and that jacket also looks really good on you

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Am I the only one that thinks Lydia’s style wasn’t that great in season 6? The lush dresses were good, the butterfly jumper seemed really weird for Lydia, she didn’t have any braids, and it was just a weird fashion season for her. Even season 5 was hit or miss. But especially that butterfly sweater outfit. LYDIA WOULD NEVERRR.

Thanks for your message! I partly agree with you.

Some outfits were on point, like mossimo black tank is such a simple item, but paired with that two-tone leather jacket and skinny jeans and boots, she looked super hot!

I also liked the blush leather jacket one, old F21 skirt with emerald moto jacket and two-tone satchel was really cute and well put together :3

I have to agree for Lush dresses, burgundy mock neck one is one of my personal favourites and I wear it very often.

Also, I would have loved to see some new braids for Lydia, we all know she rocks it!

Of course there were outfits which I didn’t really like in Season 6, frayed trousers with blue Made top and leather jacket seemed a bit odd to me, but of course someone might’ve thought it was pretty cool.

Regarding the butterfly caridgan, I think she could wear it considering her other many animal printed sweaters and tops, but I mostly get annoyed that wardrobe dep. put Lydia in navy/black tights for outfits that make no sense to me. Some of the examples: 1. H&M mint dress with your mentioned cardi - this outfit gives me like Spring/Summer vibes and it would look much better if she didn’t wear tights; 2. Sanctuary dress which is such a pretty patchwork style and there was literally no need to wear dark tights with such a Summery dress. (tbh I wouldn’t pair that cardi too, but that’s just me) Some of the other outfits in previous seasons had similar thing going on as well. Also the annoying thing about shoes - as good it us for our wallets to reuse the shoes for whole 10 episodes each season, it kinda gets boring and with some outfits it just looks so meh. Many of our followers remember how annoyed I was with Aqua pull on boots when they first appeared xD
Which brings me to my most disliked Teen Wolf Season not only outfit, but writing wise as well - Season 4. This season was such a drag, especially after a brilliant and powerful Season 3. We were all so hyped and thought that the show would keep getting better, and instead we got this. I enjoy owning Lydia’s 354353 shade green cardigans, but at some point it was just weird ))
In conclusion, there were some hit and miss outfits, including in Season 6. I think they were trying to mellow it down with simple looks (also budget). Tbh I’m just so sad sometimes, when I browse online stores and suddenly I have a thought “Oh this looks something that Lydia would wear, maybe it will be in the new season!” and then I remember :/

Peter Parker Dating A Tomboy Would Include...

- On the first day of school you wear a dress and flats (because your parent/s) make you and everyone thinks you’re a girly girl.

- The next day you come in ripped jeans, black boots and an army jacket and eVERYONE IS SO CONFUSED.

- You have like five people ask you to sit with them but they all look like they’d use you to become popular so PASS.

- Randomly plopping down at Peter and Ned’s lunch table cuz you wanna be left alone. 

- Peter freaks out a bit? Probably because you look like a confident warrior in army boots and black everything.

- Ned idolizes you for being so confident but is also scared of you. 

- “I don’t bite you know. Unless you want me to.”

- Michelle LOVES you. Finally, a girl she can really relate to. (The two of you become good friends.)

- Once Peter is comfortable around you sarcasm gets REAL. 

- Soo much sarcasm. 

- Dirty jokes™

- “Hey PARKER! Are you made of copper and Tellurium? Because you’re CuTe.”

- Update: Peter has never blushed that hard. 

- Update: You can’t stop laughing because Peter looks like a tomato.


- “Today, in the exciting life of Peter Benjamin Parker, our hero is struggling to poke a hole through his juice box.”

- Peter finally asks you out and suddenly he’s just as scared as before:

- “So, um- would you maybe…You don’t have to! But we could- uh, go on a-

- “Yes.”

- Tons of arcade dates, pizza dates, McDonald’s dates (cuz both of you are broke as hell)

- “Do you always want to eat pizza?

- “Pizza is love, pizza is life my friend.”

- “How- how are you even still alive?

- Trying to get Peter to wear flannel.

- He refuses 

- Until one day you were having a sleepover at his apartment and you walk into the room after changing in only flannel (and underwear. calm your horny selves, ok?).

- And suddenly Peter is all over flannel. (And you. (oops if had to))

- Peter Parker in flannel and a beanie *uterus bursts, heads roll, you = dead*

- Him being the first person to really see your more sensitive side. When you have a bad day you don’t tell anyone but Peter. 

- No secrets between you. At all. Like the moment he became Spiderman he told you. 

- “(Name) HOLY SHIIIIT GUESS WHAT?” at like 1 am.

- “Peter I swear to god if you woke me up to tell me you finished the Lego Hogwarts set I will mess you the fuck up.”

- “Peter I’m bored.”, “Peter I’m lonely.” also at 1 am.

- “I’ll be there in thirty minutes.

- “Before you say anything, my parents aren’t home.”

- “I’ll bE thERe in FiVE mInutES.

- Hating the word “babe” for no reason so you make up different names for Peter and he does the same.

- Peter: sweetness, sunshine (it’s ironic) ,geek, princess, darling, MY QUEEN. 

- You: sugar, my king, loser, sweetness, and cuz he’s Spiderman: spidey, itsy bitsy, tIGHTY WHITIES AJEBJANSN

- You also call him Penis Parker, but for totally different reasons. *smirks in five different languages* 

- Helping Peter become more confident under pressure. (But still kicking Flash’s ass when he hurts your loser.)


- You’re the dom! in the relationship but he is just such. a. sub.

- Peter accidentally fell on you and his face landed in your boob and he moaned? Like, actual, really loud, total sub moan. Right into your chest. Just cuz he touched your boob. 

- You and him are relationship goals. Seriously.

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For the prompt thing if you could do a winter klance. Like when you go to winter mart and there’s stalls with freshly baked bread and ginger bread cookies. Some people sell warm apple cider and there are horses that pull a big sled that take you around town. Maybe getting to look at ornaments and getting Keith to get mittens (cause his gloves don’t cover his finger tips). Idk if it’d be modern au or BOM Keith taking a break for Christmas (upon the team’s insistence). It has fluff potential... :)

I always really love this aesthetic but whenever it gets really popular, I find it hard to get really immersed because it’s like… 30 some degrees celsius outside for me haha. But I always love writing winter market scenes, so lets do this. (Modern au btw)

Lance waits on the outskirts of the the markets, his cheeks turning pink and his breath forming clouds around his lips. Music echoes from some speakers somewhere in the markets and Lance can’t wait to taste whatever is making that sweet, spicy smell. His legs start to tremble in the cold.

Lance flicks through his phone once more. Only a message from Hunk.

Hey, sorry Pidge and I suddenly had to stay at uni. Our professor needed a hand with some research and he called in a favour. Apparently we “owe him” after he didn’t report us for blowing up the autoclave.

Lance pouts, but understands. He hammers out a quick reply. It’s ok. He can still have fun with Shiro, Allura, Matt, and… Keith. Lance swallows. He tries not to think about the excitement that thrums through his veins when he realises he’ll be hanging out with Keith outside of class. 

He’s just starting to get his pulse under control when he sees a familiar face across the parking lot. The shorter boy looks to be dealing with the cold weather even worse than himself, holding his frame around the middle and shivering inside a jacket that is far too thin. Lance waves and shouts out his name. Keith forces a smile and jogs into the dim lamplight. His nose is pink.

“Hey, where are the others?” Lance looks across the dark stretch of parking lot but sees no one else he recognises. Shiro and Keith always showed up to events together, being roommates and all, and Matt would usually come with Shiro. 

“They’re not coming. Matt apparently spaced on an assignment that’s due in two days? And Shiro used to tutor that class so he’s helping him.”

“Oh…” Lance pauses. “We should we wait for Allu-”

“Allura had to go home today. Apparently her Uncle prepared a surprise ski trip for christmas so she’s flying back to Europe tonight.”

“Oh…” Lance repeats. He shuffles nervously on his feet and kicks a lump of ice with his boot. 

“Where are Hunk and Pidge?” Keith asks. He rubs his hands together in a vain attempt to stop them from freezing.

“Also not coming.” Lance sighs. “Had to help a professor of theirs soooooo~”

“Sooooo…” Keith mimics.

The two boys stare down at the ice, not quite sure how to proceed. Lance bites his lips, while Keith scratches his chin. 

“Look, Lance… it’s really cold and maybe we should-”

“Ah no, c’mon man!” Lance pouts. He starts to grab the hem of Keith’s jacket. 

“We’re already out! We’re here! We’re already cold and damp! We can have a good time, just you and me.” Lance tugs Keith closer. Keith finds himself unable to pull away. He rolls his eyes and smirks.

“You don’t wanna hang out with me?” Lance puts on his best puppy eyes. Keith groans. 

“No of course-”

“Then let’s go!” 

Before Keith can protest, Lance’s hand is wrapped around his and he’s being pulled to the market’s entrance. His eyes adjust to the hundreds of twinkle lights that drape themselves through the trees. Bright lanterns cast warm light onto the cobblestone pathway that has been cleared of snow. Food stalls stretch out in front of them, their plumes of sweet smoke and steam scenting the air all around, and a children’s choir sings in the distance.

“So!” Lance claps his hands together and beams. His tan skin looks particularly golden in the warm light. 

“Where to first? What’s your favourite christmas food or activity?”

Keith blanches. He fidgets with the cuffs of his jacket and shrugs.

“I don’t uh… I don’t mind. Whatever you want.”

“No, I wanna know. What’s your favourite christmas market treat?” Lance presses. He waits expectantly with a bright smile and gleaming eyes. Keith sighs.

“Lance I uh… I’ve never really done Christmas before.” He mumbles. Keith’s feet move him over to the closest stall to look at the handmade candles on sale. They have scents such as baked apple, pine, and butterscotch. Keith curiously sniffs them distractedly, like he hasn’t just admitted something very personal. Lance jogs after him.

“Wha…what do you mean you’ve never ‘done Christmas’? Like you haven’t Done a white Christmas? Cuz I know you’re originally a desert kid…” 

“No, no, I mean…” Keith sets down the bergamot candle he was inspecting and turns towards Lance. He never makes eye contact and wraps his arms tighter around his waist. 

“Like I never really had a proper Christmas. I don’t remember them with my biological family, and things were pretty depressing at the orphanage. Of course I had friends at boarding school, but SHiro and the others would go home for Christmas and I would be…” He scratches his chin. Keith wishes he could melt away like the slush under his boots. 

“I would be alone so…” Keith forces a smile. “Anyway, it’s fine, but yeah I really don’t have a good understanding of Christmas traditions. So why don’t you show me your favourite things.”

“Keith, I’m…” 

“No.” Keith snaps. His voice is sharp. Lance winces. Keith softens and gently touches his elbow. 

“I don’t want you pity. I’m ok. And I’m really excited to be here with you now.” Keith smiles. Truly smiles. And Lance feels like the wind has been knocked out of him.

“Well ok!” Lance claps his hands together. “Let’s have the best Christmas EVER!” He announces. He turns and begins to eye over the many stalls in front of him, thinking about what they’ll do first. 

“So where to first?” Keith steps close and rocks on the balls of his feet.

“Man, I have no idea. I’ve never done one of these things before.”

“Wha…? But I thought…?”

“I’m from Cuba dude. All this chestnuts and pumpkin pie stuff is completely new to me. I’m as much at a loss as you.” Lance laughs. He eagerly begins to wind his way through the crowds, making his way towards a drink cart that is continuously serving up mugs of steaming liquid. 

“Hold up!” Keith tugs his sleeve. Lance halts. 

“So you’re telling me that neither of us has any idea what we’re supposed to do here?” His eyes narrow. Lance places his hands on his hips. His warm laughter clouds around his face and his ears begin to turn pink as they creep out from beneath his beanie. 

“Yup!” He laughs. Keith blusters, but stops when Lance pulls him close. His voice becomes quiet.

“But I wouldn’t want to experience this any other way.”

Keith blushes and hopes that Lance attributes it to the cold.

“Now c’mon, let me buy you an apple cider.”

“Is it good?”

“No idea, but I like apple juice so you know…”

The two boys laugh and begin to line up at the cart. When they’ve received their orders and their bellies start to warm with the sweet and spicy liquid, Lance announces their next quest.

“I’m going to buy you a Christmas hat.”

“What? Why?”

“Because you look even worse suited to the cold weather than me. SO I’m going to buy you a hat. And it’s going to be red, and the more pom poms on it the better.” Lance wraps his fingers around Keith’s and they walk hand in hand through the markets.

“And then we’re going to get some chestnuts because I want to know why white people sing songs about them all the time. And we’ll see what this gingerbread hype is all about too.” Keith tightens his grip and giggles.

“I want to go ice skating.” He states. Lance hums.

“I hear it can be really dangerous. Have you done it before?”


“Me neither…. I’ll race you around the rink.” 

Both boys laugh and feel their chests start to warm with something else besides the cider. 

BTS Reactions - They flirt with you at a fansign

You pay your hair down nervously as you get ready for your turn. You hope you’re not shaking as much as you think you are as you check you still have all the presents you got for the boys, as well as their new album. Seeing that you do, you sigh in relief. Before you know it, you’re being directed to Jin.

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Hi mom^^, you like exo's comeback right? I also really like it. The concept is something new and they all look so good and pretty!!! Would you please write a little au for them? Maybe like a retro au? ^^ I really like your writing, it's so nice to read and I've squealed multiple times while reading your other aus:)

ok,,,,like i said im not good at writing most of exo but i think i have a decent handle on kai so i decided to write a lil 70s themed au for him ^^ 

  • is proclaimed to be the “hottest bad boy” in town 
  • wears leather jackets over unbuttoned satin t-shirts and sports a cigarette behind his ears and a topless red corvette 
  • his friends are all rowdy and like drinking and partying and racing but kai,,,,,,something about him is different
  • he’s never chased anyone down the street, never yelled at the drive-in, sorta just,,,,,,,plays with a lighter in the backseat of the car and when baekhyun or chanyeol try to get him to play bets or go buy new 8-tracks he waves them off and says something about how that’s boge
  • reads tiger beat upside down on the school roof while listening to lynard skynyrd
  • you’re working part-time at this diner near the school and the place jUST got a new comp-disc jukebox so it’s packed times ten,,,,,
  • and everyone keeps getting into arguments over what to play
  • and of course you see kai’s friends end up standing on one of the tables shouting out that the only “ace” group worth playing is aerosmith  
  • they nudge kai over to go pick out the song and he looks exhausted by their cheering and shouting 
  • and you go over because you don’t want him,,,,,,,or anyone else to break the damn thing since you guys JUST got it
  • so when he reaches out you put your hand on his wrist and motion for him to drop the 75 cent fee into your hand
  • and he’s like “listen, bunny im not gonna break-”
  • and you scoff because bunny? really? you put your hand over the money slot and you’re like “hand it over, tell me the song and I’LL play it.”
  • the diner goes quiet as everyone focuses on you two,,,,,kai tilting his head and going “do you know ,,,,,,, who i am?”
  • and you keep the same blank expression on like “yeah, some juicer casanova who thinks he runs this place.”
  • you hear baekhyun let out a loud OOOOOOOOOO do you dig that kai? they called you ‘some juicer’ aint that a shuck!
  • and you tap your foot,,,,,waiting and kai drops the money into your palm and you sarcastically go “thank you, stud”
  • and turn around to pick out,,,,much to the dismay of kai and his buddies, a abba song
  • later that night as you’re closing up you notice the red corvette outside and you roll your eyes because oh what is he gonna pick a fight with you
  • and when you go outside, there’s kai
  • reading with a cigarette between his lips and you’re like “well, are you mad? why don’t you sit on it and come back tomorrow!”
  • kai doesn’t even look up and you furrow your eyebrows,,,,until you hear his low voice go
  • “do you need a ride?”
  • “,,,,,,,,bogus what do you really want?”
  • kai flicks his cigarette out and goes “i wanna give the bunny a ride”
  • and you’re like “what did i say about that”
  • letting out a small grin he shrugs and goes “cool, i wanna give you a ride.”
  • and you don’t know why (you do know why. it’s kai’s handsome face) but you get in the car and,,,,,,the summer breeze is nice
  • and kai ,,, looks so perfect against the night sky
  • and you wonder why,,,,,,why’s he being nice???? you made a fool of him???
  • but kai isn’t joking around he really pulls up in front of your house and doesn’t try anything
  • even jumping out the drivers seat to open the door for you and you,,,,suspiciously eye him,,,,,
  • until you’re like “night” and he pulls you back before you turn,,,,,placing your hand on his chest which should be clothed but you realize the shirt underneath isn’t even buttoned and you’re touching skin
  • and you’re like “uh-”
  • and he goes “no bunny,,,,,,wait,,,,,,sorry no one has ever made my heart beat like you did,,,,,you were all doggish and it was,,,,,,,hot.”
  • you feel the heat rise up in your face,,,,you want to pull your hand away but,,,,,also,,,,,,,did kai just tell you you kinda turned him on??
  • but you try to compose yourself and you’re like “well,,,,,,you’re decent and all mr casanova but i dont want to play game-”
  • he pulls you closer,,,,bring you nose to nose with him and suddenly you have nothing to say 
  • except enjoy the smell of subtle cologne and something,,,almost wild and foresty from kai,,,
  • “oh, it’s no game don’t worry, you’ve got me crazy~”
  • the feeling of his lips ghosting over yours,,,,,his other hand coming up to hold your waist and you breathe in closing your eyes
  • only to hear the window open and your parents concerned voice and you pull back and tell kai to get out as fast as possible
  • and he jumps into his car, but before he speeds out down the street he tears something from his neck and tosses it to you
  • catching it,,,,you look down to see a pretty, golden chain with an icon hanging off it and kai says “something to remember me by tonight”
  • and with that he’s gone and the door is opening and you’re stuck there on your front lawn, mouth open in wonder because,,,,,,,,,,,doesnt this only happen in your dreams??!?!?!
My Club (Alec x Reader) Imagine

You sat on your couch as you watch everyone dancing and partying around you. There were so many different species here. You spotted Mundanes, Vampires, Warlocks, Foresakens and Shadowhunters. Wait shadowhunters you thought. Why were they here? You got up from you seat with your drink in hand and made your way towards them.

“The last time I checked I don’t remember anyone inviting shadowhunters to this club” You spoke as you appeared in front of them.

“They didn’t now move” A blonde haired boy said as he pushed passed you with three more shadowhunters following him. You started to follow them when they all suddenly stop. Quickly the blonde boy was in front of you.

“Stop following us” He spoke

“What are you doing here?” you questions

“You don’t need to know” He said

‘Jace she proably knows where he is ask her” A redheaded girl told him.

“Are you a warlock?” The blonde haired boy who you figuerd was Jace asked you.

“I am but what does that mean to you shadowhunter boy” you tease

“Magnus Bane do you know him?” Jace once again asked.

“Nope doesn’t ring a bell” you said as you turned around “Now get out of my club” you started to walk away when an arm grabbed you pulling you back. It was Jace.

‘Your club? The last time we checked it was Magnus Bane’s” Jace said. You looked around them, they had you trapped in.

“Well it’s not anymore” you rolled your eyes hoping they wold let you go but they wouldn’t.

“Your lying” A black hair girl said

“What if I am? It shouldn’t matter to you where a warlock is” You sass back

“We need his help with something” The other boy spoke “He’s not in trouble, so where is he? It’s his club so he must be here”

“Like I told you already this is my club too he’s no-“ you were saying but the redhead cut you off.

“Wait your club too? You never said that early” You cursed in your mind that you let that slip out in front of them. How could you be so stupid.

“Oops must of forgot” you said with a grinned “ I owned this club with Magnus”

“So you do know where he’s to” Jace yelled

“Not at the moment, I say he gone off with one of his lovers but I’m not sure so leave me a message and he will get back to you” you spoke as you took a sip of your drink.

“We need him now not later” the redhead girl demanded

“Well I can’t hel-“ you started to say but stopped when your vision started to get burry.Why was this happening?

“You put something in my drink” you yelled soon your feet gave out from under you and the black haired boy caught you.

“Why did we do this again” the boy asked

“We need to know where Magnus is’ Jace told him


  You woke up in a strange room. Soon everything came back to you.Those damn shadowhunters. You should of known they would pull something like this.

“Look at who’s awake” Jace said

“Who are you?” you asked

“You don’t need to know that” He answerd

“Well Jace since I know you, you might as well tell me who your fellows shadowhunters are”

“How do you know that?”

“You don’t need to know that, names?”

“Clary” the redheaded girl

“Isabelle” the other girl said

“Alec” the black haired boy said

 “That’s great. I’m not going to tell you where Magnus is so you might as well stop trying” you said standing up onto your feet. Truth is you didn’t really know where he was but they didn’t seen to care.

“Please we’ll do anything” Clary bregged

“What do you need his help with?” you questioned. There had to be a good reason if they were going through all of this trouble.

“Our friend that’s a werewovle got hurt and Bane is the only one that can help”

“Why him”

‘His magic is the only one powerful enough” Maybe you can help them you thought. After all you were warlock too with the same power.

“I’ll do it” you said

“Your not Magnus” Alec replied

“But I am a Bane” you told them “My magic is the same as my brother it will still work”

“Magnus has a sister?” Izzy asked

‘Yes and I’m right in front of you, never saw that one coming did you?” you laugh. All of them stood there in shock looking at you. You didn’t know if it was because you were Magnus sister or was it your weird sense of humor. Who cared anyway.

“Are we going to go or what?” you asked.

‘Yeah lets go” Isabelle said as they left, with you following not to far behind them.


  “Nice place you got here” Alec said while looking down at you while you crushed up spices for the spell.

“I’m trying to save your friend life and your talking about how nice my house is?” you laugh while Alec turned the color of a tomato. “Can you hand me some of those tea leaves?” you asked pointing towards the ones you wanted. Alec walked over to get them and handed to you while asking

 “Are you sure this going to work?”

“Yeah it’s one of Magnus spell I’ve seen him used it before.Trust me I know what I’m doing”

‘You seems different”

“What do you mean?” you questioned

“When we first got to you earlier you seems like a different person. Like you didn’t really care about anything. You had this whole evil vibe about you” Alec told you.

“Yeah I could see that, I guess when I’m protecting something like my brother and my club I put on a fake act so no one would really get me.” You made your way over to the sofa where their friend Luke was laying. You sat down in front of him and started to wave your hand over him, you were started to heal him as you could see the purple smoke that was coming from your hands. After a while you could feel your energy starting to fade.

“Alec come here” you yelled as he made his way over towards you. “Sit please” You grabbed ahold of his hand when he sat. “I’m sorry I need some of your energy I hope you don’t mind”

“If it helps him I don’t care” Without Alec’s energy you didn’t know if you could do it so when he let you, it took a weight off of your shoulders. Soon you were done and when you finally remove your hands you fell right back on Alec.

“I’m sorry” you said slowly as you try to get up.

“Hey don’t worry about it, just rest” you didn’t even have time to argued as you eyes slowly shut as you fell alseep with your head resting on Alec’s shoulder.


  “Alec we told you to help her, not sleep with her” Jace said as him and Clary enter into the house. Alec glared up at the boy.

“She resting, after all she used up all of her energy healing Luke.” He said as he pointed towards the man on the sofa.

“LUKE” Clary yelled as run over to the man laying down.

“Quite” Alec said “She’s sleeping”

“Oh what does Alec have a crush” Jace tease

“Shut it” Alec said. Right after that your eyes started to flutter open. You sat up from leaning against Alec. Your first thought was to look over at Alec

“Thank you” You said as you got up and walking over to a now sitting up Luke with Clary. He looked fine and you were happy that the spell worked.

“How are you feeling” You asked Luke handing him a drink from your table.

“I’m good,thank you for helping” He said as he sipped the drink.

“No worries, I have magic might as well do something useful with it every once and a while”

“Warlock? He questioned

“Oh yes, sorry I forgot you were out of it when I met you. My names Y/N Bane” you told him as you held out for him to shake his hand. He shook it back and asked “Would I be able to leave? I have a pack that needs me.”

“Yes you can leave, but try and take it easy for the next little bit”

“Don’t worry he will” Clary said for him as she helped him put on his jacket. Jace walked over to help the two and to also help them leave. As they left Jace said “Help the girl clean up Alec”.

“What do you need me to do” Alec asked

“Umm” you said looking around. You really didn’t need any help, you were just going to used your magic. “I think I’m good” you told him as you waved your hand around making your purple magic appear once again. You soon had everything back in place.

“I forgot about your magic” Alec stated

“Don’t worry about it, I think Jace did too” You said as you turn to face him. For the first time, you atcually got a good look of his face. His hazel eyes stared down at your Y/E/C eyes. You both leaned in when you heard a voice.

“Really Y/N? I leave for a few days and you already have a boy in our house” It was Magnus. You both pulled back and turned to look at your brother.

“Oh at least he’s cute” Magnus said as you stood there rolling your eyes. Giving your brother one last glance you pulled Alec towards your room.

Yeah, Pass The Salt, Stiles

Here’s my latest entry for @sterek-bingo! I’ve never tried writing a soulmate AU before, so this was a ton of fun. Enjoy!

This story was written for the Soulmates square on my BINGO card. (AO3 link here).

Yeah, Pass The Salt, Stiles

Stiles has always maintained that if Scott weren’t quite so slow on the uptake, they could totally be soulmates.

When they were kids, this thought depressed him; now, he has to admit, he’s more relieved than anything else. He loves Scotty to pieces, but jeez, does Allison have to put up with a lot. Besides, although platonic soulmates do exist, very occasionally, Stiles is a romantic at heart, and he definitely, definitely doesn’t see Scott that way.

It happened when they were four years old, and they met at the playgroup both their moms sent them to. They’d been doing that thing kids do when they play alongside each other but not actually together, and as a consequence they’d spent the entire morning together without actually talking. That was enough for Stiles to decide that he wanted Scott as his soulmate.

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How would the members of Monsta x act around someone they have a crush on? (Thanks!!)

Shownu is incredibly subtle with his affections, it’s just in his nature. He is the kind of person who will never really flirt or drop hints the way others would, but instead he’d become more more caring and attentive towards you. He’ll notice that it’s cold out and you don’t have a jacket, so he’ll wordlessly hand you his. He’ll move while you two are walking so he’s closest to the road in case an accident was to happen. When you’re going out with the group and you guys need to order, he’ll turn to you first and ask what you want to get before he even thinks about what he wants. He’s like a guardian angel, and it becomes noticeable to everyone else that he dotes on you. 

Wonho, with all his good looks and charms, becomes a bit shy around the person he likes, but he also becomes really motivated to show them his best side. Likes if you lock eyes while no one else is looking, Wonho can barely hold back a smile and the blush in his cheeks but at the same time everything he does he hopes he does it well so you’ll think he’s cool. Like if there’s reason for you to need help, he’ll volunteer himself first and even if you don’t ask for help, he’ll lean over and be like “do you want me to carry that?” or “if we do it together it’ll be faster!”. He also starts doing things for you, like offering to pay for food or fixing your hair from your face, and after he does it - he gets super flustered. 

Kihyun likes to be dramatic with just about anything that he does, but when he likes someone that becomes a bit more diluted. Kihyun’s feelings for you kind of make him nervous to be the way he usually is around you, he doesn’t want to seem to be pushing it. But he doesn’t distance himself either, he kind of just tones it down and slowly, opens up more emotionally. He asks if he can spend more alone time with you, and you notice that his loud personality when he’s with a group becomes a bit more quiet. He’s the same silly, smart, and great guy but he starts to trust you with things that he doesn’t tell a lot of people. To put it shortly, Kihyun shows his most genuine side to you when he likes you. 

Hyungwon will actually put in effort to bicker with you if he likes you. You’ll both be on each others cases about the silliest of things, but what’s amusing is that Hyungwon doesn’t just give up and roll over after you say something to him - he actually responds. And it’s all fun and games, you both laugh about it and it’s never anything serious or hurtful, but to make jokes with one and other you really have to know the person. And Hyungwon obviously wants to know more about you, that’s why his play arguing with you is actually a sign of how much more invested he is in you than he is in other people, hmm I wonder why?

Minhyuk just wants to make you laugh. He wants to be the reason you’re happy, and he tries so so so hard to do this when he has a crush on you because whats more important to him than you reciprocating his feelings is you feeling comfortable with having him around. He’ll make jokes about things he knows you find funny, he’ll do impersonations of your favorite singers, he’ll even willingly embarrass himself if it makes you giggle and if he’s usually making jokes for everyone - it becomes obvious he has a specific target in mind from now on (you. it’s you). 

Jooheon becomes very, and I mean very, confused. With crushes, he worries too much about “do they like me back?” instead of “liking someone makes me really happy.” which is normal, but it makes him act a little strange around you. Some days he’s the same oblivious goofball, other days he’s cold and pretends to act uninterested. In reality, he just can’t tell if he’s doing enough flirting - too much or too little - or is he even doing anything at all? His crushes are always obvious to his members because he starts doing things he’s never done before, and in the end he always turns to them for advice. He also writes a lot of lyrics about you, it’s kinda cute. 

Changkyun/IM comes off as someone who is pretty forward with their feelings. I’m not saying he’d pull a drama like confession where he grabs your hand and is like “never let go” in front of everyone or something - but I think he makes steps to show you how he feels and they show his intentions well. Like he’ll put his arm around your shoulder casually and be like “let’s take a photo together” or he compliments you on whatever you’re wearing or working on. He’s pretty simple, but it’s refreshing because he doesn’t beat around the bush and really if someone teases him like Minhyuk goes “Don’t you really like them?” Changkyun would proudly go “Yeah, I really like them.” 

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hey! intp anon you matched w/ Akaashi here, I just wanted to say tysm for the matchup, it was amazing!! :'^) Also, I was wondering if I could get some fluffy relationship headcanons for akaashi, kuroo, iwaizumi, Terushima, and Bokuto? If that's too many people, you can choose who you want to write for!! :^0 tysm-!! your blog is amazing!! <3

Oh my, thank you so much!♥ You are too sweet! I love these boys♥



  • Will definitely make you a cute hairstyle if you ask for it and he is super good at it!
  • Loves to get and give neck kisses. 
  • If he sees you talking to a guy to long (gets jealous easily), he will come to you,give you a forehead kiss and leave then.
  • He has some days where he just wants to hold you in his arms, it is not important how, he simply wants you near him. 
  • Shower him with kisses, all over his face, he will smile so sweetly, you can’t even imagine.


  • He high key wants to see you in his volleyball jacket, no matter how tall you are this jersey will look big and cute on you.
  • Will randomly take a lock of your hair, kiss it and say how beautiful you look today.
  • Sometimes he pretends to sleep and if you want to wake him up, he will pull you in an embrace and won’t let you go until you kiss him
  • Loves to cook for you, his cooking is really good! He also loves to feed you with his food.
  • Will drag you to sport activities with him, you can’t escape, he knows exactly where you are. You can’t blame him,he just wants to keep his s/o fit.


  • Will casually look you in your eyes and tell you that your eyes are the prettiest he has ever seen.
  • He thinks it is cute to be the little spoon sometimes, he will tease you about your little arms. ( I mean compared to his arms…)
  • Loves to gives piggy back rides to you, you can literally jump on his back, it won’t affect him in any way.
  • Is a little overprotective towards you, since you are his most precious treasure.
  • You can call him in the middle of the night, he is such a great listener and will be there for you if you are feeling down.


  • Will do study sessions with you, seriously this guy is so good at explaining, it makes fun just listening to him.
  • He will instantly melt, if you whisper something in his ear. You don’t even have to say something cute, just being near you gives him shivers.
  • Is that kind of boyfriend, who would push you into the water, just to jump after you and to carry you out of the water like a hero.
  • If he is willing to go shopping with you, he will take all the cute clothes he sees and will make you try everything on. At the end he can’t decide, because they all look cute on you.
  • Likes to rest his chin on your head, if you are to big for that, you will have to go down a bit for him.


  • Will randomly come to you, pick you up and throw you around his shoulders.
  • Also gives the biggest hugs from behind. He loves to surprise you with his hugs.
  • He high key loves to get praise from you. He will give you his brightest and cutest smile, if you say something like “That spike was just awesome” or “Your hair looks so beautiful and fluffy today”.
  • Tried to make you chocolate at valentines day once, he thought they didn’t turn out well, so he nearly cried when you said that they were delicious.
  • Will play gently with your hair before sleeping, he thinks its calming. He just loves caressing you.
Valkyrie has the vapours

Sooo… I am on week 3 of being sick with bronchitis and/or walking pneumonia, so forgive me for my ramblings and for taking so long to post.  Here’s my report from the front lines.  (I’m without my laptop so this will be a challenge.)  You might want to grab a beverage because I’m going to put this all in one post.

THAT HORRIBLE FEELING WHEN YOU REALIZE YOU MIGHT NOT MAKE IT TO THE CON IN TIME:  I came down with a stomach bug on Wednesday night (on top of the bronchitis) and was too sick to fly on Thursday morning.  Though the airline was able to rebook me on an afternoon flight, delays meant I would miss my connection.  After an hour standing at the JFK ticket counter during which options slipped away, I was finally able to secure an alternative flight… but had to endure a coach window seat for 6 hours despite having paid for a first class seat.  Thank god for the copious amount of drugs in my system that I was able to remain calm and get a little nap before running through LAX, rebooking yet again when I discovered a better connecting flight, and finally arriving at SeaTac after 1:00 am - 12 hours after I was originally supposed to land. The silver lining was that I was too distracted by the drama to be nervous about what I would say to Cait and Sam.

WAIT, WE’RE QUEUING UP HOW EARLY?  Luckily @chrismosstree and @myguiltyolpleasure scoped out the situation on Thursday afternoon and figured out exactly when and where we needed to be.  I awoke around 5 am after a couple hours of sleep to bid them farewell as they headed for the convention center, taking advantage of their generous offer to hold a place for me in line. Despite being dizzy and queasy I made my way down the street to our “holding pen” outside the main hall to wait for the panel discussion with Sam and Cait.   We were able to meet up with the lovely @supertam87, @sileas84, and @side-eyeing-you and chatted with a lot of other fans while we waited… and waited… and waited.  Seriously, you guys, attending a comic con is all about standing around and monitoring your fluid intake to make sure you don’t have to go to the bathroom at the wrong time.  Luckily I was dehydrated from the decongestants so I didn’t have to worry too much.

OH, MY GOD, IT’S STARTING!  Being in line so early paid off as we got 5th row center seats in the auditorium.  The hall was huge and completely filled up in a matter of minutes.  I feel like you miss so much in the room because you’re trying to switch from watching them on stage, to seeing them blown up on the screens to the side of the stage, to snapping pics, to trying to anticipate whether they are about to do something cute so your camera is at the ready.  Initial impression was that the panel was merely okay, but I’m jaded by having attended the NYC Apple Store event last year where it was a much more intimate setting and they were less guarded.  I’ll have to watch the video to see what I missed because I’ve seen a lot of cute gifs on tumblr.

GOOD LORD, HAVE THESE PEOPLE NEVER MANAGED LINES BEFORE?  The convention organizers came across as very disorganized.  Rather than routing us toward the hall through a series of roped off rows like an airport security checkpoint, we were crammed together in a pen behind some gates like cattle in a feed yard about to go to slaughter.  That set the tone for the day as staff struggled to figure out what to do with us as we queued for photo ops and autograph sessions.  All sense of time was lost as we stood packed cheek to jowl in very stuffy conditions.  By the time we approached our solo pics with Sam I was a sweaty mess - some combination of nerves, the cramped quarters, and the Robitussin.

A TOTAL OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE:  I turned into a blithering idiot during the photo ops.  For those of you who haven’t done this before, the process is similar to school picture day but with more yelling.  There is a tiny mirror hanging outside this curtained off area.  I seriously thought I was going to hyperventilate as we got close to the front of the line.  You have only a second to realize you are a sweaty mess before you give your ticket to someone and are waved into the booth.  You see Sam smiling with a fan plastered to his side while a photographer screams, “READY!”  *click* “NEXT!”  Then you are thrust toward Sam and he says hello while clasping you tightly.  You are too tongue-tied to say anything and too blinded by his beauty to look him in the eye.  "READY!“ *click* "NEXT!”  It’s over.  You can’t believe it happened, but you assume it did. Emotions were running high and we skipped away, giggling uncontrollably.  Then got back in line for the joint photo op and the solo Cait session…. which took all afternoon.  Observations: I’m shorter than I thought I was after seeing myself next to them.  Sam’s jacket is unbelievably soft and I’m surprised I didn’t pet him (or maybe I did - who can remember).  He smells really good (not that @chrismosstree would know…).  He’s also thinner than I expected.  Not skinny, but not beefy like in S1.  (He’s the same height as my brother but seems so much taller.) Cait’s legs are ridiculously long and her waist is in line with my bust.  She glows. It was all a blur.  I pride myself on being unflapable, but I was - well - flapped.  I was shy and embarrassed and nervous and excited and couldn’t put a sentence together, all at the same time. 

“THAT IS SO COOL!”  On to the autograph session and a two hour wait to deliver the Doll Frasers to Cait.  They had been packed in their little trunk and carried around all day while I mentally rehearsed what I would say.  A few people asked what was in the box (I carried it in a giant clear zip lock bag to guard again rain.) As I explained that our friend makes costumes for a set of Jamie and Claire dolls and poses them in scenes from the show, one woman asked if @outlanderedandoverhere had a booth at the con where she could buy her own set!  (There’s an idea for a revenue stream, Fiona…)  There were handlers taking each item to be autographed and passing them to Cait and Sam so that by the time you were in front of them the item was signed and you could be on your way.  I was a little worried that they might not allow gifts because I didn’t see anyone in front of me doing it and I had visions of carrying the trunk around for the next week only to have to ship it back to the U.K.  I knew I had to be quick and concise, so I removed the trunk from the bag and unlatched the lid.  I flipped it open and set the thr trunk down in front of Cait, telling her that we saw the Doll Fraser calendar on the wall in their makeup trailer and thought the cast and crew might like their own set of dolls to play with.  She said, “Yeah, yeah!” and lit up like a Christmas tree.  Seriously, smiling ear to ear and digging through the trunk.  I pointed out the charity t-shirts and she said, “That is so cool!”  She just could not stop staring at them while I babbled on about how the Doll Frasers have been adopted by our community.  Finally the handler tried to move on to the next fan and Cait sighed and reluctantly closed the trunk before tucking it under the table.  She even made a little sqeeing noise.  Sam was sitting too far away and occupied with signing to notice, and they were running waaay behind, so there was noopportunity to alert him to the transaction. However, the Doll Frasers were clearly a hit.  No telling where they go from here (I assume all gifts were sent to production offices in Scotland) but hopefully we’ll see or hear about them again at some point.

After that we were FINALLY finished for the day and headed out to meet up with other fans for dinner.  And, honestly, that was the best part of this event: meeting up with so many of you.  I have laughed (and coughed) so much in the last week that my abs might actually form a “six pack.” 😂  And I love how willing everyone is to share their experience and that so many are interested.

Some of you have asked about the cock blocking story.  It’s not that interesting and requires props and facial expressions to convey properly so it’s best done in person.  For some reason (ahem, @c2bend and @rainmanjdog) it’s taken on a life of its own.  Truly, I’m not trying to be a tease so I’ll see if I can figure out a way to tell it with @chrismosstree’s help.  We’re off to dinner now but will be back online later. 

tl:dr  Overall impressions are that Sam seemed very tired and a little guarded, Cait could not have been more lovely nor down to earth, and that we are an amazing, funny, smart, and lovely group of women.  Mwah!

A special note ♡ Grayson

Summary: You leave a special note on the last page of your favourite book which Grayson happens to find. He messages you and you decide to meet somewhere to talk about the book. You may or may not fall in love with this boy…

Word count: 2.011


Lately one of the places you were visiting the most was the local library. Ever since you were little you loved reading and since it was summer break you had a lot of time on your hands. This excited your love for books again which resulted in at least reading three books a week.

Most of your afternoons you were spending in your garden: reading and listening to music. It was a nice way to relax and forget about all the problems in the world.

Last week you had finished the most amazing book you had ever read and it was without a doubt one of your favourites. The style of the writer was marvelous and the way he described the places and characters… It hadn’t left your mind since you turned the last page and had put the book down.

For some reason you got this crazy idea to put a note between the last pages of the book for the next reader to find. It said: “Hi, my name is Y/N. I just finished this amazing book and I hope you enjoyed it as well. If you liked it just as much as I did and would like to talk about it, here is my number: (…)

You didn’t know if this was the best way to talk about the book, but you weren’t interested in joining a bookclub so you thought this was the only way. The urge to talk about this wonderful book was so big and since neither of your friends liked reading it that much it wasn’t the weirdest idea, right?


It was November now and a few months had passed by since you had left the short note in the book. To be honest you had totally forgotten about it. After that specific book you had read so many others which were also pretty good.

Besides, since school had began again homework and exams were really time consuming, so there wasn’t really time for reading as much as you used to do.
Today was an ordinary day so far and you were locked in your bedroom; your desk filled with books.

As you were highlighting important things you needed to know for a big test next week, your phone lights up. At first you don’t pay really pay attention, but when a second one pops up and you don’t recognise the number, you couldn’t ignore your curiousness.

Unknown: Hey!
Unknown: I just finished the book in which you left a note :) and I thought why not send a message lol
You: Hi there :) to be honest I completely forgot about it haha… But this is a nice surprise! What did you think of it?

You shove your books to the side and go sit down on your bed, your hands holding your now buzzing phone. After an hour of sending messages back and forth you discover a lot of things about the person you were talking to.

You figure out you were talking to a 17 year old boy called Grayson Dolan. You get to know how he’s doing, what he loved about the book and that he had a twin brother called Ethan.

Suddenly you realise you had a smile from ear to ear on your face. You were starting to form a little crush for this guy and you just met him! But how? You had never seen him or even talked to him in real life. You didn’t even had a clue what he looked like. He could be an old 60 year bald man for all you know!

Grayson: Would you like to grab some coffee some time? I think I have a few books you would really enjoy :)

Your fingers hesitated above your phone screen. How did you know he wasn’t some creepy guy, trying to kidnap a girl or something? But still… For some weird reason you just knew that he wasn’t a creepy guy.

The way he responded to your messages and the way he described things… You couldn’t wrap your head around it, but you just knew. Besides, he wanted to meet you at a café. That was very public, right? What could go wrong?
You: Yeah, sure :) Where would you like to meet?


You had never in your life been so nervous for a date. Was it even a date? Probably not. So why had you dressed yourself up so much? You had at least spend an hour just on your make up this morning for a guy who problaby just saw you as a friend and nothing more. But oh well; Grayson didn’t know that.

With cold and shaky hands you push against door ope  and walk into the small café. It was pretty crowded but the atmosphere made you feel warm and cosy right away. Your eyes scan the tables, but you had no idea what Grayson looked like.

Suddenly you see the prettiest boy in the world wave at you with a small smile, trying to get your attention. You almost triple over your feet as you stumble your way between the people, making your way towards him.

‘Hi… I’m Y/N,’ you say. ‘Hey, Y/N! I’m Grayson.’ Grayson greets you. He looks genuinely very happy to see you. He gets up from his chair and comes standing in front of you. He towers over you and you almost had to lay your head in your neck to look at his beautiful face. And his arms! They were so big you thought he could lift you up using only one hand.

Grayson spontaneously plants a quick kiss on your cheek and you immediately feel your cheeks warm up. ‘Oh, uh,’ you say a bit embarrassed. ‘Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know if it was appropriate but I just - thought that,’ Grayson stutters, realizing he had made you a bit uncomfortable. You giggle. 'No, it’s fine! Please don’t worry about it.’ Of course it was fine. Speaking of fine: he was fine as hell.

As you two sat down you couldn’t stop staring at his face. It was angelic. He had the sharpest jawline you had ever witnessed and his plump lips turned into a gorgeous smile when you told him you were actually pretty nervous before you came here. His skin was tinted and smooth and you wondered how soft it would feel.

But the thing that you adored most about him was his personality. He was funny and sweet and so nice to talk with: He really listened and never interrupted you, and cracked a joke whenever the timing was right. You already liked him. A lot.

'Can I just say that you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen?’ Grayson asks, laying a hand upon yours. You blink your eyes a few times, not really comprehending what he just said. 'I’m sorry, again. I’m really just saying almost everything that is crossing my mind right now. I hope you don’t mind. I just feel so comfortable with you already,’ he adds.

You smile and your heart flutters at his kind words. 'Thank you… That is so sweet. I could say the same to you, though,’ you say to him. Grayson chuckles and strokes a hand through his fluffy hair.


'So, what books did you bring?’ you ask, placing your hands under your chin. Meanwhile you were talking for almost an hour and a half and had drunk two cappuccinos. 'Oh yeah, I almost forgot!’ Grayson leans to the left to grab his bag that was stuffed with books. His arm muscles tense as he lifts up the bag and places it carefully on the table. It was so sexy.

He grabs one out of the bag and your eyes widen at the sight of the book in his hand. It looked so tiny compared to his hand. ‘Okay, so the first one is really, really good. It’s about a couple who live together, but they don’t really love eachother; which is kinda sad if you ask me. Anyway, the woman meets a guy she falls in love with, and then…’

His eyes sparkle when he shows you all the books and hands them over to you so you could flip through the pages and look what was on the covers. When his fingers stroke against your hands you feel a nice tingly feeling go down your spine and your eyes meet his. It’s quiet for a moment and he looks at you a little longer than normal before he continues. What was going on? Did he like you too or were you seeing ghosts?

After it already began to get dark outside and the café started to run empty, you decide that it was maybe smart that you should be heading home. 'Should I drive you home? It’s not really smart to go home on your own when it’s already dark outside,’ Grayson asked. 'No, it’s okay. I just live around the corner. I can walk,’ you respond.

'It’s really not a problem. I’d be happy too,’ he insisted, raising his eyebrows. 'Oh well, why not?’ you chuckled. After Grayson had paid (for you as well, since he also insisted on doing that) you put your jackets on and leave the café. Grayson was wearing a leather jacket which looked so good on him your heart started beating even faster.

It was cold and snowy outside. Grayson puts a hand on your lower back as he leads you to the car since the parking lot was a little slippery from the snow that was melting. You adored that he was so caring. It made him even more attractive.

After he drove you to your house and stopped the car, Grayson gets out and opens the porter for you. ‘Such a gentleman…’ you joke and smile at him. He chuckles while grabbing your hand so you can get out of the car without sliding. Suddenly you stand so close that you almost shared the same air. Your breath was coming out of your mouth in tiny clouds. You shiver; a mixture of pleasantness and coldness spreads itself through your body.

'Are you cold?’ Grayson asks sweetly. 'A little,’ you quietly admit and smile again. 'Well, I guess you should go inside then,’ Grayson whispers, but you don’t move. You can’t move, to be more exact. You feel frozen as you are drowning in his beautfiul brown eyes and completely forget about the world around you.

Grayson takes a step in your direction and grabs you gently by your waist, so your chest touches his. You gasp loudly. Was he going to do what you thought he was going to do? 'I had such a great time today. Thank you.’ Grayson whispers as he gets even more closer. Your cold nose almost touches his chin, but you were too small to reach his face.

Before you could answer Grayson slowly leans in. He closes his eyes and brushes his warm lips against yours. His breath on your lips made you go crazy. Then he gets even more close and puts his lips gently onto yours. You go stand on your tip toes so he could kiss you better.

His lips were heavenly and soft and even better than you could ever imagine. It wasn’t a rough kiss. He didn’t even used his tongue. It was a chaste one. A sweet and passionate one. It only lasted for a few seconds, but you couldn’t be more happy. He pulls back and looks at you so lovingly that your heart skips a beat. Oh, shoot. You were falling in love with this boy.

He entwines his fingers and places his hands on your lower back; it gave you a feeling like your bodies were melting together. 'I-I don´t know what to say,’ you whisper. You were so overwhelmed.

'You don’t have to say anything, Y/N. But I would like you to answer this question: Do you want to meet again sometime? And go on a proper date?’ You close your eyes for a moment and smile. Was this really happening? 'Yes. Definitely.’

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victor 16 and yuuri 11

16. Anger headcanon

victor has his anger trained.  victor wants to be loved.  he’s desperate for it.  canonically, he doesn’t really give a shit about what the FFKKR thinks about him or his image, and he wants complete control over it.  victor could be like yurio, and just let his anger control him and guide him, but he actively chooses to design his own public persona as someone who is very free with affection and exhibits little to no anger or stress.

have you noticed that when he’s angry, he smiles?  victor has trained himself to smile when he’s upset so that he’s harder to read.  at some point in his life, victor realized that there was a part of him that he hated, and a lot of it probably had to do with anger.  he would rather be accommodating than express himself.  and i think when we see him genuinely rattled and angry at yurio at the end of episode ten, it gives us a small glimpse at how victor really feels about things.

i think victor uses his spite to fuel him when nothing else will.  when he’s running on empty, he succeeds just to infuriate others, so he can look down on them after seemingly unfazed, like, you were saying?

11. Wardrobe headcanon

my professional opinion is that yuuri needs to wear approximately 10000x more things that are dark red, because it looks really good on him, and victor needs to fucking back me up here.  (give him your jacket, vitya!!!)

also i think yuuri always is so worried that he’s going to gain weight, so he wears things that are already a size or two too big for him.  it is like, the worst, most tantalizing thing, it is awful, yuuri is always rocking that worn-in, boyfriend’s clothes look even when they’re his own fucking clothes, and victor wants to die about it a lot. 


Okay so like Im still dying. But I have people asking me about this concert. 

Where do I even start? This is about to be a mess. 

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30 x 31 Day Writing Challenge Day 3

Day 3~ Use a line of the first song that plays on shuffle as the title.


I’m using it as inspiration instead. The song lyric is:
Soon as I sat down I was fallin’ in love~Luke Bryan, Play it Again.

You scratched your head delicately, not wanting to disturb your ponytail. After all, the media would have a field day if they saw Y/N Y/L/N going shopping with her hair messed up. Because that’s all they cared about.

When you decided your appearance wouldn’t send the media into fits, you left the house and headed for the mall.

When you got there, you went to a few of your favorite stores, before stopping for lunch at the food court.

Most of your friends at Gotham Academy despised the food court, but something about the smell of ten different types of foods made you love it, even if the tables were never properly sanitized.

You were about to dig in to your meal, when a familiar face caught your eye.

“Damian.” You greeted as he walked past with three other men. You correctly assumed they were his brothers.

“Y/N.” He greeted back, sending a quick glance to his brothers.

“So this is the famed Y/N.” You watched him groan in frustration as the lean, tall brother slid into the chair next to you.

“Dick Grayson.” He reached a hand for you to shake.

“You’re Dick Grayson?” You said, awestruck. “You have so many science awards in the trophy case at school.”

Dick turned to his other brothers and raised an eyebrow.

“I like this girl.” Dick gestured to you. He was soon joined by the bulkiest one.

“I’m Jason.” He introduced.

“I like your hair.” You smiled sweetly. “And your jacket.”

Jason looked shocked, and he couldn’t hide the look of pleasure from your compliments.

“Seriously, Kid. Keep this one.” Jason jerked a thumb at you while looking at Damian, who was muttering darkly under his breath.

“Hi, I’m Tim Drake.” The last brother slid into the last available chair and grinned.

“Damian told that you’re really good with computers. He also said that you’re about as evil as they come, but I don’t believe that.” You rambled.

You couldn’t miss the glare Tim sent Damian, who sent him one right back.

“Anyway, we’ll leave you here while we get our food, Dami.” Dick grabbed his brothers and led them away, the sound of their argument about which food to get fading.

“I apologize for that.” Damian shook his head and slid into the seat previously occupied by the oldest.

“Don’t.” You grinned. “It was interesting.” You took a bite of your food. It was cold.

“I like your brothers.” You say thoughtfully. “They’re exactly like you described. Except for Tim. Tim is nice.”

“Tim is the deviled personified.” Damian replied without pause.

“If you say so.” You chuckled at his dramatics.

“Why were you here today, Y/N?” Damian inquires.

Your E/C eyes light up.

“This new book that I’ve been wanting just came out, and it is so good. Also, I saw the most delicious looking candy shop that I’m thinking about stopping at after I get my book. It’s called Sweet Dreams, and all their candy is sleep themed. Chocolate shaped like Z’s, sheep made out of marshmallows, etc.” You stopped talking suddenly, aware that you had gotten a bit off topic.

“Sorry.” You mumbled. “You probably don’t want to hear about a candy shop.”

He shakes his head earnestly.

“No no. It’s fine. I like listening to you talk.” As soon as he speaks his face takes on a reddish tinge, and you don’t miss the relief on his face as his brothers call him away.

Before he leaves, he pauses and turns back to you.

“Maybe you’d like to visit that candy shop with me sometime?” He says, trying to mask his nervousness.

“Well I’m actually going after this but-oh. Oh! Yeah absolutely.” You nod eagerly, grinning.

Damian smiles before leaving. You look at your food and grin again.

“Bye future sister-in-law!”

“Shut up, Todd!”

bi-nahlaurellance  asked:

You got me there. That jacket clearly has sapphic intentions. Thoughts on the OG Canary costume tho? Caity does look really good in black.

I never watched Arrow so until now I never knew it was Sara under that mask????  I’m actually shocked??? mostly shocked because a costume actually, really, truly hides a superhero’s identity for once. I’m impressed. Oh and also it’s hot.

Boyfriend Material - Archie Andrews x Reader

A/N: Hey so I love Riverdale and am super excited for Season 2 so I decided to write this about my second favorite redhead (Cheryl is my queen)!! I hope you like it!

You had been feeling like shit lately. There was no better (or worse) way to put it. You weren’t clinically depressed, but you were feeling pretty damn sad right now and seemingly everything you were doing to help was just making things worse.

The main aspect of your life that you’d changed in the last few weeks (yeah, this was one of those) was hanging out with your friends less. Sure, to some people that may sound dumb, but to you it made perfect sense. Taking part in social interaction and hanging out with others was, altogether, an exhausting experience for you. You worried about what they were thinking of you and if you were even holding a halfway decent conversation with them. So you simply decided to cut (most) ties with them, for the time being. Of course, you happened to have the clingiest friends in all of Riverdale so they would not get off your back. You were constantly being bombarded with texts, calls, even emails about how worried they were for and about you. And every single time you responded with some iteration of, “I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling well.”

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Once In a Lifetime

Prompt: Tony thinks Clay is cheating on him.

Pairing: Clony (Clay x Tony)
Count: 833 Words

- Dandelions by Ruth B
- Teenage Dream (Acoustic Version) by Glee Cast


Tony didn’t think loneliness in a relationship was possible, at least not with Clay. But alas, it’d happened to him, and he hated it. It was as if he was standing on a sandbar just out from shore. But between him and the beach, sharks circled, crimson blood trickling through the saltwater. Clay stood on the shore, Tony stood on the sand bar, which slowly begun to sink as high tide rolled in. Soon enough, the sharks would start at his legs, until the water reached his chest and he ceased to exist.

If Tony was being honest, he knew Clay had fallen out of love with him. He’d distanced himself from Clay, barely holding eye contact, barely returning his calls and texts. It wasn’t such much that he was mad as he was upset. Tony had taken a leap with Clay, only questioning what he really wanted; Clay had made it very clear he was only questioning, and what they had was temporary. But Tony didn’t care, because when he saw Clay smile it was okay. He prayed to God that one day he’d be his. All he could focus on was the future that he could have with Clay. It was a teenage dream.

When Clay started hiding his phone, turning away from Tony as they slept, ignoring Tony’s calls completely, even when Tony could see Clay across the cafeteria, he knew. The way he smiled at the girl was a way he’d never smiled at him. Clay Jensen was with someone behind Tony’s back, and he didn’t have the decency to tell Tony that it was over.


Tony sat in front of Clay, Clay’s legs on either side of him. “So, Tony, I want to ask you something.” Clay had said. “This isn’t very straight of us, well me, right?” Tony laughed, his stomach tightening with worry as to what was to come next in the conversation. “How about we make it official? Maybe we could start going out for dates, Monet’s? Tomorrow night?” The waves crashed against the shore, the mist spraying it’s cold touch across the dark beach. Night had fallen at least an hour ago, the only light being the dying embers of a flame that barely flickers. Tony had nodded, and while everything inside him burned with new life, like the first beat of a newly formed butterfly’s wings. For a moment, the waves, the moon, the embers, and Clay rolled into one to become the perfect night.


Tony had become uncharacteristically quiet. While he jogged, he’d started paying attention to Ruth B’s Dandelions blaring into his ears. He normally tuned out from his music, but he couldn’t help but admire how relevant it was for him at the time. Clay was the once-in-a-lifetime for Tony, and he’d do whatever he needed to win Clay back. To see forever in their future. To see him smile once more. As the trees, and hills rolled past, he touched the oak tree he frequented, and began his trek back home, planning a pit stop by Clay.

He made it in good time, barely breaking the twenty minute mark. He knocked thrice, praying that Clay would answer, and for once it paid off. The tension that decorated Clay’s face melted away, and in the back of his mind, Tony realised Clay was relieved to see him. “Hello.” Clay smiled shortly, and stepped back, inviting Tony in without vocalising it.

“We need to talk.” Tony’s voice was strong, and steady. He couldn’t move, if he wanted to. Which he didn’t, because going inside would mean accepting whatever he knew was going on behind his back. Clay frowned, nodding. He opened his mouth, but Tony shook his head. “What is going on? We haven’t spoken for ages, and you’re getting awfully close with that girl. I’m fucking terrified, Clay. I can’t lose you right now. I need you, and if that makes me selfish, then so fucking be it. Am I not giving you something? What am I doing so wrong? Why are you smiling?” Tony almost loses it, because Clay starts laughing.

“She’s gay, Tony.” Clay steps forward, grinning. “We’ve been working on an assignment, and I’ve been caught up with family stuff. I’m sorry you feel like that. I’m also slightly offended you think I would cheat on someone like you, because you’re amazing, Tony. And if you changed, I probably cheat to make a point. Unless you changed clothes, once in a while. Although, I see you don’t have your badboy jacket today.” Clay’s wrapped his arms around Tony’s neck, while Tony attempts to stay mad, but he really can’t. He looked away, suppressing a smile of relief. “I was joking though, I wouldn’t cheat on you if you changed.”

“I thought you liked that jacket.” Tony muttered.

“I do, but it would also be just as nice when it was washed once in a while.”

“I’ll keep it in mind.” Tony laughs in relief.



And last but certainly not least is the final member of the maknae line, the second half of the Busan line, the golden maknae who has such a goofy side to him I love that he knows when to be serious but he can still have tons of fun, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This AU takes place in the college AU, college!kook is here, it’s the photographer!kook post, it isn’t necessary to read it, it’s really just to set the mood and give some feel of a scene for the post
  •  Visuals are up first bc I love this part so much
  • There are so many good looks to choose from, his hair is so nice and it looks so soft 1000/10 tbh
  • But I gotta go with the War of Hormone hair, black hair on Jungkook just looks so amazing idk what it is about it that is so nice but whatever it is, I’m here for it
  • WoH!kook has a special place in my heart though bc the parting of his hair was like oh wow but tbh Fire!kook is also one of my favorite looks he’s ever done so I’ll say he changes his hair style
  • He goes blonde for a bit, he does the pink, he does the red and he looks super cute with all of them
  • I love kook’s style, it’s so laid back and comfy, he wears tons of baggy t-shirts, I found it so cute how in Bon Voyage (I think it was BV at least) joon told kook not to pack any white shirts bc they could get dirty or something like that and kook is standing there in a white t-shirt, in front of like 20 white t-shirts and you just see the “well fuck” go through his head
  • There are so many good outfits to pick for player!kook I can’t choose just one bc there’s this one look where he’s in all black and he’s got black boots, a leather jacket AND a black beanie and he looks so boyfriend it’s ridiculous but there’s also a look where he’s in a white button up shirt with black pants and a black beanie and that’s also really nice
  • So those two will be his casual looks but his date night look is also really cute, I can’t tell what era it is bc he has black hair and he’s had black hair in a few different eras but he’s got this greenish gray coat on and this dark gray sweater underneath it and then blue ripped jeans and black boots and seeing it makes me want to scream both externally and internally
  • Forever in beanies, just gonna point that out, he’s always got one in his bag just in case
  • He’s more of a dater
  • He’s young, he’s doing photography, he’s dancing on the side, he’s got a job on top of being in school so he’s not really ready for a relationship
  • He always uses the term “friends” and he makes sure they know it’s nothing serious bc he doesn’t wanna hurt them by letting them think it’s something more than what it is
  • He’s not doing it to be a fuckboy or toy with anyone but he just takes a more casual approach to dating
  • He does go a couple weeks with one person though and he only dates one person at a time bc even if it is casual, it still feels weird to have a date one night and then go out with someone else the next
  • “Breaking up” is something he tends to try to avoid but when he does do it, he tries to make it as gentle as possible bc kook’s got a soft heart he’s a sensitive kid
  • Dates are always fun with him, he takes a second to get comfortable but once he is, he’s making them laugh nonstop and being extra
  • He loves a good dinner date, he likes going to the arcade or maybe seeing a movie bc it helps break the ice a lot faster bc then you have the movie choices and you can talk about which one to see and why it sounds good, get to know each other a bit and also he can do that whole fake yawn bit so it’s a win win
  • Flirting is a hit or a miss, depending on who approaches who
  • If he approaches them, he has time to prepare himself, he has time to come up with witty things to say, he knows how he’s gonna start, he has plenty of time to just figure everything out so he’s gonna be a lot more confident 
  • He’s gonna do the thing where he leans on the wall as he’s talking to them and he’s so tall and broad and he has a smirk on his face the entire time and he walks away every time with a date planned for that night
  • But if they approach him, he has z e r o time and he gets a bit flustered and is kinda in shock the entire time bc wait what’s happening
  • Similar to Yoongi, he can have that bad boy vibe to him sometimes, especially when he’s in the all black with the boots and like I said in that post, a lot of people are into that sort of thing so they’ll approach him
  • And then they see that he has such a cute, interesting personality and they’re hooked bc he’s got a goofy personality and he’s humble and sweet and just overall wonderful and then to top all of that off, he’s a good looking man, he’s the entire package
  • You two meet at a camera store
  • You’re there to help your friend pick out some supplies and kook works there, he’s a cashier but he also does some organizing and helps with prints when he has extra time
  • Your friend points him out bc the both of you recognize him from campus and you both know all about his reputation but it’s weird to even think of him as a player when he’s sitting there helping a little girl pick out her first camera
  • He’s being so patient with her and answers all of her questions and he even gives her advice and shows her how to use it and your heart is just melting bc he’s supposed to be t h e fuckboy of the campus who breaks hearts without remorse but he’s being so sweet and making her giggle a lot
  • When he’s done helping her out, you decide to ask him a few random questions just to talk to him bc you wanna see if he’s actually that nice or if he was just a softie around kids
  • But he’s actually really sweet?? you can totally see why everyone who’s dated him doesn’t hate him, he’s got such a cute smile and he’s a bit shy and it’s not at all what you were expecting
  • “You’re not a fuckboy at all”
  • “What??”
  • In your head, all you hear is oh shi T bc you didn’t mean to actually say that and now he knows you know who he is or at least know about his reputation
  • He tells you that his shift is over in ten minutes so you agree to meet up in the cafe next door when he’s done so he can actually talk without getting in trouble for not working even though he’s the golden employee
  • The more you talk to him, the more you like him bc he’s funny and witty and even just his voice is really nice and you end up asking him out to dinner the next day
  • You two start up a lil summer romance from there and both of you are having so much fun together and he shows you all of his cameras and his photo albums and he gets really personal with you 
  • He even shows you his singing voice, which is something he’s never done with any of his dates
  • Time goes by too quickly and you’re preparing yourself for the breakup when the new term starts bc you assume that’s how it’s gonna go but instead you two only get closer and start spending more time together bc you end up in the same class
  • “Maybe we should give this whole relationship thing an actual shot”
  • “Thought you couldn’t be tied down, Jeon”
  • “So did I but I was a kid then”
  • “It was four months ago”
  • “How time flies”