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Did you notice in 7x16 after they find Michonne, Rick kneels down and caresses her face?? I didn't notice the hand at first because I was too busy staring at Rick's concerned expression but it's there and I'm so deep in my feelings right now I miss them so damn much😭😭 and that caress is so gentle too like I know this is free but I want my money back I shouldn't be feeling this much. Can we just get a spin-off show of the Grimes Family please

I actually didn’t notice this. 👀 But listen. A Grimes Family spinoff is literally all I want out of life. The more I think about this show, the more I realize that is the only thing I’m watching for. I mean, yeah, I like Maggie and Aaron and Gabriel and Jesus, but without Sasha and especially Glenn, the rest of Team Family are just kinda there. Give me Richonne in like a Full House setting and I’d be so good.

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yo okay this is kind of random and from a long time ago, but do you remember when you reblogged that gif of dan lying on the tatinof stage and breathing? it didn't show his face or legs but it showed his back rising and falling as he breathes? anyway your tags about trying to breath in sync with him when you're struggling with anxiety literally helped so so much thank you so much <3

this made me feel so warm, i am incredibly happy that worked for you <3

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i loved julio and tenoch soo much but tenoch was honestly so authoritarian with julio and in that fight scene, julio said sorry to him countless times and when tenoch's time came, he did such a half-baked apology lol. it's so much like gael and diego's actual relationship where gael is the openly affectionate one and diego is kinda serious about his love. remember when gael's face fell when diego said sean was a better kisser bcs he didn't have to see him everyday? my poor baby gael lmaoo

WHAT?? Diego always shows his love for Gael… he can be a lot of things but don’t disrespect my man like this


In response to some comments I’ve seen about how Sam and Cas had no meaningful interactions this season and don’t deserve the TCA nomination and/or those who think it actually went to Sam and Lucifer.

Friendly reminder that

  • Sure, this isn’t huge, but Sam attentively cared for Cas in 11.03. Attack-Dog Spell Cas and Sam sassed each other when Sam poked fun at Castiel’s car, and Sam was the first concerned face Cas saw when he regained consciousness to Sam saying, “Cas, are you okay?” Later, when Castiel felt the need to define “perp” to the Winchesters, Sam thanked Cas for it even though he and Dean both knew the word.
  • In 11.04, Sam showed that he had faith in Cas when he acknowledged that, yes, he knew Castiel could be of help to them, but it was important for him to focus on himself, too. To that end, he told Cas to go into his room and watch Netflix.
  • Cas spent the next several episodes (possibly weeks in-universe) recuperating in Sam’s room, sometimes on Sam’s bed.
  • Also in 11.04, (not terribly relevant but because it was kinda cute) we had Cas and Sam geeking out about lore–how to kill a Nachzehrer and the dates after which pennies were only copper-plated zinc. Shhh, I thought it was cute.
  • 11.06 offered a beautiful and poignant parallel. Switching back and forth between Sam and Cas and their respective battles, the episode showed us two men who were being derided and overpowered–two men who chose mercy when they were able. Sam handcuffed the demon rather than killing him, thus affirming his conviction to save people when he could instead of focusing only on ‘hunting things.’ Castiel chose not to kill Metatron.
  • Sam mentioned his concern for Cas right after they left Hell in 11.10 (despite the fact that he was the most severely injured and had been subjected to Lucifer’s attempts at manipulating and degrading him during his entire stay in the Cage) and gave ‘Cas’ that adorable salute at the end of the episode.
  • Fun fact: Sam was the first person to mention his worry about not hearing from Cas in 11.11.
  • Castiel overcame Lucifer himself in order to keep him from further hurting Sam in 11.14, when he subdued the archangel with all his power not as the temporary effect of a spell, as in 11.18, but by choice. No big deal.
  • In 11.18, Sam defended Castiel’s autonomy, saying his choices deserved respect. Again: Sam respects his friend’s autonomy and choices and will defend him to others.
  • Castiel himself did not appear again until 11.23, when Amara removed Lucifer from his vessel. The finale ended with Cas walking into the bunker beside Sam, offering his support and saying he was “here if [Sam needed] anything.” When Toni Bevell greeted Sam before banishing Cas, Sam’s first instinct was not to face the threat, but to turn toward where Cas had been and call out for his friend. Only after that did he actually turn to face Toni.
  • But I mean yeah. Sam and Cas didn’t have any meaningful interactions at all this season.

honestly I am so proud of leslie odom jr for winning that tony last night like yes, lin is amazing, lin is fucking incredible, lin deserves every accolade he’s ever received and then some, but leslie’s performance on the album alone was phenomenal and I can’t even imagine how much better it must be to actually get to see it, *see* the emotion on burr’s face when he says “honestly, it’s kind of draining!” or “this man will not make an orphan of my daughter” like… I’m just so glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves i love leslie odom jr okay