and that last gif just killed me

Can we talk about this scene for a minute? Because I tear up literally every damn time I watch it. 

After losing his son, Iroh fought tirelessly to save his nephew from Ozai’s brainwashing, no matter how hard Zuko tried to push him away. But even after years of sticking by him through every dead end and reckless gambit, Zuko still goes back to his awful father. Once again, Iroh couldn’t save his son and it just kills him

Then the kid shows up with team Avatar, because it turns out some of those proverbs got through to him after all.

But the part that really gets me is Zuko’s perspective.

Sitting outside that tent, he’s so damn scared. He’s so convinced Iroh hates him, he won’t even go in without a pep talk from Katara. Everyone else can see that Iroh will be proud of what his nephew has done since they last met, but Zuko can’t. When Zuko goes in to see the family he disappointed, he’s braced for yelling and fire and rage because that’s what he’s been raised to expect when he screws up. Pissing off his father got him disgraced, burned, tossed in the street, told he didn’t deserve to be alive, and shot at with lightening. A lifetime of experience says he should be scared. He doesn’t expect to be forgiven, he just wants Iroh to know he’s sorry. 

And then Iroh’s not even madNOT EVEN MAD. Mercy and compassion are so alien to Zuko that immediate forgiveness wasn’t even a remote possibility. He’s so utterly confused, but at the same time, so, so relieved. He hasn’t lost his only family. The only person who stayed by him all those years in exile. The only father who loved him.

They both thought they’d lost the only family they had left. Instead, they find themselves closer than they’ve ever been. And I tear up every damn time.

Where’d You Go?

gif is not mine

Title: Where’d You Go?

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 947

Warnings: angst, fluffish

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

“What do you mean [Y/N] just up and left,” Gabriel shouted, taking a step closer to the younger Winchester.  The archangel’s amber eyes glared at Sam, waiting for an answer.

Dean stepped in between Sam and Gabriel, holding a hand in the air.  “Look we didn’t know [Y/N] was going to leave,” Dean defended.  “She didn’t tell either of us, Cas, or you.”

“There has to be a reason as to why she left,” Sam reasoned.  “She didn’t leave a note or anything.  She hardly took any of her stuff with her.  Maybe there’s some unfinished business that she doesn’t wanna talk about?”

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A post about the show 13 reasons why and why I don’t like Hannah Baker.

By the end of the first episode I really didn’t like Hannah. This didn’t change, not even when I felt emphaty. I’m really sorry if I’m one of the bad guys, I’m really sorry if I end up offending someone. But, remember, I’m a flawed person too. A person who needs to write her thoughts now.

The tapes: for me, revenge. As I see it, the tapes were Hannah’s way to get revenge on everyone who hurt her. They were not about explaining, making people understand, showing how people change. No, they were about payback and haunting. And if you want to tell me otherwise, I’m all ears. People told me she wanted to leave an explanation. She didn’t. Because the ones who deserved the explanation more than anyone were her parents, yes, the ones who were broken in a million pieces after her death. In fact, I cannot forgive Hannah Baker for killing part of her parents when she died in that bathtub.

Justin: we learn how Justin started everything, everything that lead her to her death. Yeah. But we also see how messed up his life was. The reason for him to act like an idiot. I grew fond of Justin. I understood him in some ways. I cannot defend him, I cannot say it was OK, none of it was. He did terrible things but in the end… He was so troubled I don’t think he could distinguish between right and wrong at any point. I feel weird cause, after all he did to Hannah and Jess, I have the strange emphaty towards him. Maybe I’m like him in some way, maybe I’m the kind who allows things to happen.

Jess: Jess was wrecked by the tapes. She went through hell. And maybe she wasn’t a good friend. But neither was Hannah. Telling everyone how Jess got raped and couldn’t even remember it was not fair at all. Saying Jess destroyed the friendship by herself was low. And I’ll defend Jess, yeah, cause no one did, cause Hannah pointed her finger but, apparently, she didn’t fight too hard to keep the friendship. Also, friends come and go, I’m sorry to say. And you cannot, ever, blame someone for your suicide because this person grew apart and couldn’t be a real friend to you for too long.

Zach: shit with Zach was weird, I’m gonna defend him too. He had things of his own, and he really liked her, apparently, she didn’t give him a chance. And he wasn’t mean to her cause he “didn’t get what he wanted”, he was mean in response to her being an asshole, too. So, Hannah can be hurt and be an idiot, but if the others do the same, they are monsters?

Marcus: total asshole. Tipical teenager. He didn’t care much. But he didn’t deserve to be tormented either.

Sheri: wtf? She did one thing wrong and this is proof the world is fucked up and a reason to kill yourself? The girl was nothing but kind and was ate by guilt before and after the tapes, did she deserve to be haunted like this? I don’t think so.

Courtney: one more that was judged because she wasn’t a real friend and didn’t want to be so, either. Can you blame her? No. She wasn’t true to herself? Maybe. Who am I to judge? Who was Hannah? Courtney was an idiot but she didn’t deserve to be exposed.

Ryan: another idiot, yes. Bad behaviour, selfish and all. Does he deserve to live his life thinking he was a reason for someone to commit suicide? I don’t think so. He deserved to pay for his actions, he deserved to know he acted wrong. But in the end he was just an idiot who didn’t try to destroy her in any way.

Tyler: the one who really needed some therapy. He was always bullyed and laughed at, even by Hannah. He had some real problems and carrying responsibility for her suicide would lead to some things that are much bigger than what was already shown. So, this is just an example of the consequences of the tapes.

Bryce: didn’t get to listen to the tapes. We never learn why Bryce was like he was. We never see him being punished and Hannah punishes everyone but him. So Clay has to do it for her. She wanted someone to fight for her and that I understand, mainly because I cannot imagine how she felt. Do I blame Bryce? For many things, yes. For her suicide? No. Because she doesn’t put all the blame in him. He’s not the last drop so at some point she thought she could handle things in a different way, she didn’t.

Mr Porter: he was not more than a counselor, and he cannot carry responsibility for her suicide. Was he good as a counselor? Probably not. Was he useful? Not at all. Everyone is fighting their own battles day after day, he was too, and that’s why he wasn’t there for her. How could he know? Can he be guilty because he gave a crappy advice and didn’t go after her like she wanted? I don’t think so. She left. That’s on her.

Clay: she put Clay through hell, for what? FOR WHAT? he felt like crap, he felt guilty, he faced some shit he clearly didn’t deserve to. So, why? Listening to the tapes was pure torture to Clay. She affected him for good and that doesn’t seem fair at all. She put him in danger, a danger he didn’t deserve. Torturing Clay was low, and I cannot accept it, I cannot like Hannah Baker when I know she was totally aware of how bad the tapes would hit Clay.

Alex: the ultimate consequence… The list was a childish stupid shit to do, yes. Going to the boy’s locker room was too. Why did she do that? She wasn’t allowed there and it was obvious they would talk even more after that. Blaming him for destroying Hannah and Jesse’s friendship? Unfair and stupid. Alex was a thunderstorm, he had so much going on inside his head, he couldn’t even handle Hannah’s thunder, or anything else, to be honest. I would have liked to learn more about him… After all, Hannah’s suicide lead to his. So, are we to blame Hannah the way she blamed him? Alex couldn’t handle the pressure, the guilt and he gives all the signs, he silently walks to his death and noone sees it, no one cares. So what good did the tapes do? They didn’t prevent anything, on the contrary, they lead to destruction and more and more pain. Hannah wanted to be a ghost seeking revenge and she got it.

The parents: the ones who are fucked up without doing anything, without stupid tapes to explain shit. The main reason why I can’t stand Hannah is the fact that, when she killed herself, she was gone, the pain was gone, and exactly at this moment her parent’s worst nightmare began. She didn’t think of them. She didn’t leave a note for them. She dedicated her last week to torment all the kids at school but not a word for her parents. Her mother’s desperation crushed me. She killed herself but she broke them, in a million pieces, never to be put together again. Can you tell me that’s not selfish? Not even a little? I just cannot forgive something like that, because finding your kid dead in the tub is pretty much the worst thing a parent can face.

Edit: if you don’t agree and GET MAD at me, please don’t reply. If you agree or don’t and want to reply with your own non-aggressive opinion, please reply. Edit 2: in case you didn’t understand, I don’t judge the reasons for which she killed herself, I don’t dislike her because of that. I just don’t like the tapes themselves and the apparent reasons for which she left them.

Don’t let me go



Au: Grim Reaper,demon


A/n: Let me tell you,I am inspired from Goblin. Watch this drama. Is the holy drama. This is the first part of a little Jungkook series. Also the different religions reading this.I tried to keep the religion matter as neutral as possible. If you believe that this is written with a bad thought in mind or to offend someone it is not. Thank you.


I am the person you are afraid from. I am the one with the skeleton body,black robe and а reaping hook. You mortals thought that I look like a skeleton simply because I deal with the dead. This is soo wrong. I am like the most handsome, funny man ever. You living people think everything that is dead is ugly and rotten. Hell( hell is mine creation actually. Its a piece of art) no. I am,however,prehaps rotten and dead. Inside. Inside the cage of my heart. The muscle which is supposed to pump adrenaline through my body. The muscle giving me life,love and so much more. But no. This place is empty and had been abounded centuries ago. The curse killed me a long time ago.

Things go way back in time.

I once had a wife. A very beautiful woman called Lydia. She was my whole life. I was a simple man. A sheppard. My biggest concern was if I will be able to go home on time to hug her before she closes her eyes to fall in beautiful peaceful sleep.

As always life decided to fuck everything up. God said it was time for war and suddenly my biggest concern became the smallest out of them all. Everything I had,I had to give up. It was my duty to fight for my country as a man. I fought many battles. Those in higher ranks saw potential in me and after eleven battles I became a commander. On the battlefield before what we hoped was the last battle. Ready to fight,not ready to die. I prayed like every other selfish human being that I’ll give up everyone and everything,just God let me live. Those words were the last words some people heard and the ones that left my lips before I shouted “For His majesty.” I killed many people in the battle and almost got killed more times than I can remember. But I survived. The last one to survive. The smell of Death was in the air. My breath was fading away. Youcould barely see it. My eyes started to tear up from the mixture of fear,the feeling of finally letting go and a scared scream from the consequences ahead in time. Suddenly a bright light blinded my swollen from crying eyes. And I met God. A nice man,looking trustworthy,someone who I never thought was actually real. He told me my wife,my parents, my sheeps,they were killed. That I made a choice. That I killed them when I was being selfish. My will for life,killed those who made me want to live. Lost in my fear and regret which were suddenly put upon me,I was ready to pull out the weapon and just kill myself. The man stopped my sword from moving through the flesh and stop my heart. God looked at me and told me “If you leave this Earth and become invisible as if you never existed,I will bring everyone you want back. Your family will live. Lydia will breath. I need a helper. Someone who will deal with the dead and will help them go in the afterlife. You will become the Grim Reaper. My right hand.” I was being offered a choice which wasn’t actually much of a choice. He was offering me to become a ghost. But for the sake of my love I was ready to do anything and everything. “Why are you Sir offering me this? Why me?” “You are a good man. But the sin of being selfish is a strong one. I see in your eyes love. This will be your curse. Love will be your pleasure and curse. The last man standing. The one who will walk this Earth way longer than anyone. Collecting grief and love. At the end of the day you will always be alone.” I became a sinner for wanting to live. I killed everything I believed in. But Immortality didn’t sound all that bad after all. Dealing with the dead also wasn’t a price high enough that I can’t pay for Lydia. The hesitation left me and my hand grabbed his. It was me or Lydia and my family. “Okay. Do this.” Just like that my existence was erased from the face of Earth,my name wasn’t remembered as the last commander alive,the war was doomed a fail and soon there were only the families of the dead and the memories of them to be remembered. Personally I assisted all of them in the after life making them forget the one they had been living in order for a new one to be born. But for the living organisms I was invisible,not existing. A myth surrounded by mystery. There were several cases in which people had been ablen to see me. You usually cab unless you had the vision or you were dead. And so for centuries I have met all kinds of death and people. Helping them go where their souls belong. My face haven’t aged a day since I gave my soul. A twenty years old is what you’ll see if you were able to.


“Jungkook” I heard in the distance waking me from my retrospective daydream. “Yes?” I turned my head nearly hitting my forehead in one of the lamps of the nice white office. “There is something I need to tell you.” It is a full miracle. My boss is usually quiet and doesn’t have the need to see me unless it was something urgent going on in the underworld. I have known him for so many centuries that is almost not imaginable. However today there wasn’t anything special going on in my part of the holy world. “Do you remember when I took you under my wing?” the sudden questoon caught me offguard. So being little surprised the answer rolled of my lips “Of course I do.” how can I forget anyway? My heart will never forget. My Lydia. Her smile,her heart of gold. And my selfish wish which killed us. “There is something I didn’t tell you back then. One day your savior will be born. A person who will reverse the curse you caused on yourself. She will heal your wounds and you will become mortal again. She will give you the chance to live. When you die as a mortal I will give you the choice to either become the Reaper and never be able to find hope again or this time go to Heaven.” Speechless probably would’ve explain it. But it can’t. Hope? Being able to live? I have been living wihout hope so many centuries. Evryday I have been holding on the simple fact that there is hope or happy ending for me. Now after 1000 years he decides to tell me that there is someone on this planet who can cure me. My emotions are too strong. The anger boiled. The fear entered the dusted chamber of my heart. Hope started to creep out of its dungeon somewhere deep inside of me. Why didn’t he told me this earlier? Why was I living without hope all this time? Where is she? How old is she? She can be dead by now.

“Why do you tell me this now?” my voice was deadly low. I was in a position to shout,however I didn’t want to lose all my cool at once. “Was I not good enough to be told this earlier? Was I unloyal? Have I ever done something to make you doubt me? I created Hell and Heaven and made them absolutely perfect. The department of Reapers is so big that I barely have to go out now. Don’t tell me I didn’t deserve to know the truth.” I admit I did lost my cool. I was shouting and destroying whatever was around me. Angry tears were falling down my sharp cheekbones. “No you were. You finished absolutely mesmerizing job at what you were doing. Jungkook-a, tell me honestly if I had told you centuries ago,you wouldn’t have searched for her. Tell me you would’ve done your job the same way.” although angry,I knew he was right. Nothing ffrom what I’ve created probably wouldn’t have been even an idea in my head. The Earth was going to be small. I would’ve searched under every rock,in every village,city,country and continent. One thing I couldn’t understand was “Why telling me now?” “Because she has been born. The person who is going to bring you back is born. And her name is y/n. The Grim Reaper’s Bride.


"Are you the Grim Reapers wife?” a ghost whispered in mine ear. She was a rather beautiful ghost. A girl not bigger than me. But this question… If I collected a dollar for everytime I had to answer it,by now I wouldn’t be going to school. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.” “Oh…it’s true. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Bye.” “Wait. Talk to me.” but it disappeared. Good job Y/N. 

The Grim Reapers wife.



Imagine Being homesick

Dean X Reader

“What are you up to?” The comforting voice of your older sister asked from the other end of the telephone. You twirled the wire that connected the phone to the wall around your finger as you smiled.

“Not a lot. I’ve just been working with the boys mostly, you know.” This bar wasn’t as noisy as most and you were grateful for that. It had been a few weeks since you last got to hear your sisters voice. There was an unmistakable cry in the background of the call and you felt your heart swell. “Is that my niece?” You breathed out, smiling bigger than ever as tears came to your eyes.

“Sure is.” She said to you. “She’s growing up so fast. I can hardly believe it..”

“Tell me about it.” You muttered. “It kills me being away for this long. I’ll come see you guys soon, okay? I’ll come see everyone.”

“You’ve been saying that for so long, (Y/n)…” You could hear the disappointment in her voice. “Dad isn’t himself without you. You know how he worries. Not knowing where you are or what you’re out there doing is taking a toll on the man.”

“I know, I know..”

Dean noticed you shifting from one foot to the next and decided to check in.

“Hey, (Y/n), you good?” He leaned against the wall beside you, pool stick in hand.

“Why can’t you just tell us what you’re doing? Is this because you never rebelled as a teenager?” Your sister was starting to speak faster and you knew she was upset. You looked to Dean, nodding a bit to his question as you answered your sister’s.

“No. It’s just easier if I keep this part of my life separate from you guys, you have to understand.” You sighed.

“This part of your life?” She scoffed. “You’re keeping your whole life from us, not just part of it. You’re missing everything. You’ve only held your niece twice. Do you think she’s even going to know who you are by the next time you visit? What about years from now?” You started to cry as your sister went on. You knew she was right with everything she said.

“Woah, woah, hey there.” Dean panicked at the sight of you in tears, wrapping his arm around you.

“I’ll call you soon, okay, sis?” You sniffed. “I love you so much. Give everyone hugs for me.” You hung up before she could respond, turning to burry yourself into Dean’s arms. “I’m so sorry.” You cried.

“Don’t apologize to me, kid.” Dean rubbed your back. “You’re okay.”

“Sometimes I wish I never got into the hunting life.” Your head rested on his chest and you watched all of the bar goers laughing and having a good time. “I miss them.” More tears fell as you thought of your family.

“I know you do. Listen, how about you and I take a trip to your hometown?” Dean pulled you at arms length so he could see your face. “You could see your family, your friends. I’d love to meet them all too.”

“You’d really do that for me?” You let out a breath. “You’d put up with my sisters questions about whether or not we’re an item, my dads terrible jokes, and my moms questionable cooking?” You smiled a bit, wiping away your tears.

“Sounds like a date to me.” Dean smirked pulling you back into him. “We’ll leave tomorrow and get you back home for a few days. Promise.”

Nothing Lasts Forever

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Title: Nothing Lasts Forever

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 941

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by @theweirdestravenclaw: I kinda think that someone should write about the problem that Lucifer’s human girlfriend ages… I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

For any angel, meeting their soulmate was both a blessing, and a curse.  A human’s lifespan was incredibly short compared to the immortality of all angels.  The bond between an angel and their soulmate was the strongest bond known to angel kind.  The only thing no one ever seemed to talk about was the years leading up to a soulmate’s passing.

Lucifer walked up to the door of your home, pausing as his hand reached the door knob.  Would this be the day you forgot him?  Would you smile when you saw him?  He would remember you for eternity.  He never realized how hard it would be for him to lose you.

When he came into your home, he could smell the scent of muffins.  Even in your old age you seemed to have the energy to make muffins every morning.  The fallen archangel closed the door behind him and headed towards the kitchen.  You were wearing the same apron you always wore when baking or cooking.

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Kai Parker Fic


Part Five - Part four here


They were safe, for now. Kai had transported them both to her house, since obviously his was not the safest place to be at the moment. He’d collapsed onto the plush red sofa, sinking back into the cushions and rubbing his bloodied face on the edge of his coat, which he peeled off as the girl started up a crackling fire, her hands shaking as she worked and frantically muttered to herself. Once the room had warmed up, she sunk slowly down on the carpet to face the amber flames, her head bent low. Kai spoke her name, but she didn’t respond for a while.

“I’m gonna kill him,” she said at last.


“Your father, I’m gonna kill him,” she repeated.

“Well you already got him pretty good back there,” Kai tried nervously, “that was pretty cool, by the way.”

She stood suddenly, facing the heretic with her eyebrows narrowed, “are we not going to talk about the fact that you cloaked me?”

He chewed his lips, hoping it wouldn’t come up, “I was-” he started.

“Just trying to keep me safe,” she finished with a scoff.

He nodded, fidgeting anxiously with the hem of his black top.

“Clearly I’m not the one who needs to be kept safe,” she grumbled, heading over to the side table beside the couch and promptly filling a cup of bourbon.  Kai outstretched his his hand for the glass, watching in awe as the girl plopped beside him and downed  almost the whole thing herself, face scrunching as she drank the liquid.

“You don’t drink,” he pointed out.

“I do now,” she took another swig.

“Should I be worried?” Kai asked, confused as he watched his perfect girl trash her innocence. 

“Nope,” she said flatly, head pushed back as she nudged the glass into Kai’s hands.

He finished it off, setting the glass down and shifting so he could get a good look at the girl, her eyes closed, hair like a waterfall around her face, lips barely parted.

“You okay?” he whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

She blinked her eyes open to look at the heretic’s sad blue ones, “no, you?”

“No,” he said, pulling her gently into his lap, and mindlessly running his slender fingers through her locks. He seemed nervous, new to this whole thing of physical contact. She curled onto her side, snuggling into his front and breathing in his scent, breath settling as she relaxed under his touch.

“Is he going to come after me?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“He’ll try.”

“Why?” she whimpered.

“He doesn’t know who you are. He just sees a girl I’m with, and makes any assumption. You could be a witch for all he knows. Or you could be any other magical entity that potentially poses a threat to our coven, even though I’m not trying to take it down, it’s what he’d assume,” Kai said, heart aching from seeing her so broken in his arms. “Or maybe he’s exactly right. Maybe he sees a girl, a normal, human girl, and the thought of seeing me even remotely happy makes him so sick that he wants to take that away.”

“Why?” she said again.

“My family thinks I’m an abomination, so, no doubt they’d infer that I’d hurt you, on purpose or not. In a way, I’m actually happy you’re human, or else they might be right.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, rolling on her back so she could look up at him.

“It means I can’t siphon from you, or hurt you by accident.”

“Yeah but I wouldn’t mind,” she shrugged.

Kai traced around her facial features, sighing, “You don’t understand. With my family it’s…it’s like I’m a drug addict or something. I’m always dying for a hit of magic, I need it, and I never want you to see that side of me. Because when I don’t have it I get bad, I do things I wouldn’t usually do. And I don’t mean to hurt them, I just…” he trailed off with a shake of his head.

The girl sat up now, lacing her fingers through Kai’s and leaning back in distress. “I’m sorry,” is all she managed. 

“I need to leave,” Kai said at last.

“I’m not sure that’s safe,” she started.

“Look, my dad is going to do a tracking spell to find me, which will lead him right to you. If I leave now, he won’t be able to find you. The spell requires someone’s possession, but he doesn’t own anything of yours, so as long as you’re away from me-”

“Don’t do that!” she exclaimed, standing and pacing with agitation, Kai rising from the couch.


“That thing, where you try and push me away to keep me safe. It won’t work, Malachai. Did you learn nothing from back there in the forest?! I don’t want to let you out there alone knowing that what happened to you could-” she paused, choking on a sob, “could happen again.”

Flashes of Kai’s bloodied and lifeless form in the snow flashed back to her. The scars she saw in the bathtub burned in her memory. And those bruises, the ones she saw the first night with him, suddenly they were all flooding back. And it was too much for her, as she went sinking to the floor and collapsing into a wave of fresh tears. Her body shook with every sob, face buried in her knees as she felt a set of arms come slinking around her from behind, holding her body against his chest. Kai rest his lips atop her forehead, rocking her slowly in his arms and whispering lightly to her until she regained her ability to breathe. She blinked through her blurry vision, hand wrapping around Kai’s arms as she stared at the glowing flames in front of her, mind spinning.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” Kai whispered after a long silence. “My family, they’ve been on edge more than usual recently, because-” he paused and thought about a way to phrase his next words. “Remember when I told you about how the twins merge?”

She nodded and blinked up at his worried blue eyes.

“Well, it happens, when they come of age,” he gulped anxiously.

Red blood began dripping from Kai’s nose, and he looked completely unfazed as it spilled across his full lips and down his chin like a faucet.

“Kai!” she gasped, turning and grabbing his arms, “what’s happening!?”

Kai gave a weak laugh, blood still coming as he wiped it away on his sleeve with a lame chuckle.

“Kai!” she shook him with worry.

“Probably a birthday gift,” he said with a twitch of his lips.

“Birthday gift?”

“I probably should have told you,” he said, eyes flickering up to the clock that hung on the wall, striking just past midnight. “I’m twenty two now.”    

“Oh my god,” she breathed in denial, “that means-”

“They won’t let us do the merge,” he shook his head, suddenly releasing a groan of pain, hands coming flying to his head as he shrunk down in aguish.


“I need-” he coughed out, “magic.”

She silently panicked, “I-I don’t know how to help!”

“Papa’s sending a warning,” Kai groaned, rolling to his backside on the carpet and panting out, vision going fuzzy.

She slid next to him, hands on either side of his face, “Kai, stay with me! Siphon from the vampire blood you gave me!” She fumbled for the vial around her neck, watching Kai’s eyes grow wide in shock.

He let out a scream of anguish before going still all at once, his eyes focusing back on her, chest rattling with each breath he gulped down. He sat up, rubbing at his temples, his eyes dark, lacking their usual glow. He growled, almost barely audibly, “where’s the necklace?”

Her eyebrows furrowed as she reached for her neck, grasping at nothing there and instantly feeling her heart sink.

Where’s the stupid necklace?” he hissed, his nostrils flaring.

“I-I don’t know,” she said, “It must’ve fallen off earlier or something. I’m so-”

Kai’s hands flew to her mouth, muffling her shocked yelp, his eyes boring into her own, “he’s here.”

A Little Too Late Part 3

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 3

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: violence, angst, fluff

Word Count: 999

A/N: Back from the grocery store so YAY! That was a fucking journey omg. However, I’m back home so I hope you all enjoy another installment of my Gabriel series! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3 I have a few requests left. I’ll be posting about something AMAZING today, probably after this! Anyway, to the fic! WHICH I MIGHT ADD, IS GOING TO BE GETTING EVEN BETTER AS WE GO ON!

Series Masterlsit

The four men looked around the room.  Blood covered almost every inch of the room.  This nest was in a house that was in the middle of nowhere.  Castiel counted the decapitated bodies that covered the floor.  “There are twenty-five in this room alone,” Castiel informed them.

“Gabriel must be pissed if he took twenty-five vampires by himself,” Dean remarked kicking bodies out of his way.

Someone, help me.  I’m in a dark room.

Balthazar and Castiel locked eyes.

Sam and Dean glanced at one another before glaring at the angels.  Dean tapped their arms.  “Is there something we should know,” Dean spoke, raising his voice.

“[Y/N] is alive, and Gabriel knows it too,” Castiel stated, his voice full of concern.  “She prayed for help; she’s in a dark room.

“[Y/N]’s prayer isn’t going to make Gabriel any less furious,” Balthazar added.  “We need to find him.”

“Agreed,” Castiel nodded, grabbing the Winchesters.

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“Everyone is always making fun of me because of how I look, how fucking weak I am and shit, well I will get you all back: ultimate fucking revenge here. you people could have shown more respect, treated me better, asked for my knowledge or guidance more, treated me more like senior, and maybe I wouldn’t have been as ready to tear your fucking heads off. then again, I have always hated how I looked, I make fun of people who look like me, sometimes without even thinking sometimes just because I want to rip on myself. That’s where a lot of my hate grows from, the fact that I have practically no self esteem, especially concerning girls and looks and such. therefore people make fun of me… constantly… therefore I get no respect and therefore I get fucking PISSED. as of this date I have enough explosives to kill about 100 people, and then if I get a couple bayonets, swords, axes, whatever I’ll be able to kill at least 10 more. and that just isn't enough! GUNS! I need guns! Give me some fucking firearms!”

- In the months leading up to the Columbine High School Massacre, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold loaded up on guns, bullets, pipe bombs, and attempted to make napalm. The two shooters’ ultimate motive was revenge, as they both felt like loners and wanted everyone else to pay. In his last journal entry on the 3rd of April 1999, Harris wrote “I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things.” 17 days later, he and Klebold became the perpetrators of one of the worst school shootings in American history, shooting dead 13 people before turning their guns on themselves.

Sweetest Lie (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Prompt: Where Draco loses the love of his life, dying in his arms, as he tells her the sweetest lie by saying it’s going to be okay, that it’ll always be okay in the end. Always.

Requested: No.
Word Count: 1,213
Warnings: Death, sadness, fluff.

+     +     +     +     +     +

You make it sound so sweet, when you lie to me. Make it sound so sweet, when you lie to me. - Vapor, 5 Seconds of Summer.

‘Promise you’ll be safe?’ you whispered against the dirty shirt of your boyfriend, Draco, him giving you a bear-hug for maybe the last time. He told himself no, that this wouldn’t be the last time hugging you, but he did it anyways, in the worst case it could happen. Losing you.

‘I promise, if you promise me the same,’ he murmured back and you sniffled, letting out another sob before nodding.

‘I promise.’

He pulled back from the hug and looked into your beautiful, warm eyes. A view he always loved to look at. A view which calmed him down when he was stressed.

Another spell hit the ceiling and some pieces of concrete fell down, but you were standing safely under the stairs of Hogwarts. Well, for now it was safe.

The Battle of Hogwarts was happening. And it was bigger and worse than expected. There were already so many casualties and it felt like the war between good and bad hadn’t even really begun.

‘I’m so sorry for not fighting on your side,’ Draco said softly, stroking his fingers through your hair.

‘Just because your parents are, doesn’t mean you have to,’ you tried one last time, but he shook his head.

‘I already told you, Y/N, if I don’t, he’d kill you, my parents and me.’ Tears slipped from his beautiful, bright grey eyes and you immediately hugged him again.

‘Draco, please don’t. Please don’t cry, otherwise I’ll start again,’ you whined, but the tears were already falling down your face, which was now buried in his chest again.

After some time, you pulled back at the same time, before a deadly silence fell between the two of you, still with watery eyes.

And then, you jumped, wrapping your legs around his torso and your arms around his neck, planting your lips on his as you shared the most passionate and saddest kiss you’ve ever had. A simple goodbye was not something you two would do, that’s just too difficult and impossible for you.

Draco’s lips were chapped and it tasted salty and wet, just like his tears. But either were your lips, and the taste brought more passion into the kiss honestly. But the main thing you felt, was his undeniable and eternal love for you, which made your heart flutter as you felt the same for him.

Finally, a thud made you separate from the kiss and Draco dropped you with sad eyes.

‘I love you, Y/N, forever and eternally. You are the love of my life and I can’t imagine my life without you, you mean so much to me,’ were Draco’s last loving words.

‘I love you too, Draco. I will love you until the last beat of my heart and I promise you it won’t be today that last beat will come,’ you said with a smile before pecking his lips for the last time.

‘Now, shoo shoo, boy,’ you giggled and Draco walked backwards, slowly towards the Dark Side.

‘I love you!’ he shouted before he disappeared in a black cloud of dark magic.

You smiled sadly while walking away from under the stairs, before looking up to the ceiling, hoping he could hear your last ‘I love you’ to him.


Expelliarmus!’ you yelled with your wand in your hand as the wand of the Death Eater in front of you flew away. One step closer and your wand touched his living, beating heart, but you didn’t take the risk to do it.

Next thing you knew, was a green lightning beside you, so you screamed: ‘Stupefy!’ towards the Death Eater in front of you, before focusing on the one behind you.

Just in time you bent down for another green lightning and pointed your wand towards another one of them. ‘Everte Statum!’ you said and the Death Eater tumbled backwards, so you got up and ran inside again.

A field of people fighting, bodies and many green lights filled your eyes. As one of the students was hit by the ‘Avada Kedavra’ spell, you gasped and looked straight into the eyes of the evil Bellatrix. A devilish grin appeared on the wizard’s face and she pointed her wand towards you.

Sectumsempra!’ she said and the next moment you felt a stinging feeling in your leg, stomach and chest. You fell backwards but just in time, some black smoke appeared behind you and two arms caught you safely, preventing you from suffering more pain.

‘Y/N,’ you heard someone whisper in tears as you started to whimper in pain. Next thing you saw, were two big grey eyes and the first tears were streaming down your face again. You felt your hands being sticky and wet from all the blood that was coming from your wounds.

Draco murmured some different spells so there was a shield around you guys and no one could hurt you as you started to cry more. The pain was unbearable and you knew this was your ending.

At least you fought the best you could. And you were laying in the arms of your first, only true love. Draco.

‘Draco,’ you whispered as you reached in pain towards his cheek and you stroke it. He grabbed your hand softly and squeezed it a little.

‘No, Y/N, please don’t leave me. Please don’t leave, it’s going to be okay. It will always be okay,’ he whispered as his voice was soft and a crack could be heard, which made you cry even more. The pain started to fade into cramps, as you saw that Draco spoke a healing spell over your body. But you felt it was too late.

‘Draco, I love you. I love you, I love you,’ you whispered, ‘and I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep our promise. I’m so sorry, please don’t forget me. I’m so sorry.’

Draco cried out a yell before his lips contacted yours again, but you didn’t have much power anymore to respond.

‘I love you too, Y/N, so much. It will be okay, I promise you, you’ll be okay,’ he cried again while pressing his forehead against yours, waiting for your final breath but still murmuring some spells to lighten the pain for you.

You looked into his beautiful eyes and whispered: ‘Thank you for giving your love to me like it was everything you got, and I’m so sorry I took that one thing away.’

‘No one’s going to take the love away I gave to you, okay? My love for you is eternal,’ he said as his thumb was stroking your cheek.

The last thing you could try do to, was forming a smile with your lips and closing your eyes as Draco continued to murmur healing spells and mixing it with mumbles which told you it was going to be okay.

But it was too late.

It wouldn’t be okay, you were gone, and the bad side took the only good thing in Draco’s life.


And still, in the end, even when you took your final breath, he still whispered it was going to be okay. Until he really realized you were gone.

A terrible, broken scream left his mouth.

Even the sweetest lies couldn’t save you from death. Because sometimes, it won’t be okay in the end.


There’s an alternative end here, thank you for reading! 

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So the last scene of 9x07 killed me !!
Actually all the Densi scenes in this episode 😩😩😩 Deeks losing it at Mosley because he just needed to get in contact with Kensi, the phone call omg i died: they were both so emotional and it’s different seeing them like that, Deeks basically saying he didn’t care if other people died as long as it wasn’t her and the end scene OMG 😮
Particularly after no densi interaction last week even though she was freaking out about him the whole entire time. This last scene, a running theme this season for then really is “how much longer can we do this” I guess after what happened to Kensi in season 8 and then watching Sam lose Michelle… it’s so emotional and likely a real thing for real life people in similar situations where they both have life risking careers. I’m praying they are not both leaving the show or something, like I’m praying that’s not what this is setting up. The whole scene at the end, Deeks saying if Kensi died there is no way he would survive it, like he doesn’t understand how Sam is doing it and them both saying that the other is their world 😢😢
They have discussed this idea of leaving their jobs many times already this season and I am very curious to see where this goes.

Bit of a shorter one, this. Ironic, given that it’s Pietro and the entire story is about just drawing things out. Nice and fluffy for you all because I genuinely couldn’t think of a story for this one. Sorry folks but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Ta ta, my darlings!

“Slow Down”

“Roadrunner, I’m going to give you 3 seconds to get your sorry ass out of my kitchen before you leave it through the window.”

You’d never seen Pietro run so fast. Despite the empty threat from Stark, he knew better than to provoke him. A blue trail followed his blurred image out of the room and Tony stepped further inside.
“What in the hell was he trying to do?” He said, picking up a messy bowl and throwing it towards the sink before turning on the faucet. You were sat on a nearby sofa with about 3 blankets around your shoulders and two cups of steaming tea on the table to your right. You sat up and peered over the counter at Tony.

“I’m-” You coughed violently, “I’m sick and Pietro was trying to help.” You’d been friends with Pietro since joining the team and so when he found out that you weren’t feeling well, he was the first to volunteer his help. The problem lay with his impatience. Both of the cups of tea next to you were yours because you hadn’t finished the first one in time, he’d fetched you three blankets at once when you’d mentioned you feeling a bit chilly, and he’d been trying to make soup as well but it was cooking far too slow for his liking.
“He wanted to make me some food but he got… exasperated.”

“Clearly. How’re you feeling?” He asked. You shrugged and one of the blankets fell off.
“Pietro’s sweet but he doesn’t let me do anything on my own. I mean I love him but-”
“I meant with your cold…” Tony grumbled.

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Who Hurt You (Part 3)

gif is not mine

Title: Who Hurt You (Part 3)

Characters: DiNozzo x Reader, Gibbs, McGee

Word Count: 2,343

Warnings: angst and fluff

A/N: I think we’re all ready for another part to this tale! I think my brain is well rested after yesterday! I hope you all enjoy Part 3!! I love you all so very much! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!!  PART 1PART 2

By the end of the work day, everyone felt more relaxed.  Except Tony, who wasn’t willing to believe that you were out of the woods just yet.  He didn’t make it obvious that he was still concerned about you.  It was almost 8 p.m. and you had left ten minutes ago.  Tony grabbed his coat, throwing it over his shoulders.  He knew following you this time was better than sitting by and waiting to see the result.  He knew in his gut something wasn’t right about tonight.  He rushed to the elevator, getting to his car as quick as possible.  His gun holstered at his side, he started his car, heading to your apartment.  He was surprised that he wasn’t stopped for speeding as he pulled up to your place.  There was still a light on, but he saw two shadows in the window, not one.

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Title: Anyone But You, Pt 1

Author: mylittleACobsession

A/N: This is another one shot for @imakemyownblog who requested the following:

“Could I pretty please get a Jacob oneshot where the reader is a high-ranking member of the Blighters and one day they have to face down with each other, not realizing that they were childhood friends until the actual fight? To make it interesting, Jacob had a huge crush on them? XD Pretty please & thank you! <3”

Given the amount here that I want to play with, I’m actually breaking this one into multiple parts.

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A/N I suck, I’m sorry. I haven’t had any motivation to write, but I wanted to get something up for you guys. An anon requested an imagine based on number 101 (”Don’t be an asshole, asshole.”) from this prompt list a few weeks ago, I hope you like it and i;m sorry it took me so long!

Summary: Daryl keeps trying to keep reader from going on supply runs in fear that she’ll get hurt, much to her annoyance. 

Warnings: Stabbing, blood, It’s the walking dead lol

Daryl Dixon

“Sorry, sweetheart. You’re not goin’.” Daryl told you as he walked toward the car he and some of the others were getting into to go get supplies.

“Like hell I’m not.” You nearly snapped, moving to get into the car until he stood in front of you. “Daryl, I swear if you do not move I will punch you straight in the throat.”

This had been an ongoing argument for a few weeks now. Every time you went on a run, Daryl tried to keep you from going, claiming it was for your own safety and that you could get hurt. At first, you thought it was cute that he cared for you, but now it only got on your nerves.

You were perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, he knew that, he just didn’t want to take the chance of you getting hurt. The man had feelings for you, and this was his way of coping with them. He didn’t know what to do, or if he even wanted to do anything. All Daryl knew was that he wanted to keep you safe at all costs.

Rick sighed,“She’ll be fine, Daryl.” The man still hesitated to let you in the car, but after looking back to your annoyed face that threatened to punch him he finally sighed in defeat, allowing you to climb in.

“Thank you.” You sarcastically spoke, setting your gun in your lap and silently waiting to get to your destination. “Yeah, yeah.” Daryl muttered grumpily, annoyed that you wouldn’t just stay put in Alexandria.

Once you’d arrived at one of the stores that you all hoped would have some supplies, it wasn’t long before you were inside after knocking on the door a few times to make sure there were little to no zombies inside.

After finding a few supplies that Alexandria was running low on, everyone gathered back to the front of the store. “I think we’re good, we should head back soon.”

You all agreed, heading out the door. “I can’t believe I found some old soda- oh shit!” You began, before you caught sight of a small herd of zombies coming down the road in the shops direction. They all caught site of you and your small group, immediately turning and dragging their rotting bodies over towards you.

With a sigh, you pulled out your machete and prepared yourself to fight, as did everyone else. And with that, the fighting began. You kicked at a zombie coming towards you, before slicing your blade through it’s brain. The corpse fell to the ground, and just a few moments later you killed another one. You glanced over at Daryl, who had just shot an arrow through a walkers skull, and a. small amount of relief went through you at the sight of him being okay.

Whether or not he annoyed the shit out of you, you cared about him more than you ever had anyone. He made eye contact with you, and before you could send a small smirk his way you felt a rotted hand grab onto your shoulder, pulling you backwards. You let out a shocked scream, quickly turning around and attempting to stab your blade through its brain, yet failing as it grabbed onto your other arm.

Before you knew it, an arrow was flying through the air and into its skull, successfully killing it and making it fall to the ground. With a sigh of relief, you turned to Daryl,“Thanks.”

He shrugged while stabbing another one through it’s head,“Told ya’ y/n, you shoulda’ stayed in Alexandria.” You sent him a glare as Michonne killed the last walker,“Don’t be an asshole, asshole.”

Daryl chuckled, putting his hands up in mock defense as everyone began to climb into the car after putting the supplies in the trunk,“Just don’t want ya to get hurt, princess.” You nudged him, a small smile on your face,“I know, it’s ‘cause you like me. But that’s okay, I like you too.”

Daryl looked shocked, a small blush on his cheeks from your words. You laughed, before your smile fell slightly,“But seriously, you’ve got to stop acting like I’m some little damsel in distress.” He hesitated, but eventually nodded,“Fine.”

You gave him a cheeky smile,“Good. Now, let’s get these supplies back home.”

House of the Rising Sun. Part II

I reached out to touch his back piece tattoo, moving my fingers through the lines and living for the moments of calmness next to him. I feel him start stirring but I don’t remove my fingers until he turns around making me drop my hand.

“Morning baby” he whispered and I approached him giving him a small peck “Slept good?”

“I always sleep good next to you” I said and he smiled “Do you really have to go?” I said touching his face with the tips of my fingers.

“Yeah, baby. The Irish won’t speak to anyone else but me”

“But why out of Charming?” I whined a bit and he just laughed. Holding me closer to him and putting his head against my neck.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ll make my way back to you sooner than you expect” not long after that he got up to get ready while I made some coffee and breakfast for both of us, we sat in silence just stealing glances and smiling at random points like teenagers.

I was playing around with my rings while watching a movie when I heard the familiar sound of motorcycles getting closer, I immediately jumped off the couch when I heard them pull over and ran to open the door. There he stood, a black eye and a few cuts but healthy overall smiling at me with that wicked little smile that only he had, I waved at Chibs and Tig that were waiting outside and Jax looked at me.

“I’ll talk to them for a second, darling” he said and I nodded stepping back. For some reason he asked them to come all the way over here and I just couldn’t interfere. And I wish I had. I wish I had known about the retaliation, I wish I had known I had to be careful and maybe I wouldn’t be in this situation right now.

All my right side hurt, I could feel the bruises forming all over my body but I couldn’t open my eyes completely, too swollen from the hits and the tears that have been running down my face for how long? Two days, three? And Jackson was still nowhere to be seen. I had lost hope completely, my body too tired to keep fighting and I just didn’t care anymore. I should have thought about it before. After Wendy, after Tara I should have seen destruction comes with the package. I heard rustling outside of the room and then screaming, shots were not missing and I heard the door opening, they were either going to kill me right this moment or it was Jackson. The person I love the most but also the person I want to see last.

“Hey, Lass.” Said a voice next to me, Chibs hovering over me trying to check if I was still conscious “Stay with me, lass. Your old man is coming in a minute” he said but I couldn’t last the minute.

I open myself and was hit with white light everywhere, the strong smell of alcohol and medicine made me realize I had made it to a hospital. I slowly open my eyes to find Juice seating on a chair at the other side of the room, I tried to speak but my throat was too sore so I just tried to wave at him. He was concentrated on his phone but probably sensed the movement because he looked up after a couple tries.

“Holy shit, YN” he said coming closer to me “I’m glad you are awake. Do you need anything?” he said and I pointed at my throat. “Can’t talk, huh. I’ll bring you some water and I’ll call Jax”

Two weeks I was at the hospital waiting for Jackson to come and see me and he never made an appearance, I asked around to the prospects taking care of me but all of them said he was “sorry” his favorite phrase “I’m sorry” “I’m sorry”. The day I got home I expected to see him there, maybe the hospitals reminded him of Tara, maybe he was afraid of hurting me furthermore, something he was actually doing with his absence.

“He’ll be home soon, lass” said Chibs while he helped me feel comfortable in my bed “He was fixing everything up with the people that did this to you, he’ll be back” and I tried to understand because I loved him, because I understood the demons going inside his head but I also needed him to understand that I was hurting too.

“I need him here, Chibs” I said with pleading eyes “Please tell my man I need him here” I said and he just nodded before kissing my head softly.

“Will do lass” two days after that Jax came home, life drained out of him.

“Hello, darling” he said from the door and I smiled at him, inmediatly wanting to put him close to me “Don’t get up baby, I’ll get there” he said before taking off his shoes and jumping next to me. So close but so far away, my man came back to me but he was not the same person I fell in love with, he had distanced himself from me even when my bruises healed and my migraines where gone, even when not only weeks but months passed he spent less and less time next to me. It changed us, it made me stronger, made me more independent and careful but it destroyed my old man.

“I’m sorry” I said one of the few nights he actually spent home “I’m so sorry baby” I said looking at him and I saw in his eyes that he knew what was about to happen and I saw the tears but I still saw calmness, this was for the best at the end of the day. The horrible things I lived for that short period of time where too much, he couldn’t bury another woman, he couldn’t lose another person. He was in for being alone for the rest of his life.

Hello, I’m currently working on three requests I have for Happy and Jax but I wanted to finish my first imagine first. I hope you like it.

“I am going to kill you!” You squealed, stomping into the study to see Dean smugly drinking coffee.

“What have I done ?” He asked with innocent eyes and with his stupid goddamn yummy looking lips curled into a sad little pout.

“Oh no you don’t!” You narrowed your eyes and wagged your index finger at him, “don’t do that.” You scowled.

He ran his tongue over his bottom lip, making it glisten, knowing too well that he would distract you.

“Do what ?” He asked, way too politely for your liking. His rough gravelly voice not suiting the tone of his words.

“Oh you know all to well!” You shrugged your shoulders, a sarcastic scowl plastered to your lips, “you act clueless but you know!” You huffed, gritting your teeth as you ran your hands through your wild hair, “frikken Dean Winchester. Stupid. Idiot.” You mumbled intensely, like it were swear words.

“What was that Y/N?” His voice so close, you could feel his breath against your neck.

You gulped when you slowly looked up to see his green eyes peering into yours. A grin danced on his lips, he was teasing.

“Wanna say that again Sweetheart?” He asked, his voice had deepened into a husky growl, his big calloused hands settled onto the bare skin of your hips.

You just blinked, suddenly stunned like a deer facing headlights. Blood rushed in your veins, your belly did flip flops because of how close his lips were to yours.

“I was saying,” you squeaked out, which surprised you, so you cleared your throat and began again, “I was saying that I was gonna kill you. Because you’re such a jerk.”

Then, he smirked. He actually smirked. That jerk. He was, but in the best possible way.

You slid your hands up his arms, over his shoulders and settled them onto the back of his neck. Goddamn, he was glorious. So glorious. All you wanted to do was dig your fingers into his taut flesh and never let go. The reason why you were furious at him was the last thing on your mind right now. But that’s who he was. The master of distractions and you liked it that way.

He tilted your chin upwards, his thumb dragging across your bottom lip, parting your mouth. You sucked in a breath just before he grazed his lips against yours. So lightly, you could have imagined it.

“Let’s see if you still wanna kill me after this.”

Hello, my darlings,

I just wanted to thank you all for reading my stuff, as well as check in on all your hearts after the last installment of my mini series. I’m sorry it was so angsty, I know you all suffered with me on that one.

Anyway…I just wanted to ask if you guys would mind if I continued working on, and posting this new mini series. (Let’s just call it the Chris Evans Mini-Series Spin-off) Chapter 3 is currently- well, I’d say it’s in the works but it’s pretty much almost done. So if you’re all not in dire need of one shots, I would like to continue with this.

Fair warning though? Chapter 3 is killing me, like- in a good way, so no angst. Just lots and lots and lots of fluff, to the point where I felt the need to scream while explaining what was going to happen to my mom. So it’s going to be fun, and a little bit bad for you. 😉


Tags: @chrisevans-imagines @widowsfics @m-a-t-91 @xoxomioxoxo @imaginesofdreams @ateliefloresdaprimavera @katiew1973 @winter-tospring @shamvictoria11 @caitsymichelle13 @michellekeehlmello @letterstomyself21 @soymikael @faye22 @always-an-evans-addict @sammyrenae68 @brobrobreja @elizabeth-matsuoka @thegirlwiththeimpala @camerica96 @all-of-the-above11 @whenyourealizethisisntagoodname @yourtropegirl @smoothdogsgirl @createdbytinyaddiction @siofrataylor @dreamingintheimpalawithdean @imaginary-world-of-mine @wanderingkat77 @grantward3 @rileyloves5 @chrsmom302 @buckys-shield @mylittlefandomfanfictions @breezykpop @catch-me-im-a-falling-star @tabi-toast @ssweet-empowerment @hayleesteashoppe @chrixa @feelmyroarrrr @akidura79 @louisespecter @castellandiangelo @ccrossfire @assxmblesstuff @edward-lover18 @princessesnaddy @1d-niallerbieberforever @dxbrevgrey @bellastellaluna @christopher-or-steven @brokenwingsxix @yourenotrogers @im-a-fandom-slut @royalexperiment256 @palaiasaurus64 @mysteriouslyme81 @captainumeboshi @avengingalec @tacohead13 @badassbaker @pegasusdragontiger @evanstanimagines @avengersgirllorianna @sfreeborn @dorisagent101 @antisocial-angel13 @mizzzpink @aekr @scarltvison @imagine-cats96 @adeptkillsyasse @shliic @ask-steverogers @justanotherfangurlz @winchesterandpie

A Little Too Late Part 6

Title: A Little Too Late Part 6

Characters: Gabriel, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Balthazar

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 971

Warnings: angst

A/N: I thought since you all got me to 300, I would put out three fics today! So here is the 6th part to this series!  Just a note on this series, as I am writing it.  It may not seem like it should be categorized as a Gabriel series, but trust me, it will still be a Gabriel series because we’ll be focusing on him!

Series Masterlist

Gabriel’s nostrils flared, “did they hurt you [Y/N]?”  Gabriel took a step forward, trying to remain calm for your sake.  The archangel found it harder to stay calm the longer it took for you to answer.

“Besides knocking me unconscious, cutting my arm, and the lack of basic human needs, I was never harmed,” you informed them.  “It’s what they were planning.”

“What were they planning [Y/N],” Castiel asked, his voice stern.

“Originally they were going to let me die and then feed off of me.  Then the leader had other plans,” you said, trailing off.

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