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Greaser Girls Headcanons


  • shes quite tall. around 5′10 or 5′11 and doesn’t hesitate to wear heels no matter how “intimidating” she looks. her legs always makes a statement when she walks into a room.
  • is dark skinned and has green almond eyes. she resembles young naomi campbell. 
  • velvet material clothing, fishnets, and leather jackets. 
  • loves strawberry milkshakes but doesn’t like anything else strawberry flavored.
  • her hands are always cold and dallas complains when she touches him but she knows he likes it.
  • she always smackin on some bubble gum 

Kathy : 

  • she styles her hair like sharon tate 
  • lashes and glossy lips 
  • mostly wears short, flowy dresses and high platforms
  • she’s really intelligent student and graduates to be top 10% in her class and gets a full ride scholarship 
  • she’s also good at volleyball and managed to be captain her junior year 
  • get detention a lot for talking and passing notes too much 


  • her hair is worn in loose curls and she’s always doing these edgy styles with it and her eyes are violet like elizabeth taylor 
  • shes the only one in the family with eyes like hers 
  • loves dark colors like deep reds, blues, and black. she often cooperates  the colors with her style of clothes 
  • she has a secret love for  photography 
  • one time she a small town band gets a gig at buck’s to play and shes one of their go-go dancers. 
  • her nails are always painted red 
  • left handed but doesn’t have so good of hand writing 


  • latina 
  • her hair is worn in curls 
  • she wears neck scarfs most of the time with her outfits 
  • has these big dark brown eyes that is filled with so much emotion so its hard for her to have a poker face.
  •  really talented at sewing. she makes her own clothes and they are to die for. most girls in the neighborhood has at least one outfit made by her. 
  • she’s basically the trend setter of the north side.
  • she’s one of the few kids in the neighborhood that has both of their parents. 
  • one of her brothers is apart of Shepard’s gang
  • wishes she had a sister because she’s the only girl out of 4 boys 


  • her china blue eyes come in handy. she can get and get out of anything in any situation. 
  • voice is silvery 
  • she hums songs 
  • loves red velvet cake and is good at baking.
  • before she left tulsa, when her and soda was together she wasn’t the “ weak one”. she just didn’t stand there and let girls flirt with him. 
  • she showed a lot of pda and was touchy when girls were near and made sure they knew he was hers. sylvia taught her that. 
  • they go on little break-ups but not as often as sylvia and dallas. 
  • doesn’t feel sorry for soda once she leaves but does wish him the best. her baby gives her maturity, strength, and determination. she focus on her and her baby and leaves tulsa behind. 
The Bachelorette Week Nine aka Men Tell All The Things We’re No Longer Interested In

Here’s What Happened Monday

  • For those of you who don’t know, The Bachelor franchise does this cute little shtick called the Men Tell All where, in lieu of a real episode, they bring back all the season’s rejected contestants to rehash old grudges and remind people why they’re interesting before they all go on Bachelor In Paradise. Yawn.
  • Chris Harrison promises an unforgettable (but likely very forgettable) night of drama for which they considered beefing up security, but didn’t. To kick off said drama, we are treated with ten minutes of filler from past Men-Tell-All’s starring men I’ve never heard of nor cared about in my life.
  • After the commercial break we are reintroduced to Rachel’s former men again. There are a few new hairstyles (and hairplugs… Matt), but most things are the same. Diggy adjusts his bowtie, Whaboom guy does his thing, Blake is still sadly only an “aspiring” drummer, and Dean just sits there being young and beautiful.
  • DeMario, sad clown, guy accused of sexually assaulting a fellow castmate on Bachelor In Paradise, tries to regain his dignity by claiming that the girlfriend who got him eliminated from The Bachelorette was merely a sidechick. Classy. Some dude named Jamey accuses him of hurting oh so many people, a point lost while everyone thought, “who the hell is this guy?”

Kenny The Dad and Your Racist Uncle Lee

  • Of course we have to deal with the Lee/Kenny drama again, which we were all happy to leave in the past as this season’s major racism-for-kicks embarrassment. All the men take the side of good guy Kenny, except DeMario who defends his fellow villain.
  • After making Kenny out to be the best man and father ever (including a surprise appearance by his adorable daughter, who Kenny either knew was coming or was kidnapped and brought to set), Lee offers a shallow apology for being a douche. No one is having it though – not even Chris Harrison, who fans the flames by bringing up Lee’s old tweet comparing the NAACP to the KKK. Lee painstakingly acknowledges that his tweet (and maybe some of his behavior) was racist and apologizes. The other men accept and vow to try to rehabilitate his racist ass.
  • But seriously, the winners? Anthony, Josiah, Kenny, and all the guys who challenged systemic racism on national television. Slow clap.

Dean The Real Boy

  • Chris Harrison invites Dean onstage, strokes his velvet camo tux jacket, and mutters “everybody loves some Dean.” We get to watch the Dean highlight reel: the weird “once I go black I’ll never go back” line, the weird sandbox thing, the weird dad thing, his swift dumping. What a legacy.
  • Dean looks older to me, a little more comfortable in his skin, a little fuller in the face, a little stupider in the hair. He reveals that he’ll be on Bachelor In Paradise, which is great because he’ll finally be close in age to some of his fellow contestants. (Nick’s rejected 23-year-olds, I’m looking at you.)
  • Rachel comes out, Dean asks her why she told him she loved him before kicking him off, she says she did love him, he says “k”, they hug and then it’s blessedly over.

Lee Again, Seriously

  • Rachel says, “I’ve watched the tapes now so fuck you, Lee,” and then it’s blessedly over.

Adam, For Some Reason, So By Default Also Matt

  • Rachel tells America they didn’t get to see the good stuff with these two, but we still don’t care.

F*ckin FRED Oh My God What A Waste

  • Fred is still hurt (AS AM I) that Rachel couldn’t grow up and let him be the beautiful hunk of man that he is and was and always will be.


  • For me, this is easily the most interesting part of the show, for it gives us a tiny glimpse into the untouched world behind the scenes of The Bachelorette. Things break. People fall. Dean sticks a nasty wad of gum behind his ear for his confessional, full-on Violet Beauregarde style. Dead Eric looks even more corpsely as the fake light taped to the ceiling above him falls. It is all so eadearingly real, which all the more reminds us that it’s all so unsettlingly fake.

Next Week

  • Next week we finally get to see the finale. Will Rachel pick the sleaze, the noncommit, or the dead man?
#124 - For Hunter

Filling the prompt “Can u maybe do one based on the song achie,marry me by alvvays? It’s very cute, maybe like Van writes the song about "archie”, about how she doesn’t want to get married just yet. He adores her so much?“

Note: So, for the sake of meeting the prompt, we’re going to pretend that Alvvays did not write Archie, Marry Me.

It was almost 9:00 pm and you’d not left the house since… since when was it? Maybe the day before, in the morning? You ran across the road for milk. Or, was that the day before that… You went to the markets at some point. Fuck. How long had you been inside? Rolling over in bed, you watched Van sleep. His freckles were fading without the sunlight to keep them dark. Frowning, you let yourself mourn for them for a moment. Then, you poked him in the ribs. He moaned and pushed your hand away. He stretched out under the blanket.

"Van, when did we last go anywhere?” you whispered. He shrugged, not opening his eyes. Looking over at the alarm clock next to the bed, you sat up straight in shock. “Van! It’s like, late! I thought it was dark because it was still early morning! What the fuck.” You got out of bed and walked to the window. Yep. Definitely night time. “What day is it?” You could hear him chuckle. He opened his eyes and rolled onto his back. You moved to sit on him, straddling his hips. He held both hands up and you leant your weight onto his arms, fingers tangled.

“Don’t know,”

“We could have been in here for a week,”


“So?! It’s not healthy. Come on. Get up. We’ll shower and go out for dinner. See what the guys are up to, yeah?”

He shrugged again, and you undressed next to the bed, forcing him awake. He followed you into the bathroom and undressed too. In the shower, you washed each other’s hair and kissed hard.

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today i fell in love. with a bright blue velvet suit jacket that was super expensive and i can’t afford. but by god i will think about it every day of my life starting now

Bilbo of Erebor. Pencils are here! He was fussy about his jacket. It had to be a green velvet jacket but not one of those greens that is so deep it is nearly black. Not a green that hides in the shadows, he wanted a green that brings to mind summer days and mint bonbons. It was a challenge for the tailor but that wasn’t the end of things… for Bilbo ALSO wanted a floral patterned lining. They had to send away to the Shire for a bolt of cloth. Well, several, actually, but it wasn’t time and money ill-spent for Bilbo started a bit of a trend among the dandier dwarves and before Bilbo could commission more clothes with the floral cloth it had all been bought up! Bilbo’s finding he has to put a bit of effort in to out-do his dwarven admirers! Er, not that it’s a competition, of course. Except it totally is! A teeny little bit.

Cell shading in Photoshop this time. I futzed about with so many colour combinations and I hope it didn’t turn out too Christmassy. XD Originally I had quite a bit of pink, then purples, and settled back on that lovely red of his velvet jacket from the movies. Bilbo also turned out quite pale but let’s pretend it’s because he’s been living in a mountain and hasn’t been out of doors as much as when he was younger. 

Also, true story, I tried to get fancy lining put in an old leather jacket and the seamstress flat out refused to do it, claiming it made no sense to put flimsy fancy lining in when a good solid lining was needed. I argued that her lining selection did NOT include peacock blue or teal which were my choices so she told me to leave. I wound up turning the fancy lining into curtains for my office. The leather jacket is hanging in my closet, still without a lining.

I just stumbled on a Swedish production of Jesus Christ Superstar on youtube. Idle curiosity got the better of me after it opened with headbanging bikers. It’s possibly the most Swedish thing I have ever seen :D (Bear in mind my months in Sweden were spent in the company of local Metal-heads, Goths and Bohos, which may affect my perspective of the country)

Also, lookit Jesus and Judas:

From what I’ve seen, it only gets more slashy as the show goes on. Swedes: not the most religiously observant of nations, utterly unashamed to go the blasphemy route.

Also, bonus points to whoever decided Judas should be in leather pants and a mesh vest under a velvet jacket. Kudos.

Also, imagine Jo Grant-Jones consulting with U.N.I.T. for something while she’s in the U.K., and greeting Kate Stewart with the biggest back-breakingest hug possible, while squealing, “Kaaaaaaaatie darling! Oh look at you, you gorgeous thing, last time I saw you you were practically in diapers–” and Kate is just like “Auntie Jo, please, not in front of the soldiers.”

And meanwhile Osgood is about ready to faint because 1. It’s international activist Jo Grant-Jones! and more importantly, 2. It’s the Doctor’s former companion Jo Grant-Jones! 

(Pause for Kate to say, “Inhaler!”)

And of course Jo immediately takes a shine to Osgood, “Oh my goodness you’re brilliant, I didn’t know they made humans this brilliant, you are an absolute genius, Katie, have you noticed how brilliant this young lady is?”

(Pause for Kate to patiently say that yes, she knows she’s brilliant, that’s why she hired her.)

And Jo just keeps on going: “And your outfits are just darling, they are so lovely and brilliant and adorable, I especially like this velvet jacket–”

(Pause for Jo to discreetly wipe away a tear)

“It reminds me of all the happy times in the old days, well listen to me natter on and you just working away as busy as ever, oh you are a treasure, so brilliant and sexy in those glasses and that lab coat, Kate, do you see how sexy she is in those glasses?”

(Pause for Kate to choke on her tea and sputter that she cannot call her subordinates sexy, Auntie Jo, that is harassment)

“And it’s just so impressive how you dealt with those aliens, do you want me to put in a word with the Doctor–”


(Osgood has retired to the fainting couch)

When Jo leaves for the Amazon she hugs both of them and calls them both lovely and Osgood is pretty sure she has stepped into an alternate reality because her life is not allowed to be this awesome

Betty, 28

“I’m wearing a Laura Ashley silk shirt paired with an Asos skirt and a vintage velvet jacket. I love Audrey Hepburn and FKA Twigs. My style is a constant inspiration from the times gone by – I love big shoulders, full skirts, velvet and statement jewelry that I source from gypsy tribes all over the world.”

Nov 5, 2016 ∙ Haight Ashbury

farmerlesbian  asked:

fishnets, love, red velvet, gold, red liquid, satin, red roses, leather jackets with the spikes at the shoulders, fire, loving ur gfs that sorta aesthetic theme like you know the one im talking about like that red lesbian mood for the playlist theme thing

cherry bomb - the runaways
one way or another - blondie
everything is embarrassing - sky ferreria 
are you gonna be my girl? - jet

send me a theme and ill make a playlist based off of it!