and that made think of gaz

The more I think about the Zim movie, the more fearful I get. Like… This is the finale that never got made. Zim could die at the end or some shit and it will be canon. Prof. Membrane could reveal Dib to be the experiment. The world could be conquered and then EVERYONE is dead. This is their chance to fully put the series to a close and I dont know if my heart is ready for that.

DUUUDE last night I dreamt that dib had a mother who had adopted zim and so when they were going to leave the earth (in my comic, let’s spam it btw ) she  asked zim to stay with them cause she loved him even knowing he was an alien


weird dream, I know


that made me think on THIS au

an au where membrane siblings DO have a mother

think about it. adding a character optimistic, sweet, and kind like her in the familly would change EVERYTHING

gaz personnality would be less rough, as well as dib’s obsession with paranormal things

flora would adopt zim since his arrival on earth,and zim would be her spoiled child, receiving something he didn’t had before; a mother’s love.  Gaz would be a protective sister with him, and dib will be jealous for their mother’s attention

that’s more or less how it was in my dream but I think it’s a very interesting point of view 

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          ‘       what’s with the water works this time, dib     ?     ’     -     gaz makes it seem like this happens often, like it’s no big deal,     &     like she doesn’t care. two of these things are false. one is true. she had answered his call very casually,     &     she’s reacting with the same degree of urgency.     (     or, more accurately, the lack thereof.     )

          normally, he’d protest after hearing the statement she’d made. argue that those monsters are real,     &     remind her that the reason he has to chase them is because people like her think they’re not. but he’s not doing that. even over the phone, it’s quite obvious that he’s crying. gaz had picked up on it right away.     &     the sarcastic remark she’d made about being told to jump off a cliff wasn’t far from the truth.

          through his tears, dib tries to sound calm. cool. like he usually does. is this working     ?     not even close.     ❝     n-no, of course they didn’t, b-but     -     ❞