and that lip bite again

Dont care what u think camren is OTP goals af and no one can convince me otherwise...


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and let´s not forget..

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this one tho…

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i gotta incude this one cuz wifey eyes are giving me dem feels

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and also fetus days

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and the cheek touching

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and the hand holding…

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attentive wifey…

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this gif will be the end of me…

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and the lip biting…

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when you are couple goals af

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p.s and don´t ever think shipping these 2 girls romantically cause that´s clearly delusional BIG TIME and also clearly not the case AT All´. and it is also deeply intrusive unlike every other heterosexual couple that people seem to be ok with shipping because heteronormativity

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Requested by @rboz!

Prompt; Turned on at the wrong moment, getting it on, getting walked in 

I hope you enjoy this, Rusky! :D

Slight nsfw warning


The camp was quiet for once, much to Gajeel’s relief. They had traveled double time from HQ, and had just settled as the sun was beginning to set. ’And in record time too, gihee,’ he thought, overseeing the activity as officers and soldiers bustled about, tiredly building dinner fires. So far, all was going to plan, and hopefully, there would be a bit of quiet time with his favorite script mage after her report to their higher ups. He resisted biting his lip again; they were already chapped from his teeth chewing on them since she had left for her job. Not that he had been worried about the girl or anything, he was just a bit impatient for their reunion.  

Okay, he was a bit worried. But he’d be the last one to admit that to anyone out loud other than Lily.  

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Requested, thank you

“Come on Y/N” Stiles said rubbing your shoulder. “If I can make the big bad Wolf, also known as Derek smile then I should be making you pee your pants right now” he chuckled. “I love you, please don’t be sad” he said, nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck. “Talk to meeee” he sang, looking up at you as he rested his head on your shoulder. “Stiles” you said biting your lip. “Say my name, say my name” he sang again. You couldn’t bit your lip to hold back a laugh any longer. A smile extended on your lips greatly and a laugh passed your lips as he wrapped his arms around you.


You giggled and shook you head, watching Taron uncomfortably adjust himself in the chair, his legs being too long to fit properly without him having to awkwardly bend his ankles.

“What’re you giggling at?” He asked with a teasing smirk which only served to make you laugh harder.

“Are you okay?” You asked in between chuckles and gestured to the chair. He looked down at it with a grin, biting his lip as he shuffled around once again. (gif)

“I’m fine,” He replied, the smile still on his face, “But I mean, I wouldn’t object to a bigger chair though…”

~ Clara

Dating Poe!

request: Headcannons for dating poe (with sexual ones please)

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  •          Poe is such a top
  •          He just loves to lean down and kiss you during sex
  •          And ahh he like whispers stuff into your ear
  •          And then he lets out soft moans into your ears when it feels good
  •          I feel like Poe would have a bit of a daddy kink
  •          Like you’d jokingly call him daddy
  •          And he’d bite his lip like?? Say it again
  •          Then you’d know
  •          He’d be calling you babygirl and princess too
  •          Poe LOVES squeezing your thighs when youre about to come
  •         Before he got the courage to ask you out he’d be like talking to BB-8 about you
  •          “They might not like me, buddy. I don’t know”
  •          You’d hear him talking about you to BB-8 and you’d be so shocked bc Poe Dameron, best pilot in the resistance likes you??
  •          On your first date, he’s such a gentleman
  •          He holds your hand and just so sweet
  • He calls you his girl/boy and just ahhh

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Dave x Reader

Word Count: 2,908


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I stare at him, my eye trailing along his long fingers that he’s anxiously tapping against the table . His tongue peeks out of the corner of his mouth, swiping along his lower lip and I try to suppress the need to shudder. When we first started studying together I was always afraid that he would catch me looking at him, but it didn’t take me long to realize that once he started researching he would notice absolutely nothing. Not my intense gaze on him, not my subtle- and eventually not so subtle, attempts at flirting, and certainly not the fact that I’ve been wearing less and less clothes to our study sessions.

My fingers trail softly along the soft skin along the jagged hem of my far too short denim shorts. Biting my lip, I glance at him again. Obviously he isn’t a virgin, I would’ve been able to sense that. Although even without my senses, I could’ve guessed that. He had a serious girlfriend for a while in high school, and based off the one time I had met her she clearly had a very specific schedule she was trying to maintain for her sex life.

His tongue slips out over his lip again, and I shift slightly, the top few buttons of my shirt shifting open slightly more. I pull my lower lip in between my teeth, chewing on it slightly, shifting in my seat as I press my legs together.

“Stop that.” He mumbles, never lifting his eyes from the notes he had been reading.

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[gif is mine please give credit]

Imagine Dan doing he’s live show and doing this just because he knows how much him biting his lip turns you on.

“Dan we need to have a little talk in my bedroom” You say in a slightly stern voice Dan raises an eyebrow. “Well than I guess we will.” He gets up placing his hand on the small of your back guiding you to your bedroom. “You know I saw what you were doing on the live show.” Dan bites his lip again. “Ummm really what was that.” Acting innocent. You pull Dan closer by the collar of his shirt. “Fucking kiss me already you little spork.” Quickly and tenderly Dan’s lips press into yours. You back finds the wall behind you and your fingers are wrap around his back, slightly digging your nails in.Soflty you whisper"Fuck"

~When you Get Turned on Easily~

Jin: He would side eye you at dinner, and pout before leaning in your ear. “Babe, I think we need to take a cold shower later? But first Daddy will take care of you.”

Yoongi: “Babe, it’s because you are dating me! Right?”

Hoseok: He’d so use this as an advantage. “Hey, Jagi! Look at this,” he tease, pretending to strip. 

Namjoon: “Well don’t you feel lucky to have me now?” he chuckles because he is like 24/7 horny.

JImin: “Oh, Jagi, again?” he’d smirk, biting his lip.

Taehyung: Blinking and confused, he’d look up and ask, “all I did was bend over!”

Jungkook:I thought only guys were horny all the time?

Spare Me

A/N: This was a Spencer x Reader request where the reader has a thing for Spencer in glasses. I had license to smut. LOL. So here it is - short but sweet. Enjoy!


Your boyfriend was actually unaware of how good-looking he was. How much people stared in awe of him, all of him - his looks and his mind. To you, they were both equally impressive. It was in the early stages of your relationship, you and Spencer had only been dating for four months, but you were falling hard and completely into everything he did and wore and was in general. It was rare, but today, he had come in wearing his glasses.

“Oh, fuck, me,” you groaned to yourself, biting your lip. He was also surprised time and time again, when you told him how attracted you were to him. The shy smiles, the quirky mannerisms, his rambling when he talked about something he loved, his beautiful eyes, smile and fluffy hair, you loved it all. But there was something that drove you even more wild about the glasses.

“Morning, Y/N,” Spencer said, kissing you and pulling you out of the glasses-induced haze he’d unknowingly drawn you into. “What’s wrong? You look distracted.”

You swallowed hard. “I just…ummm…the glasses. You look really, amazingly hot in those glasses.” They were the black-rimmed ones that framed his face beautifully, emphasizing his gorgeous hazel eyes. You stood up tall to take his lips in yours. No one was around yet, otherwise you weren’t into public displays of affection.

“You, umm…” he mumbled, pulling the glasses off to look at them, “you like the glasses?”

“I really do, Spence,” you said, swallowing hard once more and giving him the doe-eyed look that drove him crazy.

He looked from your lips to your eyes more than once, “So, you mean, all I have to do to get that look from you is put on these glasses?”

You shook your head up and down, biting your lip. “Yup,” you whispered, popping the ‘p’ at the end of the word. 

“I definitely need to keep that in mind,” he drawled, walking toward his desk.


Days later, you were meeting up at Spencer’s apartment for dinner and a movie, Harry Potter specifically, the third one - it was both of your favorites. You’d nearly forgotten the conversation you’d had with him about his glasses, until you opened the door. He was standing there in well-fitted jeans, a relaxed t-shirt and those glasses, which he adjusted with a smile on his face. A smirk. He knew immediately what it did to you. 

“Hi,” you sighed dreamily, grabbing his hand and closing the door behind you. Your body responded embarrassingly quickly - a tingling forming between your legs. “Are you going to wear these all the time now? Because I don’t know if my body can handle all that.”

His hand grazed the back of your neck, pulling you towards him and parting your lips with his tongue. “What is it about the glasses?” he laughed into your mouth.

“I don’t know. I guess I’ve always been a sapiosexual,” you grumbled, grazing your hands under his t-shirt, feeling his skin flush with heat at your touch. “I mean, everyone knows you’re a genius, but glasses are a universal sign of intelligence to most. I think it’s engrained in me.”

“That makes sense,” he said, lazily reaching into your jeans to touch at your center. 

You huffed out a breath at his ear. “Oh, god, Spence,” you breathed, gently biting his earlobe.

“So soon?” he teased, remarking on your already embarrassingly wet panties. “Is it really this easy for me? Damn. I have to wear these all the time.”

You hated how right he was. He would have you on edge all the time if he wore those glasses. You’d have to talk to him about wearing them sparingly - spare your ovaries. “You can’t. I’ll explode. Please spare me,” you muttered, peppering his face and neck with kisses. “But talk later, sex now.”

Spencer chuckled, which sent delicious shivers down your spine. “Four months in and I’m still learning new things about you every day,” he said, sucking and kissing at your neck, walking you back towards the bedroom. Item after item of clothing fell to floor as you journeyed toward the bed, until Spencer was only wearing the glasses and his boxers. He reached toward the glasses, ready to take them off, but you reached for his hands, silently asking him to keep them on.

“I thought you wanted me to spare you?” he laughed.

Little things (Draco x reader)

Description: Draco noticing little things about you that drive him mad until he gets fed up and just drags you into an empty classroom and snogs you senseless.


Warnings: Making out.

( Author’s Note: I wrote this while listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Can’t stop and i found this oddly intense)

Draco’s Pov

It is driving me insane.

I keep noticing the little things about her that make me just want to kiss her.

The way she bites her lip when she is concentrating or when she stretches and her top lifts up and reveals her belly. I was going insane and (y/n) doesn’t even notice.

We are walking through the corridors. (Y/n) has her head stuck in her book, shes biting her lip again and she runs her fingers through her hair in exasperation and sighing loudly before dropping her hand to her side again. This is when I stop holding back and I grab her free hand and jolt her towards an empty classroom.

She gasps and slams her book shut and it falls to the floor at the suddenness of my actions but I ignore the book and I hoist her up and wrap her legs around my waist.

I lift her onto a table and roughly press my lips to hers. She gasps in surprise and I take the opportunity to slip my tongue into her mouth. I feel her fingers tugging at my hair. My hands are on her hips and I pull her into me, her legs still wrapped around my waist.

I move my lips from hers and begin to trial kisses down her neck, leaving small purple bruises. She lets out a gentle moan and tugs at my hair with more force. I nibble softly at the skin on her neck before  I go back to her lips, making sure I nip at her bottom lip like I’ve been dying to do all day.

She tugs her finger from my hair when i start to pull away and she grabs onto my tie, pulling me closer. I know this wasn’t going to end soon, not that I’m complaining.

About ten minutes later a cough interrupts us and we untangle our limbs to see Professor Snape stood at the door with an annoyed glare.

(y/n) Jumps off the table in surprise and begins to compose her self.

“10 Points from Gryffindor and Slytherin,”he says in his usual monotone voice.

I just chuckle at (y/n)’s flustered expression as she tries to flatten out her hair.

Funny how the little things can have bigger consequences.