and that it's so bad!

“One does not simply hurt a princess’ bodyguard… at least, not without its consequences.”

this is a thing i imagine from @starrycove/ @shalalalalura‘s protect au! basically where shiro was tryna fight a bunch of ppl attempting to assassinate the princess and whoops there’s the princess herself and she’s PISSED YO

Au Idea: Siren Sons

An au where Dick, Jason and Tim are taken in by the Gotham City Sirens

Harley finds Dick on his own crying after his parents death. She takes pity on him and starts doing tricks and making jokes to get him to laugh. When she learns he has no family she decides to take him home with her and keep him. (People go looking for him but they never find him. By the time Batman figures out what happened Dick’s grown very attached to Harley and won’t leave her.)  Later she introduces him to the joker. Joker of course doesn’t take kindly to him and tortures him until he’s driven mute. Harley, who’s grown very attached the boy, doesn’t take kindly to this and kicks joker’s sorry ass before leaving with Dick. 

Jason’s story starts very similar to how it starts in canon, but in this au Batman doesn’t catch him stealing his tyres. Catwoman does. She starts talking to him and teasing him, saying how she admires his guts for stealing from Batman of all people. She soon learns he’s an orphan with no family. When she learns he too came from an abusive home, like she did, she decides to take him in.

Ivy finds Tim covered in blood and crying alone among her plants. At first she’s about to chase him off but then decides against it (she has a slight soft spot for children and it looks like he’s been hurt pretty bad). After some convincing he tells her what happened. He had been following Batman and Batgirl (because Robin won’t exist until Damian comes along) when somebody (a villains henchman perhaps idk) spots him and attacks him. He manages to escape but not before getting badly cut and getting chemicals mixed into his blood stream. He didn’t realise at first but this gave him powers similar to Ivy’s. Except while Ivy doesn’t kill everyone she touches Tim does, as he finds out when his parents touch him after he comes home covered in blood. She decides to take him in cause hey Harley and Selina have brats, and she’s the only one who can touch this kid now.

  • Yoongi: know what I wanna do on this fine day
  • Namjoon: ignore the hate comments and the fake fans who don't love all of us equally?
  • Yoongi: hell yeah

A surprising and amazing thing has happened. My parents peacefully agreed not to move in with me. 0 aggression. 0 guilting. They decided that as long as I pay back the money they gave me for the down payment they’re gonna let it go. So my friends can move in with me. I’m just waiting for something really really bad to happen. Because my life can not be looking up this much. I’m kinda in shock. I might actually be happy? Like, I’m gonna live in a big beautiful house. With people I really like and enjoy being around? And it’s gonna be super cheap because we’re splitting all the bills between the four of us? That’s too good to be true, something is gonna go very wrong soon.

i love every single song on flicker so much like usually there’s at least one song that i don’t like on all of my favorite albums but every song on flicker is so good
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Pair- BakuDeku

Rated- E

Chapter 3- A Glimpse Through The Fog

I’m still not getting involved with any of this shit in the tags for my own sake, but for fuck sake it is so hard to just keep quiet. Like people are calling others Nazi’s for calling them out on their hypocritical bull shit, like for fuck sake this site is a hell hole sometimes. If we want equal representation, that means representation for EVERYONE! not just you or me or my fucking mother downstairs, but EVERYONE! so get your heads out of your ass’s, actually practice what you preach and stop being a bunch of hypocritical bastards. Sorry I’ve got so much pent up stress and rage from all this it’s unreal.

y is the one person i am NOT vibing with on tinder is willing to drive 25 miles just to hang with me but the rest who r like…legit 5 miles away and i am hardcore vibing with dont wanna hang with me :(((