and that losing sometimes means winning

🌼7 Life Lessons🌼

1. Not everything you are told is true.
2. Sometimes you feel mad or sad, and that’s okay.
3. There is always more than one side to a story.
4. Just because you win/lose an argument, doesn’t mean you’re right/wrong.
5. Friendships sometimes take effort.
6. You should always try to be nice. Even if you don’t feel like it.
7. A warm bubble bath, some music and a cuppa goes a long way.

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Why you should vote even if an election isn’t close

Sometimes, it seems obvious who is going to win an election. Even in that kind of election, it’s still important to vote.

Your vote matters, even when your candidate loses. Voting sends a powerful message to politicians. Every vote against a politician tells them that some people dislike their policies, and that it is costing them votes. Politicians care about everything that costs them votes, because their jobs depend on continuing to win elections.

It matters who wins elections. It also matters how much they win by. The closer an election is, the more the winning politician has to care what the opposition thinks. Even in a state where one party is almost certainly going to win, there’s a big different between getting 90% of the votes and getting 40% of the votes.

When you vote against a politician, you’re sending a powerful message. It makes everything else you do more effective. It means they’re more likely to listen when you and others call them. It means they’re more likely to feel that they have to show up at town halls, and more likely to take what you say seriously. Voting creates leverage in ways that matter, even when you lose.

This is also true when your candidate is almost certainly going to win. Vote anyway, because it matters how much they win by — every vote they get gives them more power to enact their agenda. When they win by more votes, they don’t have to be as worried about the opposition. 

(And in any case, it’s inadvisable to get complacent. Sometimes elections are much closer than they seem.)

Your vote matters, even if your candidate loses. Your vote matters, even when your candidate is almost certainly going to win. It’s important to go vote when you’re eligible, even if it’s unlikely to change the results. Even when voting doesn’t change the outcome of the election, it does change the political facts on the ground.

Tl;dr Vote when you can, even in elections that aren’t close. It puts pressure on politicians in ways that matter. Whether or not your vote affects which politician wins, it will affect what the winning politician does.

In reverse (Part 3)

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Even when Haggar is working in Lotor’s shadow in her projects and sometimes commanding the ships, he still holds control over the armies and have duties to attend as the new Emperor. This means, he has to keep fighting against Voltron. Unlike his father, Lotor has no obsession towards any of the Lions, and is capable of making formidable plans. He doesn’t aim to kill, though. And even when he manages to defeat Voltron several times, he doesn’t capture them.

This is a relief, really. Since they aren’t the top one priority on Lotor’s list and don’t have to be running away all the time, this gives them time to heal, train and more importantly to make better plans to stop Lotor and Haggar.

Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, and sometimes, Voltron and the Galra Prince meets on equal grounds.

Allura always take these moments as an opportunity to try and get closer to Lotor or at least try to make him see reason. Lance also takes advantages of their little meetings, standing close the Prince to exchange some words with him.

He jokes, he smiles, and when the Prince looks at him with curious eyes, he pretends not to notice his absence.

Lance is not stupid. He changes from place constantly and he talks to everyone to avoid raising suspicions. He can’t give Lotor his undivided attention, at least not yet.

When their encounters finish, Lance makes sure to always be the last one to go. He does this in order to talk to the Prince on his own, at least for a few minutes before anyone notices.

A simple “Good bye, my prince.” Accompanied by a wink or a joke is a good start. It’s a small gesture, but he can see how surprise and embarrassed the prince is. He keeps doing this for a while. Sometimes instead of jokes, Lance gives him compliments. Never failing to make him blush. The prince never replies him, he only laughs or smiles. When he finally does reply to Lance, he only says “Good bye, my paladin.”

Lance feels incredibly happy. He knows it’s something small, but it was progress.

They talk when no one is around.

“What a day, huh?”

“You never get tired of wearing that heavy armor?”

“How do you manage to keep a hair so perfect in every planet you visit?”

Their conversations are simple, about nothing important but entertaining in a way. Lance jokes, and makes the prince smile a lot. He also flirts, calling Lotor sweet names. Recognizing which one makes Lotor blush the most and sticking with that one. And really, Lotor’s reactions are lovely. Sometimes Lance remembers that Lotor probably is the same age as Allura, and like them, he probably is fighting a war he has no interested in. It’s hard, but he pushes those thoughts away from his mind. If he pities Lotor, he will care. And if he cares, he will be throwing his plan to the trash because he won’t be able to take the risk to hurt him.

He sighs, and calls Lotor “My love” with no real feelings behind the words. He’s getting bold, he knows it. He test his boundaries and starts looking for any little excuse to touch Lotor. Lance analyzes his reactions and let Lotor get used to one thing before trying something new. He starts by casually grabbing the Prince shoulder or putting his hand on him in a friendly gesture. He instantly notices Lotor is not used to being touch and Lance blames it to him being part of royalty and not letting people be near him.

He touches his hair next.


“Because I need to prove if it’s as soft as it looks. Now, stop complaining and come here.”

Lotor hair is soft. And really, at this point Lance was jealous of his perfect hair. Still, no matter how jealous he can’t keep his hands away from it. When he lets his hands fall and frees the prince from his exploration, he makes sure to slightly touch his neck with his fingertips.

Lotor jumps and blushes like he always do, looking at Lance scandalized.  Lance acts oblivious and pretends not to know what is happening.

Of course, it couldn’t remain a secret.

The princess eventually notices something is going on between Lotor and the Blue Paladin and Lance is forced to explain what’s going on. He’s not happy to tell her, but it’s necessary if he wants her to keep trusting him. To his big surprise, the princess is not mad. She actually really proud, and even encourages him to keep doing it.

Thanks to this, Lance had more time to talk with Lotor after every meeting. Meaning he had more time to make a good approach.

He informs Allura about his advances. Sometimes she helps him to plan what to do next or find excuses to make the other paladins leave the room faster to let Lance do his magic or making all the paladins wear the traditional attires of the planets they were visiting just to  make Lance wear some tight clothes.

He can’t truly complain. Not when he looks so good and when his prince seems to be enjoying it too.

When Lotor starts looking eager to see him, Lance changes the rules of the game.

He starts paying more attention to his friends or anything that wasn’t Lotor and starts leaving the room when everyone does. It forced the prince to act. To make Lotor reach for Lance to make him stay with him.

He starts touching Lance on his own will. Lance looks coy whenever the prince does it, and suddenly, he’s not so flirty or confident anymore. Lotor is the one in control. Or something like that.

Lance is allowing the prince to do the chasing, the flirting. And to be honest, Lance is enjoying it. He can see the prince is new ‘Flirting’ thing, but it’s endearing.

Allura decides to send him in a solo mission to a planet where Lotor is to help him things go faster. Of course, when he arrives and the half-Galra sees him, he acts surprise and lets Lotor know what a great causality is to find him there.

Lotor doesn’t let him talk much, and takes him somewhere away from his guards. They hide in a dark alley, and when Lotor decides they are safe, Lance hugs him. The prince returns the hug and embrace Lance with hesitation but eagerness.

He looks at Lance with longing in his eyes, and he can’t help but blush. Lotor has his hands on his waist, keeping him close.

Lance bits his lip, and Lotor takes a deep breath. For a moment, Lance thinks the prince will kiss him… But he doesn’t. Lotor is not ready, he looks doubtful. So Lance breaks apart, and only gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Lotor looks a bit disappointed.

“It’s good to see you, my prince.”

Lotor’s smile returns, and he nods leaning to kiss him on the cheek too. “The pleasure is all mine, my paladin.”

The prince starts telling him about his day, omitting important information related to the Empire as always.

Lance doesn’t mind. He knows all his efforts will be worth it. If he wants to be successful, he needs to be patient, right? Lance could already see the prince cracking, fighting with himself to open up to the paladin.

Slowly, but surely, he could see Lotor falling harder for him with each passing day.

The week passes quickly.

“It’s time for me to go.”  Lance says.

“What? Why?”

“Lotor, I finished my mission days ago. I need to return to my team, they need me.”

“Can’t you stay a bit longer?” Lotor takes his hand. His grip on him is strong.

“I’m sorry, but I told you I need to go.”

The half-Galra looks devastated, and hugs Lance tightly to prevent him from leaving his side.

Lance smiles. He had Lotor where he wanted.

He cups his face in his hands, and looks at him directly at his eyes.

Lotor has a deep purple on his face and Lance knows he’s blushing too.

Lotor finally kiss him.  It’s soft, sweet and kind. Nothing like he had expected from the son of someone like Zarkon.

He welcomes it, though. And joins the kiss with eagerness, thinking he had the right to enjoy the moment as a reward for his hard work.

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(The final match has arrived at last!! Chivalrous rock-paper-scissors― on three!)

Aqours’ new song― our 3rd single is coming out. That’s already a super awesome thing, it’s happy and it’s the best! But. In that case―. No matter what. There is a question that surfaces― the question of outfits. Aqours’ outfits are of course matched to the concept of the song every time, and Ruby and Riko and I― all the members who are knowledgable about outfits and fashion consult together to make matching ones for everyone.
But when everyone is the same, it’s boring both to look at and wear, don’t you think? So we always change small parts of the design and create 9 different patterns.
But― after all.
When you make 9 different patterns, however cute we make each one, it always makes the problems of good and bad worksmanship, taste, popularity and lack of, and whether or not they suit the member.
In the end, if you ask who wants to wear which outfit, it turns into an outfit battle. Well, of course, what we usually do is peacefully talk it over and decide.
There of course is never a perfect match between the character we have and the character we’d like to project, so we do take into account the other members’ impressions, but.
Like Chika and I this time, both our sizes and images match, and our characters and hopes overlap exactly (cute and a little peppy)― there are sometimes cases like this.
So, in these cases― the time has come!!
A serious showdown between girls!!!!
This calls for a one-round match of rock-paper-scissors!!!!
Now― now, now, now!! Chika and Yohane’s rock-paper-scissors match!!
It’s okay, however much of an unlucky Yohane I am― that handicap will follow through in rock-paper-scissors, sure thing♪
In a chivalrous rock-paper-scissors game where losing means winning― where the winner pays a sacrifice and the loser gets priority― I absolutely have the advantage!!
I’m getting that miniskirt with rock-paper-scissors!!!
Why It's Important to Recognize That "Moonlight" Was Robbed Of Its Moment
Yes, the "La La Land" team was gracious, but that's not who you should be praising.

This debacle brought into stark relief just exactly how messy it is and will continue to be to make traditionally white institutions more diverse and inclusive. In many cases, it will look like black people coming on stage to take away the very awards that white people presumed they would win and prepared themselves to receive. This is the scary part of what it means for white people to challenge white privilege: it means sometimes they will lose. More than that, it means they will have to endure the humiliation of losing when they were so entirely sure they had won.

Part of what it requires to do the work of diversity is to recognize that there are some moments you simply cannot mess up. This was one of those moments. Although PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm that oversees the tabulation of Oscars ballots, has taken responsibility for the mix-up, imagine how it feels to the talent of Moonlight to not have had the fullness of their moment. Imagine how the mistake feels to those of us who have rarely seen ourselves represented in the awards ceremony. The carelessness and haphazardness with which Moonlight’s moment was treated is indicative of how institutional racism continues to work, even after people of color have overcome a significant barrier.

Institutional racism is often hard to see because we can’t point to an individual person who had bad intentions. Thus we are often taught to think that structural discrimination isn’t real. But institutional racism isn’t about a single actor or intent; it’s about impact. Sunday night’s comedy of errors is only laughable because it’s an awards show. In the lives of everyday black people, this kind of carelessness shows up when a supervisor fails to celebrate the promotion of a black employee, while the promotion of a white counterpart is the subject of copious congratulation — it may have been an honest oversight, but the impact is harmful. …

Institutional incompetence often demands black civility and gratitude even when an egregious error has occurred. Just because the error was unintentional doesn’t make it any less significant. We have to ask how messed up it is to ask black artists to win in an environment that screams, “There is no place for you!” And we have to acknowledge that while diversity might be about sharing the stage, the work of dismantling white privilege is about the far more challenging task of white people having less access to the stages and awards that they’ve always had. Moonlight’s moment in the sun was well deserved, and it is unfortunate that the messy work of diversity almost eclipsed it out of view.

i’ve said this a million times but yeah victor was the only one to understand and encourage yuuri’s drive, and i mean the only one. from my perspective as a fan who was in a competitive individual sport the lukewarm “we don’t care if you win or lose” is nice but it’s not what you want to hear over and over when you want to be in the best in the world and it’s definitely not what you want your coach to say. you need a thirst to win. you need a desire to compete and constantly better yourself. you need a coach who will push you and who won’t just say “you’ll be fine it’s fine i believe in you” i mean yeah ofc you know that winning isn’t everything (a lesson some people still need to learn 👀) but sometimes it means a lot, especially when you’ve never done it.

belief is nice from family and friends but support from someone who really gets that desire to win and that push to help you get there and knows when and how to do it? victor was the only one. victor got it. victor believed that yuuri could do it the whole goddamn way and was the only one who showed that by pushing yuuri to be his best and to help him on that drive to win all while being supportive and caring about yuuri first and foremost.

Stop Worrying About... (Check Moon and Mars)

Aries: Losing. You win some, you lose some. Try your hardest and at the end of the day, sometimes things don’t work out for the best.

Taurus: Unrequited love. Sometimes it won’t work out, but that only means you’re one step closer to finding true love.

Gemini: Social anxiety. Many people go through it. Just be the best self you can be, and show people the sides you want them to see.

Cancer: Your insecurities. Honestly everyone is too busy worrying about themselves than to care about you too much. You have to embrace and fix your flaws and strengthen your best abilities.

Leo: Being alone. You’re surrounded by so many people, but you often feel lonely. Know that many people care for you and though they adore you, you have to learn to love yourself too.

Virgo: Failing. Like Aries, you’re afraid of letting yourself and others down. Don’t be. You tend to like to try and be great at everything, but you have to realize you won’t be and that’s alright.

Libra: Feeling out of place. Be yourself, appreciate yourself and those whom are supposed to be with you will naturally come.

Scorpio: Never getting anywhere in life. You work so hard and try to control everything. That’s not healthy, sometimes you’ve just got to ride the waves and understand that everything works out okay in the end. You’ve got to remember to be happy

Sagittarius: Being lost. Being lost isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a great way to start with nothing and build yourself up to the best possible person you can be. Don’t be afraid, take the chance to get to know others and yourself.

Capricorn: Becoming your worst nightmare. Everyone fears this, especially you. Embrace your flaws and work on them, don’t run. Find the happy things in life, and embrace the little things. Work hard and stop over thinking.

Aquarius: Yourself. You constantly doubt yourself, constantly wonder if you’re good enough for anyone, this world. You are, stop stressing over yourself.

Pisces: Everyone disliking you. Stop trying so hard, you’re a great person. Show them how much you appreciate them because they sure love you.

Should You Fight This Footballer?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Please do it. Please fight him for all of us. You’ll probably lose because he’s jacked, but you also might make him cry and that’s honestly worth it. Please, please make Cristiano Ronaldo cry. 

Lionel Messi: I mean, you could fight him. You would probably win? But like, sometimes you just have to ask yourself, you know, why? Why are you fighting Lionel “Warm Milk” Messi? Do you not have more constructive things to do with your time, like eating ice cream or riding scooters? Don’t fight Lionel Messi. Take him to Disneyland.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Oh my god, don’t fucking fight Zlatan. Don’t do it. Dude is 6'5" and a black belt. Love yourself. 

Andrés Iniesta: Uh, this would be like fighting a small piece of cheese, except the cheese is a dear kind little man with a wife and daughter and like honestly, dude, what the fuck? 

John Terry: Yes, fight John Terry. Next question.

 Luis Suarez: Please don’t do this. Not because he doesn’t deserve it, but because I’m honestly not sure if you’d come out of it with all your skin still attached? Like, this could go one of two ways: either he falls down as soon as you breathe on him, or he rips your liver out and eats it. Don’t risk it. Don’t fight Luis Suarez.

Andrea Pirlo: At first glance, Pirlo looks like the kinda guy you want to fight. I mean, he’d probably be too concerned with deep-conditioning his beard and avoiding bloodstains on his white linen capris to pose a threat, right? But he’s also probably running an organized crime ring, or the government. So don’t fight him. 

Leonardo Bonucci: Why the fuck would you fight Bonucci? He punched an armed robber. In the head. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Bonucci. 

Mario Götze: Oh my god, yes. Do it. Fight Götze. Doesn’t he just look like he smells like ham? Is there anyone in football with a more punchable face? Please, please fight Mario Götze. Fight his ham-smelling, Beats-wearing, Bieber-listening ass.

Javier Mascherano: Dude, do you hate yourself? Masche may only be like 5'9" but he will literally fight anything. He tore his anus on the football field and just kept playing. He humped Zlatan’s leg and lived to tell the tale. He probably has a side gig going as a hit man, I mean, have you seen how bald he is? Don’t do it. Don’t fight Mascherano.

Marco Reus: He is kind of fightable, isn’t he? But don’t do it. Don’t do it because he’ll break and it’ll be your fault and he’s been through enough already.

Mario Balotelli: Literally everyone in the world exists in a constant state of fighting Mario Balotelli. Leave the dude alone, okay? He likes dogs. Let him play with some dogs. We don’t need to be fighting all the time.

Luka Modric: Why would you fight the king of the elves? Do you not fear their ethereal retribution?

James Rodriguez: God, yes, please fight him. Has any other player ever been so punchable while still basically being a good person? I mean, I can’t think of any real reason to, but fight him anyway. Fight his stupid charming face. 

Franck Ribery: I mean, you could fight him, but like, that would probably mean touching him. I’m honestly not sure I can ask anyone to do that? Not even for a good cause (i.e. fighting Franck Ribery).

hey look who’s back with more foreteller headcanons (Spoiler, it’s me)

  • They’re all half-convinced that Gula can teleport.
    • Like, they /know/ that he can’t
    • but he still manages to show up in places he really shouldn’t be able to get to at the randomest times
    • He was in the rafters one time when Invi glanced in the library at three am
    • He was on a mission on another world one day and Luxu tried to sneak one of Gula’s secret stash of chocolates, only to find him there waiting
    • Master has found him sitting in his chair in his office. What’re you doing here Gula.  The door was locked, Gula.  I am about to have a secret meeting with Ira.  How did you know.  Why is the window open.  We’re twelve floors up, Gula.
  • So Invi’s like the only foreteller besides Luxu who doesn’t show the bottom of her face, yeah? so i’m throwing this out there that she’s got vitiligo, maybe not a severe case, but definitely on her neck a bit and maybe arms (yes, yes, I know that’s not shown when she does take the scarf down but just give me this square enix, let me ignore the fact that all the foretellers have the same white skin)  and she’s pretty sensitive about it so even before she was Anguis’ master and before the masks and everything she usually had a scarf on.  Ira probably always tried to get her to take it off and encouraged her to not be shy about it but gah that’s just from me wanting to ship them
  • Okay so consider with me: Family board game night
    • we’ll go with monopoly because why not
  • Gula was the treasurer once but no one is making that mistake again so it gets given to Invi or to ava on occasion
  • Aced gets way too into the game.  like, waaay too invested. like, he won’t let it go, like, calm down, Aced, you’re not stuck in jail forever–no you don’t understand i have to get to go, invi, i need that 200
  • Ira tries to pretend he’s not into it but he so is.  he so is.  he’s got everybody’s scores memorized and he’s determined not to lose more often than luxu
  • Invi’s won the most times, closely followed by Gula.  Aced is pretty close after them tho, and Ava wins fairly often but she’s got this problem where she doesn’t like to be mean and she’ll forgive loans to not put people out of the game coughLuxucough but she does win sometimes (and no, none of them let her win that’s preposterous, they never do that psh).  Luxu has really bad luck whenever he plays, but he pulls off a nice deception every once in a while and wins if Invi’s distracted.  Ira can win, but he just… isn’t good with commitment? like? won’t buy the property because he wants to save his money ‘cuz Gula’s got his corner up ahead and if i get between a three and a five i’ll land there i can’t risk it. 
  • Master usually doesn’t play but when he does he dominates. Every single time. Don’t ask him to play Clue because then you never, never win.  he’s probably just as good at chess.
  • okay so you know who’s paranoid? ira.  anyone laughing in the vicinity–boom, ira’s there, were you talking about me?  He shows up in Master’s study randomly: ‘Master did you see, the front door’s open, we’ve been infiltrated someone’s broken in.’ No, that was just Luxu, he left the door open on his way to the bakery.  Someone gets sick? No we’ve been cursed who have you offended recently (is that a trick question, gula asks, coughing).  Invi finds Ira almost in tears one day cuz his mask broke-no invi you don’t get it it’s a sign this means i’m not fit to be Unicornis’ Master, invi stop sighing this is serious
  • Aced’s got, like, no filter, which surprises no one
  • but neither does Master, which is worse, because Master is always accurate in his observations.  like, you know that John Mulaney stand-up bit where he’s talking about twelve-year-olds or whatever, how they always make fun of the one thing you’re really insecure about? yeah, that’s Master
    • Oh, Ava, you really shouldn’t have trusted that shady-looking kid (no, really? ava asks, after being stabbed by said shady kid)
    • Invi, you know Aced thinks you’re a tattle tale (but I did see Luxu–Invi says anyway, her voice faltering)
    • Ira, you haven’t been practicing your fighting, have you? that was sloppy (yes, Master, Ira says, mentally writing his resignation letter)
    • Man, Luxu, you sure have this weird habit of shrinking in your chair every time i ask you to do something (no i don’t, Luxu says, under the table)
  • Invi: “This is a bad idea.” Ira: “If you ever stop saying that, I’ll know it’s time to start worrying.”
  • There’s a rule in the castle that no one is allowed to cast Fire in the third-floor corridor but no one knows why (Luxu reddens suspiciously whenever it’s brought up)
  • There’s another rule that everybody knows the reason for because they were all there that one time Aced accidentally smashed his Glider through three flights of stairs and so they moved Glider practice to outside
Sometimes you lose someone and win by finding yourself.
Sometimes you lose someone and win nothing but pain.
And that pain either teaches you a lesson or means nothing at all.
—  Sometimes pain is just pain.
(10.02.17 // 14:50)
on feeling ‘X enough’

So in this post it was asked if we (or followers) had any articles about not feeling ‘Asian enough’ or ‘specific-group enough’. I don’t have an article in particular in mind, but I thought I’d put in my two cents of personal experience as a US-based transracial adoptee: 

When it comes to the ‘hierarchy’ of being authentic enough, being transracially adopted is just oodles of fun /s. That is to say, it sucks. But not feeling ‘X enough’ is a very relatable feeling for many that I know isn’t adoptee-specific. I’ve looked in envy at a Chinese American friend who is a heritage speaker of the language, while she simultaneously looked enviously to other people she knew in her Chinese American community who were fluent speakers.

Whenever I feel like I am not Asian enough or Chinese enough, etc. I think about the fact that I am both of those things, Chinese enough and Asian enough, but I am those things in a way that is not considered the quintessential or the ideal. I can’t speak any Chinese, I have no connection to Chinese culture, I have no Chinese family members, and no Chinese American family / personal history. I do not have a story of how my family came to America, unless you mean the ancestors of my adoptive parents who were engaged in the act of settler colonialism. Or how my adoptive parents adopted me via a process that is called by some as ‘cultural imperialism’ or just straight up as ‘the continuation of colonialism’. Where I grew up in the USA, if I wanted to see a Chinese person in real life, I had better go look in a mirror.

Sometimes I worry that other Asians or Asian Americans avoid me because I don’t seem Asian / Asian-American. That I didn’t have the same cultural upbringings. I read a study once where listeners were told to guess the race of the American speaking. Listeners accurately guessed the races of many black and Latinx Americans, and also that of some Asian Americans, though they couldn’t guess at the specific kind, and it was specifically east Asians in the study. I bet though that if my voice were in that study, people would guess I was a white person.

But I am Chinese and Asian, whether one likes it or not. There was a Chinese exchange student I was friends with for a while. He would often comment how I ate my food or did other things and how American and not-Chinese it was. It bugged me a lot and made me irritated with him. I am what I am and there was nothing I could do to change it or the circumstances around it if I wanted to.

I say to myself, even if it’s corny, that everybody is unique and therefore no one else can be Chinese or Asian in the exact way that I am, and that by existing, I just expanded the definition and variation of ways it is possible to be Chinese/Asian. Instead of measuring up to an ideal standard of ‘Chineseness’ that, at least I personally know I could never live up to, I just accept that I am an unusual kind of Asian. Sometimes I imagine someone saying to me that I’m not really Chinese. I would say back, “No, I am. I’m just not the kind you were expecting.”

I would rather outright reject the idea of ‘authenticity’ or being Asian enough because I know I’m probably not going to win that one. Is that cheating, or sidestepping the very issue people are bringing up? Maybe. But it’s the only way I’m going to win. Or at least, not “lose”.

None of this means that it doesn’t feel lonely when I see others around me much more connected to the culture of origin, or the Americanized one (which is also legit), or to their family history of diaspora. Being Asian/Chinese in the way that I am means that no matter how much I redefine ‘authenticity’ or being ‘enough’ I’m still probably not going to be bonding with anybody over a mutual Chinese / Chinese-American cultural experience or memory anytime soon. And maybe there won’t be many people who can relate to my specific set of experiences either. Redefining or rejecting authenticity and being ‘Asian / Chinese enough’ isn’t going to make me feel more connected and less lonely, and it’s probably not going to make the sting of being judged as ‘not enough’ by others go away. But at least this way I will know the issue isn’t with who I am.

This may not be the most comforting thing for people reading this who also don’t feel ‘Asian enough’ or ‘specific-subgroup of Asian enough’. But know that you are uniquely Asian. Everything you do is a kind of Asian because you are Asian. It just may not help you with making connections with those around you who are a different kind of Asian. But maybe knowing you’re ‘X enough’ will at least make you feel less inadequately Asian, even if it doesn’t solve everything else or change the attitudes of those around you.

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I am ridiculous // James Potter x Reader

Words // 1240

Warnings // None, it’s literally just fluff

Summary // You’re playing the finale of the Quidditch season and James’s got a little surprise for you.

A/N Like I mentioned, it’s literally just fluff so enjoy! It’s my first time writing James so it might feel a little OOC

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You were standing before your bed and sighed, it was the last game of the season and you and your house could become Quidditch champion of the year only if you were able to beat Slytherin, they were good, the best at least half of them would say. You and your team had been training for weeks on end it felt like, all of the trainings were hard but it was somewhat necessary to get the discipline into everyone. Still, you were no less anxious despite all the trainings that you had gone through which could be because it all depended on you, no matter how much you liked to deny it Quidditch almost always completely depended on having a good seeker and the one of Slytherin was marvellous.

“C’mon Y/N, the game is starting very soon and you still need to get a good breakfast down, can’t have you pass out on your broom.’’ Y/F/N said, s/he/they also played on the Quidditch team and were one of the chasers. You sighed but s/e/they dragged you along down the stairs. Once in the great hall you started to eat what Y/F/N had shovelled up your plate, slowly. In the end you managed to eat over half of it which was extremely surprising, considering all then nerves that were wrecking you inside.

Your team was nice, most of them wouldn’t be immediately okay if you lost but they also said that if they did it wasn’t all your fault which was somewhat nice to hear although it would definitely be partially your fault, as grabbing the snitch got your team 150 points it was kind of hard to not say it was your fault, although a few teams had lost even though they caught the snitch.

“C’mon, we’ve been training all week long and I’ve heard a few of them have minor injuries, we’ve got to win this, I mean we all know we’re the best team there is.’’ Your team captain said as a way to encourage your team, it was actually true. You heard a beater got their wrist sprained and one of their brooms got snapped just two days ago so they’re loaning one which wasn’t the same model which could make it harder.

“Also, if we don’t win let’s be honest we’re all going to be disappointed but sometimes you just lose, it’s human. And, we’ve already won last year so it isn’t like this has been our only chance.’’ She/He/They said and after that everyone got up and left for the pitch. Everyone was cheering, it was so loud you wondered for a second if you were going to go deaf, it was nice to hear so many people there to support but it also put more pressure onto you when it came to losing.

Everyone got up on their broom and with a loud whistle running through your ears the game begun.


You won the game. In the end it was 110-200, still it wasn’t the most amazing performance your team had ever set it was better than you had imagined with your nerves. The seeker was surprisingly bad, s/he/they seemed to be in their head most of the time and it seemed she/he/they forgot they were playing a Quidditch game, you didn’t mind it too much though as it made the game easier for you. Their chasers were absolutely amazing but at the same time the beater of your team fell from their broom in the middle of the game and your team had to get a quick replacement who had been sick for quite a long time so he was far from optimal. 

Once the whistle had rung that it was the end of the game everyone went to each other and started to congratulate each other whilst still being safe on their broom and not falling off. Surprisingly, another whistle came and everyone turned to face madam Hooch. 

“This has never been done before, don’t worry it doesn’t change anything to the game it’s a thing that has been very sweetly asked.’’ She pointed down to the ground and everyone looked at each other for a second before staring down to see who was coming, James Potter.

You and James had been together for a few years, two or three. At first he was an arrogant bastard but he got somewhat manageable ever since somewhere in the middle of third year or the start of the fourth year and because of the passion you two had for Quidditch it made you easy friends, especially now he was durable and not an idiot. 

“What are you doing?’’ You asked as you went over to him once you were at equal heights, he just grinned. You looked at your friend who was just as clueless as you were but as very tiny dots you could see his friends going just a bit crazy, just a bit.

“Hi.’’ He said and his whole voice echoed throughout the pitch, you were almost convinced you could hear it in the castle as well. “First of all, congratulations on winning, I knew you would.’’ He smirked and you were slightly temped to punch him.

“Now I’ve got a bit of bad news and good news. I imagine you’d like the good news first, the bad news kind of ties into that.’’ He announced and you furrowed your brow, you didn’t have a clue as to what either of them could be but you did start to feel worried something might’ve happened to your parents or something like that.

“The good news is quite long but it’s good so I’m sure you don’t mind.’’ He said, he sounded slightly nervous which was very much not like James, either way he came closer to you and cleared his throat. 

“I have and will always be a pompous arrogant asshole, many people will vow to say it’ll get me killed one day and who knows? Maybe it will, either way I’m losing track. We’ve spend exactly two years, eight months and six days together which is long for some people and very short for others.’’ You gave him a surprised look, you didn’t know it down to the day, you had a vague idea of somewhat longer than two years, still it was sweet of him.

“And we both know about all the dangers that are arising,’’ You solemnly nodded. “And because of that I decided I can’t wait any longer, especially if something could happen that would prevent me from doing this so we’re here, a Quidditch pitch. First place we met, you started shouting at me for being annoying.’’ The two of you laughed and you tuned out all the sounds other people made although it was mostly positive.

“I’m a ridiculous, man or boy? Depends, but I am ridiculous. Which is why I, James Potter am asking you, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you do the honour of marrying me?’’ He smoothly pulled out a black velvet box which he opened, there was a ring inside. The ring was a silver band with a single diamond in your house colour. You laughed.

“Of course I will.’’ You two shared a quick kiss whilst a lot of people were shouting different things, the kiss was sweet and he slipped the ring around your finger, it was a perfect fit.

“Now the bad news is that you are a 1000% percent definitely mine and I’m not sharing you.’’ Everyone started laughing.

The thing about being second is that you start thinking, “atleast I’m not 3rd…” “atleast I placed anyway…” & that’s where you end up staying in a situation that gives you less than you give… less than you deserve…
Maybe wanting to be special for once is selfish… But so is giving someone your all & having them not return atleast half of it…
No one deserves to be second, not even for a second, no one deserves to be second guessing or experiencing secondhand love… especially to someone they put first…
No one talks about how they’d rather a consolation prize or participation medal instead…
How 2nd place sounds like “in absence of” & when is 1st place ever not there?
How sometimes you think you are 2nd when you aren’t even an option… how they are still the only person you’d choose… how 2nd place is a sugar-coated “you lose”…
Isn’t it funny how the back-up plan has your back more… because I mean… why do they even need a back-up plan anyway?
But in all the discussions of second place, we forget to talk about entering the race knowing we won’t win but still expecting to anyway…
—  Atleast you tried
[002] Hanyu, Y. (w. special appearances from Uno, S. & Chan, P.)

In the leading scorers’ area during the end of the men’s FS @ 4cc 2017:

YH: Man…I probably won’t be bagging this one.



YH: Awwwwww, I’m so losing this~~! 

SU: …aww…..

PC:  …….

YH: This is so bad for my nerves. They’ve already decided who’s gonna get what. Gimmegoldohpleeeeeasegimmethegoldohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

SU: …………….

PC: …………….

*Nate’s FS score gets announced*

YH: Wha-! Whoa! So did I lose or what?? Or are we in the gray??? 


YH: (Nuuuuuuu! Whytheydodistomeeeeeeeee!) 

SU: *probably cracking a grin*

PC: *definitely cracking a grin*

YH: Grrr! Why no I can win?!?!11one1

SU: …………………….*snigger*

PC: (Welp, I’m outta here.) 

I am very curious to know exactly where it “clearly” says that Grimsley is a cheater and that he actually encourages players to cheat when necessary. Having played through both BW and B2W2, I don’t see any quotes that confirm that any of those assumptions.

I’ve seen many people refer to two particular quotes and I’m sure you’re also referring to them:

There are bad ways to win– and good ways to lose. What’s interesting and troubling is that it’s not always clear which is which. A flipped coin doesn’t always land heads or tails. Sometimes it may never land at all…

“A beautiful loss is still a loss, and an ugly win is still a win!”

(The rest is under a cut because oh boy this is a doozy)

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Dating Damian Wayne Headcanons

Dating Damian Wayne/Robin would include:

>Before you start dating he ‘doesn’t have any feelings for you at all’. None.
Maybe he does have feelings for you.

> Probably tried to avoid you for a while in hopes of ‘getting rid of the feelings’ turns out that only made him want to see you more and he just gave up in the end. Obviously didn’t miss you.
Maybe missed you a little more than he’d like to admit.

> Speaks to you in Arabic sometimes, mostly for nicknames or compliments since that way you don’t know what he is saying and neither do the majority of his family. Unless you speak/learn Arabic and say something back to him and he’s a little horrified because shit, you understood him this whole time!

> Probably calls you beloved after a while as a way of expressing how he feels.

> Still has difficultly expressing emotions and prefers to show them with his actions. Whether it be displays of affection, gifts or simple things to make you happy.

> “Why did you buy me this, I didn’t think our anniversary was until next month.”
“I know just open it.”
Damian made the mistake of leaving the price tag on this one time and it has never happened since, he always remembers to take it off from now on.
“How much?! No take it back, I cannot accept this - you don’t have to win me over with gifts I love you already. That is too much money to spend on me Dami.”
“Beloved, do you like the gift?”
“I love it but I can’t -”
“Then I’m not taking it back, besides Father has plenty of money.”

> Doesn’t mind PDA but it’s not for anything heated, that is saved for when you two are alone, light kisses and hand holding are perfectly fine - it shows everyone that you are his s/o.

> Quite protective of you, Damian doesn’t want you getting hurt under any circumstances. Will happily lay down his life for you if the need ever arose.

> Damian can get jealous but doesn’t usually show it because he has complete faith in you, though if someone is becoming a little touchy Damian is by your side in seconds with an arm around your waist, placing a loving kiss on your lips, cheek or neck.
“How are you doing beloved?”
The offending party normally takes the hint and leaves or finishes up their conversation. Damian is not afraid to use the ‘bat glare’ on them.

> After a couple of months, Damian likely tells you that’s he’s Robin out of the blue. It’d be a causal moment and he’d just calmly state it whilst you’re low-key freaking out and thinking he’s kidding.
“Oh by the way I’m Robin.”
“Damian, what the HECK?!”
“You heard me beloved.” And Damian is so chill and doesn’t quite grasp the weight of the conversation he’s just started.
“That’s so dangerous! You could die! Every night you could just die, with the villains and the guns and the fights and the ninja skills. How are you still alive?!”
“Because I’m the one with the ‘ninja skills’ as you call them.”
“Right, yeah. Just please be careful out there, I can’t lose you okay?”

> Shows you the Batcave soon after he’s given you his identity and you’re just awestruck because this is the Batcave you’re standing in and then you meet Batman. Bruce Wayne is Batman - also very casual about that fact.

> Once you know about the Batfam, Damian starts to train you. It builds your self defence skills and he gets to spend more time with you. It’s a win win in his opinion.

> Training can get intimate and I mean, it can be a turn on for Damian sometimes. If you actually manage to pin him when practicing a move he is putty in your hands omg. His s/o is a beautiful badass that’s now capable of using moves that can pin him, he is just congratulating you even if it wasn’t Assassin Class stuff because you are amazing.

> When Titus decides he likes you and happily sits on your lap Damian has decided you’re the one. Apparently Titus’ approval matters.

> Having to meet/endure the rest of the family and you both probably get teased by his older brothers sometimes whilst Barbara and Stephanie find almost every little thing adorable and tell the boys to leave you alone.

> Jason does most of the teasing and sometimes it gets annoying.
“Yeah well at least Damian has a partner to be with.” Has been muttered once or twice by yourself and Damian is just smirking proudly.

> Cassandra just rolls with it to be honest, Damian has a partner? Good for him. Anyone tries to hurt (y/n)? You better fucking run.

> Tim is 77% sure that Damian has paid you be his s/o.
“Wow, you’re acting skills are amazing. It’s been what 4 months now? How much is Damian paying you today?
“Nothing at all Tim - except affection.”
“Are you sure (y/n)? The demon spawn doesn’t just get a partner.”
“Drake, leave my beloved alone. I assure you that they’re here by their own choice.”
“Uh huh. Sure.”

> Dick thinks it’s great, Damian having an s/o and gives him dating advice even when Damian doesn’t want it.

> Bruce and Alfred are basically the stereotypical proud parents and Bruce is really glad Damian has found someone like you. Has no idea how Damian is going to react if he ever loses you and that thought actually worries his father because he sees how much he cares about you.

> And then there was Talia, she was dead set on getting a strong woman from the League of Assassins to marry Damian in order to produce the next heirs. Damian wasn’t having it, he is in love with you and does not require permission from anybody to date you (except maybe your parents but that’s not the point right now). She seemed satisfied, you’re capable of making her son happy, that was enough for now - though the Al Ghul bloodline is still open to discussion.

> Generally just a strong relationship and standing by his side through thick and thin, Damian being there for you whenever you need it, this means cuddles and kisses if you want them.

I don’t have to win, I just cannot lose.

Story time for my anon… 

I’ve been there plenty myself a few years ago.  I vividly remember getting to the point where I couldn’t even cry.  Sitting in my room for so long I wasn’t positive if I was breathing things seemed so still.  But in reality, I was numb and was desperate to create movement.  I didn’t know how to so my mind went to the darkest places it could.   “Would they care?  Would someone cry for me?  Would anyone remember me?  I’m worthless.  I’m not cared about.”

Yup, I’ve had those thoughts plenty.  I’m a lot better now, but thats only cause I was able to keep fighting the battle I was in.  I still have some down days occasionally, but I’ve gotten a lot better at recognizing my signs and managing my monster.  

Those thoughts in your head are not your own.  They are the monster that is inside you and one you can defeat.  I say that cause I have my own.  It will take a long time, don’t expect instant results and recovery, but you cannot listen to it.  

When I was at my lowest I would repeat a nonsensical motto.  “I don’t have to win, I just cannot lose.”  To be 100% honest, I don’t entirely know what it means.  I didn’t even back than.  But it gave me meaning at that time and helped me keep fighting.  

Keep fighting.  

You’re going to make mistakes and mess up royally sometimes.  You’re probably going to piss some people off and have a lot of down times too.  But keep fighting.  At the end of your battle will be better days.  As cheesy as it is, there is a good in the world that you will find.  It takes time and sadly some of us have to fight through a personal hell to get there, but you can make it.  

10 things I learned this week about losing friends

1) losing friends is worse than I thought it would be
2) some friends are like cancer and will kill you just to survive
3) people will harass you no matter how much you apologize
4) sometimes losing a friend is way better than keeping them
5) knowing when you’ve fought as hard as you can and sometimes you just can’t win
6) some people will manipulate you to get what they want, no matter how much you show you love them
7) don’t trust people too much; it’ll come back to haunt you
8) writing someone out of your life is just as hard as it sounds, but that doesn’t mean you have to turn back through the pages and erase the good times
9) if you lose one friend, you’ll probably lose another you met through them
10) listening to music and writing a song helps

—  Just some 2:31 am thoughts that I thought would be good to share

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I don't get if I'm supposed to really like or really hate Oikawa Tooru.

oh oh oh OOOOOOHH

I am so going to use my chance and this is going to be LONG. very long. You’re warned.

Let me begin with saying that I understand what you’re talking about. When I first read the manga I found Oikawa…incredibly annoying, and no pretty design could make up for it to me.

Yet here I am, now, loving Oikawa with all I’ve got. Do ya wanna know why?:D

Do or don’t, I will take my time to rant about Oikawa Tooru anyway.

Because the thing is, the more you think, truly think about Oikawa and his behaviour and his attitude, the more you understand him. Let’s begin with what seems like a horrible personality. When Oikawa is shown for the first time, he seems like nothing else but a womanizer with a fanclub, constantly seeking attention, a not-too-smart frivolous guy who is there to get on the way of our protagonists.

This is what Oikawa Tooru is on the first glance.

But the more you think about it, the more you get to realize that he’s much more than that and that there’s a lot he hides behind all of his bravado.

I feel like the majority of people who dislike Oikawa, do that because of his attitude towards Tobio-chan in Junior High, which, I admit, made me kind of dislike him too. At the beginning. He is an antagonist who throws sand in a wheel of our beloved Tobio-chan. Annoying, right?

Not quite, when you start thinking about it from Oikawa’s perspective.

Let’s come and think about what Tobio is to Oikawa. It was said Oikawa is not a genius. Which means, he has to work his ass off and ALWAYS giveit everything he’s got, just to be able to simply compete against people who are. People like Tobio-chan, people like Ushiwaka-chan.

I can’t help but think Oikawa doesn’t only add the “chan” to his opponents’ names just to mock them, but also to remind himself they are just people like him, they don’t fly, they don’t breathe fire. They are like him, so he can be able to stand against them on an equal level. He just has to work more.

Except, no, he thinks he can’t. When he’s 14, in Junior High and full of insecurities once Kageyama comes into picture, comes there to take his place, just because he’s so ridiculously gifted, Oikawa is obviously pissed off. Angry and scared and bitter, because this is not FAIR. Why is that he has to work his ass off perfecting his serves, receives and tosses, working until it’s late and the sky is dark when there is someone like Tobio-chan who is so ridiculously GOOD just because he’s born this way? Why does he improve so fast even though he works less? Why can’t Oikawa?

In which Tooru ends up working even harder, almost to the point of self-destruction that WOULD take place if only Iwaizumi wasn’t there for him.

People hate Oikawa because, wow, he was 14 and almost punched Tobio-chan, but remember his face after he realized what he almost did? The shock? I don’t think Oikawa quite gave a thought for it back then, I don’t think he ever thought that it wasn’t Kageyama’s fault he was more talanted than he is. I think Iwaizumi helped him realize that and also that Tooru is not alone with it. That he doesn’t have to be alone.

And this is where Oikawa’s true nature comes in place, because Kageyama doesn’t look up to him for nothing. Oikawa is someone who learnt how to find a key to every lock, how to connect with everyone on his team. He learnt the differences, the special things for every player. Do you know how hard it is to understand the way someone else is thinking? How impossible it seems? Oikawa found a way to understand everyone. Wow, what a horrible guy. 

If Kageyama was trying to force his way of thinking onto someone else, run faster, jump higher, find a way to connect with ME, then Oikawa is the one who jumps higher and runs faster to connect with someone else. Kageyama thought people are there to spike his perfect tosses, Oikawa thinks his tosses are there to be spiked. And that he will do everything to make sure his toss fits the spiker perfectly. Oikawa makes everyone realize they are special. (mind you, I don’t only talk about his teammates. The girls from his fanclub made him cookies and what Oikawa does? he tries them, thank the girls and tells them that the cookies are GOOD.God what a jerk.

Oikawa’s tactics in volleyball sometimes are nearly mean towards his opponents, because he sees weaknesses, and obviously he uses it for his team advantage. BUT, Oikawa never goes against the rules. In the sports animangas we often forget that the antagonists, the guys who are meant to be horrible and meant to be defeated are just people like everyone else, who love the same sport and just happen to be on the other side of the net. Haikyuu!! reminds us about it.

Then, remember how Oikawa wanted so bad to mock Tobio after he loses? How he wanted to say that he can’t win by himself no matter how strong he is? It’s almost like he’s mocking his past self, because with this they are kind of similar. But then, Oikawa never does. Because he knows it’s no longer true.

But even after everything he can’t defeat Ushijima. No matter how hard he worked. No matter how much he polishes everyone’s skills and even despite the fact he was able to find a way to every player and draw out their potential to the limit, they are still not strong enough to defeat genius, to defear pure brutal force. In volleyball, you have to use everything you’ve got, but even that is not enough.

Yet what Oikawa does? Oh, he works harder!

Later in the manga he comes up with a new killer serve, which isn’t completely perfected just yet. But Oikawa never gives up no matter how hard things are, and always gives it his all. Always cheers on his teammates and reassures them when needed. Everyone.

And you know what, Oikawa doesn’t only care about his teammates? Later when Kageyama is confused and lost and can’t find a way to get to his spiker (aka Hinata), what does he do? Comes to Oikawa seeking advice. To that horrible horrible trashy character. And what that asshole does? He gives the advice to his opponent. To someone who is already a genius. He gives the valuable advice that will make this genius kid even stronger. Not only that, but from Tooru’s words (something like “little guy is the one who spikes the ball”) it’s obvious that he doesn’t take all the credit for his actions, because he knows he’s not the one who spikes, he acknowledges how important spikers are. Even though setters come with a pattern for a game, they would be nowhere without people who spike their tosses. He makes Kageyama realize this.

The last thing for now is the recent chapter. The chapter in which Oikawa admits he’s not a genius, chapter in which he almost sets the limits for himself. But then he doesn’t, and then Oikawa thinks that if he’s not a genius he will MAKE himself into one by working hard, by using all he’s got. If it’s not enough then he will use more. Learn more tricks. Do everything to be good enough.

He says that if you think you don’t have talent, then you will probably never have it. And this is the line I nearly teared up on because it’s so. damn. relatable. This is what Oikawa’s world is like. He KNOWS he lacks talent, knows he’s not a prodigy. So what? He will make himself into one. There are no limits as long as he practises hard enough.

And this, is why Oikawa is such an important character. He is there to make people believe in themselves even though there is someone better than them. Loving him, hating him…you’re the one to choose. But personally, Oikawa is someone I would endlessly respect because this guy deserves it.

This debacle brought into stark relief just exactly how messy it is and will continue to be to make traditionally white institutions more diverse and inclusive. In many cases, it will look like black people coming on stage to take away the very awards that white people presumed they would win and prepared themselves to receive. This is the scary part of what it means for white people to challenge white privilege: it means sometimes they will lose. More than that, it means they will have to endure the humiliation of losing when they were so entirely sure they had won.