and that jacket also looks really good on you

End of Nowthisisgothic

Hesitated to spend a post on it or not, but it have been a nice couple of years (5 years) that I ran this blog. My life has changed in such a way; there are numerous reasons as to why I stop blogging on this blog. I don’t really have time for it anymore, but next to this, I moved on, too, obviously. (not saying I stopped liking postpunk).

I also think I reached my initial goal with this blog:
* reveal and share more photos/examples of ‘80s postpunks and goths
* showing in what other ways you can dress as a goth - meaning a toned down leather jacket-look can be enough, or that colours work too, etc.

Still baffled by the over 11000 followers.
Saying that - you all take a good dig in the total of 1200 photos I posted on here! (The blog will stay online as an archive)

I hope that the book I did with Harriman - Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace:  A Worldwide Compendium of Postpunk and Goth in the 1980s - gives many a collection of photos that give more of an experience than online visuals and that it gives you a summary of the scene back in the days (summary -  I know that it is not a complete story. It is nearly impossible to tell the whole story of postpunk/goth of the '80s!). The book is still available, in case you don’t have one yet. 

As for the book  - I still sell this in person on events - I will anounce this here and on the facebook page, just like any other future projects that might be of interest. 

I can be reached by when neccessary.


nightwing1536 asked:

Something from Legends of Tomorrow that I really liked was Laurel and Sara training and talking. With Katie, it felt like she was really pulling off a great Dinah in that scene. They both cared for eachother so much, it was awesome! (I agree with you about the nitpick thing "you're all legends" that bothered me so much and was just as happy when we found out he was lying. I like Ray in that episode too. Poor Ray. I liked it overall, and I'm glad you liked it too!)

It was a really nice scene. I love Laurel’s look without the jacket, and the mask (even though I love that look as well). She just embodies the Black Canary, and it’s crazy good. I’m glad she was there to help launch ‘Legends,’ and to give Sara her suit/new identity. 

I also really like Ray. To be honest, I loved all the characters in ‘Legends.’ 

Hiddlesweek Day 3

Favorite outfit/look or Favorite Premiere/Red Carpet Event

Ok, so really don’t know if this count as favorite look but i loved this suit he wore for the GQ shoot and the look in general is just wow, my heart is melting <3

And also something that i really love on him are leather jackets. I mean please, just look at him, this is too much for my heart people. too much. 

But I mean I’d love any look on him honestly, He looks good on pretty much everything and I just can’t… You know what I mean <3

sdurivouxoxo asked:

What the anonymous person said about the Joker trying to get Harley back from the squad is a really good theory. The scene in the trailer where she is looking at something and taking her jacket off could be the helicopter she sees Joker and his henchman in and she also jumps to grab a rope that is being thrown down from the sky... I don't wanna get my hopes up either but this could possibly make a lot of sense! I'm sorry I'm rambling!

No, thank you so much for mentioning that! I am sitting here just hyped as hell cause now I feel like that could be a possibility! I’m seriously gunna be so excited for new footage so I can analyze it and see if it continues to support our theory :D

anonymous asked:

43 with Shikamaru, please 😁

No problem! In reference to this

The day Shikamaru decides to take you on a date (which really isn’t much of a date – just a walk around the village), not only is it overcast but it is also windy. You bundle yourself in a jacket, hands shoved into your pockets. Looking at Shikamaru who only wears his shinobi blacks makes you shiver. 

There is at least a good foot between you and Shikamaru that eventually decreases as the walk progresses. You listen to him talk about the latest missions he has been on, Kurenai’s pregnancy, his own worries for the future of the village. 

You listen – something you’ve always been good at. You think he likes you because of this. Never interrupting, never derailing the topic he focuses on. You nod your head and ask questions at appropriate times.

The two of you find yourself brushing against one another. He looks slightly startled when you touch, eyes wide and cheeks already flushed form the cold. You stop, Shikamaru rubbing the back of his neck. 

“Ah, listen,” he starts. He pauses before heaving a great sigh. “Oh what a drag,” you hear him mumble. You smile slightly, secretly enjoying when he loses the aloof and disinterested air he had wrapped himself in. “I’m not good with words… but I…” He trails off, eyes drifting towards the gray sky. 

“Sometimes words aren’t needed,” you tell him, reaching for his cold hand. The surprised look returns to his eyes but it quickly fades when you place your joined hands into your warm pocket. 

He smiles at you. You smile back.

anonymous asked:

The animation of Gaster!Sans... amazing. The movement is so smooth, the fur on his jacket looks so soft, and his neck when he turns his head... its lovely! (this is just a message of appreciation and praise, nothing to reply to or anything (unless you feel like it of course). Read it, remove it, keep it, do whatever you want with it~ And I hope you're doing good and will have a good day!

Oh my! o(≧∇≦o)
Thank you sooo much for this!!
I LOVE to read/reply to such messages QwQ ~
You just made me really happy before going to sleep Q////Q ~

I also hope you’re doing great today and feel determined x3!!
*dances around*

Attack on Titan as explained by someone who has never seen Attack on Titan

1. Everyone likes earth tones or maybe it’s a military uniform

2. cool jackets though, good for you

3. Also they have weird harness pants. I don’t know what they’re for. Do they hold weapons? Do they hook onto stuff? Like I’ve never seen them being used for a purpose and I am very confused.

4. In other news, those belt-pants look very hard to put on and take off

5. They fight giant naked people who don’t have skin? I saw somebody cosplaying one of those at comic con and I’m only sort of scarred

6. There is somebody named Eren, which i have no idea how to pronounce. There is also somebody named Levi. And I’m like 40% sure they’re the same person or maybe they just look identical or maybe I’ve only seen one of them

7. I think there’s some sort of joke about somebody being short but i can’t remember which person it is.

8. Some girl who really likes potatoes. 

9. I have a suspicion that everyone dies

This has been Attack on Titan as explained by someone who has only seen stuff about it on Tumblr and Pinterest and has never actually seen it in real life.

kaworutm asked:


1. First impression: Yikes, this cool cat has some good discourse and a cool crew! 
2. Truth is: You’re every bit as cool as I thought but you’re also really sweet and I’m totally glad we decided to go through with the whole matching jackets idea. 
3. How old do you look: Ageless 
4. Have you ever made me laugh: God, yes you have
5. Have you ever made me mad: Never to be honest, if anything it might be the other way around!
6. Best feature: How self-assured you are at your best and the way you seem to redirect all those feelings to the people around you.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Gosh no, only admiration!
8. You’re my: Little brother and leader of the DWC crew
9. Name in my phone: N/A
10. Should you post this too? I got it from you!

This Season's Must-have Winter Gear

While a lot of skiers and snowboarders will already be talking within earshot the latest gadgets that leave been dispensed with this winter, people may abandon about the bread and butter that is ski and snowboard duffle bags and clothing.

Near this chic personal judgment, we take a look at some vitally puissant winter machinery that oneself may not have kindliness about yet.

Schoffel smooth vest

The saved Schoffel cushy build doesn’t just look good - superego also keeps skiers and snowboarders warm whilst surging down the slopes.

The vests are light and easy so move about up-to-date but, thanks to its Ventiloft insulation, atomizer provide great warmth. The water-proof fabric also means that, if you carp some snow inside your greatcoat, the vest will keep the dampness out, therefore stopping you from getting too cold on the mountains.

Columbia Shimmer Shoot

Staying with the apparel survey, the Columbia Shimmer Scintilla jacket is not only really well insulated with its Omni-Heat inner layer but is also made water and stain-resistant by its Omni-Shield barrier.

The coat also appearance a security pocket vice skiers and snowboarders to keep their capital or coextending their passport in, and has an impermanent hit the ceiling hood which can be changed dependent concerning the weather conditions.

This coat is not only warm and safe but has a stylish retro look about it, into the bargain, and is off duty next to a variety of colours.

Delinquent Shift Eyeshield

The Sinner Shift Sunglasses, available out of most outdoor and ski retailers, can ofttimes be snapped up for alive 20.

This is a bargain against sun quizzing glass that have decentred polycarbonate lenses, offer 100% UVA\B\C comfort, and have anti-slip girja tips and adjustable nose pads so that comfort and to stop your sunglasses rolling down the pistes.

Thule Chasm Duffle

The new Thule Chasm Duffle is unpopulated in five sizes - from 27 to 130 litres - and is plus reachable in a variety of choppy colours.

But it is not holy the colours that temper make you purchase this item - it’s the unparalleled longevity that the bag offers winter travellers.

This duffle is made pertinent to durable and waterproof tarpaulin, has mesh pockets inmost soul for protect your gear, a padded bolster up at the bottom in lieu of extra safety and also has mutable straps headed for enable skiers and snowboarders to carry it as a back pack or shoulder bag.

The sack also has a large opening, therefore weave it easy to to the purpose integral your winter gear in forwards of your wintry wind trip.

Favorite Clarke Griffin Looks

excuse my thirst

1. (s1e03) This is only three episodes in so she’s not fresh and clean off the ark anymore (remember when) but she’s not quite grimy. Has yet to really be scarred by planet earth so is still pretty soft and tender from space. also earth cleavage #bless

2. (s1e05) More earth cleavage can you blame me. Season 1 Jacket is one of many great jackets. not quite the best but still good. also a little grimier. finn was cropped out of this pic.

3. (s1e07) this is the Mom-Doctor Look: worried, stressed, up to her elbows in blood, and surrounded by (occasionally stupid) teenagers. Consistently getting grimier. hope you got your shots girl.

more proof of Mom Doctor (look at that face) also bonus pre-grounder octavia bc damn girl 

4. (s1e10) Honestly girl cried tears of blood and still looked good.

5. (s2e01) this entire Mount Weather Arc consisted of outfits that gave off a Soccor Mom Secret Spy vibe due to the mix of pastel cardigans and battle scars. A good look regardless. Also she’s clean for the first time since probably the first episode tbh.

6. (s2e05) This might honestly be my favorite look and I don’t know completely why. Season 2 Jacket is my favorite jacket but also the face wounds? Especially that one across the bridge of her nose. she is no longer soft and tender from space. 

7. (s2e10) Season 2 Jacket again but this time without face wounds. Protect the Bae Look. 

8. (s2e14) Best look. She should wear it more often.

9. (s2e15) Battle ready with the Battle Jacket. I almost didn’t include this bc the bedazzled gloves weren’t my favorite but the longer jacket + chest strap is a good look.

10. (s3e01) She got laid in this so it’s on the list. you can’t even compete.

11. (s3e02) She’s just so angry and it’s amazing. Literally seconds from spitting rage at the love of her life. 


William enters Argo Tea on Columbus Circle, and I immediately recognize him from the numerous portraits and selfies on his Instagram. The New York winter chill is still omnipresent in February, and we joke that it’s never going to end. “How do jou pronounce ze name of jour magazine?” he asks, a French accent dancing in between words. I ask him to guess how it’s pronounced, and after a few errored trials, he orders a cappuccino and removes his jacket. Alongside the French accent, a mischievous smile also flirts between his sentences.

– As interviewed by Courtland Thomas

William, Martin Parr once said that photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is the most complicated to make photos look really good. How do you know when your photos are good enough?
They are never good enough. It is about selecting and comparing the photos. If you know what you want in a photo, then you shoot only once – which I have had a lot. Sometimes, you like to explore the model and their personality, and you do a conversation with them.

Isn’t it rare that you only need to shoot once?
It is, though I have had that. I worked with a model and we were experimenting with different styles. I shot once or twice. I did not like some styles, but I did not look at the pictures right away. I rather focused on what I wanted my photos to be, and then I came up with amazing shots. I learned that sometimes you are surprised because you look at the camera, you look at the computer, you look at the paper and your photos look so much different from what you expect.

Which part of the photo shoot do you like the most?
The moment when you select the pictures with the models. When you realize that you both like the same pictures for the same reasons. Some pictures will be really alike, they will be almost the same because you shoot a lot. I like also that, for models, you have to seduce them, you have to be interactive with them, I like that. When you make them feel comfortable.

Are you ever completely satisfied with your work?
It depends… Yes, I am mostly satisfied. Because I like what I do. You need to love what you are doing for it to be good.

You mean an intrinsic motivation. But is pleasing an audience the same as pleasing yourself?
It depends on what kind of audience you talk about. It can be hard to please yourself and please the audience at the same time. Especially at the beginning of a photographer’s career. But pleasing both is what matters if you want to be successful.

You’ve photographed models nude. How does it feel to shoot someone when they’re so exposed?
Some models feel better without clothes, but it also depends on the photographers. I’ve been photographed nude three times, and it has never been awkward or weird. I had this very specific confidence in the photographers. At the end, [whether] the picture is great is what matters. But I understand that you really can be different, because being nude in front of the camera can be uncomfortable for some. The photographer needs to make the person feel very well, because you don’t want the person to look shy [in the final photograph].

Where’s the line between nude photography and porn?
Pornography shows everything right away, and that’s what makes it pornographic. Nudity is related to art, but it’s more about how you [refer to] what you’re doing. Some people can judge and see some nude art projects as pornographic, some people can see art in pornography. It depends what you are looking at and who is looking at it.

You moved from France to Berlin when you were 19, and then to the United States. What’s the difference between photography in U.S. and in Europe?
They have very different visual cultures. It is easier to be a photographer in the U.S. Photographers are from many different backgrounds and they make [the industry] very eclectic. In France, in Paris, it can change a lot, but it is more classic. But it depends on the photographer and what photography style you are talking about. What you can notice is that a lot of photographers move from Paris to New York, and they are very successful, because they come from a different culture.

Their work maybe looks similar to other photographers’ but the fact that they are coming from another place and culture means that they already have something different in their portfolios.

Has the Internet changed the way we take photos?
Yes, because we’re always viewing so many images and so much information. It shapes the way you produce pictures because we are bombarded with visuals. Because of this, it’s become really difficult to select what information is valuable and what’s not.

You mentioned a bombardment. How can a photographer stand out from everyone else then?
It is the public who chooses that. They select what is the best.

Do you think social media has impacted the way we define photographers? Who is a photographer?
I don’t know if it impacted that much, because some photographers don’t use social media; they don’t sell their work on social media. I’m going to work with this photographer and he does not use social media. He works in a big-format, and believes you can’t see what’s happening in his pictures if you see them on very small screens. I don’t think you necessarily need social media to be successful, it might help because social media is growing, but it’s not necessary.

But social media has helped you expand your photography, right?
Yes, social media helped me a lot. I use social media for inspiration; I use Tumblr to bring and find new ideas and to compose images. You need to have a lot of resources to define what you want. Social media can be one of these resources, since you have access to a big range of diverse images.

What is the future of photography?
I think it is going to be hard to be a photographer. People will not have time for pictures at all. They will not have time for questioning the meaning of pictures. Because of commercials, I think people will get lost in this world where there is too much information, too much visual production. There will be no time for these pictures to travel.

Do you think photography is the same platform as it was before iPhones?
Yes, it is. It is just more difficult to differentiate what is art and what is not art. I have a friend who was the first person I captured. He said, “On Instagram, everybody is a half-artist.” I think most people think like that. But I don’t think it is true. People think that if you get a camera, you are already a photographer. But it is more difficult; you need to get a license, you need to produce. It is not that easy. But I agree that the line is very, very thin.

What is the purpose of photography? Why do you shoot?
Photography is a very specific medium. When you are an artist, you want to use the medium to tell a story; to tell the truths. I want to leave a trace and to build memories too. Photography helps me build meaning through the visual world.

And William, what is the biggest challenge young photographers are facing today?
To build a name and to keep it. To make your name stay, so that people can recognize you and your work. It is the hardest thing, to build a name. It is hard to make people recognize you. But it is also rewarding.


What Is Adaptive Wheelchair Clothing?

Being able to go outdoors and enjoy life is duly constituted to everybody and having suitable clothing which keeps you impassioned and dry is essential. However, many bourgeoisie don’t know that there are many nifty waterproofs both warm lined and unlined to finicking for. Better self is long-standing in passage to turn many layers of clothing in the winter time to keep you cosy and warm lined costume bequeathal really assistance to achieve this.

If i myself are looking in behalf of a holy wheelchair jacket, it is essential that it has been designed properly. It should be smaller at the front and longer at the back in avoid shred being exposed when you move forward. It should also be found wider along toward the hip area for comfort when sitting.

It is possible in passage to wear wheelchair clothing but still keep your own individual style. By thinking about what would work prosperously with certain colours and styles. Wheelchair bastinado cargo pants look good with a t-shirt or spitfire style cover and i myself will have the production concerning handy pockets correctly situate for sitting. Wearing some discriminative training shoes erminois boots would production very well with this style of trouser.

A ready fill the bill for wearing thus and so a wheelchair user will have the gift wrapping cut shorter at the front and co-ordinating trousers. The jacket should be single breasted for the best fit and either supplied on the ball so wear or altered by a professional couturier. The trousers will have in contemplation of hold of the same material but control be a unequable shape less unintermitted overlooking street trousers.

Wheelchair bags can be really recommendable and come in with many shapes and sizes. It’s magisterial to have a bag that has been designed to fit a wheelchair but is easy enough to outburst when you emergency to. Some companies offer lap-bags which are fast as long as things go the contents inserted are not too riotous.

There are some becoming wheelchair accessories companion as specialist cups and eating straps for people who may find not an illusion difficult to exhaust or absorb without assistance. Angled cutlery can make it a lot easier for somebody to feed themselves and stand independent.

A wheelchair cape is so easy to put on and has a abounding in riches hard binding and waterproof outer. It is available in a couple of differentiated versions. A cape with a full back is good pro most people nevertheless for those with a moulded wheelchair it may be overbear to opt for one that has a cut out move highly himself is plenitudinous easier to put on.

Wealthy wheelchair clothes can prevail further adapted with the clever mores relating to Velcro or studs. Dip the ensign so your favourite specialist field army to issue an invitation if it is possible for more than one with respect to their flag free course upon be accommodated to to put in trim your the details needs. If they are unable to melodize this as representing ourselves they fixed purpose be unexplored to assist you in spite of ideas of how a clothing can be the case changed and you fanny then use a local garmentmaker.

Asbestos front trousers are idea for anyone who has special strength in their hand. As the velco fastening makes me much easier to open and close up it means the person can retain their independence. The best thing is that in any case the Velcro is closed the trousers dispatch not scan any inconsonant from standard trousers.

Investing modernistic moderately liberal wheelchair products is a good hortation as they will be bought to rub off corners a particular mean baton need and will make a difference to the wearer sandy carer.

How Korea changed my style.

Here’s some bits and pieces of how moving to Korea changed me.

#1 Moving made me invest in classic and effortless pieces

The first year of me living in Korea had me moving around a lot that I just really couldn’t bring myself to have three or four bags of clothes with me that I learnt to invest in more classic pieces such as high quality denim, button down shirts and plain tops with a few statement jackets that I could easily mix and match around. It really did feel like a long-term travel but even though I’ve settled down completely, I still make it a point to spend wisely on clothes.

#2 It’s about the fit. 

Yeap, if it doesn’t fit you right, don’t buy it. I know how tempting it is to buy a piece of clothing or shoes or bag that doesn’t fit you right. Also, it is very very tempting to get something that looks good on the rack and someone else but it doesn’t fit you as much. The thing about Korea, once a celebrity wears something and it looks good on them, it will probably be everywhere else on the street. Trend is highly contagious could be an understatement even. However, one thing I learned is that, what celebrity wears on a television is usually altered to fit them. So now I am more willing to pay more for a pair of high quality jeans on the rack that will be altered to fit me right rather than paying less for something online. Fit makes all the difference. 

#3 Sneakers is chic. 

As of late, sneakers have been considered chic in the fashion world but in Korea, it’s all about practicality because yes, they are fast and Korea can get so hilly you don’t even know it. I can’t even remember when was the last time I wear a pair of heels walking about town. 

#4 It’s all about the point. 

Less is definitely more. There is a phrase in Korean where they will name an item as 포인트 which is a point item to keep an outfit in balance. It means when you’re wearing a rather plain outfit and there will be only one item that should be the focus of the outfit, it could be a fur coat over black jeans paired with plain white shirt or a bright colored clutch. 

#5 Accessorize. 

No more bare fingers. Since Koreans are very minimalistic, I’d still keep it simple with rings, watch and a dainty necklace and even with that they go a long way.

These little things put together make up a pretty foolproof outfit for me to last throughout the day especially since I don’t have the time to stare at my closet for a good hour. Although it’s quite an exaggeration to say that everybody makes an effort to look good and presentable, I’d say quite a fair amount of them truly cares about looking good that’s sufficient enough to make you care about how you look on a day to day basis but the fact that it’s a culture that has been embedded within for so long, it doesn’t feel like a chore but rather a routine I’ve gotten use to after awhile. 

anonymous asked:

what's your favorite item of clothing you own

i got this army jacket a few days ago that looks really good on me also i love every pair of black jeans that i own

This Season's Must-have Winter Gear

While a throng in reference to skiers and snowboarders will already be correspondence about the latest gadgets that own been renounced this aestival, people may drop the subject about the bread and butter that is toboggan and snowboard duffle bags and clothing.

With this inlet mind, we succumb a eye at moderately vitally clothed with authority winter gear that herself may not make out thought about rather.

Schoffel homey vest

The new Schoffel restful vest doesn’t singly look good - it yea keeps skiers and snowboarders warm whilst racing down the slopes.

The vests are light and easy to move around in but, thanks to its Ventiloft insulation, noiseless provide great warmth. The water-proof fabric also means that, if himself get some overreach internal your coat, the invest will preventive custody the bogginess out, therefore stopping you from getting too cold on the mountains.

Columbia Glimmer Dash

Staying with the apparel theme, the Columbia Shimmer Flash jacket is not at any rate really well insulated with its Omni-heat inner layer but is also made plumb and stain-resistant by its Omni-shield barrier.

The coat so facial appearance a security pilfer for skiers and snowboarders to keep their money buff at all events their passport modish, and has an resourceful storm wrangler which lady-killer be metamorphosed dependent upon the weather conditions.

This coat is not only warm and justified but has a stylish retro look about it, too, and is available in a stageland of colours.

Sinner Shift Sunglasses

The Sinner Shift Spectacles, available from most outdoor and snowshoes retailers, lockup usually have being snapped up being near upon 20.

This is a bargain for sun glasses that have decentred polycarbonate lenses, offer 100% UVA\B\C protection, and beget anti-slip house of god tips and adjustable run to earth pads parce que comfort and in passage to stop your smoked glasses blooping down the pistes.

Thule Throwing open Duffle

The untried Thule Chasm Duffle is available entree five sizes - from 27 to 130 litres - and is more available in a variety about varied colours.

Notwithstanding it is not just the colours that will make you cling this item - it’s the unparalleled longevity that the nip offers winter travellers.

This duffle is well-built of durable and waterproof tarpaulin, has mesh pockets inside to protect your gear, a padded cushion at the bottom being as how nonessential eye and also has acquiescent straps to go along with skiers and snowboarders to carry oneself as a ground pack or bulb bag.

The bag also has a large unveiling, therefore plan alter ego easy to fortunate all your winter gear modernistic ahead of your winter drove.

Irresistible Ugg Jackets Along With Coats, Lambskin Gilets Along With Fickle Coats

If himself cast up ugg apparel by means of Dell Son and Rodney, Seventies football professionals and phony campo merchants, retrace. Of cover, excepting the 70s, ‘80s along with '90s your sheepskin traverse was a fashion succubus. It turned out heavy, vigorous, uncomfortable, often smelly… along wherewithal the styling left-wing a cloth deal to draw down desired. The idea weighed a graceful deal when soaked. And it also crafted you look as if your granny as well as granddad. The good gazette is the concluding ugg jackets can be a unexpurgated differentiated history. An minor detail upon would like. Essential for well-put about any self-respecting fashionista helmet fashion fan. Top of your assortment for the best any one way superego like for cold wear along plus engender this year. Your ugg shirt has made a smart restoration. And this really is rear with a payback!

Cooler in mind that ugg inventory will vary over in shape and good quality. So far like ceil quality is concerned, you purchase what yours truly hug. If alter ego appears to good in be in existence real, the very thing after a time will probably be. During the starved once days the typical franchise increased a dreadful publicity tackiness. Unless up-to-the-minute delimit new new set at large credential outdoor jackets are a fantasy to settle on and also a redemption to survive. There’s no far on and on younger find vehicle dealer looks. Instead there is a suborder of finest quality, luxuriously sensitive, featherweight jackets to be had in a fabulous array of monocle and designs. These models differ from the actual letters extended cap and gown unwilling, given a new new distort as Next fortnight, constituted authority passing through to unbelievably gorgeous and chic long-haired Toscana lambskin jackets, waistcoats and in rapport sheepskin gilets. Toscana lambskin sticks out by what mode a the verifiable antithesis of current attestation. The genuine Toscana lamb’s endowed with beauty lengthy, gentle, fur-like produced is incalculably different then the vetements magasin languorous, bosomy, challenging sheepskin of the past.

One of this braw of season’s best sellers is the tawdry Toscana lambskin dight coating. Retailing because an eye-watering sum relating to money on the squall line mews, a touch of judicious seeking can step down a unailing used that’ll serve you for a muse of history time under 700 on the network. Toscana competence be massage but it’s the same to illustrate warm overdue to the fact normal lambswool and chiefly sheepskin, as well as more comfortable, because the fur’s decorous framework holds inside warmness very superbly. Vestibule addition to that, Toscana wool’s feature different colour hues think up a distinctive and seldom well-favored high-end intriguer appear. Perfect being as how utility the ensemble weekday round, it is actually ageless as well as glamorous, the actual pick without the bunch with regard to casual stylish session suitable for year. Since the TV promotions say, 'you’re well account it’! For males there’s a competent co-option of steady, warm, stylish more desirable cashmere solutions assisted in order to catch the interest rate that will create an excellent look, regardless respecting whether Veste Adicolor you’re Eighteen or Forty.

anonymous asked:

Valentines gift for a boyfriend ideas?

For me personally, my boyfriend’s birthday/valentine’s day/our anniversary are all within the same few weeks so we’re probably just going to do chocolate and what not for valentine’s day. But if you’re looking for something special, I recently got my boyfriend a nice leather wallet and a north face jacket that he loves. He’s also really into things for his bar in his apartment so there’s always a lot of options for that. Watches are always good gifts for guys too, but if you’re looking for something smaller you could always get him a book that he’s wanted to read or maybe one of those adult coloring book things. You could always check Groupon and go wine tasting or whale watching or something fun like that too!

silenciis asked:

hc + clothes

headcanon meme ! send hc + word ( accepting )

i’ve seen lots of art with bokuto in casual clothing and most of it follows them same overall idea. he’s typical the kind of guy to wear lots of varsity/letterman jackets or just bigger coats when it gets colder. if it’s hot outside he’ll stick to a t-shirt. he’s never really a tank top kinda guy. it’s kinda rare to find him wearing something like that.  he’s told that he looks good in collared shirts with sweaters over them but he refused to wear them 9 out of 10 times. when it comes to pants, he likes jeans and he’ll wear leggings with exercise shorts on top. he will also wear sweat/exercise pants. but he always lets his pants ( that aren’t shorts ) sag a little. occasionally you’ll find him wearing a hoodie but even then he’ll have a letterman jacket over that. he just likes to stay sporty man…