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BTS Reaction To You Wearing Lace

Namjoon: “Hey do you want to go to-,”he started to say as he was looking at his phone but was interrupted by the can hitting on the floor. You were trying to reach for Pringles that Namjoon hid from you. He stared at your behind biting his bottom lip as he cleared his throat trying hard not to stare at you,”What are you doing?” “N-Nothing I thought I saw a spider,”you lied as you got down from the counter. “You should pick up that can up,”Namjoon said as he turned around pretending to be walking away but slowly turned back to see you bending down. He fought the urge to pull your behind against his crotch as he walked away.

Taehyung: “(Y/N) have-,”he started but stopped as he saw you standing up and stretching revealing your behind. He licked his lips as he wrapped his arms around you. “Morning beautiful,”he whispered in his deep voice. You smiled as you turned to him pecking him on his lips. As you tried to pull away he pulled you back biting your lower lip softly as he placed his hand on your butt pulling at your underwear. “You don’t even have to try when it comes to turning me on,”he said as he started to walk both of you to your bed.

Hoseok: He woke up once he noticed that you weren’t wrapped around his arms.He looked up half asleep to see you getting up from bed your shirt lifting up just enough to reveal your behind. He smiled widely as he spoke ,”I really like waking up in the morning to this view.” He caused you to blush as you threw the covers over him,”Hoseok!”

Jin: He was laying on the couch watching a movie not really paying attention to you. You got annoyed and slumped down on the chair beside him. “Jin lets go out I don’t want to be laying around in my pjs all day,”you whined. “Go changed and come lay down with me for a little then we’ll see if we happen to go out or not,”he said smirking. You rolled your eyes as you went in front of the tv bending down a bit to turn off the tv. Your shirt lifted up as you quickly stood up and faced him blushing. He was staring at you with an eyebrow raised grinning,”Is this your way of getting me up from this couch?”

Jungkook: He’d be the shy one out of the bunch. When the two of you were playing fighting he was trying to tackle you down. “You aren’t getting away this time,”he said as he wrapped himself around you. As you tried to get away from his grip a bit of your shirt lifted up revealing your lace underwear. He blushed as he instantly ;et you go as he looked down blushing. “I.. I’m a bit thirsty want some water?”he asked trying to avoid eye contact.

Yoongi: You weren’t paying much attention to the show since this was the first time you were going to be staying the night with him and you forgot your pjs. “Yoongi? I forgot my pajamas can I borrow a shirt and maybe some shorts?”you asked shyly. “Yea sure there in the drawer,”he said. As you went to change his shorts didn’t fit you they kept on falling down as well as the shirt was just a few inches to short. “Great just great,”you mutter to yourself as you walked back to his room. “Your shorts didn’t fit me,”you said as you placed them back to were they belonged. “Turn off the lights and come they’re showing one of my interviews,”he said smiling. As you went over to the light and reached to turn off the lights the shirt went up and you blushed as you quickly tried to pull the shirt down. You heard him chuckle as you walked back feeling your face burning with embarrassment. “Kind of glad the shorts didn’t fit,”he said smiling at the tv not looking at your red face.

Jimin: ”Really?”he asked. “Well no I actually have no idea,”you said laughing. He frowned,”Wow I actually thought that happened.” You laughed as he got up and started tickling. “Jimin! Stop!”you said trying to get away from him. He quickly lifted you up and putting you on the counter. He smiled as his hands caressed your thighs. “Jimin,”you said swatting his hand away as you hopped off the counter and as you did your shirt was lifted up revealing your underwear. “Jagiya you know I really like lace,”he said biting his lip as he pulled you close to him.

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Can you do a Wonho (sir) and JB (daddy) threesome. You wanted to have a new sexual experience so a lot of new kinks come into play. Any link you want. Please?


“We are gathered here today..” You started once again groaning and biting on your bottom lip as you turned, pacing the floor once again. The soft brown carpet rubbing against your toes as you walked a few little steps to the right and then turned again to pace the same distance to the left, your breath becoming short as your stomach tied in knots.

“Y/N I swear to God if you start off any other sentence with a phrase like that I’m leaving.” Jaebum barked angrily.

“No!” You shouted looking forward at him and your other best friend Wonho pouting because you wanted this to work. You needed it to work.

“Then tell us what’s on your mind, please? You’ve been pacing back and forth for almost an hour starting off the same sentence with different setups only to stop again and Jaebum is right, it’s a bit worrying and annoying.” Wonho gently scratched the side of his head pouting up at you because he hated to make you mad or to see you seem so distressed. You clicked your tongue matching his pout as you watched them both, your arms crossing under your breast, pushing your breast up a bit and squeezing them together. You weren’t always the smartest when it came to people hitting on you but you knew in your heart they had both just looked at your breast and it made you nervous as fuck. Walking forward with slow steps you stood a few feet from them before you cleared your throat nodding.

“Hear ye, hear ye-“

“That’s it I’m leaving!” Jaebum groaned standing up he grabbed at his leather jacket from the couch turning his back on you. You balled your hands up in fist frowning as he got his things ready. You felt your stomach sink, but you knew you were a scaredy cat anyway. Looking down you decided maybe it was best if he left because you didn’t know if you had the heart to tell them what’s on your mind. “Why can’t you just fucking talk to me?!” Jaebum said angrily facing the wall. “I thought we were best friends.” He stated again walking towards the door, Wonho following behind him causing your face to get red from frustration and embarrassment.

“How do you.. Tell your guys friends you want a threesome with them without making it awkward? Especially when you practically are close enough to use the word brother but you fantasize so much about them you can’t say that word..” You mumbled softly shutting your eyes partway because you didn’t expect them to hear you over all the rustling of them putting on their shoes next to your door. But it appears they did hear you because Jaebum was staring at you with his mouth open, shutting the door slowly he took a few steps towards you.

‘What.. Did you say y/n?” He asked softly, noticing how tight and rigid your body was. Your fist balled up and your skin turning a shade deeper than a red rose. He felt a bit guilty for getting so mad at you. Seeing you shake your head side to side he smirked to himself slipping off his shoes and taking back off his leather jacket to reveal just his white T-shirt. He walked towards you his hand under your chin as he backed you up quickly against a wall causing you to gasp and look up at him. “I asked you a question. Are you going to answer.. Kitten?” He asked softly letting his thumb stroke your jaw slowly. His warm touch enough to make you tremble against the wall. His thumb played with your bottom lip until he was pushing it down a bit causing you to open your mouth. Your eyes were glued to him the entire time, feeling his body press hard against yours. And if you weren’t against the wall you probably would have fell.

“I want you.. I want you both.” You stated again chewing on your lip but he was quick to tug it down and groan at you. Pressing his forward against yours, his hands gripped at your side roughly, one of his legs sliding between yours. He wanted answers, his eyes burned with so much but the want was there and you could feel the hardening of his pants.

“Don’t fuck with me right now Y/n. I want you to tell me exactly what you want and I want you to say it right now. Or I’m leaving.” Jaebum had wanted you, he had confessed to Wonho many nights while he was drunk and sober the things he would do to you. How he would touch you and make you beg. Wonho was no different he wanted to be inside of you as well. It had been many nights that they caught you masturbating when they stayed over. The vibration of your toys was too much and it always got them curious and too hard for their own good. But you were the youngest of the two and they didn’t want to force you to do anything, they wanted it to be your decision. Now here you were unable to tell them that it was them who made your panties wet with just one look. Both of them standing there with dark gazes, hair slicked back revealing their handsome faces and you would give it all to ride them. Whimpering to snap out of your thoughts you looked off to the side towards the giant black clock that hung up on the opening of your wall before the kitchen.

“Jaebum.. I’m not kidding. For months now, I have thought about you and Wonho. Sex is fun and all but its become dull for me, and it’s been awhile since I’ve touched anyone or let them touch me. And I see you two come around with tank tops or sweats or anything tight and I get needy and I ruin my panties. I want to be treated like a slut. A dirty little kitten who wants and needs her daddies to take care of her.” You were dying on the inside but it was now or never you had to convince them because if you didn’t you knew they would shrug it off and tell you to wait. “I’m not that experienced I know. But, I brought a lot of toys.. And rope. And I want you to fuck me.. Both of you.” You looked back up at Jaebum who was speechless and almost drooling. You couldn’t read the look on his face but it didn’t take long for your unanswered prayers to be opened because Jaebum was pulling back with a smirk looking at Wonho.

“What do you say Hoseok? Is it time that we got out our own fantasies on this little kitten since we have all felt some sexual want?” He asked and your heart skipped a beat muttering a faint ‘what’ because you couldn’t believe they talked about these things together.

“I wouldn’t want anything more than to see her cute little toys and pound that pussy from behind until it’s talking to me.” Hoseok purred licking over his bottom lip as he leaned against the door his arms were crossed like yours had been earlier revealing his taught muscles.

“Then it’s settled. Princess think of a safe word.” Jaebum started.

“Saggy balls.” You replied causing both males to grimace and look at you.

“Why saggy balls?” Hoseok asked choking on his spit.

“Well.. I have thought about this a lot. And I have watched a few things so I know that saggy balls does not turn me on saying it, it just sounds gross and wet and-“Jaebum put his hand over your mouth giving you a pure look of not wanting you to continue.

“Spare us princess or it’ll take longer for us to get back hard.” He groaned nodding before smirking. “You’ve thought about this a lot and I’m proud. Let’s go, shall we? I’m ready to touch you.”

Jaebum grabbed your hand pulling you behind him and down the hallway towards you room. Your body followed behind him, and Hoseok followed behind the both of you, his eyes looking down at your ass and he couldn’t help but walk closer to you his hand reaching out to touch your ass cheeks that were peeking out from under the shorts, you gasped and looked back at him biting on your bottom lip giving him that innocent look that drove him mad and he could feel himself ready to pounce on you, so bad that a guttural growl left his lips as you all entered into your room. You let Jaebum’s hand go walking towards your closet to find the pink bag stash of toys you had, blushing softly you squirmed not wanting to come out.

“Fucking tease.” Hoseok hissed and Jaebum patted his head smirking. “That’s why as a daddy you get to punish her now don’t you? And maybe tease her back. Yah! Y/N if you take any longer I’ll come in there and drag you out myself!” Jaebum barked and it caused your skin to chill, almost running out of the closet you smiled sheepishly at them holding up the bag.

“Good girl.. Now strip for us. And make sure that you don’t go too fast.” Jaebum backed up pressing the bag on the bed waiting for you.

Nodding your hands gripped at the hems of your shirt, you put on your best pouty lips and innocent gaze that wasn’t hard to obtain after weeks of practice so that you could get what you want. But within that innocent gaze you couldn’t help but turn it a bit seductive because they knew you were a sexual minx when you wanted to be. Your hands pulled up your shirt slowly and you threw it behind you, revealing your smooth skin and wild hair that was starting to get fucked up. Your hands moved up to unclip the back of your bra and you took it off slowly letting it fall. Hands gripping at your plump breast you played with him, letting your fingers flick against your nipples setting off Hoseok. He strode towards you yanking your hands down before he got in your face looking at you.

“Who allowed you to touch yourself huh? Huh?” He asked reaching one hand around to slap your ass cheeks, gasps and moans sliding from your lips as your heart thudded against your chest and you shook your head.

“N-no one. I’m sorry daddy.” You pouted pressing your hands on his chest as he slapped your ass cheeks again causing them to sound off. He smirked nodding he moved behind you looking over at Jaebum breathing against your ear he whispered.

“Continue. And if you touch yourself, well you don’t get to cum.” He whispered licking the shell of your ear slowly.

You nodded your head letting your hands move to your shorts, unsnapping the button you undid them, your hand sliding them down, Hoseok pushed at your back making you bend over for him, he moaned seeing the black lace hug your ass, the little bow above your crack making his dick jump in the confines of his boxers. He pulled your panties harshly to pull your body back against him, grinding his hips against your ass, he elicited moans from both of your lips, his hooded eyes staring down at you as he rasped out. “Jaebum.. Come get her.” He was afraid it would end too fast if he kept touching you. Jaebum had the more restraint surprisingly as he pulled you close to his body. He got down on his knees after you stood up, spreading your legs wide he kissed along your v-line looking up at you as his hands pulled down your panties slowly and off of you. He stood up going towards the bed, he opened the pink bag again having inspected it.

“She chose well Hoseok. But I think someone helped her.” He teased you pulling out a lavender collar that had rhinestones on it. He walked up to you pulling you forward with his finger under your chin he pressed his lips against yours, moaning against your lips he gave you a full-on kiss. His hands worked to wrap the collar around your neck, fastening the strap at the back of your head. Jaebum licked across your bottom lip as the kiss continued to get heated, but he pulled back to look at you nodding. “I think, we will definitely be getting you more of these.” He promised as he moved back only to grab at a leash that you picked out, it was black sleek and simple. He pushed it through the clear loop pulling you to him, he kissed you more walking until he was backing up against the bed. He pushed you down gently on it smiling crookedly at you he tilted his head. “Against the headboard kitten.” You followed suit moving to lay with your back against the headboard and you loved seeing that they were pleased by the things you were doing.

Jaebum moved to grab the rope, going to stand with his feet by the bed, he moved to push you on your stomach tying your arms around your back by your elbows and down making sure it was sturdy before he lifted you to rest against the headboard again groaning at the sheer arousal seeping through his bones. He moved to grab at some more beige rope, tying them around your parted legs, he kept your thigs spread wide with the bottom of your thighs pressing against your calf muscles. He looked down at you, his finger inching forward and he was playing like he was about to touch your pussy only to pull away with a sly smirk on his lips. “Not yet.” He moved to lay on the bed, on his stomach, his hands caressing under your ass cheeks gently. Licking his lips, he watched your whole clench and unclench, your needy state coming out quickly but he loved it. Leaning down he licked against your ass hole slowly. Around the rim, tasting you for the first time ever. His wet tongue pressing against you lewdly until he felt he had teased enough, that was Hoseok’s job. Jaebum pushed his thick tongue into you slowly stretching you out, his eyes basking in the sight before him, your mouth hanging open and flustered state as you watched him tongue fuck your ass. You were so tight and he could only imagine what it would be like to fuck you with his dick. How you would grip on him, maybe moan a bit too louder. A shudder raked through his body and he continued to let his tongue wiggle in and out of you slowly dipping deep until he felt he had coated you with his tongue enough. He pulled back reaching in the back to grab at a clear butt plug that had the ends shaped like a heart with a blue gem in the middle of it. Licking on it slowly he watched you as his tongue lathered up the toy in spit, he pulled it from his plump lips only to push it inside of your tight ring of muscle, his lips finding yours once again to distract from the pain he knew you would. He pushed until the plug was settled inside of you, his tongue slipping into your mouth as he deepened the kiss. He let his tongue flick and play with yours until he was sucking on your tongue rolling it around his and pulling it into his mouth. Your little whimpers for him made Hoseok stare in awe, of course he was slightly jealous and he wanted attention but he wouldn’t be greedy because well he enjoyed a good show.

Soon Jaebum was pulling back, staring down at you he moved off the bed smiling and tilting his head to the side, eyes roaming over to Hoseok who had off his shirt, revealing his defined abs and hardened bulge that was resting tightly confined in his pants. “She’s all yours.” Jaebum nodded moving to sit in a chair at your desk taking off his own shirt and pants swiftly not wanting to miss a moment of this.

“It seems the little teasing kitten is all bound up. Nowhere to run and hide. Well good for you, your daddy is here and he is going to pet this pretty little pussy until you’re all worked up. But don’t worry beautiful, I’ll pet you too.” He winked climbing between your legs, leaving your breath to escape your body as you watched him. He lifted his hands, which roamed your body ever so slowly. Eyes dancing on your face, Hoseok let his hands move everywhere, against your collarbones up and down your neck until he was pressing them against the valley of your breast and down in between and against your stomach. He got worse, letting his hands move against your breast but pulling back before he got to your nipples, his hands going to caress the insides of your thighs ever so close to your pussy only so that he could drag them away with his nails against your skin. Hoseok kept up this little teasing game and it was driving you mad. Your legs tightening up though you couldn’t go anywhere, your perky taught nipples were so hard that it hurt. You were whining frustrated with want every time that he was touching your body. It got worse when he added his mouth, pressing wet lewd kisses against your skin but avoiding your breast and pussy all together. “Aww, seems the pretty kitty is mad.” He cooed feigning sorry as he looked up at you letting his tongue flick against your bruised-up collarbone.

“Not my fault daddy doesn’t know how to handle this kitty.” You spat back at him not thinking straight just wanting to piss him off. Immediately your hair was being jerked back as Hoseok sucked harshly at your neck against your spot, nipping against it occasionally turning you into a screaming mess your eyes shut as you groaned wishing you could touch him.

“Now that wasn’t very nice.” He tsked at you, letting his tongue flick against your skin before he pulled back, causing your head to throb but it only made you wetter. “And look, you’re ruining your sheets when I haven’t even touched you yet.” He shook his head chuckling rummaging through your pink bag next to him, he took out a white vibrator smirking at he turned it on letting the head spin. He moved the toy forward until it was pressing on your soaked-out clit earning a high-pitched cry of pleasure from your lips as your body arched off the bed as much as it could. The high vibrations were pressing against your clit, pulling the wetness from your pussy. He smirked keeping it in place and you couldn’t hold his eye contact you had to look away to Jaebum, and if that wasn’t bad enough you could see him with his hard dick in hand stroking himself and lightly panting, a thin film of sweat covering his body as he moved his hand and bucked his hips up. His smothering eyes told you everything that you needed to know. Your eyes drift shut, your toes curled and you weren’t good at hiding that you were close to your orgasm because Hoseok caught on and moved the toy from your pussy earning louder protest cries from you as you opened your eyes. He growled slapping your pussy harshly with his left palm, how needy and submissive you looked was just too much for him. Pulling his hand back he spread your pussy lips open with two hands watching as your pussy clenched and unclenched along with your tight asshole that had the plug sucked deep into it. “Such greedy little holes this fucking pussy has. It seems your previous affairs couldn’t get the job done. If only I could help.” Hoseok whined pressing the toy back against your clit with his fingers from his free hand keeping your lips spread apart so that you could feel it better. Your hips jerked harshly, your mouth open as you took swallows of air, gulping and watching him. “If you cum, I’m going to punish you.” Hoseok warned as if what he was doing wasn’t punishment enough. He watched you feeling himself getting harder, it was hurting at this point and he wanted nothing more to do then to fuck you senseless.

“I can’t hold it.” You whimpered to him, your hands balling up into fist as tears started to brim your eyes. Your stomach tightened, and your breathing was becoming too fast for you to get enough breaths to let out your words.

“You know what I want.” Hoseok said sternly, his face drawing closer until his lips were inching from yours eyes baring into yours causing you to shut them. “Open them, open your eyes right now and tell me what I want.” Hoseok demanded. His voice barked orders and he moved the toy up and down your clit quickly causing your pussy to drip more, the vibrations were tearing you apart. Opening your eyes up you looked up at him moaning his name, trying to say what you needed without too many moans or it wouldn’t come out right.

“Hoseok ah~ Hose-daddy. Daddy please.” You started biting on your lip. “Daddy please, I’m so fucking wet and needy. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to tease you, to upset you I just wanted you to touch me more- I can’t hold it daddy! Please fuck please!” You shouted out and he gave you a smile the little relief you felt in your heart quickly died out when he took the toy away and shut it off licking it clean. But he didn’t finish you off he only reached a hand down after a few seconds to slap against your clit, and that one hit had you cumming and crying out against the headboard. Disbelief swam through you and how easy it was for him to touch you and turn you into a mess.

“Daddy forgives you. If you keep behaving like a good girl daddy promises he will make you cum. Now you have to get Jaebum off with your mouth, and if you do good I’ll fuck this little pretty pussy until your headboard is screaming as loud as you are. Would you like that?” Hoseok asked letting his fingers slide up and down your soaked slit before he was pushing his first two inside of you causing you to release more gasping noises and you gave a nod of your head. “Use your words kitten.” Hoseok cooed softly leaning down to flick his tongue against your slit. Your mouth dropped open, nodding your head, you felt your pussy clench around his fingers, wanting more than anything to feel him hard and pressed deep inside of you, wanting to feel the sheer force of his hips slamming against yours.

“Y-yes daddy. Yes daddy I’ll be good. I’ll do anything. “You gave your word pouting as Hoseok pulled back to lick his lips and his fingers.

“My meal is so sweet. I must remember that when I just need a taste of something.” Hoseok winked as he pulled back from your body. Jaebum made his way over to you, his hard shaft throbbing as he watched Hoseok move you to brace on your knees. Your body was a mess, and he loved every bit of how the male teased you. He had been so on edge but he wanted to fuck your mouth first, he couldn’t cum without you getting him off in some form first. He played through your soft locks with his large hands, soon he was opening your mouth up, using his dick and he pushed it past your plump lips. Watching as your eyes stare up at him, how you took him into your mouth.

“Who would’ve ever known you looked so fucking sexy with my dick in your mouth kitten. Do you want daddy’s milk?” He teased cheekily wiggling his eyebrows. Biting on his bottom lip he grabbed at your hair with one hand the other moving down to slap at your plump ass cheeks watching them bounce as your hips bucked forward. He let you control the pace at first, seeing as how you were enjoying it. And you were enjoying it, your mouth had watered as you looked at his size along. You knew that he would stretch you out, that it would burn to have his tip pressing against your throat. He was thick and his veins your tongue loved to play with, tracing up and down every inch of flesh that you could fit in your mouth. The corners of your mouth started to bead up with your saliva but you didn’t care because his moans and groans as he petted your head was enough to make you want to do anything. You had been so caught up in him, you didn’t hear the rustling of clothes as Hoseok undressed. He aligned his tip with the opening of your pussy and he pushed in slowly gasping as your pussy took him in. You choked back a moan around Jaebum’s shaft and he snapped his hips harshly against your face causing you to gag lightly and look up at him.

“I think I’ve found my new favorite sound. Kitten gagging on my dick like the fucking little slut she is. Do you like being filled up with our dicks hmm? Do you like the fact that both of your holes are filled? And guess what?” Jaebum added as he tilted his head stopping his movement so that Hoseok could bury himself to the hilt inside of your tight pussy. Your vice like grip had him shaking and ready to cum all ready but he had to hold it. “Both of your holes will have white in them.” Jaebum winked and you let out a muffled cry in response squeezing around Hoseok who couldn’t help but snap his hips forward harshly. Fucking you from behind was his greatest pleasure, you were so wet it was easy to slide in. Pussy making squelching noises as he pounded into you. His hands first gripping at your hips to lift your ass more since you couldn’t move. He was loving how it jiggled and bounced against his hips one hand moving down to slap the plump cheeks until he was sure his hand print was going to be on your ass for a while.

Your whole body was on fire, your pussy continued to release wetness for Hoseok, his ass slapping had made you a whimpering mess, and with Jaebum face fucking you all that you could do was stay in the position you were put in and take it. Your hands balled up from the pleasure, the feeling of the large dick inside of your pussy molding against your insides pulling and pushing in and out of your pussy with everything. Hoseok was making it hard for you to focus on flicking your tongue up and down the underside of Jaebum’s dick. He watched you through hooded eyes, your own lust filled eyes dropping some as the spit ran down your parted jaws. Hoseok was letting his speed get erratic but before he came he pulled back to let himself rest. Jaebum felt himself getting back towards his peek, but he didn’t want to cum without you so pulling away he let you catch some breath as both males switched positions.

Hoseok wasted no time, sliding his dick back into your mouth and you took it moaning his name as you watched him. He was almost where Jaebum was when it came to girth and length so taking him down your throat was a task as well. Your tongue swirled around the tip of his dick and you lapped eagerly at his slit until he was squirming, the overstimulation causing him to push himself deeper into your mouth. You worked your tongue on Hoseok, letting your mouth hollow as you sucked harshly against his shaft. Your nose touching the base of his dick every time he slid deeper into your mouth. Because he was so close to cumming while he was fucking your pussy, it didn’t take long for Hoseok to be spilling his warm seed into your mouth. You grimaced slightly, not liking nor hating the taste but you sucked at him, cleaning him off and swallowing around him. He pulled from your lips slowly watching as his half-erected dick slipped from your wet swollen lips.

“My turn.” Jaebum called out, picking you up by your waist Jaebum pressed his back against the headboard letting your back rest against his chest. He lifted your hips aligning you with his dick that was standing proud and tall. He used his hips to circle slightly at your opening smirking because he could feel your wetness drip onto him and that caused him to shudder and guide you down onto his dick. He stretched you out, and your head rolled back as you took him in, once you were sure he was shoved inside your loosening pussy, you squeezed around him winding your hips to ride him without letting him pull back. You could hear the heavy breathing from the male under you as he held you up, your feet on his knees with your bound legs still spread wide. Hoseok watched the scene in front of him and he crawled between the both of your parted legs to latch his lips onto your breast finally.

Jaebum started to slide you down onto his dick slowly but he made sure that you were taking all of him each time that he thrust his hips up inside of you. He kept the pace for a bit, hearing the sucking noises that Hoseok was making with your breast he didn’t want to fuck you too hard until he felt like you were ready.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like feeling daddy’s dick all buried inside of this tight needy pussy. You clench around me like you’ve needed this dick. You should’ve told me. I’m always happy to tear down walls.” Jaebum mumbled against your ear kissing it. He pulled out of you only to snap his hips up against yours earning a loud cry. Smirking he kept this up, even pausing your hips to keep you from moving (to resist the little movement you had anyway) and he fucked you harder. Your whole body was being pleasured and you could feel that your orgasm was going to come through you at any time. Your hands pressed against Jaebum’s lower stomach, your head rolled sideways so that you could watch Hoseok play and mark on your breast. Between the two boys you didn’t know who to moan for so you ended up moaning both of their names because to you it was better that way. Hoseok reached down with one hand letting his fingers dance against your wet throbbing clit. With Jaebum holding you still he could easily rub you until you were screaming out gibberish warning that you were close. “That’s right baby. Cum for us. Cum for your daddies.” Jaebum said sharply feeling his own orgasm press against you. He needed to get you off, so he focused on anything else that he could besides how good you felt, and how tight you were wrapping around him as he bounced you.

“Holy shit! Jaebum~ Ah shit Hoseok!” You were proud in your fuzzy mind that you managed to get both names past your chapped and bruised lips as you let your orgasm sweep through you. Your essence sliding out and onto Jaebum’s shaft and that did it, with only a few more quick shallow thrusts you felt him slamming up against you causing his cum to shoot up into your insides. He held you close. His hips were jerking harshly but in a few more movements he let himself slow down his thrusts to ride out your orgasms together holding you close. Hoseok smirked leaning down he licked up at your clit, pulling back to watch the cum seep from your abused pussy. Hoseok got off the bed moving to get wipes for both you and Jaebum who were nothing more than a panting pair on the bed.

Jaebum pulled out of you, and he helped Hoseok clean you up and untie you. Your body still shaking and glowing from the orgasm you lay on your stomach trying to regain your senses. Both males came to lay on either side of you, holding you close the covers were thrown over your exhausted body and you shut your eyes with a light smirk on your lips happy that your planned worked.

“I hope you continue to smile in your slip, because as soon as you wake up, round two starts and I can’t wait until kitten is screaming again.” Hoseok purred causing you to open your eyes wide. He smirked and pecked your lips before shutting his own eyes earning a chuckle from Jaebum.

“That’s what you get for keeping us waiting after we found you playing with yourself multiple times.” You were so horrified and terrified that if you said anything it led to instant punishment so instead you played it off and shut your eyes hoping that sleep would come soon and stay around.

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Pairing: klance AU: Lance is a professional figure skater and Keith is an infatuated fan. Lance sees him at a meet and greet and falls in love with Keith.

“Hey,” Lance glides over to the side of the rink. He smirks at the boy standing there, nervously wringing his hands.
“I’m Lance. If you came to see Allura…”
“Oh no! Uh…” Violet eyes flit sideways. A blush rises on the strange boys cheeks.
“I uh… I’m actually YOUR fan… So…” He bites his lip.
Lance feels like the wind has been knocked out of him. His ankles shake, and his knees buckle. He falls to the ice with an embarrassing yelp.

Regina Mills being jealous would include

Originally posted by emitiel

● Regina wouldn’t get jealous easily.

● She’d think of an excuse to get you alone.
♢ “Henry is looking for us.”
♢ “Excuse us we have some matters to attend to.”

● As soon as you two were alone you can expect:
♢ Rough kisses that leave you gasping for air, leaving you with bruised lips.
♢ Regina biting your bottom lip.
♢ Hickies on your neck.
♢ Messy hair and clothing.
♢ You looking like a hot mess, while Regina still looks like she just stepped out of a magazine catalogue.

● Regina strategically walking with you past the person who flirted with you earlier, so that they’d see your flustered state and therefore know that you’re already taken.
♢ She’d be so smug about it.
♢ She would totally smirk at them.

● If you didn’t believe her excuse she’d just kiss you in front of the flirt, so they’ll get the message and leave.
Richonne Head Canon Bingo

44. Who calls up the landlord when the heat’s not working?

“Are you going to fix it, or am I?”

“I wouldn’t know how to,” he replied lazily from where he lay. “’Sides, we shouldn’t mess around with it.”  

“So, does that mean you’re going to call the landlord?” raising her eyebrows as she dials the number anyway. Rick answers her with a noncommittal noise as he turns his head back into the pillow, and she hits call before burying her cold fingers back in her pocket.

The tone rings on unanswered three times when she’s caught off-guard, feeling a hand gently touching her waist, another pushing her hair away from her neck – she feels the biting cold there, until he brings his lips to the curve of her neck. If someone does pick up at the other end of the line, she doesn’t notice.

“There are other ways to get warm, ‘chonne.”

(written by @lnshrr)

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Ok a fives company question: what little quirks/habits do they all find cute ab each other?? (Also this fic kinda ruined me like now all I wanna read is poly!hamilsquad anD THERES NOT ENOUGH FICS!!!)

girl me too. i’m doing my best to supply for the poly ship but i am only one person. i can’t do it alone. 

i have so many but here’s just some major ones!


  • when he sews, makes this face. he gets really concentrated and he kind of bites his lip and furrows his eyebrows together and he just looks really cute. you all know it as The Look and you always tease him about it.
  • can fall asleep anywhere
  • carries around stain removers/mini sewing kits/first aid kits bc he cares too much about you all
  • he doesn’t just say “red” or “orange”. he’ll say, ”look at that scarlett blouse” or that “blood orange necklace.” he can never just say blue. he’ll say robin’s egg. it’s really cute to you all. he just knows a lot of colors.


  • has a habit of mumbling out loud when he’s writing. sometimes he mumbles sentences in his sleep. it’s cute. he corrects himself until he falls asleep. 
  • talks a lot during movies. mostly cracks jokes but when he starts to question the accuracy of the movie, you gotta tell him to shhhhh.
  • most likely to correct your grammar mid-sentence. it’s out of love. he just really pays attention to words and is not at all trying to belittle you at all!
    • “i just felt so nauseous -” 
    • “you mean nauseated.” 
    • yeah, nauseated. so i asked if i could go home early.”


  • taps his pencil a lot along the desk when he’s thinking. usually, herc can make a song out of whatever beat he’s making. (herc is your resident freestyler.) 
  • if it’s incessant, that’s how you know he’s very stressed. usually you hold his hand so he can calm down a little.
  • when he doodles, he hums. sometimes laf hums with him.


  • when he was first learning english, he would sometimes mix up idioms/sayings. it’s so precious though. 
    • example! phrases like “she has a green thumb” confused him.
    • you: “yeah! eliza gardens in new york! isn’t that amazing? she has a green thumb” 
    • laf, looking at you with concern: “do you have one too, mon cher?”
    • you, giggling: “no! no! it’s an expression, gil!” 
  • from my fic you know when laf first wakes up, he’s usually stuck in french. that’s why he prefers to get ready with alexander. it just makes it easier. 

all four boys sing in the shower. it’s very cute and makes mornings more fun.

The signs as things couples do

Aries: slamming each other against the wall

Taurus: cooking together

Gemini: going to parties or to the movies

Cancer: kissing the neck

Leo: sex

Virgo: tickling one another

Libra: walking hand in hand

Scorpio: biting lips

Sagittarius: texting

Capricorn: buying gifts

Aquarius: argue and asking for hugs

Pisces: buying flowers

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But just imagine how hot would it be Namjoon demanding you to bend over and him biting your ass with his thick soft lips and then eating you out with his nose deep between your folds doing loud noises while he eats you because you're too wet. He'd even hum in satisfaction and spank you, so the vibrations would make you feel even more sensitive and tell you you're a good girl. I bet he'd also demand you to sit on his face. Goddamn the thirst for Namjoon is real..... 👅 💦💦💦💦💦

It’s way to early to nut about namjoon 💦💦💦💦💦💦- Admin Jaefairy

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short swanqueen prompt: Emma has a long day and then she argues with Regina over something stupid but regina gets really really upset and emma apologised and instantly comforts her

Hello there anon! I already did a very similar one a few weeks ago (Here is the link) But, in any case, here’s a short ficlet. (The other story was approximately 2K long if you are searching for something longer ;))

Thank you for the prompt and I hope you like it!

“Can I come in?”

Regina turned towards the blonde as she put down the papers she had fruitlessly tried to read until then. The blonde’s eyes seeming focused on the brunette’s fingers, on the way the former Queen grabbed the papers and for a moment Regina bite down her bottom lip before placing  the papers back on the wooden desk, where she had picked them up minutes ago, after she had opened the door of the office while trying not to let her magic scape out of her body. Not out of anger, as it had once done but out of sadness.

Emma seemed to be remembering the way her eyes had lighted up in purples and silvers as well because she glanced at her own hands, interlacing her fingers as a kid waiting to know what their punishment would be. Sighing, Regina nodded once, noticing how the woman still wore the simple white shirt she had been wearing when she had come back from work, one hour ago. The scent around the blonde as she finally took a step inside the room, still not really entering inside Regina’s space but certainly closer than before, was different and for a moment Regina wondered if Emma had been outside, on their backyard, as she normally did when she felt upset.

“Emma…” She started, her voice grave. The blonde, however, shook her head once and rose her chin, her eyes instantly finding Regina’s as she set herself in front of the brunette.

“Let me… please?”

Regina looked at Emma, noticing the stiff shoulders and the way she kept fidgeting with her fingers, tight muscles moving beneath the shirt. She had her feet separated from each other, as if readying herself from receiving a blow and for a moment she wanted to close her eyes and turn, still upset, still angry, still sad. She, however, nodded and waited, her own hands mirroring Emma’s.

“I know I should have listened to you when you asked me to help Henry with his homework.” Emma started. “It’s something we both talked about; to create enough normalcy after the years he have experienced.”

“It’s vital.” Regina replied. After the last magical bean and villain had left Storybrooke both Emma and herself had worked in a hex powerful enough -in truth it had been Regina, Emma had only channeled her own energy into the hex afterwards- to be able to shield Storybrooke once and for all. So far the hex had worked and Storybrooke, albeit chaotic, didn’t anymore look like a town about to be cursed six ways into next year. With the tranquility that alone brought into the city Henry’s own future had been discussed by the, in that moment, still newly formed couple. And one of the things they had talked about had been Henry’s own academic future. Something the teenager didn’t really want to talk about but Regina felt incredibly important to create.

“I know, I know.” Emma finally replied, waking Regina up from her reverie. “I know I should encourage him on studying, not on playing videogames. I know I shouldn’t have listened…”

Regina’s lips transformed into a very thin line. Arguing had always been one of the things both Emma and herself exceled into; they knew what they needed to say to each other in order to rile the other up but truth was that ever since they had started their relationships quarrels had become rarer and proper arguments had left the household. So now, Regina thought as she looked at the way Emma glanced at her; seeming to not know if she would be well-received if she dared to reach for Regina’s own hands, any kind of argument was… something strange, something they still needed to work around.

“It has been a complicated day.” Emma was saying, emitting something between a self-deprecating scoff and a tired chuckle. “I know that doesn’t exonerate me. I shouldn’t have…”

“It’s okay dear.” Regina replied but Emma shook her head and took another step closer, finally clasping her own hands around Regina’s as the former Queen focused on them, on the way the blonde’s longer fingers covered her knuckles.

“It’s not. I should have listened to you. I still forget that I’m not alone making decisions.”

Regna rolled her eyes at the blonde’s statement but smiled despite herself; the movement electing a small smile on Emma’s face.

“I’m still learning, heck, we all are. But I’m going to listen to you and speak to you instead of… not talking, okay?”

Regina looked at the sheriff before humming, not even bothering in pointing out the blonde’s lexicon. It was an already lost cause, she knew that.

“I’m also starting to wrap my head around having you around.” She finally said with that same small smile. “And what does that mean. I guess we are going to argue but… I want this to work dear.”

“I will listen.” Emma replied before dropping a small kiss on Regina’s knuckles. “I promise.”

Regina laughed softly despite her own tiredness.

“I love you.” She found herself thinking but she didn’t say it, not in that moment. She, however, would say it later, much later, when Emma had finally fallen asleep and no one but her was awake inside the house. Then, writing each letter in purple, she would spell it on the blonde’s back.

“And I will too.” She answered instead, looking at Emma’s green eyes and nodding, feeling better, much better.

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El gang's reaction to add suddenly coughing blood? For instance, his body's reaction to being corrupted after him and apostasia become a couple?

Elsword looks at Add with worry. Though he might be a creepy stalker to Eve and they might not have gotten along so much in their times together, Elsword considers Add to be a valuable comrade and a friend. He grimaces at his coughing state, and offers to help him to a drink or something. The frown worsens when Add pushes him away, instead walking back to Ain.

Aisha yelps at the appearance of blood suddenly dripping from his mouth. She freaks, and tries to drag him to a medic. Add asks why she’s so concerned with his condition, with Aisha replying that it’s not healthy for his body to be like this. Add nods, before laughing and telling her he doesn’t quite care. Aisha is both infuriated and even more worried at his state.

Rena bites her lip anxiously as she watches Add’s condition start to deteriorate. She playfully teases him and attempts to soothe his pain by making him drink her herbal medicine. Add doesn’t seem to be improving from her medicine, but he appreciates the attempt. After that, he doesn’t bother trying them out.

Raven is the one that starts to question his relationship with Ain. He’s noticed that this seemed to have all happened after Add and Ain publicly announced their relationship. Add of course, doesn’t give any Raven clues, purposely evading his questions by changing the topic or ignoring him overall. Raven is not pleased, but he can’t stop Add.

Eve, though cold and bothered by Add’s attempts to charm her, seems slightly worried at his condition. She asks him to give permission to scan his body, much to his surprise. He lets her, and her eyes widens as the queen notices something very wrong…

Chung wonders if Add was exerting himself too much of lately. He constantly checks over Add during battle, and tries to defend him when danger is near.

Ara asks Add if he’s alright, constantly hugging him and patting his head, trying to make him feel better. When shes pushed away by him though, Ara feels hurt, and extremely concerned. Especially when Eun advises her to stay away from him, and to be cautious of physical contact.

Elesis tries to act normal to Add. She keeps her optimistic and cheery attitude, but when his back is turned, she gives him a grim look. She’s noticed that Add seems off rather lately, both personality wise and body wise. She looks over at Ain in suspicion, but keeps any accusations to herself, at least for now. But, if he really is hurting one of her allies… she holds onto her sword tightly.

Add seems to have an understanding on what’s happened to him as a result of fiddling around with Ain too much… but he doesn’t care. He loves Ain enough to accept the consequences in loving him.

Lu looks at Add curiously, but doesn’t seem shocked or surprised at his symptoms. She’s recognized them before during her reign. There’s not much she can do for Add when the signs of his body being corrupted start to show. Fate is a cruel thing, she thinks as she drinks her tea.

Ciel notices that not only his body has changed, but so does his mental state. He offers sweets and all sorts of delicious food to Add to momentarily boost Add to his usual self for a few hours, but he knows that giving him sweets won’t help Add forever. Lu tells Ciel that it’s impossible to really escape such a fate when it hits, and that there’s really no point in trying to treat him. Ciel does anyway.

Rose is interested in what sort of disease was affecting Add… and casually scribbles it down with her mind. “Also, don’t touch him.”

Ain holds Add’s hand tightly. He asks Add if he truly wants to continue doing this. It’s inflicting pain on him, and as emotionless as he is, it still bothers Ain. Add nods, and tells Ain it’s too late to really turn back anyways. The corrupted angel nods and kisses him passionately again. Add does the same.

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Hello ! Is it possible to write about Wanderer x fem!reader who helps him when he slowly get corrupted, please ? (I don't know if you already wrote about it, if that's the case I'm sorry) Thank you very much :) I really like what you write !

“Don’t get near me.” Ain demands, covering his eye.

You didn’t listen of course. You quickly approach Ain, a hand reaching out to caress his cheek as he attempts to move away from you. He backs into a corner, and he winces as he feels your human warmth.

He takes in a deep breath as he feels you gently and cautiously touch his corrupted cheek.

“I’ve… made a grave mistake.” Ain slowly says. “A really… really grave mistake….”

“Shh…. don’t worry, Ain…” You whisper to him. “It’ll be alright… everything will turn out fine.”

Ain bites his lip. “A-are you sure….?”

You nod. As grim as he looks now, perhaps things would be sorted out in the future. “I promise, Ain.”

Ain steadily nuzzles your hand that was touching his cheek.


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If it's not too much trouble can you list the makeup items? My birthday is tomorrow and I'm making a list of makeup I want and I need ideas. If it's too much trouble don't do it but u thought I would ask. Hope you are having a good day!

Since it’s your birthday tomorrow 🙂:

Left to right clockwise:
-Kat Von D Lock-it powder
-Josie Maran argan skincare
-Kat Von D Trooper Black eyeliner
-Tarte bamboo foundation brush
-Tarte powder foundation
-Kylie lip kit in Love Bite
-Kylie kyliner in black
-Kylie lip kit in Merry
-Kylie cream shadow in Golden Plum
-NARS Andy Warhol eyeshadow palette
-Huda Beauty textured shadows palette/Rose Gold Edition
-Anastasia glow kit-Moon Child
-Anastasia glow kit-Sweets
-Too Faced- White Chocolate Chip palette

Bold those that apply

1. Smoking: the action or habit of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of tobacco or a drug.

2. Binge drinking: the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time.

3. Drug abuse: the habitual taking of illegal drugs.

4. Nail biting: a common body language sign of anxiety/tension.

5. Lip biting: a common body language sign of anxiety/tension.

6. Night Owl: a person who is habitually active or wakeful at night.

7. Early bird: a person who rises, arrives, or acts before the usual or expected time.

8. Negative attitudes: a philosophy of approaching life with criticism and pessimism.

9. Positive attitudes: a philosophy of approaching life with optimism and confidence.

10. Swearing: the use of offensive language. (Very rarely, but it’s happened)

11. Superstitious: an irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.

12. Inspecting fingernails: a common body language sign of boredom.

13. Scratching your neck: a common body language sign of uncertainty.

14. Foot and finger tapping: a common body language sign of stress/impatience.

15. Nose touch: a subtle body language sign of deceit.

16. Flipping hair: a common body language sign of craving attention.

17. Twirling hair: a common body language sign of flirtation. (He is guilty of both, but prefers to call it ‘adjusting’ or ‘fixing’ his hair)

18. Cracking knuckles: a common body language sign of readiness.

19. Hands behind back: a common body language sign of confidence.

20. Finger pointing: a common body language sign of authority.

21. Hands on hips: a common body language sign of readiness.

22. Hands in pockets: a common body language sign of mistrust/reluctance.

23. Frequent touch: a common body language sign of warmth/familiarity.

24. Throat-clearing: a common body language sign of rejection/doubt.

25. Jaw-clenching: a common body language sign of hostility.

26. Eye-rolling: a common body language sign of irritation.

27. Head-tilt: a common body language sign of interest.

28. Whistling: to emit high-pitched sound by forcing breakthrough a small hole between one’s lips or teeth; usually to a tune. 

29. Humming: make a low, steady continuous sound like that of a bee; usually to a tune.

30. Perfectionism: refusal to accept any standard short of perfection.

31. Photographic memory: the ability to remember information or visual images in great detail.

32. Paranoia: a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically worked into an organized system.

33. Exaggeration: a statement that represents something as better or worse than it really is.

34. Intuitive: using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.

35. Quick-witted: showing or characterized by an ability to think or respond quickly and effectively.

36. Interrupting: breaking the continuity of a conversation with one’s own statements.

37. Doodling: to scribble or make rough drawings, absentmindedly.

38. Irritable: having or showing a tendency to be easily annoyed.

39. Gambling: to play games of chance for money; bet.

40. Travel-sick: suffering from nausea caused by the motion of a moving vehicle, boat, or aircraft.

41. Sensitive: having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others’ feelings.

42. Melancholy: a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.

43. Chewing gum: the exercise of chewing flavored gum which is not intended for swallowing.

44. Fidgeting: to make small movements, especially of the hands and feet, through nervousness or impatience.

45. Skeptical: not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations.

46. Neat-freak: compulsively obsessed with cleanliness.

47. Gossiping: divulging personal information about others. (While he doesn’t spread gossip himself, if someone has some juicy morsels, he is unable to resist listening)

48. Prim: feeling or showing disapproval of anything regarded as improper; stiffly correct.

49. Abbreviating: Giving others nicknames/shortening names/giving pet names.

50. Having a catchphrase: having a sentence or phrase typically associated with a specific person.

Tagging: @ishgardianskypirate, @sara-bateson, @thaneratelesia, @cyrillien, @cynicaldjinn, and anyone else who would like to fill this out :D

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How about any of the main 6, hybrid au, cornered? -Luna

anon: Freewood, pain. All hail the queen Monarch of angst!

(combining prompts just to get through more of them. also content warning: permanent character injury. kind of a dark one)

Gavin feels like his wings are on fire.

It’s what pulls him awake during the night, startling up with a low hiss of pain, curling into the corner of the large bed.

(He always sleeps on the end now. He can’t sleep in the middle of the pile of bodies. Not anymore, not after-)

Gavin curls into himself, arms wrapped against his side as he bites his lips to keep from screaming out in pain, to keep from waking the others. He doesn’t want to be the one to wake them all up again. But besides him, Ryan stirs, ever the light sleeper. He blinks awake and then his face falls as he takes in Gavin’s state. He sits up, rubbing a circles into his back, whisper softly to the other.

“Wings again?”

Gavin can only nod, not trusting his voice to come.

Ryan sighs, taking the other into his arms completely, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

(He was warned this would happen. That the pain would still linger, sensations would still be there. It doesn’t make the pain any less.)

“Take deep breaths,” Ryan mutters to him, holding him close, massaging his back with one hand. “It’ll pass, just keep taking deep breaths.”

Gavin tries, he really does, taking shuttering breaths against the pain, trying to blink past the tears gathering in the corner of his eyes. But breath isn’t coming completely and Ryan just keeps comforting him. He rubs a careful, soft hand over deep, long scars.

(It’s because of the nerves, Gavin was told after he screamed in pain the first time it happened at the makeshift hospital Caleb has, waking up from the nightmarish memory of tearing and sawing and screaming. The last thing the brain remembers about his wings was pain, horrible, agonizing pain. And that’s what it’s relaying back. Gavin sometimes thinks he would’ve been better off without the explanation.)

Time passes around them, one whispering low calming words, the other trying for low calming breaths. Eventually Gavin can find air again, the pain lessens from his back. He stays pressed against Ryan’s side, still lets the tears fall, turning from tears of pain to tears of grief, of despair, and Ryan keeps whispering gently to the other, keeps comforting him in any way he can. But it’s not enough. It never will be enough to make up for what was lost.

send a word and a character and I’ll write a short ficlet

When link no longer works, event is over.


We build sand castles
That washed away
I made you cry
When I walked away

Originally posted by iriswxsts

 An anon asked for an imagine about Beyonce’s Lemonade so I picked the song Sandcastles… hope this is okay! Give me some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated! 

We build sand castles
That washed away
I made you cry
When I walked away

His voice was harsh against your ears, leaving your eyes scrunched up and shoulders raised in an attempt to block it all out. “You promised me we wouldn’t end up like this! You promised me you would trust me!” 

Every promise don’t work out that way

You spent the night gathering up the few small pictures you had sitting around the house, the small polaroid from a party a year back catching you eye. You quickly snatched it and shoved it in your pocket, biting your lip. He wasn’t going to get this kind of response from you. That’s when you heard the crashing. 

Dishes smashed on my counter
From our last encounter
Pictures snatched out the frame 

“Y/N?” He whispers, standing in a pile of broken dishes, eyes red with tears, hands shaking in rage. 

“Get out,” You stay calm enough to maintain yourself. 

“But I just- I’m sorry, please, baby, please” He begs, and you cut him off. 


Bitch I scratched out your name
And your face
What is it about you?
That I can’t erase baby

His sweater still hung by the front door and a picture still stood of him hugging you. You quickly grabbed the frame, smashing on the ground and hanging your head in defeat. His attempts to break down your walls won- and now he was gone. 

You sob softly and reach for the picture, gently stroking his face on the smooth paper. A small piece of glass scratched the photo and you can’t help but smile lightly. Perhaps now you could erase the pain you were feeling. 

Requests are open! Stop by my ask and send anything you’d like!