and that little eyeroll at herself at the end

Those Lonely Nights At Sea

A/N: I wrote this Pirate!Emma Pirate!Killian one-shot a couple of days ago and guessss whattt I’m making it a collection, so here’s part two.

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She watches as he cowers, sinking to the floor with his shaking hands held in the air in a useless surrender. The tip of her sword presses just that little bit more into his neck and the poor, helpless, stowaway chokes out a terrified sob.

Emma simply rolls her eyes. Weak, little thing – can’t be older than fifteen. He really did seek refuge on the wrong ship. She slides her sword up, lifting his chin in the process and she relishes in the way he shivers – feeling so powerful.

It’s a feeling she’s craved her whole life – a cast away orphan, no control over her fate, her ending, well not anymore – and her deep-red lipstick coated lips curve into a grin.

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