and that lip bite

when phil sticks his tongue out when he laughs 💗💞💘💓💖
when dan bites his lip in concentration 💗💞💖💘💓
when phil expresses opinions 💓💞💘💟💗
when dan talks about something he’s passionate about 💞💓💗💘💖
when dan and phil use their platforms to spread positivity 💞💓💖💗💘💟😩👌


Min Hyuk, the shrewd CEO who wasn’t afraid to deal with gangsters and blackmail his own blackmailers, turns into a nervous, bashful puppy in front of Bong Soon’s grandma and dad - biting his lip, fumbling and fidgeting. He is so heartwrenchingly polite and and shy around them because they are the two people who love BS the most and because he is so unused to the warm and open way her entire family treats him.

Particularly Min Hyuk’s conversation with BS’s dad leaves a deep impression - it’s so poignant how these two men, who are virtual strangers, connect over their love for one woman, Do Bong Soon. And when dad places his trust on him, MH smiles as if it were Christmas and he just got the best present in the world. He even calls Mr. Do ‘abonim’, clearly getting used to the idea of being the Do family’s prospective son-in-law.

7/9. Constantly sending Dean snaps of you and he won't admit it but he finds the filters you use to be cute.

A/N: I put these two together because they really worked. 8 probably also could’ve fit, but I just went with these two. Not my prompts, just my stories. Enjoy!

Word count: 680


“What the hell even is that?” she hears his loud voice yell through the bunker, and she stifles a giggle.

“I make a cute ass bunny!” she yells back, biting her bottom lip.

She waits a few minutes for him to send a response, but he doesn’t. He never does.

That doesn’t deter her, she’s determined to get him to send at least one snap eventually.

She already knows that it’ll take a while. Hell, it took almost a month of convincing him to make him actually download the Snapchat app.

She gnaws on her bottom lip and flips through the filters, looking for a good one.

She pauses at the flower crown, smiling to herself.

Oh, he’d get a good laugh out of this one.

She takes a picture of herself, adds a caption, and sends it.

“Another one?” he crows moments later, and she grins to herself as it shows that he’s seen her message.

Within seconds, he’s peering into her room from the hallway.

“A basic white girl?” he raises an eyebrow as he refers to her comment.

“The dog filter and the flower crown are the basic white girl filters,” she explains with a grin to him. “All the girls use them.”

“You do realize what you’re saying, right?” he asks, giving her a look.

“Oh, allow me my one guilty pleasure,” she sticks her tongue out at him. “This is the closest I get to being a girl.”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to send me pictures every few minutes,” he tells her, and she shoots him a look of her own.

“If you just responded to my snaps I wouldn’t send them all the time,” she cuts back. “All it takes is one little message, or a cute picture. That’s it.”

“I’m not going to send you a picture,” he tells her for the fourth time today. “This thing is dumb, anyways.”

She gasps and feigns being hurt. “Are you saying that all those cute selfies I send you are dumb?”

“They’re not cute, they’re weird,” he shakes his head. “And get out of bed, your last three snaps have had the same exact background.”

“Ooh, you’re learning the lingo already!” she gasps, and he groans before he walks away.

She smiles to herself and debates on sending him a really strange snap, maybe the toilet face one. She finally decides against it, that she won’t bless him with such a picture until he starts sending some back of his own.

“I’m still waiting on a snap!” she calls, knowing that he’s still within earshot.

“You’re not gonna get one!” he returns, and she exhales, frowning to herself.

Maybe she needed to think outside the box…

She sighs and looks through what she’s got, and finally decides on her last snap for a little while.

After fixing her hair and sitting up so that it wouldn’t be the same background as the pictures from before, she takes a picture with the black and white filter with bright red lipstick.

She’s pretending to blow him a kiss, just the slightest bit of cleavage showing that adds a sexy flare to the picture.

No caption on this one, just the picture and send.

She doesn’t hear any comment from this one, but she sees when he opens it.

A symbol appears, and she bites her lip.

“They’re not cute, huh?” she calls.

“What are you talking about?” he returns in an even voice, but she has all the proof she needs.

“The one I just sent you,” she informs him, as if he doesn’t already know.

“I just got your flower one, nothing else,” he says, and she shakes her head.

“Liar!” she yells back, racing down the hall to find him. She walks into his room and smirks. “Nice try, though.”

“I haven’t gotten one, Sweetheart,” he tells her as she walks up to him.

She looks him in the eye as she sits down on his lap and straddles him, looping her arms around his neck.

“I can see that you screenshot it, Dean.”

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how would be giving oral to monsta x? (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Giving oral to Monsta X


  • Frown on his face and head tipped back.
  • Hands softly gliding trough your hair.
  • He would occasionally guide you by softly pushing your head up and down.
  • Tensed thighs.
  • Praises.


  • Would thrust into your mouth.
  • Goes rather rough.
  • Would tug at your hair.
  • Loud moans.
  • Bites his lip.


  • Loves it when you tease him.
  • Long moans and groans.
  • Loves it when you let him come on your face.
  • Would want you to hold his thighs.


  • Groans.
  • Head tipped back and sweat on his forehead.
  • Tries not to thrust up but fails.
  • Hands tugging at your hair.
  • “You’re making me feel so good.”


  • Occasional praises.
  • Loves it when you’re on your knees in front of him while he’s sitting down.
  • Touches you while you’re giving him oral.
  • Deep groans and heavy breaths.
  • Wants to come on your chest.


  • Praises, a lot.
  • Moans a lot.
  • They’re high pitched.
  • Deny him a little bit, he will go crazy.
  • Eyes closed tightly.


  • I can see him being rather quiet.
  • Unless it’s praising you.
  • Likes it when you go slow.
  • Likes it sloppy.
  • Kisses you after it while you still have the taste of come in your mouth.

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"Dark I have to wonder, have you ever possessed another person before? Or.. are you capable of that?" There was a pause. They bite their lip as they thought harder, "I'm curious since I recall you saying you usually get others to do the work for you. So would possessing another person's body be a thing for you to do?" they tilt their head to the side as they continue thinking about the question. "I'm sorry if I'm asking too much."

Dark chuckled at the timid behavior, but did not comment about it, as it seemed to be a waste to mutter such a thing when more important words had to be spoken.

“I have not possessed anyone, no. When I was a Figment purely bound to Mark, I was devoted to his mind and mind alone. I had absolutely no choice in the matter of who I got to be with or whose subconscious I festered inside. I was stuck to Mark, like a gun to a hip, and I was like a slave to his desires and his needs. But I was happy then, as happy as I was allowed to be, at least. Now that I am my own… thing. My own entity, I see no purpose in the matter. Attempting to use such a burst of energy to literally latch myself to a subconscious would drain the energy that I’ve been saving. I need it all for when I break free from my prison and return to physical form.”

Dark cast a wary glance towards the empty space, nose scrunched as he took a quick sniff, somehow the sniff sounding oddly disappointed.

“When I stated I get others to do the work for me, I meant it regarding persuasion and influence. Others are HAPPY to do it for me because of how I am to them. One particular Figment… however, seems to enjoy getting things done in a less appealing, more messy way. If you want to ask questions about possession, go see him.”

~darling nymphet tips~

play outside
messy french braids
sundresses + red lipstick
laugh loud and often 
eat lotsa berries 
treat urself to ice cream
make friends with girls
go barefoot 
get dirty
pick dandelions and wild daisies
bubblegum + bedroom eyes
flirty winks
master the lip bite
coral blush + brown mascara
it’s okay to get mad sometimes
embrace ur childlike wonder

Top 5 Seb looks

Sooo I wasn’t tagged to do this, but I saw @positivelysebastianstan do this and it looked awesome so I decided to go for it. 

 Running his Hands Through his Hair

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Biting his Lip

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If you could be doing something besides answering asks tonight what would it be?

I’d rather be spending all night long wrapped around someone who loves me, warm, safe, whispering, plotting, telling each other secrets and sharing sweet words of love and affection. And in between those things, watching the way that she bites into that swollen lower lip with such desperate gratitude
that I give her my permission
to cum again.

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Amren and Mor


Mor and Amren have been tip-toeing a bit around their feelings. And one day Amren invites Mor to her bed chambers and they just sit on her bed and talk. And Amren is resting her forehead on Mor’s shoulder gently and Mor is running her fingers through Amren’s hair. They really talk out their feelings and try to figure out if they can really do this. And it turns into whether or not they’re both willing to work for it. Mor tilts Amren’s head up and she kisses her softly, holding the side of her face. “I’m willing to if you are” And Amren bites her lip and just hands her one of her most loved sapphires or whatever and Mor takes that as a definite yes. The Amren-Way to say yes. 

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"look at this place, have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your life?" with obi-wan maybe?

“Yes,” he responds, sporting a rather goofy smile. “I do believe I have.”

You turn your attention away from the brilliant display before you, blushing almost immediately at the way he looks at you.

“Do you wish to know what?”

You have to bite your lip to staunch your smile, and you know immediately where this is headed, but you respond in the affirmative anyway.

“You are the most radiant thing to ever exist in this galaxy,” he murmurs, smirking when you giggle and hide your face behind your hands. “I hope you know that, my love.”

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Billboard posted the Laucy pic because sex sells. Yes it's helpful for EPIC that it further distances Camren. But at the same time, Camren is already pretty distant. Lauren had a picture with Lucy biting her lip last year. Lol. If they really want to end all hope they just need to put Camila with someone tbh. I don't think Lauren's doing this because of Camren anymore. I think she just wants to move on and be free to love whomever she wants. Her Aoki track may also be dropping soon.


Round seven of POTO headcannons

-          Erik sadly tends to do self- harm if he doesn’t do something as he should. He would hit or kick a furniture to make his toes or hands hurt, bite his lips to bleed or claw open wounds on his face. He would also torture himself by staring into the mirror, examining his face until his stomach turns and he ends up vomiting. He also hits his own head with various objects he finds nearby. When Christine stays with him underground in those two weeks, and he feels like he had hurt her, he begs her to hit him for it.

-          Erik would be terrified of an attempt to give him a high- five. He would think the person was going to hit him and he would either back away in a self-defensing position, or attack – depending on his relationship with said person.

-          Erik is very much organized. Every single thing has its special place in the house and he freaks out if it is moved away from there just by an inch. His home needs to be perfect – except his desk in his room. It is a total mess with some piles of books he is currently reading, fountain pens, paper, sheet music drafts, and portrait attempts of Christine Daaé. He is an excellent artist who can draw Christine’s portrait anytime by memory, but he never shows them to Christine, as he thinks neither of them turned out good enough.

-          Other than wanting to save more time for composing, the reason for lack of eating and sleeping is also a way of self-punishment. Erik believes you have to suffer to make great art, as he saw it from many artists. He actually thinks Mozart, who continued composing even on his deathbed, a role model. You have to consume and sacrifice yourself for the sake of art.

-          If Christine wants to playfully annoy Erik, she calls him by the nickname Ricky. Erik hates this name he says it sounds like a name you would give to a Dachshund.

-          In his childhood, Erik was called an “owl bastard’ many times by his mother because he had glowing yellow eyes in the dark, has good hearing and he liked to stay up late even as a child.

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usually dominant brendon one day biting his lip and nervously asking you "hey do you think... possibly... we could switch it up a little?" and finally you get him to tell you exactly what he means, and he wants to be tied up and/or pegged and smacked around a little and degraded

you have discovered my weakness

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(With frank castle plz n thank) "did you seriously break into some woman's car to get her dog out, JUST because she had the windows closed?"

“Damn right I did,” he grumbles, cradling the small dog against his chest, scratching lazily behind her ears. “The hell you think I am, huh? You really think I was gonna let this poor thing suffer in there?”

“Frank, it’s the middle of the night,” you sigh. “There’s a million reasons why that dog could’ve been in there.”

He turns to you then, and he glares at you. “You tellin’ me that I shoulda left this girl in there? Let her die of heatstroke or starvation or something?”

“Well, no,” you almost stutter, biting your lip as he takes a step forward. “I was just…you know…what if she comes back soon, you know? No? Oh, never mind.”

“Good, that’s what I thought,” he mumbles. “Come on, we’re goin’.”

“Frank you can’t take the dog.”

“What am I supposed to do with her, huh, hotshot? I’m takin’ the dog whether you say no or not.”


“I’m takin’ the dog.”


“Takin’ the dog, baby girl. Deal with it.”

I think everyone’s more excited about Katie McGrath being promoted to a series regular than Chris Wood lmao and he has literally been in every episode already. Like a character that has only been in like 8epusodes is getting a bigger reception than someone who was already sorta seen as a series regular but had to be officially announced. Like I’m dying. The power of the lip bite am I right.