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The Storm Inside (Chapter 9) - by agentverbivore

Rating: Explicit
Chapters: 9 / 15
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons, Lincoln Campbell & Leo Fitz
Additional Tags: Fitz’s POV, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Angst with a Happy Ending, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Tooth-Rotting FluffFluff and Angst 

SummaryAfter something very different happens in Puerto Rico, Fitz wakes up to learn that he’s gained terrifying earthquake powers. A season 2 AU.

From this chapter:

“See if you can amplify that frequency.”

His mouth dropped open. “Are you – insane?! You want me to mess around with the frequency of an entire ruddy mountain?!”

Chuckling, Lincoln turned to look over the vista at the subject at hand. “You’re still pretty new at this, Fitz – I’m not that worried about you being able to do too much damage to the mountain.” Fitz rolled his eyes, but Lincoln continued. “Afterlife’s pretty disaster-proof by its nature, and….” He reached out to take Jemma’s hand again, and Fitz’s eyes narrowed. “I’m here to make sure nothing happens to either of you. Okay? We’re out here for you to practice.”

Having run out of excuses, Fitz turned to Jemma, trying to ascertain if she had any doubts and only reading reassurance on her face. She gave him a brief smile and a nod, her nose crinkling in that endearing way she had, and he exhaled. A few, shuffled steps took him closer to the edge of the cliff near which they stood, and he squinted at the mountain, trying to decide if he should attempt to pick apart the layers of vibration within the stone or if he should simply go for it. Lest his nerves bubble to the surface, he decided to stop over-thinking his actions, and as he squeezed his eyes shut he held his hands forward. A vicious little voice in his head taunted him for trying to look like a superhero in front of Jemma, but he pushed it aside to pay attention to the noise of the mountain.

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