and that nick didn't need to figure out everything by himself

Mischief Managed

Request: Anon asked ‘Can you do a Loki x reader where he comes to her after the events of Thor 2 and she has to keep the secret about his “death”?’

Pairings: Loki x Reader 

Warnings: Slight mentions of abuse (might be triggering), some fluff (of course!) and a teeny weeny bit of angst

Word Count: 2000 words

Characters: Reader, Loki, Thor, Avengers (mentioned), Nick Fury (mentioned)

Summary: The reader was a victim of family abuse and one day she is saved from her drunk father by Nick Fury himself and he tells her that a great mind like hers could come in handy and offers her a position at SHIELD. Everything goes great till Loki’s attempt to take over the world with the help of the Chitauri where the reader gets captured by him.

A/N: Thanks for the request anon! I loved writing this as Loki is one of my absolute favourites! Hope I didn't disappoint and that you enjoy!

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Out of all the things that intrigued you, the one that you thought about the most was the fact that Loki never held you under his mind control. Yes, he was harsh with you but he never let his sceptre touch you. Though that did not stop him from ordering you around and getting you to comply to his wishes. You had absolutely hated him and he was often annoyed with you. You never failed to back-answer him and defy his every command. But instead of getting more infuriated, he started getting amused at the thought of a mere human being able to defy him and not cower away. But you had had enough abuse from your dad to learn to stand your ground with other men.

But Loki was different. Behind the tough exterior shell, he was actually a broken man on the inside. You didn’t even need to use your experience as a psychology major to figure that out. Loki was scared and unsure. You could see that he still cared for his brother and that there was something - or rather someone - else who was pulling his strings.

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anonymous asked:

What if twinky Louis who Nick takes under his wing starts stealing Nick's way too big jumpers and walking around London in them, all sweater paws and partially exposed shoulder (with a suspicious mark, maybe?) if he leans too far over. What if he posted a "still in bed" selfie and the very edge of Nick's comforter and headboard could be seen, or just enough of his sleeping shirt to know it was originally Grimmy's?


louis knowing full well what he’s doing, dropping hints all over the place about him and nick, even though they don’t even know what they’re doing yet. just some tentative sort of sleepovers, lots of kissing and touching and grinding against each other on top of the covers, getting off like that, and they both feel like teenagers from it. not talking about it, because they’re both not very good at the whole communication stuff, both don’t really do feelings but that’s what they’ve got now: there’s a bunch of feelings, and the more they build the less they know how to talk about them. so louis’ doing all he knows how to do- tease and drop hints like the little shit he is.

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