and that makes me feel less alone

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I love this blog. You manage to put in words how I feel when I have no idea how to.

I’m glad you find comfort here, and I’m glad I’m able to do that. I always find it a great comfort when someone expresses how I feel in the perfect way… It makes me feel less alone. Thanks for the message x


Hi Taylor, I’m Lauren. I wrote you a letter, but sadly I couldn’t find anyone to get it to you at the Dublin show, so I’m gonna re write it here if that’s okay with you. When I started high school, I was alone and I knew no one. I’m a shy person so when I eventually did make friends, I thought it was great. It wasn’t. I was bullied. They left me out, then blatantly talked about how much fun they had, telling me ‘you should have come’, that would’ve been fun!!! If you’d invited me!!!! Anyway, this all started in 2008, around the time I discovered your music. You helped me feel less alone because you were singing about the exact same things I was going through. I don’t really know how to say this next part but I need to tell you. Everything just got too much for me and as they hurt me emotionally, I started to hurt myself physically. They made me feel worthless, like I was nothing and didn’t deserve friendship. This went on for a while, like 4ish years. However, no matter how much I hurt, there was always your music which helped me get through the day. Flash forward to 25th March 2011. This was the day I saw you live at the Speak Now Tour. You made me feel so loved that night. I cried, I laughed and I danced till my heart was content. I had never felt as truly happy than I did that night. It was an escape, but an escape which made me re-think everything. You gave me the courage to ‘speak now’, so that’s what I did. I got rid of the people who were making my life toxic and I found a new group of friends who I still have today, and honestly, they are on of the best things that[’s ever happened to me. Apart from this, I also worked on stopping hurting myself and on the 5th September 2012, I stopped altogether. 

After that, my life has been wonderful. I’ve found the love of my life (Callum, he’s pretty great, I’ll tell you more about him sometime), I’ve gotten so much closer to my friends and I’m honestly the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. It’s all thanks to you, Taylor. Without you, I wouldn’t be typing this message right now, I wouldn’t even be alive right now. You saved me from my darkest times and I can’t thank you enough for that.

March 25th 2011 was an escape, June 29th 2015 was a celebration. I love you endlessly, Miss Swift. Thank you for everything. 


42 Days of the Mountain Goats: Day 20: Source Decay

The Paper Towns movie comes out in 24 days. In the book, the Mountain Goats are Q’s favorite band. Completely by coincidence, the Mountain Goats are also my favorite band. So I thought I’d share a John Darnielle/Mountain Goats song I love every day from now until July 24th to celebrate the movie and the band.

Today we have ‘Source Decay.’ This song makes me feel less alone and I am so grateful to it.

Money line: “I wish the West Texas Highway was a Möbius Strip. I could ride it out forever.”

“My younger brother died when he was 11 from drowning in a pool 6 months ago, I knew what happened when I saw my mom and dad in tears saying that after he went to the public pool with his friends he drowned. I went into depression to a point I couldn’t eat, didn’t want to leave the house and I didn’t want to talk at all. Seeing Big Hero 6 now makes me feel better that Hiro had the same reaction as I did to death. Anytime I miss my brother, I just turn Big Hero 6 on and it makes me feel less alone”

I hate that people don’t know how to be honest. Like if you’re just looking for someone who makes you feel less alone- tell me. If you’re looking for someone who’s actually going to invest their feelings in you- again, tell me. That way I can decide whether or not I’m willing to give what you ask for and take what you have to give. Like don’t waste my time like that because that’s the one thing I can’t get back. 


Get to know me meme: 2/10 favorite female characters→Remy “Thirteen” Hadley (House MD): “You’re a coward! You need to know everything because you’re afraid to be wrong. You’re so afraid of being ordinary, of just being another doctor, just another human being that you’ll risk other people’s lives.”

In a case of Broken Clocks Are Occasionally Accurate, my therapist pointed out yesterday that if I’m willing to acknowledge my inability to make decisions around food and how that’s an OCD symptom, perhaps I would consider that it’s not that I’ve been being extra lazy or avoidant, I’m just having a flare-up of this specific compulsion and blaming it on things I think I can control.

On a related note, my brain is a jerk.

hi hello i hope you’re feeling lovely today! i just hit 4.4k and i feel so excited about this ??? i appreciate every single one of you, so i thought i would update my follow forever! you are all so sweet and make me smile constantly! thank you all for making me feel less alone when i am not feeling all that great, it means the world to me. this may be kind of a big list of people oops and i bolded a few of my faves (also i’m genuinely sorry if i forgot you!!)
stay smiling and know that i am always here for you :))

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My online presence is my career. And yeah, I’ve gotten criticism about it. One time, a man I thought was a very good friend sent me an email explaining that I was “self-promotional” and looked like a “cheap idiot.” He has no career now, by the way, and I am successful so suck it, that guy. Allison is also sometimes critical of my desire to “vlog” or portray myself on the Internet through livestream apps like Periscope but I remember being a very lonely teenager, and if I can make someone like that feel less alone by bringing them into my living room through livestreaming a Q&A or by answering questions on Tumblr, then I am more than happy to do that. Being friends with and supportive of your audience and those that support you is CRUCIAL for online creators. I have fans I email with regularly, and I know that especially in online fandom, there’s a sense of “we made you” and I don’t ever want to betray that. If anything, I want to celebrate it.

hey hey hey ❁ My name is Nidhika, and I’ve been a swiftie for as long as I can remember.  

I have always been known as the shy girl, and I’ve always found it difficult to feel comfortable with myself. Taylor has given me so much strength  and made me feel a lot less alone. Taylor, you have helped me through so many moments, when I felt lonely, when I felt like I didn’t fit in, when I felt like I would never be good enough, you helped me and taught that these things aren’t the most important things, and that happiness and friendship are. You always making me smile and I know that years from know, you still will. I love you so much Taylor. You encouraged me to be myself and be happy. I’m working on it, but at least I know now that I have an group of friends to help me while I try. I’m finally finding the courage to let myself be me, even though I’m not certain of who that is just yet. I just wanted to thank you Taylor, for being such an important part of my life.Thank you Taylor, for believing in me when I never did, because of you, I am to work may towards completely shaking it off and dancing like no one watching.

My twin sister, Ridhika,(she’s the one with the darker skirt) and I (the floral skirt pics and I’m also in in the bottom right corner) will be seeing you on Saturday 27th June, at Hyde Park and we can’t wait. I’m still quite shy and I don’t really feel comfortable wearing very out-there costumes, but this is what we are wearing. I re-made the cat shirt from the Shake It Off MV and made these. I hope you like them, and I can’t wait to see you at The 1989 World Tour, London!!! 

have a magnifcent day, stay beautiful :)                                                                 with love, Nidhika xx

I’ve never wanted to beat somebody over the head with a piece of writing and go, ‘Understand me! This is about this!’ because once you’ve written something down, you no longer own it. The person who reads it owns it and they, hopefully, will own something different to what you wrote, the things that fill in the space between the valleys and the peaks of the words on the page. Whatever you find, and whatever you own, I hope that the act of finding it makes you feel less alone.

hey y'all I’m Riley James • 21 • he/him • queer barista babe chillin in Maryland !!!
I’m not pre-anything bc I don’t really plan to go on t! And that’s fine! Each transition is different and it doesn’t make me (or anyone else not on the t/e train) any less trans. Just here to share that there are ppl who don’t want hrt and to make others feel less alone! It’s rare for me to find someone who doesn’t really care for hormones. Anyhow, you can find me @ 👽✨🌸

Trans and nonbinary folks, feel free to submit your own selfies to Ways to Raise right here, for our body positivity week!

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he is home to me. my best friend. i'm closer to him than i thought i could be. he is so beautiful. but he's leaving for college and i'm afraid he'll find someone before i get the chance to tell him about the garden in my chest. do I tell him?

you do what feels right. you take the ocean inside of you and you let it spill. if he leaves you, alone in all your vastness, then let it hurt when it needs to. but know that it doesn’t make you any less glorious, any less whole. love will find you in the end. it’s been looking for you this whole time.

Here’s a sentence: I think the dead alien fish queen dumping her dead scared poser girlfriend for the alive asshole version of the same girlfriend thing may actually be good literature.

In the sense that it feels true?  That I feel, on some level, that I can relate to this situation?  

The Vriska (Vriska) mess is actually starting to make sense to me as it pertains to (Vriska)’s character arc - of course she was going to have to confront what she was and the opportunities she squandered at some point, and of course a relationship based on a fear of being alone isn’t going to work out.  The complete loonbat tortuousness of the plot situation that has led her to wrestle with these issues doesn’t make ‘em any less valid.  Nor was the execution terrible or out of character for anybody involved.  So???

It has also led me to a place where I am rooting for (Vriska) to rise up, destroy her alive self and take her rightful spot in the narrative again, which is not something I was thinking was going to happen.

So… good.  Good?  I think good.  Good for Meenah as a character, too.  Glad we could all experience that together!  Everything is just fine.  Excuse me while I weep in a dumpster for a few

After walking around the town for a good 2 hours looking for people to talk to, Oscar couldn’t stop himself anymore. He had to make a friend. He had to find someone that he could talk to who wasn’t in another country. Gingerly, he approached the door of a random house and braced himself for either a rude or warm welcome. He knocked and waited. “Erm… hi, I just moved here about 4 weeks ago, and since then I’ve talked to about 3 individuals and those 3 individuals consist of my Mum, my brother and my old dog. Just wondering if you wanted to go for a walk or a drink or something, just to make me feel slightly less alone?”

Please help me publish my novella.

I know I don’t have a lot of followers and I’m not really sure how to go about this, but I finished a book and I’m working on editing it so I need to find a way to publish it somehow.  I don’t really want a lot of money nor do I want a lot of fame or anything, I just think my stories would do well and help people.  I think people will feel less alone if they can find more stories that make them realise not everyone is ignoring the pains of the world.  I just want my words to help someone.

I know that was really long and ridiculous, but this is my dream and I was just wondering maybe you guys could help me reach it even in the smallest sense.  Thank you so much.

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I really love this blog. Like, a lot. I feel so much less alone when I see these posts on my dash. Thanks for this blog, thanks for existing, thanks for making me feel less ashamed of being trans.

Rain makes me feel less alone. All rain is, is a cloud- falling apart, and pouring its shattered pieces down on top of you. It makes me feel good to know I’m not the only thing that falls apart . It makes me feel better to know other things in nature can shatter.
—  Lone Alaskan Gypsy