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“Everything you do is cute”

Jungkook giggled as he stared happily at the phone screen. He was live in the dorms with you behind the camera. It was no secret that Jungkook loved talking to and answering the fans questions, he honestly would do anything for them. For you it was blessing just to watch him in his aura.

He had done a lot of requests that the armies had asked him and they just kept coming, piling up in the chat. Each close to the same as the one previous. While he talked and fulfilled the requests of many armies his eyes would flick upwards to you with a small smile.

Of course he was happy to be talking with the people that supports him but the fact that the person he loved was watching him and helping him made the young boys heart swell. Life for him was definitely perfect at this moment.

“Rap Suga’s part of Cypher” Jungkook read out making you release a quiet giggle. Jungkook raised his eyebrow at you obviously mentally challenging you, there was no part of his mind which doubted that he could do it being the cocky boy he is. Your relationship was no secret to anyone watching in fact you had both gone public quite sometime ago and he is so grateful for that day now he could show you off to the world. 

Whilst keeping a steady hand you moved to turn on the music which was just loud enough to hear him over. You skipped ahead to the chorus before Yoongi’s part had started and waited patiently with Jungkook for it to start. A couple seconds into the rap and Jungkook had already stumbled into the word clearly being defeated by the speed of his hyung

Finally once Yoongi’s part had ended Jungkook had finished as well hanging his head low just listening to your mockery. Gathering his pride he sat silently battling with the embarrassment but not after long he had joined in with your never ending laughter. “That was cute”  You observe while gathering your breath. “Y/N It wasn’t meant to be cute!” Jungkook defends trying to bite back his laughter. “Kookie, everything you do is cute”.

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-Admin Kira

Hey guys ^_^ so i recently hit a 100 followers which is incredible, I don’t even know how that happened tbh but thanks to everyone who did follow me, I love you all lots <3

In these few months I’ve been on tumblr I’ve met lots of wonderful people and I’m grateful for all of them. They make me smile on a daily and I love them so so so much!!! The following peeps are all of those amazing people, my friends are in bold and the blogs I especially enjoy having on my dash are italicized 

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for some of you, who aren’t my mutuals: hi, ily

Character Quirks

 Peter Maximoff

-Can’t sit still

-Constantly has ear buds in, even when there isn’t music playing

-Cracks his knuckles all the time

-Laughs at his own jokes

-Humming, all the time

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Kurt Wagner

-Doesn’t understand personal space

-Over salts/seasons his food

-Loves holding hands

-Is jumpy and anxious 

-Talks through movies

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Hank Mccoy

-Yawns loudly 

-Squints a lot

-Looses important things, like his glasses

-Gets excited about everything

-Calls rather than texts

-Always matches his socks

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Peter Parker (Tom Holland)

-Talks in his sleep

-Over shares everything that happens to him

-Needs reassurance

-Is horrible at naming movies, places, people, ect. refers to them generally and expects you to know what he’s talking about

-Is a horrible liar 

-Refuses to hurt any animal, even insects

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Bucky Barnes

-Is somehow never cold, AKA you always get his jacket

-Hands often clenched in fists without him realizing it

-Walks with long strides

-Reads every night

-Doesn’t understand Slang

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Barry Allen

-Always smiling

-Never takes anything too seriously 

-Talks too quickly

-Licks his lips a lot

-Buys you flowers to make up for every mistake

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Steve Rogers

-Stands with his hands behind his back

-Rarely curses

-Doodles a lot

-Gets excited about references to old things

-Always knows how to get places

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Erik Lehnsherr

-Sometimes speaks in broken german 

-Uses his eyebrows when speaking (raising them, furrowing them, ect.)

-Never sleeps in, meaning breakfast in bed for you

-Prefers listening 

-Is great at card games

Charles Xavier 

-Has an impressive vocabulary 

-Answers his own questions 

-Knows a lot of useless facts

-Constantly quotes things 

-Loves bad jokes and always laughs at them

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(Terrible) Jacksepticeye Jokes

‘What do you call’ jokes

What do you call an Irishman who walks a lot?


What do you call an Irishman that has just had a nap?


What do you call an Irishman who doesn’t believe anything? 


What do you call an Irishman who is always ready?


What do you call an Irishman who keeps everything secret?


What do you call an Irishman who used to sneak up on people?


What do you call the gold at the end of a rainbow?

A jackpot.

‘Why’ jokes

Why does Jack like giving orders?

Because he loves being like a boss.

Why did Jacksepticeye cross the road?

He wanted to get all the way to the victory town.

Why does Jack love Wiishu?

Because she is a Signe-mon roll.

Why isn’t Jack scared of the dark?

Because he never knows when it’s dark; his hair lights up everything.

Why does Jack unlock things quickly?

Because speed is key.

Why would you find Jack asleep for seven days?

Because sleep is for the week.

Why does Jack love sewing?

Because he loves to thread the needle.

Why did Jack draw smiley faces on his car?

Because he loves happy wheels.

Why is Jack always up early?

Because he loves the top of the morning.

Jack’s Favourites

What is Jack’s favourite place?

The end of a rainbow.

What is Jack’s favourite hobby?

Dancing, because he loves to shimmy shammy.

What is Jack’s favourite way to exercise?

Jumping Jacks.

What is Jack’s favourite movie?

Jack to the Future.

What is Jack’s favourite game?

Eye spy.

What is Jack’s favourite pie?


What is Jack’s favourite type of sword?


Other random jokes

Does Jack care about the environment?

Probably, he’s very green.

How do you find Jack in a crowd?

Just shout ‘I have pizza and cookies’.

How else can you find Jack in a crowd?

Shout ‘pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza’.

Signe: Why have you written the same number all over every ceiling?

Jack: Because I like high fives all round.

How do you know when Jack is saying something sweet?

His mouth is moving.

What did Jack do when his colour pen ran out?

He used his head.

What did Jack get when he had food poisoning?


What does Jack use to look up words?

A septic-tionary.

What kind of phone does Jack have?

A Sam-sung.

What kind of phone does Sam have?

An eye-phone.

What did Jack do when his video glitched?

He thanked Robin for his editing skills.

How many Jacks does it take to change a lightbulb?

One - his hair does the job.

How many Wiishus does it take to change a lightbulb?

One - she can call Jack.

I know that these are all terrible jokes XD but I’m like: 

You’ll be more like:

I hope they bring you some happiness anyway ^-^ 

@therealjacksepticeye I doubt you’ll see these but if you do, I hope you enjoy them :P

2017 Gemini Advice (TOP 3)

What’s better than some good advice from the Gemini guru? 


  • Don’t let the money control you, control the money. Not knowing how to save and spend wisely is a big problem for most of us, and developing a master plan to achieving your goals financially will get rid of a lot of problems, and better yet make your year (2017) a lot healthier.


  • 2017 is the year to focus on yourself. Try not to dwell or invest too much time in relationships, or people unless you deeply feel that the person is valuable enough to be giving your time. Make yourself great; put the effort that you would usually put into building relationships into bettering yourself. With just these simple doings, you’ll be smiling in no time.

Failure and Risks

  • Don’t be afraid of taking that jump! Sometimes taking a leap of faith is needed to obtain that dream job you want, or becoming the best at your occupation. Try not to believe that failure results in you not being able to succeed. Without failure, a lot of those who you see who are successful today, would not be successful. When you fail, don’t refrain. GET UP, learn from it and fight harder.
What the Zodiac Signs are/ fall in love with..

Aries: Pretty flowers, all kinds of food, sharing everything, good communication skills, kindness, someone to sing with, stylish outfits and the sky.

Taurus: Homemade meals made with love, being healthy, loyalty and trust, sharing hilarious memories, laughter, determination and hardworking people.

Gemini: Messy hair, sharing secrets, cuddling, staying up late into the night, being able to sing or dance, inside jokes that make you laugh until your tummy hurts and doggies.

Cancer: The warmth of huggles, the details (the way eyes sparkle, crinkles at the corners of ones mouth as they smile), comfort, the colour blue, the feeling of safety and salty comments.

Leo: Lots of gentle physical contact, confidence, laughing for hours on end, tattoos, reassurance, someone to confide in, making others smile and the sea and all its secrets.

Virgo: Smoldering eyes, angel voices, formal outfits (suits & ties, flowing dresses), hugs, moans and groans, passion for animals, aesthetic food, musical instruments and trustworthy comfort.

Libra: Sharing a common ground and being able to relate, broad shoulders, horses, cute nicknames, being playful, travelling and good food.

Scorpio: Forehead kisses, deep and meaningful conversations, lots of trust, living on the wild side, always being there, bad jokes, cute smiles, intimacy, cars and their soulmate.

Sagittarius: Selflessness, tenderness, sighs, mysteriousness, clumsiness, being able to take the lead, being organized and staying positive.

Capricorn: Eyes, sharing a common hatred for something, spending time with family and friends, trying new things, aesthetically pleasing prettiness and strength.

Aquarius: Caring words, winks, friendship necklaces or bracelets, kindness, innocence, sharp jawline, taking selfies in good lighting and swimming in the ocean.

Pisces: Tumblr, hectic sarcasm, constant affection, waking up early to watch the sunrise, quiet chuckles, a sense of connection, cats and independence. 


happy taehyung day | 30.12.95

happy birthday to one of my favorite people on this earth today. you are such a light in people’s lives and i wish i could tell you personally how much you’ve made me happy this past year. you inspire me to be more positive, more loving, more open; you make me believe that it’s okay to be exactly who you are without worrying about what people might think or what they might say about you. you work so hard without complaints and you do it all with a smile on your face. i wish that one day i could be half the person that you are because everything about you is so incredibly special and the world needs a lot more like you in it. i love you with everything i have ♥

Okay, the thing is, in Scandinavia we cherish personal space… Like A LOT. we don’t bother strangers like they do in other countries, we don’t talk to strangers, and it pretty much freaks people out if you smile at them. 

Foreigners thinks we hate each other, are very reserved and hard to befriend. That’s just our culture. We are pretty much not excited about anything.

I think that is the reason people dislike fans stalking the SKAM cast so much. We are not used to local actors getting the same treatment as Hollywood actors. When scandinavian actors make it big in Hollywood, yes they know how the game works. They know crazy fans and lack of privicy is a part of the game, and that is totally cool. 

The SKAM cast did not ask for this. No one knew the show would blow up like this outside of Scandinavia. Just keep that in mind.

moon in the signs

aries - aries is young, they feel everything so strongly it hurts, sometimes the pain is good though. the sweetest friend you could want, with a big temper but a bigger heart. 

taurus - steadfast and slightly cold, the lunar taurean puts a lot of value on things because of the materialistic side of this sign. they are very loving though, soulmate material. 

gemini - moon in gemini makes for a flighty individual who thinks deeper than you would ever know. they know everything, and if you go well with them, they’ll show you everything. 

cancer - the moon is at home in cancer’s soft arms. good cooks, soft and glowing people, cancer moon wants home. home can be a place, a person, a feeling. be the person they call home. 

leo - big heart, big mouth. leo moon tends to feel everything with a glow, they smile bigger than most and have a great sense of humour. very warm people, they need their hands held sometimes. 

virgo - virgo moon is a critical position; whether to themselves or others, it isn’t meant harshly but honestly. they love you, they want you to see yourself the way they see you. listen with love in your ears. 

libra - lunar librans want love and peace everywhere. they are sweet natured but flighty, they may be gossipy but are very loyal. they will love you forever. 

scorpio - scorpio moon is a deep one. everything is extreme with them, but their feelings are never out of place. water runs deep here, be careful with them, they’re softer than they seem. 

sagittarius - the moon is high in the sky with sagittarius lifting it. they feel deeply, but even in their darkest moments, they know that the pain is supposed to be here, and it will be right soon. 

capricorn - a hardship when young maybe. capricorn here is a harsh placement, but really all they need is a little love and care to truly flourish. be gentle with them. 

aquarius - lunar aquarians feel things different to you and i; even their emotions are unconventional. that doesn’t mean they’re unloveable or uncaring, they just need a little kindness to light them up. 

pisces - lunar pisceans are delicate. they float between this world and the next, feeling everything so strongly against their fragile bones. they need a tender hand to keep them stable. 

This is it !

Today is a really special day to me, 7 years ago I discovered Flipnote Studio for the first time on my DSi !! It was the September 4th 2009 !

At that time I never animated on something digital in my entire life and I was scared to try, not being good to draw with a tablet or on a PC at all but drawing on a tactile digital screen helped me a lot to get confortable and I began to have fun with this little application, so much fun that I began to enjoy and taking it more seriously. Knowing that most of the animators animate on a PC I always thought I was not a real one and would never be taking seriously …. but with all of your love I believed that it was false and that any animators (and any artist in general !) can be awesome and passionate no matter what they use !!

This is an amazing and important meaning to me !

And now, 7 years later, I still use this application to make all of my little characters living and moving, bouncing to make you smile :)

I want to thank you for your big and awesome support, for the new fans like the first I got back on Flipnote Hatena, I would never believe in the past that so many people would follow me for the animations I made on the DSi or 3DS, thanks to you I’m proud to continue with it and to be respected for my work !

Thank you all so much, I will never forget all of these years and I will keep going ! I can’t thank you enough, you make my life !! :’D

I still can’t believe how far I could go with this amazing application, you made me believe whatever you use to share your passion, if you love doing it, people will also love it ! 

So again, Thank you all so much, you made my day, and I can say, you made my life, a huge part of it ! I’m proud to do what I do and you push me to do more, you are all Génial !  I’m sure U will animate 7 more years and even more :) Thanks for making me believe in my passion and my dreams !

Merci tout le monde pour tout votre soutien ! Vous êtes tous géniaux !!! J’ai vraiment hâte d’en partager encore plus avec vous tous !! 

Merci merci merci !!!!

I don’t chase people anymore,” she said, turning up the collar of her jacket against the freezing cold, “either they want to stay or they don’t.” He handed her a cup of coffee, gently brushing her fingers, so lightly it might as well have been an accident.
“Sometimes you have to chase people for a while, just to make sure they know how you feel about them,” he replied. She rolled her eyes, taking a sip of hot coffee and burning her tongue. “That’s just stupid.”
A knowing smile formed on his lips as he watched her. “See, there are a lot of people like you,” his smile widened while her face transformed into a scowl, “people who are always on the run and unaware of what others might feel for them. Unaware that they make someone else’s heart race, that they make their days brighter and their worries seem pointless. It’s people like you that I need to chase because you’re always too far gone before I can hold on to you, and quite frankly, I’m tired of chasing, too.
—  “So do you want to stay?”

Imagine a genre (fantasy, Scifi, sci-fantasy, superhero, whatever you want). Generally, that’s a lot of people, right? Especially in Scifi, where you’ve got characters spread out over vast distances and identified through species.

But what if you’ve got a situation where like your heroes run into your villains, and their evil overlord makes their first appearance and has a very particular accent and turn of phrase.
And suddenly your engineer who has never spoken more than three words is like “Heeeey, Asteroid Z19!” in the same regional twang.

And your villain is like “You too? Northside or south?”

“North,” answers your engineer, and the villain gets all excited.

“Hey, hometown girl!” They smile a smile that has too many teeth.

“Back atcha!” says your engineer, and suddenly the two are trading quips and rapid fire questions in the extremely localized colloquialisms of Asteroid Z19.

Evil overlord being has had to deal with being the only one in the alien fleet with that particular accent, vocabulary, and set of slang for years, and they’re relieved to be able to have a nice, sensible conversation with your engineer, who is thrilled to talk with someone who doesn’t call her accent the “scary death death voice”.

Evil overlord being forgets that they were going to blow up the ship at all. “Dust to your backs and mind the spotters,” They say, making a curious twisting motion with their tentacles.

“Ah, don’t let the lindorms weigh ya,” your engineer returns, and you don’t find out until later that these are casual farewells on Z19.

The crews of both ships have no idea what just happened.

  • Person: Dan, your last video...I relate
  • Dan: What do you relate to from my last video? Millions of people laughing at everything you do that goes wrong? Because if that does happen to you, well that means that there's lots of people out there that love and respect you - and whilst you're looking at all the cyber bullying, you do a weep eternally and you think "I've just formed all these memories with lots of people and it makes me feel so happy, that my life - my job, is making other people smile..And in doing so; they remind me, not to take myself too seriously and just never stop constantly keeping me down to earth, by making sure that I'm physically dragged there all the time - and surely, is there anything more worth appreciating?" Who knows..
Here’s to the girl who cares too much, who laughs too much, who smiles a lot, who treats you better than anyone. Here’s to the girl who can’t sleep at night because of over thinking somethings, who sometimes cry herself to sleep, who talks to herself more than with other people, who stays and will always stay no matter how hard things might be, who listens to music just to escape all the pain she have inside. Here’s to the girl who loves to day dream, who makes you giggle with her little crack up humor, who talks to her sleep, who looks messy, who gets jealous so easily, who gets really sensitive, who values about life too much, who loves too much, who kisses you randomly at any moment. And here’s to the girl who doesn’t know how beautiful she is every morning until midnight without even trying to and without her knowing it. Here’s to you beautiful human being, you matter, you are okay, you are fine, you are amazing, you are perfectly imperfect, you are one of the best art, you exist and somebody out here or there that loves every little piece of you. You should know that you deserve the whole damn universe and your smile lights up the world. Keep slaying 🌹💕
  • doesn’t trust everyone right away and takes a while to really warm up to someone but he’s always willing if he finds the relationship worth investing in
  • but once he does warm up to someone he would die for them tbh
  • like he will go out of his way to do something for someone if it means a lot to them and hes the type to be like “hey i saw this and it reminded me of you so i bought it for you ???”
  • also the type to roast you but makes sure they know he doesnt mean it
  • loves when his friends are really passionate about something like it puts a smile on his face when he sees hunk in the kitchen cooking ??
  • never really knows what to say when people come to him for emotional advice other than the “itll get better” generic stuff but he always wants to help
When I first met you, you didn’t catch my attention at all. You started talking to me. We would make sarcastic remarks towards each other, and you wouldn’t get offend. You made me laugh and just smile a lot. I couldn’t get you off my mind. Then I started getting excited to see you. I started getting butterflies around you. Started to laugh a little to hard at your jokes. Then one day it hit me. I like you. You became beautiful to my eye. The way you’d look at me, I knew you felt the same. I fell for you unexpectedly. Its the most beautiful and most horrible kind of way of falling for someone.
—  Crushing a little to hard

Positive and not so positive headcanons of pre-voltron Lance because I cant think about anything else while walking home:

  • he’s one of those irritating guys who catcalls you on the street but he’ll always help an old person carry their stuff or give them their seat or walk them across the road or smth
  • he smiles back when children or babies look at him and he makes funny faces to make them laugh
  • he always gives to homeless people even if it’s the last money he has
  • when he has a chore to do he complains, a lot, the whole fucking time
    • but he does his best and does a pretty good job
  • he’s ridiculously competitive (fucking canon) and the sorest loser you’ll ever meet.
    • he literally will not speak to you for a week and holds petty grudges (“you thought I forgot about the time you humiliated me at scrabble?” “Lance that was fucking two years ago” “YOU CANT HEAL A BROKEN PRIDE WITH TIME, PIDGE”)
  • he’ll make fun of what you want for christmas but will secretly buy it and hide it in your room
  • he’s very sentimental and everything everyone has given him is stashed in a box hidden in his closet (or under his bed) and he has a scrapbook with all the movie tickets and stubs and stuff
  • he does nice things to his friends but hides it under an insult or a joke or smth
    • like holding the door for them (“I’ll get that, since youre small, you probably cant hold it open”)
    • or staying behind them when walking and watching their back
    • or buying them drinks when he sees them exhausted (“since I’m the awesomest friend in all of friendville, I figured I’d get you this, be grateful peasant”)
    • he will walk on the side nearest to the road while walking on a sidewalk in case an accident happens
  • he gets jealous easily when his friends gets friendly with another person (“hey lance wanna go see this new movie?” “why dont you go ask youR NEW BEST FRIEND???!”)
  • he’s a “I’m the only one who can insult my friend, anyone else will have to deal with me” person
  • harshest critic on cooking food (“ugh, my sister who hasnt even been toilet trained can probably make a better lasagna than you”) hut probably can’t even cook
  • he probably carries a first aid kit at all times because of how many times his siblings get scratches and stuff
  • he’s a shock absorber, whenever theres an argument, he puts all the heat on him (by laughing out loud or pulling a joke) because it’s better if theyre mad at him than at each other (being the 2nd child in the family made him that way)

I’ll add more as boring days go by. I hope this isn’t somehow offensive or anything.

The Visit

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Imagine:  can you do one about bucky showing reader around New York? i think that would be so cute and you would write it so well :) +  Hii could I ask a smutty imagine with bucky? Maybe one where the reader is natasha’s younger sister and has a huge crush on him but its very shy about it and one day they get left alone in the tower?! Plus Nat is overprotective and catches them sleeping and makes a scene? Thanks love your blog!

a/n: I’m combing these two because I got a lot of Bucky requests and I want to get them out for you guys!! If you’re not interested in smut I’ll put *** before it starts so you don’t have to read it :)

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (ive seen this warning on other fics and it’s v important!! wrap it in real life people )


You stepped into the elevator at the bottom floor of Stark Tower, unable to hide the smile on your face.

“Welcome. Miss Romanoff, everyone is so excited to see you,” the AI voice spoke to you. You were excited too, to say the least. You hadn’t seen your sister Natasha in what felt like forever and you were finally getting to visit New York. You found yourself bouncing eagerly as the elevator brought you higher and higher. The city unfolded below you and you stared in awe, feeling like you were floating on top of the builds that were sprawled our before you.

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