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hey guys can you please not make triggered jokes to me

Genos with an Accent pt. 2

I still can’t get this accent thing out of my head and thanks to the OPM discord and @rayadraws I know how to proceed. 

This is a continuation of this. I was thinking about a situation where Genos’ accent just comes out and this is what happened. 

Since Genos knows more than one language, it would only make sense that sometimes he’d forget a word when he’s speaking, right? Maybe he knows this and he does his damned to keep things like that from happening. He carefully thinks through what he’s going to say right before he says it so he never has any slip ups. Moments like these are very rare so Genos usually forgets they happen until they do. 

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Mr. Worldwide Handsome

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UHMMMMM I looked up the leaks yesterday because I’m the worst but now that you have said that, I went searching for the full vid lmao OMGSH the animation is so beautiful!

also he’s grounded

*sigh* Where is the line of professionalism between “the customer wants these changes, so I should make them” and “the customer doesn’t know what they’re doing that’s why they paid me to do it, and that change is bad”?

maybe i’m being naive but i would honestly trust rian johnson with my life the man is a genius i’m not worried about tlj at all i really do believe it’s gonna be amazing


sam: we’re lost.
graham: no we’re not!! i told u we were stopping for the night!!
charlie: u said we were stopping at a motel for the night.
graham: this is so much better than a motel!!
vincent: we’re at an abandoned camp sight
sam: graham is banned from driving from now on
vincent & charlie: agreed
graham: fuck u guys