and that means ill drink too much too fast

When I first found out about mental illnesses, I self-diagnosed every single one of my friends.
Only a while later I found out what having a mental illness truly means.
So many people don’t actually realise what it is about and over-use these terms for everything.

1. Social Anxiety doesn’t mean being shy and getting stage fright.
2. Anorexia doesn’t mean people not liking their body and going on a healthy diet.
3. Depression doesn’t mean being too lazy to finish this one homework.
4. Being an alcoholic doesn’t mean drinking a bit too much at two different parties.
5. Being bipolar doesn’t mean hating your parents and realising that you actually don’t.
5. Having a panic disorder doesn’t mean your heart pounding really fast before your first dance recital.
6. Being an insomniac doesn’t mean sleeping only three hours because you’d rather spend your time on the internet.
7. Having OCD doesn’t mean cleaning your dirty dishes because you know they will smell.
8. Having ADHD doesn’t mean getting a little giddy after a continuous six hour session at uni.
9. Being suicidal doesn’t mean wanting to disappear because you have to bring a bad grade back home.

Please rethink your argument and medical terminology before you make any statements.

—  for people who don’t understand the term mental illness.