and that little smile though!

Two out-of-the-blue headcanons as to why Stan owns all these board games:

1. They’re actually Ford’s from forever ago, hence why the boxes look pretty beat up, and he and McGucket would play them all the time together when they weren’t working on the portal. (I looked it up and nearly all the games these are based off of existed back in the 70s/80s.)

2. When Stan found out that Dipper and Mabel were coming to stay for the summer he figured that he had to get something to keep them “preoccupied and out of his hair”, so he picked them up for like a buck each at some random family’s yard sale.


Jughead Jones the Third doing that touch your nose and smile thing

#he is so adorable though #look at that little smile #why do I ship this so much


└ You knew it was a losing battle you were fighting from the start Sho-kun…

Cr: VS Arashi 19.01.2017 Opening Talk

I would literally explode from laughing if Isak played hard to get with Even! I could just imagine it all now 😂 After isak played his little “hard to get” game, all Even would have to do is come up to him, give him that gaze that he gives him all the time and isak would automatically swoon and give that little heartwarming, precious smile and then GAME OVER! ❤️


Do not liSTEN TO THIS SONG while picturing Will and Nico because you’ll probably end up staying up super late drawing them making DUMB TWITTERPATTED FACES AT EACH OTHER LIKE I DID.


Art by me

Liking Credence would include...

Request: Hi! I loved you’re liking Newt would include, could you please make one similar for credence?

Im sorry it’s so short

-Taking his pamphlets

•even though you’re a wizard

•giving him little smiles as you do

•even going in the rain

•because he’s forced to

-Giving glares to his mother

-Seeing marks on his hands one day •being upset

•asking him about it

•He blushes, but not at the marks instead he’s blushing because you’re talking to him

-Actually hanging out when he throws The pamphlets away one day

•going on a date

floofing up his hair because it’s too flat

-Little hugs

-Brief hand holding

-When he gets really upset

•you calm him

-Really wanting him to leave his wretched Mother

-Nervous of telling him your a wizard •but you do it anyway

-Telling him to stay away from Graves •him not listening at first

•"Please stop meeting him he’s bad news"

still going to graves

-He doesn’t learn his lesson

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“You have such nice hair.”

It’s soft, has a tone of marveling to it. It’s quiet, and echoes barely through the walls of their hotel room.

“You always say that,” Yuri replies, holding back a yawn as he turns his head where it has been on the pillow so his left cheek is resting on it, even though he’s on his stomach, splayed out on the bed like a cat leaving not a lot of room for Otabek. When Yuri catches eye contact with Otabek, he can’t help but smile a little. The movement of his head has it so his hair is flopping into his face. Otabek smiles and tucks it back behind his ear. He can see Yuri’s eyes completely now and they’re soft and tired and content.

“You have such nice eyes.”

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I just wanted to post this because its true. I love this account because its made me feels better and i hope they can help you too in whatever way needed.

Vine by jeffrey marsh

Charlie hurries over to where April is stood. She’s one of the few people at the school who’s actually nice to him.

“Hi Charlie.” April greets cheerily. She ticks a few strands of hair behind her ear.

“Having a date to the prom is important, yes?”

April nods, smiling a little bit more now. “Oh yeah.”

Charlie smiles back at her. Though his social research of television programs, he knew having a good first date was a very important part of wooing humans.

“I shall ask Matteusz as my date.” Charlie replies, thinking back to the tall, handsome boy in his classes. There were many good looking people in his classes but Matteusz was the only boy was nice to him, always there to explain something he can’t understand or defend him, which made Matteusz seem extra special.

“Oh…” April said, face dropping a little. “That’s great Charlie.” She seemed a little upset at the information - perhaps because he rejected her proposal they went together before.

Still before Charlie started his research into human feelings of envy, a familiar figure walked past, shooting his classic grin at Charlie.

April could wait, Matteusz might have a date if he left it any longer.


“Matteusz.” Charlie calls, jogging slightly to catch up. He feels his stomach flip when Matteusz turns and grins his usual carefree smile. “Um, hello.”

Matteusz wasn’t fazed by his awkwardness in the slightness. In fact he never seemed dazed by Charlie’s strangeness. He didn’t mind his habit of googling pop culture in class or his general misunderstanding of human jokes. If anything he seemed to find it endearing.

“Hello Charlie.”

Charlie suddenly felt shy. He had mentally planned what he was going to say yesterday but suddenly his mind went blank.

“Umm…” he stuttered. Perhaps it was best not to get involved with Matteusz, since merely talking to him turned the once charming prince into a stuttering mess. “Hi.”

Matteusz laughed, although not unkindly. “You already said hello to me Charlie. Is there anything else you wish to say?”

The shy feeling had returned to Charlie suddenly. “I’m sorry. I’m usually more academic with my language. I’m just a little nervous.”

“What’s there to be nervous of? We have spoken before.” Matteusz seemed to be teasing him, although Charlie could never be sure with humans. Sarcasm always threw him off.

“There is a dance tonight.” Matteusz nodded, his half grin growing into a pretty smile (although he properly should keep that description private). “I was wondering if you would like to go with me?”

Matteusz tilted his head to study Charlie. Usually it would make him feel uncomfortable but it simply gave him a very human feeling of thrill. “This is not a joke is it?”

“Why would I joke about it?” Charlie asked. Maybe he needed to do further research into human’s humour because he couldn’t understand how asking someone on a date was funny.  

“You wish to go to prom with me?” Matteusz asked. He seemed to not believe that Charlie was serious. Perhaps he had asked wrong?

“Should I have brought flowers? Because they always bring flowers in movies.”

Matteusz laughed again - the same fond laugh as before. “No, you are being sweet enough already.”

Charlie understood enough of human culture to get that ‘sweet’ was usually a compliment. And Matteusz was smiling so much it was most likely a compliment. “So you would like to be my date to the prom, yes?”

“You are very strange.” Matteusz said. “But I like you very much.” He leaned in and kissed Charlie on the cheek, which left the prince feeling speechless.

Charlie held a hand to his stomach as if it would steady the butterflies there.

Human emotions were weird but in no way unwelcome.

At Least a Little

Summary: Dex is doing an admirable job of forgetting about what exactly happened on their Taddy tour - at least he was until a poorly timed game of spin the bottle ruins everything.
Rating: M
Wordcount: ~1700
A/N: So I just found out this week is Nursey week and don’t have the time to write something new, but in honor of it I’m posting this nurseydex fic that’s been sitting in my drafts forever. Thanks for reading! 

“I’m not gay Nurse,” he spits. 

Nursey recoils as though he’s been slapped. “Well excuse me,” he says, “but since my dick has been in your mouth I’d beg to differ. That’s at least a little bi.” Nursey smiles, as though he’s just chirping Dex - as though it’s no big deal. 

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Unfinished Business

The most precious and lovely @cat-sophia asked me to write some domestic fluff and I wrote this super-late moving-in angst instead. I’m sorry Cat, I think there’s fluff in there if you squint? I’ll do better!

1k ficlet. T. Captain Swan + Swan Believer. Set post-docks in 605.

There’s a treasure chest in her hallway, and a tremble in her hand.

She’s kept it mainly under control, only a few splashes of spilt rum and the sting of a moment’s fumbling with a lighter to suggest the way her nerves are singing, the steady simmering of anticipation ramping up, up, up until her stomach roils and her head spins. Henry has been watching her from the kitchen table as she mumbles to herself, his well-meant offers of help refused a little more sharply than she intended. It hasn’t stopped him watching her with a small, knowing little smile off his face though, more’s the pity.

“I’m going to bed,” he says, somewhere around her fifth attempt at lighting the fire, a pair of headphones hanging meaningfully from his fingers. “I’d say let me know how it goes but,” he shakes the headphones in her direction, “I don’t think I actually want to know.”

Emma sits back on her heels and blows her hair out of her face, scowling at the way the kindling refuses to catch. “Are you even old enough to say things like that?”

“Oh no,” Henry says brightly. “I’m an innocent. A child. Ten feet above your head. Bear that in mind, won’t you.”

He has the cheek to wink at her over his shoulder as he half-skips for the staircase. Emma launches a half-empty packet of firelighters at him.

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