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blurb night request: morning after your first time w/ Shawn, and when you wake up you’re both all cuddly and entangled and warm and rosy cheeked. and you’re blushy and smiley thinking about the night before and Shawn is whispering sweet things to you

+ For the blurb night can you maybe do one where they’re cuddling and he’s shirtless and his skin is so warm and soft and like it’s all gentle touches and small kisses idk if that’s a good thing for the blurb but anyway thank you x

The sun cascading through the curtains wakes you before Shawn does. 

He’s entering from the bathroom, running his hands through his matted hair, trying to give it some volume – trying to make himself look the least bit presentable before you wake up. 

He’s in nothing but his boxers, having slugged them on this morning when he woke up before you. Had to drag himself from your bare frame, meeting the mirror with a glare because it wasn’t you staring back at him. 

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For the vamp au, how do they meet the second time?

Tony waits as long as he can before finding Steve again.

It ends up being close to six months.

He hadn’t lied to the man– once having tasted someone, Tony could pick them out of a crowd just by scent, and once he got closer, by the rhythm of their heart. Humans think all hearts beat the same, but that isn’t true. Everyone has a unique beat of their own, the differences so miniscule doctors and machines won’t pick up on it.

Tony can’t get the sound of Steve’s heart out of his mind, so he follows it through the city, past bars and the gym, past the university library and the huge dorm buildings until he can physically hear the heartbeat from one of the townhomes a few miles off the campus.


Tony waits to approach him, wanting to make sure the blond isn’t involved with anyone, that he has a regular schedule, that there isn’t a roommate or a pet that will miss him if Tony decides to keep him.

(Which is a stronger impulse than it should be, considering Tony has only drank from him once. Honestly, for someone over two hundred, Tony should be over catching feelings like this.)

He makes it two and a half weeks more, watching Steve. Longer than he should have gone probably, because even for a vamp that doesn’t eat very often, he is starving. He had eaten before setting out to find Steve, but not since then.

He didn’t want to spoil his dinner after all…

He finds Steve at a cafe this time, drinking his coffee black and picking at a blueberry pastry as he taps at his tablet idly. He is just as beautiful as Tony remembers, and when Steve licks icing off his fingers, Tony is vividly reminded of why he had been so tempted to take everything last time.

He should go feed first, and then come back when he is calmer, but now that he has found the beautiful blond, the thought of leaving makes him want to rage.

So he doesn’t leave.

Instead he winds his way through the cafe, taking a seat at the table directly next to Steve and waiting.

It takes about two minutes. Steve has a sip of his coffee, yawns, takes a deep breath in–

–and freezes.

“It’s you.” he whispers, just barely audible, but of course Tony hears it as if Steve had shouted it. “Leather and smoke.” He looks up then, turning in his chair so he’s facing Tony and staring. “It’s you. We spent the night together.”

Tony nods, slowly, and stays silent. He’s over two hundred after all, patience came with age, and he had waited this long to be next to Steve again, he could wait a little longer.

“You found me.” Steve says after another few minutes. “I didn’t remember at first, but it came back eventually. You said you would find me, and you did.”

Tony nods again.


Steve bites at his lip, then smiles hesitantly, pushing his coffee away and clearing his throat. “My roommate is gone this weekend.”

Tony smiles too, and runs his tongue over his fangs.

Boxing Lessons
Tom is giving you boxing lessons for the first time and ends up being more into your physique than your techniques.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Includes: Smut, DaddyKink!Tom, Rough!Tom

I stood behind Tom with my arms crossed over my chest as I watched him swiftly punch at the speed bag. Well, I had my eyes more on his bare back, watching his muscles tensing and relaxing over and over again, something to bite my lip over. He dropped his arms to his sides as he threw his head back, catching his breath.

He turned to me once he did. “Your turn.”

“You don’t expect me to be that fast the first time, now do you?” I asked with a single raised brow.

He chuckled, taking his water from my hands, “no, but I want you to try.” I fixed the wrap on my hands as I walked over to it. “Can you reach it, Y/N?” He teased.

I looked back, shooting him a nasty look as his eyes scanned up and down my body. “Yes.” I turned back and quickly began imitating his movement, just not punching it as fast.

“There you go. You’re doing great, darling!” He encouraged me as my arms quickly grew tired.

“Can I stop? My arms aren’t gonna hold up much longer.”

He laughed, stepping close behind me. “Keep going.” His hands hovered under my arms, making sure they wouldn’t fall.


“Thirty more seconds, I know you can.”

“Honestly, you suck. You really, really, really suck.”

“You wanted to learn how to box.” I rolled my eyes knowing he’s right and pushed myself to get through the last of it. “Alright, that’s it.” I dropped my arms by my sides and leaned into him. He draped his arm around my neck, “you’re great. A few more times on that and you’ll begin to get used to it.”

“What’s next?”

“The punching bag. I can show you some techniques.”

“Mmm… okay.” I nod my head as got off of him. We walked over to the punching bag he managed to install when he first moved in. I stood in front of it, “show me the technique.” I told him as he put water bottle down on to the nearby bench press.

He walked back to me, standing behind me with a hand on my waist. “So, you’re gonna want to put this foot forward.” He grabbed my bare thigh, pushing it outward, “and your legs gotta be spread apart a bit past shoulder width.” He muttered, pressing himself a bit into my backside.

I moved my leg out, “like this?”

“Good. Now, bring your hands up just above your shoulders.” I did as he told me. “Now, stand as straight as you can.” He pressed his hand against my stomach.

“I’m not standing straight already?”

“Almost.” I straightened out, ‘accidentally’ pressing myself into him. “Perfect,” he muttered to me before sighing. He cleared his throat, “this is a, uh… basic stance.”


“It’s the best stance for punching. Give it a try.” I jabbed a few times at the punching bag. He grinned, “you’re a natural.”

“So, what’s next?”

“If you put your hands up by your temples with enough room to see your opponent past your hands,” I followed along, moving in to the position he said, “this is a high stance, so that once you’ve closed the space between the two of you, you can use this to block their hits that’ll be coming towards your face. You want them to hit the lower parts of your arms. But you’ve gotta be careful now because all of this,” he ran his hand over my torso, “is exposed to be hit.”

I looked back at him, “so, what’s the stance called where you’re up against me and copping a feel?”

He laughed, “the you-look-great-in-this-sports-bra-and-shorts-and-I-can’t-help-myself stance.”

I turned around around to him leaving little space between us as I unraveled the wrap from my hand. “Maybe I could show you some of my techniques since you can’t help yourself so much.”

I let the wraps fall to the floor as he smirked at me. “Yeah, I wanna see what you’ve got, baby girl.”

I fold my arm around his neck, my hand snaking it’s way to the back of his hair. I pulled him down into a deep kiss. He held onto either of my hips, pulling me into his hardening member. My free hand untied the string on his gym short and looped my fingers into the band making his kisses a bit more aggressive. I took my hand from the band, slowly wandering over his lower stomach.

He bit down on my lip and tugged on it gently, turning me on. He brought his lips back to mine, bringing his hand over my ass to squeeze it. In one swift movement, his big hand smacked my ass causing me to moan against his lips. I could feel a slight smile on his as we kissed. His hand moved from my butt to between my legs, rubbing me over the thin cloth of my shorts.

I brought my lips to his neck, kissing his most sensitive spots and swiping my tongue over the skin, listening to the soft groans escape his lips as his fingers worked a little faster.

I kissed down his toned chest and torso, slowly bringing myself down to my knees. His hand moving up my body as I moved before resting on the side of my neck. I kissed his hip bones as I slipped off his shorts, agonizingly slow and let them fall to the floor. I dragged my hands against his hard length being held down by the band of his boxers. I plant gentle kisses to his cock over the cloth, keeping my eyes up on him.

Tom bit down on his bottom lip, watching me tease him. I hooked my hands in to the band on his boxers, allowing his long cock to spring free. I bit my lip, attempting to hold back the grin, but failing miserably.

“You like what you see, baby?” He questioned a bit of laughter in his voice.

“Absolutely, daddy.” He grinned, hearing that name.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock. I placed my tongue on the base, licking my way to the tip before slowly taking him in my mouth as much as I could and pumping the rest in my hand. He wrapped my ponytail around his hand, pushing farther down onto his cock. His control turning me on immensely.

“That’s it, baby.”

I placed my hands on his hips as he pushed down nearly his entire length. I moaned over him and brought one of my hand to his balls, cupping and gently squeezing them. He threw his head back, his breathing heavier as he still held me down on him, quickly thrusting into my mouth making my eyes water. I pushed myself off of him, catching my breath.

“Oh, fuck.” He groaned, “you always do that so well, darling.” He pushed the free strands of hair off my face with his free hand and wiped away the tears down my cheeks.

I wrapped my hand around his length, pumping him up and down quickly. I slid my other hand down into my own pants, gently rubbing my clit. He watched me touch myself and him as he muttered, “fuck.”

I licked the precum from his tip and lips fell apart as he ran his fingers through his lose curls. I bit down on my bottom lips, innocently looking up at him. He cupped his hand beneath my chin and I stood. He pulled my hand from my shorts and yanked them down to my thighs, his fingers sliding over my slit before pushing past my lips and thrusting his middle finger into my core as his thumb rubbed over my clit. His lips kissed my neck as he pushed me back, stepping out the shorts pooled at his feet until my back hit the cold mirror wall.

Tom pushed the shorts all the way off my legs and kicked them aside. He slipped in a second finger, thrusting his fingers quicker.

“Like that, baby.” I moaned out, throwing my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me.

He smirked, pulling his fingers out from my core, bringing them to my lip, “taste yourself for me.” Without hesitating, I took his long fingers into my mouth and slowly gliding my tongue along them. “You are so sexy, Y/N.” He muttered, pulling out of my mouth and replacing it with his lips.

Tom grabbed at my thighs, lifting me off my feet and wrapping my legs around his waist. His grabbed his cock, placing self at the entrance of my core.

“How badly do you want me, darling?” He questioned against my lips.

“So bad.”

“Beg for it.”

“I want you to fuck me so badly, daddy, please…” I kissed him, “please.” With that, he thrust into me with all the force he could. I let out a loud moan.

“Like that?” He pressed his forehead to mine.

“Yes, daddy.”

He continued thrusting into me with all the power, his hand snaked to pussy and he began quickly rubbing my clit. I could tell he already wanted to cum the way he touched me, leaving me a moaning mess as he groaned.

“Tom, baby-”

He stopped thrusting and looked at me with raised brows. “Who?” He teased, pulling himself out of my pussy.

“Daddy, I’m sorry.” I moaned as he rubbed his cock between my lips and against my nub.

“That’s what I thought.” He muttered, taking my hand off the back of his head and holding it over my head.

He slipped inside of me with ease, thrusting a bit slower than before. His hand held my arm tightly above head as my walls clenched around him, he growled a deep, “fuck.”

I could feel the heat, building up inside of me as my breathing turned into panting as he brought me closer to the edge. He brought his thumb back to my clit, noticing how needy I had become. My free hand grabbed at his bicep, digging my nails into it and feeling it flex repeatedly as he rubbed my sensitive nub. I began bucking my hips into his and pulling him closer to me with my legs.

“Look at me when you cum, baby girl.” He whispered to me.

Those words did it for me. I looked up at him like he wanted as my nerves unraveled and slew of curse words slipped from my lips. My toes curled and my eyes fell shut from the immense pleasure. I let go of his waist, sliding down against the mirror to my knees. Tom let go of my wrist and I wrapped my hand around his cock as he leaned forward, resting his forehead against the glass as his hand rest on my cheek, rubbing the bottom of my lip of my mouth that I left open for him.

I pumped his cock as his breathing became heavier and grunts and moans left his lips. His hand moved to the back of my ponytail, tightly gripping my hair before he came. His warm cum made it’s way into and around my mouth. He caught his breath, his chest heaving up and down as he watched me swallow his cum.

“Fuck,” he chuckled, “you’re such a good girl.” I stood up on my slightly trembling legs and leaned into him. He rest his forehead on mine instead of the mirror. “We’ll have to finish sessions like this from here on out.” He suggested as he grabbed my ass.

I laughed, “we didn’t even get to finish the lesson, Tom.”

“There’s always next time to pick up where we left off. Now, how about we head upstairs for a shower?” I smirked and nod my head, knowing he’d be up for a round two.

Keep Yeh Warm

Alex X Reader

In which Alex becomes attached to the first beautiful thing he’s seen in weeks.

(I’m putting everything else under a cut in case anyone still hasn’t seen Dunkirk!! It may contain some spoilers.)

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two can play this game watch this

from arya

She wished the Rush would rise and wash the whole city away, Flea Bottom and the Red Keep and the Great Sept and everything, and everyone too, especially Prince Joffrey and his mother. But she knew it wouldn’t, and anyhow Sansa was still in the city and would wash away too. When she remembered that, Arya decided to wish for Winterfell instead. Arya, ACoK

Her father sometimes let them have a cup of beer, she remembered. Sansa used to make a face at the taste and say that wine was ever so much finer, but Arya had liked it well enough. it made her sad to think of Sansa and her father. Arya, ACoK

She drank it down at once. It was very tart, like biting into a lemon. A thousand years ago, she had known a girl who loved lemon cakes. Arya, ADWD

So the singer played for her, so soft and sad that Arya only heard snatches of the words, though the tune was half-familiar. Sansa would know it, I bet. Her sister had known all the songs, and she could even play a little, and sing so sweetly. All I could ever do was shout the words. Arya, ASoS

When she thought of seeing Robb’s face again Arya had to bite her lip. And I want to see Jon too, and Bran and Rickon, and Mother. Even Sansa… I’ll kiss her and beg her pardons like a proper lady, she’ll like that. Arya, ACoK

from sansa

She awoke all at once, every nerve atingle. For a moment she did not remember where she was. She had dreamt that she was little, still sharing a bedchamber with her sister Arya. But it was her maid she heard tossing in sleep, not her sister, and this was not Winterfell, but the Eyrie. And I am Alayne Stone, a bastard girl.  Sansa, ASoS

She had last seen snow the day she’d left Winterfell. That was a lighter fall than this, she remembered. Robb had melting flakes in his hair when he hugged me, and the snowball Arya tried to make kept coming apart in her hands. It hurt to remember how happy she had been that morning. Hullen had helped her mount, and she’d ridden out with the snowflakes swirling around her, off to see the great wide world. I thought my song was beginning that day, but it was almost done. Sansa, ASoS

She remembered a summer’s snow in Winterfell when Arya and Bran had ambushed her as she emerged from the keep one morning. They’d each had a dozen snowballs to hand, and she’d had none. Bran had been perched on the roof of the covered bridge, out of reach, but Sansa had chased Arya through the stables and around the kitchen until both of them were breathless. She might even have caught her, but she’d slipped on some ice. Her sister came back to see if she was hurt. When she said she wasn’t, Arya hit her in the face with another snowball, but Sansa grabbed her leg and pulled her down and was rubbing snow in her hair when Jory came along and pulled them apart, laughing. Sansa, ASoS

sansa and arya both associate one another with family, childhood and home, the things that are most precious to them and the things they desire the most, none of these thoughts are tainted with hatred but fond and loving memories of sisters who care for each other

a friend like mine [2]

Summary: A discussion about a break up leads to….interesting revelations. || Sebastian x Reader || part 2 of 2 || part one is here

Warnings: smut and all that entails, thigh riding, choking, spanking, seb being a dirty lil shit, swearing, and i think that’s it?

Note: I’m going to hell and you’re all coming with me

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Age is but a Number, Love is Infinite

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,775

Warnings: age difference(nothing underage the reader is 21), language, implied sexy times

Request: Hey it’s ok if you don’t wanna do this but I was wondering if you could write a fic where Dean is his current age and the one reader just turned 20 but like her and Dean have known each other for a long time and have been together for a while and other people always say stuff about their relationship but they’re still just really happy together, maybe w/ a bit of smut?

A/N: I changed a few things like I said I would but overall I think I got what you wanted!! Shout out to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for being an awesome beta!! I hope you all like it and feedback is always appreciated!!! :D

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Butterflies in my tummy





Roman swallowed thickly, his legs trembling a bit. A took three deep breaths and closed his eyes, the hands tight around the flowers.

As soon as he opened his eyes again, after sinking down, he felt the heaviness in his eyes. He blinked his eyes open, biting his bottom lip, his breath shaking again. That room still gave him the creeps.

“Of course it does Roman, you’ve been here what? Two times?” he asked to himself, sighing and shaking his head. “Focus. Focus” he looked around again and froze, seeing the other trait in the kitchen, making something. Probably hot chocolate.

Thankful for being wearing his socks, he walked to the kitchen slowly, his body trembling as he approached the dark figure. He held back a groan as he pushed his hair away from his face. This whole ‘being anxious’ thing was too annoying for his liking. He approached the trait slowly, moving the hand with the flowers to his back and the other over his shoulder, touching him.

That… earned a jump and two wide eyes turning to him, before he relaxed.

“Roman, for god’s sake, why did you come here so… quietly?” Virgil asked, putting his mug down and turning around. He furrowed his eyebrows, lifting his hand and pushing Roman’s fringe off his face. “You guys get ruined when you come down here, seriously” he chuckled and Roman smiled a bit, shrugging.

“Make up is nice sometimes” he said and fixed his back, cleaning his throat. “I… um… I came here because… well… You know, after our little fall out the otrher day…”

“Roman” he said, and he looked at Virgil, who was smiling softly. “Don’t sweat it. I forgave you guys and you guys forgave me. It’s all settled now yeah?”

“Yeah…” he mumbled and bit his lip as Virgil turned away to grab his mug and turned around again. “Still An… Virgil” he tried, and he looked up again. “I still feel sorry. I was the last to accept you… at least to myself” he chuckled and looked down before he sighed. “Just… here” he pulled the flowers from his back, handing the black roses to Virgil. “I thought they would… give a little life to the place”

“Oh…” he mumbled and slowly the flowers were taken away from Roman’s hand. “I’ll find a vase for it, wait a second” he said, rushing around and grabbing a big glass, filling it with water and putting the flowers in before returning, smiling. “Thank you Roman. That was really nice of you”

“Maybe I’m learning with Patton” he chuckled quietly and looked at the other trait, tilting his head. “But can I… Can I do something else?”

“What?” Virgil asked, eyes narrowing. Roman chuckled and shrugged.

“Close your eyes”

“Your eye shadow is getting darker, why are you anxious?”

“Just close your eyes if you trust me”

Virgil narrowed his eyes before slowly closing them, a frown on his face. Roman’s heart fluttered at the act of trust and he took a deep breath, leaning close, a bit down, tilting his head and closing his eyes.

Their lips touched, and he expected a slap on his face.

Nothing came.

He pulled away, eyes fluttering open, and Virgil was there, his eyes still closed, lips slightly parted, makeup almost gone. He opened his eyes slowly, eyes shining, looking at Roman and making him gasp quietly. He was so beautiful…

“Roman…” he breathed out, lifting one hand to his lips, and Roman chuckled nervously, his body squirmy and weird, insecure.

“I kind of discovered… that all the hatred I felt was actually… me denying myself” he mumbled and scratched the back of his head. “Sorry for giving you so much problem… All these months, and now even”

“Roman?” he asked, and Roman looked at him. “Close your mouth”

“D-did I”

“Shut it” Virgil groaned and grabbed his face, kissing him again and making Roman close his eyes and melt against the trait, holding his waist and pulling him close, just as Virgil slid his arms around his neck, pulling him down and tilting his head, deepening the kiss and tangling his fingers on Roman’s hair.

It wasn’t fireworks.

But there were definitely some butterflies in his stomach.

This Feels So Wrong (Part One)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes (Can I request a Peter imagine where y/n was Peters bff but he was trying to keep his ‘Spider-Man secret’ from her, and one day she was in danger and he saved her and he kissed her (Spider-Man kissed her😂) and she was daydreaming all the time the othr day at school and when she told Ned, Michelle and Peter about her 'little time’ with Spider-Man, Peter blushed and u can make the end.)
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Warnings: Mentions of Food, Violence, Ferry Accidents, Crying
A/N: I feel like I kinda changed the request up a bit, which I apologize for, but I hope you still like it!!
Part Two Part Three

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“Hey, Parker!”

You smiled as you walked over to the table, lunch tray in hand. Your best friend’s head snapped up, and he smiled when he saw you. “Hey,” he said, sliding over on the bench for you to sit next to him. Your smile grew at the gesture, although you tried not to make it too obvious how happy it made you as you sat down. 

“Where are Ned and Michelle?” You asked, looking at Peter. 

He smiled wider as you scooted closer to his side. “They’re on their way. They stayed back to ask the teacher a question.”

“Oh,” you responded.

“Yeah. How’s your day been?”

You shrugged, looking down at your tray and opening your drink. “It’s been alright. You?”

“Fine,” he said, and you glanced over at him to see him biting his lip nervously. “So, um,” he continued, and you turned towards him, looking at him completely. He bit his lip harder. “Are you doing anything after school today?”

Your eyebrows furrowed, and you knew what the question implied, but you didn’t let yourself believe it as you replied, “Uh, yeah, actually.” You thought you saw his face drop, his bitten lip exchanged for a clenched jaw. “I’m planning on taking one of the ferries today, just to relax and look at the water, you know?”

He hummed, nodding his head, and looked away from you for a moment. “So are you going with anyone, or,” he trailed off, glancing back to you. His nervous expression was still there, and you held back a question, wondering why he was being like this.

“No, just me. I haven’t really gotten a chance to just, leave myself alone with my thoughts, so I’m looking forward to it,” you gave him a smile, and watched as he gave you a fake one back.

You didn’t know what was wrong as he turned to look down at the bench and as he pulled out a textbook to read. “Peter?” You whispered, quietly so that only he would hear. He turned to look at you, and you noticed he was biting his lip again. 

“Yeah?” He whispered in return, and leaned slightly closer to you. You felt your breath catch in your throat as you stared at every detail on his face, and you noticed him do the same.

“Um,” you tried to find your words again, now looking into his eyes instead of where your gaze had drifted to his lips. “Are you okay? You seem kinda off today.”

He hummed again and nodded, staring into your eyes just as you were doing the same. “Yeah, I’m okay,” he said. His jaw was clenched again, and you were getting dizzy with the amount of times he was switching.

The two of you continued to stare at each other, now silent, and you could feel the air around you get thin. You thought you could see Peter leaning closer to you, and you felt yourself edge forward as well. It was like you were on autopilot, and you were letting your heart do the flying.

The two of you were so close, so close, and you had been waiting so long for this, and you hoped he knew what you were trying to tell him as you leaned closer, and-

“Hey, guys!” 

The two of you startled away from each other, and you nearly fell onto the floor with how far and fast you moved away from him. You looked up, breathing heavily and heart pounding rapidly. Moving to sit down in front of you were Ned and Michelle, and they were both looking at you and Peter with furrowed eyebrows.

“Hi,” you breathed out, looking back at the two of them. You quickly moved your gaze down to your lunch, and you scrambled to unwrap your sandwich and take a bite.

You ignored the eyes on you as you silently ate your sandwich, and you didn’t speak again until the subject was changed.

As you sat on the ferry crowded with people, you weren’t sure being left alone with your thoughts was the best idea. One part of your mind was screaming, and one part was racing, and they were both battling each other to be the more prominent. You didn’t know how to concentrate, and you didn’t know what to think.

You stared out at the water as the ferry moved gently, and you worked to even your breathing to calm yourself down. You couldn’t believe you had almost let yourself kiss your best friend. Regardless of the fact he had always been more than a best friend to you, he didn’t know that. And you weren’t sure you ever wanted him to.

But still, all your mind was screaming at you was, ‘Why did he lean in, too?’

He must’ve felt something, more than something, if he wanted to kiss you.

And you wanted to kiss him, more than anything. But you weren’t sure if you were ready. You weren’t sure if you were ready to face the possible rejection, the possibility of losing the friendship you held closest to your heart.

The ferry shaking beneath your feet broke you out of your thoughts, and the screaming and racing in your mind finally silenced. You looked around to see the confused faces of the other passengers, and your eyebrows furrowed when you felt another rumble. 

And another one, and another one, and you slowly stood up as the passengers around you did the same. And then a bigger one came, and you were nearly knocked off your feet. You held onto the wall next to you, looking around with worried eyes.

This couldn’t be happening. (You didn’t know exactly what was happening, but still.)

“What is happening?” You heard someone say, and murmurs erupted from a few more people. Yells were now audible, and you didn’t know what part of the ferry they were coming from, but they were accompanied with loud bangs that you were sure were the cause of the rumbling under your feet.

The work you put towards evening your breathing didn’t matter anymore, ragged breaths escaping your mouth with every passing second. You could feel the chaos building up on all parts of the ferry, the shaking and yelling and banging putting all the passengers on edge and leading them to start yelling.

You regretted coming on this ferry alone.

And then a loud explosion sounded, and the ferry seemed the most unstable under your feet than it had ever been, and the loudness of everything made you block your ears with your hands for a few seconds. Everything was too overwhelming, and you didn’t know what to do with yourself.

So you ran. 

You pushed through the other scared passengers who all seemed to be frozen still and staring around them. You figured you were moving away from the source, since the yelling and banging seemed to sound quieter the quicker you moved away. The amount of people dwindled as you still ran away from where you once sat, away from where the chaos was sure to be brewing. 

You stopped, falling to the floor as the ferry shook violently beneath you. You could feel tears welling up in your eyes, the fear finally catching up to you as you stayed curled on the floor until the shaking stopped.

It didn’t stop. The shaking continued, and you thought you could hear a cracking noise, but you weren’t sure you wanted to look. But when you heard loud, ear-piercing screams, and people calling out names, presumably to their loved ones, you looked up and opened your eyes.

The sight that greeted you had your breath hitching in your throat.

“Oh, god,” you let out a sob, watching as the ferry quite literally split in half in front of you. Dust scattered everywhere as the large crack in the ground made its way towards you. You scrambled to stand up, quickly moving to one side of the ferry as you noticed the majority of the ferry was no longer in one piece; it was in two.

You could see the water from between the two parts of the ferry, and your heart pounded impossibly fast. You were never a great swimmer. You didn’t know what to do. You didn’t think you’d ever have to know what to do in a situation like this.

You stumbled again as the crack where you were lying was no longer a crack, but a hole. You were all alone, and you suddenly regretted running away from where you had been seated. You clutched the railing desperately, feeling your part of the ferry begin to tip closer towards the water.

You began to cry. And in this moment, you couldn’t help but think of Peter Parker, your best friend and the boy you loved more than anything. You weren’t sure how he would deal with you dying today, and that was the only thing you could think of as you watched the blue abyss near closer and closer to you. You didn’t want to know how he would deal with it.

You and Peter had been best friends for nearly all your lives. Neither of you knew what life was like without the other. Neither of you thought you would ever have to know anytime soon.

You were beginning to lose your balance as the ferry became more horizontal than vertical, and you held onto the railing with all the strength you had. You cried harder, and you could hear other people’s cries and sobs over your own.

And you weren’t sure why, and you knew he couldn’t save you or hear you or see you in this moment, but you still sobbed out, “Peter,” while clenching your eyes shut in fear of seeing the water only a few feet away from you. “Peter,” you cried again. “I love you, Peter,” you sobbed violently, needing to say the words out loud at least once.

You didn’t care that he couldn’t hear you, and you didn’t care that he would probably never hear you say those words to him. But you needed to say them for yourself. 

“It’s Spiderman!” You heard someone yell, and you didn’t want to open your eyes, but you knew you had to. You didn’t look towards the water but towards the middle of the ferry where you could see a small figure in a red suit swinging and attaching shiny pieces of string-like material to each pillar.

You had seen this same figure take down so many people in the streets of Queens, robbers and muggers disappearing from alleyways and appearing on the police department stairs.

Spiderman was here to save the day yet again, and you couldn’t help but let a small smile break out on your face in relief. He finished webbing each column, and the ferry seemed to have stopped tilting to its ultimate demise. Cheering and clapping erupted from all areas of the ferry, and you let your small smile turn into a wide grin.

You were looking at the red-clad superhero with admiration and not at the rest of your surroundings when you felt a sharp pain in your arm. You yelped, losing your balance and falling to the floor right under the railing. You knew the ocean was right under your head, you knew it, but you wouldn’t look. You looked up at the large piece of metal that had knocked you off your balance and had probably sliced your arm open.

You tried to move from under the railing, but with the water so close to you, you weren’t sure if you would be able to move back into a safer area. And then you heard the screaming, and you heard the sound of what you were sure was Spiderman’s webs snapping off of the pillars, and you felt the ferry begin to tilt again.

“No,” you yelled and tried to move from under the railing, but with the tilting, the piece of metal that had hit you slid over to hit your legs roughly, and you felt your body slide off the ferry completely. “No!”

Your hands caught the railing, and you looked under you to see bright blue water that you couldn’t see the bottom of. You breathed heavily, your arms not able to hold yourself up for long. “Help!” You screamed, and although you knew you shouldn’t have been wasting your energy, you didn’t have any choice. 

You heard the sound of metal clinking against metal, and you closed your eyes tightly, waiting for the piece of metal that put you in this situation to fall on your head. But that wasn’t what the noise was as you felt your tilted position become slightly more straightened. You opened your eyes and frantically looked around you, seeing multiple Iron Man suits around the border of the ferry, pushing both pieces back together.

You would’ve sighed in relief if you hadn’t still been dangling over the ocean that was awaiting your presence.

“Help!” You screamed, hoping for one of the suits to come and catch you, but none of them did. You stayed dangling there, watching as the metal contraptions only kept their focus on pushing the ferry back together.

You could feel your cheeks were wet with tears, and you began to sob again as you felt the strength in your arms begin to give out. “Someone, help! Please,” you yelled and sobbed, willing your hands to stay clasped on the railing.

The Iron Men still ignored you, and you wondered, out of all the people those suits had saved, why you couldn’t be one of them. So you called to a different superhero, hoping it would work.

“Spiderman! Help! Please, help,” but you didn’t see anyone coming for you, and your fingers were slowly unraveling from the railing, and you let out a blood-curdling scream.

You didn’t want to die. You didn’t want to die.

Your hands slipped from the railing, and you closed your eyes as you waited to be met with ice cold water. But instead, you felt a soft hand catch yours. You opened your eyes to see a flash of red before you were yanked upwards. You felt your feet land on the ground of the ferry, and you were about to let go of your savior’s hand when your knees gave out.

“Woah, woah,” you heard a voice say and an arm wrap around your waist, and you looked up to stare into the mask of Spiderman. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” He asked frantically, and you thought you could recognize his voice, but everything was much too overwhelming to be able to pinpoint it. 

When you didn’t reply, he asked again, more urgently. “Are you hurt?

You startled, shaking your head rapidly and blinking repeatedly. You wondered why he sounded like he cared so much, but couldn’t find the energy to think much of it. “I’m fine,” you choked out, voice raspy from your sobbing and screaming.

You saw him give you a once-over and you knew he noticed your arm. “Your arm,” he lifted it gently, inspecting the cut that was starting to throb painfully.

“I’m fine,” you said, shaking your head again. You felt his arm tighten around your waist, and he dropped your arm with his other hand to gently press it to your cheek.

“You’re okay, you’re okay,” you heard him whisper, but it sounded like he was trying to reassure himself more than you. You quietly looked at him, and you heard him let out a heavy breath before moving his hand from your face to lift his mask up to his nose and then press his hand back to your cheek.

You didn’t get a chance to look at his face before you felt his lips press against yours. You gasped into the kiss, not knowing what to do with yourself. His thumb was stroking your cheek softly, and you almost didn’t notice he was doing it before he stopped.

You kissed him back, and you weren’t quite sure why. But this man didn’t have an identity, and you didn’t know who you were kissing, so in some twisted way, you pretended it was Peter whose lips were pressed to yours.

He pulled away and slid his mask back over his face before you could open your eyes again, and he set you down lightly on the ferry floor to make sure you wouldn’t collapse on your knees again.

“Goodbye, (Y/N),” he whispered before turning around and swinging away, and you watched him leave.

You didn’t even question how he knew your name.

So I wasn’t intending for this to be so angsty, or this long, but here we are. Obviously I’m gonna make a part two to finish up the request, but I would like to know if you guys would actually want a part two. So let me know!! Requests are open :)


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Priorities (Smut - Jeep sex)


Request: A massive amount of people wanted more car sex, so here we go. 

Word count: 3,021

Priorities (Smut – Jeep sex)

“Are you kidding me?” You whined as Shawn put the last bags of food in the trunk.

“Sorry love”

“You seriously want me to get in the back because your guitar has to be on the front seat?” You stared at him, honestly thinking he was messing with you right now.

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Double Team

Title: Double Team

Summary: Sam and Dean get rough when they double team you in the shower. Inspired by this imagine (x).

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader x Dean Winchester (no Wincest)

Word Count:  1883

Warnings:  nsfw, threesome, explicit language, explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, fingering,

Author’s Notes:  Thank you @mamapeterson for the advice and being my always awesome beta. I wrote this because my brain needed a break from the plot driven piece I’m working on, so I hope you guys enjoy some gratuitous smut. Let’s just put it out there that this is going to be one seriously cold shower by they time they’re done, I know that. Suspend your disbelief and pretend it’s a never ending hot shower. :-)

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Bello Magazine Photo Shoot - Cody Christian Drabble

Word Count: 850

Warning: Implied smut descriptions 😉, also, not proof read. I was too eager to get this posted, so sorry for any errors, ha.

Author’s Note: For all the Cody Christian fans who got extremely thirsty after seeing all of Cody’s photos and videos from his Bello Magazine photo shoot, this one is for you. 

[My Teen Wolf Master LIst]

I saw Cody walking towards the photographer, slowly undoing the sleeves of his jacket before he took it off. Except, he didn’t take it off completely. He pulled it off from his shoulders. My eyes immediately landed on his broad and tight chest. Then, my eyes trailed along the curve of his abs, before following down to his happy trail. I bit my lip, wanting to touch him with gentle feather-like touches, tracing every beautiful curve of his body as my lips kissed every inch of his tanned body with small butterfly kisses.

I licked my lips as my eyes landed on Cody’s tight pants, showing off his sexy thick legs. I knew how hard he had been working out at the gym lately, how focused he is about taking care of himself and eating right. It was paying off. Boy, was it paying off. Suddenly, I felt for stupid getting after him for spending more time at the gym than with me. Now, I’m all for supporting his gym life.

My eyes slowly wondered back up, thinking of all the things I wanted to do to him. I wanted to lightly run my nails along his sides, just under his rib cage, knowing it absolutely drove him crazy. I wanted to lick, bite, suck that sweet spot of his on his neck and just behind his ear as I rolled my hips against his. All before I’d undo his belt, remove his pants and underwear, and slowly ride him with my hands on his chest, enjoying the soft yet tight skin under my palms as he dug his fingers on my hips.

I closed my legs together, trying to ignore the pool of wetness forming between my thighs as I looked up at Cody. He looked away from me and back at the camera with a teasing smile as he pulled the jacket back on, leaving it open to expose his bare chest. I knew that teasing smile. I had been busted.

Cody leaned towards the photographer as directed when I stood up from his chair and headed towards his trailer. I couldn’t stay another minute. If I did, I knew it would only leave me with a pair of soaked panties and completely frustrated.

“Lunch time!” The photographer yelled out. I overheard him say something, but I was too far to make out what he was instructing to Cody and his crew.

I opened the door to Cody’s trailer and leaned against the wall by the door, trying to catch my breath and clear my mind from the impure thoughts. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing, which was getting calmer by the second.

My eyes flew wide open when the door opened. Cody walked in and closed the door behind him. He turned around to see me, surely completely flustered, hot, and bothered. He locked the door and smirked at me. I looked down and noticed he was still wearing that stupid jacket opened and those stupid tight pants. I bit my lip, trying to fight back a moan.

Cody leaned in and placed a hand against the wall, beside my head. His nosed brushed against mine, the warmth of his breath fanning against my lips. I licked my lips before biting the bottom one once again.

“I saw you…” his voice was so deep and low. “Tell me, what were you thinking?”

“How badly I wanted to rip that jacket off myself,” I purred as I quickly removed his jacket, letting my hands roamed every inch of his body before my nails trailed down his sides.

Cody closed his eyes and groaned as he placed his other hand on the wall to steady himself, now trapping me with his arms. “What else, kitten?”

I loved it when he called me kitten.

I leaned in and pressed my lips against his sweet spot. “How badly I wanted to take these pants off,” I said between kisses as my lips moved down his neck and across his collarbone.

Cody hummed in approval as I traced his happy trail with one of my fingernails before unbuttoning his pants. “Are you sure we have time for this?” I whispered against his lips.

He nodded. “Hour lunch and I have to change out of these clothes.”

I smirked as I slowly pulled the zipper from his pants down and began palming his hardened member. “An hour lunch, uh?”

He growled as his hands slid behind my ass and lifted me up from behind my knees, guiding me to wrap my legs around his waist. I let out a small squeal as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Cody’s hand went back to my ass, cupping them before he squeezed them. I clung on to him as he held me against the wall. His hands began unbuttoning my shorts before he slid his hand down the front of my shorts. I gasped as his fingers slid between my wet slick folds. “And I know exactly what I’m eating for lunch,” he growled lowly before he crashed lips with mine.

“Aren’t you coming in?”

Request: A concept of Harry in the shower?

Smut, my friends. Just smut.

He’s slow to get out of bed, long limbs stretching out causing him to moan quietly before bringing his hands to his face to rub the sleep away. The cold air pricks his skin, hissing as feet contact the cold floor because someone must have the air on in the middle of October. Goosebumps decorate his skin, he wants desperately to crawl back into the warmth you provide, to burrow under the sheets return to his dreams but, he also wants a nice hot shower.

Cold hands duck back under the covers encountering your sleepy warm cheeks. He grins as he folds the covers back, you’re not the most peaceful sleeper so your hair is fanned over your face, oversized tee-shirt bunched up under your chest but H thinks you look so sweet. Eyelashes kissing the soft skin of your cheekbones, lips parted and hands tangled into the warm white sheets. He just wants to kiss and touch each little part of you. Which he plans on doing, just not right now.

“M’takin’ a shower, my love.” He mumbles hoarsely, voice still weak as it struggles to wake up. “If you want to join me, you know where I’ll be.” He presses gentle kisses on your forehead before bending up at the waist and walking into the bathroom. There is no undressing to be done, you took care of that last night. So, he simply flicks on the facet and waits until the water is challenging hell itself. When fog has formed on the bathroom mirrors and the shower door is now opaque with steam, he hops in mewing at the hot droplets that dance down his skin.

Not to long after, he hears the door creek open. A smug grin splashes on his face, it’s a well-known fact in your relationship that taking a shower with each other is far nicer than taking a shower alone, which explains why you’re standing in the bathroom in H’s oversized tee, cold and verging on grumpy. His head has now poked out of the condensation covered glass door and he’s giving you this smile that makes your heart pound because he just looks so good. Droplets of water cling to each strand of curly brown hair, the warm water has added a red tinge to his skin and his dimples are so deep you swear you could practically live there. “Well, aren’t you coming in?”

When you’ve finally made it in the shower, his hands steady you at your hips. You’re still waking up so you’re wobbly but with his large fingers holding firmly to the fragile skin, you feel completely steady. He’s got you pulled into his warm chest rubbing your back as the water cascades down it. Your ear is pressed against his chest, a small hand pressed flush to the dash of curls lined under his bellybutton. This causes him to groan, his head rests atop yours, you’re both still sleepy, eyes heavy but as large hands begin to make their way down your body, you begin to fully awaken. His finger has captured your chin, pulling your face to meet his. With a wink and half a smile, he kisses you. It’s soft and enthusiastic but not overpowering, his hand snakes into your wet hair sighing softly into the kiss as he pulls you closer. God, he just loves having you so close. His lips press feverish kisses onto your bruised lips. He’s moaning into the kiss now, a knee pushing its way between your thighs, rolling his hips at the thought of you. He’s hot and with you pressed so closely against him so early in the morning he’s getting hotter and he wants you.

The shower wall is cold, colored tiles press into the soft skin of your back as H gently shoves you against them. His hands encase your face holding you so close, his eyes dance back and forth between yours asking permission to continue. With a quick nod from you, he smiles again, puffy lips press softly against your forehead, to your nose and lips and he’s back at it again. Tongue swiping your lower lip, biting down on it gently as your hands tangle in his wet hair giving a firm tug. Something he fucking loves. His hands are everywhere now, wanting to take his time and appreciate each part of you but wanting everything too desperately to slow down.

“Fuck, just come here.” His hands are pawing at your thighs, growling deliciously at the first form of contact. “God, just want you.” He expresses, hips rolling seeking pleasure in the most delicate of places. The water has now begun to chill, causing H to hiss when the first stream of cold water hits his back, but if anything, it makes him speed along his actions. He’s so vocal, so quick to tell you how good you feel or perfect you are. His face is buried in your neck, mouthing at your collarbone as he devours you. The water is frigid, each thrust causing him to fall back into the freezing stream but it feels so good. Everything feels so good and you’re wrapped so tightly around him. Nails rake down wet, tan skin. Eyes squeezing shut as everything becomes too much.

It’s easy to see why taking showers together is much better than taking showers separately, but boy, does it run up the water bill.

Involved: Part 2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Okay so i got like, nine requests and messages for this and I wasn’t going to do it so soon but i am genuinely excited about this. I have no idea where i’m going with it, but im excited nonetheless. PSA this has smut so like……look out

Part 1 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5

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