and that lip bite gosh

Link’s wearing a t-shirt underneath. (x)

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He'd catch you totally off guard, gripping your hips and tossing you down onto the bed under him, his body looming over yours as he starts kissing and sucking all over your shoulders, leaving tons of little marks. "Fuck... Brendon" You whine, pressing your hips up to meet his and he'd let out a low sound almost growling. "I fucking like that sound" He groans, nipping your shoulders. "Teach me how to make you feel good, please, I want to" He whines softly and you'd giggle and nod, biting your lip

and you’d sit up for a second to unclasp your bra, watching him as his gaze drops to your chest and he turns so red because holy fuck. and you smile as you guide his hand to your breasts, gasping when he rubs the pad of his thumb against your nipple. and like he’s biting his lip because oh my gosh your skin is so soft and he still isn’t over how perfect and amazing and beautiful you are. “come on b” you whine because he’s kind of stopped dead in his tracks, “you can use your mouth if you want” you tease and he looks back up at your eyes and turns so red


gotta love filters amirite (these selfies are kinda old but w/e I haven’t had facial reconstructive surgery or anything since they were taken) I was tagged by the lovely


in the beautiful women challenge thingy - thank you! I’m gonna tag (if you want to do it and sorry if you’ve already been tagged)

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