dramatically, “I think I can help.” He cockily said, shooting his webs toward the dog’s direction. Spider-Man was hanging from his webs from a staircase that was above the dog. He spun himself upside down, now facing the panting dog. “Hey there little buddy.” He said, grabbing the dog with one hand, holding the web with the other.

He slide down the web, right in front of Y/N, handing her the dog. She grabbed the dog, “Awe, you’re okay.” She said, petting the dog, putting him down. She took the leash that she was holding, now putting it on the dog securely.Y/N stood up, holding the leash tightly in one hand, giving him a slight closed lip smile. She reached her hands up, right under the opening of his mask. She pulled it down, just under his nose. It’s now or never. She thought to herself

She leaned in, closing her eyes. Peter closed his eyes as well, not knowing what else to do. She put one hand on his masked cheek. She placed her lips upon his, in a short yet sweet passionate kiss. Y/N pulled away, opening her eyes slowly, with a smile on her face. “Thank you Peter.” Y/N beamed, walking out of the alley with her dog beside her.

Peter stayed where he was on his webs, unable to move from what just happened. He jumped down from his position, standing on the ground with his jaw slacked. He then smiled widely, pulling his mask down and swinging away.

Y/N slammed her from door shut, taking the leash off of the dog. She was so happy that she had found the dog and even happier that she saw Spider-Man. Kissed him even. She smiled, running to her room, giggling. 

A few weeks later, Peter decided to ask her out. She obviously said yes. The two where hanging out at Y/N house in her room. They heard footsteps coming towards her room, which turned out to be her dog. The dog walked up to Peter sniffing him, before starting to lick the teenage boy. The act made Peter laugh and pet the dog’s soft head.

“What did you name him?” Peter asked, turning to Y/N while still petting the dog. Y/N chuckled, “Umm, I named him Webs.”

His eyes widened, with a small smile evident on his face, “You didn’t.”

“I had to,” She said shrugging your shoulders, “You’re his savior after all.”

Cherry Pie

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Everyone’s two favorite things: baking and (oral) sex with Dean

A/N: written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s Favorite Things Challenge! (sorry I was so agonizingly close to the deadline) also, it’s my first time writing smut for Dean, so be kind to me… also i’m not here for the “Dean’s favorite pie” discourse, so don’t hit me up with messages about what his actual favorite is.  I don’t give a shit.

Warnings: Oral sex (f receiving), baking with dean (yes that’s a warning), minor angst, mostly smut tbh

Words: 2955

tags: @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @daybreak96 @doct0rstrange @trade-baby-blues @deanssweetheart23 @lipstickandwhiskey @impala-dreamer  @ravengirl94 @daughterofthebrowncoats

The smell of baking pie sits heavy on the air, growing stronger with each pie you pull from the oven.  You slide the hot tin onto the table, and stare at the collection of pies and cookies you’ve baked over the last four hours.  So far you had two apple and one pecan pie, a dozen chocolate chip cookies and a dozen of your own personal shortbread recipe.  

Not enough, was all you could think.  The stress of your argument with Dean was still weighing on your shoulders.  Cherry was Dean’s favorite, was the next thought. You eyed the bowl of fresh cherries you’d pitted and washed when you’d first started baking.  When you’d rolled out of the bed this morning, you’d been disoriented until you realized you were in your old bedroom, without Dean.  Then you’d remembered the argument from the previous night.  Which was why you’d started baking at six this morning when you usually found yourself sleeping in Dean’s warm arms until noon.  

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Let’s Get Hot in Here

Originally posted by fancyspice

Clark Kent x Reader

Request: If you do smuts, can I have one with Clark Kent? And then the next day the rest of the league just tease them about it bc they heard

Word Count: 1898

Warnings: Smut and language.

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In the AM :: Im Jaebum

Hello friends! Mafia/gang au were always my favourite after watching KHR haha. So I finally gave a shot at it! I was really inspired by two amazing tumblr writers so I would like to thank them for motivating me to write after reading their work! A massive thank you to @narika-a who wrote a scenario with mafia GOT7, the plot of this fic is mainly developed from their scenario with Youngjae. And a special thank you to @jungk0oksthighs​ and their amazing mafia au fic giving me the final push to write this! I hope everyone enjoys it!

(Bless the soul who took this picture)

Word count: 28K (Mother of god)

Warning: coarse language, drunk people, smut, unprotected sex, violence, blood

Part 2

Summary: Jaebum is one of the most notorious gang leaders in South Korea. He is merciless and brutal allowing him and his group, GOT7, to own most of Seoul. One day he goes after a young female who happened to be interfering with his business, who ultimately stole 40 grand from him. However, he got the wrong girl. She was nothing but a poor student who worked overtime at night to pay for her rent, and when she’s not busy with school or work her favourite pass time was to give Jaebum a never-ending headache. The girl didn’t steal 40 grand from him. She stole so much more, his heart.

Jaebum pov

I watch her through the tinted windows of my car before wandering to the red digital numbers glowing on the dashboard. It read exactly 2 AM on the dot. A small smirk stretches across my face as I watch her bend over to lock the front doors of the run down pub cueing me to proceed with the schedule. It was all perfectly timed, in exactly 5 minutes she will be in the optimal position. I slip out of the black Camaro closely following her in her haste footsteps as she made her way back to her dingy apartment. At exactly 5 minutes time she stood in front of the dark alley, wasting no time I lunged forward grabbing her by the back of her jacket’s collar and pulled her into the dead end. She opened her mouth to scream so I quickly shut her up by slamming her small frame into the graffiti covered brick wall. She lets out a small cry which was then quickly followed by soft sniffles. Her body quakes under my strong grip and I almost felt slightly bad, just almost.

“Stop crying!” I order turning her around to face her tear streaked face.

Her eyes were squeezed shut in utter terror.

“Yah look at me girly, that’s the least you could do after stealing over 40 grand from my business!”

To say I was taken aback was an understatement when she started to yell.

“I don’t know what you are talking about! I’m dirt broke! Why else do you think I am out this late working at a shitty run down pub in the fucking ghettos?! I already had a shit day with creeps like you trying to take me home so for gods sake just leave me alone!” She screams finally opening her eyes to reveal the warmest (e/c) hue I’ve ever seen.

I would be more appreciative of them if they weren’t full of rage and sending daggers into my soul. I shook my head to clear out the doubts that started to swim in my mind. My perfect plan was flawless to the second but a small detail may have been missed, I may have gotten the wrong girl? No impossible, she must be acting innocent.

“Don’t lie to me!” I yell out in frustration causing her frustration to skyrocket as well.

She flails her arms smacking me in the face causing my already boiling anger to overflow.

“Let go of me you freak! Do you think I would be out here in shit city at 2 AM if I stole 40k from you? No! I would be at home rolling in silk sheets in piles of money you idiot!”

Okay I’ll admit, even though she was infuriating seeing that she was so keen on lying I couldn’t help but find her charming, especially at the wild reasoning she spewed on about. I roll my eyes roughly turning her to face the wall once again.

“Alright, that was funny at first but now I’m done,” I sigh ripping her long wool jacket clean off her back.

The seams of her coat tore open with a satisfying pop along with the plain white t-shirt she wore underneath. I toss the torn fabric across the snow covered alleyway leaving her cold and vulnerable in the cold night air. Her fierce aura left her body as quick as it came as she started sobbing once more, hugging herself as she stood there hunched over with a thin ripped shirt. I could clearly see the cold winter air biting at her bare skin where goose bumps started to form, however I couldn’t seem to find the signature dragon tattoo that was supposed to litter the vast majority of her back. At that moment I knew I fucked up.

“Fuck…fuck I’m so sorry. I-I got the wrong person. Haha surprise?” I nervously grin finally letting her out of my iron grip that will probably cause bruises to bloom all over her body later from man handling her.

Her lips quiver as she spares me one final look with her large doe eyes before bursting out in tears and making a mad dash out of the alley.

“Hey!” I called out, it wasn’t supposed to sound so threatening but I guess being friendly and approachable was not my forte. At my voice she sped up, disappearing around the corner.

“Fuck!” I hiss under my breath, kicking her jacket out of the way to follow her.

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Start Over.

(a quick story on what happened after Dark walked away from the mirror…)

“Damien! Damien, it’s time to come out now! This game isn’t going on anymore!”
The Colonel had been wandering aimlessly through the whole manor twice now, this time peeking underneath chairs and around doors. The excitement of this little game of hide and seek was still buzzing inside him, even after three hours, and he was looking forward to finding his friends, seeing their faces of mocked disappointment and then laughter. Just like their school days. He was starting to appreciate Mark’s little get together. Strange how quiet the house seemed now though. Oh so quiet. Except for a light ringing in his ears that seemed to follow him. “Come on! Where are you hiding?”
“I’m here, William.” said a familiar voice.
The Colonel spun around fast to the voice and saw Damien standing in the doorway, loosely holding his cane in his hand. A smile instantly rose under William’s moustache, but it faded slightly as he observed Damien more carefully. Something was off. He looked untidy, which was unnatural for Damien; his usual flatly press shirt was now unbuttoned and open at the collar, and his pristine white bowtie was missing. His hair was no longer slipped back but dangling loosely over the side of his face, nearly covering his eye. And… was that eyeliner? A bruised black eye? Either way it brought out that rather intimidating stare he was giving him.
William laughed and clapped his hands as he slowly approached him. “Damien! Very well done. You really got me! For a while there I actually thought you were dead!” As he got to Damien, he reached out and held his arm, just to confirm he was really there. “My goodness, you look awful! Did a dog attack you or something?”
Damien glanced down at William’s hand. He knew by the straining ligaments in the his hand and the sharp creases of his blazer sleeve between William’s fingers that it was a tight and desperate grip… but he couldn’t feel it. One side of his mind reasoned that, well, obviously we wouldn’t be able to feel anything, being a corpse now. The other side of his mind just wanted to cry. Damien rested his cold hand on William’s and sighed. “… I had a small accident, yes.” He told him, stiffly tilting his neck to one side for a second.
The Colonel chuckled, “Well, it doesn’t matter now. I found you!” Scanning Damien’s body, he saw the cane and was reminded. “-Oh, also, you left these behind.” He pulled out of his pockets Damien’s black Mayor badge and his white bowtie, and passed them to Damien. “Wouldn’t want to go back to the office without them, would ya?” he chuckled again, his voice breaking, almost making his laughing seem like sobbing. “Now, where is Celine?” He let go of his friend and began to wander out of the room again, stumbling over his feet like a toddler. “Celine! Darling, where are you hiding?”
As William turned a corner, Damien stepped out of the doorway ahead of him. For a moment, the Colonel wondered how he got there so quick. “Celine is gone, Colonel.” Damien assured him. This was a lie. She was, in some ways, standing right in front of him.
William frowned a little in confusion. “…Gone? She left already? I didn’t see her go.” There was pause for thought. Damien’s mind was racing. Tell him the truth. No, that will make him madder than he already is. But it’s cruel, he’s our friend. He still thinks I’m Damien, I think that’s enough to keep him satisfied for now. But what about me?
Just as Damien was about to answer, William started to laugh. “She probably ran away! Yes. Couldn’t stand the failure of me finding her. She was never that good at hide and seek, even when we were young. You remember, our old games of hide and seek?”
Damien nodded. His mind gave a sigh, one of relief, one of frustration.
“Ah. Good times.” The Colonel began to pass Damien until he was stopped by Damien’s cane. In the distance was the sound of approaching police sirens.
Damien looked at him sternly. “Listen, Colonel. We have to go now.”
“Why? Go where?”
“Away from this house.” He began to head to a nearby door. “The police will be coming soon.”
William followed him, still perplexed. “Why? What’s happened?”
“Mark is dead.”
William stopped instantly. Damien hung back and cautiously watched as fear casted over William’s face. He stuttered, “… But he isn’t. I… I didn’t kill him. It was a joke, right?”
“Yes, it was a joke.” Damien insisted as he returned to William’s side and hooked his arm through his. He tugged William with him as he strode towards the door and said, “More sinister than a joke. It was a set up. Mark was angry at you and Celine so he set you up so you would get arrested.”
Letting Damien pull him towards the door, William pressed, “But he’s not dead. They can’t arrest me, I didn’t kill him. I didn’t kill anyone.”
“Yes, you didn’t. But that doesn’t matter to the police. They don’t care if the suspect is the real criminal or falsely accused; they just want to capture a bad guy, put him away, and get a promotion for it.” They reached the door, where Damien swung the Colonel in front of him so he could look him in the eye and tell him firmly, “Never trust the police, Colonel. Never.”
William nodded lightly, a little scared at how cold his friend’s gaze has gotten. “…Ok, I won’t in future.”
“Come on, then.” Damien open the door and walked outside.
William paused as he remembered. “Wait… what about Bully? They’re still in there.”
“They don’t matter now.” Damien called back as he continued to walk away and up the path that lead up to the mountain side. “Nothing does.”
William spotted that Damien left his cane leaning against the wall next to the door. Why would he leave it? He picked it up and ran after Damien, just as the police sirens stopped and car doors started to open and close.

The police wouldn’t have been able to stop them if they had saw them. Within the blink of an eye, Damien and William would have jumped an extra mile ahead of where they would have previously been seen. But still the hike was slow for them. Damien’s mind rushed with regrets of picking a body with a broken leg as well as a broken neck. Best to just teleport to places in future.
Suddenly William jumped to his side and put the cane back in Damien’s hand. “You seem to be hobbling there, old boy. Use your cane, for goodness sakes. You need it now more than ever before!” William chuckled.
Damien didn’t smile. He let the cane fall from his fingers. “It’s not mine anymore.” He walked on.
William picked the cane back up and tried to catch up to him. “But you’re the Mayor. This is yours. It was given to you by-”
“Not anymore!” Damien yelled, staring at William with the look of a snarling wolf. On seeing William retreat with a startled gaze, Damien looked away and sighed, trying to calm down. Rolling his shoulders, he growled, “Mark is the Mayor now.”
“How? Why?”
“Because he got away and… is pretending to be me.” He took my body. He took my life with it, actually. He felt his fists clenching up and his shell cracking. “I bet it was him who called the police on you. They believe him now, not me…” He sighed and looked to the ground. “I can’t be Damien anymore.” He looked back at William, who was shuffling his way closer, still holding tight to the cane. “And you can’t be Colonel William Warford anymore.”
William blinked in shock. “What? Why?”
“Because the police are looking for a Colonel William Warford! They’re probably on a man hunt for you. You’ll have to change your name so they don’t find you.”
His face fell to a pout fit for a guilty puppy’s face. “But…. I like ‘William’.”
Damien sighed and thought for a second. Let him have it. His nickname, at least. “… Will… You can have Will.”
His smile miraculously grew back as he cheered, “Yay! Will Warford.”
Something that hadn’t appeared on Damien’s face for a small while showed up; a smile. It didn’t seem to suit him anymore. But he still smiled, because Wilford was smiling right back at him. “Wilford sounds better don’t you think?”
Wilford beamed. “… Yes. It sounds cleaner, authoritarian, powerful.”
“Suits you more than William, if I might say.” Damien said and they continued their trek down the mountain. They were coming close to a town. They would stay there for a while, just until they had thought out how they would get their lives back.
“What about you?” Wilford asked just to break the silence. “What’s your name gonna be now?”
Damien shrugged, “I don’t know.” After a small pause he admitted, “I wish I was still Damien.” His hands were in his pockets for the majority of the journey, the left hand was busy running the black silk of the Mayor badge he once wore through his fingers, the right hand was gripping the bowtie. His skin seemed to turn grey as anger built up inside him. “I wish this never happened. I wish it never had to be this way. I wish I had power enough to turn back time and stop all this happening to us… Or at least, I wish I had the power to go back and kill Mark myself when I had the chance.”
“Wow!” Wilford yelled suddenly, breaking Damien’s concentrated rage. He giggled nervously and said, “You got a little dark there, all of a sudden. Are you alright, Damien?”
Damien stopped walking. … That would be ironic wouldn’t it. It rhymes with the back-stabbing son of a bitch’s name anyway. Wouldn’t it make our justice a little sweeter?
He looked up with his new abnormally creepy smile. “… Dark.”
Dark looked back to Wilford and told him, “Call me Dark from now on. Dark and Wilford. A nice fresh start for all of us.” He swung his arm around Wilford’s shoulders and rested it there as they both walked together.  
“Yeah. Dark and Wilford!… Wilford… War… Wilford War.” Wilford shook his head. “Doesn’t sound nice with just War on the end.”
“We’ll find something for you.” Dark assured.
Wilford looked around him, then at the cane he held. He gasped and held out the cane as he declared, “Wilford War-stick!”
Dark scowled at him. “…No.”
Wilford sighed disappointedly and looked around again. “Wilford War… branch!”
“No. That’s even worse.” Dark took his arm off Wilford’s shoulders and walked on ahead.
“Wilford Warburton?… War-butt-on! Haha!”
“Stop it.”

“Wilford Wardrobe!” Wilford announced, his voice muffled from the inside of the hotel cupboard.
Dark opened the cupboard door and scowled at Wilford who looked at him with an expression that was trying hard to contain a laugh. “It’s not funny anymore.” Dark groaned, hanging his blazer up on a wire hanger.
Wilford observed Dark’s sullen face and frowned. “You found it funny before? Even since we found each other after the chaos back at the manor, I haven’t heard you laugh, not even mockingly. It’s like you’ve suddenly changed, Damien.”
Dark’s lip twitched and he growled, “… I have changed. For a start, I’m not Damien anymore!!”
Wilford flinched. He had not seen Damien- sorry, Dark, in this way. It was usually him who would snap at Dark, and Dark would retreat or just give up having the argument with him. Now… Wilford felt scared to anger him. Not because he was scared of getting hurt. But because he was scared Dark was going to get sick of him and leave him.
Dark saw the fear in Wilford’s eyes through his rose-tinted glasses. That was uncalled for. Let him say it. He’s known ‘Damien’ for years, it’ll take a while to adjust. “… Sorry.” Dark mumbled. “I’m sorry Will. I… I don’t mean to hurt you.”
“It’s fine.” Wilford said as he began to climb out of the cupboard. “Mark has obviously made you angry. He’s made me a little peeved too. Trying to play dead on me so that blasted bastard detective would put me away. Ha!” He walked into the bathroom and continued calling to Dark, “To be honest, the detective is the only person I wish this whole ‘playing dead’ thing wasn’t a joke! Haha!”
Dark didn’t answer. Both sides of him saddened.
“I think I should change my appearance.” Wilford abruptly called out from the bathroom.
Dark blinked. “Sorry?”
Wilford took off his glasses and looked into the mirror. He brushed his moustache with the tips of his fingers. “Well, if I change my name, I should change how I look too! Like you did! You’ve changed from Damien to Dark, and also changed from a well-suited Mayor to a bummed-out businessman! Haha!”
“…Yes.” Dark said. He had moved to the waste bin and turned out his pockets. He took out his bowtie and stared at it. He wondered… He walked to the bathroom. “Here.” he said, placing his bowtie on the side of the sink. “I don’t need this anymore.”
Wilford stared at the bowtie for a while. He smiled. It reminded him of Damien. He held it up to his collar. Nice, but it need to be a bit more colourful. The sound of wood snapping came from the other room and Wilford peeked out to see Dark had snapped his cane in half. He put the broken pieces in the waste bin along with the Mayor badge. Wilford huffed and laughed, “You really are taking this disguise thing seriously!”

Wilford had been gone for a while; he said he had an idea and needed to go to the launderette. Dark sat in the room alone. Well, as alone as a body with two souls could be. There was a deep conversation going on inside his mind.
He’s not going to continue acting like ‘Mayor Damien’. Yeah, he’s got a new identity he can use, so he’s probably going to find another life to live. He could be anywhere. Not so, there’s still a chance we can find him. He’s in your body anyway, I’m sure you’d be able to sense him whenever he’s near. …Maybe. It’s still going to be difficult, like finding a needle in a hay stack. But remember, this is a very shiny needle. If he’s still as pompous and arrogant, and still pursuing show business, he’ll be shouting where he is to the sky and back. …Possibly. You need to be more positive about this. …How can I be positive while a head-up-his-own-ass fucker is walking around in my body while we’re both stuck in this broken, numb carcass and have to be tied to the trigger-happy madman our friend has become?! Damien! … I’m sorry, Celine. It’s just… it’s not fair. Hey, think about the soul this body belongs to, trapped in that horrible mansion. Do you think they’re having a fairer time than us? …No. I can’t believe you made me do that, to throw them out, our friend that you helped get a job, the friend that trusted us. If you’re so mad about it, then why did you come along for this ride?
“Ha ha ha HA!” The door to the room was kicked open. Wilford tip-toed into the room holding his coat over his body to hide from Dark like a curtain.
“What did you do?”
Wilford dropped the coat and stood tall with his arms out wide. “Ta-da!” He didn’t look much different; only four things had changed. One, he wasn’t wearing his glasses, two, his suspender had faded from red to pink, and three, on his collar of his mustard shirt he wore a bowtie as equally pink as the suspenders. But the fourth change really caught Dark’s eye. His once thick brown moustache was now trimmed to a curly perfection and coloured a beautiful rosy pink. With a proud smile and a flourishing bow, he announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, Wilford Warfstache!”
As soon as the coat dropped Dark had been staring at Wilford with wide eyes and mouth agape. Wilford held his pose waiting for a response eagerly; he spent a good few hours trying to wash out his suspenders with his new bowtie, while also trying to find the right Kool Aid drink-mix power that would give a similar rosy shade to his moustache. After a moment of utter silence, Dark smiled a genuine smile and said, “… It’s incredible!”
Wilford released himself from his pose and picked up his coat to hang it up. “Do you think the pink will stand out a bit too much?”
Dark nodded, “Absolutely. It’s pompous and wild and unorthodox. Suits you down to the ground.”
Wilford smiled at Dark as he headed into the bathroom. “Thank you!” He went to mirror to admire his handy work, never losing his wide and childish smile. He sighed, “Goodness, if only Celine was here to see this. What will she think?”
“… She’d be proud of you, Will.”
Wilford peeked around the door to Dark, who was walking over to him. “You think so?”
Dark was still smiling, but there was something in his expression. Uncertainty? Or was it pride? Either way he looked at Wilford in the same way a parent looks at their child accomplishing their dreams. “I know so.” Dark answered.
For some reason that sentence hit him hard in the chest. Almost as if Celine was right in front of him, which made him feel ecstatic. He walked up to Dark and surprised him with a tight hug. “Thanks, Dark.” Dark patted his back carefully, he didn’t want his shell to shatter just yet. Wilford finally pulled away from Dark and made his way to his room for bed; it had been a heavy past few days, but he didn’t really mind. All his friends were alive, Dark was going to stick with him for a while, and he got to express himself, finally, after so many years of intense mental and physical battles.
Damien? Yeah? Moments like that are why I came along for the ride.

anonymous asked:

I will build you a fucking shrine if you write peter coming out as a bi to tony and tony being like, "hell yeah me too"!!!!!! (I'll probably cry happy tears too)

Okay. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

He could do this. He could do this. It was all going to be fine. He could do this. 

Fuck. How the hell was anyone supposed to do this?

He checked his watch for the fifteenth time that minute. Tony was currently 12 seconds late. But he was always late, so this was fine. It didn’t mean anything. He was just caught up again. Which was normal. 

Unless he’s found out and now hates me and is going to take the suit away and yell at me and never speak to me ever ever again-

“God, Peter, pull yourself together,” he muttered to himself, running a hand through his hair and then clasping it into a fist in his lap. It was all going to be okay. It was. He just needed to keep breathing.

Fuck. Why was he even here? Why had he called Tony in the first place? Take an hour of your day please, Mr Stark, I need to tell you something that I’ve only just found out myself and is probably something you don’t care about at all anyway-

This was stupid. He should have just waited until it could come up in casual conversation, not….whatever this was. Pulling Tony out of his busy day in order to tell him this stupid thing was…well, it was stupid! 

God, his hands were shaking.

What if Tony reacted badly? What if he got angry? What if…

what if he never wanted anything to do with Peter again?

It happened. He knew it happened. He’d heard all the horror stories. Kids, kicked out of homes by parents who had loved them unconditionally before. Put on the streets because they loved the wrong people.

Not that Tony would ever do that. Peter was scared, but he wasn’t stupid. For starters, Peter didn’t even live with Tony anyway. 
Well. He hung out with Tony in his workshop after school more often than not, and occasionally slept there if Aunt May was doing the nightshift, but it wasn’t like he couldn’t deal without it. He’d been fine before Tony came along.

But that wouldn’t even happen. He was making this out to be bigger than it was. Tony was cool. Tony would be fine. And even if he didn’t like it, he knew that New York still needed Peter on side, so he probably wouldn’t take the suit back, or kick him out. 


Suddenly, there was a four-beat knock on the door, and Peter practically flew off the couch in his living room from the surprise.

Okay. Okay. Showtime. 

It was going to be fine.

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