and that just breaks my heart

Confession:  The first Lavellan I created in DA:I romanced Solas, and didn’t always agree with him (mostly about the Dalish). For me, that made the relationship more real, since not everyone agrees in a relationship. She was also a rogue, which also gave their relationship an interesting niche. It was just a very wholesome (and heart-breaking) experience, and gave it that bit of realism that I don’t add in a whole lot with my OCs!

so i had a week off school for fall break and i just got back teaching my first class and my kiddos were so awake and energetic at like 8:30am and i was so surprised like “wow you guys sure are awake, I wasnt expecting that”

and one girl just said “its because we missed you Ms B, we like being here”

and my heart just skipped a beat i love being a teacher so much i cry i love love love my job

bias tag

I was tagged by the wonderful @hobibliophile who’s probably tagged me in a few more things but I’ve been half dead all month and this is the only thing I managed to remember <3

rules: pick 10 biases and answer the questions

  1. V
  2. Jimin
  3. Jackson
  4. Jungkook
  5. JHope
  6. D.O
  7. Suga
  8. Amber
  9. Jin
  10. Rap Mon

1. Between 3 & 6, whose most recent concept do you like more?

this is a cruel question, i cant ever choose between exo and got7

2. Between 2 & 10, who would you rather be stranded on an island with?

I feel like Namjoon would be the more logical answer?? I mean not that I wouldn’t love to be stranded on an island with Park Jimin, but I feel like Namjoon would be more useful? >.<

3. Between 4 & 8, who would you trust to take care of you when you were drunk?

Amber, definitely Amber. As lovely as kookie is, I’d either scare him away or he’d be just as drunk as me lol

4. Between 1 & 2, who would you go to jail for?

Jimin, I mean have you seen this angel? Plus, Tae’s already been arrested ahahaha (flashbacks to stigma short film) :’‘)

5. Between 5 & 9, who is a better visual to you?

During this era, both Jin and Jhope have been the death of me. But Jin is the visual god so

6. Between 7 & 8, who would you rather save from a sinking ship?

I feel like Amber could probably take care of herself, so probably Yoongi.

7. Between 6 & 10, who would you rather have a movie marathon with?

D.O, idk, he just seems more cuddly.

8. Between 1 and 10, who do you think makes a better impression?

hmmmm probably Tae bc he gives off a more bubbly vibe, while Namjoon can come off a little more intimidating??

9. Between 3 & 7, who would you prefer to kiss in the rain?

Jackson, he seems like the type of person to do something that cheesy

10. Between 5 & 6, who would you rather have a summer fling with?

JHope :’‘)

11. Between 5 & 7, who would you rather do drugs with?

Yoongi, bc drugs would put a damper on Hobi’s sunshine

12. Between 3 & 8, who would you rather take home to your parents?


13. Between 9 & 10, whose wardrobe do you want more?

Jin’s bc I’m a hoe for his sweater weather outfits

14. Between 4 & 10, who would you be more surprised to see cry?

Rap mon? Idk probably bc Jungkook seems a little more sensitive than him, or at least outwardly so?

15. Between 1 & 4, who would you rather have kiss you on the forehead?

Forehead kisses from Taehyung, omg, my life’s dream. I refuse to give Jungkook that kind of dominance.

16. Between 2 & 3, who would you rather have hug you from behind?

Jackson, with dem arms man

17. Between 5 & 2, whose group do you stan more?

definitely not bts lmao

18. Between 4 & 9, who is higher up on your bias list?

Memelord Jungkook

19. Between 1 & 7, who would you open your door up to during the purge?

Taehyung lol if Yoongi is at my door during the purge, something is wrong.

20. Between 6 & 9, who would you rather go to a haunted house with?

Kyungsoo bc Jin would be dippin’ out with me lol

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it’s just hard bc complete isolation from my family for the last 7-8 years has been a double edged sword

on one hand it’s awful and it hurts and i am overwhelmingly lonely and have struggled through being poor and without resources and couch surfing and it has just altogether been awful, and makes dealing with them very anxiety-inducing and painful even though i love them very much. every time i am with my family it is a constant effort to hide how anxious and out of place i feel, because if they knew how much they really hurt me it would break their hearts

on the other hand, it’s been kind of freeing – family drama is fucking painful and chaotic, and ppl like my girlfriend go through a lot of heartache dealing directly w family issues while i was lucky enough to be removed from that sort of stuff

so now in the wake of a massive loss for my family i know it’s going to be very stressful for me to be around them, but also that they need my love and support, and it’s just…. a lot. it’s a lot to take in, and it’s very awkward because they’re all closer to each other than any of them are to me (BECAUSE of me being kicked out 7-8 years ago) and it’s very obvious and painful for me, and on top of that 8 years is a long time and family settings… are very confusing for me because i don’t have much experience with them anymore

short term exposure is fine and that’s what i’ve been coasting on for the last year since i’ve been seeing them more, but now that everyone is hurting and grieving i don’t…. i don’t feel like i can do anything to help bc i don’t know them well enough

ugh, sorry i’m just. this hurts so bad for so many reasons and god she deserves to still be alive it’s not fair

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Hello amazing life ruiner! I hope you are feeling better these days. No rush or anything but I am kind of dying over here waiting for an update to your incredible, panty-soaking fanfic ;) Also, I love you!

I love you too, sweet anon!

I wish I could say I was almost done chapter 8 but I’m not. It’s been an awful two weeks for many reasons. I am hoping to be on the mend though and start writing either tonight or tomorrow.

It may sound soppy and self-important, but I really, really care about how this story comes across and about the people who read it, and it would break my heart to put out something that felt half-assed just… because, y’know?

I won’t lie and say I don’t feel a bit useless in the fandom if I’m not writing fic (for no reason other than my own insecurities), so I definitely want to get my writing fire back. I’m sure it will come, just as soon as I stop hacking up a lung every five seconds :(


I’m sorry I just need to vent a little


I was trying so hard to get Jaehee’s but I guess I wasn’t mean enough to Yoosung………

I just can’t bear to tease him, it just breaks my heart watching him game away his depression and let himself become stagnant

Love. It’s heard by many, used by several, and portrayed by few. It’s the power of the heart, abused by those who don’t understand it, and overused by some who can’t get enough of it. In my opinion, it’s just a word; an emotion that we all feel at least once in our entire life time. Some can get lovesick, and others can’t even get a small taste. It’s selfish but at the same time, it’s enrapturing. It can either destroy you, or mend you together again. That’s what makes it so unique. It can either save you and make you feel like you’re on top of the world, or, you could be drowning at the bottom of the ocean with lungs that feel as if they were on fire. Love is dangerous, and so many people don’t take that into consideration.
—  S.V//@Sempiternal.poet on Instagram

Okay guys, I will be liveblogging tonight’s episode again, so remember to blacklist spn spoilers if you don’t wanna see that!

I was gonna say that I am psyched at the reunion between Sam and Mary, but then I thought that, really, for Sam this isn’t a reunion at all.

It’s a first meeting.

My heart is breaking just thinking about it. Too bad bucklemming gets to write such a significant scene but oh well. I’ll give ‘em the benefit of the doubt for now.

More 1D Fic Recs (not Larry)

I got some replies to my Not-Larry Fic Rec post and wanted to collect them here.

@nottooldforthisship said:


@allwaswell16 said:

I’d Rather Hear My Dog Bark at a Crow is the greatest fic ever written. Tomlinshaw. I don’t make the rules.

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Nevada’s Fault (Ziall, accidentally getting married)

Just Let Me Know and I’m Letting You Know (Ziam, amnesia AU that will break your heart. From Zayn and Liam’s perspective)

let’a pretend it’s love (ziam, pretend relationship!)

Seriously people, go out and read all the pairings! There are so many good fics out there!

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I know I’ve rec’d these before, but, this is a great place to rec them again!

A Vast Similitude

That night Zayn and Louis walk along the edge of the beach, tucked into the shadow of the seawall. It’s easier between them when they’re in motion, Louis thinks. The silences don’t feel like they’re bucking under the weight of history so much. They don’t talk, just walk together, silent in the lulls between waves. Louis matches his breath to the rhythm of the waves and tries to imagine himself as a part of the ocean, like a tangle of seaweed being thrashed around by the currents in the deep, murky water of the open ocean.

My Remedy for Yesterday

It’s been three years since One Direction finally parted ways. Three long years where Niall’s stayed away from home on a never ending holiday. Three years since he’s seen Harry in the flesh and not just splashed across the tabloids or overplayed on the radio.

Niall’s just docked his boat in Ibiza, ready to soak up the sun, when an unexpected accident brings Harry into his life again. And while Niall recuperates on Harry’s patch of sandy white beach old feelings start to emerge, not all of them pleasant.

Go forth! Read fic! (I haven’t read any of these. Wha hoo! New fics to discover!)


I love you I love you I love you.

God why can’t I just stop? You don’t fucking care about me anymore. We haven’t spoken in 5 days now. I should be moving on but every day my heart just breaks more and more. Last nights nightmare stuck with me all through the day. It left me broke, empty. How long will it take? When will my foolish heart finally stop beating for you? Even as I write this tears are streaming down my face. I need to stop loving you. The pain is almost unbearable. I just really want to live my life and be happy again.

I’m pretty sure the worst part is knowing this is all my own fault.

-AM with the cute freckles and the broken heart

haha hah aha ha,, just remembered that the “what if andrew/neil died” posts exist and nora gave an answer of what would have happened and honestly my heart breaks every time i remember that they would end up hollow shells of people they used to be and could have been if only they still had someone, anyone, who was willing and unrelenting in holding up the other’s broken pieces and putting together what they can and protecting each other however they can because for once someone is willing to protect them, willing to let them stay, willing to see them in their most vulnerable state and choosing to be their strength instead of exploiting that weakness and honestly i’m sorry give me a moment there’s the ocean in my eyes again

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Can I have lucia and Sonny having a talk where she tells him how much Rafi loves him. And she asks him to please never break his heart. Because yes, she 's tough but her son is her world. And Sonny's like "mine too"

“Mine, too.”


Like, Lucia adores Sonny, but ultimately Rafael is her son, and she will always look at for him no matter what. Rafael’s had his heart broken quite a bit in the past, and she just wants to reiterate this to Sonny.

Lucia says, “You know how much my son loves you, right Sonny?”

And Sonny will just nod and smile and say, “Yeah, Lucia, I do.”

And Lucia says, “Please don’t ever break his heart. I couldn’t bare to see what it would do to him to lose you. You’re his world. And I don’t want to see him lose that.”

And Sonny will take Lucia’s hand and say, “Rafael’s my world, too. He always will be. I promise.”

You guys my heart breaks every time I listen to the title track from Joanne. It's so honest and sad, but hopeful. Maybe there is a life after this one. Maybe not. Maybe our souls just merge with the earth and we can be going down a stream or in the air and always with our loved ones. I think it's a profoundly great song

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Wow. Simply wow. My heart's beating pretty fast. Amazing work by everyone involved. I'm both scared and excited about what's to come. (BTW: I went for both, wine and chocolate. Wouldn't have mattered anyway, though. I was to preoccupied with Emmerdale to eat/drink ;-) )

It was just stunning (that’s not the right words!) but it was, incredible, breathing taking! I mean WOW!! IM has really out done himself! Good girl for choosing both, i was planning on making food now, in the break but I’m too nervous to eat!!

highertheheels replied to your post “I have faith in Yuri Plisetsky and I hope he will somehow find the…”

Yeah, I secretly hope that Jakov will turn out to be a strict but supportive father figure. We all know Yuri and not Yuri(o) will win the next GP, but that’s ok, Yuri(o) is still at the beginning of his career, not debuting on the top will not break him, but I pray he’ll have gain more than winning from this season. Just because he lost this match, my heart wouldn’t have broken. It broke because Viktor literally forgot about him. Let him leave without a word.

I hope so too! Actually, not doing well could actually break him, considering that he needs the money to support his family (and figure skating is a very expensive sport too). While not getting gold might not be a huge deal for Yuuri because he still has support, it could be the end for Yurio.

And yes, that hurt a lot. Viktor was an asshole with Yurio.

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Are you and Emma not friends anymore? This would break my heart but I figured since you didn't visit her while in NY


yes i did see her, a few times!

im so sick of everyone assuming stuff about my friendships just cause i dont spend every hour posting with them

im sorry to be a sass bish

it just is super frustrating everyone messaging me this!

emma & I are friends, but i also have lots of pals over here I’ve been catching up with too

peace & luv <3